The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 09, 1893, Image 1

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iver Glacier
VOL. 5.
NO. 15.
IT 1
Stood Iivcr Glacier.
t Tlio Glacier rubllsblng Companj.
i um niri ioN rnic'K.
'i. .r
. I or
. Cew
I lilru lli.inllil
HiikU niijr
iarbcr Shop
Grant Evans, Propr,
S.i,-,,!,, hi ( rttt ()ttK . . Hood IUfr, Or
Mmvinjj and llulr cutting nrlly don.
.Nilllnfui'tloll (illlailtd.
Iln' Virginia iiihI TriickcK Hail rojn t
Ciiiiii.iiiv Iiiii p'iIih'ciI tin1 pay of nil it
i it 1 1 I - i-, i'i'i't luiiiiiiiitiM' cnginccrM,
1.' i n I l rill ,
ll m I n i 1 1 1 - I thai cilriixi vc fnui'ln
u i i ! i ii 1 1 i 1 1 ii I i'il iii mi i hit I iiiii with tln
uM. nip! in hum' tin1 .Sin iVilru in Vic-
till I.I ll.l' lull'.
I hi' ii iliilulH (if lllll Nllf pl'llddl HHV-
ii ' li.tiik lit I'iiiIIiiii I unlit Iln x'.nrk
huiili i- to n.iiiili:.'" 'lull tin' lui'ik Mill
M'. all lrpii.sitni' in full.
I ii Win-liiiitiiii'M (ruin hum-Hi
Dili M U Oil plHlllisl'H 111 III' lilt iH'Nt fVIT
l.lltitlll. I III' IIVI'IIIH'' NM'I'l fllMII ltlitl"ll
( uhiiiiliia tu tin' ()ii'(iiti Iiiii- will If
thiil v Iiii- licit tu tin? lure.
Srill Muiiitiif 1 vim H (Vfi'k, .liirkxoii
1 1 il nt v, )r ,, vt I n 1 1 an lii'i'il riillri t ami
l-ll!ii:li Ijl-t till' blllbs lllxl MCltlnnf till'
miI'I ll.ntfM o( Nuiillii'rn Ori'non, Iium
l nil iij iii,ti- u lii'ini"t in that lint'.
A' hw (u'oH't utinii of the work on tin'
Santa Marcui'itil exti'liMon on tin' Stnilh
ci ii I'.n ihi' hat nut I'rrn dleiontillilt'd lit
rcpml htatril. huiiic (100 men h i il
Will;, l' nt trill of tin' fm rr iH'ini
t alvi'ii ntf, iiinl il H lu'licved tint Iiiiiiii'In
will In' iliriiiujh ill the Hriii( of lH'.M.
T11H MllllllllT, it in n:tid, w ill HC(t tin-lil'-t
of tiir fit 1 1 it tllH II till icy Villli'V ((
t in l,i I?. Tlii'V mi' living t y million
I !- mii miiiii' lii-riiHc, ami have not yet dr-jxi-ilol
l lii'ir lyrt. TIioj-i' who have ol
n'i r I their IiuIiiIh Hiiy tlif disease liii Ii
hai ran-ril llii'ir ili'tlnntion in othrr
i!ai i - it tin' ttaiiitt to all n ' it iiruiii i'H hh
thai w liii Ii is killing llii'lil there. Tliry
Iiim In rii in tin' valley in iiiiiiiIhtm ever
Mint' it WlIM liit visited II' lilt' whiten.
