The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 14, 1893, Image 2

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    Mooi Jiver (Slacier.
v; waxf it
Afior mature ttoIilHnttion wo have
miwu our lightning rod nml pnttcnttv
nwnlt (he storm nfler the 4th of March,
in hopes tho lightning niny ttrlkilt In
tho Rh:ixiof the appointment of regis
ter of Tho Dalles hunt oflleo. V r,j
ppoetfully suggst In our own favor Hint
ftinee tho Sth day of November last we
have waxed fat, gaining L'2 pounds in
that time, on diet such s the country
editor usually tackles, which is proof
jKTbitive that tho political pudding Is
I io cause of it. We have grown too
hrge indeed to longer renin! n a private
individual, and must either have an
office or have the Oregon legislature
incorporate us. Wo feel that wo are
competent to till tho office and
strong enough to draw the salary, thus
rellevting credit on the party and de
flecting cash to oureelf supplying a
great need in either case. lUsidcs this
it would be a fitting recognition of tho
newspaper fraternity the people who
put others in ofilee and got nothing
themselves; the men who "lead the
columns" in political battle, who mar
shal and drill the foroes in time of
pence; the men wtioget all the scare, no
cash and a very limited credit. The
truth U, the newspaper man is, so to
speak, the war horse in time of polit
ical battle, the beast of burden between
fights, turned out to pick a precarious
living on tho range, fenced out of the
public pasture, and only groomed when
it is time for him to stand un and be
shot at. Those are our claims to recog
nition, and if we are to be turned down,
we ask in all justice to an overworked
and underpaid class of party workers
that some other newspaper mnn lie
given the pi ice.
lwmfamwa "'Gala Sa
i iioi milium mum uiiuu uuiu.
FOR 30 DAYS ONLY Feb.15,
In order to mako room for our spring stock,
we will for 30 days sell our entire stock of Gen
eral Merchandise at actual cost for cash. Our
stock is complete in all departments, new and
well selected.
Ootclo Eaxl3T And O-ot UTIrct Clxoicc-
It is tho history of all movenieuts,
political or otherwise, that the parties
to be benefitted are generally the last
to be converted. It is so in the present
couuty division question. The prep
osition is undoubtedly true that a small,
compact couuty can be run at less pro
portional expense than a large one. It
KliouiJ be borne in mind that outside of
the county judge, school superintend
ent and stock inspector, all county of
ficers are paid fees, and if they have
little work, they have also little pay.
The salaries of the officers named would
not amount to more than six hundred j
dollars yearly, and the other officers
would be paid by those employing
them, except as to criminal business,
and in this line the proposed county of
Cascade would be at tnfling expense.
Another bugbear used to frighten the
unthinking is thestatement that costly
county buildings would be erected at
once, and thus taxes increased. Who
is to build these costly buildings, and
who to order them built? The town of
Hood River could not do it, and if done
at ull it would be by officers elected by
the people, and that only when the
county is out of debt, and so increased
both in wealth and population as to
make them necessary. Besides, the
object ot county division is to lower
taxes, not to raise them. More than
this, the town of Hood liiver will guar
antee to furnish suitable offices and
court room, free of charge to the coun
ty, for four years, should she remain
the county seat that long. The Iwiun
daries of the proposed county are nat
ural ones, and the formation of a coun
ty within them is only a question of
time. Nature has so shut in this sec
tion that but one wagon road crosses
the boundary lines ot the proposed
county, and that is the old Dalles and
Bandy wagon road along the Columbia
tion, aud ask ourselves the question:
What do we owe The Dalle that we
should any longer pay them tribute?
Why should our farmers any longer
take their earnings there to enrich the
overpaid officers, saying nothing of
money paid for traveling expenses, ho
tel bills and time taken, which means
to agriculrlst as well as mechanic and
merchant, so much cash, according to
time lost.
