The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 04, 1893, Image 2

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    'Hoed Iliver Si
noon HiVK.K. on. Nov. i, is: a
1W . .'. ....... ....ll, I. ..I !. !.. il. .. ...I I I. I li.. I', I! i .1 li. I l,,,v I I, ,, I, ill
CvUtwi . arranged wnii a mow to snowing on "'" """s 1 ' " " 11 ' 111 " - " "'" " "
their best charms, the dcliuht of (lo U was a spontaneous outburst of a roll- '' scenery.
isitors was unbounded. It was really people to a large number of nioii . Il.xxl HI vol- n
nil !i.U' tdiow. ' "lot won, on ot 1 1 io press or ti c tvv,
"The hall is a i-oiiitiiodioiis all'air.iind states, v ho can a'ivoiato Mioh com
Tlie Hood l'lvor l air.
Hum! NortliviiM.
A few weeks ago the ontorpi isinjr cit
izens of the Hood Kiver district dcte;
mined to hold a local fair this vein- and
.carried out tlioir determination in a
very successful way. Tho fair w as held
id Hood Kivor, Saturday, S pit mi'er
Mill. Hy a fortunate coiiicidciuv that
was the day fixed upon l the Oregon
Editorial Association for an ex
cursion, and Hood Kivor at omv ex
tondod an iuvitatiou to visit that phut-,
v hich was accepted. The exclusion of
.U)iit 15U niemliers of the Oregon and
Washington prow asseciatious, includ
ing ladies, not only had the ploauio of
witnessing tlie lieuutiful fruit display,
hut wore most pleasantly entertained
in the hospitable homos of theeitiens of
Hood River, who dteply regretted the
short stay of their visitors. A spooial
train was furnished for the ex-etirs'un
by the Union 1'aeitie railway eompany,
Mid General Passenger Aueni lltirl
l urt accompanied the excursion to see
that everything went right. Secretary
.Sargent of the state board of horticul
ture and Fred C Smith, agent of the
,K)Uth Australian government and spe
cial correspondent ,f a mmiU-r of load
ing papers of Australia and Netv Zea
land, were special guosis upon this occasion.
it had hivn ci idclilly dressed lor the
i t tvasien by dolt and skillful hands.
J-'voigiccns, tnnimtd vv it h laurel and
h.'iiy, l.ung in festoons from i he w ail
and wiling, and was stretched in
bands Mom a plolty designed center
iioio, vthich hu.ig from the eeiitral
dome to the several eoruersot' t lie room,
limiting, Hags, annuiii' leaves and
fiesh-cut i'.. overs weic al-o heuutifiillv
II -oil ill decoration, and added much lo
the d.itnly i.p ealaiov ol tlio hail. I ai
llU vii.lielN on entering, tile iiisl nop et
to eaten too eye vi as a laro placard ia
bi.iek and while, beaming luo ioilow;.ig
"vi:i.( OMK.
" Tlu'ic u rli'.. . i.niain. us lai.ia:; noli .
An- lioMi l.c it pi i.;, i,., in.
"hut Itiese be.intilui ueeoratious lost
their ch.i.m when liie visitors turned
to view the fru.t. One a ud all nio
tes'.cs as none others en.
Ai'tiin a vW'.islO vimw.
The bianiu'iil little town of Hoe, I
II. Wl- was ivaet.ed ai old not n, and tho
entile pasty woie matched to tho nub
lie hall, where a It ui! and vegetable
show was in,. 't'he sight that
met thegac of the visitors w as a rev
elation and an eye-opener to all. Over
It'll different valutas of apples alone
reached at 1 1 o'clock;
can ia.-Ts w eie In w nil inc; lo convoy I ho
excursion!'. h to the iiriuorv, v In re a
'.Toss. The spool-
tally tlio uppi.'s,
re a revelation to I
fruit fair v as in pn
ia, " of fruits, e'pi
! . ro on oxhibiiion i
if N M WtT!
i ' i . - . a -.In a -Ionian ., and w on Id surely
; i !'.. l I ho attolltioti of fruit lai .el's
1 ' u . 1 1 1 : . I n u I the I nind Mates if placed 1
i:i the vtorld's fair, At noon I he party I
vv as iuv i;ed to I unci i at t ho hotels and
p: l ate l'i nlelieci of ill.' Iio.pitable
it.'lii ens ol I
iit',n',ie to l.o
al.son. one i
eis of I he lei a
o ut i;iwr. II was our
t'.liiolt:' Ibe ciiest-i ol' Ml'.