In tin' fort'htiy litiil'liii( at the World's
I iiii Oivnii taken a buck n'lit for no
Stall' or nation, lu-r (ureMry I'xhiliit liv
ing a ifvi'latioii even to Oieniiiun who
luiv ht iit thi'ir livi'H in thf I'oifHlH. Shi1
hhowh tin- lar'i'Ht hlork of wood in the
htnliliii. Thin is a crona section from
the it imk of a tiilt'-lanil Hpiucc, ami in
tell li i i in diameter. Thin Heiiion was
nil t w fiily fri't aliovo the butt, which Mxtt'fii fi'i't ill lintiu'tT. The tree
ot w hich it was a part nil unite n sprout
when ('oliinihllH stinted on 1 1 i M firnt vov
H(t', uii'l before it wiih felletl ltd tupinoxt
liiiint'he.t toweled more than .'100 feet
above terra Ilium, or high enough to uf
lonl iiinple shade loi Ihe ntoimler 1'Vrrin
whet IV earn on the upper level. Oregon
i-hiiut iiImi a lieiilltiliil house eoiiHtrili'ti'tl
wholly of Oiv(on woixIh. It in ten feet
upline, nineteen feet high, ami in mir
iiiouiitril ly an open cupola. The liuiltl
ing t liitiiigluiiil it liiiithcd in hard wotnl,
all highly pnlihhi'il, elegantly earved inul
iiriaiigr'i in tl'' tnoxt attrnt tivu fiiNhion
poMhle to t-how tin) nativi' wooiIh of tlio
State. Tin' i'"l i Htipportetl hy four
nici ly curved l'urii! eoluinim uf maple,
w hile u hke ntniihiT of biniilur I'ohinuiH
of oak support tlio rtn)f of the cupola.
.Inst now the newHpiipeiH of Oregon
are having a great, ileal to nay about Or
egon fruit being shipped Kui-t, where it
is sold if a California product. There is
too much truth in the statement to make
the thing funny. Hut a few days ago at
Chicii'.!') some Oigouiatm, desiroii.H of
learning whether or iit there wiih any
sale lor Oregon fruitH, took occasion to
give the mailer a fair test, and nt the
mine time "evened up" on California for
having so long sailed under false colors
hy palming oil' as her own Oregon choicest
fruits. Just, outside- the World's Fair
grounds some hoys were selling Califor
nia (uenuine. not Oregon-grown) pears,
peaches, apricots and cherries, and the
Utile fellows were loudly crying their
wares "Fresh California "fruit!" "Cal
ifornia peaches!" "California pears!"
The Oregoniiina approached the hoys,
examined their fruits, and told the boys
that it w as not California fruit they were
wiling, ami assured thein it was grow n
jn Oregon. The Iiovh said it might lie
from Oregon for nil they knew they
said it was from California because that
made it sell better. Then (ho wise men
from Oregon dug down in their jeans
and brought up soino tdiining two-bit
pieces, which they gave to the boys with
the understanding that, they were to
shout "Oregon fruit," "Oregon pears,"
etc., during the remainder of that -day.
The boys died their lungs on the now
proposition, and the results were aston
ishing, l'eople who had visited the fair
and seen Oregon's peerless horticultural
diplay opened their eyes. " What," Paid
they, "Oregon fruit! Well, we must try
some of it it looked so beautiful at the
fair." And they did try it. f?o many
tried it that (be boys fioon sold out their
stocks and had to return to headquar
ters again and again for more, and up to
last, accounts these self-same boys were
crying, " Right this way for your Oregon
pears I"
(ienciiil I'll. John Pol ler Iiiih been ap
pointed cashier of the New York post
otlice nt a salary of 1 2 , 0 i I a year,
Oovernor UiihhcII of Masi-achum'tlM
Iiiih long been noted us an eiiii'sli inn,
and now be Is gaining renown as uu ex
pert bicycle rider.
Ilishop .loeph ICiideiuacher has been
transferred by the I'opn from Nashville,
Teiin., to Foil Wayne, Ind,, which is
considered a morn Important, position.
Having completed hi " I'rinee of In
dia," lieiieral Wallace has iiIuiim for an
other story already taking shape, but it
w ill probably take him several years to
OoiupHie ll.
Ho valuable are her lewi-ls that Mrs.
Poller rainier never attend a ball or
party of any kind to which she wears
thrill w it hout a l mile detective to form
a part of her escort.
