The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 02, 1893, Image 2

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    ood JXivcr SlacicrJcoK sole ghoes,
,110011 niVKii. 0:1. Dir. :, k;?.
i j 3 ?;.
Chairman Wi'son o the- wav- and
means committee na given oat Hie
proposal taritl' bill, li prim
.clpally in a reduction of (lie;. i ,. A, . m -i
turirt" amounting t im dibit to .nine" BO iTS' 0 VEHCOAi. b,
the proxout tarifl' arramjotucut fom
grand to potty lartvny. It pro ides for
tloinjrnway with tho mi gar 1 1 ; 1 1 " at ;
lhe rato of one-fourth of a cent a year. PP.TTC, GOOiCS ' T 1
!( that it will cease in A. i. PO-. Too
tariff is taken otrwoot. and :, i,ivm ; In U0Y7 OMZl ZtjUzil VfCSXC
instead of sped lie duties a:v hud on
t'enrly all other imports no! ou .he five cti s TTi'.vn T T ")-, yri
list. The lull is not satisfactory to
.cither democrats or republicans, but
that is only natural, since anv Jiirii!',
bill not laid for ivvFi'ni n articles wo . ,-,
do not produce must noeewiniy divide V j!.S!,
the ieople into two classes, the one
petting the benefit of the tariff and tin
other putting up for it. While no son- , . T).T,,,,7
sible person expected alivlute five viii.i 1.. i-'Li jLi.!ju"j vOV Aj-C.-.J,
trade, the great majority if the demoo-
raev out expect a nuii'ii nearer appivacn -" o
to it than lias boon made, 'there wiii , 1 .,',," v,'
lsoine')0,(KK000 to raise to cover the SEE CORN IT R WINDOW, ';
.deficit, and it is propose.! to lay an in-; CHOICE OV MP.N'S HATS, Jl.'.O.
.come tax to meet this. It ;ri!;es us; . ,, . , . ,, , . ,
A II t ioou ina; ki 0 l n main ;: ;;i; 1 1'-. ,,,, .
i-.-..:i.t.. . 1... i. : l.. 1. ,t a,,..,,;. , 1 l l . . . , ,
JO Clltl V 11 Kit, Will ll' litis J'll'il V I .. ' o j-l in-
.ciple is to be endorsed by the "K-nuv-racy
that to bo consistent a tax should :
be levied on immigration, thus pro- - -
tecting labor, and il. it the deficit be
not met wit removed oy a isaojustmcn; ceni .,.,-..,.-.. ......i- ..:, ..,,.,. - make the mid-winter fair a tinan.-i-d
of the pension roll. taxation, ai-d because they lead more ... i..... , ,.,., Mr i,. i-.
reamiv to i.auus,
, , '.(Hi;,! I ll ll''ll'. I mr,
A Mn.-r.i-u si.av eoiuei lron Ku-wia i f
e! t ,.ini ia;:u. Known 11s the "I'niii;;' xiTv
For Ladies and Gentlomcn. J) a
ti-i- icd to .,11 H;.earnia es, erv Nit- "
ind.n and iv,ih'i..m to lile eveiv Moa IO:l,M! IN
M,v. 'tins per,,,, by name '.a.arelh : FURNITUHE AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING
u i s l. e 0 ni 'I'i.'i 1 im I ho l '.mi"i'.u-i. and ;
pi, ,,,,, t;,u-.,, Onft '" be.!!i Mnee oarl child-; X-IATiilltlAL.
Un-ap ;ilbxl 101 J:lxy L-tlO , At Ul. ,.., rl , M,e..ular; ,
. phenomen-, f.w .dy was ,.,-oparo.l for , W;M r'ttr. TUtttr.. Ol S CtC.
