The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 13, 1893, Image 1

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- ' -
iver Glacier.
VOL. 1.
NO. 50.
3(ood liver (Slacier.
The Glacier Publishing Company.
nut yrr ft 00
sit iitmith. ,t ...,,,, 1 Or
Tliir. nimilli.. , o
i"W , .....,..(.
Grant Evans, Propr.
rWowl si., mai (Ink. . Hood Ulr, Or
filiuving ami lluii cutting neatly dona.
Sutinfiti'tiiui (iiiaiuiitiit'd.
Checks of I lie Seven Slurs Mill
hi? Co. Kepmliiilcd.
ni:i:iis for lands
A WclK Furiro A Co. F.i press Cur
on Ih Atlantic ami Pncille.
Destroyed liy Fire.
Tin' Milium) run lit tin1 Columbia
Natural gas in Santa I!', N. M., is to
lie lllililll,
Tin' Oregon Pacific road is to ! ex
tcllllcd til Boise ('it)', MnllO.
I lit" horsclhlcves W ho raided ranches
near Pivscott, A. T,, have Ix-cn caught
1 rouble im reported iiciwecn the cow
Imys and Navajo linliansou tirecn river,
l luh.
A project fur ii railroad between rim'
nix, A. I'., and San Diego in ls-ing net
ively tlt-vt-l. .n..
Tin" Htm k-wrow ers Association con
ventiou at Ogdcn wants tin' arid hinds
ceded ti the Mate and territories.
Mr. Huntington has directed the olli
cers nf the Southern I'aeilie Company to
name the Santa .Monica whan 'Tort
J.nH Angeles."
The mining excitement in Josephine
county, Or., cnntimieH. New finds are
reported almost daily, uml come of them
lire ery rich in gold.
The Sheriff and deputies at Visalia,
who made a failure in their last effort to
capture Kvans and Sontag, are now
busily engaged in explaining liuw thev
faileil and pUn in the Maine on eacli
Numerically the Stanford University
faculty consists of thirty-three profess
ors, seven associate professors, fourteen
'assistant professors, fifteen instructors,
eight assistants and one liou-l'csidclil
lecturer; total, seventy-eight.
It is estimated that Oregon wool will
flip seven pound to the lleece thin vear,
which will give the Stale 17,000,000
pounds of wikiI for Hale w ithiu the next
three luoiitliH. The increase in sheep
thin year in estimated at IK) percent.
Luke county, Or., haw two milt marshes
one tin Silver Lake, uml one on Warner
Lake and when the railroad pierces
that country the nail industry w ill bo a
Hiiro tiling, us the salt is cipiuf in strength
and purity to Turk's Island salt.
Deeds for worthless lands in the Colo
rado Desert lire arriving at San Diego
for record from persons in the Mast who
are being victimized by Walter J. Kay
luond. lie calls them citriiH fruit hinds,
and sells them for good prices. Tliey
lire utterly without value,
Tim Wells, Fargo & Co. express car on
the Atlantic and Pacific at Hancock, N.
j., wuh destroyed hy lire, ami the safes
contained nearly iflliO.OIIO in gold and hh
much more, in greenbacks:. A large
Uimtity of the gold will have to go hack
to the mint for recoining, being melted
together. There is nothing but ashen of
the currency.
Checks of this Seven Star Mining Com
pany have been repudiated by u Pros
colt'(A. T.) bank, with which the com
pany has been doing business, tbo com
pany haying no funds to its credit.
This is the property recently stocked by
Dr. Warner ot patent medicine fame,
and which was advertised for sale under
a guarantee of paying dividends.
A farmer named Whitney living near
Ktiwanda, San Diego county, Cal., was
recently bitten bv a rattler, and through
the prompt application of remedies ex
perienced no apparent ill results. One
week afterwards, it is gravely stated,
while working in a burn ho saw and
killed a large rattler. Immediately ho
wan thrown in convulsions, and smco
then liu will throw himself on the lloor,
crawl along and protrude his tongue,
lie is under medical care.
