The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 29, 1893, Image 1

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iver Glacier.
VOL. 4.
NO. 4ft.
- . - . i
3(ood Tiver (Slacier.
The Glacier Publishing Company.
ru( itir-iioN rnici.
On yur ,
Thr.. iiioiithi
khKl xiijf , ,
It to
Barber Shop
brant tvans, Propr,
fWomt St., i,r Ouk. . Hood Rlr, Or.
Rhavlns ftiul Hair cutting neatly dutit.
SatUfaolioii Ouaranteed.
Now Process of (ialhcrin (oll
From Columbia Sand.
thk out mo ship PKNS.UOU.
I.ccniiiiiioinls to Pass Into the Temple
Dedicatory Ceremonies Sell
lit High Figures.
from Washington mv. K A STERN MELANGE.
lxil A IIK ll H 1m to have a 11,000,000
A band of wiM dogs infests
IHMir TllCHOh.
Vancouver Island is agitating scpara
tioii from tliu iimiii land.
Mil Itailcy, w A nj-fli-H female fiNt
Jul' I, Iiiih liccll cent to 1'Yilsoin (or two
Snu-ltH arc ho plentiful in the Coliim
hut river tliut uuantities lire taken oui
Willi Seoop-Uets,
A largo number of Umatilla Indians
have left I In; reservation fur tint summer
hiuI gone to tin1 Columbia rivrr to cute
A WW (lit 1 1 1 1 111) t tl tllU Ellllldc OStltte
Ht Simla Itarhara Iiiih ui'in-iircl. Murv
. Elimdc, an illegitimate daughter of Eh
.ulilt', in tin.1 t'litiiniuit.
In a shooting scrape tit Carev, Iilalio,
Dave Evan's life was saved ly u package
of gum, which was ill Iuh pocket, the
titllU't hslging in thti package.
A big silver htriko in reported in tin
I.ooko mint in Yavapai roiuitv, A.T. It
is tin- greatest hiIvit strike vet known.
Thu ore, it in htatcM, ruiiH over l,(MKl
ounces to tin) ton.
It lookrt iih if the old llitgship Pensaoola
will soon ln liault'il into tlic wharf ut
Mure Island ami work commenced on
her to make her ready for use iih a' train
ingship for tin; naval reserve.
Mr. Iladlev, tint new receiver of t ho
Oregon Pai-illc railroad, in liable to give
the htoilioidtTH a shock of lu'urt disease.
Ho is absolutely making the road pay
ex'tenses, sometliiiig unkiiowii for years.
IntiTi'Hti'd luirtii'H.liavi! I'Xiiininiil the
ccmi'iit rock found in quiuititii'.i near
Santa t ruz, and thu ri'Hiilt of tlu tout
Iiiih Ih'cii iinnoiiiH'cd. It in that the rock
in riqmlilo of prodming (ho bont of I'ort
land ci'incnt.
It Iiiih Im'ch iliwovprcd ut I'inatilla
that undiT a now jiriMTHH (.'oIuiiiIhii rivor
fuihI will ian out ? ! jut day in goll.
'J'hi' Kami in obtained twelve inilcn t'tiHt
of Uiiiiitillu. 1'iijiituliHtrt uru iTvi'tigat-
lng thu unit lor.
The ciino. of the. State of Oregon ngaiiiHt
Sain llarriH for keeping hin hiiIooii open
Sunday won tried hoforo JuHtioo Clove
land at Antoria, the jury returning u ver
dii't of not guilty.
The jury in tho miit of Miss Felicity
Alleinand of (iilrov against JohojiU Ma
therHon of San Franoinoo, for 10,tHK)
daniagoH for breiu h of proiniHO of inarri
Hgo, has rendered iv verdiet in favor of
tho plaintitrfor if 1,200.
Mrn. riui'lic Rii'linrdHon iH tho twelfth
woiiuin ever eoniniitteil to tho Orogon
peniti'iitiary. Sho and her IniHliand will
Horve tv year etioh for inalieiouH dent ruc
tion of ' property, they having cut to
pieceH a neighbor's buggy and harness.
Detectives wore within night of Sontag
and Evans, tho train robtiers, on the
North Fork of King's river. The outlaws
had MiowshoeH anil used them to advant
age, making their way into tho almost
inaccessible mountain's ahead of their
Captain Edward Bailey, Company C,
Fourth Infantry, stationed at 15oise,
Idaho, Iiiih been placed under arrest by
Major Kennedy, commandant of tho
post, on the charge of drunkenness and
gambling with the men of his command
in the resorts of the city.
