The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 09, 1893, Image 3

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    3 food livcr Slacicr
MOOD ItlVKIt, OIL HKI'T. I), isii.'l.
Till; MUI.S.
'I'll" mull mtIvi'N hum Ml. Ih hkI nt II '
dm k A, M. Wnlsii miuvH mi l Miihinlii; mj (Ic
pui'M 1 'in miliiii iIhvm noon.
!" If I'Ik'HHMI'IIi, ll'HM'tl III M A.
r. m. Hiiiiiniiiih,
M. nrrlvm (it
Kur Whlli' Mnliil'ili l.'iivi'H (Lilly III. K A, M
Un lvi'i ill nni' n'c lui'li r, M,
K ii ii 1 1 wiiiii' Hiiiiiiini ii'MM'H rur
bit, 'I'niul l.uln' mill ili imuiiil
W 1 1 ii'Mitu.v Mini I' l h In .
ImiI.Iii, (III -
llltll K LOCAL .11 ATTI'rtH. j
FivmIi section honey ill (Vowell'it. I
I lomincc Kinil n l 1 1 1 fi'niii Ni'lmlt'in.
Win ii I taken ul, Dili nllli'ii on null-1
Hl'l'lpl Inn. j
Mix. H. .1. I .ii I'miico In vlrtltliiu In I
Yuuni; ! im fi r kiiIii
id O
II. Hurt-
li'V'M. I'lilH' $-.00 II pll'l'l'.
A full llni' of luiwy wiihIicim
tin1 liiii'iii'KH nliop.
( lit lint1
Cliiinuliun'M, ul
K I i I -nii hIicIIh itt
I'lU'tlmid piiccH.
( 'llUI'll'M
riimi.llcr returned from a
trip to 'I he I iiillcM h'liiiudiiy.
HI Icky II.V pnper 'i0 cciiIm per Imx of
I'.'i (liinlilc xlieelH, lit I lie ili'lIK Klme. ;
Circuit iii tl fnrlilllliim coiiniy con-'
vmm'h at Condon Moiiduy, hept. I.sili. j
Tln htciiiiier IteKuliitor iii'ide a trip;
to CiiHi'ndc I.i'I'Inh Minday to In Iii up;
1ln vInHIii llii'ini'ii.
Mr. ami Mii. I'.lnier KuikI'm Imliy, !
vlio Iiiin lieen il.iimerollMly III for 1 1 if j
liiNi week, Is impriiviuK- j
M Ihh Alice ( leaver and Clare Hurt- j
I iichn are vIhIIIiik (lie .MIn-eM KoIiciIn ill i
'l lic liullcn, noink' "P T'"'H'!y. '
Am the end of tlie HcitKon In ul limn!
the Mood Ulvcr I'liill Co. Is ollcrilitf
till Ulndu of ImxcH at Mpeclul ratci.
J. K. Striiiialian returned from
a '
visit to his muini eniHiren in roriiami
via The I u lies Monday niolliliiK. i
M r. and M I'm. A. I'. Fuifunin and sun ;
MlleM I',, (it I he Palli'M, Wel'O Hie l'UcmIm
u ir. aun .uis. 1 can 1 ouiiii; uie
. -t I ft 1 , I .. I .1
Mr. and M
The saw mill In the ItiMwin district
Is kept IiIIhV V,'l1":' out llllnlicr lor the
lieweoinels wh" HIV lillildiliK on tlielC
i:. i,
Smith will
receive any sped-
incus of Ilia1 fruits siiital
ile lor t hieaio
4'positioii, h- Jlood Uiver I' III it
tirowcrs' I'nion.
.1. It. Itaukiu went to The llalles on
Monday night's train. I e proposes to
establish a ferry between here and
White Salmon soon.
Mr. Miiore ami family went out to
their claim in Hie iipiwr valley this
week and are amou'X the tiuuilicr who
will build at once.
An ini'ciuliary lire at Condon, (iil
liam county, Friday of .i-t week, pivt
the town a close call. The lire wa
hliil'tcd III the court house.
