The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 18, 1893, Image 4

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I California State Analyst.
Royal Baking- Powder is Superior
to all in Purity and Strength.
" For purity arl c.irc in prc;v.rati
Halving Powilor cijtuls any i:i t!v.'
,M.r trc s!i(nvs it lu'. ivror.t'
V'Uk w V. ' w ........
power than anyof which vc
ilv.-.l C::U-rn!.
No careful housekeeper can aiiord to
use anv baking; powder but Royal.
', i
Tho Coffins cf flic Crock.
The nncier.Kjiveksusod a spH'ieof Iim
store Lr.own ra sarcojiliaiu i'l nia'.in
CJi'.'.iii Tbe peculiar ouality of suvupha
gu conslsti-d iu the facv ta.-.t ; ou!l caa
sub:o tbe Isuir.r.a L-.Vy wlt'uiu a rlc-i of ft
(.'W weeks. U i ' a; 1 tu havo t.-a fcaud tt
Aoi, a city of hye'x
Settling a ntr.i'ntty.
Mrs. Ztn-.awkk pvhohasbceu read
ier about the uprisings on tho Mexi
ccn frontier) Ah. Mr. Wilt, what is
your solution of tho border troubles I
Sir. Wilt Fewer stowed prunes.
Kata FioM'a Washington.
A Croat Help.
Stout GontlcntaiiPparo diet, long walks,
etc 1 could have managed all that with
out coming to this expensive watering
Doctor Yes, but you forget tbe annoy
nucc occasioned by the hish prices, which
of itself will go a Ions way toward reduo
leg jour weight. Ulk.
To clear a sovo of clinkers, put a hana
l .il of salt into it durin; a hnt tire. NVhea
( lid, remove t'ueclinkers with a colli chisel.
General Commission 133! chants.
2, 4, 6 and 8 North First Street,
O. II, 13 and 13 Anker.y Street,
V pny speclil attention to the sate of
flRliy ON COMMISSION. Send n ara
ple of Wheat. Jird we wilt die ron
highest market prices either lu Portland.
Tacoraa or San FrancUco.
Liberal Advances Made on Bills cf
tSf' Correspondence solicited.
I RgHv Glow
on cheek m'J, s ,
and brow
r.pvit '"yr v
the -x---r--.i-v,-
getting proper nourishment.
When this gloNV of health is
absent assimilation is Nvron,
and health is letting down.
taken immediately
of the
waste, regardless
cause. Consumption mus-t
yield to treatment that stops
waste and builds flesh anew.
Almost as palatable as milk.
Prepirod by Scott 4 Bowse, N. T. All drngghte.
I must say a word as to the ef
ficacy of German Syrup. I have
used it in my family for Bronchitis,
the result of Colds, with most ex
cellent success. I have taken it my
self for Throat Troubles, and have
derived good results therefrom. 1
therefore recommend it to my neigh
bors as an excellent remedy in such
cases. James T. Durette, Earlys
ville, Va. Beware of dealers who
offer you "something just as good."
Always insist on having Boschee's
German Syrup. &
Bsst in ths World!
Gst ths Sensine!
yd Everywhere!
CJi pi. na
imn tiRiieion
1 X
""'V-. I
av.kT U'.iw
!nv ;inyUr.o l
: i:'!ato rurJ . f !!..:ikh. cf.
Tlio Itlurh ltrn Iclicrn.
The Black Brunswickors, so well
known for their uniform, will hence
forth appear in Prussian uniform only
Until tho last day of April they had
continued to wear the black braided tn
nic as simpK' and effective a uniform
as a soldier might wish to see. They
hail been officered for years by Prussian
officers in Prussian uniform, and this
gave them a peculiar appearance on pa
rade. During the campaign of 1S70-1
they were often taken, both by Germans
and French, to be French. Sometimes
the mistake only caused a good deal of
merriment, as, for instance, when a
French staff officer came up to within a
couple of hundred yards where the regi
ment was in hiding as a reserve, .ot a
shot was fired at him, becanso that
would have betrayed tho regiment. By
and by the Frenchman rode off, none
the worse and none the wiser. But to
be fired at by friends is nnpleasant, nnd
that has happened to the black brnns
wickers; so that it is perhaps well for
them that they will not bo mistaken iu
the future. Vanity Fair.
A CCnwrvntlvo I5ookcIler.
