The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 02, 1893, Image 4

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owner surnassos
i;i leavening power, in
and wholesomeness,
indispensable for use
t the best and finest
is reouired.
All other Baking Powders contain
ammonia or alum.
Who counts lilmvll'ni nnlily Imrn
1 unhlv In ilrilio of lni i',
Anl honors are liul liinml tuune
Who wear ilium tint with tint lire's raoe.
The prime limy sit llli rlnwii or churl,
Nur !! himself tll-ui t tltcrvli);
Piit lie who bus lint sntitll esteem
Husbands that Utile curei'tilly.
What thonnh not Mil in knightly lmlls?
'I illSH halls hate I1iUsI H Clllirllj HUt'St;
Tlnil mansion U not privllciieil
Which it not open to (ho lifxt,
- Anonymous.
Mrmi;;o I vpoi lent o of (, l etter.
A l.iily in London wished to eoiiimuiii
rato with ;i frigid in Aiuerie;i. wlus ad
dress sho did not know. In order to civ
tain the- mvutvl information sho wrote
to another friond, who nls.i live-d in the
now world. Tho letter was duly dis
Iitclid. bv.t tho ship whieh carritvl it
was wrecked, and the) mails went to the
f ::i bottom.
j Are Animals i:or "llorrd'."'
I Stingy mankind has Mitlieient f.uilts
jnd failings of its own to answer fer
! without. Ivin ealK-d u;un toasnino tho
r.svn.sihili;y of animal t'.iilin-sas well,
j An Anient an author has discovered ths.1
; domestic nnimals. sueh as eats or doirs,
'ivronot only subj.vt to ennui, but also
iisnlay tlietr feoh:;;rs under that intlio-
v.-fi-f evor.:naI.y rocovortV.. how. , Hon after verv inueh the (ui-m f.wbi.M.
ever, and the letter in question, torn and ; thoir human friends, n faet whieh no
di.seV.oro.l. found its way bae ; to tlm ! ono who h:w kept tamo nnimals will bo
subjevtiiig it t ,i ltiiunto tompted to deny.
I.idy was s- .::-nrisd to . but from this fact our cmfiMimii-irx-
I... .i ' SM. . x . .
! i'i .i.i i.iit teiier aanenn to , 1 1!" 'vs, ieati to a ivrfoetlv
v., i.iiou v.v.ieu e
divs of fr
Be.'.-lvT. Wl
v:iv, v.-;
t on. he
t j
'.stlo was the full nd
i'ud with whom sho
rrrond. In this strange
h :v..: tva.'li-d its desrina
: r ha.l brought to her tho
'd. London Ti--Ri
Fresh Air
and Exercise.
Getall that's
possible of
both, if in
need of flesh
and nerve
force. There's need.too, of plenty
oi lat-tooa.
Scott's Emulsion
r 1 . . .
oi toa jLtver U;l builds up flesh
and strength quicker than any
other preparation known to sci
Scott's Emulsion is constantly ef
fecting Cure of Consumption,
Bronchitis and kindred dis,
'where other methods fail,
PrnMrp.1 br Scott S. Bown, Jf. Y. All lirvnlstt
lvo bottles of German Syrup
cured me of Hemorrhage of the
juungs wnen otner remedies failed.
I am a married man and, thirty-six
years of age, and live with my wife
ana two ntue girls at Durham, Mo.
I have stated this brief and plain so
that all may understand. My case
was a bad one, and I shall be glad
to tell anyone about it who will
write me. Philip L Schbnck, P.
O. B0X45, April 25, 1890. No man
could ask a more honorable, business-like
statement. m
.i iiiiiioio eeuemsion ami houiiy assorts
that ours is the- fault, that mankind has
;inoer.lated tho beast creation with its
own particular disease- and that it is
civilization "whieh produees ennui, not
. only in men, women mid children, but
t even in oats mid do's." "We may well
I blush." it continues, "wheti we think
i how man has demoralized tho doff. We
! have taught tho do- to bo bored. Wo
J have corrupted him by our wioty."
