The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 28, 1893, Image 1

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    ie Hood River Glacier.
NO. 35.
VOL. i.
3ood Iivcr (Slacicr.
Tlie Glacier Pobllsting Company.
1B9C1UPT1UN rilKK.
On yr
In mmttht. . .,
Tht. month.
Inl coy
,. I Of
Barber Shop
Grant Evans, Propr.
oou.l 81., near Oak. Hood Rivr, Or
ilic huge Ucu Piohts Aiming to
tiilKon I'rom the Sale of Phono
unphs Uwe Crop.
more valuable, than dia-
Ihirly cooperative dairies
SWIiw arid Hair cutting seatly dun.
Satisfaction liuataiitod.
ill 1 ill. i.
Elk Being Shipped to the last
From Southern Mabo.
iticn Sttlke Made In '! : "l Canyon
of the Colorado Trouble Over
lind Brewing.
The Popu'iBis of Idaho are organizing
an industrial h gion.
Arxrna is knocking vigorously fur a I
mission into the Union.
The Maho Legislature proposes to fix
railroad fares at 3 cents pT mile.
The FariHh Reservoir and Canal Com
pany has beon inc -rporated at Pho'iiix,
The Chino sugar factory announces an
increase in tlie price of beets the coming
The raported trouble with he Indians
In the 8au Jum gdd fields is declared
without foundation.
A rich strike has been made in the
Grand Canvon of the Colorado, about
seventy mi es north of Flagstall, A. 1.
The gold mines In Utah are adding
largely to the population of that Terri
tory. Tlie new comers are all anti
Mormons. The Young Men's Christian Associa
tion at Fresno, Cal., is deep v n
debt that it wants permission to sell Us
property, valued at 0,0 H).
William Weightman of Han Francisco,
who at one tune acted as private secre
tary to the late Senator Hearst, will
appointed State Bank Examiner for
rsan U unt'ii, miwm
The latent luxury is electric llgl t
Uul lies
Biihmiia Islanders use American fer
tilisers. Women are practicing dentistry in
The four ocean mutes employ l.H'O
There, are
in liclaiid.
Boston, it is said, ii the favorite city
for tramps.
Women are successful house-builders
in Finland.
iVnni-yivaiiia is Hip liiig t't cigar pro
ducing Suite,
Thousands of B .isloniaiis e ing to theli
2 o'clock dinner.
The Panes are said to lead the world
as butter-makers.
Aluminum slate pencils are among the
latest Inventions.
Canada has produced a cheese weigh
ing U-.I'OO pounds.
The editor of a Missouri paper takes
opocsuiiiB on subscriptions.
Wiwslcn shoes are worn t'y moro than
TO.t.'IK'.oiHJ people of Europe.
Nearly 2, t region are employed in
Washington by the Government.
Twenty tons of gold was taken from
ons Australian mine in tiltccu years.
There are considerably oyer liO.OOO
acres devoted to toi aico in Virginia.
It has recently l'cn estimated that
ninety meals can I cooked by electricity
for $t.f)7.
A new industry is reported for Os
ceola, Florida '.he raining of alligators
for market.
Minneapolis mills made l,Tii),lk 0 bur
rclsof Hour last year, against 7,"H,uvO
barrels in l-'Jl.
Therrt are 7,000 loan associations in
in this country, with a nieuiborship ol
2,tkki,tkHi persons.
With a capital stock of $i'0.mH),iMV) the
wall paper luisl is contemplating an in
crease to $.H,(,0 M. 0.
There were 4,-t'.W,0r.8,233 cigirs and
3,'JlO, l"2,ti;l7 cigarcUes miinulactiired in
tins country lat-.t year,
Artillcial grass for the grounds of sea
side collages is one of tlie industries at
Manchester, England.
"The yar IHIIJ," says Ihui't lit rim'
Tradt, "bus been ihe most prosperous
ever known in pu. itics.
The world's production of the golden
metal in lS'.ll whs (1,010,000 ounces ; ol
silver, 1 1 ),M.ri,iH):i ounces.
The Pennsylvania railroad is reputed
to transport more passengers than any
other lino in this country.
The rice crop in the South this year is
rpnort'MI ID lieexenpuiiiiiuiy imp, n
estimated at ,.,.r,OO,,I0d p muds.
