The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 17, 1894, Image 3

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    HOOD -y VER, 6R. MAR.' It, 1S94;'
Th mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 11 o'
clock A. Mj WcdnedAys-nfld Satiirdkty'; de-'
part tie same days at noon,, ,
For ChenowetheaymMif A Mt rme at
K M. SatOrdavi. - T
For White Salmon l'eaves;dlly at 8 A. M.
arrives ai one o ciook r. j. .
From Whlte'HiUmpn. leaves for Fulda, 011
me". Trout Lake and Glenwobd Mondays,
, Wednesdays and Fridays. y: ar .' ; '.'
. CanyTi -VNff. U,.. R&inweJ at Odd
STe v k K.'l, li.'st -8 tj.a urYuch mnni.'i
at. 2 o'- v. iii.
Al'.-ti. A. R. mem be
vl.ed '.vLi.sti.'X
TV1. B. To 'Ti'.K,
1 . ' ' ' ' '
I v': ! ''' ' '
..$... T I ....
TTiSln7, "telitw! fe&ijj Moraine
Banier. ..' ' ;- ,
Dorrance Siulfh jfjijj ,ge soon for
The LnVigill ifellse is again open fOK j
, iiif suirjnier.v; i i ; jiv-.'.'f;. . ;
' Floating oath! sofip:n at. :th -Hood
Elver I'unrmacy. , . - :
In two month (the strawberries and
cream will be j'Hiei
Mr, (y,:t. fadillj 'as tdown from
The Dalles Wednesday,
Ground 8ulnhur for finravinar at the
,i,M.ooa .itiver,t:qttrruaeyv.-r4,.. iv .-..
dui Veil Lumber Compuiiy.-
For saie.cbehp, . a No. .5 Dnvls Stuiyip
Puller. ...v.-:" Levi Monrob.'
. ern' Orego" is one vast spring.
, dinger & Bone have a car-load of
wueat, botb for seed and feed. -
Fiater-Siittday coine? n (iffo- 25th';
about as early1 a it can jioittiWy falL v
rsHartleVwiit to4 tf&lana iii
about tbree weeks to visit relatives.
A washoutp?) the. sliont, line shut off
Mrs. Armor, who has been visiting
in the East for some time. , arrived
jinmn ijir. iii r.u rna vj
Don't forget the sale , of telenhone
, poles at Olinger &i Boilo'a stable at 10-
,.u'eiot'K mis morning. . '., s.i ,;.,.;. '
Ir, Snedaker, The Dalles dentist,
was nere several, , -days , mm ' .week, a
ftrictly business visit.
Double moulded;? doors,. j5U75, j kAll i
kinds iiMuldih J"Cei; per jnffli' "' -I
UiKtU ltlVEtt MKG. CO
i;. u. iiuvner was in irom rjiM-iatuiu
near the mill. Wednesdav. and renoiits
over a foot of snow there. . $ .
All visibto uatura, that; isafi vfsibk
from our frout door, h? Pari,tie tdday,
for it is ali'"eajiug tiia j?reu.
that the time for paying taxss be ex
tended to July 1st. It should be dene.
Thererwas ft 11 lee BllbtfWtirkiiii oiiV
day this tnontljvand'iyoivt;aH"hame tlie
iay witnout eonsuitinj; your almanac.
It was every day. ,
The colony at W lute Salmorf be
jrinning lo materialize, five of the colo
nists being on the grouuds, and ;niore
on th way. . . .. '
Jude Henry has beet) putting in ,lvi s
time tor the past week looking at the
eiling of .bis, ledj?rui.i Ills. siclcnesa
..tirt-'jiije jkirtiaf jtiSM
sale at a the stores. We
every sack to , be niade of clean No,
i'vebeat, -" "' 'Harbison Bros.
-T MT.- KA':''Snyaef'n'as bn" empl'oySr
fourth Iti .-1iuMit Ii O . 1 l a a Hivst.
class teacher u"d-tb!distrtct.,ist- be
'congratulated on securing bis services.
The use of Hall's Hair Iieoewer pro
motes the growth of the' hair and 'Kf
- stores its natural color and beauty,
frees the scalp of daudruff', tettfer and,
all impurities. v '
A tramp sailor passed 'through -Wednesday,
coming frpm .-Por,tla,nd. A.