It i3 no part of our intention to
presurno to mention tlio nest hun
dred books nor to disnarago unduiy
the works of modern authors. But
when there is so much that is stand
ard in our language, so much that
has stood tho tests cf timo and
trial, it is impossible not to f yinpav
thizo with that bookseller, justly
nroud of Lis conservative tendencies
in the matter of literature, who re
plied, on being asked for a copy of a
modern theological novel. 1 ec.'J
nothing which timo has not mellow
ed." Chambers' Journal.
How Chicago Is Spelled.
In sorting over tho letters for Chi
cago a man in the general Chicago
office has kent an account of the
number of different ways tho word
Chicaa-o is snelled. Recently the rec
ord showed 197 different ways. Some
rine scholar in Finland sent a letter
to hi3 brother and spelled tho name
of the Garden City, Zizzazo. bull
another foreigner, possibly with a
sinister motive, spelled the word Jag-
inc-o. Hinaho. Jaino. bcheechacno.
Hizasre and Chachicho are also prime
favorites. Postal Kecord.
No Flowers at His Funeral.
Owen Meredith's (Lord Lytton's) coffin
was borne to the grave without a blos
som to decorate its pall according to the
direction of Lady Lytton, who said that
her husband had reqnested that not 80
much "as the tiniest violet or the small
est rosebud" should be used about his
bier. "What, in heaven's name, have
poor flowers done to be condemned to
serve such a horrid purpose as bein
consiimed to vaults and graves? I like a
sad looking funeral." was a frequent
savins of the poet's, and his funeral
ce.'emony was indeed a gloomy one.
Wong Chee's Coat of Mall.
When a Chinese highbinder, named
Wonir Chee, who had been arrested for
vagrancy, was stripped in the city prison
recently, a coat of mail was found around
his body. Jt was a tisrht fitting armor.
made of a double thickness of interwoven
iteel links, and it weighed twenty-two
pounds. Experts say that no pistol bullet
vpr made would nenetrate the armor.
and when tested the links turned a rifle
ball from its course. San Francisco Ex
Heavy Damages.
A noor citizen of Nassau, N. Y., sned
a rich neighbor to recover damages for
the attack of the laiter's small dog
which he maintained was a "snapping
snarling, vicious brute." In answer the
defendant maintained that the canine
was a "irreat net and of gentle nature
but he lost his case and must pay $1,000
damages. Philadelphia Ledger.
Journey of a TSalloon.
A Harrisburg boy sent up in a balloon
on the Fourth of July last year a bottle
with his name and address in it, request
mg the finder to return it to nun
About ten days ago tho bottle was
picked np by a gentleman on the shore
of Lake Sunerior. near Duluth. who im
mediately forwarded it to the lad.
Every year sees diminution in tho im
portance of the walled city as a military
obstacle. Nuremburg is to lose her
walla so that the modem idea of defense
by separate fortresses can be carried out.
Lautde Klvh Uuka OmwL
iir nnWrt of Dovoiuhlrfl owned
... .,. - O'l...
tnna in lounwn uiitervni couminv a ii
eMtitoa extend to UotHH) aerw, und tlio
annual rental 1 soinothlmr over 1 i0,.
900. Much of the laud lu nud ubout
DiMbourno was tho property of the
duko. nnd. liko that lu the vicinity of
Rinow-ln-Furncsj. lina Inirotusod uunr-
utons.1v in value of late years.
The duke possessed no fewer than
novo:! suata. tho cost or Keepinir no
which alone tmtst have boon consider
liblo. Tho dnko hud the patroimn of
ever forty church living, the annual
total value of which escwsln 10,000 por
The founder of the house wan William
Cavendish, commonly supposed (accord
ing to Mr. Evans' "1)1 J Nobility") to he
Identical with that Cavendish who wrote
tho "Lifo of NVolsoy." and who h.-w been
Immortalised by tshakospesro. Tho flfth
dnko was tho huslwnd of the duclio
whoso portrait was painted by (rainalvr-
onj;h, and nlout whom there ts it story
similar to that of ono of tho duchessosof
Gordon of her kitting tradesmen to ob
tain votes. It was tho sixth duke who
formed the famous gardens at Chats
worth. Tho family motto, "Safe by
being cautious." implies, most people
will think, very fitly to tho new duko
Pall Mall Gazette.
