The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 18, 1893, Image 1

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ood Eiver Glacier.
NO. 42.
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I 1 "- . i aBamM
Sfcod livcr Slacier.
ftJ lll.lMll Kl IVtKT BATItlllUT MOnNINII ST
The Glacier Publish! Company.
On yot , ,,,,, yj fti
Inontlii. , , , , , I W
Tlirpu tiMMitli. ,,,, , fto
HiikI. rtijijf (.
Barber Shop
brant tvans, Propr.
Niicdinl St., nnir Ouk.
Nashville fine of the (ircdest
Cenlrrs In the United Statrs
ali.ima Hliumliious Coal.
EiuUnd In worth $ I:i,ll00,00i),()00.
Kansas beef la popuiHr with London'
Tl io Pen i) y t va ii In rail road owm 90,000
in the
Hood Uivrr. ()i
Sliavfnjf Aii.l lluir rutting m-nlly dimo.
Slilinfurlillll (IIUIIilltl!ll.
rears of a Druiirht in the Salt
KivtT Valley, A. T.
Puyallup Indians Commence the Construc
tion of the First Railroad Uullt
by Indians In America.
Two of Oregon's Cumiiiifnionera to the
World's Fair are women.
Tho Arizona House had piiHHi-il the
woman-suH'rago bill by a vote of 17 to 7.
Trouble ih reported at tho placers in
the Hrnry Mountains, Utah, ni.d an or
KnKil wariaro for the pusm-saion ol
land linn b.-gun.
Two schooners from Han Diego have
len seized liy Mexican customs oIlirerN
at Ssn Quint n and are lield there pend
ing investigation.
The Puyallup Indian havecommeneed
the construction of the II rut railroud
built by Indians in thiH country The
road will run through thor reservation,
and is believed to he part of tho Great
Northern and Union Pacific systems.
The Salt river in Arix na roue four feet
in two hours rec- ntiy, showing that the
snow in tho mountains in molting rapid
ly. An vet no rain h is fallen in the val
ley, though it in time for the rainy sea
don toclowe, and old timers tear adrought.
Apache Indian c mnterfeite re l ave
1m en discovered in the Mogoll in Mount
ains A. T. The coin they made wan a
counterfeit silver dollar. I whi com
posed of lead washed with h lv.-r, but so
imperii ct that it could eiiHily be do
iec ed.
I'K Angeles complains that th Sotith
em World's Fa'r Lady Commissioner
have laen snubbed tiy the Northern
CommiHHionera. They iiave been told
that they will have to pay iheir own way
to Chicago, while tho Northern Cummin
Bionern rt'cure paa-ago Irre.
The United States revenue cutter
Wellington wan so bady hv a
collision with 1'ennHylvania annex terry
boat No. 3 that Hank tu Government
hay, north of the Barge Office. New
lork llarlxir.
Mrs. William Wilbur of Rowan, la
haa been adjudged insane and Bent to
an niHHiie aHvliuu. Ttie iinim-d ale cause
of her mania was a graphic pulpit pict
tire of hell drawn in a pennon bv her
pastor, which preyed upon tier mind
M b. II. Gr filth and her daughter
Minnie at Portland, Or., were impris
oned in a folding had, and were nearly
ninoiiipieii i!ore ttiey were extricated.
A projection crushed Mrs. Griffith's
chest. The two worn in the trap an
hour lielore assistance came.
It is now definitely settled that the
Mexican International railway is to be
immediately extended from Durnngo,
Mexico, to the Pacific Const, A survey
has been made acronB thq.Hierra Madre
Mountains, the moht picturesque and
important railway route in the Republic.
It is lielieved that a chair of con.ititu-
tional law will lie endowed in connection
with the Chicago University, the palarv
to be $25,000 a year, and ex-President,
Harrison will be invited to accept the
position and lecture at least twice a
week to students of the Chicago Educa
tional Institute.
A mining and development company
has been incorporated with a capital
etock of tl(),0 K),II0). The directors, and
their subscriptions to the stock ate:
John W. Mnekny, !f2,5l)u,X 0; James L.
