The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 09, 1893, Image 4

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California State Analyst.
Roval Baking Powder is Superior
to all in Purity and Strength.
" Tor purity a rule; re in preparation the Royal
Dalanc;' Powder equals any in the market, and
cur test shows that it has greater leavening
power man
n anv of winch we
Analyst California
No careful housekeeper can afford to
use anv baking powder but Royal.
A youth bo wa. poet ieal.
With hairand ees K'siheticsi
Who uore A lily on Ins breast.
And looked ti.U onc-third uudreswd.
Out came lo the coticlusiuu Ibal a wooluu he
would k""-
Hut M rare as his divinity
To him- f'ra her v iriuity
Was'cd ith awe niorethau iUi
As if she had dropped from above;
la fact, she terrified him so he dare uot Ui-
S with n pale persistence.
He worshiped at a distance;
Sent sonnets, caramels aud flower
In gentle, aromatic showers
Csed ad but w hal she needed most an atflo
arm and tongue.
Then the time dr.i;.:--"1"! ou laboriously,
I'ntil there came tipro:irioxIy
A rude and st.i!a:t man. who swore,
lie loceil her more and more and more.
And khs-ed her most irrev'rcnl 'till she Migheti
u:ni to LI j, el;i
ISniwuv I'erri.iiaa in Yankee Blade.
Is a haroe?? preparation in tablet
form for preserving at.t. kixps of
fruit wiTHOi'T cooking. One pack
age preserves fifty pints of fruit or
a barrel of cider, and only costs 60
cents. Fruhs preserved with Anti
ferment ine retain their natural
tate and appearance. Ask your
druggist or grocer for Anti-fermen-tin.
The camel is a luiky brute. It never has to
huvup itself.
pn&so'JESADES, pmmes,
Iwti . in i it iiiin uiitis.
! ve.-vthinR in the al.cve lir.e. Oo-tuines, W is,
Beard-, froyerces, Oner.i and Play Hooks, etc ,
f ini.shed hi greutlv r'eluced rates uud in supe
rior quality by the oldest, largest, best renowned
mid therefore oji ?v lelinble Tlieatritnl Supplv
Jiwe on tlic Pacini Cixift. Correspondence so
licited. GoLiwTris & Co., 2fi, J uud 30 U'Farrell
street, also wo Market street, Sun Franc sco. e
supply nl Thtntfri un the I'ouet, to whom we re
speca'ully refer.
Buyers' Guide STORE.
The Bcyers' Guide is pubished the tirst of
each month. It is issued in the interest of all
coi'somer?. It gives the lowest cash quotations
on everytbirg in t:ie grocery line. It will save
you monev to consult it. Mailed free to any
address on application. Don't be without it.
It costs vou rotftiiif; lo uet it. It quotes whole
sale prices direct to the consumer. Mention
this paper. Address
130 Frunt Street, - Portland, Or.
a oaa com, ana a nacKing
We all suffer that way some
How to get rid of them is
the study. Listen " I am a Ranch
man and Stock Raiser. . My life is
rough and exposed. I meet all
weathers in the Colorado mountains.
I sometimes take colds. Often they
are severe. I have used German
Syrup five years for these. A few
doses will cure them at any stage.
The last one I had was stopped in
24 hours. It is infallible." James
A. Lee, Jefferson, Col.
ARB EVIDENCE That the blood is
wrong, and that nature is endeav
oring to throw off the impurities.
Nothing is so beneficial in assisting
nature as Swift's Specific (S. S. $j
It is a simple vegetable compound. Is
harmless to the most delicate child, yet
it forces the poison to the surface and
eliminates it from the blood.
I contracted a severe ccce of blood poison
that unfitted me for business for four years. A
few bottles of Swift's Specific (S. S. S.) cured
me. J. C.Jones, City Marshal,
Fulton, Arkansas.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
free. Swift Specific Co, Atlanta, Ga.
N. P. N, U. No
608 -8. F. N. U. No.68
-"'- 7
any knowledge."
nave ;
5tate UtvirJ of Health, etc., etc.
A Successful WutMMU l'rnir.