A story comes from Ogden that Bish
ops' "recommends" to the saints to en
able them to pass into the Temple dedi
catory ceremonies are selling at high fig
ures. One young man in Ogden is re
ported to have sold his "recommend" for
$75, and another man is said to have sold
his for JliOO.
Tho new placer field at Borax Lake,
150 miles from San Bernardino, is at
tracting prospectors and minors. lry
washers aro used, producing to each man
from $10 to $25 per day. The placer
Held is large and practically unexplored,
and rich finds are anticipated. I
.Secretary Morton F.xpliilim Why He
KoiiiovimI a Hrother of .fames
(i. lihilnc-Ktc.
M'cn tary iioko Ninth Ims give notice
to the law clerks and other liiL-h-iMadi
employes of (hi! interior I 't-iutrt infill
that an expression of opinion to outsid
ers us to the proluililo Holiitioii of iuiv
iiii Mtion pending before the department
Will he a Hilllicicnt cause for dis-
i'i... ii...
ion i 'I Tin i ii ii n v hi i-iaie ih miii in
1........ l: . . .1 t
riuii'iniii' rciiming ine rcpigecH
who sought, an asvluiu in the Fiiited
flutes legation at Santiago, Tlii-v claimed
to In- political oirenderx only, and assuch
Minister r.gan nave them a refu-.e. Tin
t It 1 1 tit it govern ut demanded their sur
lender as common criminals, ami linked
that Fgiui lie instructed to deliver them
to the lisal authorities. ' This demand
Iiiih not hcon comnhed with bv tin-
l iilUl States.
J he paragraph in the navv remi hit ions
recently IsNiie.l, iirohihituiu naval olli-
cers iron) acting as correspondents of tin
newspapeiH. is Hitl'l to have luel it h on-
gin iii ine lain i iiiinin war. Hiiring tin
mriiggie, the htorv K'S'S. two naval otll
cers sliitioneil at ali'iiraiso were in th
.ay of certain New York newspapers, t,,
which they wired freijiient inside news
in ciplier of the inoveinentH of the forces
engaged. It freiiuetitlv happened that
Haliuaccda on the one side or the provi
sional inniiiH on ine other were I him
made aware of the movements of tin
.1 ei .
uier. j ne new s was w iron mill ew
York hy their friends. These movements
they could not otherwise have known.
I he provisional forces silliseijuelitlv com
plained of this to our uovoniment. uml
alleged they had Is-en seriollslv elnblir
Hissed thereby. 1 hereupon the United
States expressed regret at what bad
passed, ami rendered a r titioii of tin
complaint iuiMissible bv causing the iie
sort ion of the much-talked-of paragraph
in the new regulations.
'rencli-CanadiaiiH ('oming OvtT
in (Jmit Mulliliiilcs.
The Amount 1'ald In Divlileiidsby the
Curneifie Steel ('oiiiiuiiy for
I-iist Year Red need.
... i . . . . .
.-'ecreiary .tionon s ailelilloii InH lieeti
called to certain criticisms upon bis re
moval of Itobeit i. lilaine from the io-
sition of chief of tho onarantine division
of the bureau of animal imhistrv. The
Secretary said that when he took charge
of the Department of Agriculture he
loiimi .Mr. limine is-ciipying a position
with practically no duties to perform
amnirawing a salary ot fL'.iHHi per v
num. it was one ot the most evident
sinecures in the department, ami he
oiild not consistent Iv allow it to remain.
even though the incumbent li;ij ned to
is- ine hrollier ol the late James t
limine. If ho had been the brother of
President Cleveland, the result would
have Ih-cii the same. TheSocrotarv said
the only position which could bo taken
in the interest of economy and good
government was to alsilish the divi
sion, which consisted of oiu man,
ami assign the clerical work com
necieii Willi i in Millions to the divisions
of held invest igations ami miscellaneous
work of the bureau of animal industry,
w nore it nail roany noon done during
.Mr. Maine s incumhency.