In the ordinary affairs of life, when
a young man attains his majority, his
great desire is to start house-keeping on
his own account, aud cruel would bo
the parent who would put obstacles in
his way for mere selfish ends. Now, I
would like to ask the question of not
only the people of Hood liiver valley,
but of Mosier and Cascade precincts,
are we not of age? Have we pot at
tained our majority? Are we not capa
ble of managing our own affairs? Yea,
rather, if we could not do better than
increase our taxes year after year, and
also our county indebtedness, as our
guardians at The Dalles have done, and
have given us so little in return. Then,
I say, let us be bankrupt if we cannot,
as it Is only a question of time as mat
ters are run now. I think I hear some
say, "Oh, it will benefit Hood River if
the county seat is there." Admitted,
to a certain extent it would benefit
Hood River and Hood River would
appreciate it by providing the county
building but not more than it would
the balance of the county.
Yesterday a capitalist was here mak
ing inquiries respecting our enterprises,
andwas desirous of iuvesting $:'5,000;
but he said he could not see his way
clear unless the county was divided;
then he would invest at its county seat.
Now, friends, let us set aside all feel
ing, and each one ask himself the ques
tion, Will it benefit me, or can I possi
bly be worse off? For answer, ask any
resident of any county in this state
that has been divided, and the answer
will be, "I don't want to go back."
Avt Vixcebe Aut Mori.
I.mul Ofllee nt Viiiuvuvf-r wash Nov IS)PJ,
Notice Is hereby nlcn that (ho follow Inn
luiinol not tier has lileil not lee of his intention
to make Hmil contiiitilalloii nol In suprt
of Ins claim. nml that saltl proof will hi'
intuit) before the Hcntsier anil Kiveivor of the
l !. 1 ,11ml otlieo at Vancouver un Jan
uary 14. h lsw, vl::
Ailklim M. Oasey.
Homesteiut Kntry Xo. SlT, for tho n o
sec 2 Tp 3 n r II east will mer.
Ho mimes tho following w itnesses to prove
his continuous rvniloiice U)kiii anil cultiva
tion of salt! In ml vii: Henry Johnson,
rntncisN. iiuriluin, .Minimis r. horn, John
L. Morris, all of, white Kulinou, Klickitat Co.
de UK) nil Jollu I. UKooiiKUAn, llCRlxlar.
Land OlUce tit Vitneouver wash .IVe. 7. IS!1!
.Not ire is hereby given that tho rolluwiiiK
nuineil svltlcr ha-s tiled notieo of his Intention
I to imiko II i uili'i mi in in al ion proof In support
I of his claim, unit tiitit siilil proof will In; made
iK'loro uio UcgiMer una lieceiver I. n. I .ana
Office tit aiicoucr WaMi. oil Jamil y
21 lstU.vne:
Kreilrick W. White.
Hil entry Xo. SOW for tho sec 5 Tp 3 n r
Hew in.
He names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon and cuillva
tum of, said land, viz: Hubert . Clemens.
Iru W. 1. Kuthbone, William A. Mjiiims,
Mike Zimmerman, all of white ."salmon wasii.
uvUl-deii John 1. Ukouhkoax, Register.
Governor Pennoyer is opposed to the
state building the portage road around
the Celilo-Dali38 rapids, not because lie
doe3 not believe it would be of great
benefit, but because he thinks the gen
eral government should build it. With
all due deference to our good governor,
for whose opinions we have the great
est respect, we are compelled to view
the matter iii another light. We do
not believe the general government
will, for the next few years at least, go
into the railroad building business, aud
if the road is to be built at all, it will
have to be done by the state. It should
be done, and it should be done this
year. Beitig below the proposed road,
we have no direct interest In it other
than that of a citizen of the state, de
siring to see the people of Eastern Ore
gon assisted in their laudable desire to
make a living-
For a New County.
. Editor Glacier: It appears that
me east ana west siaes oi Jriooa river
are passing through a season of unrest
on account of the question of the divi
sion of the county. From what source
this disquietude arises I don't think it
is hard to conjecture; but what is most
surprising, that the opposing element,
most of them intelligent and excellent
citizens, should allow themselves to be
biased and hoodwinked by those who
are fishing for their money and their
patronage their money principally;
and I think if they would give this
matter a thorough investigation they
would f-ee through the thin gauze. Let
us awaken to the realities of our posi- j
Senator Kenna, of West Virginia,
died Wednesday morning. He had
been sick for some time and his death
had been expected at any moment
during the past week.