A ilispateh from Lincoln. K:tn. shvs;
When tho Allianett vt the state of
Kansas the fanner uf this district
placed iu uoinination and elected to the
office of congressman a preacher aud
fanner, Mr. Baker. It was asserted by
many of the new congressman's enemies
that he was what is technically known
as a 'mouth fanner,' and his aspira
tions as a farmers' candidate brought
out much adverse criticism from the op-
Edition. While it is possible th.-it Mr.
aker is not an active farmer, th)e can
be no doubt about his daughter beics
eligible to a Stt among the Alliance
people. Mis Hannah is now ruunins! a
farm of her own near this town and has
been caring for it for several years.
"She located and entered it herself, and
has done all the hard work on it for the
last four years. She is but twenty four
years old, yet she takes a man's part and
does a man's work.
"She has a woman hired to help her,
and in the heaviest season of work em
ploys a man to assist in cultivating the
140 acres which she has brought to a
high state of cultivation. Miss Daker
goes to the field iu a man's garb ami
plows and sows, attending to all the du
ties usually followed by a man, and luis
made money ever since she began to do
the work. She has never been compelled
to borrow a dollar, aud today owus the
farm, debt free, with au enormous crop
ou it.
"She had the farm well stocked at the
beginning from a sum of money she had
beeu saving since she was a little girl.
She raised chickens and sold them dur
ing her girlhood, and religiously put the
money away until she had enough to
give her a good start, and then she took
the farm and made her start. She has
140 acres under cultivation, and twenty
acres in wood pasture, on which she has
Eome very good stock. She was unl'or
tuuate enough last week to be bitten by
a rattlesnake while plowing up a new
piece of ground, but by prompt atten
tion she soon recovered and is now ut
work again, and says it will take more
than a snake to stop her from working
llouae Irec.
No matter what may be the reason,
the tea gown and the house divas must
always be of interest to the woman who
likes to look uice in th house as well as
out of doors.
In these days of steuin heated aud
comfortably warmed apartmeuts one
does not need to make the house dress
any warmer in winter than in summer,
because the temperature is at summer
heat all the year around. Therefore, a
greater latitude is afforded to a woman
in buying her house dresses than in bny
ing her street dresses.
At a luncheon which wus given a
short time ago by a young society wom
an who had just returned from Lenox
and wished to entertain a few of her lady
friends before starting upon an autumn
trip, the prettiest gown of all was that
which was worn by the hostess herself.
She had no intention of being elabo
rately dressed, and therefore the material
which she selected was plain white cash
mere. The bodice was square necked
and tight fitting to the waist line. Be
low that it was slashed all around. The
skirt was perfectly plain, and hung fnll
both front and back. To relieve the
clinging appearance it was lined with
Bilk, and this gave it a more gr.tceful
hang and an appearance of heaviness.
The sleeves of this gown were of the
same white cashmere, and consisted of
one big puff. Over the cashmere there
were bands of white satin ribbon.
There waj a broad white satin collar
trimmed with white Valenciennes lace,
and a little of the lace edged the front of
the bodice and took the place of a belt.
The effect was lovely, and so much
admiration did the gown provoke that
the hostess declared that she felt quite
embarrassed at wearing so pretty
gown, as if she had tried to outdress her
The same gown in two shades of blue is
quite as pretty, and by reason of its color
is not as dressy in effect and makes an
admirable luncheon gown. Nw York
These Girls Have Oreat Head.
Young women in Cleveland have
formed a society to get even with the
yonng men who call upon them fre
quently but never take them to any
place where it costs money. When such
a youth visits a member of the society
she charges him five cents for entertain
ing him. Of course, the boys pay it as
a joke. The money is put into a general
fund, and the girls will use it to pay
their own way to theaters. The scheme
is a good one, and is considerably cheaper
for the boys than escorting the girls
themselves Buffalo Express.
A troth nml n rief ami n blessing
DisL-msiMl them Utld CIltUQ till! WKV.
And ono hi it promise, and ono was f,
And one wns ft rulny day.
Ami they met hotline with Mils maiden,
And the promise It spiil.e niul lied.
And ihe tluuU It gibbered and huuavtl It
self, .
Aud tin' rulny day-she died.
-Jtuni'i YVhitiouih Ultey.
loves and Utt;,
Cloves nrv dangerous lit tlonrilclcH, Man
cf the Kid, nowaday "touch up" their
otiiplcNions, you know. Of course no real
ly nice Kit' dois It to any extent, tor id
tliouj;lt it's no longer connected with vul
garity as it used to he si ill il rather stamps
a Kil l !,H being conspicuous, not to say loud.