! And aain. "Enuui is otie of man's many
j inventions, but ho has taught tho un
j profitable vice to the domestic or at least
I to the honsoIioM animals pupils only
!too apt in ev."
I Was ever so monstrous it chargo lov-
flea ajrainst our lniKxvnool Tho nest
thing we shall be told is that we are the
cause that dogs do bark and bite and
that whatever may have been the mor
ality of Dr. Watts his natural Listen
is no better than his poetry. The Xew.s,
if it is so assured of th? demoralizing in
flnonoe it has exercised upon dogs, is
welcome to blush for itself. Wo prefer
to maintain that sorrow under
boredom for the same simple reason that
they delight to bark r.nd bite, "for 'tis
their nature to." Loudon Spectator.
t'lH.lIK I,
Is a Ni'leudid place- lor peopliMvlth wenk
bini:, Imi tlH.u.aml.i of people in that eon
diliou esimm p,iMM,y K Cil,,!!,,,
'l'licie is not one, however, wlm eunnut
IvH'P II Mipplyol' At u vi kV roi oi-H I'i ah-ti-h-'.
I lie moment any onn leels Hint he
1'iis tiilv.-u eolit one m IIicm' win lil lenowiieil
t 1 am rit should ho imt mi (he hm k he
t wceii the .vhuuhln' hla.h-s, mul nnoiher on
the 1 heM.
I'i :n
. in.-,- ".Mi M ive inn piiioiis. t hey
will pioleei u ldini- lune,n, and will
iumi relieve the eoiir.e.siinn oei asioued hv
the eolil.
Ai h ock's I'nunrN I'iasu-rm keep the
pmes 01 the (kin oi't'ii, anil niNiit iiahue
in her i-eiiicitiul work. I'hey neither hum
nor Mister, ami can he worn w 11 hout the
tlik!ht inconvenience.
HmMniiu'H'i. I'ii.ik cleanse the system.
ISr-roiic fur tlm FIk.
Nodouhtnuwt lhvHiid girls have met
with the words "serving the Hasi." hut I
d:u s.iy that few of them know how liter
!ly the phrase th,. sent hnei.t.s of
army ami navy oil I cor. They do not talk
niiiilj ahoat it usually, but they have
away down in their hearts a deep 'venom
tion for their country's colors, and they do
what they can to impivxH the feeliiiK 011 the
men w ho serve under them. I read In a
newspaper not long a an intervsiitiK an
oidoieof tieneral Sherman
AnolHeer at West IViint told the nrws
paper correspondent that when he w a
cadet (ieneral Sherman vlsltiil the jmst,
and of course rcviewel the hattalion "
watt in them or irnnril " I fli...m I
"and when the general, pausing down the Stat ok Ohio, city or I'oi riv
line, came to the il.n? h.. hm,..-.......i i.;- I .. I tin 1 01 my.
- ," '.' 11
" U yniir it.iuxhlo" di'nl of (he ,inih, lllekn?"
' No; ..lie' iri 11 ti k 1 111 1 tii .uir 1. Ian., mi., 1. u
It lo liniir 11 ihiy hI Iciisi."
MilHinit., S ui Milieu e.nuiiv, ( nl , prep-ires luiva
I. "I- iinheiMiv or l.nvines, ' , t ,i.t u.i ta-t ii.liiilin'il
to Hie siiite mul S.iiii,ii, I Mm ruin.- 1 U1..111
oVKiiil'isniiti, Ne lerin Ih-kIiih .liuueiiy :! Ivn.
S'liil lur e.lsliiiiie. Ira i . 1 1 m 1 1 , I'll l.j.Mns(oi.
Mmiy it niitn k,
t ikii.K tin' cikIii
' ln. 11 peek ot tronttlo hy
inuris Hint null,,- It.