Stricken with Hllnlnes White Shujlnn.
George Neely. a Kensington boatman.
has boon sudd'uly Hitd mysteriously
stricken blind. His eyesight left him
Monday without warning and without
anv tvtinf til continetnent. Ho had U'gun
kii iKim u-iirk mi a canal ooat on tlio
Karitan canal, from New Brunswick.
Mo had walked a steportwoon tho boat.
(iinL'iti-' merri V to Ulinselt. wiien sun-
denlv overvthing grew black. He could M'n ohiei-ts half a foot distant, tits
vision had completely failed him.
t'.nminir iihout the deck he tried to
communicate his affliction to the other
deck hands. When his true condition
was discovered he was tenderly taken
care of. and when the canal Unit reached
this city ho was conveyed to his homo in
Kensington, and there attended to
Still he irrew no lietter. It was then do
cided that tho Wst place for him was a
His nephew accompanied mm to tne
Philadelnhia hospital. On arriving there
h. win exiiitiinml and tuaceil in the
nervous ward, where he is resting quiet
ly, with his visum only slightly liu
proved. Philadelphia Record.
Muriingo I'nilor Olltlcultlc.
A. M. Phillips and Millie Burns, of
Coleridge, Neb., had to visit three states
before thev were married.
The couple first wont to Hartington to
bo united, but tho bride was too youn
to meet tho requirements of the Ne
braska law. On Sunday they started
for Yankton, being assured that they
could meet with no obstacles. Arrived
at tha Missouri river they found the
bridge had been washed out only an
hour before. It was night before they
finally found a boatman to take them to
the South Dakota bank, whore thev
found themselves two miles ubove tho
town in a willow thicket
Late at night they reached town and
were obliged to wait till morning before
cullin? on a iustice of the peace. On
Vnrul.iT thev learned to their disgust
that the laws of South Dakota, although
more liberal than those of Nobraska.
did not sanction the marriage of ono so
young as the would be bride. They
were told to go to Iowa, which they did,
and there met with better nuccesa.
Cor. Minneapolis Tribune.
Two Scared Indian.
Two Indians from the La Pointe reser
vation arrived in Bayfield a few days
ago paralyzed with fear. They told a
wonderful story of adventure, iney
had started on ahnnt on Madeline island
and intended to visit some friends. They
catnuxl on a spot about four miles from
the village. At midnight the Indians
were aroused by a fearful struggle. Bo
fore them were two men and a woman
battling, the contestant being covered
trith blood.
The Indians say the forms disappeared
afterward, but the sounds and groana
were kept np all night. People in that
vicinity claim there has been a terrible
murder committed on the island some
time in the past, and that the "ghosts'
of the parties were seen by the Indians
Milwaukee NVisconsin.
Exporting I.lve Geese from Russia.
Live ireese are exported from Russia
to Germany and Austria in very large
numbers. An export house or Warsaw
intends building special cars for the
transportation of geese directly to their
places of destination, if the railroad
managers will grant them permission to
run the cars. I he ministry on roads or
intercommunication was notified of the
nronosal of that firm, and its favorable
decision is expected. The cars are to bo
constructed with appliances to change
from the broad jrauge of the Russian
lines to the narrow gauge of tbe German
lines without loss or time. ot. reters
burg Letter.
Will He Visited by the Queen.
Costebelle, the charming suburb of
Hyeres, at which it is announced that
the queen will spend the month of
March, is delightfully situated on the
southern slopes of the lovely Costebelle
hills, and is promptly identified by Amer
cans as "tho nearest thing in Europe to
a south California ranch" though the
busy little neighboring town, with its
orchestra and casino, somewhat upsets
tho delusion. Loudon Letter.
In a photograph of tho heavens now
in course of preparation at the Paris ob
servatory, it is calculated that 00,000,000
stars will be represented. In tho nebnlce
of the Lyre, M. Bailland took a photo
graph 4 by T inches which reveals 4,000
stars to the naked eye!
The Florida orange has so far sup
planted thoso from tho Mediterranean
that they will be shipped directly from
Florida to EuroDe. In the Liverpool
market they bring nearly double the
price of other oranges.
