The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 01, 1893, Image 1

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    iver Glacier.
NO. 44.
3fccd Iiver Glacier.
ri iiiiKiim. icvritv hatiihuat muknino nr
TIio Glacier Publishing Company.
M II llll'l ION I'llKi.
Oim trnr f2 Of
" liuiltf h. , (m
i info i iti.
""'""I'X tt.nU
Grant Evans, Piopr.
Smm.ihI St., Ii. in U.,1,. . . Il.iucl llivni, Or.
SIiavIiij; ami 1 1 . i i iiiltinj nintly iIoimv
Nlllfcfui (lull t illliluntvi'll.
I'dli Mh an! Kilkalia InJians
(nmiiu'ii'A' Hostilities.
The Governor of Montana Sli;ns the It II
M k!nn It Unlawful lor Scalpers
to Sell Tickftf.
Tombstone, A. T., ban become
of a I'nited Mules PlHtriet Court.
Idaho pupil" ill tin public m-htiols ii rr
to I e furnished n x-haiku without cost.
Vane .liver, 15. C, has discovered that
its t'humtow n is overcrowded, unhealthy
iil ditieaio-breeding.
Fish and icaiue dealers in Oron ar
to tMt the legality of the HhIi law
adopted hy the ast I.fjttMliitiitt.
A unit bin I icen instituted at San li
etfo against the Hear Valley Imitation
I'oiupiuiy. Waste o( fund in charged.
TIih 1 lei hi llella and Kitkitlia Indians
in Not ill H it'.H'i (loiiiuibia have mm-
IIUOIC '! hostilities HH H M'htl t of the H-
cent ina-sacre on Sorrow In. ami.
Th trial of the bigamy charge auain-t II. Jetleris, whom connec ion
witd the AyrtM Brighton murder ca is
well known, lian been set lor April at
Tun I'mv hIoiihI iroveriinn'nt is km iik
to iirslit the rra er river bndje roj n I
to t hi t-x'i nl O! i, piiyah e in live
ni'ial am mil inlalliiientH This will
limtiTt'iilv help the Northern Pacifier ul
road extension pr .ji et.
The Mining and lev. loping Company
ha purrhu-ed the Hold Har inini'H Kil l
i ild liar west x1m.m on in the Vmiiler
bilt mining iMirirt in San Bernard no
county for 5 V . Toe same mines
were recently sold h.r f 40,000.
The Hradstreet m.-rcantile agency re
ports thirteen iHiliirta in the Pacific
Cuml States and Territories lor the past
week, hm compared with thirty-one for
the previous week and fourteen for tlie
corresponding week of lN'.Ci.
Char bh V. Olsen, an ex member of
the Utah Legislature Biid ex-Acssor
and Col.ector of ('ache c unity, Utah,
has heen sen tene, d to one year in the
penitentiary for embezzling fli.llOO while
occupying the posit on of Collector.
Deep snow in the llhio Mountains in
Oregon have driven largo numlrers oi
elk to the lower levels to the great de
light of hunters in that regie ii, who have
killed a greater oi these nni
nmla tlii ' season thiiii for years previous.
A resolution has Ikioii introduced into
the British Colunitiia Legislature pray
iiiK the L'eutenanl-tiovernor to move
the Dominion xovernment to prohibit all
immigration from Asiatic ountries for
a period ol one year from the (irbtday of
April next.
At Virginia City udraft of thirty-five
men wan made from the force employed
in the Havae mine and a draft oi ten
from the l'.n!c!.er. The draft will result
in tlie suspension of ore extraction from
thohe mines, which have heen jointly
producing alxnit 4,(100 tons monthly.
Governor Kickarda of Montana has
Biuned the hill making it unlawful for a
scalper to sell for any consideration the
whol or part of any ticket on any rail
road or steamboat, . whether the line he
operated or owned within or without the
ISiato. The punishment is a fine of
ifilM and one year's imprisonment.
The riuenix (A. T.) City Council
passed an ordinance raining tlie saloon
tax to $11)0 per annum, raising gambling
tuxes in accordance and forbidding mu
sic in rooms whore iiiruor is sold. ItaUo
put a tux of $10 a day upon street fakirs,
and the Salvation Army by a similar
clause is forbidden to parade the streets.
