The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 06, 1893, Image 3

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    3(oo:l liver Glacier.
JI(K)I) KIVKH, OK. MAY ii, kii;i.
jui; snn.s. j
Tim mull iiri'lvrn hum Mi, i.,it iI II n'.
dm k A, Si'i i:ii Im x mil l-tiiliiriliiyii; ih. j
lll'l I 'ill Mltlllt' llll ', M ,l' lllllill, j
l'nr ( 'lii'inr.ivtli, li':tvi'! lit H A, M. Iii'i'Ivi'k ill !
I'. M, l- iil ill ilm ;
I'm- Whit.-umIi Inivm nt H A. M. I
HITlV'i nt iiim' "li I', M, ,
I'l I While Wiilni'iii i'.iui f..i' Kill, In, (ill-
filer. 'I'l'ilHI l,l'.i" HI'I I ilKIIWilllll Mllllll l.i II, ;
Wi'ijni' nl'i',11 iiml I i Mil v, i
i:!!ii:r Mini, .Mvrn;i:s.
New lut t.f
drug hUhv,
perfect Ion iIvcm nl the
I'Vi'tdl I'llllilil'M IV('(
lvi;il every iluy nt
( 'niiltilii John V, I,cvtt v
liili'il inn-
llllli! city Hiilui'iluy e ctilii",.
Ciulunil nf HiH'lii' lliirliui- ilinn just
iwclved ul !-!, Ii, HiiiIiiiihh'.
Rudy linllli'k I !m' I'lH iiier nii'lit i'i r
lilur hen I now luruti'il nt I 'iiml ll!n.
(', U. liolict'H plief it llilnllirll (HI llU
wny I" IVinlU'tiiii, AVdlni'mlny iiilil.
WiilliU'i' Mini llil l IhiiIi li.-ivo fur Hide
apple, dried li uii, hut ti r, ((,')-; liuciin,
Tho iimil fur W liHn FfiliiKui, now
Jcitvc here at I o'clock III I lie filter
liooll. MUk Minnie McCoy cum. frmn
rurtliiuil I'litiihiliiy, lur ii vinil in her
If yon vvniit to il'incuxii IiIik'hm m In
liiivlnif or H'llin innliii'i, k'ij Wallace
A, llum-Miu.
Mm. Chnrli'i Kyrkott nirtio In fmni
'I"i .i it J .n l,o lunt week, und went mi to
Tlic I in 1 U s.
Cliai lcv n.u l iiH inn) I'.i'i l HtriiiiMluin
Weill In 'I'lu' l'illi" (Miinliiy, In work
for the Vi'limn hi H hen,
Fishing Ii'.cIUi' lncliiiliii;.' pnlrx, lim
keu, it't ls, il v .mil tiy-hntiU-, ul Mniiiii
litui'n, lit I'iii ti.iinl uiccfi.
The Ih-oI i -U'fU nf fl 'hlnx t.ichlc iiiln
i.iliiu' I'm I i.iiiil, c;iii 1 1' luiiiiil at S'uu
liiili.m'M ut J'oillniHl jiiiccK,
I)r. ltl'imhu hii-i il liui' )ir('.'!(illoii
en; limilc nl ii'dudiiil iiml yilo.v 'iui',
mid iuiuIii ut I he hu't'iiy lu ii'.
( Will Kcejj ill htiirU II trni nl- ll'l,V nf
tlihlliu-tmUii' tiiioii'li the HCM-ini, ul
low il'ici-. M. II. .Niclii l.scll.
T. liiHai hm Jiirtt ri i'ci veil ii line
titoi'U nf c.H'ls kIuv'i r.m;r " iiinl Klicln ii
flll'llilill''. 'iill "Mil mij them.
Mullilny hi'iti;; ,M;iy ilu.V, ulitl iU
tlli' hettiiiiiijl nl I he i il it ii 1 1 ii;iii cil.-liin-t
loll there m lin Hi'lioul In tins lifter-
Mr. Wiley cvi'lnt!y
(XpeelH that
it any lrriua
tal.en ill. wit
nlmwlierre will not
lion I his year, as he
his Hume. j
l.Vi.i.l; .Iiinei whs a! The Halle. Wed- !
Jlewhiy, helii-,' line of the e,.uleslair.H III
tlieexaniiiiatioii for appointment to lt
I'U.K'tfhinlu sesl I'olnt.
The Hood Kiver 1'iull mimt:y lin
received si'Vcial Inns of U ehlool. leilil-
1er, and hetealier will he able to
lilfh ll In any iiunniiticH.