It is alleged that the syndicates which
have been buying up surface railroads
in various cities will consolidate.
It is said that Edison has already se
cured a clear profit of over fl.oO.yxu
Ironi tho sale ot Ins phonographs.
The Union Pacific has lit teen long and
a irreal nuuiocr oi snort uimu-ic,
inijioitant Patent Peiisi'.n Made
by the Supreme Court.
Tlie Number of Victims That Jmlue Lynch
Has Lxceutid Duilnj? the. Past
Year -Olhcr News.
Minority Import of the lloiisr It. in
and ('.tirrriuy (lomin ttrc on Kill
to I'rpcil Shdiiian A t.
k rancher niAr
" .: .. ' n.i,..k,..
California, while cngg ng anrcgate length being (l.i.lO feet
Uav lounu an o.u r g . ,.oini)riHing several
jovi ( 1 " ' - ----
tion could be plainly read.
i nw industry has opened up in
Routhera Idaho, namely, t'io sliipl''"K
t -it- t KuHtnrn States. A carload ol
ti,Uao animdU wro sent from Idaho
Falls recently, which will net the lucky
captor about $2TjO a pair
The Bradstreet mercantile agency re-
Twirtn fourteen lauures ru i""
Coast States and Territories in t he past
week, as compared with eighteen for the vuui-a and seventeen for tho
corresnondiug week of 102.
Th.r in trnnbla browing over the
possession of the land in the South re
cently decided by the Secretary o the
Interior as having been illegally sold to
settlers by the State of California, it be
ing a part ol the puonc uomuui.
Ti, nnmhi nation of Dottery nianufact
hfid nnened war on the Stockton
Terra Cotta Company in an endeavor to
freeze that Institution out, and is now
offering sewer pipe for sale in Stockton
t. one-third the price a year ago.
est haa Venn commenced by the At-
torney-General of California against the
Central Pacific Railroad Company ami
five other railroad companies to recover
taxes levied lor me yr ""
ini with penalties alwut $1,0 i0,t)0i).
A New Vo k syndicate iB now making
t a reservoir and dam on the
Big Sandy river, near Signal, Mojave
a t ThA irriiration scheme is
.niiv one. and the intention is
to cover with ditches abaut 125 miies
narid Monnastes, a well Known capi
courHt'H, was recenny cookuu i
trinity in a hotel at (ittawa, Canada.
Three hundred millions ot eggs are
used every year in this country in milk
ing albumen paper used in piioiogmpny
According to tlie best estimates the
wool clio last year was .J.u.uis.nw
pounds, a gain of 2.r,(W0,S!)8 pounds over
Mr. I.abouchere cot M&).000 for IiIb
share of the London MiV; JSem
n.n-liwlw it. is said, really asnircB to
the Supremo Bench, not the Cabinet
lie is comparatively a poor man.
Willinm LI vd GirriBorrs statue in
bronze, of colossal size, will be nn veiled
in New bury port next ronriu oi juiy
The Lord Liuutemint of Ireland is the
beat-paid member of the liritish govern
ment. Ilia nalary is f ltiO.O.H) per annum
Princess Galit.en. a member of one oi
the oldest aristocratic families ol ltu-Bia
is now a stable maid in a trench circus
Lord Chief Justice Coleridge of Kng
linid was as bright and witty as ever on
hln 7lnt b rthdav. which occurred not
long ago.
K-anklvn W. Smith of Boston la still
airitftiiiii the estabiiBhmentol' a national
gallery of history and art in Washing
ton, to cost ultimately f lu.uuiyaw.
Pope Leo XIII. owns a pearl left htm
I inn rireilei-enHor on the throne oi St.
Peter, which is worth 20,000, and the
taliBt, who has resided auo imn ,ur., (.lmjn of thirty-two pearls ownwl by the
for forty years has been sued w his Frederick is estimated at 35,-
wife, Wary v. mouuaaw, - w.
divorce and a division of property. I he
ii..j,ni wan married to hiB nrst wife
in St. Louis fi ty-two years ago, out a r,er y . t , toi0nnd a scholar
living with her twelve years ne le.t , ,n'me,ory ol his son Albert, who
,i ,., to Oreaon. Ilearmu that ene .v,ii qui, nt. n
. ,iQa,l h married again. MonnaeteB ........... ...J.
is worth over $250,000,
in press
Rev. Henry Fairbanks of bt.
bury, Vt., has given 125,01)0
to the
that institution.