!' t he pioneer Iruil ".rovi -!i
v , and a more bourn ll'ul
,0 Sff. -iJm
.1 ' .1 ..
(ml tJ Ui I
Wail Paper, Paints, Oils etc.
A supply of, , mil :., :sh- .vA to mill
Vw VtirUiiialiia iMM V V .' V ..Si-itn' . Imtsw' Sr
w ore
the liuest and
t:pou. And oh
vide al 'o main-
IV Oil
largest v e ev or
inv ! the liav or!
mo'.li vegetables of evuy kind to bo
soon. 'I'b.s is said lo lo olio of the
finest fruit belts in the entire west,
w hiio tlio olimaio is said to bo simply
After view ing the fruits and vegeta
bles, the entire party weie invited out
private reside. ices w hole tempting
liounood the exhibit the mosi beau il- ohes were served.
ltd, the nil si varied and the I. ties; in
ijiluluy tliey had ever seen, in vhegon
or clscw lu re.
"Ibe exhibit of apples was simply
Wondellul. tll.m b variolHs.a.l
of moieor less exeebciiee, were to ho
found upon the various table, and to
each lot was atlai lmi a euiu g.v iiig tlio
common name of the ;i, p.e and Hie
p'.iav w i.ore it was grown, 'i he f.nil
v.iiitd in m.c fioin! ei.ibs,
Hood ilivrr is ei rtainly one of the
cleanest and most substantial looking
tow ns in oil her Oregon or Washington,
and her btc iiuss men and ciliciis gen
erally seem to be enterprising and pro- (i.
gressivo in the i xtiemo.
t. ble ol ovcellcut ly p'i I'.ired food a '
htii j..r mortal ne'er ;'.! d.'vv ii lo; and'
tlos, we attiiw a i-d !e iriud, was tho :
expi liellee of tho ellltre t row, I. Ill
short, Pie Ih'O.l l.iVcl'ile . ploli i tiielll- :
selves cllicl Illinois t i 1 1 1 on. I o m I . , ;) V :lsh. i t le;1!'. :
Arriving at ilood lliwr wo found the
ei:i. ens of i hat tow il on l ho depot pial I
form ready to tender ih a welcnuie.
Hood Kiver is a Mu k no-l'iirther low n,
1 lie "Ml eel .Miouiu ot Oregon, ami we
found the people holding a enmity fair.
C.dotir,thi liiptiil v olot :
VT,' .. ... -
iiJ ,k,lis.. ... . . t , ..w.., , v UoI'iLiiiJ'Jl(i V
to liirnisli at once, n line class of o'oilliis, also a cheap grade
but neat and siil,. tanlial,
-' f
iiihI lintiul IciiIm,
... v
I ; r '.'; '
fc.A. il M W
I'hev had taken t'
ir.idi-i a m ni: ia t i,i:i:s in
TIHWAHE, Etc, Ftc.
Cornor of Socoiul ami I' Slrocd.
... t : i .. 1 , i
The great attraction of the lair in,..: V' 'u,la,"N
uu' uiiii.i kiiow il as u.i' vuoi ia .niiii-
the display of apples. There wa a
cmli table showing of other fruits, both
fresh and canned, and of vegetables,
etc., but the apple exhibit was tho best
probably that was ever made in the
tdate, and was pronounced ly recent
visitors to the Columbia exposition as
line as could be teen there. More than
100 varieties of apples vwro shown, ami
;iis competition was keu, the leading
-varieties were each represented by a
large number of plates. Some criticism
has been made upon the fact that so
many varieties of apples have been
planted at Hood Kiver, but it is to be
remembered that the era of eonum reial
fruit growing is but just commencing
there, and this experimental work
which the fruit growers are engaged in
is likely to result in benefit in demon
strating what varieties will prove most
profitable for raising on a large scale.
