The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 18, 1893, Image 2

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noon ltivF.n. on. now r iwt.
all saii.sf.uto in:
The taxpayers of Poulard ro.oisily
began an investigation for t ho purpi s.
of discovering what bail Income I tin1
county money. Their report hj ended
shows where woruo of it is at present lo
cated, and it also p'hows that some of
TortlandV hanks ate now running on
the people's money:
" Mr. Malarkey was asked
what funds Motiging to tiie ii tiniy he
had on hand, and lie said J-J.iK'd in the
general fund and $-",tW in the school
fund. The question was asked Mr.
.Mftlurkey whether he had any county
funds in any 'of the banks. Jiesuid
not a dollar. He was asked if he did
not have some money that could he
'turned into the sehool fund. He an
swered that there was no money other
than the $4,000 or $,ox).
" Sheriff Kelley sail that he
had not been in the habit of making
out the report that the ooinniitte? de
manded. We impaired the amount of
funds he had on hand, and he went on
at great length to explain how the
funds got into their pivst nt predica
ment, and showed the receipts for
moneys turned owr to the treasurer.
Of the funds which have jul U'on
turned over to the treasurer, Sheriir
'Kelly reports f 16,rT 1'4 in the North
west Loan and Trust company's bank,
$ in the Oregon National bank
and f2,O0t in the Union Ranking com
pany, in all J;519,t44.11'. lie was asked
why these funds were not available, to
vhieh he replied he could not cheek
against them as it would close the
bauks. He said that the banks
had promised io raise ."0,C'00 by iVceiu
lea 1st for the school fund.
"Sheriff Kelly incidentally men
tioned that one of the banks carrying
county funds sent 40, COO of the county
money to Ellensburg, Wash., to hold
up from insolvency their branch bank
there during the panic.
"Upon a second visit to Mr. Malar
key it was learned that lie had some
funds in a local bank. Mr. Malarkey
said they were state funds. We asked
him if the stata treasurer had receipted
for the money. He said no, but that
there was au understanding between
Mr. Metschan, state tieasurer, and Mr.
Lowenbergof the Merchants National
bank, and that everything was all sat
isfactory." The reading was interupted at this
point by a unanimous ro:ir in in the as
sembly. The report concluded thus:
"Mr. Malarkey was asked as to the
mnount of the etate funds, and replied
$121,000. He was asked if any arrange
ments bad been made with the bank
for the payment of 8 per cent interest
that the county teas paying o:i the
warrants unredeemed because of tlie
money in the bank. He said that
question had not been raised. Then
th committee ventured the remark
that the people had already raised the
'City Treasurer Krug of Seattle, who
fled to the East when it was discovered !
that he had loaned the city funds to J
private individuals, was not posted, j
He should have taken a few lessons!
from the Multnomah county officials.
Had he done so he would have loaned
the money to the banks instead of to
individuals, and this would have proved
entirely satisfactory to the taxpayers.
Sheriff Kelly and Treasurer Malarkey
were much shrewder business men.
They loaned county monejp to the
banks in the sum of $420,000, and calm
ly tell the tavpayers that "everything
is satisfactory." Had this money been
loaned to private individuals, Kelly
and Malarkey would long since have
been arrested, but the rights ef a bank
ing corporation are so sacred lhat pass
ing over the people's money to it is
"perfectly satisfactory."
The proj-osition of Secretary Gresham
ito restore Liliuokalaui to the throne of
Hawaii has raised. a tempest in the
mewspaper world. There are many
reason's why, the frecretary's proposi
tion's not practicable. This govern
ment has recognized the provisional
government of Hawaii as the de facto
government, has sent two representa
tives to it, Blount and Willie, and to
now attempt to overthrow it would be
.practically declaring war on a friendly
nation. The present Hawaiian gov
ernment came into power through a
bloodless revolution; .its officers are all
.either native or naturalized citizens,
.and what this country has to do with
.lighting the buttles .of the deposed
queeu is past finding out. The theory
An advanced that the United .States de
tsires to right the wrong committed iu
sending marines ashore, but as this was
done only to preserve -the peace and
protect property, no wrong can be im
puted to this government.
