The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 07, 1893, Image 1

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VOL. i.
NO. 32.
3ood Ivjvcr (Slacier.
ruui.iumi ivrur aatihimt muhninii nr
The Glacier Publishing Company.
On. v.r ... , ,
Mil inmilh. . ,
1 1n mmillil.
Bugle i-ojiy
H Ml
1 Of
Grant Evans, Pi opr.
(UciiihI Si., mm U.ili. . . II,,,,,! Kivrr, