The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 04, 1893, Image 1

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iver Glacier
VOL. i.
NO. 3G.
3food Iiver Slacicr,
The Glacier Pobllsbloj Company.
iuciiiptiun rmvn.
Ont ;tr ,
'I inntith) "
1 Uti ninjitha. , . ,,,,,,, .
'l m) , ..Ill"""""
Barber Shop
urant tvans, Propr.
Hood Rlr.r, Or
omul Ht., nxftr 0k
aiiavlitu and Ifuir cutting attly dun..
Satisfaction (JuarantMii,
ieary Chinese "Act Obnoxious
lVirtlanil Ministers.
The I'uidi.tse of a Controlling Interest In
the First National Hank of
Santa Ilartara, Cal.
arc re
i ml
Tho rattle range in Arizona
port l in tine condition.
K'nr-Aliiimil J. K Hkerrett
sinned command Ht Maro island
All the tittriictloiiH of Al liayman i
Charles I'rohman lire to bo played
i.m Angeles hereafter.
i'liw rorllamt Ministerial Association
has adopted resoli t on asking Congress
10 repeal me iieary tjhlnerie act.
The new coal tin 1 near Flagstaff, A
T., U creating niiicli interest. Tlw con
la of a Iiiid quality and the veins largo.
A puny ol conchologisls in to viHit
1 oint Loina lit an early date to secure
shells, which aro Haul to lie abundant in
tliut emotion.
Senator John r. Jones of Nevada and
other vapilaiiHtB have purchased a con
trolling interest in the Flint National
liauk of Santa Barbara.
A considerable quantify of cabbage,
cauliflower and celt-ry in being shipped
from Los Angeles lviat in carload lots,
Imt the demand is greater than the bup
ply. A petition lo the Oregon Legislature
lias been intensively signed throughout
the Willamette S'alley to have railroada
fence their lines where they run through
pastures and meadow lauds.
1 'he orange crop in the south will not
b. gin to move lunch for two or three
weeks, when heavy shipments may be
looked for. Tho quality and quantity
nr.j both ahead of any previous season.
An apportionment bill, based on tho
vote east ut the recent election, has been
Introduced in the Idaho Senate. Tho
bill provides that each county shall have
at leitHt one henator and Kejiresontative.
lhere are valuable slate beds four
miles iroui Merlin in Josephine county,
vir. litis is me only slate quarry known
in the Mate, and Portland contractors
have boon obliged to obtain their slate
as far away as Maine.
The Hradstreet mercantile agency re
ports fifteen failures in the Pacific Coast
States and Territories for the past week,
as compared with fourteon for the pre
vious week and fifteen for tbe corre
sponding week of 1892.
Captain Anderson, a pilot at Han Pe
dro, while cruising in his yaeht off Santa
Monica had an adventure witli a whale,
which passed under and raised his ves
sel three feet. A shot in a vital part of
the animal dro?e it away.
The appeal in the caso of the People
of the State of California vs. Ah Lee
Doon, a Chinaman who was convicted of
murder in the first degree at San Kafael
and sentenced to death in March, 1891,
lias been atllrmeil by thelsupremeCourt.
Jean Baptiste Trauvlco, a Burvivor of
the famous JJonner party, and who
claims to have been the only one in
George Donner'a camp who for many
days was able to keep up the tires and
wait on the others, is living in Santa
Kofia, Cal., in destitute circumstances
A novel house is to be built on the
ocean front at Coronado by N. C. Jones
of Manitou, Col., for a winter home for
himself and wife. It will be two stories
in height, and the front, facing the sea,
will be ot glass. The roof will be flat
and covered with cement for a roof gar
den. The will of W. 8. Ladd of Portland
has been filed for probate. His widow
is given an annuity of $24,000. Hia sons
are left all banking interests. The sum
of HfiO.OoO for educational and charita
ble purposes has been left in trust, and
a number of relatives in Massachusetts
have been bequeathed annuities. Am
ple provision was made for all the fam
ily. An error in tbe census taken in Bone
in 1890 has been the means of depriving
the residents of the suburban districts
of the enjoyment of the same postal fa
cilities extended to those in the heart of
the city. An attempt has been made to
have the matter righted, and a statement
recently forwarded to the department at
.Washington, which shows that the pop
ulation is 5.1W0 instead of 2,000, as erro
neously supposed, will probably help
greatly in straightening the matter out.
Hie House Committee on Terrltmlcs Im
ports Favorably on the Admission
of Utah Into (he Union.