Flood, 2,4l)i,OllO ; James E. Walsh, $10,
000. The other directors are William
Lyle and (Jeorae R. Weils. It is stated
the purpose of the corporation iB to own,
ccntrol and deiil in mines, lands and
wat'T righ s, and it is generally under
stood the company is 'ormed to further
develop the Comslock mines. '
Edwards Lopez, one of the most noted
desperadoes on the border, havingserved
two terms in the penitentiary at Yuma
and .1 similar time nt Hermoaillo, has for
some time been confined in jail awaiting
extradit'on papers to take him to Fron
treras, Mexico, whre he wa? wanted for
the murder of a prominent citizen. Re
cently Bix officers arrived to take charge
of the priBoner, and he was turned over
to them. When a few hundred yards
across the Mexican border the prisoner
was tied to a post and riddled with bul
lets. A brother of the dead desperado
has gone to bring the body to Biabee, A.
T., for burial.
A hog trust ! being organized
vv I Ml.
Canada hits over 11.0 K) miles of rail
Alfalfa ceed is selling for $5.L'5a bushel
in Kan mm.
Milwaukee millers are not in the
posed big trust.
Our manufactures In lHi). were valued
at 7,'Jl5,OcM),t (MJ.
Aluminium in lHil!) c st IK a pound;
now it costs 70 cfiilt a pound.
English capital Is finding opportuni
ties for Investment In Fiorid i.
Chinese chean lalxir is sockinir a trmr-
ket with some success in Africa.
The shipninu interest is deirHMed at
all tho principal European jiorls.
The first cost o' the old Croton nun.
duct of New York wax f I2,rt.'0,0l0.
The woman horsn doctor is working
up a practice in several l.aitern cities.
Muttons made of potatoes sem to be
heap and good enough for ordinary use.
Silk was first manufactured in tin
United States at Mansfield, Conn., in
It is proposed to emulov ,100 eolleire
students as guides during the World's
1'iie greatest Emrlisli landholder, the
Duke oi r u.herun t. ow:'i 1 . .'' r 1 .
English investments in American
ireweries Hgijregated December 1 !U.-
False teeth are now made from nnncr.
and are said to wear well and to lust a
Aliiininium cooking utnsils are just
coming on the market, and are likely to
o popular.
During iHtia there were imnor I int
he United States lit.OS.VOOO bottles of
French champngne.
Works for the manufacture of alumin
um cooking utensils are leing erected
by iih lllino s company.
Wal ace Porter of Ashland. Wis., lias
sold 00,000,1 0 1 of pine stumpago to Chi-
ago ami M. j)uib parties.
Tobacco steins are sellirM for tl.25 ner
00 isninds in Kentucky. 1'iiev are used
n smill'; also as fertilizers.
Nine Now Ited'ord (Mass.) cotton mills
ast year pa d f7lS,000 in dividends, av
rag ng 7. Vt per cent on the capital.
There were 4,3 O.OJi) tons of bitumi
nous coal mined in Alabama in lHiil. In
siU the production was 5.272 OiMJ tns.
an increase of nearly 22 per cent.
Nashville is one of the greater t milling
centers in the United Slates. It now
gr m Is more than 7,(si0 barrels of Hour
per dav, and is constantly mcreasing its
The largest sheep ranch in the world
is in the counties of Dimmit and Webb,
Tex. It contains upward of 4Mi,i 0
aeies, and yearly pastures irom l,t,00,l;0t)
to 1,(100,(10,1 sheep.
Some of the cotton mills in South Car-
..1 ...I ...
ilium earned as nign aa -ii per cent, on
their investmente last year, and ail in
all it was the moH prosperous year in
ttie history of cotton manufacturing in
i hat State.
Sal ina Offers a Ure Bonus for the
Capitol of Kansas.
Hard Times for Working People In New
Yoik Had Meet of a Graphic
I'ulplt Picture of Hell.
The mining town of Creede. Col., now
has a population of G.OOJ.
A suicide club of fifty members baa
eon formed at Jsrideton, N. J
It Is now denied that a sole leather
trust lias Imen formed at L'oiton.