Nol en M liinml eniilliii'iil 11I111111, tuill 11 nnc
hirlin liii'iulinit lieieiil leitloix. In tiiiiiieinii ,
Mi u'ii, -..hi li aiiieiii-ii, Hie tsiliiniM nl I'lOiiinui
mul eUen heie, lliikiiiilet'H Stnniiieli lliitei- 1.1
Inr.U In 1 1 1 1 1 h I 1 laniH ull.l i.uin nn 1 i iinei'llnii
iiK'HiiHt iiiiilnriii. I he inlner, the lieshh iirilieil
liinnluriint, Hie tiller et tlievliuln mill inuvlv
till. I. r. I 1. 1 llil Imesln iy llln nie n t hi' .illliMT,
Mini In 1 lie Miiei'li nun l,..iin n.eeiiie 11 hi
eriir sitHliml I ho iiiiinhiiiiiih InlfiMiui hl.ii In
vhbi ilisli lem rich In iiiititiiil re-iiiiieiis h et
lernle In illseime. II iitiinlilliil,. iIIkohIi ih' nl
Hie Mniiuirli, liver Mini lnnvels, Im tiMim llinne
tio use It mill 1 11 M tlieiliiiulle silmeii la hie. I mul
liiklereit liy nnlilimr exiniaitre; liilums ki'HImI
Miiiinth lulu 11 Irniiie elilileil liy 11 1 luni'ini Inn
Pi'iiiiuie, mul rnlis n 1 licit- mwer to Inn in inn. u
Inn mill eienliiK iiiuIm mul vh, nls hnlen u I. h
linn tul nous ; iif iii;i,mi tlm Heiik, mul enie
iiieni luciili.iit kliluny 1 rou l 10.
heail, iMiwed Iw and his face wort- mi
ptvsjiion of divpest reverence. Thin act of
veneration hy the stern old soldier l-auht
us cadets a lewon that we can never for
Svt."-VV. II, lletiilcrHon In St. NiclioJa.s,
Advised For lilt GuoJ.
They nro neighbors on Second nvenne.
and as they walked down town the other
morning one. pf thera observed:
"Jly wifo is crazy to have me bnv a
new milk cow. What do yoa think of
ino iaea.'
"JIagnificont! You couldn't invest StO
in a way to bring you better returns."
-nuca bother and expense?"
"Ilardly any. Your milk won't cost
you over a cent a quart, and it will be
puro milk too. If I had a barn, I'd keep
two cows."
'Two or ttiree of my friends have
rather discouraged me."
'Don't listen to 'em. Rich cream for
strawberries and coffee pure, sweet
milk for the children and kitchen! I've
often wondered that you didn't keep a
cow. fo care, no trouble, no pTTiPnsn
I'll guarantee you'll never regret it. In
fact, it is really your duty toward vonr
x e3, 1 suppose so. I miess I'll
over to the hay market and buv one
6ena tier up.
Ten minutes later the man who ad
vised was telephoning to a carpenter
"say, you! One of your men was ud
at the house yesterday measuring doors
and windows for fly screens. I told him
to go ahead at $42, but I want to coun
termand the order. Sold out? Oh. no!
My neighbor's going to keep a cow, and
mat lets eight or ten of us out on the fly
question: uetroit I ree Press.
Tmiio Tlfer.
The numlvr of animals which, with or
it i nary tact and kindness, can In- t inted by
man n so great that the ran no of nns.sihi.1
pet would seem almost coextensive with
the limits of the animal worl.l 'I'I 11. Tup
ktvstau tiger, win we good temper has lieeu
mentioned, owed its naxMiure liv rail fiom
the Caspian to the sea toils clcer
ncss in performing tricks Ik-fore the little
daughter of the WiismUii railway stiperiii
Urndcnt after it had heen sternly ivris.Hl
ly the MtilKinlinate ollh ials on the giviiw
iliac tigen wer not vheiluhsl in the
list of the Titlis railway and a hear may he
made an tiiterestiin; and intelligent coin
Hut tnme tigers must as a rule remain
a luxury for sultans and Sarah Hem
uardts, and the amlnlile hear he left to the
professional gentlemen who make a living
from his society. We say "as n rule" n it
without reason, because' there is hardly
any limit to the Knglishtnan's fancy for
Pct-s. London Spectator.
Hint he Is III..