-sailor hunting a sTlifn-1 liasfeTtVhe
gon is a strong comment on the sea
son's rainfull. J, i': - J .:-, V
C.M. Wolford and J.s Dukes bare
traded ' (,,heir wsdtfte;' 'p6jjerty berij
and have each 'moved jtitp lie other's
old home, thus gettinylu'eAuli-fcase,
new home. The EiiGrlish lansuaee is
a daisy for nice distinctions ofexpi'es-.
ThUeavy rains Wednesday iilRht
slioaed up disastrous results Thursday
slide stopped traffic, and between here
and The Dalles several smaller slides
were equally effectual. Great ..damage
' Is leported to jbe iUJfoau Hub. iarther
east. .,
It was Masons day here Saturday.'
Hood River lodge entertained a num
ber of visitors from The Dalles and Cas
cades, and wound, up its lodge work:
with a magnificent supper at the Mt.
Hotid. '.. Borne sixty member of the or
der were present, and tbe ladies of tbe
Eastern fcitar were on band, bAiuJl forced ",
A friend came in -from the east'foik,
this week, and in response to our soul
ful request forau itm, told, us that it
rained J&foi&itf'' iM Neighborhood
bard enough to lay the dust. He also,;
uggHle4 t,h4tfXlift, next legislature
rtS .ir.fer5i Mr make the grouse
"web-footed,' its they uiirs now on tbfe
; ' (Zfili.ivf M..W.iiv; r,rj;.V'ii .
IJncklenV 'Arnica Salre. .
The best salve In the world for Cuts'; -
Bruises, Sores, . Ulcere, Salt Rbeuni,'
Fever iSores, Tetter Chapped Hand,
. Chilblains, Corns and-att r.SkIn.( Erupt
iotis, and ppsitlvjely cures. Mles,- or no
pay required. . guaraptqed.-tOvgive
pertect satisfaction or money refunded.
Priee 25 cents per box. For sale by
lood River Pharmacy. j
V - Jenness Miller's Style.
Mr. P. Chappell Browne, A P Ort
Land architect was here Wednesday,
for the purpose of getting information
concerning -the proposecf': H. River
school bouse in order to prepare plans
and specifications therefor.' He inter
viewed J Lucas Henry, T. Calliope
Dallas' and G.. Throckmorton Pratberr
the board of directors, and departed
for tome on ' tbe D. Layed passenger
train Thursday moraing.v .. ' ' ' '''
AH kinds of insect destroyers at; the
Hood River Pharmacy.
. . ,',. . 1
- f " 1 ' 1 xi,e Calico Social.
"'The calico; social given by the young
jSJies of the U, B .churqh at the Lah
gliie house, last Friday evening, waa
decided success. Fullyl, one hundred
persons, were; present, .; and' the receipts
amounted t0 $23.50. T.ef geographical
conunarums were numerous, ana some
of them -pretty transparent, but' still
ma iy of them defied the crowd to
solve Ai tbe'affair,- like e very thing
else in this health resort,
)rt, occurred Fri-
unable to wlth -
dnvfhveninsT. we were
imfr. noivlAif I nv mil- mail nhul'va niini
lx.. ,-.i,'i''.:-r.i.- j.. -- -k.i
Z tr,
We oniy know that the heir to all 0
J . . .. ,, ...
vast wealth provided himself with a
p ere of bed ticking:cut as an, . arc ,of a
circle and made it decidedly arc-tic .for
the euessera, , Miss Uallison captured
guessei-s. , Miss Callison captured
tbe. nrize, a handsome
guessing 44, and Roy,Slocum
of the distance pole secon
Itlllrni i. S
In Hood River valley. March 13ttr.
to' Mr. ttadMra. George Brock, a son. '
v ' V ' ' . . . - '
il l sue.