Yhv ion American farmora troortlmt
into the Saskatchewan district of tho
Catuuliun Northwest Ten itoiiesT lbo
nntovcr ia simple. Settler from tho
Eastern Slates are utiablo to rind tuilt
able unoccupied hind in the Western
Mates: tho voting men who wero norn
and ruis-ed in tho West look about for
liiiul nnd i-nnnot llnd it near homo, and
of thoco who have land somo have ne
cessity (or more. They want tnid-class
farming land that does not require irri
gation; they want rich grass land lor
their cattle, and they want 11 cneap.
They iiud that they cait attain such land
in all quantities, some of it tico and as
much as thev want at t!l an aero, and
tlmt us a Hid iter need iav onlv a tenth
of the purchase money down, with nine
years to pay the rest, his land increases
in value tar above- too purchase price
long before bis payments are duo. And
tbe men of Washington, Oregon and
Western Slates see bv tho man that thev
have not far to poj'tliat lines run up
from tho boundary at several points to
Calgary and Kdmonton, and that the
un.u to lm iieonired are n Ion if tho line
of railwnv and within easy reach of a
station. It in no wonder therefore Unit
there is a quiet but extensive movement
among A mericou farmers to get to this
Northern Alberta country, and that too
hind? from fifty miles north of Calgary
to Kdmonton oil the Saskatchewan and
liv,Miil it nre viM-v I'liL-eilv sought. Ill
several parts, where two years iigoonly
a small railway station marked too ois-
trict, mixed colonies of Canadians and
Americans have now established them
The rhnimgniph anil the Piimh.
Recent tests in tho use of the phono
graph in the doaf and dumb institute at
Indianapolis show that it is tisefnl tn
concentrating sound upon tho drum of
the ear. so tluit m. my pupils otherwise
doaf can hear it. It is thought by the
superintendent that he can by this
means soon teach the use of their voices
to many mules w lio -o inability to speak
is due to tho fact that they have never
heard spi-tvh - I'xi lmngi'
V..t Mr. Iltl r.rA.1 f,it 1 1 M IMI t nlmi. t'lll 111 IHS-
!..!... Kr.i...On, f ' lull. Ill (fill, tlMllA II.
Mexico, Ami Ii Atncrli'4. the Mlliniui i t I'mmnis
unit elM-whcre, !liilp;trr Slnnnieii nmcr 11
(or.ln 10 liiliilrtiiiin mill HiJiHirniT. i to ci tlon
:1K10K( mnlBMil. THO lllllliT, lll IHWllv nri m-'i
I,, ih. n( I Ii.- TlTL-lll s. , 1 1 lieillV
roblxM ot In t.irc!i tir lh nv el llu nlniiccr,
tliid in ilie imperii mill f..trll- 'Cilic a iri--
erver moOnst tho im.iHitiiun inlnnini wlili li In
t-ud, ri.-ll In lliltllrtll If-OII!!!'! U ICl
ferule In i1i.wiie. It dtitiililili' duierilcrt el
(I.m h llv..r ttiut txiu.'U. ftirtitict Itltl.C
lu nw II RKiitiii-t rlii'titii'iHr- mlmoiinliri' I mid
f iltered bv nnitloor rxp-wiir.-; h (' iMilnl
.vsrmth Into frntnc rlii Ic I lv rlunrou ti'iii
niTntuto, mid r il of tliclr ixiwcr In liurm nun it
iin nnd evi-iinii: m'Kln iiinl vn,or Imlen wl h
htird.ilnrn; irrtii.MliiMiii Hie ck. Mint cun-
laon liicip cm kidney trundle.
Tlmn U O-il.llV 4 11 d 1 1 t HI tlCC 11 III)-
Heed t lint ll Uik.' a Rood denl of money to Imve
a good liii.c.
The unequaled success of At. tenet's Por
ous ri AoTKBi ns an eitornal remedy has
I mined unscrupulous parties to oiler imi
tations, which they endeavor t sell on the
reputation of Ai.u ocn. It is an absurd
ity to speak of them iu tlio sumo catecory
as the genuine porous plaster. 1 heir al
leged eiimlity with Ali.cock'h is a false
pr. tense.
The ai'lest nicilirnt practitioners and
chemists ami thousands of grateful patients
unite in declaring At.n oi k's I'oroch I'
titrs tho hest external remeily ever pro
duced. Ask for ALU-oca's, and accept no
IIraspbetii's 1'ili.s act upon the whole
This Is tho sensnn ulien the arersge stimmtr
rounder hun reacted his last retort.
