The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 16, 1893, Image 4

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    Jl .
delicacy noticed in the
finest cake, biscuit,
rolls, etc., which
expert pastry cooks
declare is unobtainable
by the use of any other
leavening agent.
Only lllih 1'i-upli Itatlte In Europe.
How m.ui.r men are t'.u'iv in America
whose tlaily iiW.ttiotn are ivtriitctl to the
wash which t hey nwive w hen beiinj, shaved
by the barber? Nearly everywhere in Ku
rope the use of the tub either tluiniallv tr
weekly is rest rioted to the richer and more
cultivated classes, the masses cvtrywhoro
be-ins essentially dirty and ties . :. inn of
tho popular description, the ",,vat uu
washed." Cor. New York Tril ,.:.c.
A Definition of a C.entleman.
Terhaps a trout Ionian is a rarer man than
gome of us think for. Which of us can
point out many such in his circle mm
whose aims are generous, whose truth is
not ouly constant in its kind, but elevated
in its degree; wnose want of meanness
makes them simple, who cau look the world
honestly in the face with an equal manly
sympathy for the great and the small.
There are S.1.000 inhabitants of the chief
American cities born iu France 13.1XX) iu
New York and Brooklyn, 3.700 iu New Or
leans and 4.15.0 in San Francisco.
Cloves of chicken skin were iu vogue iu
t tie early part of the seventeenth century
These were used at night to give the hand
whiteness and ueucaev.
An English Pinkerton. who undertook
an Italianized version of Addisou's Specta
tor, wrote, as i eauo on tne toppo ot a
A son of the archbishop of Canterburr,
primate of all Ln.cland, is a captain iu the
artillery and an enthusiast in the art of
Baking PoiVder
Purity and
Leavening, PoWer
To Introduce onr Powder, we have de
termined to distribute among the consum
ers a number of CASH PKIZE& To
the person orclnb returning ns the largest
nnmborofcertliicatesoncr before Jane 1,
1894, we will pve a cash prize of 100, and
to the next largest, numerous other prize
ranging from fi to 175 IN CASH.
ER, Leading Jew
eler ef the Paeiflc
Northwest, keeps a
large stock of all
BADGES on hand.
Best goods at low
est figures. Badger
made to order.
MDC WIHCinW'C Soothing
For sate by all UrugzUt. 25 Cents s bsttl.
Everything in the above line. Costumes, Wius,
Beards Properties, Opera and Play Books, etc.,
furnislieil at greatly reduced rates and in supe
rior quality by the oldest, largest, best renowned
ami therefore only Trimble Theatrical Supply
limine on the Pur Mr. Otaxt. Correspondence so
licited. Golmtk'in & Co., 2fi, 28 and 30 O'Farrell
street, also boo Market street, San Kraneiseo. We
supply nl Tliraters on the C'oarJ, to whom we re
cpectfully refer.
288-212 Bush St., San Francisco
This favorite hotel is under the management
Of CHARLES MONTGOMERY, and is as good if
not the best Family and Business Men's Hotel
In San Francisco.
Horns Ccmfcrts! Ouisins Unexcelled I
First-daLS service and the highest standard of
respectability guaranteed. Our ronrn cannot be
nirpnxfl for vtalm and comfort. Hoard and
ronrn per day, 1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00; board
and room per week, $7 to $1;; single rooms, 50e
to $1. Free coach to and from hotel.
Saddles, Collars,
Whips and Leather. WHOLESALE.
Hani' s, per set, J7.00. f 10.00. $12.00, JI3.0 ; F.legant
-tyle, fgCMlV. $25 00. Saddles rawlil'ie covered tr-es,
?4.00. $n.O , $12 00. 1 .00 ?20 0 , fii 00, pl.OO, $10.00.
flo HtirnertH, $15.00 to ?2-.00. Team HanieHH. 20,
fcij.00, j:i0 00, all with ttie celebrated .no wau Horse
oiIuj-h The "Jiui Corbett' tart Ham, km, price
$12.00 Ket lli easi Collars in a "knock out." Bri
dies, Hones. Blai kets. iiils, et".
EAR Plf V.1IIIPQ m tills line uneqr.nlpd send
check or aiu;.i-y order
ilu order t-i
W. D' VIS & SOK,
MANUFACTURERS, 410 Market Street,
San Francisco, California.
Brooklyn Hotel
No acid
from the
grape is -used
in the
Rtkin Powder.
