The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 09, 1893, Image 2

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    Mood livcr Glacier.
The Fossil Journal of
Diluted tlu1 follow in:
When the Third regiment, O. N. t!.,
was encamped t Tlu !ili-s i.i .July,
lS'.H, Ik shaill battle was u UmUiv ol ill,'
programme arranged lo take p! ire on
the Fourth. It was to ho tl.o r.i::.v ini:
card of Tho Dalles ci'lctraii.ii
extensively ad UTlU'tl. Ilul, f.'i ;ui.;.ii never came oil, and tb.-M- ulio
Know nil tho circumstances i,!t siuv
tiiat a tragedy was averted by l!u .uiis
nui of this arl of tho p.'.';.i;i,iiii.
The encampment had boon niMwi)
mismanaged and tho soldier had re
ceived poor rations and treatment; in
c.)usoiueiiee there wits a strong tooling
of dissatisfaction aiming tho men lo
wards some of (heollLvrs in command,
particularly toward t.'olonol Houghton,
who soon afterward resigned. Tho
jnon were anxious to break vamp, ami
oovort throats were hoard m s.mio
quarters, to lo executed In too event of
tlie men Mug compelled to t:.iu- part
in the sham hattlo. Those oouiing t
the ears of the ol doors, a ivt. sulfation
was hold, Uovcr.ii'r lVumnt r, the
commander-in-chi. i, who happened to
be iu 'The Dalles a. the time, was ap
proached by Colonel iTuighton, who
sought his advice ivj..r.liiig the advis-.i-bility
of postponing the light, dpt.
Oatl'iiey of K company, of Fossil, one
of the most capable i t'.Kvrs in the ().
. C, was seut for and introduced t.
the governor, w ho asked hi. opinion
ivirardimr the matter. Too eai.'.uiit re
plied that as the men wore very tired,
and as it was reported that certain
threats had boon made, he thought it
would be wisest and .salV.-l to let i'.io
battle go by the board. II:? advice a
aetod upon, and the wisdom oont.dnod
iu it was made apparent the follow in
day ,vhen a company musket, eontuin
iug a ball cartridge, was found by the
conductor on tho train at River.
It had been carelessly left behind by
oue of the soldiers. Tlie circumstance
was kept quiet, but it leaked oat among
the officers aud caused at imee a thrili
of terror aud a feeling of intense tliatik
fuluess in the hearts of more than one
w ho took part iu the first and hsst en
campment of the Third regiment,
O. X. G.
Hood River Or., .Sept. 4, ISM.
Editor Dalks Vhronk!r;
My attention having boon called to
an article in your paper of the LvHh ult.,
loaded a tragedy averted; and as I had :
tne nonor 01 commauamg u company
of Hood Kiver at the time, and as said
article reflects somewhat upon my
company as myself, I feel duty baund
to take exceptions to it.
To begin with, it is nearly, if not all
untrue; and the writer of it either
knows it to be so, or has been misin
formed, and knows nothing about it.
In either case he is deserving of the se
verest censure at least. The sham bat
tle waa to have been a part of the
programme at The Dalles, and I be
lieve wamu nave rjeen carneu out so 1
faraa Col. Houghton was concerned,
or any advice from any captain in the
regiment given the governor, if the
men could have been assembled after
dinner. But when we broke ranks
The Dalles, the men scattered, and
i I
mougu voi. xiouguiou uau me assem-,
bly call blown and ordered every cap-1
i- i X.- ... 1
.1 . , T , . , ,
tain to get his company out for the
sham battle, they could not be gather- i
rA ,.wntUnn . . 1 T ,1 ...... t.,.,! .. I
lojiium iu iuc icjjimcui, mcu io gel ins ;
..,;r, i : , ..i..j l- ,
company out. Eut on the coutrarv 1
told them to keep out of siht where i
thev could not find them, or ,h(.v !
would have to go out. 1 know Col.
u J:J-. ...... . ... . "
ixuugutou uiu uoi give it, up until nei
saw it was utter v mnossi ,1.. in wt ti,a
irrnn tnirothor Ho n it .....