It is connected somehow in our idea with
bleached hair, blackened c clashes and oth
er unpleasant deceptions that never deceive
any one. lint it is such a temptation to
rotikic a tittle Iu the evening, and w hen a
gill docs it artistically, and many of thciu
do, I defy any man to tell it from the real
bona tide bloom that nature is so chary In be
stowing, mid It Is hi inscs of this kind that
lite Innocent looking, pleasant smelling lit
tle clove may do its deadly work.
It IssaUl by the best niilhnritics that If U
gill is rouged and a man eats cloves ami
then, to put it plainly and vulgarly, "blows
on" hercheck.tliat self same cheek will turn
black. Hut all the smart men who have
hear this and determined in their innermost
uud very suspicious hearts to try il on
some unsuspecting sweet feminine creature
should also be informed that while the rule
holds good in most exses yet there aivsome
kinds of rouge that are not affected by
cloves, just as there are kinds that defy
water. And any girl who uses that sort may
weep, or get caunht out in the ram, or rub
her cheek w ith her handkerchief to prove lo
you that she Is innocent of the charge, and
yet for all that she may be artillcally paint
ed. Chicago Newsdveeord.
Huron tllrscli' llpiicfiiellotis.
If it is true that tJeneral llcaiircgard left
1,000.000 apiece to his two children, the
conclusion is reasonable that- when he
twirled the wheel of fortune for the Louis
iana Lottery company he did not do it sole
ly for love of watching the turns of luck.
There were sure winnings in the lottery for
him, and he did not disdain to carry t hem
home and salt them down. 1 herein IkmU
fered from Huron de Llir-ch, who, as most
people know, finds one Use of his vast in
come ill demonstrating mm mat notauie
lottery, the turf, is worth cultivating pure
ly foritself and aside from nil the chance
of possible gain.
The baron has given to hospitals, Homes
and iH'iievoleiu association, principally in
London, without regard to their creed or
nationalities, all the money won by him
upon the turf during lS-.'l ami ltr, Iu
IN.U the winnings amounted to ii,i", utui
In l;rj to JLoo.ikji. ine nmouni.s rci-cncu
from hitu by various institutions vary from
1,000 to r.ini. several of them received
2,300, the largest btnetlciary of all being
the Loudon hospital. There are some 40
institutions ou his raco inouey list. Har
per' Weekly.
Fire Prill In Private House.
At one of the houses in Mayfair a novel
and not altogether purposeless form of eti
tertaitiuient or experiment was devised.
The hostess, having a new lire escape, de
termined to have a midnight instruction
drill in the ueof it, with one of the inspect
ors on hand to sea it carried out. Accord
ingly nt midnight the false alarm was given
out, and the ladies and visitors of the house
hold maneuvrcd the escape, and all alight
ed ou the pavement in safety. Sucu prac
tice is worth the attention of other house
holder, and perhaps the midnight drill is
the more effective, as most li res occur at
that time. Lady Maple has such drills car
ried out periodically at her city and couu
try houses, and the tire drill at Uollnway
college has become n matter of celebrity.
Xew York Sun.
Eccentricity Kusily l'unloned.
One f the old residents of Mount Vernon
was Theodore Marston. who moved into
the place before it was a town aud settled
on the south tier of lots next to Kcadlield,
where he made himself a good farm. II"
was eccentric, but a man of the strictest
honesty and remarkably generous to the
poor. When he sold a poor man a bushel
of corn, he i.-ver struck the measure, and
if asked why, he would jiut his hand on his
heart and say, "Something in here will tell
when it is full fiumuh." and it was never
"full" enough" till well rounded. In 1S1C,
which is known as the cold season, he kept
his granary opn for those win) had no cash
and would sav to those who had, "You cm
ef. it, somewhere else: I keen it only for
those who can't pay." Lewistou Journal.
How thf! Norwegian lluthes.
In Europe the only peasantry that I know
of who take a ltth every week are the Nor
wegians. The custom there is a very old
one, and it is attributed thereto that the
Norsemen call Saturday "Lordag," or wash
iug day. They differ from the Japanese in
that after washing they all put on clean
linen and their best clothes for Sunday. In
Germany personal cleanliness is restricted
to the upper classes, and baths are looked
unon as even a still greater luxury than in
France, betngconfined entirely to the houses
of the very neb. Cor. Isew Yortt inuune.
Serving Honestly.