Tho Royal
imparts that
peculiar sweet
ness, flavor an J
Absolutely $
Between the daybreak ami the sun,
Itctwoen what's doing and undone,
'Twist hut Is lust and w hat is won.
The span of life wo mv;
Bet ween the thinking ami the deed,
I;otveon the asking and the need.
Twixt those who follow and those who
1 find myself and thee.
Between our hope, which shines afar
Apiinst life's sky like some bright star.
And fate's must stern, relentless bar.
All joys and woes exist:
So, if our lives, which seem so bright.
Should lie obscured by some dark night,
Kornemlvr there's a brighter lilit
No darkness can roMvt.
- Bruce Whitney in New York Sun,
Woman's Lark of Tootle Power.
It seems to me quite irrelevant to speak
or wonuin s lacK of highest poetic creative
power ns proof of her inferiority to man.
Mie is ihtTerent from him, but not neces
sarily his inferior. Indeed the art of poetrv
ii possessed only by exceptional men, some
of whom have not loen particularly noble
or in any way personally commanding le
yond the magic circle of song. We have
been made to see within the last few years
that women have intellects quito as power
ful as men have when it comes to direct in1;
large affairs, overcoming great diltieultics
or mastering abstract scientific studies.
Ihere are now living women railroad
presmetus, mine operators, stock raisers
aud manufacturers, bankers, steamboat
captains and merchants as successful ns
men in the same ollices. Indeed the time is
gone by for liny doubt as to woman's nbtl-
ify to succeed in all the practical affairs of
lite just as easily and just as fully ns men.
But they are not men, any more than men
are women, and they never can be. This is
equivalent to saying that they are not poets
of the largot sort and never can be. A
gulden exception like Sappho merely fixes
the general rule. There may have been at
some time a chance female uux-kiug bird
which sang the dropping song. If ever one
did this, she performed a masculine act
a function of the male nature. Maurice
Thompson in New York Independent,
Medals For Uravery Iu l'atvn.
iiie siuueni ot nunian nature will finu a
good deal of food for moralizing by the
study of pawnbroker's window and the
forfeited pledges displayed there. One ex
hibit I noticed in such a place the other day
set me thinking of the straits that one man
must have ben reduced to to part with what
must have been won by signal bravery and
perhaps a wonderful display of valor in the
face of death. The exhibit consisted of
three medals one a Lucknow medal, an
other the Sebnstopol medal and the third a
Balaklava medal aud they had once be
longed to a soldier of the XinUy-ninth
Britioh Lig'.t infantry. Here was a man
who perhaps was with Sir Henry Ilavelock
at the relief of Lucknow, who mav have
rode with Lord Cardigan and the famous
GG0 in the charge at Ealaklava, and wiio
doubtless participated in the storming of
Sebastopol, aud who had been reduced to
the necessity of raising the wind on the
medals that testified to what he had done
for his country. Brooklyn Eagle.
Jfo More ( heap Neckties,
There is a married man in Detroit whose
wife has long assumed the privilege of sup
plying his i:ickties. Whenever she came
across a your-choicc-for-a-ouarter" lot she
would lay in a big supply, and the poor
ieiiow always appeared in something that
never satisfied his fastidious taste and was
sure to be u back number. He bore the
thing with Joblike patience until the other
day, when he found a job lot of old time
spring hats for ladies. lie took the whole
outfit, and had them delivered at the house.
There was blood on the moon and stream
ing tears for a time, but peace was finally
restored and u contract entered into that
the husband should select his own toggery
and the wife confine herself to pure! :;'sing
wnac litr individual wardrobe may re
Detroit i ree i'ress.
The Caro of Dors.
With many persons dogsand hydrophobia
are closely nssoclatad mentally, and I re
cently read an article iu which the author
spoke of the do as the "breeder of hydro
phobia." Ttie societies will do good by pub
lishing actual statistics and other details
bearing on the nature of this dreaded dis
ease. I have also read arguments for the
complete extirpation of dogs based on the
fact that some sheep were worried. The
plain preventive for rabies is the proper care
and management of dogs, and for sheep
worrying tne confinement of dogs at night,
which would be indeed a proper proceed
ing it no eneep existed. Popular Seisnce
Precept Versus Practice.
