The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 19, 1893, Image 4

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    Be on your Guard.
If some
powder upon you in place of the " Royal,"
it is because of the greater profit upon it.
This of itself is evidence of the supe
riority of the " Royal." To give greater
profit the other must be a lower cost
powder, and to cost less it must be made
with cheaper and inferior materials, and
thus, though selling for the same, give
less value to the consumer.
To insure the finest cake, the most
wholesome food, be sure that no substi
tute for Royal Baking Powder is accepted
bv on.
Nothing can be substituted for
the Roy?! Baking Powder
and sive as good results.
Move Than HU Match.
A gentli'tuntt h:ul liis pocket picked of his
purse iu the waiting room of a railway sta
tion and determined to have his revenge.
Accordingly he put in hi pocket an old
leather pure contuiniun nothing hut a
scrap of paper on which were written these
words, "Sold for once, you scamp:" and
proceeded to the same station at the busiest
time of the day and waited with the full
intent :t uivini: iu churne the first pick
pocket who might come his way. Twenty
minutes passed. Tired of waiting he start
ed to go home, but first he thought lie
would see if the purse was all rij.'ht. He
opened it, and, oh! s;upefaetion! instead of
the white paper which he had inserted
thete whs a piece of blue paper on which
were the words, "What a silly joke!" writ
ten in pencil. Intrunsiaeant.
Is a harmtess preparation in tablet
form for preserving am. kinds of
frvit without cooKixo. One pack
age preserves fifty pints of fruit or
a barrel of cider, and only costs 60
cents. Fruits preserved with Anti
fermentine retain their natural
taste and appearance. Ask your
druggist or grocer for Anti-fermen-tine.
Turin proposes an international exhi
bition in 1904.
pain neglected, may become
Just a little
may make a cripple.
Just a little
may make serious inflammation.
Just a little
may make an ugly scar.
Just a little
will get a bottle of
Years of Comfort against Years
of Pain for
A copy of the " Official Portfolio of the
World's Columbian Exposition," dtscriptive
of Buildings and grounds, beautilully illus
trated, in water color effects, will be sent to
any address upon receipt of 10c. in postage
stamps by The Charles A. VoestEa Co
Baltimore, Ho.
Baking PotVder
Purity and
Leavening Po Wer
'f o Introduce onr Powder, we have de
termioedtodtfltrlbnteamoDg tbe consum
ers a number of CASH PHIZES. To
the person orclub returning osthelnrgest
numberofcertllicatesonor before Jnuel,
1894, we will give a cash prize of $11)0, anil
to the next largest, numerous other prizes
ranging from ?5 to 975 IU CASH.
ELA'S Poison-ivy Pills a sure cure for
poisoning from Ivy-vine or Oak. If not im
proved in 2 DAYS, return the bottle and get
your money. Bold by all Druggists.
Agents and school children wishii g to make
money, write u for circulars of our State
and Citv Maps; every school child should have
one; sells at20cts. Also our new Atlas sells at
sight; $1 50; jusi the books to sell these hard
tiliies Owsa & Co., Alusworth blk, Portland.Or.
, X ?s 2vv2Y'SY
.-V s - VT VT V-v s-tt VL v-vj
another baking
A Terrible Threat.
A janitor in a blue shirt was cleaning
the windows of a bank at Broadway and
Park place th- other day after office
hours, when a tramp came along, who,
after eying him a few moments with
envy, relied to him:
"Hello, there, you chap in the bank,
can't you throw a fellow out a little,
money? l'tu clean broke, and almost
anything would be welcome,"
The janitor went on cleaning the win
dows. He heard what the tramp said,
but wouldn't admit it.
The tramp paused a few moments and
t'.ieu yelled: "Come, now, don't be. a hog.
There must be a million dollars in there,
and all you've got to do is to chuck a
bundle of it ont. Are you going to do
it or aren't you?"
Still no response.
The tramp began to chafe under tho
galling hauteur with which lie was be
ing treated.
"If you don't give me some of that
money, I'll start a report that the bank's
iu trouble," he yelled. "If ever there
was a first rate hog, it's you."
After 10 minutes had elapsed and no
one had taken the least notice of the
tramp he began to walk slowly away.