Tho CoiiKiVKatlnnal Sundr.y mIioo!,
Ititu i.iircln.wil u Kiitiiilv ii( iictv noliL'
Lua.u i.ini.i.uv.. i.mdi ii ...n
nfiF.r .... . ...... -
and are hiKbiy ..'.r. e.uted.
, ...
Captain Coo has platted South Warn
eom.i, of the prettiest buiMiim-
Kites in the comi'.v, mid (.ll'. n lots fr
wile. KcehlHudlu IhlsisMue.
i,i ,!
'Iher lyer is risin't very flowly, but
from u I Ind.cali'iiiM. will maun Hi
, . , . 1 .11., Ill,, 1
im it.- ,, I u in i 1 1 1 li.'t ei re.'ieiiei! tt 11 I le- i
.v . . . ,i
lore since wniicmeii iou:in inecouiui .
Miss Ilnllie Oiler eTitic hoiii'? .Satur
day mornim' for u brief visit, returning
to The Dalles ,-unday ni.l, and
thence to Itoyd. where ,die teue!..n, !
.Mon.iay mo.mii;.;. !
(loods well hotmht are h.'ill sold; eome '
In und look our htoek j.ver; we ate pre- j
pnred to meet all euis in prices und j;o I
tlieni one better.
A. H. i:i,oVi:u-. it Co. j
Tim eleventh annual im-tin- of ;
the Wonmirs Chriftiaii '1 empeianee !:
'Union, of Oregon, will he held in the
Methodift Church, of Astor-,
lu, May 10th to llh Inclusive. !
Wo have a hundred copies of our j
Itwuonf thelolh eoulainiiiK a brief de
fer pilot, o, our tcMH iivs, Me,
will mall postage pain in any uumvss
for fl ecnls it copy, ieud them to your
friends. "
Tho Oregon Lumber Co., have no-
leeted a site for mi incline on Mv.
uVndreWH' place, and will put in a track
at once. W hen this is done a ferry boat
Will lake the ears In the font of the
lltinie on the Little White Salmon
whero they will bo loaded.
(iovernor Petinoycr and Phil. Met
nchan, were at The Dalles bud. Satur
day, taking n second look at the Mte for
theljl-aneh Insane asylum. It Is our
opinion that the awyluni will be located
on Chenowith creek, and that it is llio
prettiest site in the utato.
Wc are hoIo nirents for the (lolden
dnlo Hour the best on this coast only 1.
per Hack; try it. Peacock niillV Hour
tlocts per sack. We have not ;i dollar's
worth of old stock in our store.
A. S. HiAiwKiis & Co.
Tho Demoreat medal con tost was de
rided nt the Congrenational church
Thursday evening; Chester Shulo be
liiLr nwa'rded the nri.e. The church
pri.e. The church
was crowded, am
llli llUI liUllUHVilll il
ii. .,.,..,
Mcoiiitted themselves ho well, as to
niuko tho decision Uillletlt for tho
Miss Emily Husbands, Aggie Dukes,
Fny I,aFraneo and Walter J'aulkner,
...7 1 C i I,,rl uii.t Miiik nv.
They had been in attendance upon tho
Btuto convention of the societies of
Christian Endeavor, going as delegates
from the young people's noutcty of the
Congregationl eiuirch.
F.verv bod v front tho east knows the
' boots and shoes muniif.ictured by the
'old and famous house ot I trail ley v
Metcalt, ot Milwaukee W isconsin. a.
H. JHowers & Co., are their sole agents
1 V . , i ? 1 n o, '-of the dolla rapidly reduced to a specialty,
their bools tuid shoes. ome anil look. ., ,.t.i
nt them and get prices before purehas- asuea. wu.o iuo o..u-i, ?;v
Mtl.evwiil(lise(,'esqiiot- w-iili the protcctno composition. eK3tCS 2.
ed in this pl.ieo iu.Uiy of gooila eon- enped with a small hmo iu nor ureisa.-- , ,.r
ulilere,). PiltsbUTSt DimKltch. I It. A. I.A.iVil bid., - . - -
,T ,
Wo have nomo linos
-oil at a Great discount
close them out at once.