Colonel Carroll
I T I-. . I t . I. n V i II CI
" ' ' . T fi,.(Tw nlirnnd UOlOnei Uarroil Jl-r. urigoi, win
At San Francisco i Judge 1 W been reappointed CominiBsion r of
an order settling the final a ountof I Labor for lour years more by Pr esident
J: Oortottaa guardian of I the estate of b, resi lt
X, m.nnaiil His findinuB are to
the effect that Corbett mismanoged the
estate and wasted the property, and ifl
iin-j ..r.mnnnnn.tinn lor nlB 8rv-
. ,.nlain,m of the law he finds
21 -i.i. ia Antitled to credit of
flfiO and no more out of the Biimof $7, 0)
when Mr. Cleveland comes in, but it is
regarded as doubtful whether his reaig
nation will be accepreu.
The ICinu and Queen of Italy have ia
iirl Oiieen Victoria to spend a few
days with l! em at Rome during her
next visit lo toe uonuneui, mm, o mr
received by him in his capacitj r of guar
dian. He me
r hwih S his successor $5,040. expressed her des re r to the Mernal
The authorities of North Pakota pro
puce to enlorce the prohibition law.
The Carnegie mills at Homestead,
Pa., are running full in eveiy department.
The New York theater ladies have
taken to removing their hats during the
The boys in the State Reform School
nt, Tope ku have just finished putting up
KM) tons ol li e.
lr. McCilvnu says he never ridiculed
the Pope, although charged Willi the ec
clesiastical t ItilllSO.
A coinliiriHtiou of manufacturers of
wire goods and cut nails is Udng lormcd
by huge Western linns.
tio.irif" 1. Siosson has challenged any
)ody in the world to a match game of
billiards lor l,000 a side.
The principal operators of silver mines
in Colorado have practically agreed to
shut down until silver advances.
New Orleans is finding much dilliculty
in enlorcing the Sun lay law, owing to
the apathy of the police olllclals.
Tlie Carnegie Company was a great
financial loser I tlie recent strike, and
it Is economizing in Its management.
(iidon Marsh, the fugitive P esident of
the wrecked Keystone Bunk of Phila
delphia, is said to be in South-Africa.
In Boston the isisses and the clothii g-
( utters have joined hands to compel the
sweaters to grant the demand ol their
The Comanche, Kiowa and Apache
agreement lor the ce-sioll of 2,fxSl,tHH)
ai res of land has Irecn sent to the Sen
ate by the President.
The train Inuring the old lils-rty bell
to l ie World's l air will run oniy ry
lav. in order to give people along tin)
route, a chancu to see it.
The industrial and financial conditions
in Suiith Carolina are rejsrrted as grati
fying U'cause of tho improvement in
the agricultural interest.
It Is renorted that unless prompt meas
ures of protection are adopted in the
natural-gas district Ol liiuiana me sup-
ly will soon Ire exhausted.
Chairman Hood of the New York
loard of Assessment estimates that
lnllv 100,000,000 of personal property
in the State escaped taxation.
Philadelphia is entitled to be known
ns the city of sisterly love. According
to n recent police census the city Doasts
of 23,h(K) more women than meu.
A New York letter to the Philadelphia
',, intimates that Bahv uuth is 10
have a rival, and there will likely lie a
birth at the White House this spring.
President Harrison has received a cane
made Irom the wood of a house on I'orto
Santo, one of the Madera Islands, in
which Christopher Columbus once lived.
CnnureHsman Is going to make
another attempt to get through Congress
the hi nrovidmii for a survey lor a snip
canal to connect Lake Krio and the Ohio
It is estimated that Judge Lynch has
. i , .1 i ...... ''M
executed uuring ine pi "
people an increase over lhUl ol lorty
1 1 .. . .t I..,, ....i n,
one. Ilia Victims were.rr. men mm
The railroad construction In the
United States during IS'.lldoes not reach
high ilgures, being only 4,000 miles.
The total was the smallest Bince 1878,
except those of 1884 and lhH5.
Muior General Sc hofleld does not
iliinlt the massing of troops at the
World's Fair for display would prove a
good idea or that it would give any
beneficial return for the expense involved.