The Bowers dredger, which lias been
at work at South Bend the past twenty
months, has gone to Olympiu. While at
South Bend th! dredger excavated 1,158(1,
500 yards of river bottom, and distrib
uted! the material, a very sandy clay,
over 280 acres of tide Hat, of which alout
forty acres are tilled live feet and the
remainder three feet high. The harbor
has been extended about half a mile
eastward by the operation, the extension
having an average depth of twenty-two
feet at extreme low tide. The cost of the
work, exclusive of engineering, drainage,
etc., has been $278,180, and all borne by
the property ow ners of South Bend.
1 ri
Dcr bhoi
llciiriclla I li'iHi lifeld, the IIimI woman
graduate of the Philadelphia College of
I ii t ill Surgery, is assistant court dentist
in (iermiuiy.
I leiiry M. Stanley has gone to Africa
to suppress the shive trade. If Henry
doesn't make a few deals on his own
account, he is not the thrifty fellow he
used to be,
President Iharles 1''. Thwing says that
lohn L. Woods of Cleveland, who has
jllst died, gave to Western Kcserve IJiii
versil V during his lifetime iiImiiiI JIVKl,
ikmi, niid not 1(10,000 as currently re
ported. (iov. McKinley openly proclaims that
he would ucrepi, the giilieriiatoriul nomi
nal ion iiguin if his party oll'cred it to
him. The iovernor still has fuiih in the
tarill', and says the future will vindicate
the wisdom of the bill that bears his
Mrs. Mury Llleii l'iise is more than
ever impressed that we are on the verge
of a gn at upheave! Isith socially and
politically. .Mrs. l-ase is a thorough
,-ocialist, and believes the people's party
should commence pulling the Socialistic
I'h us into practice.
Mrs. Ita hel Floyd, formerly Miss llol-
loway of Ohio is one of the most accom
plif hed chemi-ts of thedav and took her
cgree as a iloctor of philosophy at the
university of .urich. Sh itzerland. an
honor which only two women have been
acionliil. Mrs. I.lovil is now tuofeHvur
f chemistry at the ' 1,'iiiversitv of Ne-
Oliver Sumner Teall is a man of med
ium height, With big, Im-liy, blonde
mustache, a pair of shoulders and bici iis
thal do not invite aggression, and a self-
continued manner that bclits such a
hustler as the candidate for the place of
Pig Tom P.reiman. lie never has the
lues, never gets excited, is alwavs
courteous to cvervlHsly. uiid makes
friends easily.
( ieorge ShellieM, the "Muxsachilsetts
Yankee," as he calls himself, who has a
new motor that w ill take a steamer to
lmdon from this side in three duvs
without a iNiiind of fuel, is gently bill
(irmly informed that one Jolni M.
Keeley has had one of 'em for the last
twenty years, its only drawback Iteing
that il will not mote.
Among the items of minor imortaiice
onnected with court life in Kurope it
may lie meiilioneil lliat the Puke of
rk, the future King of Lnglaiid, has
recently loineil the ranks of ileteitive
itinera liends and amateur photograph
rs, w bile Prince Albert, the nenhew and
heir of King I - i k . t of Belirium. has
ilossomed forth as a bicyclist.
Caiitain i. W. (irantof the Knglish
army, w ho is in Washington, speaks thus
ol our soldiers: "I have seen most of
the armies of the great nations on re
view, and 1 consider that the American
regular troops are a tine IkmIv of excel-
lentv drilled and Wcll-otlicered men;
though, of course, the army in this
oiintry docs not receive the attention
leslowed upon the armies of the older
Mine. Camille Collett, the well-
known advocate of the emancipation of
wo ii in Norway, recently celebrated
the eightieth anniversary of her birth.
festival was given in Christiania in
honor of the day. and was attended by
Ibsen ami many other famous writers.
Professor Uircmv Iiedrichsen made the
address. Mine. Collett is the author of
The Ollicial's 1 laughter" and other
books. She still enioys splendid health.
Icspite her great age.
(iiorgia's cotton acreage is not in
reased. There is not a wagon factory in
A new Ireight car is double the ordin
ary size.