Land Oltleeat Vancouver, Wash Dec. 5, 1S!C
Notice is hereby given that tho followlng
nained settlers have fiieu not ice of their Intcni
iun toniiikeliniil prootin supportof their claims
nnii tiinl wild proof will he made beloro W.
It. Dunbur-Commissioner V. b. Circuit Court
for District of Washington at (ioidcuuaic
Washington, on January 1., IHIM viz:
Klchurd Kelly.
Purchase Application Xo. 5.V1 under sec S
Forfeiture Act nepl., 2) 1WJ for the n w of s w
H sec a 'i'p g II r U castwlll mcr.
Ha names the following witnesses to provo
disclaim u said land, viz: August Hllillng,
Herman KuhuhitUHcn, Uskur Ruhniiauscu,
Charles Kuhnhuuseu, ull of Ulcuwooii l".;o.
August lllldlng.
Purchase Application Xo. 4M under sec 3
Forfeiture Ael,.sept., 2) lsao for thee y u( a
e Jsec 15 Tp 6 u r 2 east will mcr.
ne names the following witnesses to provo
his claim to said land, viz: ltoy O. lladley,
John C. Cochran, Chester W. Hell, allot Ulen
wooe 1. U. wash Kichard Kelly, ol ulila 1'. u.
dclOJanU John D. Geogiiegax, Register.
To all whom it way concern:
Xotlc is hereoy given that the Water Sup.
piy company oi niwu irviver vuuey. a corpor
tion heretofore duly incorporated under the
laws of the Htato of Oregon, and heretofore
uoing business in nooa lliverl'recinct, Wasco
County Oregon has filed in the County
uierit omee oi w asco vjouniy uregon, una in
the office of the Secretary of Htate at Kalem.
Oregon, supplementary articles of incorpor
ation, uereioiure uuiy auopiea Dy in stock
holders, and duly executed in triplicate by
said corporation, through Its proper oilicers
ana Doara ot airecters; ana tne object ofad
opting and filing the same is and was to in.
crease the capital stock from $SU0U.OO to (MJOO.OO
to better facilitate the carrying out of the
original objects and primary purposes of said
incorporation, and to more effectually avail
ltseJl of the provisions of the Legislative Act
Approved t ebruary 18th, 1891, the second sec
tion of said supplementary articles Is as fol
Hecond. Tho enterprise and business In
which the corporation proposes to enetu:e is to
appropriate uie waters iroin wnai is Known
os "Indian Creek" "Ditch Creek" "Dead
Point Creek" and "Green Point(;raek"nll wild
erects Doing in waseo county Oregon, and all
tributaries of tha west fork of Hood river,
(except said "Indian and Ditch Creeks") and
to convey said waters bv means of ditches.
flumes and canals, through or to an v noint of
tue ury lanusoi noon iuver v aiicy, in saia
Wasco County, for the purpose of renting,
selling or distributing the same among all
)xrsons wnose lands lie adjoining to or are
within reach of said flumes, canals and
ditches for the purpose of irrigat ion and sup
plying water for household and domestic con
sumption and watering stock upon the dry
lrnds of said Valley, within said Wasco
Connty; to construct a suitable ditch or
ditches, canal or canals, flume or flumes, for
conveying and utilizing said water, for the
purposes aforesaid, to extend the ditch here
tofore and now used by said company from
where the same taps and takes the water from
said "Ditch Creek'' along the line of nurvey
heretofore made by said Company to a point
where said survey taps and intersects said
"Dead Point Creek" and from thence to a
point on said "Green Point Creek" from
where the waters of said last named creek can
be conveyed and used in the ditch aforesaid;
and to appropriate necessary and sufficient
land for right of way and to do all and cverv
needtul act or acts necessary in carrying out
the objects and purposes herein stated.