Stat or Ohio, city or Toi.sti,
Frank .1. (Tibniy mnkes onth t tint he ts the
senior pnrtner nf the firm of K. J. ( iifcSST Co.,
dolni? iMislnes. iu tnecltv of Toledo, county stpl
Htnteiifiirei-nlil, nnd thai snld firm will pny the
sum of ONE II I'N DKKD DoI.I.A KH for ench
nnd erery csne of Catarkii ttint enniiot lie cured
by the moot Hall's Catarrh Ccrk.
fiworn to before mc ntnl suhfcrlbed in my
prcHciice ttils eta duy of lieceml er. A. I. lsmi.
SnUirv I'uhlif.
FIsll's f'ntsrrh Cure Is tsken luternnlly, nnd
sctsdirictly on the blood and mucous suifuccs
of thosyttem. ncnd for testimonials, free.
To.edo, O.
Hold by druggists; 75 cents.
There Is no plsce like home, yet many men
are perfectly at home down lowu.
Ce Enamcline Stove Polish ; no dust, no iraoll.
Tbt Oirmka for breakfast.
tuf. WAY Sim LOOKS
troubles tbe woman who
ia delicate, run-down, or
overworked. Hho's hol
low - choc-lied, dull-eyed.
thin, and pale, and it
I wore ip her.
l 1 Now. tho wnv to look
fv r ii :,, , 'x. i... 'ii a,i
TCP It It I If. Willi. .Till'
tho way to be well, if
.. I you're nny sucu wciiimu,
rKrSZr 1 l tn fnirhfullv USO Dr.
1 I'lnrcn'n Favorito Pro-
mr scrintion. That is tho
pTT )). onty medicine that's
iooil tn huild un
I 11' woman's strength and to
aura woman a 11 1 ItnnTirS.
In erery "female complaint," irroRuIarity,
n. wahLiimi nnd In Avnrv CYhnnstftd Condi
tion of the female system if it over fails
to oeneut or euro, you uavo your luuucjr
Thero is only one medicine for Ca
tarrh worthy the name. Dozens arc
advertised, but only the proprietors of
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy say this :
"If wo can't cure you, wo'll pay you
$500 In cash I"
This Traita MnrV is on the belt
fisrSifis1 ,n the WorId 1
Plso'a Remedy for Catarrh Is llio
B1. Kaslfnt tn run, and Cheapest
Bold b. (Irugirltite or wsl by wf l
ttavts v-.
Clin rUt J. O'lirlcn
"1 am e I iM tons!- Mint I tinvc Inken lloml's
HsosimilVia with t-rciil U in ill. I luid kidney
piiiiliilnt und trloil inntii meilli'ltii-s in vnln.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
reoiiliiiiieniti'd mid It helped Pie I liuve
Inken lliren hiitliet .111.1 mil i ll' Irely cured mill
enjov lined healili inn'. "! iippetiii'. I I11U0
lle.illV III ireninllti u1 1 II : llood'i Snmllps
ilils" ('11 on K J. o'tlniKN, Mi Rlehmund
Strcot, Wont. ToMiilo, out.
Hood's Pills nr Uubet sllerdlnner I'HU'
II HI 11c r IlottltC
Ono ovut a doeo.
TniS ObT Coro 11 1 1 11 prJinpily cmti
where all other full. Coughe. Croup. Sore
Throat, llorrnB, Whon.ln Couth nnd
Asthma, lor Consumption It Tins no rlvnl:
has cured thound. and will i l'lia Toll If
taken In timo. fold ny HriiintlU on a Rusr.
antee. For a Iuno llnek or 'lit, iim
8H1L0H 8 BKL LA DONNA VL A8 Tk.K.ifco.
Have you 1 man h This rruuily Isjnmrstv.
toed to cure you. rrlco,fiOct. lnjivturfn.
cures ennnn n
V.UUIIU1 Ul.ll
Stm. T. J. Itowell, M.-dfiird, M.i-i.. sail hi t
. I l. . . r. .1.1... .1, . i...
mother r..VJ oceu eureu m ni nu.n.i oj ,iwm.
of f.iurliiiMlesef rSSSjnW " '"K Hl
muehother treat- feX53) lr"'
reduced toquhen low c tio i of, as It
was ttmulit Klin eoiild not li e.
rtned my little boy uf l.eredl-
tary scrofula hli hai-
peared ull oter his 1l, plvenupall Impe
of his -VMY-reeovcry, when llnally
was "yVp indilied Id lew KHJffj
A lew IMl ieseini-ii i mi, win, ....