The President has determined to leave
the Crater Luke and Mount Hood reser
vation to his successor.
The House (Join merce ( in in 1 1 1 n 1 . . .
adopted the report of the
on the bill to allow pooling by railroads
under supervision of tho Interstate Com
tnerce Commission.
lne Senate Interstate I Join rnr- fVttt.
mission by a vote of ti to fi N.itil th
railroad pooling provision amendment
tO tllH (!llllolll liill a... I .. III - .1
bill iis thus amended.
Tho House Committee nn Trrltnrli
without division has ordered favorably
ported the bill enabling Utah to form
. constitution and Htnt tmvttm ma. m
- llVMk
iiu 10 i hs a.iinmeii into the Union.
Senator Dolnh has lnlro.1 iwnil a Kill
or the -relief of tho Ittahwk Yin...-.
irowlng Company, which
to the Committee on Public Lands and
w ill probably be reported favorably soon.
In reporting to the Hoiirh tl.
inittoo on Flection of President av rl.
alive U) the bill retwalinir Uih
supervision ol election statute that "vo
ters must m freed from such espionage
and interference," and that "the people
.1 I I.' I I . ... T .
utjuiutiu reoerai iiifOiinnu i .11.
ecuons must cease."
It is now certain that the sundrr plull
appropriation bill will contain a provi
sion to allow the four States admitted In
the omnibus bill the preference right of
sixty days to select IhikIh for l
lie instilutioiis. Attorney-tienerai Jones
says this is worth $7,000,000 to the school
interests of Washington.
The lighthouse bill, which passed the
House, contains the following appropri
ations for Oregon and Washington : At
the mouth ot the Willamette river, Or.,
a light ami fog signal, $0,009; at Gray's
""i "UHii., b nrsi oruer lighthouse
ami log signal, at a cost not to exceed
$0,000, in addition to the anironriil,n
.1 ir ,.,. i . . ill ......
oi fio.oou aireaoy made: on the nnrth
iieuu oi V ape disappointment, Wash
... pi iiKiiiiioune. noL lo emt. mnn
man o,mw, and when the light shall
...... ....l i .t .... .
no m-uii rm.noiisiieo me I int ar iu
I'iKiiiiiKiiinmeni will ne i im-nnt nno,
and a light of the fourth order to be sub
stituted therefor: at twenty-five iiointu
on inn liiamette river between Salem
and Portland, beacon liirhts and buovs
at a cost not exceeding $5,000, and the
name ui oe expended under the direction
of the Secretary of the Treasury. Rep
resentative Wilson has already secured
in the sundry civil appropriation bill a
rovision lor a lighthouse at Gray's
I arbor.
Perhaps the most imnortunt. mom,
of the I innnce Committee of the Senate
held during this Congress was that which
resulted in the decision of a favorable
report of the bill to repeal the Sherman
silver purchase act. Subseouentlr Khnr.
inan reported the bill, and it whh n!muil
on the calendar. The meeting was large
ly numuuu, every mem oer beinir nrcB-
nt except Senators Jones and V
ill . . . . , .. . .
nnu in in. uue a majority was In hv
vor oi me action taken, a vigorous
Iodide of Potassium Recommended
for Lumpy Jaw.
The New Canadian Canal Tariff Puts
lind to Discrimination Against
the United States.
A comer in tin is bein manlniilutail
in ui I'.ttHl.
The Mississippi river Is shallower than
ii nas wen lielore since 1S.V.
i here is only one Columbian coin for
every tturteen Inhabitants of this coun
Thousands of crows starving near Har-
louauurir. kv.. are k ini m.
The Santa Fe rood is re(iuiring its em
ployes to separate irom labor organizations.
During the year 1892 937 ships brought
4 1 9,477 passengers from Furope to New
Philadelphia's Mayor recently vetoed
n i uppropnaiion 01 fl,.U0llXO lor com
pleting me city nail.
uut oi a population of over 1,500,000
uinio nro only o U Dersons Hiifilamil in
aimnouses in Kansas.
Philadelphia has already Rnnnf tin.
. J
ouo.uwi toward building her city hall in
uie pasi iwenty years.
A threatened clash U
aim oihck races has nut .r(.fTar-.;nQ
uih., in h siaie oi terror.
A five mile ride in a three-horse sleigh
uru renin ib one oi the attractions
Central Park, New York.
Exportation of American Beef to England
Cause a Large Reduction in the
Price to the Consumer.