."i L nlUV 1 hi f-'h(i( H, Opera Tiie
" .VI I,!Iii h' Kill SlniCK, Ojiem Toe "
" r,i MUme.,,' I' "
j " I ll'l Mi'mei,' I'ehhletiimt '
" " i'i1) Mcii'm NIkmm... "
I " 1 7 i 'uulh'rt Kline "
j " 1 ,71 J'.oj'pt' Hhncii "
! " ,'! IK! Men' I ill "
'' II .'id Ml'll'n I I i H "
! " 1 'St .MeuV While HhiilH "
j " (Ml Meii'n Whili! Shli U "
I " 7) luliei I)i'cvs (I'nuiU "
! " till I. Milieu' I'lltlllll ll H (illillU "
, ' )ur eiil ire hloek nf Mimi'm iiml Ji.iy' ("ntliin. ut m'tu il t'O.-il',
. ('. M. Wiley wnn up fidin the CiiMcudff
I,nckn Sulunliiy, looking over the Com
1'i'iiy frui I f.irin, In which ho Ik intercH-
Tin' hi rry ci'ii will, from jtrewnt f
piut'iiliii' he ii lal'K1' one, pruviileil the
1'iiilm let up loll,: clioull to lut thl lil
Tn hriitherH Mini a hl-ter of ('IiiInh
il.ii Ueli, hi l ive, I heli' fi'nill Svil.e
huiil, i ii, (.ii.'y llinrnili, iieilig wVeli
tii II ilii.ys I'll t!ie till). '
Miu Jin.veil-i hiiM iiKivcl milli-
lie, y eh' 'p 1. 1 to I lie .N icki'l.xiill iciiileliee.
Il helm; tin' roi ill I lollnelly ise, hy
l.iriul 1 iviii.-i iim ii hai'lu-r hhop, in tin:
1 iV.iirS liU.I'llllK.
II. V. I huiH a hny at'i'il uhotit nix
t, i ii yeui'M, wiii luin;;!.l hei'L' to the
enmity hn-piiiil Mniiiiay, from Nan-
. i-t I" III It i, I ' i II ,r l if 1 1 il liiwl ( ll he 111:111-
a'eil to rhnitt u hole tlinuivll his lell i
liiiinl iit the hase o! the mi.hlie Iiu;er.
We lire in it
or lo nnnuv
here to cul
or Interfere
I lie hil-uilcKH nl our CI it 1 1 pet Horn; We lie
heve I here is trade clnnili for all nf Us;
hut Hi1 have .oii;;hl our (foods ri;lil
Uhd ale pit p iled to meet any and all
coll. petlti. Hi. V are here to ntf.y.
S. I'.i.i-w i;ic
' "
.J"l received lit 0!im;er it Knlie'K .
i ImIimui N'ln-e hiiekboard; One
, three ipiinw lnounlinii hack; One
, Ihxie rn.el witeon. will also k U
Mh. - ee si eo 1 1 1 1 I ia l e 1 huj'v:icn, and one
j , t i IVt. u-tire; and do'nt hired
t titit I lit-- nn- np'iit.s lor the Oliver
tm'-;(u J '1,', "lin; Uesl on Karlh." '
hupi'iinletidei'.t l.axler and ehiel
;,,, lu.v cllUoii , of the liiioti I'aeilic,
r. i . t, .., I .. i
. , , ..t.!......i i
lJvJi"t.l, II 1 V H M" 'nlv t I ill IUH IHTv
jiU (.iy; .Mr,, foit.m accompanied
,, I ,., i, ,,,,'..,,,,,,
I ti.em, mid : dm e thiouh the salley
I'tade the day p.s p.etifiUitly. Mm
; 1 '.u.-iter exatir.ued into (he fide track
, .,u, --rton, nml has pnmilsed to have t he
bank cut nw ay west oi the depot, mid a
; ,i(.k l,,d. '1 ui. would prove ol great
, f(iiivenleiien to Wood yhimicif. besides
, . ' ,
..n. .. ..... i . . i h ..... I
(li'm Mil itiouitl I li lie i L.i.iiii,s i
t iil' cal'd.
, j
s.M).a,1iu., u diU,ollc, uei,ht
- - ; --- ---
Irrlu'ain.n is .Sciciit.ile tarmhi;r.
Cultivation under n jiroper s.lcin o1
Irrigation is far superior In nifrieultnre
lU,Jk,llllollt uHm waU,,. llvlu tho L.()lla.s.