The present severe winter has len
bonanza for the F.onda hotclkeepers.
ni i . . . .
ine convict mining war troubles are
threatening lo break out in Tennessee,
Mistotiri Commissioners are ordered
to raise the figures of railroad valuation
Congress is to investigate the employ
ment of subititutea by department
Ansonia, Conn., is to have a sidewalk
made of imperfect pins and Din scraps
. i . -
ruHieo logeuier.
n. m. lmis woman tias applied or a
pa' ant to cover the processes of making
- Bweei-poiaio Hour."
i. i .1 . .
i..iseu on me recent school census
Connecticut's population ia now 3 1,00 J
i irger man u was in itt'JU,
Two more of the followers of Catarina
Uarza have been captured by American
troops on the lexas border.
The Bethlehem Iron Works have been
awarded a contract for over $2,000,000
worm oi heavy armorpiate.
I here has been unusual mortality
among me antmnia in the JNew York
Central Purk "Zco" this winter
Not one Chinaman in Boston has reg
lBtered under the Uearv act. and oniv
oho ui ine mine oi aiaseaciiusetts.
Allen (. Ihurman has proposed the
silver dollar for a national bank note ba
sis as a solution of the currency question.
lhe Chicago and Northwestern rail
rcretary Noble I'etiders an Important
Decision in a Case Against the
Northern Pacific Railroad.
The Court of Claims has rendered a de
cision in the of case D (i. Swaim, Judge
Advocate General in the army, versus
the United fctatos, for the recovery of
half his pay for twelve years. The de
cision la adverse to General Swaim.
The case has been pending In the Court
oi uiaims lor the luHt two or three years.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
awarded the contract for building a new
wharf and repairing the bid one at
Tongue Bend near Atoria "to Fonts bend
& Sanderson of Astoria at $! 025. Ho
has also awarded the contrsct for build
ing a galvanized iron storehouse at the
same pist e to Pan. net & Smith of Port
land for $l,7!i.
Po-tmaster General Wanamaker 1ms
mailed to each pontmaster in the country
a circular recognizing the imnortant
service they have rendered as postmas
ters under the administration of Presi
dent il irrison and begging that in the
utur3 they will continue their interest
in the postal service and study to pro
mote in every possible way its extension
and improvement.
Secretary l-oster has amended his re-
cent circular issued regarding the killing
oi lur-uearing animals in Alaska so as
to permit vessels other than revenue
cutters, aa heretofore, to transport na
tives to localities where eea otter is
found. It also permits veesels bavin?
on uoaru sea-oner sxins to nle a mani
fest of such skins at the first port of en
try in the United States.
McDonnell, the Hank of England
Forger, in Limbo Again.
A Movement In Prance looking to the
Substitution of Aluminium for
Copper In Small Coins.
The " Brotherhood of Minor Poeta " is
the name of a recently formed eociety in
There ia an electric railroad twenty-
uiiicd juug m me ivroiese Mount
ains in Switzerland.
A railroad ia to be built from Athens
10 widicia, inenea, Jsbadca, Chaeronea.
Dadion and Larisaa.
When Senator Call introduced i
senate a junt resolution to suspend ap
proval 01 me nsis 01 swamp and over-
tlwea public lands in Florida until
further action of Congress and asked for
lta passage, Senator Mitchell of Oregon
moved to insert the proviso that nothing
in the resolution should be construed
to extend to any grants of land in anv
State or Territory except Florida. The
amendment was agreed to, but the reeo-
miion went over.
Treasurer N'becker. snoafei
drain of gold that has been going on for
me past year or m re, said it was largely
win worn 01 ppecu Hiors on ine ew Yr.rk
Stock Exchange. The exnr.rt of w.J-t
had the effect of bearing stocko. Hv
selling me biockb and then exporting
n"iu mo proni ma je on stoexs not on v
compensated for the freight charges,
insurance, etc.. on the pnlri Rhinner) hut
road will elevate all its tracks in Chicago left a profit. Then, too fin fTranfA arA
at the expense, bo it is printed, of $24,- Aus'ria are in the market after gold,
t 00,0 k). , sp'cie found a ready sale nn t.h nthoi
strung anil-race meet ngs are opino- siue,
i.i .-.:?'e7ln-0,pPoaiM.on ',??he . T'e Judiciary Committee of tbellouse
hi,, . . ".I'" 'cpui i oi uie eu'X U 11-
mutee invest!gatin;r th ih k tnut
A movement is on foot in Hoboken to The report recommends the duty on ira-
put the Catholic parochial schools of ported liquors be reduced from 2 t i
tliat city under the Fairbault Bystem of per gallon, and that the tariff on ail
fircuoisnop ireianu. gooua be reduced whenever it is lound
The Sayre election bill, which disfran- they re being influenced by trusts or
cluses 40.U0J negroes in the State. ish
pRSHtHi me Alabama t-enate and eeen
signed by the Governor.