At present strawberries are the lead
ing fruit at Hood Kiver. The ship
ments from that station the present
year amounted in value to SuO.tino. The
strawberry business will grow, but
there cau be no doubt that in lime it
will be exceeded in importance by the
.apple growing industry. The fuel
ili, on.e of w hii h, t y iiHi.sU.e
liulit, exceeded lo ioehes in eii'euin-
fert live. '1 ho color ot each w i.s
ami beautiful, and as far as could be
seen fioui outw.iid inspection, not a
single apple was market! hy a b.ciiiish
or talon by woims. Of ail the vatio
ties, the (.ilawiisu in, a fall apple, is
held in the highest csitciu on account
of its line flavor. The 1 w t nty-Ouueo
is the best apple for cooking purposes,
ami, as us name implies, it is a big
one, yet not so large as the liloria
Muuiii, which reigns supreme for size.
The King is the liuest apple for both
eating aud cooking. Fi r winter use
the tllovv Newtown Pippin
above ai! of ils fellows as an eating ap
ple. These are the principal varieties
now sent East lo supply tlio demand
for tine fruit, and they appear to till
the bill. M. V. Kami, a fruit grower
living on the cast side of the river, had
oil exhibition a luiil'-do.eii Maloms, a
new variety of tipple recently brought
over from ticriuaiiy. Tiicy are very
similar to Uraveiisleins in llavor and
somewhat hardier. An exhibit of
seedless apples, grown near Ilood river,
l'oritaiul l'!ii'ntili'lt.
The pretty little town of Hood llivcr
was reached at 1U:,",0 o'clock . The ex
t uisionists w ere ret cived at the depot
by 'i he l'allt s delegation and eltiens
of tho town, and carriages had been
thougii! fully provided for I heir accom
modation. They were tlcn tlnvtu
through the !ovv n and to the pavilion,
w here an agricultural fair was in pro
gress. The display was an immense
one, the building being liMs. l.'l fee!
aud contained a most varied collection
of fruits from the vicinity of Hood
Kiver. The f.iir was a most crvtktablo
one, and rctleets great credit on Un
people of Hood Uiver. lively kind if
fruit, berries and vegetables wore dis
played, s-pwial mention should be
mailt i f the gloat apple display, and
one apple in pa 1 1 icu !ar showed by
actual me. .sur.'iiie.'ii the immense t ir
eumt'etcuce of i!,,-lnsi which is one
inch larger than any on exhibition at
the world s ON posit inn .
Mr. Fred T. Smith, holt ieiili nral
commissioner for the South Australian
Agricultural S eiety and correspondent ;
for several Australian papers, who ac
companied the excursionists, was very
enthusiastically impressed w ith the ele
gant fruit display at Hood Kivt r and
has premised s nue very flattering re
marks in some of his Aus'.ii.liaii it pre -sctitat
pport unity to
tliroiiitli the pre of i ). eon and Wash-1
iii'ttoii that Wa-c-i comity, Oregon,
end Ilood liiver ia bar! iciilar, raised i
liuest apples i;i the w orld. I'helr I was in a huge hall, and the ta
bles were lOV'el'ed wi I II bushel . of t he
linost fruit we ever set eve;oii. An
old farmer stilted that the s asou was
rather early to show cviiy variety of
apple grow n bp thein, but enough w;is
shown to statup in I ho minds of I heir
guests the idea that the-r collection
would have been a prie v. 'inner :,t the
world's fair, could it liav c bet u I.imii
up bodily and be-,
cultural budding.
be-, id. i'l llit W ei e of
t he t n!, : : ai nun tit
I., hied ii spotit.itii iiy
:.l I '.
A i t o . the i i vi r, on t la
in I
I I I I III! V i l li
Acovn ami Charter Oak
Stoves ami I?.ini.;os.