, , ,, , t u
' 11 ' '
Hiere Is never a drouth. One need not
wait for rain to put t he ground into
condition to plow and plant. The
wnler can be dislributcd at will nnd in
two or three days the foil will be in just
Ul(M,(,11(li(itm(1..si1Vl. Thruuehout all
I tho tmiffes ol giowlii whenever water is
! needed to i!;the eroj), iteau beMip-
j idled; und when finally the harvest
j lime conies there is no danger of every
I thing being spoiled by exeessive rain-
fail, just when no ruin at nil is most
desired. There is no uncertainty about
Irrigation farming. It can be made
thoroughly scientific. Diil'erent soils
riVjtiire diU'eretit qiunlitica of nioisture,
and no two kind.t of crops require the
same aniotintol'wateratthesiinto time.
Under Irrigation all these dtli'erences
can he adjusted to the exact ncoiU of
both soil and crop.
Irrigation in better than rain for an
other reason. The combined action of
the fiiiu and water is necessary to pro
duce plant-growth.- Tho rain interferes
with the action of the bud, and the sun,
with the full of rain, so that their work
has to he donenlternatley. Under Irri-
ti. t!.e wiitei' e.'in tie .mlimlied to the
I r ...t t
roots while the sun is at work on the
leaves. It is the diU'eivnce between a
two horse and one-horso team. In i
at ion.
aniiT""" """ "
t A chemist of Vienna has succeeded in
discovering a composition winch will
; make even tno HUgiit material or oauei
dancers' drosses urcprooi. I tie l'nneo
of Lichlonstcin gavo thin conqKidtioii u
first tri:il oil the s tage in his own palaco
j n i10 proi.enco of a numerous company
j rj. riso of tho cartiuu discovered two
i 1;ro s-12od doll drcsaCli 1UJ i,uiiet girb, to
; . , . , . , H ljt ttl,piiwl. Quo
, , . , ,
of Goods whicn wo willj
for GASH, in order to
4') (III
''' :
1 To
1 'S,'
1 10
o r,o
'1 0(1
Ki '
Xenr Hood Hlver, Thurwlny, nltrlit
Mny llli, .John (iihlmiiH, miti'of .Mr.
ami Mih J. .1. (ilhhous, uireil 18 yearn
11 luniitlm nml 111 ilayx. l-'uncraf wr--
Viei-H ill he eoitillli teil ut the holllO ' Jfyollhro e jir(lM'rty to N'll, lit It
thin '.s.itui'lay) lilieruooii at Uo'flock. i w iili'u, t have coiicluiled to han
liisciw fnhteiieil iiputi IiIh lun.'H con-, Ui' all thfi HimhI rivt r property we can;'hi.,,3tol,:l, d ncarlv a mouth . al",1 f ,!, V' to !o so on tho very
, , , , , , .. Htmillest living coiiimiH.moiiti. Wo are
lie,., ,,il ,1,-piie the tender cure of l'i w, Ht,mioil nn to CHwily reach nil poHi
family itinl piiy.-ili Ian, he Hank xteadily . hU; pureha"rn. (iivi u a lint of tho
iiulil the Mimmoiix catiieiuid hepiiHHcil property you de-tire to fell and we will
overt,, the other fide. His U'rcuved lU" untl U8 ot tbo
,, , , (it A( IKtt olllec.
imreiitx have the symimihy of the en- -
tin: ciiiiiiiiiiiiity in their Hid nllliirtion.
1 I'll't i'mMiec is.
Itwns thoui'ht fur ii while thore
would he no peach cmp he-re thin year,
imt nt ir".-l l)t there is promise of at
least II fair viclil. Tho trecrf aro III
hliiotr, and Hiinn of them are liias'efof
plnli, while all have ulontii eiiousfli ami
to fpure, hhould otic half of the hluK-fnm.-j
iiia!eria!ii'. All other fruits'
protnine to yield ahuiidautly though
with present weather outlook the
ft raw berries v ill not he ripe heforo the
A. S. r.loweis.t Co.. have just open
ed up n ftorc in the Midlletmi build
im;. Tliev will carry a full line of
merchandise of i.ll liinds, new and
, ..,ii i....,,,i,, ;.. ii,., , ,,i i.,i.-..i-
I i r , llll KWIILIII III I III l ll-L Ilk m ill'll n
which they will sell at Portland
w holesale prices, i uey ipiote no pri-:
ecu throtif;ii the newsjiajn is hut invite
eUHtoiuefs lo call and examine uoods, I
"il wi' riiisniarktHl in Oaiu
tismvH i
ft If .1 '
tuU'k'-. 1
not tis ri prcs('... ed above, they will not
A irnod mare, will work finele or
(1()llb lIs(, 01u; lult hu-y. Will
...i... e.. .