Gilliam county, Or., citizans have pe
titioned the County Court to grant a
bounty on dead sund rata. Tlie little
verm n have had a good winter and will
soon come out of their holes in the pit k
ot cond tion to ravage the growing grain.
The farmer say. unlesi something is
done soon to cheek this pest, they will
be run out. . .
The United States Commissioners are
in camp twenty-two miles north of Cou
elo, Mendocino county, Cat., in what is
known as Kit. Carson's cabin, which was
built in 18(M by Frank Asbell, a iamous
trapper ot those days. Tlie report is
current that the CouimiPS oners wil
place on the market half of the Round
Valley Indian rebervalion, Ott.lOO acres,
at from f 1.25 to $4 an acre.
ar bcr Shoo
Snrrt.iiy Cirllslr Issilo New l'r.lll;itions
1'iX'irdini; I'lrunitluiis In Admit
ting liiiiiiv;r.iiils.
The President lias seeepted the renlg
natioii of Uovernoi N. M Minim of l iwa,
(.'oiminhhioni-r of the gi netal land ollire.
A ( lluey has iii;iiiinted
I'riiiik Himugol ArkniifiiH (iriieial Ai'i-ni.
nf (lie Dcpitltttieill of Jilhtn c, vice i') C.
Kosler rrfigned.
The KiipM-ine 1'nint Iihs ulllninil the
judgment ol the I'oint of Claims, do
ml' sing the elitiou of the State of lu
ll una to recover from Hie United Mali's
over V II (Mill us f pi r iviit ol the sales
of public lauds In Iiidiiiiia.
Authority has been given by Prenidi'iit
Cleveland to Secretary iiehham to ex
change a ith Minister Grip certificates
of the, rittilicitlmn "f the extralition
treaty between the Culled Htalcs and
Sweden, recently ratilied by the Senate.
The remiliH of the nil'!, carbine and
revolver tiring of the iirny (or the target
year of IMlU rece v d ly tlm Adjutant
xhnws that Company G nf the Severn h
Infantry, stationed it t Pilot I'.utte, Wyo.,
made the highcht general f)riireof merit.
Active preparations are at'ont to be
I bigiin by Secretary Smith for the open-
i .lu ot tlie Clier.ikce Sirip mi !er the iro
i ve ion of the Indian appropriations set
ratifying the agreement with the Cheio
j kees. The preliminaries, however, will
! coiisuiiiu considerable time.
A hint nl Cleveland's policy ol build
ing up a new party is given, l-ol'ou ini;
the selection of Jildue Gresham for tlie
(Cabinet, it is said, he is going to appeal
to the sentimental lt"pull:canl by iieei
ing Minister Lincoln at Iondnii and
Minister Fred Grant at Vienna.
Po'tumstcr Genera! I'.is ell stii'i-H that
whenever there is a contest for st.y ost
nllice the person who held the ollice un
der President ( leveland's former a (min
istration is nit to be considered, lie
further Hates the full power of this rule
will Im applied to fourth-cliiHs postollices,
and that he, and not the President, is
resKiiisihl for it.
Secretary Carlis'e has issued new reg
ulation) n-giirdiiig precautions to be ot,
erved in admitting immigra .ts to the
United States. 1 he regulations eonta'n
seventeen ai tides. The tirsl ten are
substantially the same as are now in
force. Articles 11 to 15 inclusive are
(radically new, ai d are made to con
torm to the new laws ellVcting immiira
tion paxned by tli laet Congrers and ap
proved March X
The Treasury Department contemn s to
receive II "is of gold from the West in
exi hange lor small notes, for which there
is at l t-'ki nt an increasing (leiihind.
-everal ell', ri had to bo lemio'unly de
clined, as ii wai found tlie god was ot
light weigh', and iintd those w ho i Ili-re I
it niHile up the in weight t!i
Kovernmetit could ii"t accept it. in this
connect on it is ii.teretinj to Hole that
the government reipiiieB absolute ac
curacy before it wilt teceipt lor light
we glit Coin.