(dills, A mill unit 'oil anil S;iui'tiiir (omiN,
Iron, foal,
j I'.lacksinit li Supplies,
Wastoniiiaker's Matcilal,
; Sewer Pipe,
Pumps and Ppip",
; Pluiiililng Supplies,
W n;oiin,
Hint i hi i 'Infiii
Hint Slo
AiilNfsl pint
liiisi!, ijswis & Sta?cr
Cciiijiiiiii 'i U' I it iilliirul I nipb-iiiriiU
iiiul .Miii liliii'i v.
eil in ihe big ;, gi'i
l.e ot her exhibits
a hhth older, and
Vended lis eoli
p.irl iciilarly a-iee-
i.r.iit..iiw m
VV mi
That t lii: t v
4a te'. iuJ m WiV
i as
IV s
i''pl,'-.t oi
Ion- :
V e i l'.l: e'l ilit I'ooit
, o " ivol'il I hem -el V i'
ami would
1. ie liti'e low il ol White Salmon,
'vital eouni C. futnc of the pen- ;
III : ot : . ;
i -..i:1-:; ,
hot f.di I ,
1 1 1 1 1 1 i r o
sci'v hit- i
mid v. - a.
. '. t o.
our J ioo
I hat I
til a i-o u I'tde a II In' sn o .
e s at t ho fair, and w Idle I ln-ir
- not ,,n i ,i n Ive one, it di. I
olid t I. .It of i U'e'.'oll III I ill'
i.iiiihtv . I he
liiu ranch at W
told, si line line
I., amid I lie Ie .
ihwl' llielld
for Portland.
r, i 114 n 0,(b? I
.leWett Niir
llite a!inol,
I'l V
', r i
Prc?cr.n;tioiiG and
NOI'K I'. I OK PFP.l.lf ATloN.
i I'uulu r I .unit, A 1 1 .' mi" .!, Is,-,.;
I III ill M,t. s .iili.l III!),..',
:;1 :.;..,) Ul
Au.d ;i Conipltto l ifit of
wlii il
,1 u in- ''
'."II. N '
must be accepted that the sod and cii- illuat-u'l atiention. a leaturc t
mate of the Hood river v.-illev is noon. Ua' show, howevet
liarly favorable for raising apiiles
. ' ullv l-,t',r,. iiMinluir i,t' Cii,, I, ,i.l. t I ...
iimli ""' "'-..-; Kivtr,
particularly winter arnles. W Idle the I ' f. " . ! "'' '. . . by ail
An elegant repast had been prepare
was t.v the ladies i.nd citizens of lloo,
and was tlioioii-dilv el ioved
,111 IVI 1 iltllOl I ll...- 1I..O., .
I, JUL most of liie oiellaluii.s leive bi-. o
majority of the residents of the valley 1 very caivful in the select .on ol seed and :
have not had much exin-iieiice in fruit ' caring for the young trees." j
growing, there appears to be a good j S
dal of disposition to learn, ami the! catlilamct ittash.) ciz.-tte.
Searcy spirit of emulation snowu by! At 8 o'clock aiurdaj morning' a spc-;
the large number of exhibitors at tle dal train was pLceu at their dip,..l '
fair augurs well for future success. j by Mr. Hurlbun, assistant general pas-:
Oue very pleasing' feature at this fair senger agent of the L'n.uii Pci;ic, for
was the fact that, so far as a cursory ex- j m, excuisiou to lioou id v er. Prompt-!
amination could detenu i tie, there was ; y ift the hour mentioned the train
not among the great number of apples! moved ltom Uie Uuiou depot, with i
.and pears upon the tables a single spe-1 about 12-3 persons aboard, and lan along
imen which showed signs of either ! s0wly in order to give ibe excm-ii-m
worm or scab. It is, sincerely to hejisis an opportunity to view the grand
hoped that every fruit grower in that scenery along the route, arriving at
valley will be impressed with the im- j Hood River about 11 o'clock, where
portance of keeping in subjection the j they were met with a warm reception
insect and fungus foes which are al- J by the citizens of that place and escort-;
lowed to ruin for shipping purposes the ; t.,j to a large pavilion where a surprise ,
great part of the apples and pears Was in store for them.
grown in most of the older orchards of i The excursionists had not law cast ' ex'li,,il i:i 'he world i iK-caiw there is
' . w
li,'ii-l, ;;n,
.. i 1.1:0,., I "
.noi l t ,i
. , i i..;i..
