The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 05, 1893, Image 4

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    Imparts that peculiar lightness,
sweetness, and delicious flavor noticed
in the finest bread,
crusts, etc., which
declare is unobtainable bv the use
of any other leavening agent.
Another Scion of a Distinguished Fit mil)
Selected by the rrraident.
Edward B. Whitney, who was nominated
by President Cleveland for the ofiice of as
sistant, attorney
general, is a very
successful lawyer
in the city of New
York, a member
of the firm of Bur
nett & Whitney.
His appointment
to his present posi
tion is said to have
been strongly
urged by the most
prominent mem
bers of the "anti
snapper" conven
tion, in which he
took a potent and
prominent part.
EDWARD B. WHITXET. Among hisindors
ers were such men as ex-Secretary of the
Treasury Charles S. Fairchild and ex-Mayor
of New York William R. Grace.
Mr. Whitney worked hard for the nom
ination and election of Mr. Cleveland to
the governorship of New York in and
has ever since been among his stoutest sup
porters, doing some very effective work for
bim during the presidential campaigns in
1SS4, and 1S03. When the National
Association of Democratic Clubs was or
ganized in 1SSS, Mr. Whitney was elected
secretary, and he was also secretary to the
state committee organized by the Syracuse
or "antisnapper" convention, from which
he was a delegate to Chicago.
Mr. Whitney was born in New Haven,
Conn., Aug. IT, 1S57, and after attending
the Hopkins grammar school entered Yale
college in 1S74, graduating from the academ
ic department in 1STS. After a law course
in New Haven and at the Columbia college
law school in New York he was admitted
to the bar in 1&S0 and has since then built
up a very extensive and lucrative practice in
New York city. He isa memberof theLaw
yers' club, the Century club and the New
York Bar association and a trustee of the
Reform club. He is not above medium
stature and is quick and nervous in man
ner. He is considered an exceptionally bril
liant conversationist. With all his prom
inence during the last 10 years in Demo
cratic politics he has never before accepted
public office.
Mr. Whitney comes of a distinguished
New England family. His father, William
Dwight Whitney, professor of Sanskritand
philology at Yale university and editor of
the "Century Dictionary," has a world
wide reputation as one of the greatest liv
ing philologists, while his uncle, Josiah
Dwight Whitney, the eminent geologist,
has been of great service in various state
surveys and has now a more than national
Yon may be pretty certain the man
who puts his feet on the upholstered
chairs in a Pullman car has no finer up
holstery in his own home.
Is a harmless preparation in tablet
form for preserving all kixd3 of
fruit without cooking. One pack
age preserves fifty pints of fruit or
a barrel of cider, and only costs 60
cents. Fruits preserved with Anti
fermentine retain their natural
taste and appearance. Ask your
druggist or grocer for Anti-fermen-tine.
Smartlv Solomon's first wife was the best one
he had." Mrs. .Smartly How do you knowt
Smartly The Bible says thutshe was one woman
in a thousand.
uibicr truly cutg
ortte urofst"Co5je5
pf Pain
e Rest-
N. P. N. U. No. 503-8. F. N. U. .No. 680
Royal Baking Powder,
made from absolutely pure
Grape Cream of Tartar,
cake, biscuit, rolls
expert pastry cooks
Two travelers started on a tour
With trust and knowledge laden;
One was a man with nudity brain.
And one a in'Utle maiden.
They joined their hands and vowed to bi
Companion for a season.
The senile maiden's name was Faith,
The tnichty man's was Koason.
He sought all know lodge from this world,
And every world a-near it;
All matter ami all mind were his.
Hut hers was only spirit.
If any stars were missed from heaven.
His telescope could tind them:
But while he only found the stars
the found the liod behind them.
He sought for truth above, below.
All hidden thincs revealing;
She only sought it woman wise.
And found it in her feeling.
He said. "This earth's a rolling ball,"
And so d.iili science prove It.
He but dix oveivd Ihat it move.
I She found the string- that move it,
1 He reads with geologic eye
! The record of the nucs;
Unfolding sl rata, lie translates
Karth' wonder written pages,
i He digs around a mountain base
1 And measures with a plummet:
She leaps it with a single bound
And stands upon the summit.