Several people who have known how
long Cleveland is oblig- d to u luid on
his feet during the many tioiir e is re
ceiving pe'ple, have wondered how it.
was that he was ab'e to keep up. lie
conies down into the ea"t room and
shake hands with thousands of people,
standing on his feet for an ' hour or half
an hour, s the case may lie. In his
private dllice he feels the nece.-sit' o'
arising to his feet when he receives visit
or a w ho nre distinguished enough to l e
admitted to a private interview. It h
found, however, that the President ban a
great scheme. His desk is low enough
lo admit h s s tt ng upon it in an ap
parent, attitude of standing, and it is
thcie he sits, with his b et on the floor
and his weight res in g on the desk, and
shakes hands and (dials with tlie visitors
who are admitted It has been re
marked hy several pers uis that he does
not move around very much, hut nobody
knows b tter than Mr. Cleveland him
self why he does not move around. He
is scheming all the w hi e to save himself,
and this attitude he finds very comfort
able. It is probable tlie cbrku and some
other employes in the bureau of engrav
ing and printing not directly employed
in the production of greenbacks and
other government obligations will have
to take certificates of indebtedness In
stead of cash for their salaries for the
remainder of the fiscal year. Tin's is the
result of an error in the enrollment of
the delieieney bill, by which the word
" thousand " was left off after the appro
priation intended to be $37,000 for defi
ciency in the pay of clerical and other
help at the buieau of engraving and
print i mm. It is presumed the employes
will not be dropped from tlie rolls lor the
rotimiiid r of this fiscal year, as they are
necessary to the working of the buieau.
It is likely Hub will he considered a case
wherein the government ollieers are au
thorized to create an indebtedness under
tlie statute providing that "no govern
ment ollicer shall incur indebtedness for
the government except to save li'e and
property." It may be held the employ
ment of these clerks is necessary to save
'property." The clerks will then be
given certificates stating they have ren
dered i-ervice to the value named, and
these they will probably be able to vet
discounted for a consideration by local
money lenders. Several other errors in
enrollment have been discovered. In
the pension appropiation bill an appro
priation of $:V '5,000 was intended for fees
of examining surgeons. In enrolling
the word "five" was left out, so that
the item reads "three hundred thousand
dollars." A deficiency of $5,0)0 from
tlie proper amount will not he serious in
view of the smallnese of the amount and
of the fact that it was made on estimates
which in any event may be too large or
too sma'l, and which can be remedied
next session before the money actually
appropriated is exhausted. Toese are
but a few of the errors committed in the
enrollment of appropriation bills, and
others are expected to come to light
every day.
l'ittsbnrtf Oianizi'S a Municipal
Owiieisliij) l'aue.
A Solid Work of Gold, Weighing 1,500
lYunl to be Exhibited at the
Chicago Exposition.
A legislative investigation has dis
closed shocking crudlies practiced on
convicts in the Nebraska State pr.sjn.
The Vassar girls have recently been
engaged in drmmng dolls for children
among the poorest e. annua in New 101k
The Matemcnt of the Kealirg Coal
and Iron Company shows the excess of
current liabilities over mrde to he $2,-
White Caps have notified the vendors
of whisky at Providence, Webster coun
ty, Ky., to quit the buniriess or tuke the
cm s"'iicneeH,
I The I! lack HilH of Rtnth Dakota will
1 send as a p ut of their mineral exhibit a
ji-old block of gold, wtiigh ng 1,500 pounds
an worth f.j)t),(H)U.
M'. James Corbett has been sued for
money duo for newspaper clippings
which she had ordered llemy Komerke
at New York to gather for her.
It is said the shoo manufacturers of
New Knglaud are proposing to conduct
their own tanneries and to fight the pro
Mised $10J,(HKI,Oi)0 leather trui-t.
Lionel Sartoris, a coucin of the late
husband of Nellie Grant, proposes to
colonize with English farmers a tract of
about M),( 00 itcree in Central Wyoming.
( I'.uckner is s.iid to be asHidu
otndv studying German in anticipation
!of being sent to Austria to represent the
I dignity of the United States at Vienna.
! The wli sky trut will pass its dividend.