I lie citizens of Salina, Kan., have
pledged $(OO.O00 and twenty acres of
land to the State for the removal of the
State capital to that place.
The people of Noriolk, Va., are ar
ranging for great times during the ren
.1 -1 . i ..." ...
uesvoua oi me navies oi the world in
Hampton Koads in April and May
Prof. K h. Barnard of tho Lick Ob-
pervatory often devote- twenty hours out
oi ine twenty-lour to work at the teie
fcope and in the computing room during
ciear weather.
It is said that Robert Louts Stevenson
li'is been paid more lor Ins Polynesian
siory now appearing in England than
was ever paid in that country lor the
same rmountof "copv." The recent rn-
mora ol Mr. Stevenson's ill health have
lieen contradicted.
The little Crown Prince of Germany
promises to become as daring and expert
a horseman as his lather is. He races on
the Arabian pony the Sultan of Turkey
sent him with the Adjutant who gives
him riding lessons, and almost invaria
bly win. Discreet Adjutant.
G adstone haa again surprised his
friends by a midnight speech in re
ply to Randolph Churchill. The speech
of the Premier wia a splendid example
of the beet style of parliamentary debat
ing power, full of fire, pugnacious, scorn
ful, sarcastic", denunciatory, pasaioanate
and masterful.
According to foreign papers the Ameer
of Bokhara, who has been on a visit to
the Czar at St. Petersburg, ia seriously
considering a proposition to surrender
his dominions over which Russia now
exercises a protectorate to that country
for $2,500 000 in canh and an annual nen-
sion of $50,000, to be paid during the
lifetime of himself and hia son.
1 atti created a great sensation otiite
nnpremeditatedly not long ago while
isnging in Milan. "Traviata" was the
opera, and just after rendering the pass
age "Amami, Alfredo," she started to
mane an exit. but. treading upon her
gown, ehe fell heavily to the floor. The
audience became wildly excited, for feara
were entertained that thediva was badly
hurt. She soon roee to her feet, how
ever, and smiled in an unconcerned way
amid rousing applause.
General T. T. Eckert. who is to suc
ceed the late Dr. Norviu Green aa Presi
dent of the Western Union Telegraph
Company, ia a native of St. Olainville,
O., and 63 yeara of age. He began at
the bottom of the telegraphic ladder in
1849, had charge of the military tele
graph atVashington during the war,
and upon the consolidation of the At
lantic and Pacific Telecranh Com nan v
with the Weatern Union in 1881 became
General Manager of the new company.
combinatons. It al-o recommended
J that rectitying establishments be made
ru meet tu g vernmen tal su pervision, and
that all compound goods be ntmnwl in
snow meir components.
The Indian appropriation bill has hnpn
reported to the Senate. It include s .
790,330 for the purchase of the Cherokee
otuiet. making the grand tota of th
bill $16,431,490. Among the items addad
to tue Mb are $5ti,00J for the irrigation
The topographical survey of Connecti- ol tlie Navajo reservation, $15,000 for
cut just completed shows its area to be negotiations by the Cherokee Commia
o.O'H tripure miles or 340 equare miles
greater man g yen by some authoritiea.
The recent town elections in the State
of New York show that both parties re
tain ptacucally their relative strength
of last year in the Boards of Supervisors.
The dam across the Colorado at Aus
tin, Texas, will cost. $1,400,000. stand
sixty feet, above low-water, and will sup
ply i-i.ow-norBe power, besides the
town b water,
sion for the further purchases of Indian
lands, $19it,(XK) for the payment of dm.
Rges to settlers in the Crow Creek and
Winnebago reservations, S uth Dakota,
and $216,000 for Indian industrial schools.