. s . , i i , ; ,
I i- IM
i .a., ,
ai t i m t
i to- in
An ii.-l
you i:s rou noon nivr:r.
i , . t ;
1 1 1 t
(li- I'io nier.
That tho ji -ople of Hood l.'iver have
line fruit ami know law to advertise
the fact was do':, osi.siraled last Saitir
day win ti their r.-pre.v-iiiaUvo.-s s cured
the visit of tlio OI-.-.-I.U and Washing
foil press rs-ociaiions. Tho iirowei's
had taken liiany bushels of fruit ami
placed it artistically in the uppr room
of the armory build'iur ::t that plai n,
ami when the bin vi-dKig new.-!.ij.'.-r
1' 'pl'eselii alive.-! appeared Upon the seen,.
they were as.o.dslii-d ;imi pleased to see
the largest as wi I! as the bos! display of
green fruits, par' iciilarly apples, thai
had ever been .shown in the .Non Invest :
mid without doul.t the lines! di.-pl.iy
of apples ever gotten together in the
world. The reason whv il was ihe he.-t
I 1:1 1 HI I" s;i !! iall
lilt. 1- III ll'ls e
oil Vliiiiilay 1 In- J7I 't iia
1 1 - liioni s as u i- ne
ih-'I.v , llliaia I 'I am
M. til l I t , II. I el I
ii'oi al
i I on,
e i ol I "ie;,'. .s ii
i I :..!' II. i' .a:.- "I
"I i 'nil , ,ne i. i M r- i
i I , n ci v . t i .or- '
li.C . "i r.i.aai'iiila
; . !.';'. in lais
.. KM a'l'l!,, ii-n :
. ; ii.ti N". I in
N". -.1 I.. . Vl.aiel
'll I ll,' I-III-! s,,lli;! s
f I or -t-iln- liiall I"l' i
i l i,i , iieisii his
I !tr I i, ;' I '-" ' a !!! lie
V iou'i-ir, ,-r Wash., ,
I N,.eli...'i', v.i,
: V. ililiaui Ki ll- I
.In ia V.. i mill, r, i
rll.,11 .III V. nsli.
hood we mwmm mm.
I'.l.., i i.i
. ia ll,; .
I ,
si I
-, h III..
I I., in..
"II "I In .
i: Ki.;i rnii.icATKiN.
ti'iil i n.-r .a I 'by i ir. A' i:;. ;V I sir!.
Iiit. I,y L'b . ii Unit Ihe f 1 1 1 v- n -I.
i' ha- Ibe, I iioiii'i- ol' lib inli'iillon
I e j l ',ei ill .-ii.,.,,i ! ol l!
,i'l ! I' i ill In- ni.e!.' I.
ml l'...-u.-r t . is. I.a
House B:d5.l:n Gcci3r flz,h
r-nd Boors, Monldiiis,
Bracks t s and 17 o a d Turcings.
Lime. Plaster cinii 7.tith Coil-
lo .'.Of III.'
I i illi. e nl
l J s.,J
i ..ii i ii ;., 'i ,, i
I', lir.otn.
I for Ihe ll
, v I:
the state. I fh,,i,- ui,,it ....tti n...,. ,!!,i.i,, ' l-hiee
It seems to be the general impression j .. ar.,e aml gunerb disnlav of am.l.M lav i l,!, s r"is'
Such a lot of apples we
tnai irrigation is necessary in raising ! before them
ruit at Hood River. It is true that ir-
wln re tneiv are siieii line :.p
d. 'i'h'-re were apples on ex
hibition measurin.z from one-half inch
never saw. anil as Jar as size, varetv 1 ' " " -u.
jigation is necessary for strawberries and mmlitv wmh considered in., fi-nitl- 1'iythe, former iiroiirietor of this
.ana omer smau iruits, out tne greater , was the finest ever nlnoi-d on ovim,;. : P-1!"'1: l,iitl some nnc s'lecinicns on ex-
part oi me apples ana other tree fruits tion. More than luo varieties were on
are grown without irrigation. Xo ir
rigation is used in the nurstrv of Dr.