It has manufactured more whisky than
' the tra le demands, and it takes lots of
, money to carry the excusa until it is
i disposed of.
I The Iexiiigtoii (Ky.) grand jury has
indicted sixty saloonkeepers lor selling
' liquor unlaw fu ly, and has returned filty-
three indictments for the sale of cigar
j ette to boys.
j C01 grens no t htiving appropriated the
nuesrary expenses for tlieCivil Service
Commission to hold the exiunina ion
ti.cyhtid scheduled in a veral States,
J the dates have been car.c-led.
! Ia the Minneo'a S.-nate a bill has
I b"en introduced to prohimt the prefer
enee nl one previous metal over another
in the making of contracts, th" inten
tion ie'iig t abolish gold mortgages.
In anticipation of a heavy movement
o S utthern cattle to M uitana a d Wy
oming Governor Osborne of the latter
State bus publicly announced the reu la
tions under which the Shipments wid be
Ti;e Postmaster-General has decided
to lease 3i),75(l equare feet in the Indus
trial building, adjoining the Forty-second
street railroad station, in New York
city, for use as the up-town branch 01
the New Y01 k city postolhVe.
The Alabam National Bank at Mobile
has closed its doors by direction of Bunk
Examiner Campbell. The depositors
will be pa d in full, but the capital stock
of the hank is impaired to theamouut of
(I2,0( 0, or about 42 per cent.
Texas peop'e have finally undertaken
to prevent lynching by the formation of
anti-lym hing league at Rio Grande
City.- It is expected that the movement
will ppread throughout tlie State and
eventually throughout the South.
Frederick Dotiglasa is the President of
a company jtiBt organized for the pur
pose of establishing a large manufactur
ing enterprise near Newport News, Va.,
tiuilding a town and giving employment
to young colored men and women.
The electric lighting question is again
being agitated in City, owing to
the inollicient service and extortionate
rates of the private company. Another
company has offered to light the city
hall lor about one-third of present prices.
Baliington Booth proposes to try in
this country the plan of farm colonies
for the regeneration of social outcasts
which his lather introduced successfully
in "Darkest England;" and the first
colony will probably settle in New Jer
sey. The Russian Jews who formed the
Chesterfield colony near New London
are beginning to leave. It is said that
the physical sufferings of the colonists
during the past winter have been acute,
and the outlook for the future has dis
heartened htem.
The gross earnings of all the railroad
lines in the Pennsylvania system lor
lSi)2 were if l3tf,!t74,520.(S5. The" expenses
were $1)8,852,083 2D. The gross tonnage
moved was 141,371,840 tons. The num
ber of passengers carried was 89,690,341.
These are bewildering aggregates.
The disinterested in Milwaukee smile
over a bill introduced at Madison to
make the salary of the Sheriff of Mil
waukee county $7,500 a year. The Gov
ernor, 8ecretary of State and Treasurer
get but $5,0 iO each. Judge Jenkins gets
$r,000, but will get but $6,000 when he
takes Judue Greaham's chair at Chicago.
Pittsburg has organized a municipal
ownership league. Its purpose is to have
the municipality own and operate gas
we k, water works, electric plant, street
'ailways, telephones and all wther pub
lic utilities that are in their nature a
monopoly. Many of the best citizens in
the town are in the movement.
Japan women loud the vessels.
I). droit is huiid'hg electric Ijoats.
There are 4,500 electro plants in Ger
many. There are twenty-five national banks
in Chicago.
Twenty-eight thousand patents were
ismi-d 11 18!)2.
Steam power is successfully applied to
the feliing of trees.
Petroleum engiei-s made of aluminium
are to drive balloons.
The dynamite industries of this coun
try are worth 0i,00,XX).
A street ear can I e rented in the City
of Mexico lot $3.5) a day.
There are estimated to be 38,40) street
cars in ue in this oiinlry.
The men employed upon the railroade
of the United States number 784,00).
A patent has been granted for a device
for tupering fing irs anil re lucing joints.