At the reauest of the Com mitten nt
Ways and Means, the Clerk of tho Hnnn
Committee on Appro riationa haa sub
mitted a sta'ement of the deficiencies
and appropriations during the past five
years. It shows the doHm
Telegrams have been sent to Speaker pnation bill, as it nassed t.h Hnnoo ot
Crisp, asking that the government open this session, amounta to $21.2 9.638 of
" v"cijic ouifjur appropriate money wuicu u more man ?U4,UUJ,l!UJ was
to leed the people who are starving for pens ona. The deficiency lor 1894,
while waiting. exclusive of pens ons. if it.
The colored teachers at Atlanta have average deficiency of annronrintinna far
passed resolutions declaring their grati- the past five sessions, will probably be
heation becaut-e of the appointment of
none Mintn as a member of Mr. C ere-
land's Cabinet
'lhe Massachusetts Legislature has
made a fresh appropriation of $165,000
to be added to the considerable sum
already expended for the extermination
of the gypsy moth.
O .. 1 I 1 . .
ruuuruaua nnu an argument tor an
nexation to New York in the fact that
some great money-lending corporations
are forbidden to invest in real estate out
side ot New York city. .
8tate Department officials at Washing
ton disclaim any knowledge of the re
ported defalcation in the office of Con-
sul-General New at London. They place
iiu lounuuo in me siory
Although they will cost HI .000
liquor licenses have been applied for by
3,300 people in Philadelphia. It ia esti
mated that considerably less than one-
nau tnat number will be granted.
Some of the unsalable World's Fair
coins have been bought by a New York
jeweler and made np into various arti
cles. A few have been made to serve aa
lids to little pntBea of ailver mesh.
The Michigan Gas Company, engaged
in piping natural gas to Detroit, and the
Detroit and Mutual Gas-light Company
were last week consolidated, the new
company having a capital of $4,000,000.
Last year generously disposed persona
in the United States contributed in suma
of $10,000 and upward no lesa than $29,
061,027 for purposes of education, char
ity and popular entertainment in various
It is hard times for working people in
New York when potatoea are Belling for
$1.50 per bushel, while pork or other
meats are one-quarter higher than last
winter. Wages continue low, and work
is very dull, j
$9,0.)0,DOO. For the five sessions, includ
ing ine present, me deficiency of appro
priations have amounted to $47,220.96(5.
or an average of $9,440,193, of which the
largest was I3 299.541 in the firstspssinn
of the Fi ty-first Congress. The pension
deficiencies during the five sessions
amounted to $S4,4SI,274, or an average
ot ir,S!(b,54, the largest being $29 335 -
koq ;n 1 . .... 1
uita in me ot-uunu session ot tne ritty
first Congress. Tne appropriations, n
elusive of miscellaneous matters, made
by the House at thia Fe8ton aggregate
oio,o.i, no. ana inis nas been increased
to $519,273,447 by changes made by the
Secretary Noble has rendered an im
portant decision in the case of A. H.
Dalton of the Bizemnn (Mont.) land dis
trict against tlie JNorthern Pacific Rail
way Company, which overruled the col.
ebrated Guilford Miller decision in one
important parucuiar. ine Miller deci
8;on held that lands within the Y'akima
inaian reservation were not excepted
from the grant to the Northern Pacific,
and that when the Indian title to the
same lards became extinguished the
right thereto would inure to the railwnv
company under its grant. This decision,
iiivoiviuK portion ot me urow reserva
tion, holds in effect that the lnta in
cluded within ttie technical reservation
at the date on which the grant becomes
effective are absolutely excepted from
the grant, and in the event of extinction
of Indian title thev revert to the nnhiin
domain. The Commissioner' S decision
holding Dalton's homestead entrv for
cancellation for the reason that the lands
covered by it passed to the Northern Pa
cific road under its grant, is accordingly
reversed. Thia decision directlv and in.
directly affects large tracts of land in
Montana, the Dakotaa, Idaho and Wash
ington. ,
Chancellor Caprivi in answpr in m.
mor that he ia about to marry Bays he iB
uiu mi buuu a step.
The Chinese government will send out
an expedition shortly to exten 1 its tele
graph eyBtern through to Kashgar.
I1, j8. Proposed to hold a grand national
exhibition in Geneva in 1896 on the
model of the Exposition of 1883.