Europe is peopled with nations who are
professedly Christian, with the exception
of the Turks in a small corner of the south
east, and peace on earth is one of the watch
words of the Christian creed. Yet it is un
happily the fact that in no quarter of the
giooe, not even among the most supersti
tious of savages or the most idolatrous of
heathens, is there anything like the same
gigantic and persistent preparation for tak
ing human life that characterizes European
civilization. Loudon Telegraph.
Enameling of the Egyptians.
Enameling does not appear to have been
practised till the period of imperial Rome,
and the Egyptian colored ornaments set in
gold, notably those of Queen Aah-hoteh,
dating back over 3,500 years, are only an
opaque colored mosaic, though in appear
ance not unlike cloissone enamel. London
Tim Man WIioko T ltrnln Ar IlQiml
Is the Napoleon or 1 lie.
lhmlity of tho mind, in its nmrkttl
olmvtH'tor in ovt'r beforo us; tliow is
not a siuglo work of imagination por
traying human cliaraotW in which
tho duality is not pxomplifiiHl. Fio
tionist ami poot livo upon it, ami I
noticed mvntly that ono of tho most
analytical ami realistic writers of
Hot ion in France, and ono of tho most
popular, M. Uuyot, recognize not
only tho art but tho science of tho
In doserilrinj? ono of his imaginary
characters, or moro prolviWy n mil
character transformed from tho or
dinary daily life into his pages under
ft false name, ho explains duality on
tho siimo principle that Wignn did
long before him. llo is dealing with
a man who has two brains - brains
which are not of tho same mold, ami
therefore not of tho same action -and
ho writes his character from this
standpoint with all tho vigor of u
master m literature and tho precision
of a man of science.
Wigan wasof opinion that nosmglo
person has tho two brains exactly bal
nnced. 1 lo considered tho most jmwer
ful mind was that in which tho two
brains, lnth Iving healthy, were near
est to each other in capacity. Hut ho
Ix'liovod that that was also a good
condition in which one brain took the
loading part, and iu which tho other
brain, in accord with the stronger,
lent tho stronger its assistance. A
mind sustained in this manner was
strong for endurance and ono that
was able to undertake, with certainty
of successful work, tho most difficult
iunl hazardous lalnirs. The minds of
men like Cromwell, Washington,
Wellington, Franklin, would bo of
this last named cast, while the minds
of tho giants of intellect, of Nap doon,
Newton, Columbus, would bo con
structed on t wo brains of equal pow
er, both in uuison iu their capacity
and will for action.
In common life tho two brains act
together with sufficient unity to
maintain tho mind in a fairly bal
anoed state, but there are conditions
iu which tho divergence is so consid
erablo that balance is broken, and
then there is what wo call insanity
Wigan sums up the argument in t
very clear manner. Ho says: "I
think it may be assumed without
risk of contradiction that tho fact of
each brain being perfect and u com
plot instrument of thought is abun
dantlv proved. That each, while in
health, corresjMUids in action with its
fellow is obvious from the fact that
this unison and eorresjKmdonco give
only one result, ns in the case of
two eyes producing single vision
mar, wnen irom aiiv cause one
brain is disordered a discrepancy in
the two pnx-esses of thinking take.'
place; that the healthy brain (aid
ed by the action of such of the organs
of its fellow as are not affected by
tho disorder which disturbs tho oth
ers) can in nearly 999 awes in 1,000,
according to tho usual proportion iu
this country, control all manifesta
tions of morbid emotion or judg
ment, but that the thousandth case
is tho madman."
Tho balance is sufficiently pre
served on the grand scale to prevent
the intrusion into the world of au
excess of insanity. At tho same time
there is a wide range of diversion,
short of obvious destruction of bal
ance. Heredity here plays a leading
part. Dr. Richardson in Asclepiad.
Holt s In the Drinking Cups.
Every tin cup in tho jiolico stations
of this city now has a hole punched
in its bottom. Tho police commis
sioners wonc.'red at tho disappear
ance of so many cups some time ago
and caused an investigation to bo
made. This showed that tho police
men were in the habit or carrying
cups of water to their sleeping rooms
to quench their thirst during tho
night. In this way the cups were
mislaid and never returned to their
proper places. Many remedies were
suggested, but without avail. Tho
cups were tied by chains and strings,
but they continued to disappear. At
last an ingenious member of the de
partment suggested punching a hole
in the bottom of eveiy cup. n;n it
would be impossible for them to hold
water any length of time. The in
ventor did not secure a patent, and
in all tho station houses his plan has
been adopted. Jew York Times.
How Westerners Regard the Emit.