Machine lace is made to look like
hand work.
Sugar cultivation is rapidly increasing
in Iiuisiana.
In 1802 17,205 vessels arrived in New
York HarlRir.
Women serve as switchmen on the
Italian railroads.
Four hundred patents were issued to
women last vear.
The Southern strawberry crop will be
large this season.
Oyer 4,000 liooks were published in
this country last year.
More than 180,000,000 pins are made
weekly in Jtirmmgliam, i'.iiglaiul.
Chair manufacture is a trade in which
machinery has not superseded human
It costs tliirtv-live cents a thousand
to manufacture illuminating gas in
On the Arabian coast the pearl fishery
produces annually a sum little short of
Hood farms can he bought in Chau
tauqua county, N. Y., at prices varying
Irom if 10 to Sflo per acre.
The hairsprings for watches are made
principally tv women on account ot the
delicate handling required.
Kloctricity is now used for making
forging, augers, ball bearings and other
articles hitherto made by hand.
France has three dynamite factories,
which produce over 25,000,000 dynamite
cartridges a year.
The railroads emnlov morn men than
louble the number of men required bv
the general government.
Last year the net profits of the Metro-
lolitan Telephone Company of New
York city were about $3,400,000.
According to the Iron Ago steel beams
for building purposes are at present
cheaper than heavy pine ucanis.
Of all the vast store of wheat that
was sent aDroiui irom Jew lork
last year not a bushel went in a sailing
SIHke, on flic Inion Pucilic
Satisfactorily Settled.
I'eiiiisylviitiia Iron Trails Expect
Much Trouble 'I'll is: Year in
SlrikcH-C.W. Ilarrlx.
is to have an electric trunk
Kansas 1m tilling up this spring with
I icrmaus.
" ium-cbewerH' lockjaw" has made
its appearance.
The new directory of St. 1juis con
tains JlU,r2:i names.
A 2,(HKI,(HMJ poHtolllee is to adorn the.
ciiy oi nullum, k. i .
Boston is planning to build an eleyutisl
railroad to cost t2.r),(XH),0(H).
Nut culture is attracting attention
on the Delaware peninsula.
(Ieorge (iould says the Union Pacific
flouting debt is only f4,0(K),(KM).
The New York legislature has ilrii
up tin- jssil rooms in that State.
Missouri crop prospects are most dis
couraging, owing to heavy losses.
It is said the railroads will ignore the
.Nehrasku maximum freight rate law.
Kusteni capitalists are said to be try
ing to buy the St. Iiuis street railroaifs
The water is very low in the South
Pass at the mouth of the Mississippi
There are seventy-seven branches of
the Theosophicul Society in the United
J he strike on the I uion Pacila: is at
an end. The terms of settlement have
not been made public.
PlttHbtirg capital, controlling 40,(MH)
acres ot territory, will build great
iron mills at MuinceJnd.
(iovernor Flower of New York will
commute the sentence of Curlyle W.
Harris, tin; w ife murderer.
The 1,027 electric-light lamps of
Chicago are maintained at the exicnse
to Unit city ol j lie each per year.
Louisville, will offer U.OOO.OOO in
bonds and a building site, if the State
will move its eapitol from Frankfort.
The Populist women of Kunsas have
Ix-gun organizing women suH'erage clubs.
The first was organized at Topcka last
The Pennsylvania iron trade expects
much trouble during this year in strikes.
Manufacturers will attempt to reduce
w ages.
lieiicral Harrison has lieen invited to
make the chief speech at the unveiling
of the new soldiers' monument at Ath
ens, O.
CargiM's of horse meat, it is said, are
being shipped from New York to Bel
gium as food for the poor people, of that
The (loodland Bain-making Company
is said to be contracting with fanners in
Western Kansas counties at an average
of $1,000 per county.
A Kansas woman, w ho held a man up
at a revolver point and went through
his pockets, has been sent to the peni
tentiary for two years.
(.iovernor Nelson of Minnesota has
signed the anti-scalper bill, which be
comes a law April 18 next. Scalpers
say they will contest it.