A hew' Montgomery Ward & Co.
high-awn. sewing machine, oak finish,
six drawers. and all the latest attacll-
,w.c3aHJ;;t, Mat
Tho who bave' nacd D.-. Kii',;!;was burning. riif .that a feftr rfadf
:'w;i: A;o'is:'y -: Kuo.W' its value,' and ' faUen, :sehaing' p to the Roman emperor
i.iw.e wh: bave' not Iwve now the t.:,-" 'show of light. ;He 'sived' tW Hxftfaie-'S BSaev-th .Credulous He-
ft--. .u;iit,y io-!ii"-' it fee. Uail at ' auuuioiyesoi ouu passengers. rxner.e ..owoiuu6
H.u.,1 River Phaiuacy sjd get a fe-v.' jyfa not oneengineeyn'ltifeuMd Wfia ,;. ' -'' a
. . . : c-.. j .;.' - - j -'.a I WnriM 1imiii4twt aVKii'kiiiAindtlGi-p c wttous1 theories nave been ad-
your name anu .pu,, H. E. Puc!lon & Co.. CI k 'n
t .I'd act ft Bumnle liox of "t)r Kiiiff'r
xiLiLTFil ..I'
Galtie to Kju!ih and Ho
LOU...,.. , .1-
uVuCUh', five.' jjlll of which Is j:- j-. .. '.:
i'Jpt) tb'duu good and cost you no'ii-'!o'-
;.' :
" Fine line of bath sponges
Hood River Pharmacy. ,
at I the
Jl.(jpJ 'III vr Against the World.; t
"E. Oakland, Cal., Mar. 7, 1804 -EtWTOH'GtAcJitiBr''''''""''
' Bye'rence toiny diary I find since
tbe 1st of December-last to present date
tiiere'b,a$ been thie days and seven
nights fpggy, stormy and rainy more!
heavy cloak to keep warm. One te-
"olnws mrimntliintr nnit wnrmpr thnri
at Hood River. Mrs. Erwin, wife and
I visited the u: 8. eoverr-ment station
f Ttovkl., vo, o.. .o un
m..oh attontlonhv th nrinninni Th.
'm,...-. ..j
uuuu.iij-b ,regu.v . iiawnuuuBu
acres belong to the institution. The
geraniums and all tender plants were
. .
killed by the cold Winter.
to. t Monterey tbe sourrou
.4 wereovered with'SHOw. and we found
b! otifV irotVifiirt1 In hpntp1 rnnma.
t 0,.fi,i l.b- .Jv..
nous sections in . vaiuoraia, we nna
that supply arid demarid gove'rus every-
thing, and the former is yerv greatly
overdone. Many fruit men ' have said
to me tbat they would have been gain-!
ens if t-bey had left their fruit to decay!
in tbe orchards. The small fruit grower
here- baa millions of capital to contend
with in his investments and struggles
for)a; livelihood. Lands are extravr.
egantly-high and labor cheap. So,
after' a'' careful look, mv son Matt.'our
no ,,.' cenu,.
inannau tbe time; 'so you see it's, not jumped into the tepder: 4ria:,thmj
all Wld that glitters in California. ': I' he was isoiated: as"it'wei-e. 'ineliroicen1
have worn my overcoat and wife her 'rods
iwn-in-law, R. R. Erwin, their families'i:Wmes nd0Jlcy latreeKOSthe Oak
ondUvife and I are anxious to return to
Jlood -River,-., tjO,live apd die
1 burfe'dlh' sight of Mount Hood
and lie
bod. ' '
Wm. Penn Watson.'7
' Elfrn ty acres! five miles
from town:
40 acres in cultivation; 600 trees, prin-
l i4IMJi-..JMl"i ui.'juu oeun.ji-g wfui
fenced'."'' Good house' and barn. Three
shares pf water in, Hood Riyer Supply
CoV get 'with "the place." Good' well and
springi .. "', "' HabvV Ck;appjikv
pafv Cbugblin, ' wlib ' lias.'- been oh'
trial for six months in Chicago.' for tfie
killing of Dr. Cronin, Was acquitted
last week."-' 'The trial cost over $100,000.
Midwinter Fair." r' 1 ''' , ja
'.t'.yWttpd.ytoUng'the"gt"eat mid--
winter; fair; call on- the nearest fjnioo:
Pacific agent, and ' he lean tell you al
about the exceedingly low rate'and tbe
AdTantages-ofiered ty this'Jine'to San
Franciscoiand return, or address' W. H.