FiMiini ivninei ui me linn nt K, .1 i'ifNCY .tt Co.,
il.. Inn iii.nes In I n- i il of rnlcln, eonnlr Hint
Mute iitiireMii.l, mul Hi, ii moil linn HI ii.iv Hie
mm nl tS. II INI'i; I-II In i ..i ;s (,,r eneli
mul eery c, M nl ( vruiiiu Hun cuumi lieeiueil
hytlioiiMMil H a 1.1 s i a r k i. it i cr.K.
r li NK .1. i ll I'M' Y.
ow.irn to i, . inre m,. ,n, , miIim ii l.c.l in inv h:ii
I'le-. iii-i' iiiiMnn in v oi iiei'.-im nr. i isn.
1H' 1 A. W. i,l I ASO,
,, ,,, . A'.i.i,-, i'ulu,,:
Hull I nt.irrli Cure Ii tnken Imeriiiillv, mul
ri'i!.r elli nn Hie lilm.,1 mm mnenm ii'n.iee
nl the m lem. .-end lor lel nnniiiiils, dee.
K. J. I MI NI t il ,
, , , I n edn, O.
MIT hi hy ilritKisis: T.iei.nts.
WfWWcl us
irooklyn Hotel
238-212 Busfi Ct., San Trnncisca.
Tlil Isvin lle linlel I uinl. r llm mnniii'.eiiiMil
nl I II A 1(1. KH MHSIHiltlkliV, mul n uniul II
nnl llm I .i. iHlltlly mul IIiisIiiiim Meil'l llulel
III Hsu Kisiu lico.
Homa Comforts! Cuisine Unexcelled !
KlMI-clunt eivlce mul Hin hlhrnl uliiinliiril ill
lenpei'lslillliy k nit itm I I . ,,,, ,,.,,,, .-, l,f
iiiiiu.i'. die iiiiiH,.,,, ,tu i cm,,, ,, Hi, mil iui,
rnimt per iy, Jl.'.'.i, $i mi, $ VAsml t '.en, I !
inl renin per eek., lull.'; miiulii rnutim WW
I" II. Kieo cnmii In mi l Inmi i,i, ,
It HI 1 t,Nt SS IS
m ll'i'i'. ( i in r rs at
holes. ll pi Ii i S illlri In
the iiiiiMiiiit-r. All vy.
wain to .iv is this : i
oii'v w .mi 1. 1 mv
Vonr ( ihl )( I 'l' i as
1 1 1 1 V should he hinylii,
rlul lot mil p'he v,
Same will he iii.iH d lie.
ol ill.ilr i n ; p; Ik. iron.
! 7
I V,Jrf LP)
I W7 - a "jus
S W T It Hoc
I K'S ! ttoldell
An r.M'apo from Tlolves.
W. J. Ciidley, the manager of thesta;e
line between Gillette and Huffalo, in Wy
oming, tins had many exciting ndvettttires
on the box. Perhaps the worst the one
that left him gray haired, he says was a
battle with wolves In the Had 'ijuiib. of
Dakota. He was driving six horv and
had a full load of passengers. It was mid
winter, intensely told and with two feet or
more of snow everywhere. A pack of
wolyes made a determined assault on the
outfit. For three hours It was a ih-sperate
battle for life. No less than thirty wolves
were shot down. Finding destruction was
almost certain, Gidley tied the line to the
brake, and walking out on the totik'tie
leaped on the back of one of the "swim;"
LorseM. 1'rotn this perilous positioti. with
the wolves snapping at him. In- maiiaui-d
to loose the team of leaders. The wolves
took after the Liberated horses and the!
caoebwas brought iuto a station safely. -Salt
Iike Tribune.
t'e Kiinniellno Slnve ; no, lust, no nme'd.
Titv (Ikkmxv for
DON'T in: F'lflLKP
ft by the denier w ho
iinuH out soine
Ihing el ie, that
lihn belter,
nays dial it Is
X as gooil."
lor ricice's
verv outir-
U It don't
benefit or cure, in
every cc. vou
liare your money back. N'o oilu-r medi
cine of its kind is tso certalii and eirective
tliat it can b( sold so. U any other
likely to bo "j:ut as j;,iod"? ' j
A a blood-cleanser, flesh-builder, and !
strength-re-iiorer, iii.ihing can eiii il the
"Discovery." It's imt like the sarsapa- ;
nuas, or (military "snrtuif iiii'Uii'ines."