It iaaaidthat negotiations are about
to be resumed between Great Britain
and Spain or a new commercial treaty.
Not since 1849 haa such a prolonged
period of frost or such intensity of cold
been known in Hungary aa has prevailed
this w inter.
Coal of an excellent quality and in
largo deposits has been discovered at
Diebeli-Eboii-Fevaz in th fli-trirt m
Zor in Asia Minor.
mi .
ine aeatn ia an normal fm r.
Town of Kreli, ex-Chief of the Galekae
in the Transkei. who was HAnAma h c -
Bartle Frere in 1877. 3
A new treaty which bun hoon .j.
between Venezuela and Colnmliio ; tv..
first step toward a triple alliance, which
ia to include Ecuador.
The Brazilian government Las ordered
0.00J small caliber rifles and 3-3.000,000
cartridges from the Lowe email-arm
manufactory in Berlin.
The Rome police eurprieed twenty-Bix
anarchists working a bomb factory on
the outskirts of the city. A large quan
tity of explosives was seized.
Mrs Lillie Langtry, recently arrived
at Malta on her yacht from Marseilles
was subject to ten days' quarantine on
the ground that MaraeilleB ia an infects
Several millowners in Ileywood, Eng
land, have closed their factories bo as to
assist in bringing about th H
duction of wages. Thousands of looms
are idle.
Queen Victoria has i
lars in ner various nalacen. Ha,
port, eberry. East India Ud.m
Cabinet Rhine are eaid to be the finest
in England.
Pere Charmatant. fnnndnr nf th
of the White Fathers, who waa born in
r rauce in ism, nas been appointed to
succeed the late Cardinal Lavigerie as
Primate of Africa.
It has been decided to call nnt th .
tire militia force of the ITnito i k'in,i
uu me unannei Islands for training
thia season. The number of man nnHa
. jv uuuci
arms is expected to reach 115,000.
A movement haa been begun in France
luuiuug to me suostitutionof aluminium
or copper in maEim? sm ir Th
-j : . , . j.ud
auvaningea oi aluminium in point of
iigumess ana cleanliness are unquestionable.
Mr. Mundella. Presidnt nt tK t
don Board of Trade, has decided to send
uir ScbJ0Ba and Wi.liam Barnettto
the United States to examin and nrt
on the question of stopping the immigra- va nurci aliens.
As soon as they heard tht win,-.,
Waldorf Astor had purchased the Lon
don Pall Mall Gazelle and waa trying to
make a Tory paper of it. all nt tho, m
editors left. Thev have started a n,
paper called the IFegfminsfer Gazette.
Tha rmhcrleM a, the Widow.
The car stopped with tho usual lurch,
and tho conductor assisted to the plat
form a tall lady, evidently young, but
whose face was hidden by the heavy
folds of a long crape veil. Her gown
and gloves were of the same somber hue
as the veil. Sho was followed by a little
girl, also dressed in black. As the car
started on ita way down town the lady
and the little girl took seats in the cor
ner. Neither spoke for Borne time, and
then the little girl looked np, and in a
roice that was heard above the rattle of
the car exclaimed:
"Yes, my dear."
"I want to see papa."
"Ilnsh, dearest," and a black gloved
hand reached over and took one of the
tiny hands of the child. Then there was
silence for a minute. Suddenly the child
ish voice was heard again:
"But 1 do want to see papa,
won't you let me see him?"
"Don't, darling; please don't," came
the answer, as the bead of the little girl
was tenderly drawn over until it rested
against the folds of the crape veil.
"But why won't you let me see papa?"
persisted the child.
There was no answer, but the shroud
ed head of the black figure in the corner
waa bent low and the black gloved hand
was reaching for Bomething evidently
bidden in the folds of the black gown.
"Yes, dear," answered a tremulona
"Can I see papa tonight?"
Almost fiercely the little figure waa
drawn to that of the larger one, and a
whisper more a bod was heard to say:
"Oh, Elsie, dear, hush. Don't you
know that papa lies way off there on the
Litchfield hills! You can't seem him
tonight, darling, and may God help you
and help me."
And the car rattled on; but the big,
portly man in the opposite corner turned
about in his seat and looked steadily out
of the window for several minutes.