Scene A Parisian restaurant, hnter a
fussy old gentleman, who, after choosing
his table, beckons to the waiter and says
confidentially: "I want a really good din
ner. Here's your tin beforehand. Now
what do you recommend?" Waiter (look
ing cautiously round and whispering in the
client's earl bo somewhere else; nr.
Jan es Gazette.
Frances Willard has somewhat astonished
the English by suggesting that the "grill
behind which all women except peeresses
have had to conceal themselves to listen to
debates in the house of commons, be placed
in the British museum as a relic.
It was sometimes a wonder to those who
knew Rossetti casually that his friends bore
so natieutlv with his moods and impulses,
but it was nevertheless true that lie was
deenlv beloved, and that his faults were
universally tolerated.
The common name of the Easter festival
In the cast was the Paschal feast, because
kept atthesame time as the Paseha, or Jew
ish passover.aud in some measure succeed
Ing to it.
The women of the Bethany (Mo.) Metho
dist Episcopal church give "hard tinio so
cials," whereat mush and mdk, ginger
bread, coffee, etc are served, all for 10
Among painters the power of manipu
lating white, not in simple body color only,
but in thin washes, is au inheritance from
the Chinese,
Our New Minuter to IniUcy,
Alexander W, Terrell, upon whom the
president iveeiitly bestowed Urn title and
emoluments of envoy cMniorilimirv and
minister plenipotentiary of iho lulled
States to tin sublime poite, is a prominent
citleu of Austin, where he has hud a long
and honorable career, lie was admitted to
the Missouri bar InlSIHat the age of W
veins, and four yam later removed to All
tin, whew he was elected Judge of the
second Judicial district, when ho wiu but 1
n am old, iu Isoi".
.. . Y-v,-
At ! vvi'i i: w 1 1 inti Ll-
ThoiuJi bes tupnlliied with iheConfeil
'rate movement, lietoo no pari in II whll
he remained upon the betieli, but upon the
expiration of hi I tin i f olhee lie entered
the southern mi lu as lieutenant colonel of
tl.eTlnitv liunli i a airy, U'comiug
a colonel later and coinmaudiiiu a luiade
at the close of the war. Miicetucii lie ha
Twice beeu elect d to I he stale senate, where
he made for himself a reputation n it bril
limit orator and t liorouuhlv well informed
political cioiinim t. lie delivered many
able and elVeeiive speeclu for his party
durin ti e I.e.! pn si, lent i.d enuipnii;!!, add
ill Hot a 111 t le I !n I el' to lu i.w u lepllta
tiotl, w hile .".I I he same t one doing sterling
service for the I leiroe! ie nominees.
Minister lepe'.l is a hup of Patrick
county, Va , e.l.iie he w:s born ou Nov
:l IVA l!is part nis wi n- hot h Americans,
hi- fal her Im iii :. m I-:;!i-h d, -cent aud his
Uioiher of i ' rin.'in i ll rael ion. I he family
:iiic:rateo Iroin Vif.'im.i lo Missouri III
IS'.'', and .led:,.' T irell uas educated In the
latter state, ing from the I'niver-
sitV of Mi-si-mi and Ml Imi !'-P the study cf
the law Is ..' he w i not ,.f his teen.
If you are thinking about buying a plas
ter, remember t tint you win place it upon
your body and cannot get a plaster that
will be but jjocf for ) ou.
Au cocr's 1'oKot s Pi mfk is the .
plaster made. our druggist may have
some other plaster ou his shelves which he
in allium to get rid of, or else some worth
less imitation purchased at n low price for
the purpose of substitution, l'o not accept
hi "just a good " plea; insist upon hav
ing the genuine. Aii.c.kk'h I' Pi.vs-
rtit has no eoual.
lliivxiiKKTu's I'n.i can always, he relied
Men nmke more fuss )iotit their honor en
the nge lliau auyw here else.
Try OriiMit for breakfast.
who are pu ny, pule,
weak, or Herofufous,
oui;ht to take Doctor
Pierce's Uol.loii Medical
Discovery. That build
tip Isitlj their llesh and
their Ktnmgth. For this,
and for purifying the
MtKul, there's nothing In
till medicine that can
ispud the. " Discovery."
In recovering from
irisjo," or in cou-valisi-ence
from pneu
monia, fevers, or other
wasting diseases, it speedily and sundy in
vigorates and builds up the whole system.