At, all seasons, and in all casex, It puri
nes. Invigoraics and builds up the whole
system. For every blood-taint and
disorder, from a common blotch or ernp
ti.vti, to tho worst scrofula, it U a perfect,
permanent, yujrur.lccd remedy.
I Sufforcd Sovoral Yoara
With rheiniiiillsm. I llinsfs Hiimnpurlllii
tid dvl U'lter thiin I hsve lor eiir. My w He
a eno of rslicrh mul n,.
ulilend Itiettnihle. hhe t.sik ennilileneo fiom
the benelll I hm! received from ti,0 tin,
Hood's Sarsaporilla
snu utter Liking tour l-ntileii o( the medicine
ulio h entliely well." W. II. IUnlky, TiiU
Ws-ili. He mire to net h jod'o.
Hood's PillS euro liver Ills, sick hemlitclic,
Istiinllee, iiull;;eslion Try box. '.'.'e.
Seattle. Wash.
lUmt ler, t'rliisiy n. l iver IMtesses,
tirnvel suit lMliele sre cured hy
.UUiOIMJiV ('()
lllinilei, h,. I, .!,- mi, (, i,,i
1'i nl, i,, i,,r
- STOVtS. k A N (. IS
Tiil.le I nili-r, tin mul Wn i,l, -ii n,,,,,, i,un-
Sllpplle, l lle l,oK,., eh, ,,, ,, .,;',., ,,r
ciiiiIi. I'nuiiiry mule h pn ,iiv.
148 Third Street, Portland. Oiccon.
Intsliiixs t It n n l.n. i n i ,
Hie piiili'iij-c i , , ,,, ,, ,. n .
Mini mini. I th,. I', lilt a s, I) IIPMM
""'', III ln pieinr. I,, i ,,, , !,
Ilu entiilnit m ,. , pr, , i , 1 1 . u ,
Imiil. s I lot- eil,,,. ,, ..i,ii. .
HTMOMI, I'r.lll-lpsl, I'tll I itl,,.l , I .., , ,,.
Ale i
In. n. I
III. ,n
I i
I i
I t In
-- nl
I'i. e
tHI I Mi
ii l,.,.-, i, i i n
I ci il, e
A I' M m
VI inriiui i in t . n n s
nveri tlilnu In Hie ,il..iv,. Hi,
Hciir.U, l'rns riles, Hs.
iiiriii-in-.i at n.'.iin 'Clin i-.i r
rlnr ill,illl liy I lie nhlesi, . (
M, llierednc n.i.'v I', it ;
iloutr eft Ihf ISu-iP.' i'....f i,.,.
Ill'lled. i.iii ith ,1 l i, s ,,
ireet, l,i :! Sim k, l ln
il'l'l 'III Tt'mtri, ,,ii Hi.- I
ss'ei(uly reler.
i""k, t ie ,
-1 In iipe
1 . ri, nt ii,, I
I:, I- II,
In It i
I ,. 1 1
H NT'S RFMFnV Dnnrlnn'n Hnmnflir
inns. Hrlulil. l ,., KiU.MHImi or Noil re I 1 Ul U.Uu U ll U ill U ll I I
fiillot. ,.( t'rliu.. Isim In tin,,., oi W U J J
Defying Forgery.
A Chilian merchant useil to defy forery
by placing one thumb on the paper he
wished to sign and tracing its outline,
then be placed the other thumb across,
outlined that, and bis signature was com
plete. An impression of the thumb in ink
would better serve the purpose, for we
nave .Mr. r rancis Galton s assurance that
the patterns made by the cuticles of the
fingers do not vary so much lietwit-u van
ous periods of life, nor alter stifliciently by
reason of other conditions as to lose their
individuality. Chambers' Journal.