- w nil.
6" "f
verv reluctantly hefiu. tbp rUvai
very leiuciaiuiy, oecause me cituens .
vi a tie iuues were ciamonng lor i ,
and kicking the colonel on every side
. . . , I I Tl-ll 1
for not carrying out the programme as j
advertised, i will leave It to
any I
officer in the regiment who knew any- i lawyer, in w hich it is my inlention to
thing about it, if this is not correct. i 1v ve oe-half of my fortune to the man
As to the management of the camp.!wl)0 aw,iMteV1 nie ''th. eisrliteen
,!ii .. i. .. .. ...... . , 1 ' ! years ago. I am sulk-ring horn an in-
. s ijui. conuucieu ex-;
actly up to my ideas of military camp,
but as I served my time in tlie United
States army, I perhaps expected too
m.w.l. ..... t ,.
much from imntia ofheers. I believe j
Col. Houghton did the very best that
ho could, and as well as any other man
could liBve done who had no more ex
perience than he had.
' As to rutions being short, will say
my company complained to me the
6econd day we were in camp, that they
were not getting enough bread. I at
once Interviewed the proper officer.
after which the men had an abundance
and of good ejuality. 'This for
itiv i
W,1,1'J"J ' A calHiul al,caii lor oth-
ers- 1
Now I will come to the little fable I
of the loaded piece said to have been!
Jefton the train by one of my company i
and dit-covcied a load, il bullet-ball ,, '
trid-e rJ'o this I n.Si i v.-i v , t , i '
liiuc. iu UIU 1 posilHtlV assert that :
r . .. .-
j. o.i.niu oi irnrn mi i
When we arrived in I,.d Jiiver I
took particular jjaius to see that there
was no state property left on the train;
I was the last man to leave the train
I know there was no piece left, besides
I marched the company to the armory,
there is not a shade ,i i.-ntii :..i.,r. i.,in,. i.. i...m ..e .u-'l...
! called tho roll, and chocked oll'all prop.
jer'y uhicli was of course my dutyl
an. 1 found not one rieeo short, an our
friend ti mil Fossil would make it ap
pear, but on the contrary wo woiv one ahead. In other words wo had
one nit .v mole than wo should have.
Ol' t!iN
il V:.-.
untitled t'ol. Houghton, and
.porly eUarc.ed to our Colli-
,'t:'.y. I 1 n't know what company
w as lioi I, hut i: must have Ueiill
e.Miip.iiiy, or the v. riter of tho article in
:t;i:e-.h:i, would have nothing upon
w'.e to ba-o his l.-.lU' ion. If it i
1 hi -ir.-.they can get H by hai iug the most
oili lent !'. ioor iuthe ivuin-nt, vl,'..
Cipt.iill t iai'.eliV lilal.O tllo proper to-
ijiiiii ion for it
I ai:i not in i ivor ol'!iam battles, but
: 'lo iio! believe l.letlt. NeUotl Would
ll,o been 'l"l had lie kept this proper
pl.i.o, wh'eli is in the lour of bis ei in"
p.iuy -o long a-, t la y are filing. I per-
1 miu.o tlia! iMnier t lie excitement which
ays iieeoiiipaii i s such occasions, he
i a-hed on; to lea. I a eh:r i:e w ithotit r-
: de: ing h ni. il to eeae !o If this
bo true, w hile il i iloploinblo, no one is
to blame for t ho ac ua'iit.
Will tho Foil .Journal kindly Inform
i!s li ai'.eis and oil 'ei. s generally, w lio
some of t ho odiei I s w ere w ho kept 1 1 lis
, in.. 1 1
;uiet, and Who tlieir iiiloiiii.uit
S r.iow tii-:
Was. ... s. i.t.oW ! I
vI.a:o .tpt. D. t'o. :.:,1 i;cg. O. .N. C
i lv. Ab-iJcuN A!ii!o at tiif Fair.