Dated atllood Kiver, Oregon, December 17,
The Water Supply Company of Hood
VS Davidson,
Land ofllee at Vancouver wash, Dec. 5,MH2.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settlers havellled notice of their In
tention to make final proof in support of their
claims and that said prooi will bo made before
W. It. Dunbar, Commissioner U. .H. Circuit
Court for District ot Washington, at (iolden
dale Washington on January 21, IsiM, viz:
Lucinda V. Chapman.
Purchase Application Xo. 421 for the o 4 of
n w sec i:i'l p a n r 11 east w in.
Hlie names the following witnesses to prove
iter eiaiiii wj nam tanii, viz: naisey i), cole,
Ui..l...l L'oll.. ..f L-..I.I.. U t I. IJ...1..1..1.
iiituniu miij, via i- uiuu x . U., .IVUMFMJJII
Heyting, of Gilmer P. O. wash. Albert Shaw,
' of (.lenu'oofl P. II wnsh
Albeit Shaw.
Purchase Application Xo. .401 under sec 3
Forfeiture Act Sept., 2 18!W for the s w
see 15Tp 0 n r 12 east will mer.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his claim to said land, viz: Halsey I). Cole,
Hichurd Kelly, of FuhlaP. O. wash. August
Hilding, Charles Adams, Glen wood, I', O.
declOJanla Jonn D. Geogiieoan, Register.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., Jan. 6,189:t.
To John K. Hensel, and all whom it may
Notice is hereby given that tho following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make . final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be mado
before the Register and Receiver of the U. K.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., on Feb
ruary 21rd, 1893, viz:
Joseph A. Arrnent.
Applications No. 487 and 4M to Pnrehnse
under sec 3 act Sept 29 1890 for the lots 2 and 3
Rc3;iand8eXandseg;w8eo85 Tp In
r 12 ew. m.
He names the followinr wltnessaa to nrnva
bis continuous residence npon and cultivation
of said land viz: James 0. Lyle. Thomas M.
Whltcornb, Levi. Smith, John R. Whltcomb,
all of Lyle Klickitat Co.. wash.
JnHfeblS John D. Geoohegan. Register
Ijind Oltlco at Vancouver. Wash. Dir. I'.', Isv.'.
To Kilsun Wrlnltt, and till whom ll inuv
Mot lee Is he.i'hy given tlmt tho following,
mulled senil is have tiled notice id lin n' in
tention to make final proof in support Hun
claims mid llial s;d proof will l.e mud. be
fore W. H. Dunbar Commissioner I . s, i i -.
cull I ourt District of wnsliiiiginn hi Uoldcii
ilule uiLshliifctoiton January , M.:
Frank li Reynolds,
Purchase Application No. ft: under see:!
Koifcltuie Act Sept., Ism lor flic n w 1-4 wo
;a Tp 4 it r I- east w ill mer.
lieuiiiiieN the follow lug witnesses to prove
hlselahii to said land, vl.: iru llcwetl
John Olson, T. l- Wright, George II. l- le, all
ol Lyle I'.o. wa.sli.
George It. Lyle.
Purchase Application No. Ill, under section
3 iMiricltuie net Sept., a', Kn) for the e ' oi
n e 4, and s w t oi n e i,,sec n p, it r U
east will. mer.
He nuuie.s the follow lie,' w itnesses to ,
his claim to said land h i ii.h.ip
joiini'ison. i. I.. rigni, r iMiiii u. Keyiioltl.
ail of Lyle P, O. Washington.
dlTTJumJl Joltn D. GKoiillKliAN. Itcgister
IJinil uttleo at ancotiver W ash Dee in, Issr.'.
Xotleo Is hereliy given Unit the following-
on u siftleis hiiMi (Unl notice ot llicu
inicniioii to iiiaiie iinai proof m sii,i,h
oi ineir claim, and tlmt snld prsif w ill l
liiiulo belore flic Register unit Receiver ol the
l . . Ijiml oillce ut aucoiivcr wash on 1'i.t
ruary 2nd lsiii, vl.:
T'htsidor Carstcns.
run-iiitse Applleiitlon Xo. It 1 1 tinder rev .1
rorieituieact .-sept 2tl isno lor tiio so 1-4 w H
Bee i i p t it r tv o w in.