According to a recent decision it is an
olleuse against the laws of the United
States to send a dunning or scurrilous
message on a postal card.
Fleet ric roads in Ohio are so numer
ous that there is a prespeet of so many
being jammed together as to form a
continuous line across the State.
As a result of the immense crops of
grain harvested the last two seasons in
South Dakota, that State is this spring
having the heaviest immigration in ten
The first grain fleet of the season has
cleared from Chicago with 11,000,(XH)
bushels. Notwithstanding the severe
winter, navigation has opened earlier
than usual.
The wonderful influence of the sun on
earth is shown by the fact that during
less than three minutes while the last
eclipse was total the temperature fell
three degrees.
The receipts from water rates in Chi
cago during the last fiscal year aggre
gated $2,500,052, and the operating ex
penses were onlv $1,170,008. This leaves
a protit of $1,300,854.
Steel caskets for the bodies of those
who die suddenly on shipboard are
being carried on many of the transatlan
tic liners. The remains are placed in
them and hermetically sealed.
The Supreme Court of the United States
has had occasion to declare itself on the
question whether singular or plural pro
nouns ought to bo used in speaking of
the United States. The Court sustains
the constitutional form, "The United
States are."
John Railey, a Tennessee fanner in
hard luck, has just been made happv bv
the receipt of $t85 from Fank K. Walf
dran of Heading, Pa., being in full pay
ment with 6 per cent interest for a horse
which Walldran, then a soldier, appro
priated from Kailey's stable in 1804.
In the effort to keep New
streets clean four hundred red barrels
have been vilaeed at the corners of Union !
Square for passers by to throw their
banana skins and papers into. If the
experiment prove useful, barrels will be
at street corners all over
S'l-i'l-el 'i rv f.t-t'.ii l.uu ii r.t..I.t.l If If
. .... . ... j i.t.o ,... r, ij i j ii, J l i
C Duiiwoodv assistant chief of tin
weather bureau, vice Major Itis kwo'sl
resigned. Major Dtinwoody has ls:en
connected with the bureau for many
K. P. P.aldwin, First Auditor of the
treasury, bus issued an order which
w in preveiii lavoritism in the examina-
uoii oi uccouniH. Liiuer the new oMer
eueh in count will be taken up in the
order in which it was received and on
no account made special, except by
onjer ol the hem ol the department.
Unless unforeseen reason for jsHt;ne-
meni should occur the International
.Monetary ( onlereiici; will reconvene at
liriisw.i. May 30. All the Commissioners
have tendered their resignations, and
but one of them Henry W. Cannon.
President of the Chaw National Bank of
New York city has been reappointed
It is understood Senator Jones of Ne
vada bus Is-en requested to w ithdraw his
The Executive Committee of the local
directory of the World's Fair held a
meeting aty which resolutions were
adopted which practically mean a flat
renunciation of Congressional control.
The joint committee made a lengthy
reiwirt on the recent act of Congress in
structing the Secretary of the Treasury
to w ithhold enough of "tin: Columbia haff
dollars to secure the payment of $570,
KH0 for awards, which was amply dis
cussed. The report Kays the committee
would regard it us a direct and inexcus
able violation of the pledges and coven
ants with the bondholders to enter into
the formal undertakings w hich the act
of Congress require. The requirement
of this act, says the committee, is a
violation of the" act of August 5,1802,
accepted by the directors.
Acting Commissioner of Pensions
Murphy has transferred about lifty
clerks, who were heretofore employed
on "statistical work," but which, so'far
as he could see, are of no value to the office,
to current work in order to facilitate in
bringing up the business to date.
Murphy is decidedly of the opinion that
among the 058,0(10 pensioners on the
rolls of the bureau there are many fradu
lent cases, and with a view of purging
the list of such as can be reached he has
issued an order to the special examiners
in the field, directing them to use all
diligence in searching out such cases as
require the attention of the bureau.