Tlie Cotton Bureau of tho National
Alliance at Memphis. Tenn , baa issued
.in nililresfl to trlantors. advising the
of a less acreaito to cotton
This season's crop is largely reduced,
and the planters have got better prices,
Michigan'!! war Governor, Austin
I'.lMir. received a certified check for
4.125 as a Christmas gilt from prom i-
nent residents oi unu oiiue. im c.-
(lovernoris writing his recollections oi
the war, and the money will be used in
getting out the book.
In the case of the Dr. Bnggs heresy
case Ibe New York Presbytery, without
expressing approval of the critical or
theological views emuouieu in m.
ISr iuiw' address, or ol the manner in
which they have beon expressed ami
dliint.rat.ed. pronounces Biiggs fully ac
quitted of the offenses alleged against
The Mutual Life Benefit Insurance
rVimnnnv of Hartford. Conn., haa ae-
.i.lii to ffo out of business, and has
nmdrt ftrranaement8 with the national
Mutual Insurance Company of New
York to fake all ita members who apply
for a transfer.
The Supreme Court has denied the
mnt inn to advance the case of Merrick
nv d. vs. Charles Foster. Secretary of
the Treasury, popularly known as the
silver brick case. This is the case
wherein the plaintiff sought to compel
the Secretary to coin into dollars a silver
brick offered at the mint lor mat pur
Representative Wilson has received
assurance thsl an appropriation will be
made for the Cray's Harbor light.
Hespite protests to the contrary, it
transpires that Don M. Dickinson of
Michigan is to Ui In Cleveland's Cab
inet. The President bus sent to the Senate
the following nominal ions : Postmasters
-California, Jul.n L. Meriiam, South
Riverside; Idaho, Miss F.uuiia F. Ste
vens, lllackloot.
linker of Kansas has Introduced In the
House a bill for tlie free coinage of silver,
making it uulawliil lor any person to
make any contract, note, draft or bill
payable In any specillc coin or currency.
Representative Hermann ha secured
a favorably repoit up hi the bid paying
II. W. Shn.lev 2.li7 for excess work
ami money expended on the Ne I'erce
reservation in ISSii. Miipiev is now
resident of Jackson county, Or.
The IIoiph Committee on Commerce
has decided to reiiorl the two lulls to
amend the Interstate Commerce law to
meet the Supreme Court derision in tlie
..liO. ruled (jtiiinselirian rae, and also
Judge (ireshrfin'n recent decision.
The Senate Mines ami Mlu'ngCoin
nilttee has considered l.iimiiieii i
bill. Senator I'ellon, ex Representative
Berrv and Ciunineiti made statements,
' . ... ...... ........ i ... . i...
a ler WHICH llie oiu wis repont-u v m'
Senate with Feltons amendments,
heretofore printed, ami Berry s pro
Vision, prescribing a penally lor vena
lion of the law by the miners.
Comnii-sioner Riuui of the is-rtslon
bureau appeared the other day before
the Milieiiiiimittee of the House I om
mitteeou Appropriations, which is ire-
urinif the ueiisioiis appropriation inn
Tim nriirinai estimate lor I Mil made by
the Commissioner was JIih),0,)li,iHHi. A
siibseonent estimate a few ilavs ago
placed the amount required at l72,0ki,
ntO. Me was asked as to the reason ot
tliH Increase, and explained his former
IWures by saying he had presumed the
iihw ailininistralion would not do as
much work in bis had done, but admit
led, If it d d allow as m my pensions
tl 72,000,0( 0 would lie needed.
The Intercontinental liailway Cow
mission has prepared a fac-siiriile, in
inlnliitiire. of Central America am
South America to show the surveys of
the proposed railro id intended to nnite
ihi nvstetiH of North Americi and
South America. Itisalsmt twenty-live
feet hum. and will Isi sent to the World
Fair as a part ol mo government, ex
hibit. At the last meeting o! Ihe nieiii-
bers of the commission the work ol the
surveying parties was reviewed and
fonnd in a satlsiactory conomon. nm
International commission will ask Con
gress for an appropriation of $50.000 10
linish the olllce work of the survey and
publish the, results.