JYom piesent indications there will
Ibe about 100 acres set to orchard trees
iin the valley this "full. The time is
irapidly approaching when orchard
Jands will be beyond the reach of the
lavcrage farmer. Every year will see
fthe vacant land cleared, and soon the
vsrhole .valley will .be one immense or
chard. Xands worth twenty or thirty
.dollars an at re now will be held at ten
or twenty times that sum, and they
will. he worth it.
a Sold Cutting' Afciy
40 ets. I
Samples sent upon request
We recently invited discussion of the
fruit question, as to whit varieties were
best to plant and what varieties to let
alone. So far but one person has given
his experience. We think the question
the most important one before our fruit
growers, and hope it may be discussed
fully and freely. In talking with one
of our most prominent fruit growers
this week he asserted that the question ;
of what not to plant would take ten j
years to discover. With a free inter-;
change of opinions this iiu.v be settled
much more speedily. I
The OrafonittH sees nothing but
what is perfectly proper in the loaning
of countv money by the sheritr to the.
Portland banks. The view our digni
fied contemporary gets from its position
' on top of a remarkably hili delinquent
i tax roll published iu its columns, no
I doubt enables it to see matters in a dif
ferent light from the common taxpayer
j located on iheground. The newspaper
calls it "the hard conditions of the
i present year,'' but the taxpayer clasps
it as larceny.
Time slips by, and already the slate
is being made out for county and state
officers. In three months more the
buzzing will be plainly audible, and a
month or so later the nominations will
be made. The president's proclama
tion setting apart the Cascade Forest
Reservation has probably settled the
matter of Cascade county, but will not
prevent the good people of this portion
of old Wasco taking a hand iu the
Three men rouued lite bank at Mil
ton Monday. The president of the i
l L- A ll.iiw.ii ua.s t'l'iiiiiVi v unimiil- !
ed, being shot in the arm ami side..
The robbers were not disguised, uiul (
one of them, A. McCarthy, was recog
nized. The robbers got f!i94.2o, and
backing out of the bank, mounted their
horses and escaped before the alarm
was given. The sheriff has sent out
several posses with orders to take them
dead or alive. i
All Europe is anxiously watching;
Spain. Owing to tlie weak maimer in
which the Melilla garrison has been re
inforced, and other matters, there is ;
much ill feeling towards the govern-j
merit. It would be no unexpected !
thing should a revolution take place j
and a republic take the place of the j
present monarchy. !
Mr. Scott, editor of the Orcgonutn, j
has suddenly taken an aversion to
"nigger rale" and confesses to a liking j
for President Cleveland. The democ- j
racy can now safely "douse the glim."
Coon and Cuou Dog.
An esteemed contemporary of the
Inland Empire, of Tuesday, chases it
self up a tree and then barks at itself.
It says:
' Free trada is doomed. The recent
elections gave it its death knell. Mr.
Culberson, chairman of the committee
of ways and means, and Mr. Roland
and a host of democratic congressmen
have so declared it. The warning voice
of the people from Ohio, Pennsylvania,
New York, Massachusetts and New
Jersey lias been heard."
And in another article it falls on it
self thus:
"Furthermore, a business which will
not pay uuless patronage is enforced,
like .discriminating in favor ot feed
yards, is a shame to the city and a pal
try method to bolster up a business."
A friend of ours whose bump of ven- j
eration is of the concave variety, made j
the assertion the other day that he did !
not believe that "God could make any- j
thing out of nothing." The measure!
and quality of some people's unbelief is ;
simply appalling. That same man is j
acquainted with O. IX Taylor, and he
has seen the site of the city immortal j
"not builded with bauds" and du-M- j
aied Grand Dulles. I
p-n IP i f
Hit V blitz.
i aL Urfi"" r. A KU M
s nro
50 cis.
All lioods marktd in plain figures.
Kvciy day should be "arbor day" iu
Hood River. If you can't plant twenty
acres plant ten, or one, or fur that mat
ter, a tree whenever you can. tut
them out and let them grow, for time
is everything, and every tree means
money iu a few years. Fifty thousand
acres of land in this section awaits a
chance to supply the world with ap
ples. Do all you can to assist it.