As he reached the gutter he turned
round, shook his fist at the window clean
er and muttered:
"When the commune is declared, any
one who wants money will only have to
walk into a bank and ask for it. I'll be
there, my beauty, when the day comes.
and I'll point you out to the fellow citi
zens as an insolent and bloated symbol
of wealth. Yon just wait, my friend,
till the call to arms is sounded, and
you'll find me right on the spot ready to
tell what I know about the enemies of
the proletariat." New York Herald.
A Theatrical Dresser.
There is one difference between Amer
ican and European theaters as marked as
their schedule of prices and their usher
ing system, and that is in the matter of
"dressers." The European manager em
ploys about half a dozen dressers who
act as body servants of the leading actors
in his company and a reregular employees
of the house, like gas men, cleaners and
scene shifters. The American actor,
however, dresses himself or else hires a
man to assist him. When he does hire a
man, it is usually a fellow player who is
"doing" small parts and is glad of the
chance to increase his f 10 wages by $5
from the leading or heavy man or first
The dresser has not only to assist in
changing his master's costume, a per
formance requiring great expedition, but
makes repairs, folds and puts away the
clothing, packs and unpacks the trunks
and sees that the dressing table is sup
plied with paints, wigs, combs and other
needful articles. In the European thea
ters the dresser seldom or never acts,
though he is often an actor who has been
forced off from the stage by illness,
lameness or loss of voice. He is gen
erally prompt, quiet, a little obsequious
and hopeful of tips at the end or a run
or of a season. New York Sun.
They Did Not Go to Sleep,
"The itinerary of a Methodist minister
mav have its unpleasant features," re
marked a well known divine to a news
paper man yesterday, "but it has its ad
vantages too.
"There is one little dried up Scotch
man who used to be on the southern
Ohio conference list who never failed to
get even with his congregation. At one
station he fared badly, and on the last
evening he addressed the church he be
gan, as all settled back to listen with ease:
" 'Now, brethren,' he said, 'it is not
fair to go asleep as ye always ha' done
until I tret r.lancr wi' my sermon. This
is my last one so wait a wee till I get
alang, and then if I'm nat worth hear
ing sleeD awa' wi' ye, and I will not
care, but dinnat go before I ha' com
menced. Gi' me thi3 one chance!'
"And they were all pretty well awake
by that time, so he went on:
" 'I shall take for my last text amang
ye the two strong words "Know thy
self," but I will say before I begin the
main discourse that I would nat advise
this congregation to make many such
profitless acquaintances!'
"You may believe that there was not
a snore or a nod in the house that even
ing." Cincinnati Commercial Gazette.
folly tint Srvernl Urliihl Idem and FlmU
n Va Tor Her stick of Candy.
"Mother," asked Polly, "what doe to do
thing 'by proxy' mean?"
"To do it by employing another person to
do It in your place."
"Hut that wouldn't be doing it myself,"
objected Polly.
"People consider it the same thing," said
mother. "If I sent Avthtirou an errand, and
he asked Harold to go for him because his
foot was lame"
"Arthur hasn't got a lame foot," cried
literal Polly.
"We must suppose he had, or that ho had
the toothache perhaps, and Harold went
"Harold doesn't like to do errands ei
ther; he always makes mistakes," said
Polly thought fully. Polly had her suspi
cious of sudden attacks of lameness and
"Well, it doesn't matter. Perhaps he
lniuht hire Harold to go by giving him a
piece of candy. If he did that, it would he
the same as it' he had done the errand him
Keif. He would do it 'by proy.' Do you
understand, Polly?"
"Ves'm," answered Polly as she started
tin stairs.
"I've not all the candy Aunt Kittle nave
me." said Pollv to herself, "11111 Arthur
hasn't an v. Mother didn't know that."
She pulled open her bureau drawer to
taie a bit of the candy. It looked very
pink and tasted sweet.
"There's Isabella's dress right under it
exclaimed Pollv. "I've lavit wondering
where it could lie."
She drained poor IsaMla Angelina by
her leg from under the bureau and proceed
ed to dress her.
"Polly:" suddenly came mother voice
"You must no to the store for tne. Uritlget
islmsv. and I want the fruit for my fruit
Polly laid down lsalielln Angelina with ft
si eh.
"I lust bate errands as much as Harold
- . -
Her eves fell upon the candy.