Hurlbafjt, aslsttfb''ge'uerail;'papger
1aet, -Portland. .' ;!!,:,(.. ;.-. i ,,j
0.Tf 2E Fb&titiiiiicZMok. . ,
randOffloeatThe'Dallesor. ,Wci. y, liM,
'1:8. See l hereby-'' giveft l'liht the 'foJlbtvl nriT
y. .- lod neiUer Iihs filed uolice of Ulsiuleniiun
h-Uinefrual pmol in stiiipoi t of llixcmlin,
P H. 'iiiHiild- proof will be made iteiore me
ihisienaiHt luveiver u.,ii. u. atTUe Uallo
V; ou Alu- i'.loM, vis;: . ' ; .
' ' "'., .JivJury . Kiej.. ; J-," ....
Hd !"-jM forilie lufs'S'ariut 4' r.n'l' a ''i n'w
4 'i p 1 b r u e w it).
He name (the following witnesses to p o-e
l.isconiiiiuotiN reldence nixn and euli'Vj
t on o-, buld land, vz: David Cooper. Oeoa'ce
.J'erkliw, Wl.lliiuiUQden;iiLe;,Oeoi,gB Wiuaer,
apui John w. Lewis. Register.
Ha Has Killed Twenty-two Persons; bf,IJf:
- Recrardod as aSafeS'Mau.'' ; ' ' '
: ' ''l&fay'ettTTwn&Aiihit of the
Illinois train, has lciilerff Si'm&ii" said
C. R. McCullough', a" bi-dtlir Engineer
r-IS'TiQatl; itt-Jbhei,
Jury. Most or tnee inamt&jvprp at
railroad crossings afy ih othpfiniilar
accidents whe'0'eriemM
not be 'he'ld res&hsrbis'.'1: Mf
a" vounsr fna'n. hutN ! waiifr,i?nf ireiaiiS
two .experie'hcea Of ' hifivMiS .dhov:
of 'a' trMn:.'t!apt'rw
s burning forests hear' LimUVO.t at the
; rpte pi ug inues an uqur, inaijnignt
nun to. ue posbeBsey. vi a liiai yeiMWJ
presence of mind,;':, .V-'-v1' j iii ofc
: "In October; 1890.'' he- wi? enrineer
j ' thtfW bfsto: .immediate communication
' clouds and ' before J ,tnbufflihg,idi6i
Itrict was reaChedHn6'
' the window of the'crK When desirous of
f Penetrable;; Then, as the;trf fn fMtlnajaAngihi8 followers with courage,
the" bomon' Jie'cahf haiit
red.- As the -trairfsiW-OHearen'Sieorm irom his mouth.r
im- & ofder toperfprm
a sea of fire buffeted by angry whwRs'
: At iengtll the trkin sWmingWu
the-heart of ttfoVflFof fire. (
j. . "Theresas a Strah"set M
'hh, rAnniWr'aais m'ii.a t-.iA
: track cbntmuih'fbf seen!:
n'rtvr'rif aVilft-rWiV' IiTtiAvV't
. ,I1WFJ W W". MU&, WU I U.C , W DUiVAW
ijown tne tracK, Deyona tne reacn oi
1 the headlight' there wad bfilv afetl
. i bltir.; A bridge .aitoiiai
'l .WQQ otioa'1' 'tiritiiilSjai.Av''fcftAloril-,r
t jr-f -r?Kyiyf:.y wWr"'
: shower of big Bparks Cy mm'itfd. In,
an instant he was ti&htfffirsbi6 tblPl
-'WtnA '-A&i' VUL :ti&iji''ikriti't
tteihsm1 lusrW'tfi&ef'bf
.cushion, by tbetjamdashedalohg.;the fin I.. 1UA 0AAM' nMW:M
got inside : up in sheets fro&fccrac1U,iaaf bWftiSto ball about the size of a UIIIV lllB OudlO'' llGllldilll
d, with 12 tre6son;eithei'feia, and"fej)6' wy;iIvuV'bich h seW : on . fire, per- . "
nv-KtaiiiMKHttiMMljnlmL .t'mttaia'''l'bBrn-'1intll- -it is naarlvl V Among xne many- resnmoniais which i
Mwr'7 ""'r rA"&' y" J(r"fj .
" 7v!-vT;tiT r.rrA.iU.lX .W-.-'v iv- .'