I il Vll v,l III Mil, Hi ilinn
1 . I . '. .
i ri, 1 i. 1 1
Dry !oods, (iroceries. Hats, Capn,
Hoots und whoes; Flour, Feed
ete. Country Produce
I'ought and Hold.
1 i ; ii f cr i r a a a t- r r
wfc LiL u n n i
'the bicgest hum in the world
IKSUtMMin tun-Kiunii-P
mm "IVmv F
i op.k, B&.QJ.Q I
A Double Set of Team
Harness tor $25.
A Good Driving Set fori
from $30 to $35. :
Boston Team Collars, per pair.;..... $5 SO'
Team Lines, per set '.$ to $U 50
11 Breast Straps, '. 50 to (iOcts
li Halters 0(1
Feather Bone Whips........ 50ets.
Ktmtl Kiver, Or.
Commercial Men and Tourist's
Tho Cloud Cap Wayside Stages leave
the house daily for Cloud Cap Inn
during tho season.
Dinners for Lodges, Parties etc.,
Fer Day.
Has just boon platted and is now placed on the market. All lots are
reached by the pipes of tho Hydrant Company. If you want to build a
houso for a home or to rent, buy in SOUTH WAUCOMA. It is tho
finest residence property in tho city; Terms to
" ivi v
WIII llllllll'llll KI IIMIIII.r IH'CI lit Y. Ji. Illlt.
Inn' fiirin ill 1 1, Mid Hlver, (ncuoii; limited U
, lull i n ii i ii n Iii hIiIi k my own.
Ii'criiliwi iiml Yvtirw.
(iuliiiK l,fi.v, rlii.t It I ml foot while, xlred by
AMIet.alneii, No.iv(i(Hlieor.eii-ile(Jiilnifii2:lJ
J. II. S, 'i:JI; Uu (JiitiiiM dll,'; liilluli Itookli
'i:3tt; A lliit'.'l' ;; lillltedaliiex ita'i; Alllo Urn
Jmiii 2:'.i.' , mid lniiiylu Ahu'iiil 5t:lW mid :V
i ril ,l MM f-ily one nml ulru of Hold King
Willi 1 In Dm 2:'.'i lll;j u win of tin)
fin al Aliimiil, nlwi a full lirotlier to lliiiiilln'n
Alliailll, dhe ulre of Jfc-ll lllllllllll mid (ilolw
v, lm hold Hie world leiiin leeord of t:Vi und
iniiiiy otlii r n,"edy otien.)
limn, U'U, Winkler, (irliil 2:'iH) hy Tlinina I'.
W'nllnro tMrt- of Hie ilinn of Cyi done U Hon
ol .Jul, n V Hn -eh i iiiidie, (Kirn of Mlniil U,
acltii4 I'Ciid ofil'i!;, and IrolllniJ rcCoTil of
:V.l.t ,-,
ijaliiix liiiii howii hlniw If to he ii game and
kjk ! ('iill. A. a year old hint yenr with
; liiiir w ' k.' Iiiimltlia he trotted mi eighth In
i ill H-roiji'!, ii '.'.in clip und linjiroved riglit
i nl,, ha until thrown out of training.
! (iiiIim'fi' wrvieo fee will t' fJO.TO (IllB when
I mine U known to he in foul, or will breed by
single M.i' Ire or wiikoii, If j iirlii'K Kliould mi
! Ueilre. (iiHid picture will he fit rn lulled to
muri'il of patron ut i'-'.W ht moutli. Inn; care
will li,Uilnai tiiruvunt aceldonu or coa)(.ii,
tint h not he rhomilh!clinul any occur.
i'or (iirlher Information call on or uddreM
' K, II. lil TTOH,
" , JIikiiI Klvor, Orcxon,
I "V
StOVCS and tin-
ware, kitchen fur-
niture, pruning
tools and plumb
ers good3 of all kinds.
l:,;iiilrlniof tin ware a noeciiilty.
a rroiixi: r-A t-la w.
. a .Till: !, (JltEGOX.
" . In tra
Attorney s-at-Law,
l ., t . . . . .
, ""h""1" "'''i "vo' ' ui.u...o
A new Ktock of Ladicf' and Gents'
SPECIAL attention given to clean
ing and repairing watches.
Hool River, - - - - Oregon.
Tin-undersigned being located near
Hood Kiver, wishes to inform parties
who may be desirous of having sur
veying done, that he is a practical
surveyor of many years experience,
and tiirtt work ent rusted to him will be
performed with dispatch and correct
ness." lie takes pleasure in referring to
Mr. A. S. Dlowors, (who for years was
county commissioner iu Minnesota,)
and tor whom. he did county work as
county - surveyor, us to his ability.