F.xtraovdinarv olForts w ill lie made to
secure ud judication uistn the Chinese
exclusion act bv the Supreme Court at
this term. The matter hits boon the
subject of correspondence between the
governments of the Cnited States ami
China, and at tho reouest of the State
Department the Department of Justice
has completed the necessary prelimi
naries in conjunction with tl'io counsel
of the Chinese government and its sub
jects in this country. Under the terms
of the tiearv law a case to determine
the validity of tho act cannot he begun
until the 5th of next mouth. In ordi
nary circumstances it is impossible to
bring a test case belore the Supreme
lourt of tlie I nitod States before ad
journment for the summer recess, but
by the concurrent action of all parties
interested, which has been secured in
view of the important international
character of the ipiostions involved, the
standing of the law will be decided
within a few weeks, thus obviating a
long, tedious and expensive litigation.
The arrangement entered into contem
plates the arrest of a Chinese laborer in
New York for a violation of the terms of
the law, a prompt decision in the lower
courts' and an appeal to the Supreme
Court of the United States, which mav
be heard Aluv S. If the programme
shall be carried out, t he decision will he
rendered by the middle of May,at which
time the court expects to adjourn for the
During the last session of Congress a
measure was lobbied through granting
ine privilege to v. r. nue ana a Chi
nese named Chang Dak tjuai of bringing
1,000 Chineso to the World's Fair for the
purpose of putting up a Chineso village.
The steamer China has on board nearly
500 Chinese, who are said to be on their
way to the World's Fair. The delicate
question is presented to the Collector of
the port of San Francisco as to who are
entitled to go' to Chicago and who to re
main. So tar as known those Chinese
have no papers to show they are a part
of tho Chinese village. Quai will not ar
rive on the China with the first install
ment of Chinese, lie is expected to fol
low on tho Belgie with the second in
stallment of about 500. Of course, every
Chinaman who arrives during the next
five or six months will assert that he, or
sliOj is on the way to the exposition, and
their landing will follow. In this way it
is feared that from 2,000 to 3,000 Chineso
will get into San Francisco, and there
will be no means of stopping thoin. In
an interview Collector l'helps said: "1
am in a quandary. I don't know what to
do in the circumstances. I don't see that
1 have any power to exact bonds from
theso Chinese who aro now on tho way.
and according to the act of Congress" I
cannot refuse them a landing. If they
have a certificate showing they are to be
lnploveu as salesmen, clerks, cooks.
There is a tendency in Viriinia totrow
less tobacco.
'hree expeditions will nut out for the
North Pole this season.
Standard time has gone into olfcd in
Ohio by act of legislature.
Chicago ami Dllll'alo w ill be but eleven
hours apart by tho now fast train.
I'he Pangor and the Albatross will pa
trol liehrilig Sea the comiiiL' season.
Extensive prairie tiros are reported in
Kentucky. OW illir to the lonif drv snell.
n --rj j t
Three thousand acres are wanted in
Southeast Missouri for a Welsh colony.
A coal company w ith a capital of
ntiO.iHHi has just been formed at Kunsas
AlleghenvCitv ami Pittsbiiri mav ioin
hands to build a big water-supply res
It is said that there are 10.IKK) annli
cants for jiostmasterships in the State of
I ho Ohio river railroad lines have
agreed upon a 2-cent-a-iuiie rate for the
orld s I' air.
Steps have Ihi-ii taken in Eastern
Massachusetts for the extermination of
tho gypsy moth.
he necessary amount to free Tul-
mage s J'.rooklvn tabernacle from debt
has heon siibscnls'd.
The Cherokees have ratified the treaty
with I licit- Sam, and the strip will be
opened uiK'lll July 1.
The Chicago ice dealers have combined
and increased prices from 35 cents to 50
cents per hundred pounds.
In two years' time it is probable that
ccrv rviiuiicrn Mate will conduct its
election on the Australian nlau.
I ho Kentucky State crop report makes
ine comiiiion ot w heal mi per cent. A
year ago the condition was K.I percent.
1 he body of Jeirerson Davis will lo ro-
iiioyci from .New Orleans, I .a., May 28
ami po remterroii at Kie nnond. a
J ho complete statistics show that the
production of beet sugar in the United
States has more than doubled during the
pasi year.
l.'eports from fifty towns in South
Dakota give details" of the greatly in
creased immigration mst now pourinir
into the State.
It is estimated that since Mr. Morton
started the Arlsir day movement 400.-
0011,000 trees have boon planted in the
Northwest alone.