I OlH'AiiO, Sept. 1, lS'.l.i.
t'. 1'. llKAt.n. Mood Kivcr, Or. Dear
Sir: Your favor of thoul iiooiveil and
should have boon answered, but we
have boon so busy did not haw time.
The Kpplos from F. It. Abston came in
beautiful shape and have boon placed
in ali their trau.-eenilant glory and
: beauty i f color on our tables for the in-
speotion of all. They have been wol -
' coined bevond all ooinnarisou and have
: awakened great coiumeat in lhede-
, ,, T .,'. :,, 1 ,
pailiaeni ol awauts. 11a Jimos nat d they are toe "Chenango iSlraw-j
iU'irv,"' but tiieivare none on oxhilii -
i.,.. ... ,. .... . ...
; 11011 inai ai'inoaeii our oeanues 111
t iiaj e, color, Ize, tlavor, bljssom, tex
ture or core. If I had time I could
talk you tired on this Mibjeet, but 1
have not. 1'lof. iiailiy, editor of thoj
Aiiii rie.iii tiar.lenor, has scut one to :
.Nni' Yoik to have a nhoit.graj.h taken ,
an. I .. ti.l,.,...-.',.,l. I,;:,,!., of l!,isl.. .'ll.:il'lll
Will await the arrival o: uie (.iravou-
s'.eiu s Willi impatience.
Mr. II. F. Davidson just came in
. . i
li' '
day. 1 am you re truly,
Jay tii v Lewis
I'orllamrji (inui llxiiudtitm.
It wa3 a hapivv thought on the nart i
of directors and Superintendent K. W.
Allen to secure the services of the un
rivaled musical director, Libcrati, and
his splendid band of ftfty instruments
and several soloists for the musical de
partment of the Great Exposition of
1S'J3. That this w ill prove a drawing
card goes without saying. Among the
spectacular adjuncts of the great show
w ill be Madame Girard's justly cele
brated prismatic fountain, aquariums j
containing specimens of all the native j
fish of the northwest, avaries of native I htglier than the mouth and blow uj- ! j"'1' r..iiiim;"i;s r'-si.'.'i..-.- .m-o., ..mi eel. inl
and imported singing birds, glass Kpin- "Mil 'Vhv wkk ",,t smolder j a"' l-y H,nV" wmiua, wlti.
. . , . down. 1 all,, 1 ' Whiii'S.;,!, ,11,11 Wash.
mng and weaving, a potter's wheel, Kor thut A k ck,,,, ! W J-hn iuh:,,,,,,
limnif it huf nttcuiKoiid ' ' in ..' . ... . . 1 .l V 1 I
and many other attractions. The art ;
allery will he unusually attractive;
local artists will be largely interested
as well as those from abroad. Ells-
bury's great painting, "Custer's Last
will be on exhibition. Me-
chanics aud manufacturers, the farm, 1 . 1,0 ,I,)US0 'M"'tl.v wliil.-it is cook -
.... ... . ' i liiir carrvout the tollowing threctioiis:
orchard, dairy, lisherv. torest and:ir....Q i. ...,.. i...n:...?
' - l
m,,)e will all be duly represented. The
Exposition will be a success.
Hepevv'.'i Fortiiiie.
Chauncev M JX-new received a letter 1
viuuimj ji. iajhw luimuuilllir,
. r 1 .i -v- ... . .... !
a itw uavs a uau'u ew lone t itvia
i i i i
'g"-u 1u" iidueue.. jiany
J'ealy fc';' 1 waslK)0r 11,1,1 needed capital !
to perlect an invention," said the wrie
:'It remained for a stran-er to aid
in and evhlentlv n.Mlo n.v forti.., fi.r 1
" "'''-"'"'"
T ....r. 1.... .....1 oral. , a, ..i
,lit- 1 "aB juuuo.i, aini uii uiai
. i
aniOUIH 1 HUCCeeUCU lil raisins Other ..iti, i,i..i, r ;t. i.
1 1 I , u""-,4
invention tor crush inr wifar
To-day I possess on the Island of Cuba
a sugar plantation and two tobacco
plantations valued at -2,M),m. I
have just made a Hying trip to New
York to draw nn n will tlunm-h m..
curable ailment which is liable to end
my life any moment. Tlie man w ho
loaned me the money was yourself.