"Perliaps," murmured Polly, nodding
her head.
She slipped the candy into her pocket and
went down stairs with a demure face.
"Yes'm, yes'm. Kaisins, currants, citron
and allspice. Why don't you say all spires,
mother? It's correct er. There's Harold at
the irate!"
She ran after him, and mother, busy with
er cake, did not hear the little footsteps
which presently pattered up stairs again.
Harold brought in the grocer s parcels.
"How's this, my boy? It was Polly I sent
to Mr. Slote s. ion ve nrougm me me
wrong kind of raisins. These arc very poor.
No cut rants at all! Citron ami one. two,
three packages of cloves, cinnamon and gin
ger, but no allspice!"
Pear! dear! groaned llaroiii. us hi
ways the way.
He pushed the pmk candy laitncr into
bis pocket. It wasn t nearly so sweet as u
had Intnl.
"Polly!" called mother.
"Yes'm," said Polly's tneek voice from
behind the kitchen door.
'I sent you on this errand, Polly.
Yes'm," lisped Polly again, "ami I
went, mother, just as you e.piaineu. i
went 'by proxy.' ''
Mother kept her face as straight as sue
"Indeed. Pollv: then what nm 1 to dor
Here are the wrong articles. If Harold had
done the i iand, it would be Ins limit, Mil
if it is you who have done so badly you
must be punished for your carelessness.
Y'ou tell me you did the errand, "hat
shall I do about it?"
Polly considered the situation.
"Well. I did do that errand, mother; I
truly did. I did it 'by proxy.' I paid uar:
eld a piece of candy to go tor me."
Then a bright thought strut it rony.
"And don't vou think, mother, that if I
did your errand 'by proxy,' and you have
to punish nie for doing it wrong, ou ougui
to punish me 'by proxy' too? ' Harper's
Young People.
How Men Art at Fires.
Among the funny incidents of the lire in
the Agency building was one in which a
tenant oceUDVinii un uflice on the third
Ktorv rushed uu throiiKh the .smoke to his
room after his assistants had put every
thing into the safe. Seeing that this recep
tacle wan locked, he ordered it opened, and
swearing vehemently all the w hile at the
indifference of his help, who made a useless
attemnt to exnlain, he ran w ildly about
gathered tip a couple of newspapers, chucked
them into the safe, locked it again and then
climbed out by way of the lire escape.
When the excitement was over and the
safe was unlocked, the paper were fumd
to he a week old and had been used to bring
un laundrv work in.
A nut her man threw a waste uoner basket
full of bonds and mortgages from the win
dow, and spent the next hour gathering up
his valuables Irom the surrouiiuiuK uciku-
borhood. Uuffalo Express.
Dancing Among Savages.
"Dancinif." says Tylor, "may seem to us
moderns a frivolous amusement, but in the
infancy of civilization it was full of passion
ate and solemn meaning havKges and oar
barians dance their joy and sorrow, their
love and raue. ever their magic and reli
cion. The forest Indians of, whose
sluggish temper few other excitements can
stir, rouse themselves at their moonlight
gatbcriris,when, rattle in hand, they stamp
in one, two, three tune around the great
earthen pot of intoxicating kawi liquor, or
men and women dance a rude courting
dance, advancing in lines with a kind of
primitive polka step, or the ferocious war
da.e is nertornvea iy arniea warriors in
paint, marching in ranks hither and thith
er, with a growling chant terrihe to hear."
Popular Science Monthly.
The Triumph of a Nurse.
One of the famous Dr. A 's best nurses
married rather late in life, and her only
child was a sickly, puny baby that seemed
to have very little chance of living. The
mother, however, threw her whole profes
sional and maternal soul into the struggle
with constitutional weakness, and the re
suit is a splendid child, who looks as if he
had never had a day s illness in his lite.
attribute it all to massage and diet and the
mof-t, unremitting care," said the mother
proudly. "If I had not been trained a nurse,
I do not believe I ever could have saved
him." New York Tribune.
Itubber Curtains.
India rubber curtains are now being
turned out. At least that is what they are
called. As far as the actual process of man
ufacture goes there are several other iugre
dient.s used lx'sides pure rubber. I might
mention 5 per cent of pulverized fruit
stones, 3 per cent of wool dust, 5 per cent of
bleached leather waste, and many other in
significant little items which goto make
up these curtains. There is, however, 75
per cent of genuine indla rubber In the ma
terial by the time It Is complete. Ex
Not n "Urel Mess."