The Now York Senate has killed the
hill for the submission to a vote of the
people of the question of the consolida
tion of Brooklyn and New York.
The World's Fair management has de
cided to maintain a Police Court in the
grounds, w here visitorsaeeusod of misde
meanors can be tried without delay.
It has come to light that the late Colo
nel Shopard of New York was unable to
secure a life insurance several years ago
owing to a suspicion of Bright's disease.
The New York Assembly passed, 78 to
2H, the bill abolishing capital punish
ment, to take effect, should it become a
law, on September 1, too late to save
Curly le Harris.
It is estimated that $10,000,000 will be
expended in new buildings in Buffalo
during the year 1803. The prospect of
soon utilizing the great power of Niagara
is booming Buffalo.
Everybody who has a pass to get into
the show at Chicago must have his pho
tograph on his pass. Perhaps Secretary
Carlisle can be persuaded to decide the
photograph unnecessary.
The Ohio State crop report says wheat
mis come out ot ttio winter in excellent
condition except along the southern bor
der of the State. The April condition
last year was 71 per cent.
New York city has begun in earnest
the work of purifying its water supply
at the source by burning filthy dwellings",
bams, pigsties, etc., along 'the head
waters of the Croton river.
Hie Duke of Oporto, brother of the
King of Portugal, is one of the finest
flute players in the world.
Owing to illness, fir. Edward Everett
Hale did not start the series of lectures
on journalism in JSoston last wm-k.
Captain Henry Howell lewis, whodied
in Baltimore recently, was the last of
Oeneral Washington's graiidnephews.
Secretary Herbert is said to Is a hard
worker. lie often remains at the Navv
Department until 7 i: m. answering lot
Mrs. Pho be Hearst, w idow of Senator
Hearst, proposes to establish a home for
destitute boys on a farm of 450 acres
near San Francisco.
There are two women bank Presidents
in the country, Mrs. Annie Moore of
.Mount I'leasanl, Tex., and Mrs. C. E
ChadlKjurn of Columbus, Wis.
In the home of Rider Haggard, it is
sum, me iay opens with fain
ily prayer read or recited bv himself in
. r i - . ' .: - --
ine large, square entrance hall
FOREIGN FLASHES. A cumou3 wedding present.
Did th Merchant IV lull to Robuka HI
Iau(hter, or Vim It III Simplicity?
..ft . . .
Austrian War Office Adopts the thUdtyho
liUllet-Froof Cloth. Bing". nMa n,B wa? "tewlily np to com-
meixiai tame ana immense wealth, all
by tho manufacture of soap," said a New
Yorker the other day, "and with all his
wealth and prosperity he never forgot
how a poor man feels or lost any of his
consideration for the rights of others.
Pride never puffed him np nor made
him ashamed of his business or his early
"He was proud of the purity and ex
cellence of his soap, and the secret of his
access over his rivals lay in the fact
that he invented several processes for
cheapening the manufacture of that arti
cle, and his great factory in this city
was full of machinery of his own inven
tion and manufactnre. He made one
ample fortune solely out of patenting
the ideas of his fertile brain, and several
Others by selling the manufactures he
was thus able to turn out.
"His wife was as intensely nurse nrond
m he was simple, though her origin was
as simple as his own. and her daughter
took after her. This child married well.
Two Enormous Breaches Occur
the Banks of the Yellow
River in China.
Employment is scarce and laborers are
overpientiiui in South Australia,
Belgian Socialists threaten a general
nriKo h not grantea universal suflrage.
Surveys are Is-ing made for three new
railroads in the Transvaal, South Africa.
The Chinese government contemnlnf.a
Max Judd. who has bo n Hindi Ponsnl
a considerable extension of railroads this
to lenna, is one of the best chess nlav. '
ers in the country. He thinks thr mur Not for generations has
move oi ins a capital one, no doubt. fwn a sunny and altogether idyllic
r.x-j.mpross t arlotta of Mexico in her ' 1 U11B'
insanity retiuires a 'fresh imirnf iu.o.i. The shin tha Tuti,,,, ,.i
' . ...... v., ...... vi... in.uijiun Ul I i ....
gray, two-button kid gloves on rising Corinth will probably be ready about lney BaJ" tnat is, a young swell about
v. . i.i.ii ooiK iiiroiigiioui me year. "epiemwer. ijiuoubcu io uer on account or tne
Mrs. Jeir D avis boini? in Htrnitrtitnnrul I Oueen Victoria's nrin faMi.nn i I sjcea t weaitu ne knew she would inherit.