Motl'et of the 7. !;jruitt of Portland,
is howling for the impeachment ol the
president on account of his pesiiion
with regard to Hawaii. If we are not
mistaken MoU'ett once tried to depose
Lincoln, and if his ci:eo!i..,ical Irte
could be traced back to its roois, his re
mote ancestors w..i:ll n.. nouoi l:ae
it en found on aiiolbu" it ma; k.iMo cc
casioti shouting Darabhas.
Tlie San Francisco .'... uilm r man
was here Wednesday m;,! secured a
goodly number of suii.-crioei's f. i' that
excellent paper. We, of imiii'm', sub
scribed and exjicct to d;aw ii;,' li;.st
prize next February, which is a hue
ranch worth ido.KK We wid ivtiie
from the newspaper busimss w hen we
get it.
UueUli'i.'.. Araii-a Ju
The U'st salve ill the world for Cuts,
Hruises, .Sores, Fleers, Sail Kheiiln,
Fvjver Soies, 'i'etier Chapped Hand,
Chilblains, Corns and all - is i ; i lirupt
ious, and posit ively cures l'iits, or i.o
pay required. It is guaranteed to ",'ive
perlect satisfaction or m-.mey r. -Winded.
Price cents per I. a;;. l'..r sale by
Hood Pive." Phaiinacy.
Russia has cone iu.lcd to !ai.'. possi's
sio;i of lief railroad system. Siie V. i.l
p:iy the present nil neis ?.",o. 1,11011,01111 far
Mrs. Dr. Van, who was recently sen
tenced to the peniiei-l iary from .Mult
nomah county for the killing of Helen
Wiisou, never reached institution.
Ijeiiig sick, she was taken to the hos
pital and died Monday.
The new cruiser Columbia, in her
trial trip Tuesday, near Roston, made
knots an hour. She is thought to
be the fastest vessel
It is expected the new tariff bill will
be ready within tivo weeks.
Two men sand-bagged .John A.
Drake, treasurer of the Indiana, IUi-1
nois and Iowa railroad, in his office in
Chicago, at 7 o'clock Wednesday morn- -ing,
and robbed him of .0,noi).
Senator Mitchell is in San Francisco.
It has finally been arranged for C..r
bett and Mitchell to fight at Jackson
ville, Florida. If they will heal one,
another to death, and include a few
Associated Press reporters in the job, 1
the public will enjoy their Thanks-;
giving. j
Twenty-one Chinese, ordered deport- j
ed from San Francisco, have been re-!
leased, owing to the change in the law j
giving them six months longer iu j
which to register.
Physician and Surgeon
Is e.-poet ally pre;nr.'il to treat IHarnita; ol'
Nnr; anil Throat.
AT T11K-
Hay and Grain in Gar
load Lots or Less.
Live Stock Bought and
And stock in transit fed, watered and
given the best of care.
A Nlnitular l'rlti. j
A hi:''iii'ir Morv comes t mm RtvwU '
ol i yoini'i man Know n a tin '1vud :
rrut'lM't. ' who I'M Several limit In past '
nailu l to all npHar!ttiei'M. every !nt ;
ur.l.iy and returned to hie I'Vi'l'V Mom !
itav This pei-Miii. hy name Tie;urelh.
w is In. at TiiIh, in the Cane t in, and i
Ills Keen in -.h allien since eaily elnld
,M.t At i:ie nr-l el these singular,
pli.'ii'iinen.i in- 1 1. . i va p't iMieil lor
im. iil nii'h w:is to li.iti' lai;:'ii place '
: m i M. inlay on which d..v he rcinnied;
;,. hie li. iloMare'i I'lal tic r.ultv decs
,!ie, am! is obi;.;. .1 to ! U npoa th '
(.el; el the tccoi.hic; ,; i -el a "cl -e.. mi
Us p.ues tijO i,,i:;:, s . I III., aequailll
.(,. . . w .1 li t h '1 ! .-! 1 1' II e .-il d i d: 1
;..l I, .of, ,h! I'he !: teil-t ! t!...,r ef
t.irM .-js-t: '" ; !'o x : : h:!i. i:ud. il .
i. nii.. iiev ei in. ...i a;; o; hi'- who tod w,-e a
n;'Wspa;wr rep. ilei. wi.o v.c i wil.i Ci.