In Wyoming county, N. Y., farmers
are hiring hands at $25 a month with
The census of I8!tj (jives to the United
States 32,1X37,880 men and 30,554,370
During tl e last ninety-six years 31-4,-1)15,
000 pounds of gold were coined in
Tennessee is going into the canning
business, and many canneries are being
The President of the United States re
ceives his salary in monthly installments
of $4,:n;.b7.
Government statistics place the aver
age income of American farmers at 82
cents a day.
Cincinnati has some eight harness
factories, and their yearly output id
atwut f3,00O.(i0O.
The next b g fruit farm to l)e organized
in Missouri will comprise 12.C0J acres
near Bran Isville.
A hog at Fayetteville, N.C., owned by
John Garrii-on of that town, is said to
weigh 8-jO pounds.
Sugar beets, weighing on an average
of sixteen pounds, have been grown iu
Floyd county, (ia.
A number of farmers in Western Kan
sas sowed fall wheat in February, and
expect to get big crops.
According to the trea-ury computation
the Presidential sa ary of 550,010 a year
is at the rate of $138.88 a day.
It is said that Ireland sends annually
40,000 tons of egiis some tM, 00,000 in
round nuintert to Eng.aml alone.
The Florida coast has a flo-iting hotel
which moves irot.i place to place, wher
ever the best fishing happens to be.
Silkel eets ere now p educed "as a
'iixury " with the expec ation that there
may urow up a large demand for them
Tnere are at the Sau'.t in
Michigan 35,000,000 whitetish eytis, 400,
"0of Baunon trout and 2jO,OUO brook
The State of Ohio manufactured 2,500,
0 pounds of maple suar last year,
rank ng secjnd in the amouttof pro
duction. Of the 10,255,840 tors of pig iron pro
duced last year th- South luruished
2,ll',9S'i tons, or more than in any pre
v.ous yi ar.
The lortv-one collieries in the Second
An hi acite district of the State of Penn
sylvania lait year produced 6,087,520
tons of coal.
The annual exportation of India rub
ber from Para is eaid to be upward o!
20,000,(k 0 pounds, worth from 6,000,000
to $9,C00,0v0.
A new method of manufacturing glas
vessels which will not break under sud
den changes of temperature is announced
trom Germany.
More thau $33,000,000 worth of seal
skins have been taken in Alaskan waters
since the American ownership of the
sealing grounds.
Recently compiled statistics show that
the locomotive-building in the United
states in 1892 was about 13 per cent less
ihan in the year 1891.
A large party of Eastern manufactur
ers recently started on a tour through
Mexico for the purpose of introducing
American goods into that country.
The licorice plant, ia chiefly grown on
the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates,
in localities where for three months dur
ing the prevalence of hot winds the tem
perature reaches 104 degrees and for
three months often reaches 30 decrees
below at night. The remaining six
months are moderate and healthy.
Edison's children by his first wife are
familiarly called "Dot" and "Dash"
trom the characters in the Moree alpha
bet. Four members of the new Cabinet are
directors of either banks or railways, or
noth, namely : Messrs. cisbcII, Oiney,
Larxont and Smith.
James Smith, New Jersey's new Dem
ocratic Senator, is largelv interested in
horse-racing. He is one of the big stock
holders in the Monmouth racetrack.
Lord Chief Justice Coleridge of Eng
land will probably visit the Chicago Ex
position. If so. Uncle Sam will have a
chance to repay the courtesies extended
by bis .Lordship to jiiftice ilarlan on his
recent visit to London.
Mrs. Everett, wi"e of a master dray
man in New Orleans, has the reputation
of being one of the best veterinary sur
geons in that city, and she accepts no
pay tor ner services, whicn are given
simply out of love for animals.
Mayor Noble of Anniston. Ala., car
riea a cane with which he onc knocked
down a man for slandering Jefferson Da
vis. The possession 0 that weapon and
the use to which he put it ar- not for
gotten in his claim for re-election.
Novel Measure of Protection Usel
by tlie Hank of France.
Sarah Bernhardt Ceases to le a S ai
Attraction at R"me and V.enna
-The New York.
German troopi in East Africa have
won an important victory over hostile
natives at Uniangrvira.
A Geneva telegram states that an im
portant discovery of 500 unpubl.shed
letters of Voltaire has been made there.