circumstances, the Charleston News and ,llfi Continent will cost the British tax- Wnen the engagement was settled the
i ouner urges that she be mud. IVcui.J Pavers fSO.OtN). daughter and mother Ht.l.r1 tha m.n
dent of the South Carolina Imlnutriul C....;i..l ,.:. I what ho vena crr.inw in. An in u ..,.
and Normal Collce for vv, ... Z ; "u L.M' V " ? quence fK: r "V"? Vl
: , ,i , " : , " yi HiiTwic urniKing, seem to De on the -"ujs " io)ie upiaiire.
is alstut to tie organ..,,!. in.-rease in Russia. "Here they ran up against an unex
i n si.ieni i.,arnot s son Jraneoin, who A law has been passed by the Reichs- snag. The old boy would give
?!?!': ','?T Ul!H','ar'f.m,"liV,r taa wrtaWishinR a standard time over the nothi"? in the way of a dowry. He
oSaiiUT, 'de f V7 . . Support
his physical health is Is low the stand n,'e ,T fi" ,,mltt.e1 to the United
rd.; the young man will ellppi
Crispi, ex-Premier of Dalv. b.ta b..V.n Influ: '-a appeared in a virulent
compelled to place his son, Who is in the Z , "T'?111 Anthem Russia, and
21st year of bis age, in a correctional iu- th Ul0rtal't' 18 8t.
stitiition at Pisa on account of the rnas- , .! "enty-fiye ships of war of various
tery the young man had gained over his 7 H al!e ,low ln l'ourHe of construction
conscience in the matter of getting or lne "re,1-'11 government.
.in n on ii io icau a last ine. v uuiuv jieroert, liismart'K has con-
One of the unfortunates who suffered . ;ntoa lo ruu Ior the Reichstag in the
heavy losses bv the failure of the West- interest of the agrarian party.
ern '1 rust Company, of which ex-Senator In the Isle of Man there are no death
lngalls was President, is E. W. Howe, duties, no income tax and with the ex
the Atchison author and editor. His ception of a small duty on beer no excise.
.oss Hi.. un; jmniics gain, it jtoverty I During the last twenty
hifl wife unaided till her fatW n-ill
gave her a Bhare of his estate. The ut
most he could be prevailed upon to do
was to giva his daughter a wedding
present What this would be he stead
fastly refused to say just then. On the
wedding day, however, his gift to the
bride was the deed for a handsome house
in a fashionable street, completely fur
nished in costly style from top to bottom.
me bridal tour had all !h ou arranged.
so no stop was made hy the happy pair
to examine the new honse. All through
the honeymoon they talked of the pleas
ure they would have in going over the
like the " Story of a Country Tou-n "
fudge li. R. Nelson of the Unit..,)
States District Court of Minnesota is
the only man on the district bench an-
I i . t . a. i . -1 . J
iiomieu ieiore me civil war. Judge ,M.
P. Deadv of Oregon, who died a feu-(lav
l i-k (lilt 4.1. St.... X t I I . . .. . '
spurs him on to write another romance fof land in England u. ler' the t loW h; V
over"4 per centn0arly2,W'W,0aCreS'Or Great was the delight with which they
Two enormous broaches in the banks their new home on their return,
of the Yellow river, China, are reported . Ca?? wre velvet-the angingsof
io nave occurred, a most unusual phe- ouu "uo lUB lurolture nana carvea,
nomenon in winter. tno pictures old masters, the linen of the
finest, and eilverplate was everywhere.
even in the kitchen.
lation now being of that faith. the bride's n.. a ,-
The late Dr. Andrew Peabodv accord- Four thousand workinu- neonlo ha, -a I pvos flashy a tkt
ng to Dr. Edward Everett Hale was won thrown out of employment in N'ew quench. Every where she looked she wa
looking or some accumulated papers 'uth Wales by the stoppage of several LW mSw fi,1."