' av.iwe.l i;ip ise ol;; a train i
. out he rushed Iroin Ta ; 'c. i s loom
Willi a while face, exel.nilili'ig to las
lrieads 1 I'aUe me nwc.v' I ha'--.' lived
aa hour in the day oi judgement."- I'nl'
lie (puia u
I .ra.l . !l'. . Vi,neii!i r, iish. Nov. .;. ,lvi:.
.(. ..r.:cl-v .o.l. Ihnl Ice .coilllj;
1' :H';. .1 i-i t i ! ' I a , . '. I ll.i! n-r ... Cm 1 ! ll'! lt-
I .ii' i i i..' , i I hi s, , i j . , i , . I ; i , i r
. ips ,; U ' '.'.I , i.h.i. V. ir' I - !'
! I.. W . 1. iV Ml' I . 'I i I.I I' - eer ' l.K'.i
S." j. C I i I '.'.'' I I' !" ..'I i'! !!
mi i.i'l.!.'iiil?.i.', w nsiimtion. on I c.:..!.. i
'I'l'lliau..!! I'. V, , '!.!.
I'ut .'li.'.sr ,n li. a No. . uac.T M i iloti ':,
-i..-.-l'ii!i. A. I s. i li-iiih. i' s'0, i, r i;,.. s 1
,.l ii m 1 , .iii.I it v e t. ' s. ,' 1 1, 1 1 I, a r i'J
:.!. V ill tli.T.
I !.' icua.'s i iu foil.m n.;; m en..,is I., pnur
Mas I'l.iiifii.oiis rluMii lo an, I i u 1 a a I ion . : ,
sai. I la il I. I I i. of t 1:. 1 a !., i i. ..; 1 -
n.'i . .I'lm K. Miiiiiii'i'is. ! inns. li. i.NU.'l..-.
ii.i ul I lc I'. 1 1., W ;,s ain.;on.
li ol..r IS. I lc,
l'r.--i'ii,...ii 1 .-1 . i ; . r si u. in. nl .. vN:. I'"i'
I a.- s r ' , s. s, j. i, ii i I; c.i! , wlit. n IT.
Il.' Hi,- 'ii.; Ii n. - . - :.. r iv c
t,n. ai s isiili i . v u ... u n in. . ul i a I loit
..;'. si I laa.l, .: I'hlinno'i K. " rclii. .loltu
li Sinim. ,11s, !'. i, U. li.a ll.ilii , l.alls I'.,
Ul ii;la,;.ll el l. !. I 11., u. II. j
A riloal.t I. ran nuni''1.
fao aa -, VI' 0 ,1 ion No. i .1 iin.l.'t' s.-c :: 1'or.
I. mi'v , ..h.Ihi-- .! ''. lor li;.- s .-I ,
- i ' , t- l.oi i, io,' l : U e, ii ill. una . an. I
ii 1 ,.. ii .' liin! ii i' 1' n ii ' , .. :i l't .: n i .
I.' .' U 1 II I'll I .
1 tc l.a m.'. 1 .a- I'lillun in : '.i a ne-'-t s to ioi i- ;
li is i , . 1 1 1 ,nn. a. - , j.,u i,,, ., .,1 i : !',
-, 1 i : .1..... -nil s",,,. ,,v ,,rsm,
I 'l.'ll'.'l . M. VTill'i olill'i., s I'll, nil ol I ) !,-
I'. I 1 i'.s.l.
I m ,. Mli.llT.
I'm. 'in ; A ,'i.!li a I .on N- tin. 1. .-. '. l-'.ir-aaie
. ; s. j.ii'ni' , i- . i- a, nn ih. u' ef
--, .' I :, I ii, r 1'J e i .;, ii i .1. itio .
1 1.- i.ian. r a- n.lioiim ,i iti.,-s,' io j . r. 1 1 . '
I.;-n; inn n - I'lnaa I , :in. i .iiia i'i.'ii "I,
-n'!!;o'l. - . ' .!.-'", ;'. '-'ii , I I n i r i , , . 1 1
I .. v. I v I, I . I ; an I, i ;. ; i, i . , i . a i I . I ''.' ii I .
ail ot 1.1 a I'. ' '.. Hi'. ,,.
.lollll I). Si!;i'ii,.n
i'la, M , M V:I..M I ' a...:. " ' ' I
I. i' . . . .-, .a-,- a, . .-i. i v. ,.. ; . ,, , , , i n .
'..s'..fa a. "I I a.-.s. , ol i. 1 , -i.