He liiiines the follow ing w ltiii!s,s to prove
his coiitlniiotn ifsidence upon and citlliva
tlun of said liiiid, viz: John lictninioi, ot
runia wasn., .Mattilus Wilkeli, 1 hcotlore
MUKsdoi t, of white Salmon wusli.. Call L.
nuKsuun, oi navuitpoi l lowa.
Carl L. Suksiiorf.
i-ureinise Application No. under sec 3
I'orieituro act Sept 2! IKtM for the s '.. so l-i
and s,'a s w 1-1 sec 1 'l p On r 11 east w tn.
He mimes the follow ing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ami cultiva
tion of said laud vl,: John 1 ct liinun, of ! ulda
wasn. inroiiorstiKesdoif, .Manilas WllUeti.oI
wmio salmon wash., Thcodor Caisteiis, of
milliner wtmu.
JaeobM. Wilki n.
Purchase Application No. Ltd under sect
Forfeiture not Sept 2t lsi 'lor the n w 1-1 sec 31
i'i 4 ll r II e w in.
Jtc names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion ufsajd laud viz: John i H tlnimn, ol h ulda
wash. Tliuodor Carsleus, of Gilmer wash.,
I'licndor stikstlorr, of .'w hite Salmon, wash
Carl L.Suksdorf, of DavenMirt Iowa.
dc2IJn;il John I). Googhcgan, Register.
Land Ofllee at Vancouver wash, Dee. 1 1, :i2.
Notice Is hereliy glvn that the following
named settler hits tiled notice of his Intention
hi make final proofln support or his claim
and that said proof will be made before W.
It, Dunbar, Commissioner J. S. Circuit Court,
for District of Washington at, Goldendaie
Washington on February 2nd lhl:j, viz:
Henry C. Kednnbtirg.
Purchase Application No. 4HH under see ;i
Forfeiture net Sent 29 1mni for the u u; ut ,.i
1-4 Sec 2) Tp ti ti r 11 cast w in.
He names tiie following w itnesses to prove
his claim to said land viz, George Sullinger,
Harry Sellinger, of Mosier 1'. O. Oregon llein
rlch Fleno, Severn lienz, of Trout Lako 1. O.
dc24 Jan31 John D, Geoghogan, Register.
fc.-T.. w..'- m Vji u y x; Miu
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned.
cxecutor'of the estate of James; A. Hanklris,
late of Wasco county, Oregon, and now de
ceased, has filed his final account with said
estate, with the clerk of the county court of
said Wasco county, and that Hon. George C.
Ulakely, judge of said court has by order
tiawa January, 7tn jww, appointed Monday
the th day of March, at, the hour of 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of said day. at the countv
court room in Dalles City, Oregon, a time
and place for examining said account, and
for hearing any objections made thereto:
Now therefore, all persons in anv wav Inter
ested in said estate or final account are hereby
notified and reauired to an near at said time
and place named in said order and show
cause, if any there be why said account should
not be allowed either in whole or part, and
there make any objections they may have
against the allowance of said final aitoount. or
show cuuse if any why said executor should
not he then discharged by the court as exeo-
utorof said estate.
1 atd at Hood River, Jan., 9th 1893.
Wyatt CoOI'KIt,
Kxecutorof the estate of James A. Hankins
Land Oilice at Vancouver wash Dec 7, 181(2.
Notice is hereby given Hint the following
named settler 1ms filed not loo of ids intent ion
to make llnal proof in support of his claims,
and that said proof w ill bo mado before tho
Register and Receiver If. S. Land Olllco ut
Vuncouvcr wash, on January 21, 1MI3, viz:
James R. Warner.
Application No. i, to purchas under sec 3
Forfeiture act Scot 2!) IKIKI lor I ke uii u .i
sec 211 mid lots 1 and 2 sec 33 Tp 3 n r 11 e w m.
He names tiie following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
ol said land viz: John Purser. George Pur
ser. Francis M. Lane, Theodore Siikesdorf, till
of White Salmon Klickitat county wash.
ocW2-nov29 John D. Gkouhkoan. Register
Land Offlc at Vancouver wash. Nov. 28, 1892.