,o ... m in tl.P Phnn.l.i:. Vll.. . '"".uuuoiu ll.u-aSe.
anatching a heavy silver salver from the
table, she showed to her husband, en-
ago, was the only otherone. Judge Deadv Mohammedanism is largely on the in
was a Territorial Judge in Oregon, and crease in the British West African colony
on the admission of the State was made oi Sierra Leone, one-tenth of the popu-
District Judge.
one day when he discovered that he was collieries in the Rhondda Valley.
l it) niuk .i i . . -
!f40,(HKi riclier than he was the vear be
fore. Thereupon he wrote to the Assess-
ors of Cambridge, asking those officials
to impose a tax on his property accord
ingly. Yet nnlmdv ever miaiwu-tn t,n
gixxl doctor of insanity.
When Calvin Brice was a student in
Miami College he was a poor bov, but a
fellow of much sturdy indepenehce. At
that time Oxford was twelve miles from
the nearest railway station, and the jour
ney was usually made bv the students in
a stage. But the fare was high, and Mr.
Brice could not afford to pav it. He irpn-
erally walked the distance, therefore,
although rich friends offered to provide
him with a seat in the stage. The result
was sometimes that these friends would
accompany him on his tramps.
The price of private telenhone in
London is very soon to be reduced from
120 a year to 10 a vear. subieet to th
condition of a rive years' contract.
The Austrian war office has dpoid,vl tn
adopt the bullet-proof cloth, one-third
ui an nu n iincK, inventea uv iierr Ly
...,! hi, an engineer living in I anS,
graved on it minutely but with elaborate
detail, the representation of a bar of
soap with her father's well known trade
mark on it.
This queer crest was everywhere
about the house, worked into carved
The Bohemian fWrol a ,;! t unre, woven in tne linen and nana
Soeiety is organizing an internatinnl mg?' m eTe" Painted on the carriage
exhibition of agriculture and food stutfs and "tP6" on the harness which were
to be held in Prague from the 14tli to the Presented with the house. It was the
win ot May next. oia man s greatest pride, that trademark
1 lie overthrown Kine of Dnhompv hoa and what it stood fnr hut vki.u.
addressed an appeal to " all civilized na- had it put on his daughter's thinsra out
.h;l iiLSyU'P, y: V-u.18 ?use of shr simplicity of heart or whether
""""i id uiiit ui riLMib a.ri(i ins- hA mtandnd -i i ,
tice, in his struggle with France. ' TZSTZ! UT! !
. i - new iur&
J 'unng mn there were 4.651 deser- ITibnue.
tions from the British armv. Thpra
were 10,803 court-martials and 208.190 A Lord who Drv Water Cart.
minor punishments imposed. Th nor,. When Lord nharlea
Savannah loads in naval stores trade, eral conduct of the soldiers is improving, tered upon a naval career he was very
An imitation silk is made from wnoil Tlmw !, ;.. r- fond of a bit of fnn ivnaeinnoiiTr tw
l ' ' 'J ctnuuo uur 1 11 1 i Ulll t! OI I . . v...... u , .
I,UJJ'.. building a canal from thn 18 Shown bv the followino i
aiis were made by hand previous to Mediterranean, so that the Mediterra- which is told by one of his brother offi-
nean trade lor other countries need not cers. While in the officers' mess one
nrsi usea oy tne in- carrieu wiiuin range ot tne English day, a discussion arose amomr th vonntr
guns atOibraltar. officera to whether any one of them
Efiorts are making to reconstruct and would care to ride down the Row at a
iiuc hip siispenaea commercial fashionable hour on
oaiiK. oi Ausiraua. a new comnanv
There is a strong presumption that
thousands of the most undesirable class
of emigrants are evading the American
regulations every month by entering the
United States by way of Canada.
Since' work has commenced on the
World's Fair grounds in Chicago, ten
men have been killed outright, eight
have died from wounds received while in
in service and 010 have been injured.
The French Canadians continue com
ing over the border in great multitudes.
Tnero are nearly as (inany of them and
their descendants in'this country as there
are in the French Province of Quebec.
It is said the amounts naid in dividends
by the Carnegie Steel Company for 1802
was reduced from $5,000,000, paid the
previous year, to $1,000,000, owing to the
Homestead strike and other troubles.
During tho last eight months w ,i
number European immigrants landed in
this country was 210,928, against 300,484
in the corresponding period of the previ
ous year a decline of nearly 100,000.
General George W. Gordon of Mem
phis has introduced in the Tennessee
Legislature a memorial from the Con-
cupation, i must land tnem. the widow o jeQ-erson Dttvi8
Petroleum was
Electric roads have displaced 30.00(1
Jarrah is the most nearlv indestrneti.
hie wood.