Inn! 11 ,w!m h wa to ta Va place j ' ' '
0:1 ,.,i, i 011 w !o,-h day lie leiniliedi , t ! .11 ppl y of , .1 Hi I lits.'n lijht lOHoll
Al 'Mno-iil Pv!n'?i to luo i.o i!i;i lie really iloen - ,..,. .. .,, ,... yj, A -riT..rtwf iyis
..Xi, .u,UtwvU !in., ei-li -e-l to . npon II,- J 0d,ls VV - JvJCJJ C JfrS S
l-oolv .-I the n i-. i 1 ; ; :i ; I au.1 --ee oil
. 1 hi.i ia-.pi.unt
anees wil.i 1 in- I; ' ! t.ieir e.ll ili-iMH
.Mi l thou 't '!: -o he lei!-, to III v.,. . f :
k then M-rp.-l W. . M It I'tal. a. id. It
is said. 1, or in ,;.rs ;. rn : :,e
Am. i'.:; I'ti.i ; w ;.. vi eed I on win a
newspaper ivoi icr. w! weit witli toe
CU'lubi atcil luiuitl colors ami UiiUhI Uiails.
Prepared to luiiuii a! nine, 11 inn la"i o .'.lilns, alao a cheap t'tulo
bill neat and siil.sla 11 1 lal .
newspaper r.'i.., ier. wi o w.-tt witti ion 1 r "
ua Jli xlooOl OilloLM, lu, r,;.ae,l I,, ,a ia s room VV I I U ( - Ml
a w .,.:o excltmoae; .0 I.,:, J j U (U ) VX U XJ
i'.U i..!s " l.:e !!. l '. I have live l L J
.",1 1101:1 I :l t i.e i!a) ol j ail.;ei'ieiit." Pub
lic hiois -a
I .it'.i i Mi
Bright and Handsome
btii: Pi' l-'l,ir ruiN
V. 1 in ,a. er. .1-.i1, Nov '.. ' I v
. 'Hi -1
V m M
.io;:i;f.::: ani pki'A il.i'.us in
Z:IAB37AB;a TZIK7AJE, Sic, Ftc.
Coriuir of SuodihI ami I'odaial Slrout.
I I, I.el.iW III"- 1
e ,', . 1 . .. .1 Hm II Oil. 'I-
I I HI II -"I el IM. 'H- I I CI I- IOi l'I'.il I I -
' 1. 1 J . .
I- . ' .i l'
1 x.,:ir!,'. I'.''', Accrn mid Charter Call
PLTT Wri.;.iin,
Lu r -tf j. - T.r .f hJSo j.'j v'bj-.-sa' 4 .3 t-v
1: . ': 1 . V, "11 I I,
e ,. a V.. i, -..;, r -.,11
I e- ,1 1 A," '-, I. ' I', ," ' , I-.' e, I,. i- h
a v. 1 t .11. a -a , ' t el
San Krane'.-eo has a tori.': v ilcs'.re to
.- 1 i. li. 1. 11 i- 12
! . 11 met'.
t le 11:0,11- 1 ae l',".a IM'- , iMi.'v-.' to p-. e
i- O-.v i'.i, hi ..!.
, .- .' . --ill
li. le V lm!. N.
I I le
'el,na, 11 1- a. '.opted tile -allie i' i 11 ii-c I r
by the rhieauo be;'i,als pay ,,it the
city papers t". r leadile.; lioii.-e- ali.l a-..- '
ir.g the country pit -s lo dc,to a c!
liiiiu or Hum week fri e. At tli-'se.o.c r
time t:-egtn is a--eil to niaUe an e- ;
bibit, 'the luaoaei ineiil ol'i'eriii.4 s.i.ue : ''
at a fixed price per inch.