One very noticeable peculiarity of
the jeoi)l of Colorado is their habit
of speaking of the east as "home."
'At home in the east we call that
Virginia cre--er," said ono. "I ao
home to Isow York every few
months," said another. "We long to
go back east to our homos, but when
we get there the climate does not
agree with us, and we hurry back to
Colorado." Thus waa revealed the
peculiar tenure the place has upon
thousands of its citizens. Julian
Ralph in Harper's.
The Heavens Seen From the Sea.
Every one who has been much at
sea knows something of the peculiar
splendor of the heavens when beheld
from the deck of a ship. Celestial
phenomena seem to possess an un
usual impressiveness when viewed
under such circumstances. The clear
ness of the air in fair weather and
the flatness and distance of the hori
zon tend to heighten this effect. A
similar impression is noticed upon
the broad, grassy plains of Texas.
Youth's Companion.
Penplo W ho llHieljr W Ink.
There are people who rarely wink.
How they manage to got along with
out doing so is u marvel, but some
how or other they do. Some eyes
are naturally more moist than others,
and the very moist eye docs not so
much need the assistance of tho lids
(o liccp the eyeball bright. It is u
rouMilutiounl matter, for winkinir.
though under the control of tho will,
is dvno no quickly that it is practi
cally an involuntary action. Men
wink when they feel that the eye is
uncomfortably dry, and when it does
not become dry tho necessity for
winking is nut felt.- Exchange,
t'li'niilni; n Mm Mo Statu.
Commodore IVrry' marble ittntuo in
Cleveland, having nciiuiri'd such a heavy
coating of stnoko and soot as to render it
unsightly, was recently Ncrublied, but
with the effect ef making it look worse
than over. The black canto ell' tlio "high
lights," and tlio Niutidgo is deepened in
tho shadows. And. though the bravo old
sailor never .lid a moan tiling in his life,
they now talk of giving linn a coat of
whitewash. - Cincinnati 'runes Star.
A t lever Keply,
Of Hright, Mr. Torrens records a
very characteristic remark. When
Frederic Lucas, his brother in law,
hail joined tho Roman Catholic
church, Bright asked:
"Well, Frederic, how is your new
superstition;" and was met with tho
reply, "Hotter. John, I think, than
tho old hypocrisy."-- London Acad
em v.
All. cock's 1'oitoi n 1 ' i . h r r: u is composed
ot purely vegetable ingredients, and is ab
solutely harmless. It assists nature in her
own cll'orts to heal and invigorate, and Im
parts strength to the whole system.
Many preparation contain strong chem
ical and mineral suhxtances. which mo-
duce an injurious ellect not only upon the
skill, but upon the w hole syst -m, although
At lirst they stem verv beuelicial on ac
count of their powerful action and tempo
rary eueci uiion me suriace.
When purchasing a flatter do not onlv
ask for Ai.t.cot k's, but make sure that you
get it.
lKMKKTit n Tills are purely vegetable.
FiTeliiiier Are the Zognnwxkys iinioni; your
landed gentry? Anieriiun - Yes, ainonK our
recently landed Kfiitrv.
Tbv GKRMKt for break last.
" A few years Kt my
health f illed me. Altc
much persuasion 1 com
IiiciKcd to take Ihssl
harMipiiril.n, and am
iniieh Improved. From
nti all run down con
dltlou I have been re
storcil to Rial health
tlr.ii. W, Twist.
Formerly I weighed 1
laiiunN, now 17iV
Mood's Sar-inparillu has hec
real Is uellt
to me." liKoiu.K W. Twist,
Coloii ii, Wia. N. II.
He sure to get lloub's.
Hood's Pills ( in
all Liver Ills.
$1.00 per Xtottlo?
One ceutadoae.
Tins Great Couoh Cuhb promptly cures
wutjro tut tinieni iim, v.ougns, (.roup, oore
Throst, Hoarseness, Whoopinf Couh and
Asthma. For Consumption It on no rival:
bM cured thousands, and will ct'RB Ton If
taken In time. Bdd by Itrntralsts on a guar
antee. For a Lams Back or Chest, tico
fjHI L0 H'SvtPATAn R H
. Jl ave you ( aturrh 'l This remedy is iniara:i
teeUtocureyou. Price, Met. Injoctorfroe.