According to the latest arrangements
Dr. Nansen will leave Christiania on his
Arctic expedition at the beginning of
Adelina Tatti gets $4,000 for every
London concert, while she sing in the
provinces for $2,500 and in Milan for $2,
000 a night.
The Pope is ooon to issue a letter to
the French Episcopacy urging the forma
tion of a party ol Kp blican Catholics
in the Chamber of Deputies.
Toe steamer New York has been
thrown open to the public at a shilling
a head in tlie port of Southampton, the
receipts going to local charities.
I. Newton MofTin is urging in London
the project of roofing over the principal
streets ol that city with glae. The um
brellamakers will cry all bail to the
The swarms of field mice wh'ch catued
such devastation last year in Ttiesaly
are beginning to reappear in that prov
ince and in the neighboring district of
The Turkish government ha proposed
to the Sultan that he invite the Stateso
the Ottoman Empire to "a commercial
and industrial compeiition" in Con
s antii.ople.
Another exploring expedition into the
interior of the Australian Continent is
toon to be equipped by Sir Thomas El
der and to start under tiie leadership of
David Lindsay.
An E'tglish shipbuilder savs that the
cost n an ocean s'eamer in Great Bri
tain is now much greater than it was ten
vears nan. A hrat-clafs ship now costt
about f ,00 ',000.
Mrs. Bt-ant h s arrived ;n Lond n.
where she is reporting that the restl.t
of her tour in V h country convince her
t at ttieosophy as a gnat future be-
f re it in America."
An eque-itrian statue of the late Em
peror Frederick of Germany is to b
erected on the hill at Worth, whence he
directed the battle of Worth in th
Franco German war.
From a return which ha just been
laid t efore the House of Commons it
appears that out ol 39'O00 electors who
voted in Irel nd at the geneial election
b4,H9 were illiterates.
rreece, tne ceieuratea tngiisn elec
trician, believes the success of the Lon
don and Paris telephone line foreshad'
ows te ephonic communication between
England and America.
The King of Saxony will celebrate the
fiftieth anniversary of his entrance into
the army next October. The people 01
Saxony are already making preparations
to Honor the anniversary.
There is on exhibition in Berlin an el
ephant which is reputed to bethesmall
es in the world. The animal, it is 'aid,
is three years old, stands three feet in
height and weigh- bit 156 pounds.
The music hall seems to be about the
best paying of public entertainment
ventures in London, and the conveisiou
of theaters into music balis and the
opening of new balls goes on apace.
Sarah Bernhardt, so London papers
report, has ceased to be a star attraction
at Rome and Vienna. According to t e
reports she has been doing bad business
in both capitals, and prices have had to
be lowered.
A Moslem mob has possession of C-
sarea, Palestine. The rioters have robb d
hundreds and killed many, sacked
churches and buret into private houses
and shops. All places 01 business are
close 1 and trade is utterly stagnant.
The largest turret ship in the world,
the Hood of the English navy, success
fully passed the official trial of her ma
chinery a few days ago. She has a dis
placement ot 14,150 tons. The total cost
of the Hood when fully equipped will
amount to $4,750,003.
The authorities of the Great East rn
railway in Engla d and the traffic man
ner of the Holland railways have b en
in con erencewitii the Prussian Minister
of Public Woiks win the view of ar
range g for a new and apid route be
tween London and Berlin.
The City Commissioners of Sewers are
making application to the Thames Con
servancy Board, in view of the possible
outbreak of cholera, for permission to
place a cholera hospital sh p on the
Thames, within the city boundary, for
the reception of cases occurring on land.
Ex Queen Isabella of Spain has written
ti the Tope, petitioning him to canonize
Christopher Columbus as a saint of the
holy Catholic Church, her reasons be
ing that he was the first man to raise
the cross of Christ in America. St. Co
lumbus would indeed be a new role for
the famous old navigator.
Peary will have a rival in Arctic ex
ploration this comin summer in Fred
eric Jackson, who takes a British party
up to FVanz Jos ph Land, and who
thinks he will there have land up to the
eighty-fourth parallel ot la itude, possi
bly farther. Thence he prop ees to pro
ce id in dog sledges.