Germany is bnildi nit nana hnniiia
Japan has thousands of thern.
A locomotive that consnmea lt nam
smoke has made its appearance.
The principle of the hicvnln la
to the propelling of small boats.
The rice crop in the South tM vq, i.
""""" " to oe zso,i,uj,uuj pfjunds.
ine loreMs of Germany pay an annual Mnvpmpnt Ainc rn .
government revenue of $25,000,000. 6 cujuyeu DJ
In i)0llll8HH countv. f;,il 4tt Cud frl(
trees are irrigated by one company.
France sent alrnont 20 n moon,..
of champagne to this country lait year.
The anthracite coal fields produce
more than 45,0w,000 tons of coal everv
year. '
In only thirtv-sir of f)r.fn'
chards there are 9,000,000 young fruit
It is laid that thn i
of the country have formed a $20,000,000
It is said that 1.000 TOSH treoa aro rn-
quired to supply two ounces of attar of
Kdison has 200 women in hia .mn!
making the most delicate eleetriral In.
Touching Tragedy Involving Two Toaag
"I ft not lorelyr
With Hps slightly parted, her chest hnr.
ij,,- n . ,. . " 'V 'v panea, ner ebest near.
provisions Growinc: Very Dear in lnwlth rtiMoitoment,tmi
4. . m ii"u with the dreamy exnltatioi lot m
uk Russian tapuai.
deeply poetio nature, Glycerine MoCurdr, In
the first flush of her radiant young woman
nood, leaned forward and drank In th
ow beauty of the landscape, ller companion
that ever wabbled,
the Prussian Bureaucracy Stir
ring Middle Classes.
Russian refiners have formed a
tne most esthetio le
eron who have gazed in meechliwa aimi.
ration at thoie legs but we digreas.
At their feet, bathed In the hazy splendor
ran Indian rummer afternoon, brote th" J
murmuring warelet of the romantic Calu- "
met whoee blue expanse reflected In its placid
bcaom tbe golden sky overhead and the rich
autumnal tints of the arboreal yegetatioa
that fringed its shores.
"Lovely r echoed the young man, In reply
UgW lu eicamation of bis fair companion.
- uiui ueyona aegcriptionr
Some 35.00J laml are being fed and i
A. . I J DrVUl
Hint7ift row nf nuorli o -n, , ,
The real-eetate brokem in Naw vrv tu i:h A.
-'a I i avaaa.) AllfJllLLin Lrl II IJ ma iakM.a.1 1
cuy sold property worth in th i..o..." ir. ' wuUUui wnicn
gate H5.0O0.0O0 last year. :tvnanuinPring
The Socialists of Mairdohn f I V"ith hU soul in his eve th mtvtnHn trmiti.
are boycotting the breweries.' wa looklnK at the rapt face beside hJm, and
d.oW.000 milch cows in the British Isles, till for heaven's aaker om-noia
With a powerful sweep of hU arm he struck
to the earth a native mosquito, and stood
over It with clenched fUt and flashing eyes.
"It Is dead," ho panted.
''Eulet Melone," said the maiden, wit
ashen hps, "I thank you. Yon have saved
uijf iuer
LIverDool's eWatiul oli.: ii
i , - - wicwn; rniiwav
nlnncf Ika n t A u i . . "t u uocks is io oe opened
on I ebruary 4.
It is reported that the Bank of France
has removed the premium it had been
Russia is
itie tune is not far dioiani ,hn
paper-bound book, well printed and il
lustrated, will be sold for 6 cents.
Canada takes in nrnnnrtinn in hs. in.
habitants almost three times as much of
omisri gooas as the United States.
Denmark. F'rance and noiuhw;,,,.
cfjuntries sell aliout tM.OO.OOO worth of
uairy prouuee annually to i;ogland.
"Dont mention It m? AarMm
claimed. ' ' "
A vivid blush overspread the face of the
lovely young girl.
"Forgive me. Glycerine," murmured Eulet,
ror my presumption in thus addressing you,
but I can keep silent no longer."
He bent over her and his breath fanned her
glowing cheek as he went on impetuously!
"'J"" uiiuray, lozetner we hv
1'rovininna .: , .
KivjniiiK BU Gear in K t I t i. . . , - ' nD uava
LT:hl Valmo8t.impoesDib.e t&'ZSSl
lot a common laborer to live on his
The attempt to establish nunal alalUn.
in the nrisona nl thl i i"0""3" goneness mat nothing
of Zl wJ the ?nt1 Provinces oysters would assuage, and together
" Russia has been relin- wandered on these classic banta. nnt:
forded Dearborn street after a shower at tho
nsk of our lives, braved the atmosphere of
NpirfMnMl A T"i . . . ....