I had been troubled five months
with Dyspepsia. I had a fullness
after eating, and a heavy load in the
pit of my stomach. Sometimes a
deathly sickness would overtake
me. I was working for Thomas
McIIenry.Druggist, Allegheny City,
Pa., in whose employ I had been for
seven years. I used August r lower
for two weeks. I was relieved of all
trouble. I can now eat things I
dared not touch before. I have
gained twenty pounds since my re
covery. J. D. Cox.Allegheny, Pa.
Tne Best
in the
The FISH liltAND SI.IC'KEIt Is warranted water
proof, and will keep you dry In tho hardeststorm. The
new I'OM M IX HI.H KKK Is a perfect riding coat, and
covei'B the entire anddle. liewareof imltatious. Don't
huvacout If tlio " ilnh Brand" Is not oa it. Illustra
tI Catalot'ue free. A. J. 'i'OWEH, IViston, Jlass.
Consumptives and people
who have weak lungs or Aath-
1 ma, should ass I'Ibo'b Core for
1 3 Consumption. It has cured
thousands. It has not Injur
ed one. It Is not bad to take.
It Is tbe bosi oouKb syrup.
Bold everywhere. Sfie,
Of tlio ilUoiwc tu which It U udiinlcd Willi the
best reillM, lloMvttir'!4titmneli llllien, a litiu
lly medicine, eiitiiucliennlvt In III eoiic, linn
never liccu thrust upon pulillc Hlli'iilloii In (he
guise ot a universal panacea fur Inullly Ills
1 Ilia claim, ibtllv nrrnmileit In the columns ol
the ilullv press by tint proprietor nl iiicillelues
for luteilor lo It ii spccillca. has In n IIioiishUiI
Ilia Min es illsituatcil the pillille III inlviilice by lis
iilisurililv, ami Hie prospects ol oilier tcmcillca
ol superior iUiillllcs have been Iwiiulieiippcil I'V
the pic tensions of Iholr hoiiIiIcm prcileccssors,
Hill llic American people know, hccHiise tlicy
have verlllcil the fuel hv the most li t Ilia lots.
Ihnl I he Utllers possesses the virtues of a real
speelllc ill cases ol malarial ami liver illsonler.
cnustlpiiilnii, nervous, rheumatic, stomach ami
kill ne v Iroulile. What II iloca II ilocs thorotiKli
h.aiul mainly for this rcuson 11 Is Imlorscil ami
rccomnicmled ly hosls ol respceliilile mcillcal
" lieu pitriloii, sir; lull can't ytm help me lo
Itet somcthluir'lo eal T 1 have seen hel If I limes, "
" Heller tlinesf Well, who Iinsii'iT"
We offer Olio Humlrol llolbira reward (or any
ease ol c.ilarrh (hut cannot he cured hv Hull s
t'atarill I'tiro. K. J. I'llKNKY A i'O.,
Toledo, O.
We, Ihe iimlerslennd, have known V. J. Che
ney lor the last llllccii years, and hellcve him
p rfecily lionorahlc iu all luisllie.s Onusac'llona
ami II mi 1 1 t'lul 1 v aide lo can v on I anv ohlluatloua
uiide hy their llrm. WhM .V Till AX,
Wholesale pniKKlsts, Toledo. O,
hole. ale li iiulsls, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, net Inn
directly upon Ihe hlood ami mucous atirhieca of
Ihe svslcm. Testimonial sclil free. I'rlee, 7.S
cents per hollle. isohl hy all drnnK'sl.
Use KuamcUucHUive hillshi no dust, no smell.
TllK iro.V.I.V H7i) iVOHKS,
ninl is tired, will Hint n
siHvhd help in li'tT
1 leree's favorite I'ro
svrlpt itn. l'erloetly
ImrinlcMM in any condi
tion of tho fcinnlo sys
tem. It promotcMill the
natural functions, mid
Imilils tip, MreiiKtheiis,
regulates., and euro.