To John Bennett, and all whom It may
Notion ! hereby given that tho followlng-
nr;iuui well notice OI Ills llllen
lion to mime ti mil proof in support of hin
ciium, anci mat, said proof will be made before
Register and Receiver V. K Land Oilleent
v ancouver wasn. on January 21, 1893, viz:
William Dritno.
Application 'o purchase. No. lifi under sec 3
roc tenure act sept,., si isikj lor t.lio lots 2, 3. 1
aiiu o section ,j i p,i n r u e w m.
Ho niimes tiie following witnesses ( prove
ills continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Amos I'nderwood
lriiiMiffl IT wl..i.t.....l It.. .... i i- . i T.
........... t, , juti, j.iviu jv. uriiway, oi
Hood River, Or:, John Purser, of Chenowilh
dciO-Janl4 John D. OKoaiiKOAK. . Register
Wall Paper, Paints, Gi
A l.itvo s-.upjily of, timl .'.i.7tiifr .'A
V fot.oll
-. mjm w . ft ,.4t... i t'-ft.,lr'9'J('m4
CO. i i .
ml ! ulcil li'.ui
-Tf SI
Pii'imri'il In I'tit ulsli
lit IMI.'l'i II llllc
I'll! Ili'ill ,'ilhl
111 1 Ol -.l ll
! ,! . 1 1 -. t !
II i'lllll! pl'tull)
i nil . i
AND l'.IM'All
Cornoi of. r.o'viml .ami iV, 'il !'tnu
l 1T1
j -i
Acorn and Charter Oak
StovoH anil n.uitui.
('mis Ainmiinlllim hihI S-tori Imr (iootls,
Iron, Ciml,
Blacksmith Huppllos,
Wagonmakpr'8 MatorUl,
Powr Plpo,
PtiitiiH nml Pplpo,
Pliinil.iiH: i-'ttpplii i.
? fv
li ll I I '.ll i ll K "rt
Hid Si.
1 I 1
.i ;i,M 4 I'oi:
Company'.! At,'i Irtiltarnl IuinKuiut
nnl tTnrMn(T)r.
BAi .joEJ) WIRE.
Tli:tt I hil ly il;iyM is us I
1'i'ipii't uitr
mi' :is we
ll.'tl I'llll'l to
( '! 1 1 1
II ..
II 111, II
uuiliil le
Imi.-I v.
Hood JK-Trox -'jo.c
s mmfm '
... W
Pros or::.
.... .: I '! II
ii li U
t-? D n t n i it n
Youns ron hood mv.:
hood EiYER liFA&re mm.
(i u ti
T h r n i b a s.
aster anil J,-t!x C-i?.
i'k V- iW u..-rit.w
1. K TH A N A 1 1 A N",
1 ri
ON hloI!''t'.ST NoTICi:
1 v:;,.
r 1 1 ;1
' ctelary.
r lyr:" m4Stk
r ! :r : ? iH
1 li
i.4 i
F-'fl! '. ; '"i
IU:- i, J i i .l
-un taw biu. mSu, mJ Ly KaJ
Pf8Sf MM.
i 3 ? 'CI n W (i 5sc r p r; n
Ifaveon liainl a lull ntipply of J-'ruii., t-'!i;w'(
vines, mnuill IVuits, JIokch mid olmililirry.
Jit- Htiri' (o eet, imr pficcs licfur', pur,
Ilciiiidiilicr our trfes tire grown slricll
W. A. Hlinokhland, Ioctl Afiont,
Oniunii'iilnl Iivch:
'tit irri;:nl ion.
Beatty's Pianos
where, r or" catalogue address
Ueatty, Washington, New rsey.
In use
Practices in all the courts of Oregon and
Washington. .Special attention given to con
veyancing. GLACIER OFFICE,
iftVi fl if IP!
iiii yyf ii ll ML
Choicest Meats, Ham,
Poultry, Also Bcaleivj in
Coiner of Oak and Fourth Sltfift.s - - .
1 1 r..V
11 in Ilivi-r. Ort'jrf.n,