The iiioiiiiini iit erected over the grave
of the ioi'l, .liiini'N liates Peirival, at
Hazel linen, Wis., through the ellbrls
of the fitfully of Yale College ami u few
others will soon be unveiled.
Miss Osgood of I'.rooklvn is the only
American woman who hat been admit
ted to work in the Sevres factory at Ver
sailles. She worked there for n year,
and now reprislm en the same work'.
(ieiieral Meitotti ( i.iribaldi, son of tint
Italian patriot, and his wife celebrated
their silver wedding a few days ago in
Home They received congratulations
from friends of the familv in all parts of
Mrs. Cleveland's tattes in jewelry are
very simple. Although she owns a num
ber of rings, she rarely wears anv except
her wedding ling. A favorite ornament
on dress occasions is a be.iut tful diamond
star, w hich w as one of her wedding gifts.
I.ady Wiiiiboiirne, the brightest and
cleverest of all the sisters of Lord Haii
dolph Churchill, is considered the source
from which the erratic politician derives
his inspiration, as be is not credited
with a great amount of bruins of bis
ow II.
Mary W. Fee, w ho w as known through
out the Second Corp" of the Army of the
Potomac as " Mother Fee," died in I'hil
adcljilua recently, Jhiring the war of
the Kehfllioli she win a Volunteer field
nurve, serving at the front without pay,
and it was there that she was nU'rction
nteiv nicknamed bv the soldiers "Mother
Mrs. Pierce, the sister of the poet
loiigfellow, bus presented to the Maine
Historical Society the house in which
her brother lived during his youth. It
is ll ldcst brick structure in Portland.
The properly is valued at fLTi.OOO, and
M is. Pierce reipiires t hat the rooms shall
lie forever kept as " liugfellow's Memo
rial liooliis."
liiirnes (irivlev, the only surviving
brother of 1 1 trace ireelej . lives at the
age of Tu Veins on (ho old (ireeley home
stead at eiiapliiiitni. He is described
by a recent lii'lv visitor at tall, loosely
iointisl, shambling of gait, with snowy
hair and beard, mild blue eves, peaceful
visage and a tongue that is the nearest
approach to perpetual motion yet dis
covered. Miss Lizzie Oreen of Detroit seems to
be the sensational l.ioauty of the Conti
nent just now. The story goes that at
the wedding festivilies the ijucen of It
aly had her nephew sent away on inili
tarv service to keep him out of the wav
of (he pretty American. The Human
shopkeepers display iihottigraphsof M iss
lireen standing beside the voung Count
of Turin.
Mr. Gladstone is to make a progress
in Scotland during the autumn, and he
will be the guest of lird lircadalhane at
Taymoulh Castle, of Inl Kosebery at
Malineiiy and of Sir Charles Tennant at
the Olcn. The longest visit is to be paid
to (ieorgo Armistead. Mr. Gladstone
will also be the guest of his nephew, Sir
.lohn Gladstone, at Fasquc House, Kin
cardineshire, for a few days' Btay.
The world's supply of diamonds is
twenty times greater than it was thirty
years ago.
It is estimated (hat this country pro
duces over 2,'JOO pound of grain to each
The public debt of France is in excess
of :;l,0l0.000.000 francs (in United States
money $7,200,000,000).
Twelve years ago one sailor in every
10(1 who went to sea lost his life. Now
only one in 2:!(l is lost.
Hohemia has nearly 1-10,000 separate
manufactures, more titan (here aro in
any other province in Austria.
In 1815 the United Slates produced
$50,000 in silver; in 1801, ! 57,(1:10,000, or
more than a thousand times as much.
Germany has one postotlice to every
1,771 inhabitants. In proportion to the
population the United States has twice
as manv.
The Navy Department is experiment
ing for an American bituminous coal
that is freo-burning, non-coking and
A Western geologist says that Kansas
can raise wheat for another 1,000 years
before exhausting the necessary proper
ties of the soil.