Uuo out a dose, 011 ffl Q "S! tmt ;
A Substitute for Cuttu IVrrlia,
Another substitute forguttn imtcIih has
been discovered in South America. Is-inir
In the form of a fluid of solidifying prop
erties. It is insoluble in water and bard
ens and softens with cold and heat. It will
retain any molded shape, can lie cut into
very thin sheets and will take the minut
est impression upon its surface. It is de
rived from a plant growing wild In the
Concau district. New York Sun.
Making Pontiep
Purity end
Leavening PoWer
fo Introduce onr Pnwdpr in.
termined to dlstrlbnto among the consum
ers a number of CASH PHIZES To
the person orclnb returning nsthelareest
number oi certlUcatcson or before June 1.
1894, wewiiljnveacaahpriieof 10O, nd
1 to the next largest, numerous otner orteam
j WDglng from 5 to?75 IN CASU.
This Trade Mark li on the beat
In the World !
TORS on lN8TAl.LME.vra. Best makes.
Lowest prices. Bend for catalogue.
IV. V. Ki;ACII, Hlpon. Vnl.
Pieo's Remedy for Catarrh is the
Ilpst. rosiest to Tee. and Chea.rst.
&ir x tji
bold by druupstr or asnt by vtttil
How to Use Charcoal In Place of Ice.
For keeping largo pieces of m?at and
poultry here i3 a simple device: Have a
large barrel or hogshead half filled with
charcoal. Put meat hooks in a Ktrip of
joiat ana piace across the top of the bar
rel, mve a netting to spread over this.
Tn,; i .i i. i . . .
xuia ouitci may oo Kept in a cool place
anu pieces ot meat be bung on the hooks.
The charcoal will keep the atmosphere
dry and eweot, and the netting will be a
protection against insects. Should there
be danger from rats or mice use wire
Fresh fish may be rubbed with salt,
wrapped in paper and buried in a bed of
charcoal. Of course tho charcoal in
boxes and barrete should be changed at
least once a month. It can be nsnrl tV.r
lighting fires or for broiling meats or
fish. If, however, it it difficult to get a
good supply of charcoal, tho' old can lo
purified by putting it into tho stove with
a few lighted chips and allowing it to
burn until rcdhot. At this stage open
all tho windows to let tho gas pass off;
men cioso tneclralts of thestove, remove
me covers ana leave tho room. When
the charcoal becomes cold, it will be
ready for usa again. Ladies' Home
nrimlies from Cnt'ounuts.
A use to which the husk of the coeoanut
is put is that of making brushes, and es
pecially scrubbing brtihes for household
purpose, and the so called "porcupine
wood of the cabinetmaker is obtained
from the dense and heavy wood near the
luoiui i ne tree. i,o dlhwa t' r:,.r,,.-ui.
leal Magazine.
Why Tlmre Are .Not More Similes.
A case illustrative of why we are not
overrun by snakes was wen in the National
museum in IS81. when a large water snake
gave birth to 104 y.aing. and the mule
snake hearing of it went over and swal
lowel the whole batch. He waa Dlayirn
tor keeps. " - Forest aud Stream. j
Kb utiles.
Ihe cotton nulls of South Carolina
pend a considerable sum of money every
year ror wooden stiuttles. Tbe Carolina
persimmon and dogwood make the very
best shuttles, but our people do not care
logo into small Industries, and the mill
men get their shuttles from the north.
Charleston News and Courier.
Girts as Financiers.
The average girl is a born financier.
.Mamie owes Kate .i0. Then Kate bor
rows a half dollar of .Mamie. Mamie
comes to pay up. Mow much does she give
to Kate? Two dollars? Oh, dear no. she
gives her&UO. Then Kate gives back fifty
cents. So they don't cet mixpiil Sun
Francisco Examiner.
An Intercnting Teacher.
The dominie was trying to exnlain the
Darwinian theory to his class, when he ob
served that they were not paying proper
attention. "Boys," be said, "when I am
trying to explain to you the neculiarities
of the monkey I wish you would look right
at me." Once a Year.
jhib kict cornn Ci ki prompt iy curr$
where aJI Others fuj. Coughs, Croup. Sore
Thront, Hoaraeneaa, Whoopma Couijb ami
Aathma. For Consumption It Tina no rival:
ban cured thousand, mul a;iuj Yen If
tal;eain tlrao. Hold ny Dnipgistn on a irusr
ntee. For A Kame lls- k or Ch"t. line
iiavoyuui uun i This remedy I minnm-
tocu to cui-e you. l'rteo.Jucta. injector frvo.