New York Recorder.
Doing One'i Fart.
A witty and miserly gentleman who
accepted many invitations without re
turning them, but who contributed
greatly to the general entertainment by
his bright conversation, once defended
himself by saying:
"My friends give the dinners, but I
furnish the salt."
II he was parsimonious in the matte?
of dinners he was generous with his best
thoughts, his most cheerful and enter
taining stories, fulfilling one social duty
although he neglected another.
This social duty of giving in conver
sation one's brightest and best, of mak
ing an effort to be interesting, and being
cheerful when it is not possible to bs
brilliant, is often selfishly neglected.
Life is an affair of mutual obliga
tions. We have to thank most of our
friends for kindness and patience and
encouragement, and we owe it to them
to remember that often, unknown to us,
they are in ned of being made to forget
some trouble or grief, or are in need of
some fresh, cheering thought, and when
we give them our conversational best
we are doing what we can to supply that
Many persons who would not think of
going anywhere with a bandaged head
or a disagreeable cold or a disturbing
cough, carry a gloomy face, a fit of the
blues or an ill tempered mood on a visit
or to a party, without thinking that
there ia no excuse at all for their being
a skeleton at the feast. They disturb
their hosts and hostesses by making it
evident that they are not having a good
time, and they have a depressing effect
on every one else. Youth's Companion.
A French vessel of war has takin pos
session of Kerguelen, otherwise known
as the Isle of Desolation, in the Indian
Ocean, which was discovered by the
French navigator, Kerguelen, in 1772
loimiu 10 oaiu io nave oeaa of coal.
The London County Council will give
its support to proposals made to open
the South Kensington and Bethnal Green
Museums on Sundays. It Will imnnca
a condition that no official of the institu
tions shall be required to work more
tuau bix uays a weeK.
The Manchester ship canal is expected
to be completed and niwn tnr hoi. ..
by the end of the present year. Another I
iw.uuu.ihju is Deing raised to finish the
Work, half of Which is beinw mhnm'h.J
by Salford. three-eighths hv AT.nnh00t fiAncannnnina vrrt-i-isilt J
and tha root h fAv ' -.vvi u BiuuiS irom
The Porte has appointed Oamnn Pov,
Turkish Commissioner in Egypt in place
of Moukhtar Pasha, who has been re
called. The change is a flnnrra nf ol,'af
to the British officials in Egypt, Monk
tar Pasha having been the center of
Turkieh intrigues against England.
The railroads of FrancA arA rar.M1i
adopting electric train-lia-htim nn.
atus, by means of the storage-battery
syBtem, using eix, eight or ten-candle
power, jiacn car carries sixteen eel nt
Social Definitions.
Nationalism is but another name for
socialism, with but a slight modifica
tion. What socialism desires to reach
in a universal way for the whole world
nationalism desires to obtain within the
limits of the nation. Inasmuch as there
is a tendency in the human race to crys
tallize around national centers national
ism thinks it best to respect these bound
aries. Ultimately nationalism would
have to reach out after the universal
Let it be understood, furthermore, that
neither nationalism nor socialism is iden
tical with anarchism or communism
that, quite to the contrary, they form
the opposite pole to anarchism. While
anarchism is a theory of government
which will allow no power whatsoever
to any governing body, socialism or na
tionalism will endow the government
with greater powers yet than its own.
While the former believes that the indi
vidual shall take upon himself all the
tition, and that according to his oppor
tunities a man shall either succumb in
tne struggle for existence or survive as
the fittest, the latter holds society or
the nation responsible for the well be
ing of every one of its members as long
as the member fulfills his obligation to
society. Rabbi Solomon Schindler.
Calculation Extraordinary.
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The Vienna Neue Freie Prem savs R11 Sir .Archibald Geikie, of the
tnat the Metropolitan Michael haa Dro- ? association, after much careful
nounced the divorce of
and Natalie void. According t thto
ciaion the first marriage is still valid
and hence a second marriage, which was
contemplated, will not be necessary.
thought and patient investigation, together
with a deal of figurine. hn
conclusion that the world is between 78,
000,000 and 650,000.000 years old. Rather a
wide margin, it would seem.