The man who assisted me to procure lui ill, lllilllllllll. UIIIIIKU UI I-
mUon Vanderbilt, was likewise your-
capital lor my in veniion, through Com
self. It is to you t.iat I leave one-half
otmy wealth. That the world may
know of your generosity, and that it
may he an ooject lesson to others, I
have decided to make public this for
mal request." "Hartcucz" added that
in a tew days his lawyers would call
upon Mr. Depew.
"I have no recollection of loaninsr
money to Mr. llartchez," said Dr. De
pew, yesterday, "but I may have done
so. 1 have invested a irreat deal of
i nave investcu a great
I monev in nans. tiwihM i v n (ant I, ,,f ..11
t i 'Vl.......
iic.u uuiiiuu. n in i; j. snail not I at-
tor myself that I am a millionaire until
1 receive more information, still T am
uot J'et reacly to refuse the bcriuest.
For caHh' 5000' 1 wiil 8el1 30 acre f
fine,.fruit d, level, and soil the finest
mu Iv mnrf v ..II uuuh.l
ao, lying in west half of north half
ot southeast quarter of section .town
ship 3, range 10 east. It will go back
to regular price, 30 per acre, after 30
days. I can give a first-class title for
this land. Any one wanting a nice
home, now is the time to buy. Ad
dress J. E. Feak,
Marble Itock, Iowa. I
Fall riiinthig oriTi oos.
tno of tho most luiportant polnls in
favor of fall planting of lives Is that Iu
nearly all oases there Is ntotv time.
The work can Ik1 done after tho corn Is
out upti'id the wheat sown, and there
is loss to do than in the spring, when
other work Is more pressing. Then
I ,,( Us.,v in U-ttm
tion to work Into a pnor tilth to
reeoivo tho tvots. One ol the most in -portant
thiu;',s is to have Iho toll well
prepared, so that it oan t a lily ho tilled
in around Iho Mots. Whether III'
trees are set in tho fall or iu tho sprirg
the root-. hould come into elos.. eoi.
taol w ith the soil The preparation of
t lie soil can lai';?'ly U done In ad auo.'.
t !ood dralna;ro eaii U' arran se,l at nnv
lime that the other farm work will
permit. Ooncraly tn-os should not U
trausiilanled until hard frosts have
killed the leaves and they have fallen
oil'. At tlu same time tho work
should U done befoiv tho ground
fivoes. Mauv irood giMWiN consider
, , 1
it a better phut to prepare the around
in the fall as nearlv readv lor planting
as iiossihle,
Then set the tnvs and
heel them In caiv'ully. 'I'ho udvan
ttoxo in this is that tlie planting can
nearly always lie done r.uieli earlier in -the
spring than would otherwise be
possible, and in nearly all eases early i
planting will give the' lost results. i
I!v sotting oiit in the fall the (oil
will get well settled arouinl I lie nots i
' during the w inter, aud the lives. Icing j
; in ineir piaees, w in no ivany io simh m
crowns soon as ire sasou ions in , "" ',,, ' "V " ' , '". '.
f, . , ... 1 , ,, i iinmiil M'lll. r lias II l.'.l nalli o liN Inli'iit inn
uie spinm aim inn J' iiiueu ov i iei
, tabllshed li'foiv hot, dl V W 'llt her sots
in than is possible when 'the planting
is not done until spring.
i . i .- . t il i :.. l
Ill transplanting tixsi of all kinds
, ,'. , , ,,.
care should bo taken to out oil nil
bruised or damaged nx'ts and then to
cut baok t lie tops lit pnortion to the
roo s, N't the uv carerullv, s.-o t Hat
.,11.1 t. utr..i.,l. tl,.. ,u
iii the soil carefully. A soon as the
etuis ii co wall i'i..r...l ti'iliili tin. suit
. ,..m;fl!Uv (lowll si then till up full to !