I,'--. I 1 1 ' l-l. a i .1 lc 'I
ia'ii.i'i.- ; . . I' a : van,-..,. -i- .
I is I i,a.n : to il: I ;. !' I . "',
Una ;..!) l i. i. i .a.:, . . !.!. r. ! i..!.!.
li. I., i in.;..-. ..ii .a I.; ;.- :. i .. i, ... a. a' i.m-..
!'. , as!an:;o.
Iioil.lili J.i:l I. tii ... ., 1 N , 'a' ; s'it
MM ICF i nl; PI lll.ICA I H N.
:'i'inii.. r Land. . i . mi.- ., i :.;
I'nl'e.l sm.. . . 1 ('! -'.
Ynti. . ei', . ;', n -in. -. ..i. I ; ;-,
N , I . I ; I . I". I . ' tl in e,"n a; ilia
i i : n i in1 1 - i o'- ; -1 at ' ' .. t ."' .. t - - , i 1 1 1 . i . -s . 1 ;
.: ,,i" i . a'.; , ,: - a., a. i aa i ,. ..i
la il ;aa . - ; a in,' s - a a . .: i a' i. i..a . '
.n. Ni" aaa ah I '-i i -h t. ai 1 .-i i i . , r . , I I . , I'
ll s . i ,ii a. no .'. a .. . i ... -,,"iaiaa
s;:,..,ii i :i n!n;: -i ita . la.sii.. lo.ani Ho-'-.- li - -V . , ' s , a i... ; I . I .r ,
i a . i -. ' ol ti..- a ; .ii ' .a. "'". I in
(. .'.l in ..,.;, a ' ! i i r .('. . . " ! . . no
u ,,l olt.T a'o. ,; a . t ,,o a , i , a i - .. no -
mo!'.' all: a I !, lor i . 1 a n l' '. '":. '. a , n .or
il'--r!l!Ulltl !"l I"..-. "HI 'o . i . Ills
.'i.o in ;o -a i.l l.-ai. Ik , -; , . : i i . . .' i i. '
eeilrf ol llOs olln,. :.l .o, Wa-a,,
on.yioniln. liie'JT.a a,;, ot , i no . r. i v a.
1! - mil, ics a.s v n a. V. 11H..11 i I. en
n.'.iy. i.i..i;:i i,,o,.., .loin ,n, I'oa.l.i.
I ., . ,i . .- ! . i , a . ! ol i . ee' ... I : a l a-11.
air. i: a-i . It J . r- "is riaaa ai a-i .-'' -.ii t 'ie
,i!..,ie m -."'il. '.I Ini,:- a:i' r ;',!. -a I I" 111 '
1 .oar ii.'i.iii - oi I i,,- e, on a l..'i..r;' -a a I J. .It
.lollll il. I.l'
oi, la ..'i-t. a'.
NOT !CK ru; I I l.I.IC.VI'K'N. '
I .in I nil' i i i.' ... .a l it;, i n . A i: a '.'a I . i ;. ;
N'.'ir.. is h; ;n a taa; r.,a.o. , i.l-
inn ,( ;,-r I. !,..-( a. ; a . i a; , mi, ai ..n (
to; tin; I ; ii .a in - n,a"at 1 t in- ela an,
a:n! ; i.a: -.ini i on.! n al I,.- in..... i- tor.- i!.e
i;, ..... i- ati'l li. ,-fiv I . S. I :. ii. I i a..'.' at .
i n .a;. mi ny ( ,,- ,n on i ..a ., '.. i, I I:
lolai r.
li.i. A I . No. a j J inc ii ii', of n w '.,
S i'li 1 tl 1 ,S e 11 ,.i.
lie ic in. - I in- foil .u oa' i ;l i.l--. lo i. I'.oi-la-
i''ailao:..ns f.-i I. ,, noon an! i-niliia-a
i i . 'O'' !'...'' a., i L ,..'. -!i ".,.;', V, 1 1 -a,.,
:-'.a il. i .a'. . . '. . W. ' a , ail ol
t 'a i . I ' ei. - ii a . i i.i.ii ' i i a 'a .a, '
-,.iJ-oi Ma li. ; I a; i' ',. . 1 1 i a;;, m-id-t. r. '
NO'iir;: i:n;i.j! -vriiiv.