The cruiser Oiympia iu.s ha,! tivu! I.- ,.,.,,,.,. .,t the custom a e
in making her trial t;i w, l-',:st, a.'a-r cheaper and inoreea-i!y eorrvip-tid labor
a phenomenal run, she was compelled tlia:t uiidvr t i.c a.i vaimt m s -
to leave her test uneompleted, Ic.-.uise Morcwo., the :ul valorem .s-
abolt broke in her pumps. Monday torn has workvl ieil in and is
fhe again started but was compel led to t-sentia'.ly fair, it the large
Jtbandon the run on i.eeount of f'. t1Ve list tf raw niatt iials t a the i:r.iiii.l
J?he, however, demonstrated that the that the taxis on production are a
Pacific coast is to hold the banner for liable xvrong, cumulating on consnm-j Attention Ft m;;iin 1.
having built the fastest warship in the I 01S hurting laoor by narrowing! Tb.ere will be ilril! tii 'efiiv:- at the
-world for she easily beat the best time' tlu' market. 'I hey arc m.u.e free for armory ha! I every V. e.I.a-iav cxenicg
of the Columbia, running about the further lewu Unit u otlu-r eouu- at 7 o'clock. 'I ho mm Ve.,:, - lav
knots an bour. try ea:i supply itic:a as cheaply as we night of each m..nih will e.-iitit.ue i-.
, 1 ' 1 . , can: e.tti iiitcrtoiV Willi ht'tiie -.",'i!ar liiii! i.'h'. A'.! la i: -
Iherain has falk-n .-teae.i'y ior tr.e .' ,, . ,. , , , , , ,
J us in llu-iil, alet ;r.e-a..ii! Iior.i .aat:on l-.--s ,, 1. i,.o;.:.,! , i p:'.,n! ,,:
past ten oavs, commonei;!jr on tiov- . ... , , ,, , ,. , , , ,
1 must fiijiuoi.seiV sf.mul-ite Sia- p.'Hiilo- !e , -t once a m.n. l i, li 1 : a' '..' lo ;i:r
,cruor rennovers tlav. J'lie liiuen , ,. i ., i . ,
tloa oi o:s, coat, ai.uecr, v, ool an. I 'r-ii a it a-, i.u-t. i.;e p. ii
inches of snow which civetnl us on . ,. . ... ,- . . ,. ., , ,, , . ... , ,
ol her tilings in eeiiai.i palls toe ally ot the hue w PI P.- ri!..,;. ,1 ea
that weeial tlav of thanksi'ivimr was .;, ,. . , ,. , , .: ,, ' , . t
1 - ivii.itrv. eiL'.e ot Ame.icali t ii. -e w ho .la; . v at -cut I hcm-ci v a
.converted snto slush in two navs. ana , ,,' ,, , ,. , ,. ... ,, . . ,, . ... ,, , ' , .-
liialiUlaetui.s li-, t-.Ue!V. eerv eolin- Ironi dnil. r.v o.-!. r ol,
then slowlv disapiieared. i-imv thtn ,.. , ,.. , , ,.. , , . , i -.
11 lis, ami u;a ne law iiia; tliete ( aim. J. I ; . r ma ; i - ..
the prevailing daaipntss shame . " ,. . , ,,w . : . .... , , ; n ,
' i is no hmit to the io'a tu el cur 1 ne loi.owanr is the na.ilia on
the best, or worst eti'orts, of Wehfo.n ... '. , , . . , . , ,i , , .
' tl:u.e, Willi inea.culai.e aualuaj:e i.i the MiOjeet.:
itself. However, we shem.l teelt'i-uik ; Kvi.rv ,-,:,,,. ..,. y.,.,
-fulthatit h rain, for the same piveip- T;u ,;aoUK,lt 0,lltiml,s bv saving , cut Com an v diiPs, meeting, ,,.
itation in theshapeof sn.ov woii.d liave ,, t. , ... .-
1 , that in evcrv great nue lit r.uics r-ou.rtd Pv toe bv-Iaws, .r i.ith'r-
buned the town. Alas! it nte-ls it. , , .. , - . . .. ' . , .