;tho surface, making a small bank of i
: earth close up around the stem of the 1
'tiw This will -lid in iiroti'i'lilitr '
noV .lm. X,,.,'-U l. 1 , "K
against mice. I ho s,em ot the trees ;
j (i, aSso K. pintected against rabbits 1
by wrapping with old cloths or who 1
' sereon cloth', or by washing with glue
and Later on. alter the:
, ,. ., .., .11
ground froocs, it will pav to iiiuloh
well. '
(.-,. 0f divded land, with
plenty of water for any one wishing to
g the berry business; ."Ui (taring
. i s, ....,os
jH-ars ami plums-
;mostlv winter
niMues: Iii acres now
ready for fall grain. Also, two cows, 1
one span marvs, two wagons, harness,
I r, .. . , . .il-
and all (arm implements; one stallion
years oia ne.xi snring. 1 tie niatv win
1 1. 1 ...:.i. .1... ........
in n.l M'oi.uui' or nil nil" siock.
Two miles and a ouarter from ileiiot.on !
the east side of Il,o, river. For fur-1 ,i,.vai;p. N". fr u.' 1. w; .,r n t 1
ther partioulars call at the G l,.('l !:it 1 ""T, '' " r T ,
. . . s. , , .11 II" niiini s Uie foil Inn witni'ss.'s to inovi'
ollioe, or on Mr. John .swooiicy, Hood;i,u ,',,i,!iiuions n si, !, ,. i.-,n umt i ninvn. I
v'v'er, Or,
I'scftll Ilillts I
, 1 , . . , ...
w ooil limy K' hardeiietl by iMiilmgi
eight minutes in olive oil.
Castor oil is the K-st thing with
which to soften leather.
A person "too busy" o take euro of
his health is like a workman too busy
to sharpen his tools.
Tight collars are apt to produce per
manent swelling of the nook.
:n ouy ciotn is 1110 Inst tor Utisiing
When blowing out
il candle hold
ami (.prinkle w ith orris root
One ounce of wormwood to one pint
of alcohol makes an excellent liniment.
Sweet oil rubbed on a wound made
by poison oak is excellent.
lo prevent cabbage from wonting
tiling vcrv fut
I Add a teaspoonful
IsptKinful otsnda to
..,.t ,...1.1
lilt lllllll .ll.lllllLI III IU.ll- ,
of salt and half a tea -
the w ater and then
iiut tlie
cabbage in. Kirp it boiling,
nam auu lasi lor iweniv-nve liliuuies,
i. i i ... i i... . . . ...
l,llt not eovcr it uii. If there is not
, ...A . ,t ,
ii iiiueu I nil 11 ooi s (IH'I.
lilt re will im. no nail oilOr. At I lie CIUI
;.. .. '. . . .,
,ot twenty-live minutes take the cabbage ,
out, chop it, add butter or cream and;
i season to taste
w rac.K nH!,(' several arms
i" " ' '.,:uuu M,m"
in turns iasiens to ttie wall, l.s a conve-
... M . .. .
nieni place tor (irvinsr (lisli towels. i
' '
A Sliot Oil that new silk ilresa nmv lie
n-inoveu oy puiuinr u m sweci, mim
un.i tHmr it si,i .,i;i iiu,u i
The common May-weed blossoms put
in alcohol are superior to arnica as a lin
iment. d in soap may be driven
easily into hard w ood.
Terms Strictly Cash,
Prices never beforeheard nf in Hood
l''or sale at llood l.lver I'harniaey.
No rit'K FOIl 1'FIU.U'. TION.
I.iin.l Ulll.',' ill flu' liilli'sOr. A oaiisl . is.fl.
Nolliv K lii'irl.v lilwii llml tlie l.ill.m Inn.
tiiuiKMi Miller liu- lll. il until'.' of hi-, li.liiil Ian
la miiUr lliuil pOHit In iiiinit ol liN eliilm,
llllll I Mill Mllll MI.M.l HIM a.' III1II1K' I'l'li'ir nil.