I.allil illii.'i' nl 'I he I'aM. -, l a'.. ci. !'. I '!.
.Solii'e i- la-iel.,, tiv.-li liait tin- . .1 Io ,'. I il'i
mi mo. I Miller I in.-, liie. I hut ae ol i, is intent inn
In mala. (! r III sti.,ii.'i ol l,i-i cialni,
ana said jnonl' Mill he naine lieliire Hie
I J-'i -l 'I- II mi Keeelver I'. S. lalal oiee lit
Tlie luilli'N i n'., on .Moinlay ...v i'-.i).i, viz:
Marion F. I.n;-. ;
fid No. I. m". (or tin- v 'j ii iv ! i mi. I w J.j s w
; i i'"' - Ti I li r I' c iv in.
I le names t in' foilowhii; v. 'nfiv lo prove
l:is i on! aiuoii:, iviacii me ti poll uinl en 1 1 i i u
nnii (! .-atil lioni ii.: ( 'a.iile.i .. Morse, Mi.i'si-. Wili lia.nil, Aiislin 1- I'lielps,
nil nl iio(.l iii er ( a '.aai.
oelllnvlil .IcilN V, I.KWIS, I'ctflsler. ;
laiml O.'lice at V.-incniivcr Wn.sli. Del, 7, li.'l.
;'.ol id' is liereliy ullell tllllt till' lolloHlllH-'
llllllll'l K'tt ll'l's iin e iilcl in, I it-- ol Ih. ir In-'
ten I ion to ninl'.c linal prnol in iiii(iil nl' I heir ;
claim iiinl that sahl ii'oot' M ill l.e iinnle he- j
lore V. It. Duiihar I '(iiiiiiiissioner I', ."s. ( ii-i
ciiit ( Oiirt for Jiislrlci ol wnsi i ) nti n nl i inl-;
(iciiilaic wa.-liinxtonoii Novcmhi'i' is, );sii;i viz: I
Cicoivrt (iii'hiii, J
Jlomesti'iirl A ppili'iitlnn Nii.i,2:i lor the v
nl'n c 'i li ' 'i 'l s (.e, iiinl n ei., (il'ni.;.j Mi.'!
'il '1 p j n r li will incr. ;
JIo unities the IoIIom ii i; lo pro'. c
his ('until, lions residence upon utid ctiliiviilliiii i
of sithj liuiil, viz: Ncisnn Aiiihm'soh. lici'iniin '
Hcrlsciii, Allien Hcrtschl, nil of I I'. (
Wiishinloii, 1 'i link siIiiim', of ilen n o' nl '.(). i
Viisliin;toii. j
(Jeortfi" (ieiliiliK. i
I'tirrhnse Ap licntinli No. 17!) under sec I
forfeiture net s-cpl Z !s!H) l) I t-n 8ec ifii ,
'J'i.') Ii rll'i'iisl will iner.
lie nun ins I lie lollowin.; wll iicsscm to pnive j
his continuous' claim lo an, I cull jvnl ion of!
Mii( liiini viz: Nelson Andersnn, llel'aain j
llerisclii, Alhert. iicrtM'hi, nil of I'uidn I', I).
WiishiiiKiiMi; l-'mtik .Shun, of GlemvooU 1'. ().
i asiiinani.
(a-lli-HVlT JlllI.N J). liKOUlleiiAll. lll'lMll'l-
I.iilidOdicc at. Viiiicnuvcr wiisii. Kept. :XI, WM.
Nutlet' Is lii'i'i liy nivcn 1 inn tlie follou ln"
naiiieil setller litis Hied notice of her intention
to iuiilic commit hi inn tinitl jiroof in sii j pf irl of
her claim, and Hint i-uid (.roof M ill lie imtdc
hefnrc the Ueirisa r iital lieeeiver 1'. h. l.nnd
Oliicc ul Vancouver Mash, on Novcmhcr
l.i, li:i, viz:
Alice M. Wordsworth.
U K. i!."!l for tlie M' ) s w '.; sec. I.! iiml n
n iv ;,, -"c 1 T ti r ll'c w in.