A partv of young men wlm were off on a
fishing excursion on the Ohm rlvi r seme
years ago were joined by an eccentric man
skilled as n iKherniau known iu t hat region
as "Uatvfooted Sam." He was a good cook
and made himself useful in so iimny ways
that his presence, though uninvited, was
toler.itod bv the ainateur sportsmen.
One morning two members of the party
returned toe.nnp with their appetites well
sharpened lor luvaktasi and were gin-ted
enthusiastically by u third man, who said,
"oit.m-t come along and see the llnest
baked pi I'.'h oil ever hud eves on."
They hurried to the table, but saw only it
rick oi bones, from which every liber of
meal had hem t-ikeii. Sam w as now hero
to be seen. When he n turned, no colli'
incuts wciv made upon the circumstance,
but in the afternoon, when the company
weiv lounging ou the bank, Sam drawled
out :
"I'd like to have all the llsh I could eat,
jest oust. 1 ain't had a mess since Pete
r'oltcl ketched that big cattish three yi ais
"Sam," remarked one of the group dryly,
"1 thought you had quite a fair mess this
morning. That perch weighed about 10
pounds, I've liocu Informed."
"Oh, yes," replied Sam, with no sign of
embarrassment on his placid countenance,
"I ate thai, but what I mean is a reel, reg'
lar mess!"
The company pondered ou this ivmarka
hie statement in absolute silence for some
moments, until at last the man w ho had
caught the perch ejaculated, "Well, I
suuui:" and nothing more was said.
Youth's Companion.
K.ncl.onr. Importations or ,'i;cl nidi'..
In the year 1S'.H .'U'A'.srt hundredweight
of potatoes, of the value of .4.' I , l'.tt, VJ I, were
import d into Kugland, w hieli means nine
pounds per head of the entire population.
Onions in IS'.H w ere imported to the extent
of -t.'.'SI.OU'i bushels, valued at .t;;U,74.".
tiardencr's Chronicle.
Kvery experienced nurse knows the value
of a remedy which, without being an aiut-
lyne, will relieve soreness of lit lliutis or
stiffness of the joints and enable a patient
to sleep quietly and naturally.
Just such a remedy are A l.t em it s I'oii
of n.Asrnts. riaceil on tne cuesi or uu
the back, if necessary rut into strips and
nl.'iord over the muscles of the limbs, thev
work marvels in the way of soothing and
niietiiig restlessness. Iteing perlootly sun
pie and harmless in their composition
thev can be used freelv. and many a suf
ferer has thanked them lor a night of quiet
rest, irraleful both to hint and those who
are for him.
liRVM'KKTit's l'lt.i.s do not weaken the
t"nmled evils rarely occur. The fact that
mnni'V lias been t it it Is said to nave reiiim n
III a K'X'd deal of sober thought.
Life Was a Burden
necau of the
pains In my stmnai h n l
siilr, ami alsooii in count
of i;a i stones. Altercat
ing 1 would bo iu tri al
distress. Mv fathrr had
me give Hood's Snrsaim
rlllaft t-hil. There was
an iinrniivnmc nt stonco
(tel 1 hiiiit continued 0
SHrTr.Caicnm la, N, Y.
Hariri's PHI i!st dluestlmi
headache. Sold I'T all driik''ists.
Wets., and
Sl.OOpor Ilottlo,
One cent a dose.
Tm8 Gbbat COUOH Cihb promptly enrol
where all others fall. Coughs, Croup, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness, Whooping Cough and
has cured thousands, and will CLUE Too If
taken in time. Sold by Druggist on a guar
antee. For ft Lame Hack or Chest, use
Have you Catarrh ? This remedy Is gnaran
teed to cure you. Price, SO eta. Injector froe.
" I am Post Master here and keep
a Store. I have kept August Flower
for sale for some time. I think it is
a splendid medicine." E. A. Bond
P. M., Pavilion Centre, N. Y.
The stomach is the reservoir
If it fails, everything fails. Tbe
liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the
heart, the head, the blood, the nerves
all go wrong. If you feel wrong,
look to the stomach first. Put that
right at once by using August
Flower. It assures a good appetite
and a good digestion.