. . ..... i,.i... .....I.,,, ra-n..,-"
symptom of the dlsea a r niabi.
Mas. T. I.. M M iiKits, xiadierville.
OartKHik ' tl tl.oo I ni 1
km i is' t fn I'd ff e.
Purity and
'fo Introducn our Powder, mo have do.
termliitdtodlntrltiuto among the cmisum
art a number or AhU I'HIZEB To
tho person or club returning; us the 1'iritiMt
ntjmbcrofrprtltlcatcaonor before June 1,
we wl. I save a cash prlroorSlOO, and
totliiieTiUri;et. niimeroiin nther prize
ranging from ) toSTS IN CABIi.
The wlp men of Washington, Idaho; Oregon
and the w est ure
Securing Free Land
in Aberta,
Tho tx'st ffirmlnR land In Amcrlcft. Si-c what
Amorlctm fur merit av of it; oony of th?ir toiiti
J. I. lil'VT LM1.U A.lilen.u I A
IfiiMiv, w nil iuii.pi oii. i i ni'i'i t;i'ic
McNICOIX. O. I'. A., Mtmtrcal, or any iigcnl of
.L. t I. lnfll,. lit
THTITTTTrt TTT.T5ft Irnnwn Y11 wotlltlirS
llk MmplraUfyl.oniiBO Intenno nelilnc
when warm, 'fills form aril IlM.NJi.
BUiEDlNil or PKOTltUDUfO piiAJ
nn un cm.iiri't en r nr.urrv
un du -iiiii " v . '..i...-" ,
hi..h rilivmtlv nn nnrlM nfyrtct".
absorbs tumors, allays ltc)Urut.ennetrr.i
a pwrmani'iltmire. I rloo fi)o. jflriifrilBii
OruwU. lr. JJooanko,l1hUadelplii,I'.
Astoria. Obroon. January
. W . -.1 M U MM' I
"NA.wiwJtl m M "II
MOORK'B REVKAI.E1) KEMKDY my husbitud wan relloved Iroin
EHKOMATIBM auilmy yonngt'Ht boy cured entirely of INFLAMMATORY KHKIJ.
UATIfeH when tho boat do!turi oonld K)t did liuu no good. Yimia lu KratiUOUi.
klUt. M, V. MTalUI,
OLD BV rovu osnuttuv,
-th- CASH
Buyers' Guide STORE.
TilK Ill'Vi lm' OI'iliK l piihil.hed III" IHI of
enell I1111111I1. l In lnoieil in lhi Inleieit of nil
eonminietp.. It itlve Ihn lotteni en.ll iiinliitloii
on everyihlnn In Ine Kinecrv line. It III v
you inouev In i'oiiiill It. Mulled lien In nny
ndiheiin oil iippllenllon. lMin'1 )n without It.
II l Ohln vim tiothliiK t net II, II Uiile! wlinlii
mile pi I11 dlieet In ihu eoiimiiier, Mulllloil
till" puper. A 1I1 1 1 run
l:iO Front Mlieet. - ln I Iniid, Or,
Brooklyn Hotel,
208-212 Bush St., San Francisco.
Thin fnvorlln hotel In under tlio nmiiHMeinenl
ot t'lUUI.KS MON ItlOMKUY.Siid l Kooil II
not the heil rmiilly snd Miixiui'n-i Meu'ii llolel
la hsn Krsnelneii.
Home Comforts! Cuisine Unexcelled 1
Hr-it chini ervlre mnl the hlKhent Ktiiiidiitd ol
rcHpeetshlllty KUSOinteed. Our roiinin eniu'el
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148 Third Street, Portland. Oregon.
71 y y
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Ilclted. (iiiLUHTKIN A Co., 2fi, M ainl ill) O'Kiirn ll
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Is i Special brand of llurnlnir Oil, which wo
manufiieture expressly for FAMILY I'HIi.
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Lowest prices. KmhI lor eniiiloiruc.
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V. P. N. IJ. No. 518 S. V. N. U. No. ftiiG
Revealed Remedy.
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yiiANK. WOOL6EV ,Af ent, Portland. Or,