A an apin'i ing, restorativo loiin.-, n. wis
at work till the proccsseu of digestion and
nutrition, rouses every organ Into natural
action, and brings back health and strength.
For all diseases causrsl bv n torpid liver or
impure blood, Dyspepsia, liillousness, Kcnif
ulous, Skin, and H-aIp DiseiiM-s even Con
sumption (or Lung -scrofula) in its earlier
sUigi tho " Discovery" is the. only pun ran
teed remetly.
If it doesn't benefit or euro, in every case,
you have your money bacK
Purity and
Leavening PoWcr
To Introduco our Powder. w have de
termined to dlstrltnito among the cntunin
er a number of CAHIl PHIZES. To
the person or club returnlm; us the largest
ntimberofcertlilcatesonor buforn Jaue 1,
lUdl, we wbl Kiveacieih prlzoof 1(M). and
ti tlm next laricext, numerous other prizes
ranging from if) to 875 IN CAB1I.
of your
watery gnr
Proof VWfTL 1
Befort Buylnj.
POUR lomt wattr In lh leev holdlnf
th snil tlRht ai tier ihown or ny-
whrjt a1m ,hM thr las Mam. and tnt it
n li water tight. Ther areK'sxla In the martat 1
thai lnok vn-v.nlce. but will Irak atevcrr team. 1
W. warrant Towtr'i IMPROVED l"lel)
Bravnd fillelier to ba water tiaht at every
tin and ertryuhert eliei alno not lo peel or
Hick, nd authorize onr dealera to noke good
ny Slicker that fall In either point, Ther r
two waya you can tell ttia Oenuln Improved
Inh Brand nllrkcr.
I st. A Soft Woolen Collar.
24. This Trlt Marh (below.)
Watch Out
for both thee points I
Send fur Catalorue free.
HJ.TOWER. Mfr Boston, Mm. I
Piho llaneiiy fur Catarrh I the
KasleHt to rue, and Cheapest.
Bold by druggist or sent by mull,
1. 1
B, T. HsulMnil.'Wsmn, Ft
KVY1NUINO AltOINll Till': OlMf.V
Ol the dUeixe to which It U iidioded with Hie
best reanlU, Iboletler Slonuiell Mil cl, H lulu
lly medicine, coiiiptoliemOve la II neoiie, has
never been llinul upon public HtimUlnn In Hie
liulke el a mdvelsid pniineea lor bodl y Ills.
I in claim, iiiiuy arrouiiieii iu inu column or
Hie ibillv piesiby I li piopi lelon tit ineil lei lies
f ir Inleilor in It in -,ei llles. i,n In n ilioiisiiud
lux in. e 0ltiistcd the public In iidvimee b IU
nlmnrdlt . nil. I lh lno.ecU ol oilier reliiedleit
of Kiipei ior qliullili's Inive been hnlidlenpped b
I lie pictc iinIuii ol tneir win tlilc pii'leeetsoiit
hill I lie An ei lean people know , l.eeiinse lliev
have veiuie.l the (net by Ihe niot liuin) tests
thm the llltlcr iiosm'im'h Ihe virtue" ol ii real
peellle In ese ol uiiiliirhd anil llvei disorder,
coiinluitln, nervoiiF, I liennintle, ulninnch uu
klilney ironnie. vt mil u hoc u noe. inor.'iiii"
h.Niid iniilnlv (or tbU lenson 11 It In.loi.e.l mid
recommended by hosbt ol rvupeetiible niedlenl
Peiith. Uxe i.d the iuy from (reet
tptluklc r Hie ll lird IhliiK to limine.
We offer One Hundred lo him rcMnril for any
ciiseol C'tarrll that cannot be cured by llidl'i
C'tlio ill l ure. V. J. I'llKNIiv .V I'll.,
Toleilo, li.