Secretary Tracy has awarded the con
tracts for the cruiser Brooklyn and battle
ship Iowa to the Cramps, in making
the award the Secretary says : " Had 1
the power to award the contracts for the
construction of these ships In my dis
cretion, I should distribute them to two
llrms, but I have no such power. 1 am
required by the statute to award the con
tracts to the lowest and most rcBiHinsililo
bidder, and there is no doubt that the
Cramps are tlie lowest piuoers, bhu i
cannot sav the Union Ironworks are
bolter builders than the tramps any
mure than I can say tlie Cramps are iet-
tAr hnilders than tho Union Iron worxs,
I regard both as excellent builders and
eqUll'iy gOOo. U noer iiienecircuiuninui rn
It. U olain v mv duty under the law w
award the contracts for both oi said ves
sels to the Cramps."
The President is still giving cjoso con
sideration to the subject of freight
liMiivht over the Canadian I acilic. 1 wo
new points have been discovered, vir. :
That the original law speciueu mat me
consular-aeal system wsb to be applied
to freight which was ine product oi con
tiguous foreign countries only, and that
by the uanauian law unueu muiea con
sular officers guilty of fraud in the
United States are not amenable to arrest
so long as they remain in Canada. A
large bulk of the freight handled by the
Canadian Pacific, and which comes into
this country under consular seal, is the
product of other foreign countries, nota-
i.U Inrian and China. Did this ClsBS of
fnduht not. Biiiov the privilege of the
consular-seal system, they would enter
this country at an American port ana ne
transported by American railroads.
These two points are considered impor
tant aa living the President, if he
chooses by exercising it, the right ol
suspending the operation of the consu-
lar-Beai system wimouv wwuu j w,r
gress. .
The minority report of the Hons
Banking and Currency Committee on
the bill to repeal tho Sherman Biiver-
bullion purchase act was wade to the
House by Representative lownsenii oi
Colorado. It iB an argument in opposi
tion to the bill, which, it is charged, is
intended to be the nnai otep towards-an
absolute gold Btandard in the United
States and to suppress every effort at bi
metallism. The minority eays to secure
the support of national banks the bill
allowB a gratuitous increase of their pres
ent circulation by about $15,000,000, and
also crlves them a bonus ot ine present
circulation of $6,000,000 per year by re
ducing the circulation tax. ine report
attacks the statement given by the ma-
inritv aa the srround for its action, and
predicts the repeal policy will p-oduce
widespread ruin. Figures are quoted to
disprove the statement that the country
(u lr.Mnir toft silver basis, and the drain
of gold is attributed to European losses
in South America and to the Russian
tnnn. The silver purchases, the minority
savs do not affect the matter, and to
get American goia u.urope um uu my
i ing a premium.
On llorilld'i e-im ot Munjf In Mill",
In tin. !!. of I lot M..iitruin.
Fifty two )car constll iiUmI Ilia Azteo
cvnlu. To tills cytle whs added a compls-
C. ,,. ,,f PrpVTilintr AtrriflilMinil "'""tof thirteen days, Intended U niaks
xiiit oi irivaunig; Arnui.uidi tltt wolr lin1 eU kl yn. Hgre. it wa is
lleved t lull, t he world would coins to au end
Depression in England.
itr(iii1at Name ol the German Uln-
bt;r of Instruction Hurled by
th Beautiful Snow.
Brlganlago Is increasing in Ru:sian
Residents of Saxony protest against
the Jesuits' return lotierinany.
Herman army ollleers, lt is said, are to
Is. lor bidden cigarettes as injurious to
The Pope is said to I writing an en
cyclical on the Hirils of the huropean
Lmdon music hall singers have taken
. . i , . .i i.
up the jswciry stealing craxo oi uic
arnibicralH. -
Osik's agencies are "booking" people
all over hurope to visit Chicago the
coming summer.
Three thousand seven huudred and
irty one Irodies were cremated in
France during 18UI.
Knglish capitalists are sa;d to have of
fered Spain a loan of faoo.WKt.cOJ,
ceiving pay from customs revenue.
lt l announced that the famous Tarn
O'Shatiter Inn on High street, Ayr,
Scotland, lias been sold lor $15,000.
The famous Almansi'h de (iotha, the
blue book of the world's royalty, has
made its annual appearance for the Bioth
Immigration from some parts of Alsace
has been unusually heavy of late, am',
is likely to continue for some time to
The Panama prisoners at Paris have
been removed from prison to the
famous old jail adjoining the Palais de
The F.rnst August tunnel in the Hartx
mines is nine miles long, and the water
Ildrains from the mines is used for trans
portation. A unusually large number of well
known and prominent men in Ixmdon
have lately sought the assistance of
bankruptcy courts.