-it- , . . . . au,voo,uuu io carry on
imeZi, m arebwomin8 more collapsed institution.
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The United States produces 46.000.000 ?
, i.., - ' """T tuiuiiur in lonu alio.
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ucago packs and ships over 6,000,000 sentation of the landing made bv the
hogs a year. subordinates of Columbus on the "coast
ihe lathers of Boston have decided to 01 Venezuela m the year 1498,
aemana d a day.
The first coal
mining was done
i ennsyivania, lm.
The cheapest dress Worth will make
for a customer costs $150.
The people of this country sent 60,
000,000 telegrams in 1892.
The United States contain 194,000
square miles of coal fields.
There are now over 400 electric roads
in operation in this country.
The leather-dealing firms in the
United States number 48,096.
The animal tobacco product of the
country is 565,000,000 pounds.
Sixty thousand acres of Florida lands
are to be cultivated by Swales.
The United States produces annuallv
610,0(10 tons of butter and cheese. '
a cart, and "Char-
will be formed with a canitat rt,0 .V T "-""" caueu, unaer-
6000 to carry on the fiusineof the TJt
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that he would not do so, and in this bet
the ojher officers in the room about
seven in number joined.
The matter then dronned. A few davs
afterward Lord Marcus Beresford was
riding down the Row, followed closely
by Lord Melville and his brother, when
they were suddenly hailed by a man sit
ting on a water cart with the salutation.
'Oi, just hand over those fivers." The .
a new 1-cent
size to our
a renre-
The French government has apologized
to Count Muenster. German Ambassa
dor, for the detention of the letters
written by Herr Kurtz to the German
Embassy and Consulate, while he was officers drew up in astonishment which
imprisoned on suspicion in Rouen. immediately save nlace to rmonntroli
Cliff railways in England crow mnm lans-hterwhpn if GAfin tltnf f1A Jwinn.
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.u more oopuuir. yuiion nas opened of the water cart was Lord Charles
a remarKaoiy tteen line, eut m a tunne RDf,i j.j i, , , .,
iroiu the gorge of tl.e Avon to the sum- rATCiT T- . u 8 u
mit of cBfton Rocks. The gradient is S? b7bed thd"verto him to
. , uun ., in n mu'h nun rim nTAf." . . i. .
X , wmw UIU3 UdU l UO
one foot in two feet, and the tunnel 27x
is leot
paid. London Tit-Bits.
Telegraph lines in tho Zambesi Terri
tory have but a brief existence accord
ing to present experience. Elephants
knock them down, the carriers steal the
thick lines for mending purposes and
A Missouri Supper.
In a description of a weddine that re
cently took place in northern Missouri the
groom was described as heme "dressed in
tho Makalala ladies appropriate the fine conventiona,1, black, making a most lovely
ffilni.nn...JLL. appearance." The suDDer was "hnth
t. a v v iiv.aiit.o Mill uaiiuirpi, I . . . . .... '
a .u. ..,1... . stylish and beautiful, with noddimr Dlumes
.lfe - thrExecXe CWitteT ICS
K wuv VUU1UJI,
going iiuo tae co-operauve DUSiness. Slaverv (!omnanv h i.i j,-:"
There are ,oix: than 6,000 lighthouses to wK GS tTaXmtof$0
to direct the navigators of the world. and to offer the Nyassa station to the an"t i
roreet tires in this country destroy imperial government, r unds are insuf
every year $12,000,000 worth of timber. ncient for the continuance of the new
A Dii.-n.m h,i;i,ii,T fifrr oti00 ! enterprise.
suggested, but the contract is not yet let. .A" imm'nfe .crowd gathered at the
Machmnrv i ,i! on ,at h"6.t.1?nia. Norway, and
cent of manufactured products in
presents were "valued in the aggregate to
A New Sort of Premium.
Of novelties in" advertising there Is no
end. A Berlin publisher is circulating the
following announcement on the cover of
one or ins periodicals:
There aro
Per cheered as the Viking passed down th ZJ"1 rJ' 8 " 'ce 10
this harW firiniT c.,lt s;v,Q !ti !":" y"." "'u arrangements lam
125,000,000 hens in this
gf a CrU1?e enabled 10 !". t the friends of 'my
g the coast, m order that the people magazine purchasing the entire volum?
ave a chance to see her, anf early Hvinir niir. about a month. m T In