They all Testify
To tho Efficacy
of the
w Specific.
" Tho old tlmo ilmnto
romcdy from thoGcorKla
wamns fli-lila haa
TOnofcnh tot:;o ontlnodci.
uto-.!sh Ice t jc nkCDt k ill and
(ronfocndliiff tho theories of
tlioso who donenil solely on tho
-2,7 j) physician'!! skill. Tlierolc ro blood
ftMnr fntnf whlh i.iu.k,..
.-..... ui.... ,,,, b lllllllt.-UIUll!l
eradicate. Poisons outwnnMy ob-nrlied or tho
rcc-.ilt of vilo diseases from within all yield to this
potent b'lt Etaplo remedy. It is nn uneijuuleit
toniu, builds up tho old ntjd feeble, eures all diseases
urisma jrom impuro blood or weakened vitality.
Bend tor a treatlao. Examine tho proof.
Boots on " Clood and Skin Dlsnaca " mailed froo,
Druggists Sell It.
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ca.
Turin In tern pern nee, Nutvotts i)im me, (.imiims
I'l'lilllty, Keinsle c iitn mul hxri'ni
Cures lllllnimionii. tlesilsclie, Jiiuiiitlri. Shu.
Stomach, ))ipii., C'oiisitpaili.ii Slid Piles.
M l T t l.on the lililm in, I Vn
stid Knn-f-U, re-tnrliiic llii'iit In s hi'Hllhy ae
Jinn, mul HliHwhen all other liii'-lli lne.
rail, liiindreila have Ihsmi iiaved who have bent
given up 10 die by Ineinhi and physicians. II V AM. IMI I .4.IT.
l 1 n,ii?
mi n vn -
wr,-ii w n rut. j iri I -rm cm iii i.nj
DIT. B0-SAN-K0 5 Wit RKWrDY,
whli-h t!ir.Hiif ca par nff.nvi
iwrrvan-'it fiiri. rrn t, n Pf-iivjiii
or 1 r. Ptinfc i, i '-i's. trlti', I
& CO..
General Commission Merchants.
2, 4, 6 and 8 North First Street.
0. II, 13 and 13 Ankery Stroet,
I'OII I I, t Ml, (lit.
-A -
Regulator of the Liver and Ki Jneys
Scrofula, Rheumatism,
Salt Rheum. Neuralgia
And All Other Blood and Skin Dl.sea.sc3.
It In a pr; Hire enre inr nil ll, painful ,1,-n
i'itli.rimipt, I'.impll,.,,,,.,! ;rM(.; ,
weakiii..,.,H,imii hiiiiii,,. (,r Ve, i...
HlHI tlHtlfc,' ii it rs.
Thi-fifn t h ,.,, ,,,, ! ,
three ilrni. . of i. -,,KK , lirM ,,v , k . .
keep, I.I.H..I e. ,,1. the vt-r a,.. uL , Y
Ivo. iiiid will entiri'ly 1 1 Ir, ,,. , !, ,
rrhii"11''1'''''1'' -'":-
:astt" "'-
I hi rciiieilv Iihk I i i i.. ,i. .
throuKhctiu tfie world fr il. V ,l i "
Ilva tenra uh n....l.l.. .... ... . . ' "ti i
. i. . i mi in r nie m.tive . ,
and It ha.- and win CHro .i...., ,,..., , ' "f
remedies full.
Mt'iul fur umiinhli.! .( i. .
Korsiilo by "y un.l he nrnvi,,, ,
9 and II Front St., San Francisco.
A florae Made u Priest.
Incitatus, the famous horse of tbe Koinau
tiperor, Caligula, was uetuallv conseerat
1 as a priext, had a nianier of pure ivorv.
and was never given a drink from anything
uat a goia pan. bt. Ixiuis Kepuhlic.