: we can produce vn lor lioine eon- en oy e,'iiipt".ei;f ar.: a .t , shad i.o- tli.d in the V. S. sumption in six to nine month ami we mediately render to hi., e miUianohie
virf at !Wt1.i1 ..Imre.-il i, ii snoi.,-- can ge t i id of on ': suri.'us only by ceirer a reason ,r -mai ao-ein e, w lih-h,
gling opium. Nat Blum, who claims l'": tliat tia.'.e eai-.i.ot he built up s.. if satisfactory, may b,, aecept.-d: bin If "..;;';'.;;;,
'to have been Dunbar's partner, ha. long as raw materials are taxea; such reason f..r absence is i,..t r i-nd, - -
turned state's evidenee, ami if ids testi-. I'.niiaiion of trusts to keep down pro- or is imf satisfactory, the .diem!.':' will C- i'',
monyia not impeached, Dunbar will !e?ion, to tliegivitt tleinment of labor. ; U tried by a conn of diieipliiie or court- ,7;7 v
be convicted. Blum claims the trang ; i lie t:H',t,"s li'1'" l'"'1 ,;Ut tht' va' ,1,:,rti:i- n"; ";' '.' 1
handled nine tons of .lope, defrauding 1 riuU i:oiIIS t?1' ''li'eii.m in tliesebe.!- Isn. Kvcry s.hlier who shall, Z-'
the government of J21 0.i O t. j u'.e, iueludiiijr Miii-liuric acitl to the free, without proper c.ctio, be r,'t-;it ;:;;'''!. :V
i j list, because of its u.-e; castor oil or in any oilier icspect tieiinii:ent at .
The OrcgonUm says "that if the new ! frmi Si to ;r cents per gallon; linseed any drill, parade, encampnu in, me.-;- "i;;,
tariff goes into efltet, I'oi tiand dealers j oil from ;;" to P3 cents per gallon, And ing of ins'ruetion, or oi li,.-r duty mden -d t .
must prepare to sell coal 7-3 cents j;cr , l'ig hail from to 1 cent per pound, i by cnipt tent auihority, shad be tint-1 , a , "i
ton cheaper than heretofore." If this j thus reducing the price of paints. It by a court of discipline, com t-mari ial. ;',';:1';;',",'
be true, what a sad blow to the coal; declares the increase ot the only on or summary court, not less than one -e-
.dealer. But, say, Harvey: how wni opium to fi per pouno i.y me .uf- nor more man nve dollar lor c.e.i
it strike the fellow that buys the coal'.' ; Kinley bill simply put the business, absence or other !oli:miii-m-y.
- i-.j-.-L into lue uauus or tue sinuirsriers on lae :
The gist of the proposed bill is given j j.ta.itic coa .t Tlu. bill put it i
t t. .....:u t-,l ! 1 ' 1
li a ttiuieiiieii i vtir.ui euuiiiimii
;son prepared for the prew. It is:
No. ".'-l'". I.'l"
. '. e .
s . I .'.-..'
Stove-i anil fJan tos.
t.'i.ns, Vitiiiiiiiiillini anil Spiirlin r P'teel-.,
Iron, Coal, I
P.laeksiiul Ii Supplies,
W'avoiiliiai el 's Malta ial,
Sew i r Pipe,
l umps and I'pipe,
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 - Supplies.
li. 'IIIM'M
iiml xli.n.
" , VV
!', :- Thai thiriv !a'- i
I.'.nfc..ks4 V p..
I ' i- 1
i . I l, I rrns.
I, p. I
-i! r -it.:,.l il ni, '
'..t, l,,.v I .im lh( I
:- JV 'V VMa' mttm iMi
i.i:nt 1 1 u
?mt m & sin
( '.ni;i..iij N tuTieiiltiiral ImplciiifnU
aiel M.ieliiiicry.
ii,.',! ; o and woilltl respect fully
I I In-Ill ..-! -'dllll'Jy.
-- -i . . 7
n n ts
I i . I . I ' X "
. - a- l . ,
"V'kX J
u. . fc W - 4 W S
Afd a Coiviph'ti' Li-ii' ('
.so i'n i; i ni: id . ' . 1 1 . ; k.-s,
i i .... r I. n 1. V- . n e- . ! : ..