Friends of ex-liepresentative Blount,
now on a special mission to Honolulu,
say there are several reasons why he
will not be chosen as Minister Stevens'
successor. Notwithstanding that his
actions have ticca approved hy the ad
ministration, the President is "not blind
to the fact that certain things he has
done, notably the hauling down of the
tlag, have been received in this country
with disfavor. The president realizes
also that a commissioner appointed to
assist in settling a controversy between
two parties in a foreign nation can
hardly hope to be persona gratia to all
factions alter the settlement is effected.
Before leaving Washington President
Cleveland practically set at rest all
rumors that he would call an extra ses
sion of Congress to consider the financial
situation. During a conversation with
Cleveland Representative Kilgore in
quired regarding the intentions of the
President as to an extra session. Kil
gore explaned that he wished to bring
his family to this city, and for this
reason was anxious to learn w hat would
probably be done in order that he could
make his plans accordingly. The replv
of the President was he would not call
an extra session until September, unless
some unforeseen circumstances which
were not now anticipated made such a
course necessary, lie stated a call
would be made for assembling Congress
between September 1 and 15.
Senator Ransom. Chairman of the
Commerce Committee, was seen in
reference to the committee's Pacific
Coast trip. When asked about the
probable date of the start from Chicago
he said he had an idea that arrange
ments could be perfected so that the
committee would leave June 15. There
was no certainty about this, he said, but
it was his purpose to get the committee
away at the earliest possible moment.
It is now stated that the committee will
be on the Pacific Coast for fully six
weeks, and possibly for a more lengthy
period. Senator Ransom says the com
mittee will go direct from Chicago to
San Francisco. F'rom there the commit
tee will go to Ix)s Angeles, to investi
gate whether the proposed deep water
harbor should be located at Rodondo
Beach or San Pedro. When the investi
gation for this purpose is completed
other river and harbor improvements
will be looked into, and then the com
mittee will go north to Oregon and
Washingson to investigate the Columbia
river improvements and 'also the pro
posed scheme to connect Lake Washing
ton to Plli'er, Sonml hv shin ennui
World's Fair construction has cost
eighteen lives.
World's Fair buildings will need 120,-
000 incandescent electric lights.
But few English society people will
come to the World's Fiir until the Lon
don season is over in July.
The buildings of the Chicago World's
Fair have already cost twice as much as
those of the Paris FIxposition.
The Trince of Wales is not coniine
over this year, but his son, the Duke of
lork, is expected to do so before his
What is claimed to he the plow used
Vf V'1"', VeJfter .!his fftn t
Marshfield, N. IL, will be sent to the
Wai.i,1' r, i.
o Id s I air.
The government exhibit for the
onus rair is not reaay, and therefore
will not be placed in position at the fair
until May 15.
Count Herbert Hismarek to Re
appear in J'ulilic Life.
Women Employed us Station Agents
in France-Belgian Suffrage
Rioters Sentenced.
British India has 10,417 licensed opium
The revolution in Honduras has been
Victor Vifquain has been appointed
voiisui-ijenerai ai j'anama,
It is estimated that 70,000,000 of peo
ple in j-.urojie wear wooden shoes
The latest record-breaking time be
tween Bombay and London is thirteen
(irassboppers in China are so numer
ous ttiat soldiers have been ordered out
to light them.
A Tokio paper says 300 young Japan
ese women are to be shipped to Chicago
ior unmoral purposes.
It is rersirted that a seam of roal has
ls:en struck at a depth of 200 feet at
.Newport, near Melbourne.
J he Ileichstag has passed bv a lari?e
majority the bill providing for the more
cureiui preservation of military secrets
Count Herbert Bismarck is alxiut to
reappear in public life. He has become
a candidate for a seat in the Prussian
Cape Colony's exnort of iold during
.iarcii amounted in value to 430,000. as
t i . , i. 4 . .
against $334,000 in the same month last
The P ope has ordered that nrayprs fur
ruin oe ouereu oy catholics throughout
Italy. Rain has not fallen for two
The province of Oueliec is endeavoring
to float a new loan in Europe in order to
pay on uie .nereier f4,000,000 loan, ma
turing in July.