Mrs. James Hoai? of Tr mt lake has
lieen at her fat hel 's Hie past week. She
Is sutl'eriiif; from chills and fever and
came here for treatment.
We have received it complimentary
ticket to Hie I'ortlaiid Industrial Im
position, which I'pi'ii on the L'Tth hist.,
for which we return our thanks.
School commciifcM in district - Mon
day, S'ptciuliei' 1st 1 1 . The directors
liave secured Hie services of U. S. An
drews as teacher for another term.
J. C. Conun of Spikenaid, Or., was
liere Wednesday, having U'en In Tim
llalles si ! Hi' Sunday looking after his
fat tier's estate. He returned home
Last Monday was Labor day, the
lust Oregon leisl-durc having changed
the dale of its occurrence from the llrst
Hat unlay in June to tho Hist Monday
111 September.
Misses Hess Isenbcr and Ida Foss
left for ix visit to Portland Monday.
Miss Foss will return lu a few days,
lnit MIms Ischberg will probably "re
main all winter.
Tho four
I'llfulif llttVC,.. .! M- 1., '
i..... ..,.. ui..i.- fia .'..i'
1hem have about recovered, but the ! IVnnoyer Mpt. 1st. me commission
fourth, u boy 4 years old, is still in ujilutes from Aug. .'(1st. I In appoint,
tl ingerous condition. inent Is a good one, as the Dr. is well
, t, , , (lualllled for the jiosition.
'Ihe rain of tin past few days has ' , t . ., ,. . ..
i v.. m'..i....iii. moi .. ui. u. Ifvouhaye property to sell, list It
i i..."i u i.,.u ,.i..'..r...i 1 1,. ,..i...... ..i. i
sullleiently to "let the editor of this pa-
111 Pil- l I liif I v m- . .. (i 1 1 . i t in ii i iiii'siMi- I" '
... .... .. .
jier see the way Home.
Insecticides for fruit pests and etc.;
London Purple, Paris (ireen, I. X. L.,
"Whale oil soap, powered hellebore,
Persian insect powder etc., at the
Hood Uiver Pharmacy.
Bert ( iridium moved out to his ranch
this wtvk, taking the lust load of
household goods Wednesday, lie will
commence next week to build a four
room cottage for his own use.
Linn Cooper, a boy about five years
old, soh of Mr. I). J. Cooper, while
playing with a gun Monday afternoon
on his father's farm, about ten miles
from The Dalles, was accidentally shot
and killed.
H. K. Mulhollim and wife, Mrs. W.
O. Bruinard, W. S. Chapman, W (!.
Braitiard and V. V. Lovelock canio
tip from Portland Sutnrday night and
Kindavweut out to their" claims near I
Booth's hill
All the bridiro men east of Portland
were sent to help repair the burned
hrldgcn at Pleasant valley, 'limbers j
were taken from Cascade Locks, Hood i
Kiver, Mosier, The Dalles and various
-l.ww. nl.i..v ill., rilifn 'Clirt .li.l,nmi. I
Tlaces along the route.
from hero Is about 100 miles.
i iiv iiiinui.1; ,
Spencer K. Sewall, representing the
Karl Fruit Co., was in Hood Kiver du
ring the past week, looking up the fruit
situation with t he view of contracting
and shipping in carloads to points east
of the Missouri river. He was sent
hero by (ienerul Freight Agent Camp
bell of the Union Pacific railroad com
pany. Mr. llobt. Kami took him all !
over the valley, antl he told Mr. Kami i
that we have the finest fruit that ho I
evor saw in his life, antl ho has been in
the fruit business tor a goou many
years in California. ,
School coiiiiiiciice In thin ilinlrlcl,
next Monday iiioiiiIiik.
.Indira IllnUi'ly iiml wife returned
Tlll'Kllliy fl'OIII tlllt LllMt.
H. I'!. ItlirlllK'IK will HI'll forciiMli only
and at a loilinlloii of from 6 to lo per
K, H. OIIiik.i'm family mul (I. V.