Pai.tu's writing me at Hood will re
j ceivo. prompt attention. .
i C.J. Hayes.
Dated Hood Kiver April 6th, 1891.. '
Land Locator.
; Evijry body wants land in Hood
Ili ver Valley. I have some very de
sirable tract's of good land on my list
for homesteads and timbered
claims, ; vitli . runniug watur on
j them, .1 can locate several stockmen
' advatitageously. Do hot fail to see
ime nl Hood ltiver Falls or address-me
j at Hood Hi ver, Wasco County, Oregon.
. ' i i Locator.
j.RS. Huntington &Co.
lsdStivond Street - - - - Tha Dalles Or.
Real Estate, Loan & Insurance
Rents collected and taxes 'paid for non
yrsJilsntK. Land pnpers;of all kinds prepared
! mi shout not Ice. '
Abstracts of Titles a Specialty.
Scientific American
Agency for
For Information and free Handbook write to
SlUNN A CO., Mil ItitOAUWAT, Nsw Vohk.
Oldest bureau for securing patents In America,
lsvery patent taken out by us is brought befora
tho public by a notice given free of charge la the
tarcest cironlstton of any scientific paper in the
world. SpleudUly illustrated. No uitelltgeut '
Irian should bo without It. WeekW. 3.00 s i
Toa-i JUllnix month. Address JIt'NN & COi
iuiii4Siit.ii, oii iuocdwuy. &'ew York City.
fcijiiiin . .M
The Prather, Building,S8cond a Oak Sts.
The finost mountain resort in Amorica; situated at the snow line on
Mt. Hood facing the Eliot clavier, 7,000 tVvt atiovc the sea. Will be
opened July Int. Jtutvs $3.50 fxT das', i..W ier wttk.
For information write to, WILL LANGILLE, HOOD RIVER, OR.
Offer for sale 5tHj,0iKJ standard trees rrown on liiiii lir lands without Irrigv
tiou or manure. Such trws are incoiiipiirably superior to those grown on
Bwales or watered soil Irrigated trees when planted on high and dry soils are
liable to stunt in growth and if they live, it in liable to be 7 or 8 years befor
they bear to amount to anything. Our trees are frequently in "tiearing tn
: 2nd year from netting oat. Will send references to substantiate this ambition.
Applet, 'ears, 'caches, J'ruucs, J'lums, L'hcrrk, Quitter and Apricot.
Hniall fruits in variety, ornamental trees and shrubs, and 40 varieties (out
of 100 tests) of roses. Siecialtics, Prunes. Several varieties of Is'tw J'eactet
and Karl Ttxux Btachberrks. Sjeeial inducements to th ise plautiug in lot
of 100 to 1000. Correspondence invited. Address, ,
riLKlNGTON & CO. "
No. 2 Dekum Building, N. W. Corner 1st and Washington .Sts. Portland, Or.
GUY riLKINUTON, Hood River, Or.
Hay. Giain
In carload lots, or retail at the very lowest market rates deliver
ed anywhere in the city or at the depot free of charge.
Mailorders solicited and promptly filled.
Confectionery ana Cigars. 5
u Goods sold atthe lowest possiole cash
TIE HEW TOWN hna been platted on tho
old camp ground, at the Korks and Kails
of Hood river, with large sightly lots,
broad itreets and alleys, good soil, pure
. . cold water and shade in profusion, per
I'ei't drainage, delightftil mountain cli-
inntb, tho central attraet-ion as a
mouutaln summer resort and for all
Oregon, -boinit tho nearest town to
MUUood. It is also unparalleltd
as a manufacturing center, being
the natural center for 130 square
miles of the best cedar ami lir
TIMBER, possessing millions of horse pow
er Iu its dashing stream and waterfalls
easily harnessed. Where cheap motive
power exists, there the manufacturies
will center, surrounded by soil and ell
mate that cannot be excelled anywhere
for fruit and agriculture, nnd wtth
transportnt ion already assured you
will find this tho place 'to mnkoa
perfect homo or a paying invest
See me c n the ground,
or adress me at Hood
River, Wasco Co., Or.
1 1
W "1 tiw
suit tho buyer
ai Fsefl,
One price to everybody. u
Will Do'. :V5:''
A General ;
CoiMissioa Busings,
In al' kinds of fruit and producef
All Around Fainter.
Prices reasonablo and satisfaction guaraa
teed. HOOD RIVER, - - -, OREGON.