Mexico sends the UniteiFStates cverv
year $10,000,000 worth of " heniquen "
rope, the cord ago out of which ham
mocks are made.
An apple tree w hich is claimed to have
borne fruit for (he last century and a
quarter is still in bloom in an orchard
near Lenoir, N. 0.
The largest poultry farm in the United
States is located on Long Island. It con
sists of 1,300 acres of land, with five
miles of water front.
It is asserted that the best, strongest
and most fibrous material in the ehape
of wood now used as pulp for paper is
made from spruce logs.
Tho annual manufacture in Europe at
the present time according to the last
statistics is something like 1,850,000
square yards of looking glass.
Anthrax At tacks Also Human
l!'iii";s in Illinois.
(Tilniffo Hanker I in port Gold Direct
From Europe Typhoid Fe
ver In St. Louis.
The Punk of Commerce, at Havana
has failed.
Georgia's cotton crop will probably bo
the largest in her history,
A $ 12,X "0,000 drop in Georgia's valua
tion will cripple the State schools.
The Minneiistlis and Diilulh stork of
wheat amounts to 12,512,505 bushels.
The new government lands iiliout ready
fur statement comprise U, ."W0, 000 acres.
Notable colored men Ht Philadelphia
have organized an anti-l) lu lling league.
Cattle and sheeji herders are fighting
over the possession of rungi's in Colo
rado. The use of certified checks instead of
cash is U'ing tried with success at Little
A steady increase in through ami ex
port freight is noticeable on Eastern
Dick P'x-lie, the noted gold-brick swin
dler, is jailed at Omaha for his usual
Si. Paul and Minneapolis publishers
are lal king of reduced prices for type
setting. The agitation for the removal of the
capital of Kansas from Topeka has Ix-en
The anthrax is attacking not only all
kinds of live stts'k, but human Wings,
in Illinois.
Senator Siewart predicts the silver
question will be under discussion months
and months.
The Massachusetts Agricultural Soci
ety employs 100 men in lighting the
gypsy moth.
Governor Tillman will protect South
Carolina cocktails by securing a trade
mark on them.
The army worm has appeared in the
col ton Ileitis of the Arkansas ana .Mis
sissippi river Isjttoms.
The whole-ale grocers tit Memphis
have issued notice that they will sell hog
product for cash only hereafter.
The losses incurred by insurance com
panies in Tennessee during the year 1802
amounted to 00 per cent of the premi
ums. There is much agitation in Southwest
ern Kansas over a prooRed irrigation
litch, which would drain the Arkansas
A negro murderer, pardoned recently
by Governor Altgeld of Illinois, has just
been arrested at Kushville for highway
A crisis exists in Texas in regard to
the movement of the cotton crop. None
of the banks will advance money to move
the staple. .
The State Railroad Commissioners of
Kansas have taken holt! of tho seed
wheat problem to handle it in a non
partisan way.
A Boston Judge has decided that a
new simper may publish a biographical
sketch of a man, but not his portrait,
against bis will.
The resumption of operations in the
iron and steel plant in the Pittsburg
district has returned to work between
12,000 and 15,000 men.
The Government Industrial School at
Santa Fe, N. M., is to be changed into a
training school to prepare Indians to be
come teachers of their own people.
George A. Daly, the American loco
motive who was imprisoned at the City
of Mexico for having run over and killed
a man fourteen months ago, has been re
leased. A vein of coal has been discovered
near the mouth of Whiskv creek, one
mile south of Atkinson, kan. It is
twenty-four inches thick and of good
There is said to be less than half as
many icebergs in the Atlantic Ocean
this year as there were last year. This
is supposed to indicate a severe winter in
Tho latest proposed ship canal is to
run from Toledo to Cincinnati, making
Cincinnati a rival to Chicago for lake
trallle. The government is to be asked
to assist.