The Duke of Sutherland has written
to the Secretary of the isimetanic
l-engue, accepting the olllcs of Vice
President of tlie league.
Prince Bismarck says that all the
nations of Kurope should drop their
differences for a time and combine
against the Socialists and Anarchists.
The name of the Herman Minister ol
Instruction, w ho, lt is feared, will try to
regulate the religious instruction of
their children, is very appropriately
von Bobbo,
on tlis liiht night of a cycle, arid inai mo
g.idM, If merelfiil, would light tliulr fires on
the distant iiiiiiint.iiliis. If tlm world did
nut come to nil end the Aztecs conKratu
lared llieinw Ivm that it would survive an
titlmr cycle, innl the thirteen cornpllmeulr
irydays were passed with fenaU, WKirlflces
nd liuw liaiiiils.
In tin temple of IliilUlllpoctitll titers
aa lo bn a glndlatorlnl combat, which
wu nothing less limn a siicrillco. The six
ministers of tlis ceremony were at baud.
Toplltzin, the chief among tliem, clad In a
cr imson vestment, with a crown of vari
colored feathers, was performing the
duties that preced-d a sacrifice to Hi god,
and the others, with white robes bordered
with black, their fare hideous with sorn-la-r
pigment and months painted white,
assisted liim. A crowd lllled the ston
walls of the templo to witness tho specta
cle, mirglng with Impatience about the
temalratl (or round, sume platform, elgbt
fea high) where the combat Wiu to Uke
The victim, a prisoner of war, U brought
In. Armed with only a short spear aod
shit-Id, ho U placed upon the tsmalcall, tied
by one foot and confronted by u Altec
warrior fully armed. Tho flat nostrils of
Ihe victim are distended, hi black eyes
burn with desperation; hi coarse, black
I, sir strioiiled about his face, and hi
thick, purple bps quiver aa he views the
well armed soldier before him.
At a word they fall to the fray.. Tho
sia-ars clash and they rtght liko demons
the victim with the desperation of certain
death, the soldier to uphold bis valor
among his comrades.
Suddenly, realising how unequal tho
contest, aud that hU fate U sealed what
ever the outcome of that battle, the pris
oner throws awuy hi shield and pear and
present his breast to the soldier' weapon.
A puuse, a blow, aud the victim fall
heavily to the stoue.
in a trice the priests, with frenxiod
iliouts aud hair troamlng about their de
moniacal fiices are upou the tcmalcutl, and
have borne the dying man to a block of
groeu Jasper, ou whoso convex urfa
tlmv throw him. This U tho oacrinclal
tone, ami Toplit.ln, w ho now takes tho
wurieof tho god to whom he socrilloe,
0sns the breast of his victim, tears out bU
heart and offers It, still palpitating, to-tho
Then Ihe bleeding trophy Is placed In tho
hollow mouth of the Idol HuiUilipochtU.
aud the lips of tho aUtue daubed with
blood. Tho dead man Is decapitated aud
his head deposited In the Txompatli.aa os
suary where the skulls of sacrificed pris
oners of war are net into the walla. The
soldier claim the body for his own, aud
bears It away for t he delectation of hliu
aolf and his arituropophagical comrade.
The Axtec annals that come down to n
ro glutted with ene like this. Detroit
Free Press.
Hmrhlnit for the Hlsh Note.
If nature has endowed a singer with the
power of producing high notes they will
bo srtng spontaneously. Otherwise they
will neither lie agreeable in quality or tone..
All sinners are not alike. Their voices are
,.u. .!,,! in .1 HTi.i-.Mit. registers. Some are
There are no great difficulties, phys- ,,jt.)Mi high .others low, aud a great many
medium. " a singer, noi auvurnnj wr
dowetl with a high register, attempU to
sing Is-vond his or her capacity by forcing
ho voice he or she is in danger of injuring
tho voice. Any one possessed of a good
voice may by study and culture produce
l.kMu.r mites than thev otherwise could
leal or financial, in the way of the pj
ect for a Channel tunnel between
1 a ml and France, which has been once
more revived.