Mors Tlmn Handrail Vear Now Sine
tlio Wliito Hoimn Wan Ilegitn.
Tho corner stone of the Whita
House was kid on Oct. 13, 1732, a lit
tle loss than 300 years after the dis
covery of America by Columbus.
The commiHKionera had on the pre
vious 14th of March advertiHed for
plans for a president's house, and on
the ICth of July they held a meeting
In Georgetown and examined the
plans that had been submitted.
As is part of local history now,
they accepted the plans of James
Hoban, a Dublin architect, who had
made designs for the president's
house, f ramcd, it is said, in the model
of the mansion of the Duke of Lein
Bter at Dublin, the palace of royalty
in Ireland. The stone was in part
quarried at A quia creek and brought
to a new wharf, built for the pur
pose, near the foot of Seventeenth
street, but obstinate David Burns, as
Washington called him, refused to
allow the wagons to pass over his
ground in carrying the stone to the
Bite of the White House.
He abused Mr Hoban roundly, and
if the city hall had been built, and
present legal fashions then pre
vailed, he would have gotten out an
injunction, but it is doubtful if there
was then a judge nearer than upper
Marlboro or Annapolis; so, despite
Burns' opposition, the stone was cart
ed through his place, and the White
House rose. No memorial of the
ceremonial of laying the corner
Etone has been discovered. It is cer
tain that the Virginia Freemasons,
who had in 1791 laid one corner
stone of the District of Columbia,
and who in 1793 assisted in laying
the cornerstone of the Capitol, did
not participate in laying the corner
Etone of the White House. It was
probably laid by Maryland Masons.
The building bef .:i to rise, how
ever, and in eight years was ready
for occupancy. The donations of
Maryland 172,000 and of Virginia
1120,000 assisted to pay for it, and
in April, 1800 four months after
Washington's death congress appro
priated $15,000 to pay for its furni
ture. Thenceforward it became the
chief mansion in the nation. From
tlie time when Mrs. John Adams
hung the family wash in the East
room to dry to the present it has
been a home set upon a hill to be
seen by all. It has had the fortune
of the humblest homes in the land
marriage, births and deaths. Its j oys
and sorrows have a wide echo, and
now sympathy flows toward it from
every portion of the land. St. Louis
Dreams an Index of Character.
Nearly all dreamers can be brought
into one theory namely, that since
in dreams w e pass through a great
variety of experiences, none of which
is ever likely to befall us in real
life, we are put to tests of character
which we should never endure other
wise, aud therefore that we ought to
come to a better acquaintance with
ourselves. Thus, if I have never
been placed in a situation of extreme
danger, as by attack of armed
thieves or in a burning house (to
gether with others more helpless
perhaps), how am I to know what
my feelings and conduct would
really be under such circumstances?
Think of himself what he may, no
candid man can give a confident an
swer to that question.
It is a common experience to dis
cover in one's self a surprising cool
ness and resource, or a total un
suspected and crushing cowardice,
under a sudden severe test. To
some such test, it has been surmised
we are frequently exposed in dreams,
passing through emotions strong
enough- to effect our physical sensea
no less than if the danger was real
as broken knuckles and quaking
limbs testify when we awake and
therefore all the more to be trusted
as like to those which we should ac
tually experience if the dream wor
reality. F. Greenwood in Contem
porary Review.
How London Grows.
Some idea of the immense size of Lon
don may be gathered from the fact that
there were registered during one week
2,780 births and 2,212 deaths. The births
were 123 below and the deaths 168 above
the average for the last ten years. Here
we have people enough born into the
world in one week to constitute a
"city" in the ambitious phraseology of
western English, and enough deaths in a
time of profound peace to render memor
able a battlefield. But the most strik
ing fact in this table is that not one of
all the 2,212 died of smallpox. London
Anchoring a Boat In China.
Such a thing as an anchor is never
seen on a Chinese river. Sometimes
a pole is driven down through a hole
in the bow, but usually a rope is tied
round a boulder or stake on ehore.
or, in default of these, round a heap
01 small stones gathered for the pur
pose. Cor. Montreal Witness,