The impression is growing about tho
capitol at Washington that the present
extraordinary session of Congress may
come to an end about the middle of Sep
tember. The silver delegates from tho Chicago
Convention say that they will probably
open headquarters in New York, which
will be the central point of all their cam
paigning in the East.
The epidemic of typhoid fever in Si.
Louis has reached alarming proportions,
and is not accounted for by the health
authorities, who report the city in a
good, clean condition.
Several arrests have been made at In
dianapolis of leading business men, who
are charged with embezzlement and mis
appropriation of the funds of a bank of
which they had control.
The New York Herald has boldly
moved un to Thirtv-third street anil
Broadway, leaving Newspaper Row far
behind. The new building is two stories '
high, of solid masonry and iron through-
There is much hostility in the Seriate
to the hill to increase the circulation of
the national banks to the par value of
the bonds deposited. It is not thought
it will ever reach a vote.
In view of the present peaceful condi
tion of allium in Samoa Secretary Her
bert has decided not to send a naval ves
sel lt Apia, at least for some time to
come, to represent the interests o the
United States in the Samoa protectorate.
In a letter to Senator Voorhees, touch
ing the pending bill to extend the time
during which whisky mav lie in bond
Is-fore penalties accrue, Secretary Car
lisle declares it would allord no relief to
owners, and savs the amount of tx'iial
ties accrued and to accrue are not suffi
cient to justify special legislation.
Representative Geary, author of tho
'l.:. i .. ; ..ii i .
v-iiiiiewe exclusion aci, fallen on oecre
tary Greshaiu the other day, and urged
him to enforce the law with the small
amount of money on band for that pur
pose. It is understood Geary received
very little satisfaction, as "Secretary
Greshum adhered in his views to the
present sliey of the administration in
the matter.
Senator Carey has introduced a bill
providing that all desert lands, w hether
in or outside of a railroad grant, shall lie
sold at $1.25 an acre, and that all per
sons w ho have paid more than that for
land shall have the amount reimbursed
to them from the Treasury Department.
He also has a bill granting IS per cent of
the net prisveds of the sale of public
lands in all States to Ik; paid for common
Senator Mitchell of Oregon has been
early in pressing a bill to rtsluce letter
postage to 1 cent per ounce, and has in
troduced a bill for that purpose. The
trouble in securing legislation of this
kind heretofore bus always Is-en the op
position from the Postoflice Department,
I treatise there was not sufficient revenue
from the postal system to carry on the
postal business of the country and Con
gress refused to appropriate larger sums.
Then; has licen considerable corre
spondence concerning the forcible ex
pulsion of Italian miners from Cripple
Creek, Col., between Secretary Gresham,
Governor Waite and Baron Fava, but it
is likely tho explanation ottered Minister
Fava bv the State Department and Gov
ernor Waito will bo satisfactory to the
Italian government, ami that the inci
dent w ill be declared closed. After the
correspondence with Governor Waite
Secretary Gresham wrote liaron lava
that the attack was not due to race prej
udice, but the feeling against cheap la
Isir. When the Americans found them
selves underbid by the Italians, they took
forcible measures of M-euring the ends
thev desired, but did so with no feelini?
against the unpopular workmen a Ital
ians. Gresham expressed regret lor the
occurrence, and hoped it would not dis
turb the friendly relations between the
two countries.
In response to a resolution of inquiry
on the subject of silver purchases under
the act of 1800 Secretary Carlisle sent to
the House 6f Representatives a letter
setting forth the following facts: From
August 13, 1800, to August 10. 1803, the
lepartment purchased 101,521,000 fine
ounces, costing $150,000,45!). The high
est price paid was $1.20' an ounce, Au
gust 20, 1800; the lowest 09 cents an
ounce, July 24, 1803. Treasury notes to
the amount of 3 150,115,085 nave been is
sued in payment of the silver bullion, of
which $il4,0.( has been reueemed,.jn
standard silver dollars and retired since
August 31, 1800. Up to August 1, 1893,
$40,184,160 in Treasury notes has been
redeemed in gold; 30,087,185 standard
lollars have been coined from bullion
purchased under the act of of 1890. On
the 14th instant the government owned
of silver purchased under the act of 1800
133,101,375 ounces, costing $121,217,677.