There are various kinds of timid men.
but the oddest of that class Is the chan
who is forever making dire predictions as
to tlie results of enterprises evolved and
carried forward by other people.
In olden times it was the pressure of the
inunio upon the wax of a document's seal
that made the deed n valid and bintliiitf
instrument, ana in verbal contracts the
thumb ratified the bargain.
Set the Genuine!
"e pny sprt lnl intention to tlm snle of
liltAIN l 1,'iliniliMiiN. Si iul ii. ,n
pies of il mo will Hilvl.e j..n
liililiei.1 iiim-liel pilrc flllii-rln I'orl lnd,
liii oinn ur huii I'rHiii'lM u.
Liberal Advances Made on Bills of
sirit, Po-Hnnrl.
Buygs' Guide
tF" Corrchponrtenee milleiled.
Hi IK),
? tttl by it 1 1 lru(f lull.
Ud Cruta I..U1.
SJJ.S '.'nT':1"' .'fr' liriKUi.iMlS
mi!- "?h nl""r '", tomplBsioii li-mrr llm,, ",'
Shini7,,0'rn"""vf r",,""-r n"n "or
itilfri.Jii.B i T? """Ol"'" y" of men- in.rits ,!
vsrywhoio. Louauko Mod. Co., J'hiludcinhis, i
A miller in Switzerland found over 200
Unman coins in his garden, and one of
them, a gold coin representing the Km
peror (Jal ha, and struck in bin reign, wan
in perfect preservation.
The foot is named from the length of
thut member in the full (crown mau. It
was a standard of measurement used by
the ancient Egyptians.
THE litrYKRH (iUll)K is lilllnlslii il Hi., flrul i
each tnoiuli. It is issued in (lie inierust of hII
contniiner". 11 L'ivus tin; lowest, nnsh qnotiillon
on cverythli-g in tin- Rroi-crv line. It will suvt
yott tnoiiey lo lonmlt it, .MHed free U) inn
ndilress on iippliriuinn. Imn't be without It.
tt oasts you nothlni; lo tret it. It quotes whole
snle priees direct lo the consumer. Mention
nits p.iper. Aiiuresu
130 Front Street, . I'ortlanil, Or.
ik yoi;k iirsi.i;ss i,., s,a- ,,Ay
Clilckcns ino cnslly al,, Ml, ,.(s. f ,', iy
raised byuslnp tl(, pctauma ,n
cubators mul Brooders, our n.
I;in't l.v ny but the Iviiil,,,,,,, if l, 1 -."', "''t It.
ne t.oiist Iloai oiiiirtera for It i... ,,.i ' ' "'K".
('ii.(,,,ziiK Tools, Kountnli,-, kIiioiI'h' Itnni, ' " Vi "
re. Cri'O.ii.zonn tin. .km.,,, n .'. t.ff""'' '. ""'i -Munis
article rcnuired hv poultry rnlsi m. Hoe the in ,ei l ,,'-'i V''rv ,llll,'r
our exhibit with the Norwulk OsiHeh ir ', V V . 1 SJ '. '!' ""11. I, t
OS rieheK mid nil kin,1u ,.f ' . ' """ 111 1 "I
rri it. . in
We re 1
or'. Hook
I'oulirv Ciiri'
ll III rll 1 n or
"in il, Hiua
Is n Speninl bmnd of Kurnlin? oil, whieh we
matiufiicture exnressly for I-'AMIhY L'KK.
We (fiiarnntee it to be the hiohkst pomiHt.t
grade or oil. Ask for it.
oore's fcevea ed Remnriv.
Ahtobu, ORK0N,jHniiHry 10. lean itato with m.o.. ., . L
MOORK'8 RKVKALKD RKMEDY my huibi was rnltovilli? lhat by tn o'
KHKCMATIHM and my yonngoat boy rJnreS "ntlrelVo f 1 rS old 01
MATUiM when tne beaUoeto! ! oulCgerdiaK
N. P. N. TJ. No. 620-S. F. N. U. No. 697