ER. LeadlitK .low.
dor of the Pacific
Northwest, keens
larf?e stock of all
BADtiEM on hand
Best iroods at low
est figures. Badges
made to order.
In Ml nearest tho number of Visitors at
uuu llm World's Knir. 1'iirtlnilurs
mam. II1VD.1 IW LHWl-U K'H-i""!".,
.-'r.-EJ'KT 4 11 I V In ,1...d.. i.mi.dliin
and our treatise on Prevention rrtrr
a ml Cure of private Midi! "nurrtCC
Female disease nil sent r
Aecrits wanted. Stnndiird Remedy Co., Seattle,
Consumptives and peoplo
who have weak lungs or Asth
ma, should use Plso's Cure fur
Consumption. It has cared
thousands. It has not Injur
ed one. It Is not bad to take.
It Is the bast oough syrup.
Bold everywhere. 8Se
bam attniki
N. P. N. U. No. SOS -8. F. N. U. No. 682
taking It. until 1 nm 1 IJ V - I
now well. I have . JJHi I
Fsinrd in flesh, and ran PWV,K2Y'i I
est hrs'tdy withiiutdis- -v'iStL I
t:ess. I now enjoy life v v'JTR, J
and lowfltfi!! to Hood's - . (T
a."MRs..MAi:rS nririArr jut
ami ours
Ill iiMtHilllalalM ! MHalT ITT
HOW 1VI tiltOW (HU.
The thread that binds us to II Ik I" "'"f' 'rV
intently severed ere lh meridian of lite Is
reached In theeaxeof persons who ticKieit ch
ylous menus to renew fiitllnM stremtth. lK"f.
no leas the source o( happiness than the eotidl
llnli nt Until lite, run heetented mid p itieUiiited
w here It dues mil e lid I honminiU w ho have
experienced or a re coanldiiil Ineliidluit many
phvslcliiiis t( eminence- of the elleels o( lies
teller's stotimeh Hitlers hear lesllinony to Its
wondrous ellleiiey lis a creator ot slrenttlh I"
feeble CeiLxtdulioii and dchllllaled mid "hat
Icied tostem. A steady pellol miinee ol the
bodily '(mictions, r netted appetite, llcvlt and
nbihliv repose atiend I lie use ol tins thoroiii;li
and sti'indard rcnuvaiil. I'se no I nil node rep
resented lo he akin in or resemble II In ellecls
In lis place. ticmiiml the iteniilno, which Is an
aeknott remedy lor tnumcaiioii. union
nervousness, conHttpullon, liver nun a nine)
otuplaluts mid ibenmiiliMiii.
t', ..,- l'd.ii.iiu,ir J.ilt mi oeellll sloa Insll lid
lioiwn't the vessel lie It liihllnliy T I'litnineu
sieward I he wessel, mum, Is liylntt to ei
aid example In tin' passi'iiuers.
too uKWAitn, vino.
Tim renders of this tinner will he lilensed b
iMirn i hui tlu'ie Is ill least one dieaded disease
Hint scii'iiee has icon nhle lo cure in an us
sihuos, nnd that is catarrh. Hall's I nlarrh fine
Is the only positive cure now know n in ine men
n (in em v. t ntiiri I. nciiiu a conniniiuiniiii
llscnse. remilres n eonsilluilonal treatment.
Hall s Catarrh i lire Is taken Internally, aellutl
directly upon Hie blood and mucous sin lin es of
Hie system, tliereny uestrov init inn iniiiinainiii
f the dlsense mid ttlvlliH tne pnui'iii siieiiKin
v hutliltitit mi I In" constitution and nssisiunt
nature In dolus Its work. The proprietors have
so much talih In Its eiiiallve powi'is that they
Her One Hundred hollars lor any ease thai It
falls lo cure. Semi lor list ol teslluioulnls. Ail-
In- K. J.t'llKNKY '., InU'dn, ti.
gtf Sdd by KniKKlsIa; T.ifeiils,
I'so KitsmtillniirlUive I'ullsh; tinitust.tiiisint'll,
Thy Okiimka for breakfast.
t.KV IT A'C.V,
and ymir cough tuny end In sniiinttiini; seri
ous, "it's pretty sure to, if your blood i xMir.
That Is just the tun" and condition that In-
vitea ('oiisutnption. I hn myds am sown and
It has fa.steiul its hold tipdti you, before you
know that it is near.
It won't do to ttille and tlelav, when the
reined r is at hand. Kverv dlsoriler that can
b rent'lieit through the blood yields to lr.
Pierce's tloldeti Miilnal Pwovery. or
Hevore t'oiii;hs, Bronchial. Ihnsit ami l.uiiB
Ilitrnsm, Asthma, SiTofttla In every fortii,
and even the Scrofulous nlTeidioti of the
lungs that's called fonmiitiptioit, In all its
earlier stages, it is a sisilivo and complete
It is the mii hlovl cleaner, strength re
storer, and flesh-builder so effective that It
ran lie yttiirtiiifertf. If It doesn't betiellt or
mre, in every case, toii have your money
back. All medicine dealers have It.
Bladder, frlnsrv slid I.iver llseaes, Irnpiy,
Orsvel and Diabetes are cured by
Cures Brlirht's Dl-ease. telentlotl or Nun re
ten thin ol 1 rlne, i'sltm Iu the llsik, Loins or
l ures Intemperance, Nervous Diseases, (leneral
Debility, Female neaaiiess anu r.xccsites.
Cures Biliousness, Ileadaebe, Jaundice, i-ulir
stomach, Dynpepshi, Constlinllou nnd Hies.
AT IIM i: on the Hldnevs. l iver
and llouels. restorlni; Ihem to a beiillhy ur-
ion. nnd I I ICi;M when all other medicines
fail. Hundreds have been saved who have beell
given up to die by friends and physicians.
nnr?nlll "Sr' Primary. Hoeond.
A OrEiWIHU I I a arf or Turllarjt
Rvphllla permanently enrod In 15 to 85 days. You
can be treated at homo for tho snino prleo anil the
same aruiirnnteesi with thosowlio prefer to coma
mn nnvnTnensAnf comlnif. 1
PureWOWIllCOniriw:HUl.'u liinum inmni ,....,
hills: If we full to euro.. If foa have tuien nier-
rurv. IcMlldo
liao pmniR, no
?otun, annsiui navo a nei mm
oteheBiln mouth, WoreThrout,
pnlns, Mucous
t orT-4 'alorcd Mp
ots.n leers on any
yebrows aTtstf Inp
part of tho body, llulr or ..
but. It Is this HypnllUlo HI.OU1S I'OIMO.N
that wo aruuronteotocuro. Wo aollclt tbo moi,
obstinate cases and chllentrt lie world lot
a euuwseiisnotrnrs, 'i'lilsdlsensoliiisalvi'nj
hnffled tho skill of the mostrmlnrut physl
cluns. ;SOO,00 cntiltal bi'hlnd our mn'omb
tlonal miarantco. A Wlutoroolajwntsenled 1 oi
apnlleatlon. Addresa Kk Jl KM KItV O.
UMta to 11131 Masonic Temple, CblvuvOt "
Best in the Worldl 0 fl C A 0 T
Bet the Genuine! h ti Hi hf
CRANK WOOLSBT, AKent, Portland, i
IT011ITO PILES known br molstnra
Ilka parsulratiKi, oatiso Intonso llc-hliif
when wnrin. Tills form and BLIND.
BLlfiEDINl or i'liOTWUWNQ fliJSlJ
whifli aula dlreotlv on parts sirftctsA
I sborMtumorB,aUnynltuhlng(.etrictm
nil .rurmjnratmirA I'rioo lQo. DriliratHM
b pcrmani-ntoiir. I'rioo boo. DrugatsM
HILtlCi eriuJ. JJr, Boounko,J'hiliulelplil,l'a,
Astoria, Orb(ion, January 10. I Can state with pleasure that b .
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Palmer & ReyType Foundry,
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Brooklyn Hotel
208-212 Bush St., San Francisco.
This favorite hotel Is under tho miitiiiKcincnt
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not the best Family nnd ItiiHlni'DB Men's Hold
In Hun Francisco.
Home Comforts. Cuisine Unexcelled 1
First-class service and the highest standard of
respectability Kuaraiiteed. Our riMM enmmt br.
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