: , 1W m,? m-Va
tOiy Ugnt Was irom IU6 Driage .DUm-
Vm-Wed it
. "' jJfrKjJMvivbfo Wr.K
pucuuuiciia aiiu. piuiiou uu ty uw-
structionv." " i
"Tbe other Incident" 'wMe noisnr-
rounded " br the'"' tdT)ulai herblike
asbect lent 6v the forest firSnnd Wl
run' through it, Was noleW'iie&teT
'mind. K This was in
Hepburn; HiB train' tbis- 'ti
Tunninfif ,
eije -of
yT - jijjijj,
mues an -
flyifag madly and beating deifefl- i
''liigly.Ufad'it Was Imbsiiib'lelfor'liim 1
tn rfaoh'itit fliirirfi:lrft viiffi 't KofVo-ll. J
Jgomg- at that: speed. He is- pnlTW
vdung malt' but he' did something
at-about the earhe j&t&Wtcolorea i"ea wnu ancenet .root, wmcn ; v n'r-vv3fM.
hour ''whW the'iwai ph iX4!4es ; -P u res others, wi II cure you
the engine .brpke, "s.' h ; '. ' . ;
then that mflnv Old "ttriHir-. Ha'li?Rl3l KW, w iwuitwaiaim.
! since told me they would never hafe
thmijrht: of: Hps ri-y t riiir i WJTsrfi
ZZZirLmilrtmt that.a Rimilar fiflfw-r mirht hn
ul T.ifi B'!Kr X 7 iTwir;
TiiuiTiiJ' iih iiiirimnrin nrairo nnn cnn.
oeeled in RtrmTiino' t.Via frairi" .'"T wnrild; 4
rather' ride "befonit7tnat mm, adSK: tion to the said
engineer in the United States"
cago XntaD.Gtoaanii a
A'k .cfcpUit414MiftOt,wninMZ
tree bast many, iJecarac
teristics.. and ,8(amer bfH tl,'nuisff
i thraAntii'fta.'w1VM,ilS'htfVitt
who makes the analysis. When thiol
leaves drop bff.6ra.twikmtliers anSn''the- s S??se, unfortunate persons
, falls, thev leave a smaHscaiUKhioh
I never disappears; ; A i- slight 'excres-
cence is left to record uthd .exlstepaisri
pr;-tiie. missmgi; oaemberfAjtigt as a
! man wno! or. linger evRjj efah' -an "6dd 'American
gets rid of the scar. ThewiSs sohtfijsjfciKit hasbeBri in c'rimrrioh use in
V". "'PW epwies hhu.,oui irom
their young Bmbsvtaorei'wsuoa than
they caij,iBupport,undv.4hiit crfuses
Kconjbractipn t tho porhthifoSiisertion
or from where the. .sterit-istentA out,
and the fiber T.becomesBfsBm'etiines
twistea, so tnat u ppacrnotSlne now-
. . -
or sap. Tne youn MmOBjeucn inii,,It!ifl,ffoadld Ensrlish. and- ha-vrina
.tag-.tOKSjAOa dlMltoVnsdfdie anvay and gone oat-herb htuS;
an .aioog'i'n'.ppuK!W5nra Kepfaiive and is now revivified
cences sufficiently-large to accotmv4AiBric'a; Burton' used it nearly
for the tapermg-jof he portion qf aTSoOjeaW.ago in his '''Anatomy," and
-branch where the death oojiirred.
I Boston Transcript. a vo.5a !
SW1 .'ii',' ;
A-.MjwwMia ' M
TTTT Al, 1,. l .1 r Jli;
) yx iivu two ww uwrcw twunawiw
in command iit NewOrleaii8,-wdmi,d Oueriiis. ""'' f , v '
famof that city applied, ti&himzifof au
pass '..tnrougn:. tne union aiaes;tnatu Xt ' ampie..