. ."iaiih iwu crowning till wa bars ox.
perienced a goneness that nothing but fried
we have
Kecretarv KW.r .... u.o :n u x.uS.auu. enow, sleet and hieh winds
available balance cd20 0W 000 in the last vea V uTX Col., the ng the coast of Great Britafn. d
Treasury on July inx,''000 ffi&KS lT h
a j . I i
egroos nave been driven ont of Marks- A"e number of persons carried bv the General Saussier haa !! i.
they ""roads of the United States the last Went Carnot to deny the trnth of thl
VCHr H'HH in mi nrl niav.mAun fV ru, n,r I t . I , . . - w
... VUUu uuuiL-oia uw.wu.uw. I a tusinuauon mat h ia
oixiy-nve thousand incandescent uaMJ ,or lne residency.
a candi-
ville, La., by the whites, lieciuse
wanted to educate their children.
Philadelohia annintv i. in f.
over the attempt of the Health Board to mpB are manufactured every dav at an There is an iron works in the nefcrh
prohibit the sale of skimmed milk. average selling price of about 75 cents borhood of Essen, Prussia, where work-
tIVu.... , "T";"Toar," e"1 wes have
uui wm b oi me weuuing dress of a lllou w o cniiaren.
New York millionaire's daughter rApcknf. I A German rhomief na
St. Ix)uis merchants favor the opening
of the Cherokee Strip, because thv
1. i .. I. 14 :n i . . . . J
inula iv in increase ineir business,
The Slaven Bros, of New York anil Kan
rranciBco are Baul to have niai 1R
000,000 out of the Panama canal scheme
hv a compromise ex-Pres dnnr lUwn
oi tneew lork Life Insurance (lorn-
pany gets f 15.000 a vear instead of f.n .
Petitioning for 24.500.0)0 to hnild
railroad from Mexico to Canada Varm.
era' Alliance men will seek 1,000,000 Big-atures.
inetiowof American capital in $10,
wiviiniiiM nn. i
oeition was manifested bv llnrria ' W'.fWO lumps to Cape Breton and Nova
iia,.a n...i ' 1 Ji . .. I Kcotia coal inimifi oruaHv ohaA.n i.
niinu-joiu miiu uuriii'im ni i " hvv.j vuocto me fa
I hose who voted to report the bill favor.
ably were Morrill, Sherman, Allison, Al- According to a New York paper body
drich, lliscock. McPherson and Carlisle. Bna!uhin8i8ft profitable calling at the
.-"iinora voorneeB BIHI Iia-r H entrpil iinnonai capuai. WUero there nrn Ivn
an enipnaue protest against the proposed rneuicai colleges,
acuon oi the committee, and would have The suffering at Homestead amone the
been lnneil livKnnnin u. .,,! v ..:i: "T . "luo,IK
i.a i ii. ' .....ouu. oo nuu , uce 1UIUIU.5S oi luosB wiio were in the strike
" . . uie7 Den. present, lhe meeting is is said to be very treat, aoo i nir An tha
Infaraartn.. Ti,!. I - I . '
uiwioowuh, AiiiH ia vuio ui Hbarvactou
lv marrip.1 mo, I i. -1 .IlnT.:. Z" 1?"?""B u Proposed Uie
iinnoanh jcweiB.unucoBi c..i.iug ui nvers Dy the means of an
fl00each- electric current, which he claims will
At Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, alone klU cnolera and other germs.
1,200 men and women are employed in It is reported that Count Munster
the lobster industry. Five million is the German Ambassador in Paris will hi
annual catch, which represents $180,000 (summoned to Berlin immediately to re-
in val"e. port on the situation in Paris!
n lieu TAi?rn Pl the salmon pack at It is thought that De Lessens intend
BritiBh Columbia .hows a total of 221,- to Bell the castle La CheinSJe rt aucUon
97caBeB, as compared with 312,211 cases m order that his wife may have all hia
for 1891, a decrease for 18J2 of 90,414 property when the crash comes.
CaBtJ8, Thfl Hilvar .JH1.. f tr.- ,
The vai. f k -. ...... , , L.f Tri " ,, V" ul '"g numDert
r,B 1IUU prouui;eu ,n . u, uaiv wm ue maae memorable to Ital-
io uuw i?rnar.fir man rha i iau exiles nnn nn if no .M;
general proclamation of amnesty.
unin me past year and a half a ter
rible epidemic has destroyed millions of
the cattle of Africa and inflicted a crush
ing blow upon the pastoral tribes.