Secretary Hoke Smith has heard the
argument of counsel upon the applica
tion of the Gilson Asphaltum Company
for the restoration of the two most east
erly tiers of townships now included in
the Uncompahgre Indian reservation in
L tali. It was the contention ot counsel
that these Indians hold the lands thev
occupy by sulleranee only, and therefore
neither they nor the Secretary of the In
terior have anv richt to lease anv Dart
of them for mining or any other pur
pose, i hey argued that the only way in
which the asphalt deposits in the reser
vation can be rendered accessible is by
restoring the lands to public domain, and
the power to restore lands by executive
proclamation is beyond question. At
the conclusion of the argument tho Sec
retary announced that he had serious
doubts as to bis authority, and in any
event be would not do so." He thought
it probable he would send a communica
tion to Congress on the question of open
ing tho reservation or part of it to set
tlement. Representative Hermann savs he has
some doubt as to what is necessary for
the improvement at The Dalles, but is
of (he opinion that if the delegalion
should unitedly support the proposition
for a canal not so large as that at the
Cascades, but sufficient for all vessels
that can navigate the upper Columbia,
favorable action may result in the fu
ture. Meanwhile he is of the opinion
that it would be a good thing to have a
portage road built to accommodate the
traffic of the river. From his intimate
know ledge of the men who will compose
the River and Harbor Committee he is
convinced that they will never agree to
a boat railway. They have argued the
question many times with him, and say
that tboy do not propose to commit the
government to a railway project of any
kind, and especially to one which must
be largely experimental and will cost
millions belore it is completed and $80,
000 a year to operate. Representative
Hermann is of the opinion that in time
a canal can be built, but the eame rea
sons which are presented for not build
ing a loat railway, committing the gov
ernment to building railways, operates
against the idea of constructing a port
age road by the government.
The Immense Sentence of a
Dishonest City OlHcial.
South Africa Developing a Fruit
Industry The Italian Silk
Crop A New Cable.
New Zealand lias refused to join the
Australasian Confederation.
The Italian silk crop this year Is about
25 per cent above the average.
Great Britain has alxmt 100,000 abso
lutely "homeless wanderers."
Attain will order that the payment of
all her customs duties be made in gold.
A statue to Queen Christina, mother
of the ex-CJueen Isalx.-lla, is to be erected
at Moil rid.
Kverv regiment of the British army in
India lias leen rearmed with the new
magazine rifles.
Last season the Carl Rosa Opera Com
pany made a profit of about $10,000, the
first in several years.
Russia is feeling the pinch of the tariff
war with Germany. The prices for all
grains are rapidly falling.
The Queen of Italy lias founded a so
ciety for the reform of street children by
teaching them some useful occupation.
A physician and sanitary corps will
si-our every railway train Ijetween Na
ples and liome as a precaution against
Sibyl Sanderson, who as " Phryne " in
Saint Saens' new opera of that name, is
variously praised for her physique and
her voice.
In England this summer six persons
have leen sentenced to terms of hard
labor as punishment for attpmntin tn
... J----B
commit suicide.
Don Jose Galindo, Mayor of Valencia.
Spain, has been sentenced to fourteen
years each on 217 indictments for falsify
ing public documents, or 3,038 years in
There was a net decrease in the Brit
ish revenue receipts during the first
quarter of the present financial year of
781,258 as compared with the same pe
riod last year.
Mrs. Langtry was one of the conspic
uous figures at the Brighton racing meet
ing, where she appeared attired one dav
in yellow and the next in black and
white striped silk.
Paderewski has gone to his home in
Poland for rebt and recreation. lie will
remain in retirement until October,
when he is expected to make his reap
pearance fn Paris.