At Ilerxogenburg, Austria, during the
recent severe storm a cottage containing
a family of eight persona was buried by
a snow slide. When succor reached
them, three days afterward, two were
Four Russians, suspected of leiiig Ni-
MliHta. have been arrested in Paris at
tho instance of the RtiBsian Ambassador,
and will at once lm conducted to the
frontier and warned not to return to
A frightful accident is reported from
Kischischek in the province of wilna,
Russia. The boiler of the public baths
at that place exploded, and six persons
were InBtantly killed anu uiteen moriany
For kissing a young lady passenger
against her will, the conductor of a rail
way train running between Chemnitx
and Leipsie, Germany, has been dis
charged in disgrace and sentenced to
four weeks' imprisonment.
The secret of the prevailing agricultu
ral depression in Great Britain is told
by the Iiondon Saturday Review in the
frank statement "that it is impossible to
cultivate a irreat part of the soil of En
gland, rent free, at a profit."
In Vienna it is said Sarah Bernhardt
waa compelled to appear before the olli
cial judges in all the costumes, she was
to wear in the plays produced in the
Austrian capital.
The Hamburg, Senate has forbidden
hotel and lodging-house keepers to re
ceive guests from Russian Poland. This
is perhaps Jew-baiting under the guiae
of fighting. the cholera.
The Sultan of Turkey has granted con
cessions for the construction pf long rail
ways, which will open up pis territory
to the east, the north anu me Botun, an
having their termini at Constantinople.
The experiment made three-years ago
to stock the river Seine, in France, with
Calilornia ealmon has proven success
ful. Two salmon weighing six pounds
each were taken at Nemours and nine
teen at Langres, weighing six and seven
The extreme depression Into which
the shipping industry of England and
the continent has fallen is shown by
statistics just made public. '" The total
number of vessels laid up In English
and Scotch ports is 479 and the total
tonnage 856,000. Besides theBe there
sre laid up in continental ports ninety
nine steamers with a" total tonnage of
100,000. As a result of the laying up of
so many vessels there are 500,000 men
idle, which means a loss of 50,000 in
wages monthly.
hope to do, but no professor or music, no
matter how cmineut, ever created a voice
where it did not previously exist.
Great singers are born, not made. Many
singers have temporarily strained their
voices by trying to do too much. If the
voice is naturally high no matter what
the pitch may bo the singing will be pleas
ant and agreeable to the ear. If, however,
a singer tries to do too much the effect will
bo similar to a man who endeavors to walk
np t wo steps at a time when bo Is only able
to mnko one. It will prove ruinous. Do
uot strain your voice, or you may lose It.
Bignor Campaninl in Ladies' Uorne Jour
nal. Greeting by Smelling-.
The respectful greeting of Fiji Is to take
ud smell the band of the superior without
mbbiinr it. In the Gambia when the men
salute the women they put the woman's
band up to their uoses and snioll twice at
the back of it. In the Friendly islands
noses are joined, adding the ceremony of
tukingtho band of the person to whom
civilities are paid and rubbing it with a
degree of force upon the saluter'sown nosa
and mouth. Tho Mariana islanders for
merly smelled at the hands of those to
whom they wished to tender homage.
Capt. Beechy tells of the Sandwich
Islanders: "The lips are drawn Inward be
tween the teeth, the nostrils are disteuded
aud the lungs are widely inflated; the face
is then pushed forward, tho noses brought
Into contact, and the ceremony eonciua-i
with a hearty rub." Garridk Mallory ia
Popular Scieuce Monthly.
Improvements for Sleeping Car.
We notice that an attempt is to be made
to ventilate sleeping cars. The method
outlined is simple and promises success,
but the most encouraging feature orHha
scheme is that it should have occurred te
the sleeping car companies that their
coaches are not already perfect in construc
tion and management. Perhaps it may
now penetrate their minds that the same
covering is not equally pleasant for their
unfortunate patrons in the tropical nights
of midsummer and iu the arctic nights of
midwinter. At preseut the "sleeper" is
provided only with clammy linen sheets
and heavy double blankets.
It would seem that in the ' prevailing
fashion of woolen clothing the companies
might think of furnishing a. pair of light,
loosely woven blankets, one or both of
which could be used as occasion required.
Such achange, with a little pure air, would
make a night in a sleeping car a less hor
rible expsrien thaa lt i now. New York
Times. , ...