I lad, im m e 'iiiiiiIiik at tlni hridjro 1 1 1 in
Little lol Willi. Ih vIhIiIi, her
irriinil piiii'iitH 1 mi. uinl Mix, E, (,
Julio ii niiiiihcr of iiitmhiim from Vim-
' I'lMIVrl' lll'O faillllllX, Oil till' Watson
I C, I. (illlMTl uinl M, '. Im'iiImtk
took lii Hid Iiii'Iiiiih h loiii'iiaiiiciil nt
The Dalies.
Win. I'fiiii'li r uinl iliiUiflilcr of I'nil
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 were here .Sunday mnl visited 'J In
JiiillcM .Monday.
Will Finllli Iiiih inn veil I.Ih fainllv
j mil In llic c l I ii'c oppiihlli- )i !m fat (h'i 'm
place In tin' valley.
S. K. lilll'lllll'HH Hllld this Wl'I'li lot I
'and 1!, liluck L'l, Hood Klvci piop.T, to
i L. Smith lor iXM.
W ' ''''I'l'y xolil to (looiye ( '. .Ioiick
i uno iii'ii'Hin Hi'ciion lu, township I, north
I I llliH'' IHl'liHl ; i-nhhidi rut Ion iUIHI.
( coiyc ( ;. Joni'H hoi toj. W . lliini-
IIHIIkI .'Hill IIIT.'M III Kl'l'l 1(1(1 II IllU'llkllill
i ,u,ri, ,,... o niiMlilKriitinn
Mim M It Hi. r I,.,. It l,..r .l.iiiirlil,.,.
t.'.liil. I.t 'I I... H .II..M I,.. i
ll'l"" I in 1'IIIK " I 'llll'IIIJ HUM
pliiecd Iter in hcIiooI at St. Mary'M Ar
uilciuy. Mim. Captain Coc, Mtm. John Wat -
Ml III .MIM. C. II. I I Mill IllMl Jl'MHO Wat-
hnii were III The liitllim, Monday, tuk
Iuk in the tournament.
Joint M. Currier who came here
from ViilpuralMo Indiana, Ihh) week
hiiMrciiicd part of the Sam Smith resi
dence mid gillie to house keeping.
tildeon W. MackiiM hat sold to A. S.
KlouclM the wchI half of soul h west
ipiarler siM'tioii 1, township U north,'
inline lu cmmI; consideraliou, jl'.rilio.
We have not pushed any of our suh-!
,.- ,1,,,'. ii, u ..m.... I
,. ..... u.ii i....,., ... . .i,,,. ,...
,,.!,. i...i..i.f t ,, ',11.1
I'ossllile dali.'.
,,... , ...n.... t... .. i ...i.,i..i (.. I
III" I 'III II' oil II ir. Ill mi 11 im-ii III
. . . ..i..,,. ..
i'V needs a llouiiiiK j
i mill. IIuI'Mmou IIiom. have a mill on
.Neii I
1 i i n ii. 11 1111 1 11 mi inn; it uini-
I. I '....I.IH.. .. C.l.
class uradc
of Hour
The tournament iriven by the lire-i
men of The llalles last Monday was a j
iierfect success hi every respect, Ih IiI).'
largely allciideil from both Oregon and
Washington cities. i
W. L. Morris and L. L. I loyal of,
( 'animus I'rairie have rented the build-1
iinr lately occupied by llert (irahain,!
and liextVcel'' will oH'ii up n butcher
simp mid vegetable market.