jhibitien. :,Ir. A. il. Jewell
exhibition, and all were clean and free I two-year-old tree from his place across j
I from spots and blemishes. Home of the
the river that had nine full-grown and
Pilkington at that place, and yet his i armies measured 14 inches in eiivn,,,. i peUectly-develoiied apples. Mr. I).
tock shows as vigorous a growth as j ference. They were excellent in llavor i '00l'r K()""' o1' "- lin'st apples in
any one could possibly desire. This and found to be liei-rt-ctlv mnnul This i'-olor ever raisc-d, and they were rrown
let, Ai.. Xn. 0,,l for Ihe 11 of II w
see S T(i J II r N ! u III. I
lie mimes Hi,, ion ,u in-' u iliiessis u iirmc
hi. rim! in nun-, r, -i,!i iice Ujnni nail rultitu-'
ll" n ol, in i laml, vl,, I hai ies sii Hiiil, Will- '
lain l'i i.-si'll. Hans ti i , k, Nn h Wi la i, all ul .
I 'a -i 'a '1 , ofi'; VV a--,-" eiill III V I ireful!. j
-i-l'.'-iri : Ii) lioia.Ki' A. .'.',' i.i. i n,
XOTKT. !:: IT lll.U ATIOV. ;
1 .1, ll 1 1 I ill .i-i Ml Ihe In, His, dr.. del. ii, III!.'
Notice is ta li hv s;jvi ii tlial l!- lollmt In;;- '.
an n n "I Mil !it ha i li leil no! ii'i' ol nls I a leu i urn 1
In ii oi U i 1 1 1 i.i ! umi il in Miii"il ol his I'laiin,
ii lei Ina! 1 I l'i ml' Mill In- n i :o h Ih-Ihi'i- tin- i
ill :.'i li-r llllil 1 .--i On' I'. S. laml nllii'i- lit;
The lialii .. dr., on Muinliiy No . -j), I.V.iil, vl:
Maiioll I-' I.e.'. j
lit No. Mill" for tin- v. ' . ii !, unit vv !.J s w '
;4 sit ii'V) i n r i. w in." j
I !e iiami's ihe liiiluu im: wl! mi-i lo ii'ovi
tils ru allium. ii.- risiiieiai' lijion nii.l cnlilvu-i
lion of si, , lo, I vi.: I i ia rli's I,. .Morse ,
l.i".vi.i l'i. Morse. ill Kami, Aiaain I,, i'lo-los, 1
nil 111 a' i ill II I It i t ll'l ll "I'lfilll. I
iM'tlinvl!) .Ion.; W. I.i'.'.vis, Iti'i-'lsler. 1
C-.s, l-l " si J fm,
- W'lilW 'l.jb1 UosWa
on siiinn'i;.- r NnTii t:.
I'd :si,, in.
II. r. C( IK
Sit relitry.
i-m h-ki i:j :;s . ...
a full supply of l-'ru it, Shade mid Ornamental trees; grap
Have on ham
vines, small fruits, 1 loses and Shruhbery.
lie sure to get our prices hefor- piii'ohasintr elsewhere,
lleiuember oiu- Irccs arc grown strictly without irri".n(ion.
THE BALZflTS. - - - - -
I'. II. Stanton, Local Aent
growth was secured, however, by very-
thorough and frequent cultivation
jtb.rougb.out the growing season, and
.orchards which are not irrigated re
quire the same kind of culture. There
can be no doubt that better results are
obtained by thorough culture without
irrigatloa than in carelessly cultivated
orchards w hich are irrigated.
The committee which had charge of
4he Hood Kiver fair was composed of
Messrs. E. L. Smith, M. V. Harrison,
4J. P. Heald, W. P. Watson and W. J.
JBaker, and they deserve credit for the
successful manner in which they car-
iKi i iuii. !ii k a r. i i t . , . . .
l ineir uisposai. wuii three rousing
Of the fruit at Hood Kiver, ten boxes j for j00( .iver and itscourtcous
fvere seiectea tor the Coiumbiaii exposi-
... ( I.i,. (..,, I. .. . I' l e .'