she- might, see, hex? son, who wnedy inai..'. A youth at Oxford, being examined
wounded in a .house (datheriubtobsU
;The general ., told hOTratesojd'-feavev mm qnyjafitance of the Divine good
one if she -would .takelie oatih af al-tsa wiiich lie had found out for
legiance. This she refusetldsdhiBiself. -Yes;' the conf orrnation of
argued loUg'andea'Wie'stly against itHA? Hort"bdUdog. Its., jnyse is
imwHnir 'Wtrr ffwfThorl of ta.n ntJ
. 1 w .11.10. "itEj. W1W1 nilli! , 1
Know now 1 love' ny soil. ,,11 hjx 1
Outsidb their Own'OMintrvme
Chinese grower tinu tifeir .DeCT mar
ket tot high class' teasakMd::rthe
Russians. TlieSlavs1cfensdWMH'H
mmsedantityof gr&n tfealiiSd the
nobilitypay tremendous 'plrit'-'tor
the pick th'ej taajfiet.Bean
cisco Chronicle. 1
cHea'BuflewitBsca'thlht. v
-hut t m&mm&m
New York Snn?-'";' " ; ; ;7Ja( st;)Anurew 8:-; , , ,
The Best Market Por-Flne Tea. ! v. .j ..,. A err Wise.,-,
Tricks Performed With the Devouring Ele
ment and Their Origin.
'. 'Juggling with fire was practiced in
f13 : V t . t -i.
very ancient times, many -oi me
tricks 6f that sort which are best
knp,wn,,day, were, employed to de-,
ceiye the yulgar thousands of years
ago. nre.,ja nQning. even ,,pow.
which does more to excite, the aston-
iherfehmeht : of the ' ignorant than the
preatning or name,, wnicn is.a aecep-
K8rf'hatidecl' down from remote an-
? When the' slaves in Sicily rose in
feWem&i about ISO B. C, and took
'cruel'"! ievenge for the wrongs they
;h'ad buffered, there was among them
a.SSyrian named - Eunus. He was a
man of great craft and courage, and
having seen much of the world he
had become acquainted with a variety
of little known arts. He pretended
psyithhiihe gods, and as is usual in such
ftrdhJWatsea he confirmed his divine mis--
'- , I
'this tnatvel, Eunus pierced' a nut- :
8faeila:-brith ends, and having 'filled;
tfiime''biiirriiB subfiteice e':'
put it into his mouth and -breathed ?
;tltfGUgh'it.: ! Tho same trick is per-
formed much better nowadays: The
J , . '
I r"u5uiucu-. u.o ivua. auuui -n
flax while it is yet burning, and
Jy this means the fire may be retained ;
in the ball for a long time. When he i
is ready to do his act, ,he slips the
bair$nWli; mouth ' unperceived and !
bresaKs through it! His breath re-
i JViAte8,:the fiie;- so that snarks nroceed !
nWife lohef as - he 'inhales his '
tnia-are" tndKabbi Bar-Uocheba, in j
1. VZLQli
tt'uicuwMKM. ii nui ro .cmouiucim
f thdarithe nilddle ages the guiltf
.... ..
deal; the defendant being oblige! to
bold "a piece of redhot iron in his
I hflfaa.. This was T another case of jnfip-
Phgsuch trials being conducted by
pris(vho'fcoverea the; hands . , of j
feeiiatNanles' when the dried blood
:oS;jah(arius' melts spotaneously
"and foils over the edge of .the vessel
Wtaiiimg it. Exchange.
,vif iu.yP to Improve tlw Voiee,
if xa" s-wii.u,. ju,
a.rftew.jtiiscoveiy. whicn. is liKely to
gipgers-Jjom the vibratory influence
hWTOsi9,.on;Woiin strings, our aoctot
L dissjnng a.quantity of rosin in spir-
i. rr-i y.T " - - -
chords by inhalation. But, what is.;
still moi-e marvelous, by adding cer-
' KflrTVUTistah'ce to these ihhalationsi
f uHrereicr iTtjui dh are arnveu at.
'Kaa'TmCTUre "or -penzoiiiTO. .yom
jump' tip'an
lower it
Fheras spirits of
JSMWoVfwul Extinguish it alto-
wu ."v.0: .uul -u au uptxuv
linger wni?pieasp tah-e noia. -Jven
TGa; r,
; uiiii:diWk.
Derbyshire as long as I can remem
ber, and it is still often heard. It is
used to describe a man who has fads,
fancies and notions outside the corn -t6n
pinof those . of t his heighbbrs.