Your:- for; mood juver.
vv 1.:-. v...,' w tj c isj
N..I..- I .
, . . : i i ' ' i
la .; .i nn
I .1 ,.-.!.- .
I I.. I '. , I I .I.'.
, ,1 m,' Hi.-
.1 ,.. 1 he jMir
Ve. . I ia
I iv. M.S., I
dai..:i:s !N
i I" I
., I,
; .i.iii mi .
.el;- II Ins
, .n i la-
r W a-li., i
Pt fV .--.I- zsts- r ( .;, ,r" I '
:is V. i ii. - '- ; ; : I "lla K ell-
, . a:: i ., .1 i . . . naler. i
; i i i.:, I . h.ii ;l it Mull.
, , , ,t . eia.ii.: -i ! . i . U' I lie !
a.. I I in Is , si.-l I.. HI"
in i in -1. , i le. . .a ..I i.. ,i,r. -ai.r.1. ; 1 1 ;
ii.i. i i .
ill, le 4.-li I'.
NO'l'iC!: I o.: I t ' 1.1. It 'ATM IN. i
I. a lei at or.-... i, fit. i ... An.-. '..", so !, j
..'..' iee I . ii. ! li li:ai 1,1" I". .11. nl tin:- '
III. in, . I s.1,1, r i,. me. I I, ..II,.- ol' his i i -, I e 1 1 1 i . 1 1 1 1
Bractois a n a W c oil Tnrflinns.
i ...i.:i, !,., in.,,,,,, ! ... ... i,, iiiiee-i,i:a: i,t,., : ia ,.,.,! ..i nis ,i,,iai,
,u niuicuiriii wuxii ..a.. ....... wR;re it js tUOUlfilt it Call lie eollwlfll. : At Tlx. Tl.,ll.. Tl.nrs.b.r Vv ".1st i,,i I I -ie . 1 ' .1 .:i I., neeie i ..i,- I i
, - i , t i . i , ... . , ... . . , I . , I .- I ' -1 , . " , , I I , s , I . , 1 1 , 1 ' , 1 1 1 . t III
lhedutvon common window iriass is J. an V vtiem laitt-rbn- m .diss n.i,. -,, ,,.,,,,..,, , ... i.-.. .w
"TUe democratic members of tbe j reduwd niore tiia iari whk., will ' Wyers, Uili of Wnite sjahnmi. ' ' ,i", :, r. 1. ",,.. ' " i
! !!. A ; i. S',i. ...Vi ia- l'i, n , t ; ,.r n tv ' , 1
" s l';i II I ' e ', 111.
lie till! is - III" f. ! I ,ll'.f V. ;t!l'--;.--' 1. 1 .roe
. les .' Oil i II !! 01 . I'.-l el.e. II, ,,,11 ,I,,1 elllliVIl-!
u .l,.n.,.. ,.e tU ; - J. i . vn i i. : :i,,n el, !. a". ,:. i ,,.,r , i-iiaan, Will-.
tue uiuKua, utiti "'-"J ! tioll in plate glass. ' lain I , a --il. ii a- S. , , ,.s, ...,-l, U , h. r, all m" '
.duty assigned them, of framing a tarifl'i ' PhVSiCian and SUlTCOll l n"'':i""1'""i"kl'M""' 'lylll',"",L
bill for a nation of 70,000,000 people. I " " ' ,l-",rl1" l;"":::;:'A' J:i;'1', li'll'-I''"'r'
The bill they are called on to reform is J A Qnarjor teiitiiry Test. HOOD KIVKll, OR. NifS !!1;' POIi i'PoI.lCA'i'loV.
.a Vast laOJTinttline System Or CiaSS leg- j f m a tiunun ui a tniiui . ji. iun r , l.osi -i i.'j ri:n,'u 10 ii ciu diseases 01 I ,,!,, (a.,.,. .,, T,,. ,,.s ,.., ,.. ,, S!i:.