Sue names loe folio-.', iter M itnesscs to prove
her conl iiituiiis residence iu.nn iiinl culltvu
ion of, said land, viz: Waller l.ales, liaelmel
Uowliums, liiirry sihimk, Wiliiiuu Kiiicaid,
all of White Kaliiioii Wnsli.
n;llispl2 John I). (iKonuiii.AX, liefjlsler.
Id'M I
1 ! Paper, Faints, Oils etc.
A l.'iy i :,ti;')!y t)f, .UKi , ::,: to e.t.dl
C.'!y.Lh-,.toii licpiiil (.ubh;. .".nl l!uU,tI Ir.i'ls.
Prepared (. lurnlsh ul oiiee, a Ilia e!a- - 'l . Huh , a! . a ii cheap Krado
Ini! I c.i ' and ' ' i.-.'ial
v i ! . . ' . f , it
.io!'.iu:i:.: and
Corner of Socond
i i : .in: vn ;
Acorn and Charier Oal:
Stove:", ittnl I .'... 1
(.'mis Amninuili 'ii and Stmr!i:rr i''.
I ron, Coal,
PilaeU'-in ;i ii Supplies,
NVaiioiiiiiakcr's M.Uei inl,
i:i' cr Pi e,
Plillips anil Ppipe,
Plumbing Mi plies.
That thi'.ly days '' i:s leu;' rs c cm: , i, .,('.: .m-.!, and would ii speel fully
ic.pli -I patrons to ; ivern lie in-., lies,n,;!'.
6y yJ s- '-b dUduwiDli
Proccrp.;l'?.:iic ;::.d ' f rrr,!'.! v f!ie)ir.n:rHn
YOURS FOR HOOD !;;'. .::?.
Ti'Tn TTTT r T A i ' '" f ' r ' TuTl
iob a wmmi mm.
fS S . 1 -
CslMlVi wM.WV.
Bracislc iv
T" rs "I "
- s-s, r -
J- - 1 'JtiJ'j
4'-i vv si
SM m Mut MiM
(i.N s:jii;:i
I'le-ii'l III.
iw -at m -i .s. i i n s . s.
' 1 ('"N .Tl I ,-r",',l IN I M "'1 ;..-( -s.i fmfm
MkU llUc'Irt V,.a s-, l,a X-J N 1 - .a. i-. 'w' viu aim sv hm y
Have on hand :i full supply of i '. " '. ' , ii.; lo and I ).'uati;a:ila! trees; gr;p
vines, .small fruits, 1! i.-os an. I Slirulib-rv.
lie sure to j-ct our priivs bol'iir" jiui'eiiaf-iuo ia:-c hen-.
Retiifinbrr our I rccs are k'l'nvt 11 -l rit-t ly withmil ii'i'i;:.'ilion.
1'. II. Stanton. Local Attenf.
Choicest Heats, Haia,
Bacoa, lard, Game,
Po-aitry, Also Dealers in
Corner of Oak and Fourth Streets,
A'ironxi'iY-Ar-LA ir.
oi'l'irK INsii .AXNO'si:rii,iiN(;c(iiXK!i
OF (,'Ol'il'l'AX I) SKCDXI) H'l llKKT,
Tilt' llnlli'H, ifcu'im.
!'0!i S.VLH.
Six lots in Waiutonia, 481) hitch in
Skamania county, and several farms
in the valley.
J. II. CUADl.liUAl'dlf.
' ' .. ... . .
; j ' i -' it ' ,
i;r.r.Mi.i:t:s 1 n
"uiI umI !;tru :s.
", ;' '. "' Wi. n.l.s.
Ctrr l!,..l.
... S. t . S - ml. M..HU ..
M Mi k aw
Cain 1. oiy 1;rici:!'iiriil liii;leiiieiit
i.ii ! M.n l.i'i"' i .
, , 1 --. S .
A..f .i.U S4.i.4.inW
" -
" "'
f-. . j . ,..s --. - rv
;.. v-i u. wv .i-L- m
-,' Si,,;i'K
II. r. n if:
:'(( I'. lii-y.
.... 0(,il liver, Oregon.
rrm-llces In nil Hi" coiiriii of Oregon and
Vnhiii2(.on. Sieci;;l iiiieniion given to oon.
House mid lot in Hood River. An
i!.y to a. s. Ruiwuhh.