A' auBiiMfitfr a beeih his bonnet is-
,0,93514,. so are th,oso who ride
kQbbies.of anv kind.
iif.WeniieU.' Holmes', ' after tacitly a&
f m . " 1 1 tt-1 ? ' j-. j i
i eepting it as of " American coinage,
4SsfeOV6red "and'jiointetl but , that Bur-
fen h'ad;us:MlSaccoi-ding to its ac-
i; f jS ji j: : .. - . i.
EftTited . meanini? in Amenca. jn otes?
"!fi it,.;r ' ;''
asked if he could men-
- 'fiO - jiexEacied .that it can ban a on to
,.,.,.,, 1- I.
piwnMiw wtwwuu- owu v c n iov
ew was
Onioi''w? iiin wi 'a'protective- paste; A bo!u:
rn' fctft'TOOT of spermaceti in sulphuric ether. :
tieii',iiiCfleTTTiAMiQ.was the wisest mac
thateeirvedfc j
Byv-Sarasonj" v-j Mf v . ... '
TeacHei No. he was ithe strongest.
'U'&nTson"' had been wise, he would
nathkm m-hig wife cut his hair. '
Boy That's so. He'd a-goue to a
barber. Good News.
For general decoration few plants ri
val the fuchsia, and no house collection
Is complete without one or more varie
ties of this graceful flower. When a
compact, bushy, specimen is desired,
pinch off the top of the plant when
young. This will cause shoots to start
out all along the stem. When the plant
has sent up a leader a few inches nigh,
pinch it off " again, and thus repeat the
operation of Jinching while- "the plant is
growing until the desired form ts' at
tained. On the- other hand, fuchsias,
may be trained on trellises. Indeed this
is preferred by many. . They can be
trained over an upright trellis, butQhee
han thinks that the best- form is that of
an umbrella. His directions" are as fol
lows: -'- ' : . ; -: .;
Secure a strong, vigorous plant, anil
allow one shoot to grow upright until
about two feet high; then pinch pff the
top of the shoot. It will branch out and
form a head, each shoot of which, when
sufficiently long, may have a fine thread
j S'S
or hair wire attached to the tip, by which
?d of the wire or thread to the stem of
the plant, and all the shoots will then be
pendent. When each of these branches
J;has attained, a. length of eight inches,
pinch off the tip, and the -whole- .wil
form a dense head, resembling, an um
brella in shape, and the graceful flowers.
.pendent from each shoot will be, hanrj-.
some indeed. Remember to ,Jceep the.
Btock deafr of side shoots in order to
throw the growth into the hesd. '' ' ' '
: ! .' ' ' . . ' , !
x .
Bee In regard to certain medicines perform
ing cures, cleansing the blood, etc.," writes
Uensy Hudson, of the James Smith
vv uuibu jviaviimery uo.y
Philadelphia, Pa., "none
Impress me more than my
own case. T wenty years
ago, at the age ot 18 yoars,
I had swellings come on
my legs, which broke and'1
became running ;sonesi
do me no good, and It was
feared " that the bones .
would be affected. At last,
my good old mother '
urged me to try Ayer's ''
Sarsaparilla. I took thrco
bottles, the sores healed,
and I have ' not be n .
troubled since. Only tho '
scars ' remain, and tho
memory of. the past, to
remind me of the cood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla has done me. I now !
weigh two hundred and twenty pounds, and
am in the best of health. . I harebeeri On the
road for the past twelve years, have noticed
. Ayer's Sarsaparilla advertised In all. parts
' of the United States, and always take plcas-
we la telling what good it aid for me." , '' ;; ' '
Vot the wire of all diseases originating In '
Impure blood, the best remedy Is ; -J- .
AYER'S Sarsaparilla
''; DEALER IN- ''
Stoves and tin- I
ware, kitchen fur- '
: nitura, pruning
tools and plumb
ers goods of all kinds.
. Repalringoftlnware a specialty.
Salary and expenses paid weekly from start.
PermanentpoBltlon. Kzoluolve territory.
Ezporlenoe unneceBBary. Feculiar$K
adrantageBWiMKlnmeii. UMrairr
eommlsalon o local parj-
3 XES. ST plote
nursoryNj jrffor the orchard,
Btook. VS. 1 In iv n .nil irarilpn.