, u,...u.r ,, ,,,.,.,.r i ,s. i..o.,u The liaii.
vr. an si'i.ti'ininr is, ism, i;
1 'Iimi li' t.. Moi'm".
Ilaini'vli-n t A ili.'il inn n, I'.i'."' I'm I hi. ,a
II 1 ,n u ' , u e ' , a. n t II '4 II v 't -iv 1" I' 1
Il I' Ik' w III.
Hi1 iianii tin' follow inn wIhii'ssi'h in 'hum.
I'.N .'.Mil IIUlolK l.'-llii'M.''' lipaa lulil . Hi, .Mi
ll, iii ni. val. I Inn. I, I: M. I' . l,o, 111 I. I,
A. . I. lain, I, . I, 'till lli'l, nil ol' llnait Kl,i
Iiyl.'-I'tlll .lollN W. I I AVIS, I Iff, list t-l-.
l.ioul uill.vnl l i e In Hi-, t'l.. An ;. ?..', ls.i'1.
, miUc lunil .H In Mi,.,,rl ol In i llui,
i iiinl llial Milil i'i..' will W uuuli' In lair ih,'
! .!.!;'-lr!T, "V.1 '"',vUr;'1 l I",1"'"'"
1 lie I'lillt". Oivson oil .Maiiilny I let. II, 1 ". i, I:
, ,, , .
Jrioiiii'l'. I ln ex.
I'r.'. I. S. No. ,.'.st ror Hi.' i' ' . a p iiiul i ',
, ,, 1 , MV .s, T)l ,,,, . tt '
j n,. . n. roii.miinr wiiupsms t i.r..v,
j hu ..uniiiiiaii. i. sai.nn' u;ma nni i'u'himi.
I "., , ' ""' . 1 ,,11l"';;i
.'o'l-'.1: W. kill, .K lali, 1. A. I. I'll, till
, K.'i4. tialii'il W rl.;lil, W. I I. Tali, t
1 01 iliHi.i i;im r, hi',.ii.
!rlH':l ,lll W
l.r.wis, I
NO'I'ICK Ftil IT I'.l.H'A TltfN.
Lmni titiiivnt Vinu-oiiwr uich. .luiv '.v. l'i'.i;,
Nutirou IhmtIiv cixm iinu Hu. taiinw in-.
ino.uil .i iili r lm llli-,! n,,m al ar, liia iiil..n
toi,i!.ki',',ui,iin. ai.0,1 i n u .i.m.i .n Mi,,,,.,,. ,,1
,.,.,. ,, ,.,, NlM Vl m ;, , ,,. ,..
r..iv i!.-.i,i,r nn,i la.-aini' f. s. uni.v
Viia.oin.i' .ii!i...n s-. .i.-tnt. r 1 1. lvu, m,.;
M'', v ; M,,"',"i: ,
H. 1.. ; u., !.,i tlie s 'tv t. I i .1 a r 11
I s,u mum". I!ir f, ,!lo. Iik' iliii'si- In n,iM'
In r eo'il am , 111 rrnl,.ii a nraii nit, I ru'il.n
Han nl, snl I Ian, I, M : Mi. on- 1'iilli ivni. ui
I IWMnlnl tn.voll, lirlll'., IIMIVs
! I'flltt lull!, I .1' 1 Mll'.i T, llli ol W lllll' Sllll.ioll
. W'asli.
.loll N 1. t.l.aii
;i:ov. lieiclstrr.
I,an,l nir.ivnt iii.'.'.iii City u,'. An-;, '.'j
Not !'.' Is lii'li'li.V iilv.'ii I In t Ilia ItilliiMlll
lUlllii'.l -. ulrr 1 1 :l
ill,', I iii.IIi'i- .if his !iili'illl.,
I" liu.l.r I'imi I'll
, .,,, , . ',
f In sii,k,iI i.f Ills ih.liii,
I' lltl lit- lllllil.. Ii.-tar.. liu
la-msii-r mni
i:.-.-.-li.T I'. S. I.iunt IMII10 nl
iii 1 lly iit'ix.iii 011 .1. I., .'.1, s:i.!,
.lolia C llniwn.