,1 , , . , . . , I1IU 111 Oil 11 1 1 it s o l ill '
display spoke more than words could : M()Ullt JiM)ll. )tl r 1Vllil al(I niil!,,
express in favor of the Hood river dis-1 features of the fair were first class, but
trict as being superior for fruit raising. I the upjiles took the-eye of all pn sent.
After a number of addresses the ex- Vu uVri' ''-1;,d to s,(! olir h i. nds at
ercises closed with a song of welcome kno Un-'eoSlS an
by the school children, after which the apple country unsurpassed for friiit and
visiiors were men invited touine at the I iroin insect pests, ami also in-c.iusi
hotels and hou
izens. After
looiung over ine village ami making a inajoriiy of the farmers have tin
raid on the Hood Iliver Gi.acikr of-' Farmer on their center tables, and wi
flee, which is presided over by Editor ! li li( t for them a wide reputation as
., ,, . , ,. . . , ! an apple and other fruit-producing sec-
Cradlebaugh, the excursionists returned, tio, i well as a prosperous comnm
to the train, where Mr. (,'. had placed . nity.
several boxes of apples on board for
men inviieu louine attne "ce iiom nisci.-i pesis, ami aiso iiecause
jouses of prominent cit- the tieoplc living there arc wide awake
, and progressive, ever ready to learn and
spending an hour or so .iee advaiiU ideas.- The large
tion, and a very line exhibit was also
jnade up for the Portland exposition.
The Oregonian of October 1st devotes
a column to the visit of the press asso
ciation to our fruit exhibit last Satur
4ay, We quote below some of the kind
statements made concerning our fruit
jln the article:
people the party left for Portland.
J'omorny (WiikIi.) Ir.tlept i-.ilent.
The citizens of Hood Iliver prepared
(Ciiehatis (Vv'a:sli.i Ciirnnii'lp.
fraturday morning the (' idled press
tissoeiations were tendered an excursion
to Hood Iliver by W. II. I Itu-biurt, act
ing general passenger agent of the
Lnioii Pacific railway company. Leav-
an exhibition of the products of that i '"f? lllL' L'nion depot at 8 a. in. on a
locality for our inspection. The pro- i special train consisting of two reclining
I ducts came from the surrounding coun-1 chair cars, v, e were whirled up the ( o
j try on both sides of the river, in our i lumbia river ::t a r ite of sp.:ed that
i own state of Washington as well as shook the cars up suili -iently to cause a
! Oreiron. It was the finest, show of m.. i few cases of sickness uiiiiiiur t he hide
"At the pavilion a surprise was in I pk.8i pt.acileH) j)earH) ,,iumH) co,-iWheat, ' passengers, hut the grand scenery along
lul luc -cuiMoiiteii.. nicy nan r,.e, barlev and all other products that ! the great canyon through which "rolls
peen given to understand, in a vague ' our t.vt,g ever behel(1. Persons who had
Sort of way, that a fruit fair was being hwn at the vvorl(ps fair declare Hood
held at Hood Itiver, but when they en- j 1iver exhibit su,)(..rior to an vthing at
tered the building and saw bushels ; Chicago. The citizens of the town
ppi) bushels of choice apples, ncatlv j us al thejr own expense, and
i NOTicK von it:i:li(.'atiox.
. I.nml ( i II: i c nl Viini'ouvi i' W'asli. Oct, 7, Mil.
: .'imi.'ii li- lii'i'eh.v ..rifn Mint the fol Ion lie,'
iniaai! si'l ! !eis liave I: led nolii-cof llirir in
lent inn In make I; na I .rool in support 1 ( iit-i r
; etiiinis cinl Ina! saiii proof vol! he iinnlc lie
fiti'e V,-,, li. it'innnr I 'oininissioiH'i' t', S. cir-
;rnil ( ourl for hi lrii-i of wiisliiin.'ion nl (lol-
; lieailiile wnsli I ntoii on jN'ovi'inlii'i' Is, l-,!).l viz:
(Jciiiko Orrliiiiir.