Miss Mary Frazler, one of the pop
ular teachers in The Dalles public
schools, after liavinic passed a pleasant
vacation nt home in Hie valley, re
iiiriied to her duties at The Italics Sun
day At this term of commissioners' court,
.1. K.ltanklii was eranted a ferrv li
cense at llooil Kiver, and Watt Ai Cal- :
lacbaii, lladder ,V McKdiie and John i
I Sullivan of Fulls precinct, honor Ii
A tiiirncd brldtre on the I'nion Pacilie
iM'tMcen Pleasant VallcV and Durkee,
caiiM-d a delav of several hours. Tho
j passe lure i' due here at 1:1! did not ar-
riv- until h o emeu. i r insiers win
probably have to be made for a day or
The black woodpeckers, which for
the past few Veal's have been so de-1
structive to the apple crop ut this sen-
sou, ure not so plentiful this year, but j
to make up for the absence of Hie wood-
peckers the diggers seem to lie worse;
tl is year than ever before. j
The wind last Saturday night caused
; the stcaiucr Irma to break her fasten
' lugs and she drifted across the river i
I onto Hie rocks on the Washington side.
Slit was (piite badly damaged. The
' machinery was removed and she was
towed back to this side the first of the
I week.
Dr. F. C. Hrosius, having been up-j
j pointed assistant surgeon, to rank as!
t lieutenant, I hmi regiment, t.. ,ti.,
rei-cived his commission from (iovernor !
witli'us. We have concluded t
We have concluded to han- 1
. . , .
II. ..11 .1. II. ....I -I..,,. .,..Ai.f iwi nt. r
i ii n in ii iiuiiii ir in mu i .t ..Lii
and are pr.'pared to do so on tho very j
II . I!-.! t....! ' 1
sniaiicsi living eomioissHiiis. nu iu
so situated as to easily reach all possi- j
hie purchasers, (live us a list of tho!
property you desiro to sell and we will I
do the' rest. Call and seo us at the
(ii.At'iKtt olllee.
Oulte a number of Hood River peo-.
pie have tried various pi-enarations and
processes for preserving fruit and veg-
ctables without cooking, some to the !
damage of their fruit and others to the
damage f their stomachs. It would j
lie inieiestlllg to coucet tins mini illa
tion and compare experiences to aseer
tain what if any of these preparations
. . .. . . .. ii i.i.:. I., e.
tire really reliable and whether for table
use. or exhibition purposes only.
Little Mamie Moody, daughter of
W. II. Moody of The Dalles, who with
her mother has been stopping at Mr.
Mvers' place at Miite Salmon, was
badly scalded Monday. Mrs. Meyers ;
Pftn r '"il"K water in her hands :
i'iLAr 'Zof frl Moot !
chartered a locomotive and came down
noeoinpanied by Dr. Binehart. The
oliild was taken home and is reported
s resting easy and her injuries not so
. ' 1
sfii'ionsas nnoieueimeii.
Letter List.
The following letters remained in
the Hood River post office uncalled for
Sept 1st:
Brebcrtson.MrsYVNLeek Mrs W T
Dunn, John
Duncan, Mrs
Frerle, C M
Kemehton, Paul
Koehor, D I
Tend, Mrs N D
Smith, Tate
Smith, E. J.
Tillman, A II (3)
Westergard, Jaue C
E. Morse, P. M.
A Kciiiurkiilili' Pojf.
A rciniirkiilili1 doy; liven In Ht. I'ctcin
ImiX, Ah tho utory conic from Hint
rlly IIiIm dojr Ih'Iunkh Id M. I'uroy who
wiim awarded !i oli iiiiilitl ly 1li;
I'iu'Im Academy of Hclence for Mm iIIh-
COVCI'll'M III till' HI'll'lH'C Of ll,VHIOliMII
ii. .i j . i . i . . ' i. t ... i ..
.oi'(,,i in .iin.i.,,; mcvhui ,,,,1,'KtJiouso for a home or
IIH II pl'licll, clirillWIIMC, lllllnllOTclllef,
I'liU'-liiilinn, Ac, on the lloor. Then
I In- do IiiivIiik Ik'ii thrown Into it
li,Vuioli(' trance, M. Iiurov rcipicMted
one of the audience, which coiihIhIciI of
mcvci'iiI pli VHlcliius of renown anil Home
newHpaper ineii, to IhlliU ulxiiit moiiic
tlilnur and what the loj wh to do with
it, then to wrllti it out on n pieei- of
I i 1 1 m i mid hIiow It to Ihe rent of t lie
ii ,. (i.... ..c.i.iL... i,it....,.ir
'I'll Ik wiim done, mid the do haviiii
Im'cii luoiiirlil in, what wum Ihe
j ilHlniil-dilnciil of the u liol.i iiMHCiilhliim'
I to we I he animal jro up to Ihe ciirar
I cute, pick it up, and hniiK It l I he one
I who had lieen iniliculed in the wIhIi.