The French courts have decided that
a young man born in France of a French
mother and an lni?lish father
on these classic bantu nnt il 1
felt that life would be a bent !r :;"m a eoM
prevail fraacl without you. 01ytv.-i;ie, I"
ii w.v. iieionei" said tbe
young lady, with averted face.
"Not say itr he demanded hotly. "After
tbe soul communion we have had for years,
tho encouragement you have given me, not
to spea of the bouillon and caramels you
have but let that pass. Why may I not ex
press the emotions of my soul, Glycerine Mo
Curdy P
"Because" and there was a despairing
wail in her voice as she moved away from
him and drew a long, shuddering breath
because, Eulet Melone, I can never marry a
man that eaU onions." Chicago Tribune.
wa na 1 .J 1 -
U1 Ko'. eiiver ana copper com
bined. The value of the roal nmrW i.
greater than that of pig iron.
by a
said to have been
pro naniy in relerence to the speeches
niiuio uy narris ana v oorhees. They
were outvoted, however, and the discus
sion will now be transferred to the floor
oi uie henate. Senator Mcpherson said
the bill was satisfactory to him, although
Mrs Robert G. I.gersoll the Recipient serve his time in thi .French army
" b iiatw 111155
Joe Goddard and "Denver" v.,i Smim
nave been matched to fiVht to a finiah
at catch weights for $2,500 and the best
purse onered at Chicago.
Susan B. Anthony.
(Statistics Of the cost nf tha lot-
eral election in Italy show the amounts
Tm vtinK to arcreate a total
of lO.OJO.OOO lire (about $2,000,000).
A district messenger service is to be
estabhebed and put into operation im
mediately in Paris under a concession
from the government to M. Hollebecque.
British warships have been ordered
hereafter to return homn at tho
their commissions for new crews instead
- -
j i a1ukk xexas ia years
tlill Hnil a crfrr man . : U .
Th i i. . . o'gumg oO
o cdi icq ui wuriii h riiiiffrnaoaa rs wa i iifiiimia
he would rather have had his resolution 9 , ,l.caK thl8 yea!: wiU 06 Pened King Humbert has conferred hih A.
reporteu. una feature he did not ap- ' It 0 lnsB, ? representative orations upon President Diaz of Mb
nrov uua , ,.,i,ii. . i women, the ca for wh eh ha. i,t j lL " rc""'ueni uibz oi Mexico
, .... w.wvii jmoi-ouiiou me . . - - j" uu me inexican Minister in Rome
time to Januarv i ioj hni .nn i. lBBued. . . "uma
thought it affnrdnd a riiuf in. i, " A Chi h. h a. De wgersoll receives al-
Pie woula know at thaUime ai least fflTt honesty JiKS? Bending and mostTth CtersTnclose f fe seTouTX'X
the prepent inflation of currnv nM reporters round to drnn nn,.tt.. ?. "4m0Bl 01 ine letterB inclose religiouB troooBh ds. 07
r,.l II J. IT , . . r. r--v. wu... UOUS.
uu fnp uouoiry wouiu return to W10 pocaei-Dooas were re- pr-i. j i. 3 . . Rv th orninan i.
currency and money not debased. ThIIpf turned. ,T pPe L8? baa declined to receive Senor LS exPl08,,0,n of 'arge quantities of
. I , .....v., nil. UlDtUOO 111 niHLH llin mmAra nnnn n I JJDUI1HI111H I 111 100,1 r. K - ,
convention this month r.lna t ... An, K. '. "v"" Vl w BUKieiy
tematicaily improving their country trMr U.?IeBrsi widw of Senator
highways. f" oi iaiiiornia, is the moat heavily
luourou woman in tne world. Her pol-
. " J v wttauy. ACTliri
and V oorhees do not believe the bill can
pass, ana oorhees is credited with eav
mar that not ten Democratic Rnat-a
win vote lor it.
ffM. ...
j.ue proposea Heatt e nana hoo mot
wiin a serious obstacle by points raised
by engineers and
have visited that noint. ami uivoti international commission to nrvnt tha
attention to the climatic conditions and Pa8?"Keof ntagiouB diseases from one
topography of the lands and th mnn. anu io another,
surrounding Lakes Union and Washing-
The Tennessee Board of Hlth
passed resolntiona fi '"co BK'I5 ouj,uw.
i -"uj.fTOuinuouu ,
xue iew lorK&tate senate has con
firmed the nomination of Mi
Anthony as the head of the State Indus-
Anonyme Beige.