I 'oil at. s;il I lie III, vl. I liul la ' M.'MllIt, Will- '
Inin 1' i liM'll. linns Si 11 l.s, Nii l-. W l iii r. utlnri
Cllseiliti' I.0. K . W us. o imilll v I Mri.ll.
spl.-oi't lu ItutiKiir A. M ; i.t.Kii, lti";l-i'r. '
i .an, 1 uiiw
Notii-i' i
. Vinii oiiM i- Tsli. Air;. II, Isn't,
i ri'tiy uli.n 1 ilia Cillii'ii.
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Ulsirh'l of uiisliiiiL'tnii at t iolili'inliilo
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John 1). (ii.'OKlu'Kiiii, KrulstiT.
I "T -I t
L-iQOJti- JtieXe I
' A COOd S8t Of SinfflO
harness, hand made,
frnm Q1R f DOO
11 V1U VJ pJt
Team lines $2.60 to $3.
Full line of
washers in sstock.
Roston Team Collars, per pair fr" r0
Team Lines, per set $" to $2 .10
1 I'.reast .Straps .10 to (ill cts
l. Halters : SI 00
Feather Hone Whips oOcts.
Hood River, Or.
a specialty.
Call and see me at the mouth of the
White Salmon.
W. Woods Proprietor.
ii:Al.i;it IN
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils etc.
A l.trj'o supply of, and Kirlwih'r Kitftt to hqII
Cclobratocl li(i,uiil colorH nntl tlntnil load;.
Umlsxtakms: a Specialty.
Prepared to furnish at oueo, a line olass of t'oliluti, ulau u elionp gradti
hut tieiil and alllislalitinl.
11 fl
Cornor of Socond and Fo Jural Strootrt.
(Kl.l'.MItAI'ri) )
Acorn and Charter Oali j
Stovos and tangos. !
t.'iuiN, A in in it 11 1 1 1 mi anil Spurting (omhIs, !
Iron, Coal, I
ltlacksinitli Supplies,
AVagoiimaker'H Male1l.1l,
Sewer I'lpu,
rumps and l'j'ipo,
riiimblug Supplies.
'That thirty tlays If as long as wo can credit roods, and would rtxpoct fully
reiiiest our patrons to govern theui-iclves iiecordliigly,
Prescriptions and
Private Formula
- And .1 Complete Lino of -
n b Ji p io
u 11 u u
House BuiMor's Goods. S.isk
anil Boors, Mouldings,
Brackets aid Wo oil T u r b i n a s.
Lime. Plaster and Lath Ceil
ing, Ifoistio azitl Flooring.
Coffiaa-s d3 CaGfeGtc-
OS HlltMlTKST NOTll i:.
O. 1,. HTltAN All AN',
In-l.l i-i 1 1 .
Have on hand n full supply of Fruit, ShatUt ami Ornamental treon; grap
vinos, small fruits, Uosos and Shrubbery.
Be sure to get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Kcniomnerour trees are grown smelly without Irrigation.
Itemenihor our trees are grown strictly without Irrigation.
F. II. Stanton,
Choicest Meats, Ham,
Bacon, lard, Game,
Poultry, Also Dealers in
Corner of Oak anil Fourth Streets, .... Hood River, Oregon.
A 1 TO 11NE Y-A T-LA W.
Tho Dulles, Oregon.
Six lots in Waucoma, 480 acres in
Skamania county, and several farms
in the valley.
J. H. CltADI.KHAl'ilt.
uinl t in 1 inn
mnl Mawnj.
A tit''. NTH I'lilt
1 . 1 1 1 1
('olllillll)'s Al.'l h'liltlinil lllldrlllCllt
uinl .Miiclihii'i'i.
n 4 w
a i - 11 r "
H V", 1,1 X W DC
Araraately Componnitefl.
Local Agent.
rractlccs In nil tlni court of Orison and
W'usliliintoii. Siiecliil ii Mention given to con.
House and lot In Hood River. Ap
P'y to A. S. IWiOWehb