We want you now, while If
vy the fruit Industry M eoyj
advancement. Outfit and full par.
tlculars free. BBOWN BKOS. CO., nui
serrmen. rortiand, ure. finiwuw
reliable. Name thi paper. w
All work criven liim willbe done'eor-
rectly and promptly, He has a few
goon claims upon wnicn ne .can locate
parties; Both farming and timber lands,
.February rl894.
'." A. S. BENNETT.
"'. ;-. ,?"he Dalles,, Oregon, . -
,; ' "J.s F. Vyatt,' m. p.. ., i.,.
Physician, and Surgeon
. Is especially . prepared to treat -Diseases of
Nose And Throat. , '.'.'.'.
' Local surgeon for Union Pacific Ry,
' : t -. DCFUB AS MENKFltE, ':''' .' V" .
AttorneyS-at-Law,' ;
Chapman Block, over Postoffi.ce
Srompt answer and an honest opinion, write to.
Ii; N N tfc CO. who bare bad nearly fifty years .
experience In the patent business. Communica-.
tlons strictly confidential. A Handbook of In-
formation concerning Patents and bow to ob
tain them sent free. Also a catalogue of median- -leal
and BCientlfio books sent free. ,
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
special notice In the Scientific American, and
tbus are brought widely before the public with
out cost to tbe inventor. This splendid paper
issued weekly, elegantly illustrated, has by far the
largest circulation of any scientific work in the ,
world. $3 a year. Sample copies sent free.
Building Edition, monthly, $150 a year. Single
copies, 25 cents. Every number contains beau .
tlful plates, in colors, and photographs of new
bouses, witb plans, enabling builders to show the -latest
desiens and secure contracts. Address
jjW' ;?
bE&b pi
..: .U-'.' ," : " -THE-i-i
N ' Navigation - Co
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
The steamer Regulator will run tri
weekly trips, leaving The Dalles Mon
days, Wednesdays, and - Fridays, con
necting with Kteuinor Dalles City. Re
furniug, will leave Portland Tuesdays
Thursdays, and Saturdays, connecting
with steamer 'Regulator at the 'Docks.
Afl freight will come through without
delay '"' '
O ne- way ......... .-.
-Round t n p. ................ .
Freight Rates Greatly
Shipments for. Portland received at
any time, day or night, . .Shipments
for way landings must be delivered be
fore 5 p. m. Live stock shipments so--licited..
Call on or address,
. General Agent.
' - General Manager,
' 'ljpNES &' RODGERS,
House and Sign
Arlistic Decorating, Frescoing,
iPapemanging& Kalsomining.
' ; 'j''8trictly ilrst-class work:. only. ; ,
IIOQD IlIVEU, . - ' - ; OPvEGON.
I haul Mnnn UUrrnllrfJ I ti
- i. iDEALERS IH - :
Dry Goods, Groceries. llat, ( 'aps,
Boots and shoes; '-Flour, Feed
-etc.-'. Country. Produce v
,- . 1 i (Boiiglit'and Sold.j
A.8.13i.ohks. - .- '. - W. M. Yates.
.V'W if v
No. ,28,., Freight Jeayes.M ll.4n.,tA.M
tf6T.x4iati f y- : r- tosrty. M.
' vKSi9B"oij'Ni:) jFR6'M:tiq6i)ri'F'R. ;
, No''27 V 'L'Xjal; ' leaves' at : "8.15 P. s M
No. L ,Mall. . .. " 4:42. A. M,
Steamers Irom Portland to' Ban Frandseo,
every 4days. . . '-. ' ; ;r 'i ', . ' :.,v - .
Titt:;lo:Mf i El.
For iatetr. arid general tnformatlor, nail on
DEl'OTTICK'IrAftK-NTi-v p: .
' ; W. H. HURLBURT,Asst,penv. Pass.,Agt.
"'254 Washidgton St.'r Portland . egon
' !- ' '; ' ' J-i
: ' K .."; . 1)EAI,KRS' IN
Haj. anfJ' rain in Car
load Lots or Les3.
Live Stock Bought an
: Sold,
Anff stof-W" in transit, ferl. nd
given tne ui-st ot
:' Ut'A