For women approach-
hit; roiilliieiiicnt, nuis
ui mothers, iiml everjr
wcnlt, run -down, deli
cate woman, it ia nil in
vli:orailnir, HupiHiitiiu;
tonic that's peeuliiirly adapted to their
Hut It's morn than that, Ui. It s tho only
piiiriinrr( remedy for nil tho funetloiiitl
dUtmbainvw, nninfiil disorders, mid cluonlo
wonkiiowes or wotiianliwl. In " fcitmlo
roinnliiints" of every kind, perlcslleitl jailns,
IwtrniK -down KeiiKalloliH, luteriinl Inllaliliilit
Won, and klntlre.1 nllnients, if It ever fails
to U'nellt or cure, ytu have your money
Soniellilnij eliw that pnvs the dcs.UT Isdler,
nmv 1st oil'onsl as "just us kihhI." Feilutpsi
it ia, for him, but It can't Is), for you.
lllait.lcr, t'rliiary aiul Liver IXseases Dropsy,
untvei sua iiaieies are i-ureti uy
Cures Hrlitlit's IHsease, Retention or Nun re
tention ol t rine, I'alns In the Hack, Uilus or
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1'elitllty, rcinale Weakness ami hxcenses.
l ures Hlllotisness, Ileadaclie, Jannillce, Sour
ttomach, Dysiiepsla, CtuiallMitloii ami I'lles.
U'ls AT M'i:on the Kldnri. I Ivrr
ami Kaisels, restoring them to a healthy ac
tion, ami ( III. t Milieu all other incilleinea
(ail. Hundreds have been saved who have been
given up tu die by Irluuda ami physicians.
ftoi.n hv a him t;aiN.
GRANDMOTHER'S ADVICE. of nine children, my only rm
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whloh la alroady propurpd and morf plnnaaut to tho
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ii D l R H 10 W IV UU V UU U
BIllr Y ii aiuuu o liDiuouv.
Moore's Revealed Remedy.
MOOiw&VK by tho 'so ol
RHEUMATISM and my you.1Kes.tboT e, '".?.
MATUW when the btwt dootor i
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HrWillt mnimiHnl1i rtinMl In I loJlfnlnj t. Vmi
I'tui 10 tnUul nt liDinn fir t ho r iino j-tl t nn1 ill
iimitfiirintr'ra wit It tluwi t ho -ivft r t iti t
)i rv o will r"ituuit tonirti I hem r r Iunl itn n ?
himI pur riiM'tiMMtf i-tiittv. mllri'ii'l l utt n hut. I
i 1 Ik, Itwi full to t-uro. If ii u Ituvn Ul; h itn r
rnry foilliln iM(it-h, pii-lmill tiv in In", om-1
p' ill, M ui'otis l"Mlhr In iimni h, twurc i tit'uuf,
11 n titrr- olitrl 1 iii-nii nny
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AMi -
- A
Regulator of U13 LiverandKidneys
-A SI'KCII -It' rtili-
Scrofula, Rheumatism,
Salt Rheum, Neuralgia
And All Other Blood and Skin Diseases.
Il la a positive cure (or nil those painful, ill It
('ale coinplnluls aiol cliiplleulcl Iroul.les mot
weaknesses eoiiiiiimi amoiiK our wives, uiollicrs
ami ilaiik' liters.
The t lfecl Is Immcillnlc nlnl liistlm;. Two or
three iloses ol lui. I' iu.i: ; s Kkmi nv inken ilnllr
keeps Ihe M 1 cool, the liver aiol ki.liiets act-
lve.niol ttlll cnilrely cnelli nle I r. .in lheslem
all traet" o( s-ruliiln, .Silt lllieuin, or au 'other
form of t.looil itinease.
.No ineiliclne ever l itroiluee.l In thl eoiinlrr
lias met with such remly sale, nor kivcii surii
universal snllsf-iclion whenever Use. I ns that of
llH. I'Alll.KK S IlKMKI.Y.
I his teincilv hits heeii u-ril In Ihe ho-.'nls
throiidhoiit the ol, worlil for Ihe past iwenlv
live tears as a .eell.. (i.r the illsciie's,
anil It has .mil will cure w hen all other mi-c.iIIo.I
rciiicillea full.
N'lol for pamphlet of li'stlmonliils from those
who have l.een cur. il hv lis uc. Ilrilkisls sell
It atll.Kl per hottle, 'I'rv II ami he couvlnee.l.
ror sale ly
0 and II Front St., Sn Frnncixco.
Hercules Gas Enoin
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Mm for Power or Pumplnn Purpos.
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Ko Carbnretor to get out ofordor.
Ko Baaltorlei or Kluotrlo Biark.
n ruts with Cheaper OradntifOMOllua Uian wur
other i. limine.
lLMER & REY, ManufactuiimA
US laiuoiM Stmt, San Mia. hi
CURED BY Tur ner otr
ooufd MMhiiLS
Yours In gratitude.
N. P. K, 17. Nn. rJ -S. F. N. V. No. 58G I Times.
MK3. M. V