i Aunt lier lent consiMtd in laying Hi vernl
!ciihi'H witli lii.'iii'i'M (iii theiu In a certain
'order in a cloned Imx. At the huiiic
lllllie several plecen of paper were put
I upon tin- Hour licarini.r like iiiuiiherH on
each. The do;? wiw then called ill Uinl
' t'eiMliri'd to place Hie iiieccH of Ji.'Hmt in
the Maine order iik the elides were laid
ill the cii:n'd mid Healed Imx. Till he
did lo t he uMoulMlniicnt of all u.hsciii
liled. The MlrallL'eneKt of the wholu
pi'oceiliii'e Im iiu reaHcd wIimi it Ih ro
, lltclii I K'l'ei I
1 1 mt .tl. Hurov knoWM no
Inol'c alMiut what h hcliiL' ilone or
wished than iIih'h Hie dotr, am
fore entirely nnalile in unv wav to
; prompt t lie'aiiiinal.
T. V. Dallas has Just received H lino
stock of cook stoves, rali;;esmnl kitchen
furniture. Cull and scu them.
Cliciip Homes, Secure one Now.
For iO days 1 will show K"v,'i'"mi'iit
lauds lu llooil Uiver valley, suitalle
for hoiuesteads, to parties w lulling to
locate, chariiiK from leti to twenty
dollars s-r claim for my serviecs. I
wttlcd on Kovernnieiit laud six years
iilmi, ai me tails oi Jioon river, uinl uvu
I Ihero now: mo well nleased with the.
j location, have spent much time and
ney oiiiiuiiu? roans mm iiioKes ican-
in; to thes(! lands, and to improve the
ici try. These lands have plenty of
III I .1
immi iiihi hut, aun mu uiiiwii urc
wood and wuter. and are umoi.K the
' l.,.Lt I . . .....I ........... I . I. .L. t.' ..
.i i.. i ii mi mm u-siT.iuiin, iinoiii "a
fur general aurictilture. If you want u
home of this description, do not fail to
see mo ut the fulls.
... . ...
W . K. W i .vans.
ion nam:.
I'"ann on White Salmon one mile
from the Columbia, 11 acres cleared
line spring, and water for irrigation.
Apply ut this ollkv.
(Hunt powder, fuse and raps atT. ('.
We have bevcral farms uml small
tracts for sale. Call and get prices.
If you want to be located on govern-!
incut laud at small expense, call on or
write W. It. Winans.
Wax strings, tin cans, new stoves,
preserving kettles and everything else
at T. S. Dallas.'
Just received at A. S. Mowers fi Co's
a full line of the celebrated llrady und
Mctcalf shoes.
We have just received direct from
thceust, u full line of men's and boys'
hats. They will be sold at prices
never heard of before in Hood Kiver.
A full line of shoe furnishings
leather at the harness shop.
and ;
Our hook's are closed, and on and
after this date we will sell for cash only.
A. S. Blowers A Co. j
Two Snaps.
Will sell for Ltl cents on the dollar,
the finest sheep ranch on the Pacific
coast. Will range naturally fenced,!
sufficient for oO.OOO sheep. Can ar- i
range lor cutting liKI tons of hay if de-;
sired, convenient to market, no snow.
i Also HO acres of land 1 miles from the
! town of Hood Hiver at i?i" per acre;l
'vol antl t-asily subdued. For purtic-.
, , , . ... ,,
1 1 1 .. iij imiili nt t li 1.1 Tl .u t1 fn V I
ui.ii.T ii p 'i.t i'v i'"-1 " v.. i ...