He brings to light the secret force
In nature's labyrinth lurking
And binds it to his onward car
To do his mighty working.
He sends his message o'er the earth
And dow n where sea gems glisten:
, She sendcth hers to tiod himself.
Who bends his rar to listen.
Jll things in science, beauty, art.
In common they inherit:
But he has only clasped the form.
While she has clasped the spirit.
He tries from earth to forge a key
To ope the gate of heaven!
That key is in the maiden's heart.
And back its bolts are driven.
They part! Without her all is dark.
His know ledge vain and hollow.
For Faith has entered in with (iod.
Where Heasnn may not follow.
Elizabeth York Case In Home and Country.
The First American Ilible.
In 1603 the first Bible printed iu Amer
ica was published in Cambridge. It was
unlawful to print an English version of
the Scriptures, that right being a mo
nopoly enjoyed by privilege and patent
in England. The one printed in Massa-
chusetts was Eliot'a famous "Indian Bi
ble, and although i.ouu copies were
struck off they are quite rare, and
"sealed books," as the tongue in which
they are written is literally a "dead lan
guage," the tribe and all who had a
knowledge of the dialect being long ex
Eliot's work is unique, being at once a
monument to his piety, perseverance and
learning. Its literary successor was New
man's "Concordance of the Scriptures."
This was compiled by the light of pine
knots in a log cabin in one of the frontier
settlements of Massachusetts. It was
the first of its kind, and for more than a
century was admitted to be the most
perfect, holding its place in public es
teem until superseded by Cruden's, which
it suggested. Philadelphia Eecprd.
Meaning of the Word "Either."
The legal meaning of the word "either"
has been gravely argued in an English
court of record. A certain testator had
left property, the disposition of which
was affected by the "death of either" of
two persons. One lawyer insisted that
"either" meant both, and in support of
his views he quoted Richardson, Web
ster, Chaucer, Dryden, Southey, the
story of the crucifixion and a passage
from Eevelation. The judge suggested
that there was a song in "The Beggar's
Opera" which took another view, "How
happy I could be with either, were t'other
dear charmer away."
In pronouncing judgment the court
ruled that "either" meant one of two.
and did not mean both. He said that it
might have that meaning occasionally in
poetry, but never in an English court of
record. Exchange.
An I'nexplorable French 1'lt.
The wonderftd pit of Creus de Souci
in France is situated in a sheet of recent
basalt on the south side of the Puy de
Montchal. The opening is 82 feet in di
ameter and 38 feet deep, but at that
depth a hole about 10 feet wide commu
nicates with a hollow 70 feet deep, at
the bottom of which is a stagnant pool
overladen with carbonic acid, which for
bids access to the water surface. The
interior is a vast hollow, apparently
formed in the basalt when semifluid, by
an explosion of volcanic gas. The tem
perature falls from 54 degrees Fahren
heit in the open air to 34 degrees near
the water. Pittsburg Dispatch.
Odd Echoes.
In a cave in the Pantheon, the guide,
by striking the flaps of his coat, makes a
noise equal to that produced by firing a
12-pound cannon. In the cave of Smel
lin, near Viborg, Finland, a stone thrown
down a certain abyss makes a reverber
ating echo which Bounds like the dying
wail of some wild animal. Exchange.
1 W
Krai Hlndiia.
A blind and crippled old mtui sat at the
eilfc'e of the icy atone pavement grinding
out his few tunes on n wliee.y hand organ,
Mini holding in una ham) a tin cup for pen
niea. Tho cold wind blow through his
rat;, ami he was indeed a pitiful object.
Vet few of the passers by deemed to pity
bim. They were all in n hurry, and It was
too cold to stop and hunt for pennies in
pocket and purses.
A midden Kiist of wind blew the old
man's cap olV. It fell by the side, of tho
pavement, a few feet distant, lie. felt
around for it with his bare, red hands, and
then with bis cane, but ho could not Hud
It, and finally began playing, attain Intro
Vended, with his scanty Kr;)' locks tossed
llsuit in the wind.
Peoplo canto and went, happy, well
divssod men and women in Milks and vel
vets and sealskins, iu warm overcoats and
gloves and mulllers. Hut none of them
paid any attention to the old man.
By and by a woman canto out of an al
ley, an old woman in rag; mid tuners,
with a great bundle of boards and sticks
ou her tx'iit back. Some of tho boards
were no lout; that they drained on the
ground Miiud her, ami it had evidently
taken her a loin; time to tie alt tho lioarda
and bits of luinU-r together and g,et tliem
on her back.
tUio came along, bendiin low under her
burden, until hhe was within a few feet of
the old organ grimier. Sho saw his cap
lying by the pavement. fclie saw him ait
ting there bareheaded.
She (stopped and untied the rox that
bound the bundle to her back, and in a
moment the boards were lying on tho
ground. Then she picked up tho cap, put
it on the old man's head and tied it down
with a ragged string of a handkerchief
taken from her own neck.
"Cold, hain't itf" she said.
He nodded.
"Ain't gittiu much today?"
He shook his head agaiti.
She fumbled in her ragged skirt for a
moment and finally brought forth a cop
per. She dropped it into his little cup,
hoisted tho great bundle on her back and
weut on her way. Youth's Companion.
Mr. tirreii llidcrstood It.
Some good stories are told of Thomas
Reynolds, who began his duties as anas
gociate justice of the supreme court of this
state early in September, IS'JS. Not all t f
them are true, and the olio that follows
has been denied, but il may lie worth re
peating nevertheless Governor Ford is
authority for it:
Judge Reynolds presided at a court iu
which a man named li recti had been con
victed of murder, and it liecame his un
pleasant duty to pronounce sentence of
death upon the culprit. He called tho
prisoner before him and said to him: "Mr.
lireen, the jury in its verdict says you are
guilty of murder, and the law says you are
to lie hanged. Now, 1 want you and all
vourfriends dow n on Indian creek to know
that it is not I who condemns you, but it
is the jury and the law. Mr. lireen, the
law allows you time for preparation, and
so the court wants to know what time you
would like to lie hanged.
The prisoner replied that be was ready
to die at any time the court might appoint.
The jiulgetlien said: "Mr. Green, you must
know that it is a very serious thing tot
hanged; it can t happen to a man more
than once iu his life, ami you had liettcr
take all the time you can get. The court
will give you until this day four weeks,
Mr. Clerk, look at the almanac and see if
this day four weeks comes on Sunday."
The clerk looked and found that it came
on a Thursday, and the court informed Mr
Green that be would be hanged on that
day. The attorney general of the state,
James Turney, wanted a more formal and
impressive sentence passed, but the court
replied: "Oh, Mr. Turney, Mr. Green un
derstands the whole matter as well as if I
had preached to him for a mouth. He
knows he 1ms got to be hanged this day
four weeks. Ion understand it iu that
way, Mr. Green, don't you?"
Mr. Green said "Yes," and the court ad
journed. Chicago News.
Sock and Buskin.
In the early ages theatrical performers
disguised their faces with wine Iee3 or a
rude pigment. Kschylus, the famous tragic
poet, introduced masks, which were of
various kinds, expressing every age, coun
try, condition and complexion. All were
constructed with the greatest nicety and
precision. The dresses were also adapted
to the characters assumed by the actors.
What was known as the buskin was a
hunting boot. Those worn by tragedians
bad soles three inches thick, composed of
layers of cork, and were laced up in front
as high as the calf.
Sandals were also worn, and many of
these bad thick cork soles. The colors of
the foot coverings were various, red being
the favorite hue for warriors and purple
for other characters. Slaves wore a low
shoe, bearing the name of sock, which was
also the ordinary footwear of comedians.
From this circumstance arose the well
known phrase of "sock and buskin," so
generally associated with the drama. De
troit Free Press.
Some Mother' Superstition.
The superstitions concerning babies ex
1st in almost every household. If the
baby's nails are cut before it is a year old
it will have a propensity to steel. If it is
measured it will cease to grow. It is lucky
to take a new born babe up stairs. It is
unlucky to take it down stairs. I know a
very intelligent mother who, because of a
superstition of ill luck, will not name any
of her children until the rite of baptism is
about to be performed.
Another lady just as refined becomes
nervous if some one in the house has placed
three or more chairs in a row, as that fore
boded an early funeral. A third, upon re
turning soon after having left the bouse,
will sit down for a few minutes to break
the spell of ill luck accompanying such
return. Philadelphia Ledger.
Feathers, Scales and Hairs.
The feathers of birds are simply modified
hairs. Scales of fishes overlie one another,
tile fashion, like birds' feathers, and for
the same purpose, namely, to shed the
water. If a fish's scales were set with their
edges toward his nose his progress through
his native element would be Impeded.
Washington Star.
Suffered Every Minute
Since I came out of tho war, with catarrh in my
head, chronic diarrhoea and rheumatism," says
Mr. J. u. Anderson, ot
Bcottdale, Pa. 'I had
pains all over me, my
fiKhtwasdim.and there
deemed to be floating
specks before my eyes.
Tho food 1 ato seemed
like lead In my s'omach.
Hood s BHrsup'inlla and
Hood's Pills did me more
good than anything else.
All my disagreeable
symptoms have gone." Mr. J. G. Anderson
Hood's Pills cure Constipation by restoring
the perlbtultlc action of the alimentary canal.
Meiiaiirtiig t audio I'nnrr,
Tho tnotliod vt lni'tisuTinr! tho onn
dlo ixiwor id' lio,ht is simply to niovo
tin object tilon it j;t'iuli'l ncalc, away
from tho liht. until it const- to cast
n sluulow ; a murk mi tho wulo at
this (mint indicating tho candle jiowor
of tho Hanio. It is apparent, that the
rdimlows thrown aretoa great extetit
dependent on tho intensity of tho
light. Thus water gas, which gives
u more intense light to a given area
than coal gas, casts a strong shadow
in tho measuring machine, hut when
put to practical use it does not illu
initiate a room so well, not having so
groat ilitYusivo power as a coal gaa
light of tho same measured candlo
power. New York Commercial Ad
vertiser. Whenever a lover throws liU sweetheart n
kiss he Is generally In the last throesol paritiiK.
Millbrae, San Mateo county, ("al. A llrat
class home school for boys. Iteitulil'iil tmr
roumliuk's. Superior instruction. The beat
of care. Us graduates for IS'At are admitted
to the State I'niversity or Stanford I'niver
sity without examination. Number ol' pu
pils limited. I'ull term commences August
1. Send for catalogue, and mention this
paper. Ira (!. lloitt, l'h. P., Master, ex
State Superintendent Public Instruction.
Novelist I'd like to have my herolnedoNonie
hlim aholnlelv iinliiel" friend -Vest li y
don't nm have her taint wl
A trembling hand, an uncertain step, tldttell
ness, Indicated hy restless shifting (rum one
place or posture lo another, uaually menial an
iioyaiice at unexpected noises, aie among the
indication o( extreme nervousness. These
seem trilling, hut the health o( men and women
Iu this condition is " decidedly shaky," liahlc
to he overthrow n disastrously hy causes which
the vigorous mlghl defy. To fortify the ner
vous system general vigor must, through the
medium of reinforced digestion and a renewal
of an impaired power of sleenlug al night, he
raised to a healthful standard. A guarantee of
this Is Hosteller's Stomach Hitlers, w hich re
establishes digestion, bile secretion and the
habll of body on a permanently regular basis,
thus renewing that IhmIiIv equilibrium, w hleh
Is followed by a gain oi trenglh ami nerve
lraiiiiillllty. lor kidney complaint, rheuma
tism, ueuri Igia, and a a preventive of the llrst
attack or subsequent return of malarial disor
ders, this medicine Is without a peer. Thrice
dull) lake a w iueglassliil.
Mrs. Yoiiuglove Shall ou eXS'l me to bnke
1 ii own bread? Mr. Younglove Jit-t as ou
prefer, dearet ; but ou needn't bother about
bilking mine.
Tit I HUT K.
While it is over thirty years ago sin e
Allcock's I'okoi h Plahtkiis were first in
troduced to the medical profession ami
public, the marked success ami unprece
dented popularity which they met with
not only continues, but steadily increases.
No ot iter plasters have been produced which
tram so many testimonials of high value as
those continuously accorded to All .cock's
I'nKors IVvstkus, and the only motive for
these exceptional tributes lies in the fact of
their being a medicinal ami pharmaceutical
preparation of superior value. Additional
prol of the true value of Ai.i.coi k's I'ok
Dts I'l astkks lies in the fact that they are
being largely imitated by unscrupulous
persons, who seek to deceive the public by
ottering piasters which they claim to lie the
"same,"' "eitial," "as good," "better,'
" best porous plaster," etc., while it is in
general appearance only that they resem
ble Ai.i.cih k's. Kvery one of the so-called
porous plasters are imitations of Al.l. cock's
roHoi's 1'lastkks.
Avoid dealers who attempt to palm off
inferior and worthless plasters that are
purchased ny them al low rates lor tlie
purpose oi substitution.
The matrimonial nice Is often begun at a rat
tling gale.
There is more catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases nut together
and until the last few years was nupi"isei to ,e
Incurable. Kor a great many years doctors pro
nounced It a local disease and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly falling tocure w ith
local treatment pronounced it incurable. Set
encc has proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by K. J. Cheney iSt Co.. Toledo, Ohio. Is the only
constitutional cure on the market. It is taken
internally iu doses from ten drops to a teasxiou-
lui. it acts directly on tne nioou ami iniieou
surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred
dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials. AdilresH
F. J. CHb.NEY itt CO., Toledo, O
0 Sold by druggists; 76 cents.
Use Euamellne Stove Polish; no dust, no smell
Tbt Gebmka for breakfast.
need Dr. 1'icrcc
Favorite Prescrip
tionthose who
waut to be made
strong, and those
who want to be
made well. It
builds up, Invigor
ates, regulates, and
It's for young
girls just entering
womanhood ; for
women who have
rn.iched the critical
"change of life"; for women expect
ing to Decome motners; tor moiners
who are nursing and exhausted ; for
everv woman wno is run-uown. uciicaie.
or overworked.
For all the disorders, diseases, and
weaknesses of women, "Favorite Pre
scription" is the only remedy po unfail
ing that It can be quaranleeti. If It
doesn't benefit or cure, in every case,
the money will be returned.
A NAAfl filVKN AWAY to those guessing
CP JLKJU "carest the number of Visitors at
wvv the World's Fair. Particulars
ilJJ and our treatise ou Prevention f. p.-,
T and Cure ol private Male and l M h H
Female diseases all Kentl r
Agents wanted. Standard Remedy Co., Seattle.
F;R, beading Jew
eler of the Pacific
Northwest, keeps a
large stock of all
BADGES on hand.
Best goods at low
est figures. Budges
made to order.
Consumptives and people
who have weak longs or Asth
ma, should use Ptso's Cure for
Consumption. It has cared
thousands. It has not Injur
ed one. 1 1 Is not bad to take.
It is the best cough syrup.
Bold everywhere. S5e
SMMa. j I
For sale bj all Drug-gists. It5 Cents bottle. ( 1
.iV tffl'tYii jmJ
Friitii; Material ail Machinery
Kor Hiilo at lowest jiriivH niul iiuwl (ulvaiitii'oiiH tt'i niM nt
Corner Front and Alder Streets,
Writo for jiriivH ami torniH lirforo luiyini? t'lHowht'ii'.
toot.,nnil 1
f l.UJper llottlo.
Due cout a done
TlIU OuAT OotJOll t 'I'liii promptly riins
where nil others fall. Coughs, Croup. Sor
Thront, HomrntM, Whooping Coi.Kn nnd
Asthma. Kor Consumption It Tin no rival:
hM cured thousands, and will CP UK Tot) If
taken In time. Sold by Hmgiilsta on n tfiinr
mitcr). l'or a I.atno I lurk (r cheat, uvo
DSjsZaivn EMEDY,
lliivo you t alarrh 'I Till remedy la trimrnn.
teed to cure, you. Trice, 60ct. Injoctorfrcc,
Miss C. O. McCi.avk. School
teacher. 753 Park Place, Klmira, N.
Y. "This Spring while nway from
home teaching my first term iu a
country school I was perfectly
wretched with that human agony
called dyspepsia. After dieting for
two weeks and getting no better, a
friend wrote me. suircestinir that I
take August Flower. The very next
day I purchased a bottle. I am de-
Iiehted to sav that August Mower
lilruvt fn en tint T It-n-A ntn'lA -
covered from my indisposition." 9
Baking Potifer
Purity and
Leaveninji PoWcr
To Introduco our 1'owilor, e hava do.
teruiined to dlHtrlliuto among tho cnnsum
rs number of CAhll l'KIKS To
the person or club rotnrnliK ui tho Urtfiwt
niimlKTofrertllliftlesonor beforo Jiimu 1,
1894, wo will Kive a ranh prl.o of If 100. nnd
t thn next largest, niniieriiim oilier prizes
ranging from fltuf 75 I.N C'AHIL
order your HUMMER
KOI.I.KKH. You want
the BK.HT ; that's the
only kind wo deal In.
Then send your order
lor tho HKST KOI.I.KKH
and INKS to I'AI.MKR
ITCnrrrrj rri,E8 known by t-io!atitr
lk unrHplratliui.cniinu intense lUihinf
When wiinn. 'fills tnrm O'l'l ULiNll.
BliJiEOlNIi or I'HO'rltVDlUa ilLLli
whleli sots diroctlr on parts affectM,
abfiorba tumors, allnvn itelt)ua,efhtntliiii
a pfirma-.TTitouro. Prln'i fnio. Jriifrslfits
oriujid. JJf, Xtouaokoll'hlluUolphia,,a,
oore's Revealed Remedy,
roRtA. OkKdON. Jannarr lh T nun utntu i.u Ki . . ..
Ahtoru, Orbhon, January
?".'l:lMM ""I m7 younRcsthoy cured entrroiyof lNF a mm iVh v ITwl
MAT1BM when tho best i
doctor I
ITU. I I M' OI'-
Hercules Gas Engine
Mad for PowaT or Pumping Purpose.
Th O0"t Itsllabl Ou Eimlut)
ou Um llaiksL
Our OP Enooh As
rv dlrapllclty H Heats tho World.
It oils Itself from a lte.ervolr,
Ho Carburetor to get out i.fuhUr.
Jio lUttrrlcs or I.lm trlo hpik.
ri ran with Chcapr tirade of tuaulli.s U.aji i y
ctiicr l'.iiin.
IIKO rod C.Tl!KU' TO
416 tafltomi Strict. San tmv, U.
Brooklyn lio
208-212 Bush St., San Francisco.
Thl favorite hotel l Under the tmitiiieentiMi!
of I II A hi. M MuMiiiiM KUY, ami l ii- e Itf
1 not the heni Family and lliiMtu Men' Unlet
j In San I raneiM'o.
j H0TT16 Comforts! CuiSinS UnCXCCllcd !
ririi.ela erviee and the Inchest s'limlnrd of
respeetnhlilly ninirmiteed, tinr m ,1111 niM:.-l In
tutjHisiiiit fur wiiii-". (in. r.iu, f.i I. p.oiu.l and
room er day. Jl '-'.i, l .'iO. I.T 1 and t.'.no; Imanl
ami mom per week , f; to f I .' , nm:le rooms, .m
to l. t ree coaeh lo unci iroin holel.
DR. GttNrS
In rUlnf ffinilly nf nin chi.rtrn, my only rm
9f fur Coutrhs, C'ul-li nnd Crtmp wnrt onion vrup. U
in jiiHt nm rfTK?tlvi ti-d iy a it. wt forty ymri Alt".
How my ftrn.lnhltilrrti Ukn Ir. (itmn'n Onion Hyrut
whluh i rtlmariy prnpurcti tM more pfniiiw.l to tha
tit. Bold iivorywhro I.nrKI hot tint W emit.
TaiiioiuOfltUuiofuriU Tboru'i uutUiug m tcood
Prphllls permnnently eiirod In 15 to HA day. Vnu
can bo tmuled at humn fur tho sumo prleo Mid tlm
onnio unirunteeai with thono who prefer to rimi.i
jKirowowlllcontraet to euro them or nifund m y
and par ezpenhoof coiiiIdk, railroad faro mid lintel
tills. If wo lad to cure. If you havo taken mer
cury. Iodide potuh, and still tiavo aehes and
pains, Miirouil'utrhri In inoiilh.Nnisn'rhroat.
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