The statement is made in Paris that
" French agriculture has lost as much
money this year because of the drought
as the Germans received by way of war
indemnity alter iiu."
South Africa is developing a fruit in
dustry. Within a couple of veara the
Cape Colony has begun to ship peaches
ana oiner iruiis 10 Lonaon, getting tnera
there in twenty-one days.
Reports from Lancashire announce
that Sjiuth-American orders for most
classes of goods have increased in many
quarters, the Argentine trade especially
oeing mucu more sacisiaciory.
Quite a large steamer, built in Scot
land especially for the purpose, taken to
pieces and transported to Peru, has just
been rebuilt and launched on Lake Titi-
caca, which is 12,500 feet above sea level.
There is a leaning tower at Caerphilly.
Glamorganshire, England, which stands
77 feet in height and is no less than 11
feet out of the perpendicular. The well
known Tower of Pisa leans 15 feet in 180
The border line between France and
Germany is to be remarked to avoid un
pleasant incidents. Large boundary
posts are to be set up, and neutral tracts
are to be marked out in the forest re
Dinizulu, the son and heir of Ceta-
wayo, the Zulu King, and Undabuke,
brother of the same monarch, are Napo
leon's successors in exile at St. Helena.
They have been there since the British
conquered Zululand.
Aspecial committee recently appointed
by the Glasgow corporation to consider
the matter of municipal telephony has
unanimously decided to recommend the
Town Council to apply to the Postmas-
ter-Ueneral for a telephone license.
South Australia's revenue receipts for
the past twelve months were 2,450,000,
a decrease of $280,000 as compared with
with the previous year. Victoria's re
ceipts were 6,963,000, a decrease of
766,000 as compared with last year.
King Humbert recently had sold at
public auction in one of the court vards
of the Quirinal all the old furniture,
porcelain, glass, etc., that had gone out
of fashion since Victor Emmanuel's day.
He made it a veritable clearing-out sale.
Should Christina, the Queen Regent
of Spain, fail to survive the dangerous
operation which now constitutes the
only chance of saving her life, the re
gency will devolve on her sister-in-law,
the Princess Isabella, widow of the Count
The new company that proposes to lay
a cable between Australia and California
will obtain a subsidy from the German
government for three sections of the line
between the Fiji and Samoan Islands
and between the Samoan Islands and
The announcement that Prince Max
of Saxony, nephew of the King, has
quitted the army to become a priest is
true according to the German papers.
The young man was born in 1870, and
recently served as a Lieutenant in a reg
iment of Uhlans,
"What, prettyl-iiher With that brown tklo
And hair pale brown? tha chxnk too thlnt
Orsr y rreoye7 Well; hav lc n
That'i on good point; bat pretty--do;
And nine In ten would pan her by."
"Faith, man, I'd be the tenth," quoth L
"Clever? not iihel Do what yon lint
Bhe'a the dull dog that llcki your lint;
Or only clever to divide
A rnan'i leant 111 by the least nlgrn
Like n at urn, ouothe, one known net why."
"Here' genlu pant all wit," quoth I.
"But (food? Parbleut by those calm took
Che' foamed In hymn and rookery hook
Mado for a iplmter, whoae poor pain
Will iwell the (Treat world' ip-neral gains,
Uncounted, a the year run by."
i'ever, IX love win love!" thought L
Dora It. Uoodala In Ilonicmnker.
Aa Idyl of the Sunnhlo.
The girl wa fair. Soft blue her eyes
as the skies, and pink and white her
cheeks as the mountain peaks at sunrise,
and golden light her hair as the moon
light air.
Ah, she was very fair.
Uncrowned save by her tossing tresso.
she stood facing the east, and the sun
came and kissed her.
Kissed her long and lovingly.
Her mother saw her there and called
to her.
"Let me linger here, dear mother,"
pleaded the fair being. "Tho air is bo
sweet, the fragrance of the flowers so
rich. The skies above me are so tenderly
bine, and, mother dear, I feel as if 1
were a little queen standing here in the
glorious reign of the sun."