We. the iinderslk'ned, hiive known K. J. Chi1
lu.v I 1 1- lint In. I lifleen eal-H. mill believe llllll
p i'frcily Illimitable ill all biislnesa Iralinif Ilium
a ml II un i.e In 1 1 y able to cull v on I nnv iiIOImh lltiim
ma.le by their Htm. Ml .v. Till AX,
W holenili' liriH'h'lKO., I oh do, II,
WAI.lMMi, KINNAN e5 M A It t IN,
Whole nl I li li v: Isl n, lole.lo, ,
1 1 nil ' Cutarrli lure la taken lute rniillv, net lint
dliecilv iom.ii the blood ud iniie.nn mil I .oe ol
Ihe xvnleiil. I. st I oioii tills Kent Ire.', price,
cents pc' Utttle. Sold by nil drinailit.
fee KimmellncHlovo liilian; no dual, im mnll
Hood's8,; Cures
" I m kI'I to recom
mend Ihaid'a Hi r-ii'
rill and llood'a I', II.. I
have aiilercd vviy much
Hlth nevert)
Sick Hoodncho
After tnkliiK li Isillle
ol HimmI'i Hrsii'iiilllit
Slid two boxes ol Hood
III. I mil cured ol Hint
rrlb'.e d'nease. I knom
lloml's Kar-airlll I' the Is ft tuedb 1 ie I ever
Usik " Mil. II. M t.Tl IN. I'lne Valley, S V
fl.OOlHir Ilottle
Tun OnT Connii tVhHpiviiiiitly rior
where all others fall. Cough, Croup, 8or
Throat, Hosraen, Whooplnr .ou;n mm
Aathni. For Conaumptlcn It Tins no rival;
hits cured thouaand. siid will t IIS Too if
taken la time, hold by Driinglnls ou B rur.
snteei. For a Iimo Hack or Oi', ii
llaveyoui aturrh Thl remetylirnrn.
teeu to cure you. i nee. iwcia. juji;iurTO.
Kit, l.rndliix Jew.
eler ol the l'aclllr
Nurthweat, keep
lnrKe Nloek of Rll
H.WX.KS ou hand
llt-at K'sat l h,w
eat Hnurea. Ha.l(t
made to order.
ITCniVH ril.i:s known br Molaoir
lle imil:lyi.osiia. mt. iiae lleJilus
whl'-ti " dtresMlr on parte urtooliNl,
baarlM lumor. allT ltclllli,flalns
nil "( a prrmalt"lar. l rtiv, t1o. Ilruaal.' I
rlL.lm$ tutA.. Vt. Bjnko.l'hll'llpbia,l'a.
Fishing Tackle.
Stamird File, tT do 0.26
OreKOii Trout Kile, per doi fit)
IIimiu'n Files, per dor. 1.50
Hplit lliiinboo iUmIh, eiieh 2.&U
heul by mall on receipt ol price.
Portland, Oregon.
Catalogues on application.
order vour HUMMEK
KOI.I.KftS. You wanl
the bfjit ; that' the
only kind wo deal In
Then send your ordei
lor the IIKST KOI.I.F.IU
dt KKV TV fit K'UKV,
f OHTLANP, OB. ..1.1111. ".i'.nii.i
Hood's Pills euro Hver III. v. per U
A cyi,D, . n.ifnnu la,,,,
Astoria, Obhoon, Janna
RHKUMATIflM and my youngest boy cured eutliely r INFLAMMATORY It iiirri
MATIriM when the be
it doctor
anh -
-Wil l. KINK A Kl' 1.1. I INK OK
Printing Material and Machinery ,
Kor let lowcal price "lid mini .lviiuliii, oii
lei ills Hi
' Cor. Front and Alder Streets,
Write lor pruws.el leima Is lice huylnK elatv
Hercules Gas Engino
Mao for Por or Pumping Purpo.
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PALMER & REY, MNurCTuratv,
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203-212 Bush St, San Francisco.
Thl Uvorlte hotel I under the nuiiiHKemetil
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not the Is-al Kaiuily uud llii.ine-it Men
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Home Comfcrtsl Cuisine Unexcelled t
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ami room M-r week, 7 lt l ; siiiKle rnoius, ;
to 1. Free coach to mid Iroin hotel.
Saddles, Collars,
Wuips and Leather. WHOLESALE.
Ilaru, Hrmt, 7.ii, tni.ou , ? I i.e ; Kb'Knril
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MANUKACiTKKIlK, 410 Alurkrl rilrrrt,
Han Fraiii'lnco, C.liluruU.
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For anle by all llriiKsUta. ui CrnU o l,tt.l.
Best in the World!
Set the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
RANK IKIOI.KK V, Aaremt. I'ortUn.l. r.
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at pricPH that will astonish vou. Only the best
Oak-Tanned Leather used, and all work jruanui
teed. Send for line Illustrated :tnloiMie khkk.
180 Union Avenue (East Side), Poi llainLOi
Revealed Remedy.
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