1" r-
0.4. 4aO
r"". f"rl e"lenf "
committee have felt as no others could ptimulate li0!ne juoduetion, because it j
Jtft;iiu luumeiHUUSie.-puu.siuiio.v iesi-i1):ls .j, produve(1 under trust COll.ii-
ing upon them, and the magnitude ofiUon9- Tht,rt. i8 ,llh0 a marUed rt.duc-
t i.n mh .it i ir Nora i:.
I'le.l I, III.
It. r.t'OK
Kit rlry.
' 1 e"S S l 1
. ii.- .
I "1 : ml m
Sv -UuLiJ. lsV I'l WatwUX J.LNJa
RA17S0?-! a VEBER
islation, culminating thirty years' eon-1 New Discovery has been tested, and
,trol of the taxing power by a few inter- i the millions who have received benefit
,ests, gathering into their train a host 1 from its use testify to its wonderful
,of petty toll-gatherers. It was carefully j curative powers in all diseases of throat,
ramed to prevent as long as possible I chest and lungs. A remedy that has
what its author calls 'monkeying with stood the test so long and that has
the tariff,' by which he meant any sue- given so universal satisfaction, is in ex
jcessful ellbrt on the part of the people i periment. Each bottle is positively i c. A joxms.
to undo or lessen the bounties which ' guaranteed to give relict, or the money
its beneficiaries were permitted to write I will be refunded. It is admitted to be
therein in their own words and own j the most reliable for coughs and colds,
figures. It transferred to the free list Trial bottle free at the Hood Paver
.' ol ire Is h. I'ehy ;.'ien II. ;l II, e .,,l,mlll- I '111 M'lf 1 1 "t'l lliSt -
iiiilniil . I i Ier !,a . li ,e.l ma i i-i,' i,is intention , , "... i ,,.
in i,.a;,i ni,,-, i !.,.. i iii suai.nn f his ci.,iin, Have on hand a lull supplv oi v ru,l, Sliado aixl Ornamental tn.; grap
yi'-er !::::rrs; 't:;,:;u;-l'l:a vii" M shruhu-ry.
,'lhe l'all.s(,i'.,,ai .M.iin'.e y ..,v ISiCS, Iz: i JJc sure to pet, nlir prices U'lol- pll I'cl nisi lig elsewhere,
j Mar. on r . I'.y. I 1 Jelnt'lllher our t I'ees are grown si lift I V wit hollt il'l'i''!it i. in.
1 in! .-.a. un: fur it.r u-' ; a v 1 , nail w !.: w ' . ... ' '
i'lsieriviur:,,.!.,.,; '' " TT-TT. T, A f?-r?tnfHT
.ji XAil.i, A.lifJiwl'J( VJL
P. II. Stanton, I.oeal Aneut.
Pharmacy. Large size 50c. and i'l.
the proper and fruitful revenue of arti
cles where most of the taxes paid by
the people were received by the govern- TIifiiiksi'1 vinir Dinner.
ment, and greatly increased tne rates j The people of District Mo. 2 assem-
,on those articles all or most of the taxes bled at their school house Thanksgiv
,ou which paid by the people went into j ing day and had a good sociable time.
private coll'ers, and it was bolstered up Well filled lunch baskets were on hand,
'by many defenses, chief among which ; and at 2 o'clock tables were spread in
are a swept and garnished treasury and ; the upper hall with all the delicacies of
a swollen and colossal scale of perma- j the season, and the reputation of the
jient expenditure. Such are the condi-1 ladies of this district for getting up a
Jious that confronted us at the outset ol ! lunch was well maintained. Two ta
pur work. 'Ihe committee welcomed I bles the length of the hall wore v.eight
jnformation and counsel from every ed with good things to cat; a red-hot
trustworthy source, ami while it does j stove cooked a wash boiler of coffee
I ! c lm n it s 1 in- i'mI t. iu i a-..- u a n.-.-rs In jn'ove
: liis i 1 1 in u , 1 1 i-r:.,,i,'ii( .. ii; on ami ciiiiImi
I ITIANK llOlJdl-TtS. lion el' siialisn l vi,:: t iiinies l .Morse,
; J.'-v.-is I-:. M.,,--, , W in ;;, ml, . in.t in 1 l'lu-l,.s,
lor.irrc x, tinrinrpc 1111 .oio-i i.r.i nni n.