The mother appeared at the door.
"Fudge.!" she exclaimed. "You ought
to have sense enough to come in out of
that sort of a reign. Don't you know
you'll be freckled worse than a turkey
And a heavy black cloud rose np and
wiped the sun across the face. Detroit
Free Press.
Children Over Six Hundred Tears Aco.
Somebody has unearthed a book writ
ten by Bartholomew Anglicus about
1280, of which one of the most amusing
chapters is on the children cf his day.
Of theso he writes: "iejr dread no
perils more than beating with a rod, and
they love an apple more than gold and
make more sorrow and woe for the loss
of an apple than for tho loss of a heri
tage. They desire all that they see and
pray and ask with voice and with hand.
They keep no counsel, but they tell all
that they hear and see. Suddenly they
laugh, and suddenly they weep. Always
they cry and jangle and jape; that un
neth they be still while they 6leep. When
they be washed of filth, anon they defile
themselves again. When their mother
washeth and combeth them, they kick
and sprawl and pnt with feet and with
hands, and withstand with all their
might." All of which sounds very mod
em and up to date.
The Educated Uootiior Cockroach.
While a gentleman was at his ofBce
desk a day or two ago, one of these dis
reputable roaches ran across the paper
on which he was writing. He flipped it
against the wall with his finger, and it
bounded back on the desk, lighting upon
its back. It remained motionless for
sometime until it recovered from th
shock and then endeavored to get upon
its feet again, but in vain. Smaller
roaches passed by their prostrate brother,
evidently without noticing it. but a larger
one came along pretty soon, stopped,
went over to the one that lay upon its
back, straddled across it, and giving it
a quick jerk with its forelegs landed it
deftly upon its feet, and the two disap
peared over the edge of the desk. In
dianapolis News.
A Hopeless Case.
Lady What is the matter with my
Doctor I cannot be sure yet. Have
you noticed him doing anything unusual
"Let me see. Well, last evening in
stead of lighting his cigar the moment
he left the table, he walked into the
library and put on his smoking jacket,
smoking cap and slippers before begin
ning to smoke."
"Hum! My, my!"
"And later on, when he wrote a letter,
he wiped the pen on a penwiper."
"Horrors! It's paresis!" New York
Didn't Know His Wife' Name.
"Struck the funuiast case of my life Sat
urday," said City Physician Hazzard, of
Alleghany. "I am examiner for a life
insurance company, and was making an
examination of an oil producer living on
North avenue. He was taking out a policy
for $10,000. He wanted to go out of town
today and was in a hurry. The policy was
in favor of his wife, aud when asked to
give her name he scratched bis head for
awhile and then muttered: 'Doggonedif
I know. I always call her Belle, but then
it's larger than that.'
"Well, though the man had been mar
ried eighteen years, be bud to go home nnd
make his wife write ber name out ou a
card. 1 can't blame bim for not remem
bering it, though, for her full first name is
AnieceabeL" Pittsburg Dispatch.
Lengths of Hi vers.
In Europe The Danube, 1,800 miles;
Dnieper, 1,2(50; Don, 1,120; Rhine, 691; Elbe,
600; Rhcme, 650; Volga, 2,800.
In Asia Ganges, 1,970; Irawaddy, 2,600;
Indes, 2,300; Euphrates, 1,750; Amoor.2,800;
Yaux-tse-Kiang, 3,300; Hoanz-Ho, 2,700;
Zambesi, 800; Yenesei, 3,250; Obi, 2,700.
In Africa Nile, 2,500; Isiger, 2,600; Sene
gal. 1,900; Gambia. 1,700.
In America Missouri to tbe Mississippi,
8.100; Missouri to tbe Gulf, 4,320; Missis
sippi, 8,100; Amazou, 8,000; River de la
Plata, 3.240; St. Lawrence, a.ioo; Orinoco,
1.600; Rio Grande, 1.800, Exchange.