Watson, Hood Uiver Or.
' -
To Hie Farmers. j
We will do all kinds of grinding on ;
Saturdays this season except Hour!
making. We have learned that good i
Hour can only tie made out of our dry i
...,...t Aw d aninenini!' the irrain after it i
, (, , t, 8lnuttor und
1 ... . , , I
allowing it to sweat a few days.
Leave your wheat with us ana give us
a chance to do good work. You will
, .. .
j then use our Hour in preterence to any
other. Hakhison Duos.,
Proprietors Hood lliver flouring mills.
The Aztec Cnleiulur.
CiicA(i(i, Aru. 2!). At the an-
II .. I . I .. .1... 1.11. . I
paper giving lor the first time an inter- j
.,retatioii of the undent Aztec calendar.
Scholars declai-e it the most important
discovery of the kind in this century,!
as it furnishes the key to much of the i
life and arts of nt least six nations of
the early inhabitants of Mexico, and
promises to lead to a translation of the
hieroglyphics on the ruins of early
Mexico' and Central America. The
accuracy of this calendar, which is pro
nounced in advance of any other
system now in use, give evidence of the
high civilization and mathematical at
tainment ot tne ancient innaiutants oi :
America, it is entirely tiiiierent man ,
any system known in ancient Europe, i
Asia or Africa. It is estimated that at
least 4000 years of astronomical obser
vation was necessary to perfect this cal
endar. It furnishes a key also to the
religion, architecture and domestic
life of that people.
inrupouisii-ui iiiiiKivw i, uiu "iinVashm Bv tho season, payable at
fnii tn.i1tiv Mra. 7a Xiit.hill riMul (ntl ni'saino. 510.00. Tt insiuv, payable when
Has just been platted
reached by the pipes of
finest residence property in the city. Terms to
All Around Painter.
ih ri'iiKiiiniMi' uinl HiillHfiiclliin Kimniii
- l)KAI.I.U IN -
Stoves and tin
ware, kitchen fur
niture, pruning
tools and plumb-
ers goods of all kinds.
Krinlrliiof tinware u Kie(:lnlty.
KOO.MH fcl, AND NKW VtMiT I11.0CK,
TIIK J).VI.l.i;s, OKF.fiON.
IH-Kl'll & Ml'.M'.IKK,
Attorney 3-at-Law,
Chapman Block, over Postof f ice
, The un.leiHiL'ned heiiiL' located near
jiood icivcr, wishes to inform parties
who may be desirous of having sur-
done, that
ho is u iiractical
uilrvcvnr ul' lif'liv
vears experience.
Ulut work t.tmHtiMl to him will be
jK ifoiined w itli dispatch and correct-
. . Jle takes pleasure in referring to
.'.'. . .:?:..,.....
.... .... .
i-iuciiy i-oiiiiiiimiiiiii-i in in iif-niiiu, ;
allU lor Wllolll He llKi C'OUIltV WorK US
county surveyor, us to his ability.
l unies writing me at Jlood will re-
' J- Hayes.
i )(,.,! Uo.,,1 jtiver April Cth, lai.
I'nion I'acillc Fart lier Rcdiicps the rates.
To Chicago (XM first class; St.
IiOiiis i.'tl.OO tirt class; Omaha, Kanstw
City, Sioux city mid St. Joseph $.10.0(1
first class. Hates eon'es)ond;n?ly re
duced t all eastern points. Consult
Union Pacific ugents before purchasing
and you will be convinced that the old
Overland is tho cheapest ami quickest
route to take.
j.M. Huntington &Co.
7W Second Slrrrt -
The Dalles Or.
Real Estate, Loan &
Rents collti'ti'it unit taxes paid for non
ivsiiUtits. I.uiul pniH'rsJof all kiiulu prepared
on short not let.
Abstracts of Titles a Specialty.
a.m. Hum-Kits.
Dry (loods, Groceries. Hats, Caps,
Boots and shoes; Flour, Feed
etc. Country Produce
Bought and Sold.