J.I11.U (JO IIULVHIwlkli
oe! I Invlll
.lellN V. I.iavim, lteislcr. :
House and Sign
Ml MMm mWW
lliUUU JJUJUlUlUttoi ilUUbJillbJ (Ifii.lule wasl.iiixK.non .NovciiiImh' Is, IsSCI viz:
; I .nail U.Ti.f at Vinic-i .liter Wash. (K-l, 7, i:j. I
I Xoli.-r Is liri'rl.y 'riven l!ml 111" follow lia-
j Ilimieil s,-:ilei'.,l,:iM' I ) 1 - -1 Iheir in-1
j It ill ion In 1 1 1, '!:," li a;, I nrnol in siipeoi'l of ! heir
eliiinis anil Iiml Miiil n, nl' will he ii in. ! ' I ii
' I- .
1 1 1 I i ' I) U I VI
11 OilVJ j
I t'lt'iii"'' Icrhliii.'. j
lioiii, ai A..;,iii aiioii .u. t:2) fur the w I
; l, I'll r ' , n w 1 , ,,( : ,.. , lt ,. I ( II e J see
2 'i'n 1 1 1' I li i .-, I e. i i r.
r T ,,. I II1' laoiies Ihe l,,llil',v:i,.' W'i!neeses Ol lil'OVr ;
HOOD Jll J'.it, - - Oi;i',(.tOA. liisriintiniioiiM'c-i.;. nee up,, ii iiii, i iilllsalion !
I sal'l lain, !,: ,m .,,h Aiaa r.--ill. iiel lnan I
Paperhanging& Kalsomininj
Strictly first-class work only.
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pf patient, anxious toil, and of an lion-1 two handsome bouquets of natural
pst desire to discharge its duty, purged j flowers. Those present were: EI)
pf all taint of local and personal favor- i Calkins and family, V. S. Perry and
tism or prejudice. Its main features ; wife, Fred Howe and family, M. X.
are two: i ro.ey ami lamiiy, j-,. jocKe and lam
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di:ai,i:i:s in
(,'orncr of Oak ami Poiirth Htreels,
1'ootl Itiver, Oregon.
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pf specified duties.
family, Win. Eastrniin ami wife, A!
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i'eii-r t '. t 'ami run.
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'file lialttv, I M'r-aai.
"Second The freeing from taxes of fred Itoorman an
those great materials of industry that ; and family, E. E. Lyon ami family,
ie at the basis of production-. ' " '' I ',l'- Tillett and family, .Mr. Lyon, Sr.,
The statement I.y saying : Ji. B. Andrews, Tom Wiclu-ns, Con
(Jiatthe specifij duties are ohjection- , IPP, A.N. Foley, Ouy l'ilkington,
jijle because they can he used to con-j Elton Hayden.
1 family, li. J. Ellis JLIVG btCCli XiOUlll O-UCi IM. N... 8s77 t:.r tl,r u :v Miiwl-I ff.-.M ami j
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roil SALE.
.Six lots in Wnucoma, ISO hit"h in
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And stock in transit hal, walcrcd ami ; j,,,,,,,-..., , l;n,, vl. u. a. Tn..i-ni'. lioi.eii i , Skamania counly, ami Keveral farms
iii ven the best of care.
I , la,-:-, 1 1 1 , 1 1 j a t . i ) 1 1 ier, oi t . inner,' viisiiiii;;ion.
ITIJE DALLES, - - OIlKCiOX. ' nviKlri John l.Ui-.iiii-;.iA.v, lkiu.T.
in tin; valley.
J. II. CuAiH,i:iiAf;ii.
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I louse ami lot, in llootl Illvcr, Ap
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