Ihe Russian government ronfessps
that in the first two weeks of April there
were oo;i ueains irom cholera m one
province alone
Nearly 500 women are employed as
station agents in France, but they get
omy nan as much pay as men in the
same positions.
Ihe famous clock said to have hepn
made by Ixnus I. was recently nur
chased by a member of the Kothsehild
family for $108,000,
(iermany'8 wine crop of 1802 was little
more than halt the average production
of the previous ten vears. althomrh the
quaiuy is excellent
i ii.. -
Sanction has been recently granted for
me coiisirucuon oi a railway Detween
lacninawa and uine. Janan. to be known
as the Owe railway.
In the relief of paupers 2,191,172
was spent oy local government rehet
loards in England and Wales during the
last half of last year.
Queen Victoria abandoned her pro
jected visit from Florence to Venice on
account of the alarming reports as to
the prevalence of cholera.
The Prussian Landtag has approved
Finance Minister Miquel's proposal for a
property tax, the most contentious part
of his financial reform bill.
Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, who made
a fortune of $14,000,000 as a brewer and
spirit merchant and in coal mines, left
$50,000 of it to Liverpool hospitals.
The total stock of wheat at twenty
eight cities in continental Europe de
creased 3,403,000 bushels in March.
Stocks on April 1 were 17,875,000 bushels.
The increase of population in the
whole of Australasia during 1892 is esti
mated by the government statist at 85,
000, of which only 6,700 was due to emi
gration. The Jews of Bulgaria gave to the bride
of Prince Ferdinand an album inlaid
with diamonds, rubies and emeralds,
which cost $50,000. The Pope sent a
diamond ring.
The latest crop report of the Hunga
rian Agricultural Minister says frosts and
north winds have done much damage to
wheat, and a considerable area ot rye
has been killed.
Ouida's latest novel promises to be
startling even for her. Mr. Gladstone
will figure as a villain in the plot, and
she promises to make him aa black as
any she has ever painted.
The Franco-Siamese difficulty is re
garded at Singapore as serious. The Si
amese traders, as thev fear there will be
lighting, have ceased Importing rice, and
the dealers are hoarding it.
Many of the men who participated in
the recent suffrage riots in Mons, Bel
gium, have been sentenced to short terms
in prison, and the Socialist leader, Bre
nez, was sent to prison for five years.
Notwithstanding that everv vear from
5,000 to 6,000 ships go up and down the
river Seine, carrying 2,500,000 tons of
goods, it is said that there is no map of
this important French stream in exist
ence. The official estimate of the condition
of the French wheat crop on April shows
the area to be about the same as last
year. Twenty-eight departments report
the condition very good, fifty good, seven
satisfactory and two medium.
The Empress of Austria is to visit Vi-
.chii us1"" nii-ei vcia in. wunuering
abouJ. the world ghe ia extravagantl"
fond of Mowers, and the florists of her
loval city are forcing their roses and
orchids in order to meet her unexampled
If It were Innd, oli, weary feet rould travel!
If It were m-a, a ahip mltflit cleave tlie wave;
1 It were Di-atli. nail Ixive could look tohcaveu
Ami ace through team the smillifht on tlia
Not land or ea or ift-atb keeim us apart,
lint only thou, ob, unforgiving Heart!
If ft were land, through piercing thorns I'd
If It were wa, I'd cross to thee or die;
If It were Deat h, I'd tear -Life's veil asunder
That I might eee thee with a clearer eye.
Ah, none of these could keep our souls apart;
Forget, forgive, oh, unforgiving Heart!
The Human Kje.
The last 100 yearn have Increased tbs
aeed and capacity for work upon small
objects near at hand. One of the question
occurring to the mind is, Do these different
and increased demands bring increased
facility and capacity to the human eyer
Eyes are now used la ways never imagined
by our remote ancestors, possibly never
dreamed of In the oriental countries. What
ever there may have been in the way of
sculpture among the Greeks demanding
artistic and accurate vision, there was no
typesetting, no electric telegraphy, no
stenography and no typewriter. The eye
of the patriarch Job was constituted at
birth and went through life to old age very
much such an optical instrument as that
of the English squire who devotes himself
to an outdoor life in the Eighteenth or Nine
teenth century; but Job had no printed
books to beguile the tedium and pain of
his seat in the sand and ashes.