I Is a dnpplo Rmy. 15! luuiils hltsh, woIkIis
! i:mo pounils, tlnw-iniirtors Norinrn, 8 jfars
! old on May iitli, lSii:l, Is free from all blem
ishes mul iltseiisi's unit is a Hue (tnilt horse,
llTl'Illll IlllU IIIIU, . fcui.n iihuivi, aim .o
i wued by
Mr. Sweeny will attend nt tho following
places (liu ins; the present sire season: At Mr.
Joe Purser's, Monday and Tuesday of eaeli
week. At Mnsier, Friday mid Miturdny of
Oil!' I Wll
i.. i-......... ai-.ftil In mwii tt fiiiliiro 4r-
vloo the following season gratis.
Commercial Men and Tourist's
The Cloud Cap Wayside Stages leave
the house daily for Cloud Cap Iirt
durin' the season
Dinners for Lodges, Parties etc.,
a specialty.
Rates $2,
Per Day.
. Proprietor
and is now placed on
the Hydrant Company.
to rent, buy in SOUTH
The Prather, Building,Second &0ak Sts.
Portland's Great Industrial
Opens Sept. 27, 1893, Closes Oct. 28.
Liberates Celebrated Military Band
Will furnish the Music.
A World of Mechanics in Miniature.
The i-'pcciul Features will eclipse those of any year.
Madame Girard's Prismatic Fountain,
Constructed ut a cost ot f 10,000, arid throwing a thousand jets of water in all tho
colors of the rainhow will heuutify Music Hall.
Large Aquariums,
Containing fish of all varieties found in Oregon waters, have heen constructed
at great expense.
The Art Gallery
Will contain a collection of paintings selected from the World's Fair. Among
them Kllshurg's celelirated painting, Custer's Lnst Fight. To visit this great
Exposition and view its wonders in every department of Art and Science will
be next thing to a visit to Hie World's Fair at Chicago.
Reduced rates on all transportation lines. For further information address
Huperiutendent and Secretary.
Id it Hjl IllIL
The finest mountain resort in America; situated at the snow line on
Mt. Hood facing the Eliot glacier, 7,000 feet above the sex Will bo
opened J uly 1st. Rates $3.50 per day, $20.00 per week.
For information write to, WILL LAXGILLE, HOOD RI EK, OR.
Qcneial 3erclaxid.Is
Hay. Grain
In carload lots, or retail at the very lowest market rates deliver
ed anywhere in the city or at the depot free of charge.
Mailorders solicited and promptly filled.
SO. 392 to 394 SECOND STREET.
THE NEW TOWN has been platted on the
old cninp ground, at the Forks and Falls
of Hood river, with large sightly lots,
broad streets mul alleys, good soil, pure
cold water and shade in profusion, per
fect drainage, delightful mountain cli
mate, the central attraction as a
mountain summer resort and for all
Oregon, being the nearest town to
Mt, Hood. It is also unparalleled
as u manufacturing center, bwing
the natural water for 150 square
miles of the best cedar and fir
TIMBER, possessing millions of horse pow
er in its dashing stream and water fulls
easilv Harnessed. AVhere cheap motive
power exists, there the mamifaeturies
will center, surrounded by soil and cli
mate t lint cannot be excelled anywhere
for fruit and agriculture, and with
transportation already assured you
will Hnd this the place to make a
perfect home or a paying invest
See me c n the ground,
or adress me at Hood
River, Wascc Co., Or.
A 4 spring 3 seated mountain hack;
new. A. S. Blowers & Co.
the market. All lots are
If you want to build a
It is the
suit the buyer.
No. 38, Freight leaves at : P. M.
No. '1, Mail " V-Ab P. M.
Xo. 27, Freight leaves ut 10:00 A. M
No. 1, Mail " 4:-12A. M
Steamers from Portland lo San Francisco,
every 4 days.
For rates and general information call on
depot -Ticket agest.
W. H. HURLBURT, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
254 Washidgton St., Portland Oregon.