: lloiiii'sti'iiil Appiliatlon No. i;lfi for tin- vv )i
of ll c '., ii vv of s ( i a ml n e :k of ll w'r
; '.ll To "t 11 I' I' u ill miT.
I lie iiami's Uu: lolloti iry. wiliiecscs In pi'ovt'
hit ronliiiiioiis ii i-ieeniT npoa ami cultivation
: of saiil Imiil, viz: Ni Is i ,11 Aiiiai'.siai. lici ii.ini
: lli'i'lsrlii, Alhi'i l I'.erlsi'lii, all of I' lllUit I'. I .
, VS'asliliiL'lon. I' liinii. M.iivi'. of (ili nwouil J'. O.
Wiisliinj.'toii. i
j (ieoi'.;!' (irl'liin.
j I'' A 1 1 lii-aliun No. 1711 under see
. I'm lei tin o net, Sepi 2ii Is'.iO lo) t c ll vv wo !
j Tp ,") n r Vi east u I II iner. ' !
lie halm s Ihe lollowiiij; wit mi-s-ich In prove
lii.s i-iiiil iiiiiiiiik claim lo anil I'lilliviilioii ofj
-u i il linal viz: Nelson A iieersen, lii'i'iniui '
lieii.-rlii, Allii-rt lierlM-hl, all of I- ulli I , o. j
Wn.sliiieiloii" I' liinii iSiniu', cnileiiuooil P. O. ,
VV it:li!ition.
(M-ll!-iiv!7 .1' n.v I). (iiiiiiiiietiAii. Hi-slstt-
I.aml OIIU'C lit. Viiiii'iiiiver wasli. Kept. .'!!), ISMi,
Notice is hen Iiy liven that I lie following.
Illllili'il wl I ll'l' lllls li leil no! ice of liel' ill lent ion
In n mite cum in u n I ion linal proof in support of
tier claim, aniilniii sanl proof will lie made
in fore Mie Jtcjfisli-i- ami Itd'civcr I'. S. I, ami
Oliice ul, Vancouver wash, on Nuvenihcr
l.'i, lsiiil, viz:
Alii".' M. Wnrdsworlli.
H 1 ffspflpf
CCioicect Sfleats, Ham,
Bacon, lard, CLuno,
Penlfcy,. AI120 Jz&l.eT3 in
- Aim PP?!I!TQ
u m nr mum m m tu.jr u Im g t yi w g
(.'orri'T of Oak and Fourth SI reefs, - - .
- - Hood Uiver, Oregon.
is..iji.ww, Willi 111 1 -1 m
11 I.' U 'l 11 I', .1, o,,, ... I ., .., I ' . .... ! ,, ,.,1 ,.1
the Oregon" more than repaid the sliglit ; n w''V.w -ii 't n r ii"e w m. ' ' '
iliscoiufoi-lu i... 0s1.1l in. tin. ,,,,', ( Slit- names Hie foiloMin iviliiesses to prove
(llscomlolts ( .aised Iiy the lUUiietoiw ; ,.,. ,nMmi,us resilencc upon mnl cnliivii
curves around which the road was nee-; "f, s:lil1 lll'"h viz: W aller Males, Kacimci
, Rowlands. Harry slianlt, William Kiin-uiil,
es.sanly built. A shortstop was mad;) : mi of wiiin-siiiiiioii Wnsii.
.1 oil N 1). liHoiiu kuan, Itegister.
at Multnomah Falls to allow the party "kHN'I-
OI'KICKINSilAN.NiVS lit' 1 1,1 il N't i ( '( 1 1 1 N III!
Tim Millies, Orei.;oii.
"l-'Oll nam:,
Six lots In Waucoma, -IHtl acres in
Skamania county, aud several farms
in the valley.
J. II. (.'KADliKHAl'tilf.
I'l'iictlees In nil Mm enurt. or Ori-Kim and
WiiHlilnti.ii. Special iillen Mm, KVI,U lo
House and lot in Hood Uiver. Ap
l'b' t' A. S. li,(AVnnii.