The examination of the mummies in the
Egyptian mausoleums shows that there
has been no change in the anatomical con
formation of the human ear in 4,000 years,
had there is no evidence that there has
been any in that of the human eye; but the
difficulty of preserving the eye for exam
ination centuries after it has ceased to see
prevents us from proving this. Cosmopol
itan. Three Kinds of Them.
Eddie Dinwiddie was in a mood of in
quiry, and he said:
"Well, Edward?"
"Papa, what is a canthook?"
"Acanlhookf Don't you recollect, son,
when we were at grandpa's sawmill last
summer and looked at the men rolling logs
bout with a huge pole, to wuich was fas
tened a gnpper or hook of steel? That
was a canthook. There is also"
"But, papa, isn't there anothercanthookf
"Wait, my son, until papa finishes. In
former times barbers and toothdrawers
used a canthook for pulling teeth. It was
on the same principleas the one mentioned.
only of course smaller. The prongs were
inserted under the roots of the tooth, and a
twist finished the job. Now, son, that ex
plains it." ,
"But, papal"
"Don't you know anything more about
a canthook?"
"No, my son."
"How does a mnlley cow strike you?"
Pittsburg Chronicle.
A Quick AVltteU Thief.
I saw a clever thing worked the other
day. A messenger boy got on the car with
several bundles. He looked at the ad
dresses on them all to see where to get off
first. "Hang it," said he, picking up the
largest one of the lot, "the marker forgot
to put the mark ou it. I don't know where
to take it."
It was a cold day, and a moment after
the messenger entered the car he was fol
lowed by a seedy looking individual who
had heard the boy's remark while on the
platform. Soon I saw him writing an ad
dress on that unaddressed package when
tne Doys head was turned. It must have
been at some nearby street or hotel, for
uddenly the boy shifted his boxes, looked
up hastily, and evidently thinking he had
missed the address at first glance he made
a bolt for the front door and was gone be
fore l could stop him.
In the meantime the rogue who had writ
ten the false address got away by the rear
door, and I have no doubt got home in
time to intercept the bundle.
Let this serve as a warning to all. New
York Herald.
"Old Ginger."
Some Leeds children had been sent into
the village by a charity fund for a fort
night's country air. The elerevmnn nn
asking a group of these little girls to what
parisnes tney belonged, was informed by
one little town mite with much pride that
she lived close to the parish church. "Ahl"
said the clergyman, "what is th name of
the vicar?" for a new appointment had re
cently been made to his nursery ground of
dignitaries. "I don't rightly know his
name," was the reply, "but we always call
him 'Old Ginger.' " "Dear me." said the
parson, "but why 'Old Ginger?'" "Why,
that's the color of his whiskers!" These
whiskers that now adorn episcopal cheeks
have since, alas! changed to a decided gray.
London Spectator. ,
A Hare in the Water.
A correspondent writes: "In answer to
Mr. H. W. Thorpewood's experience of an
aquatic hare, some fifteen years ago I had
young gentleman staying at my house
who went out for a day's fishing on the
1 names, and as he was sitting in the punt
nnder Quarry woods a hare was chased iu
the fields opposite, when it sprang into the
I. names and swam for the woods, and my
friend caught it in the landing net in mid
stream. I well remember how delighted
he was with his catch when he brought it
home to my house." London News.-
An Untimely Death.
Isaac Dixon several months aero cams
to this country from England and went
to work as a laborer in a rolling mill at
Passaic, N. J. He drank ice water to
excess Thursday and died Saturday as a
result Since then it has come to light that
had he lived seven months longer he
would have received a large estate in
England. Why he came here and hired,
ut as a laborer no one appeared to
know. He was to be married within a
few weeks to a young lady of Patersoa,
Philadelphia Ledger.