The French syndicate which is build
ing the much-talked-of railroad from
JerusaemtoJaffa finds that the esti
mated cost of 6,000,000 francs will be
considerably exceeded.
Wit In Speech.
It may not be difficult to concoct a pretty
speech, but true gallantry combined with
wit is needed in making one which shall con-
uun as mucn delicacy as flattery. "You for
got that I am an old woman," said a lady in
response to an admiring allusion in a neat
speech from one of the old school "Madam,"
was the reply, "when my eyes are dazzled by
a diamond it never occurs to me to ask a
mineralogist for its history."
A celebrated statesman, when dining with
a certain duchess on her eightieth birth day
said, in proposing her health: "May you
live, my lady duchess, until you beein to
grow ugly." Her ladyship's tongue wae as
ready as his on a "I thank you, sir," she
replied, "and may you long continue your
taste for antiquities."
Goldsmith, in alluding to "the ladies'"
modest custom of excusing themselves im
drinking toasts, says:
Nor the coy maid, half willing to be prest,
Shall kiss the cup to pass it to the rest
Many amusing and witty allusions in giv
ing toasts and applying sentiments are prob
ably thus lost by ladies "excusing theji
selves," as may be instanced by the follow
ing: Among the gifts of a newly married
pair was a new broom, sent to the bride by a
ti icuu, me stranger present being ac
companied by this quatrain:
This trifling gift accept from me;
Its use 1 would commend;
In sunshine use the brushy part,
In storms the other end.
The sentiments of another of the gentler
sex were equally humorously and tersely
conveyed when she thus expressed herself
regarding matrimony: "Get married, young
men, and be quick about it. Don't wait for
the millennium for tbe girls to become angels.
You'd look well beside an angel, wouldn't
you, you wretches!" New York Commercial
should be
nir. The trU8teP8 Of theTTnivnraitirnf Pnn.
It appears now that, if this canal sylvania hospital are contemplating the
trial School at Rochester, N. Y.
h.iin i a I inn ii i n .
built, a denthof a, 7ffl .erection of an e,tnBi7a i"em""r ew
.. . . . ' c i - ---- . . uuuiviuu wj iup muuo uuu. uu until a verv few
ClOnt to be of anv una fnr fln.l n .kt I honnital hniblinx fn not. i i-... I j i ., vmjr lew
into the fresh-witar la. T Z "iZ horhnni nf tio noo v luo UB18n- I parucipate. in . " upset
.....u nuu.u un no - T'"ivvi iiaurs huu OLUBr aauatlC hl2h iinta
great a drain upon the lakes as to mate- St T
.any .ower ineir depth. There is not may last until the T summer terVM V : 'Vu'amBA. has
1 . .
ir ram,al1 ln that vicinity nor cornea along.
o.ihu.icul wnior-sueu io tnese lakes
of the First Baptist
wi t - J
tOXlr B aSSIAR for a nintal nhh i t)U! " J
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Why He Wa Uneasy.
Smith Jones, did you ever sit down to a
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Jones Yes.
Smith Didn't you feel uneasy!
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Seven Judges at the Edinburgh Hiirh
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Jockey Club, and personally conducts a
horse-training establishment, perhaps
the only one in existence that is run bv
a woman. '
The new President of the Swiss Re
public who has held the office during
six previous terms is a Calviniat ia.s
gyman, and was regarded until lately as
one of the best all-round athletes in
lastok of Saratov reports that in the
whole Volga resrion tha sacral na..f v
nuptial ties is dhreearded amnnrr tha
common people. A marriage can be dis
solved by any three men at the request
of the husband or the wif.
It has been estimated that
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ulation of Moscow from sn nnn In OA nnn
Ah-0ueruthe, Holy City the houses from
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placarded with notices " to let."
St. Petersburg is troubled with
numbers of mendicants, who crmm hnMA
An Unaccepted Reprieve.
Buffalo Horn White man ulna. Inltincn-tm
Injun no light fire.
Rolling Dick- Whatjer want!
Buffalo Horn White Wings.
Rolling Dick Got any kerosene!
Buffalo Horn UmphI
Rolling Dick Chuck it on an' fire me npt
Queen Victoria's favorite dish for din-
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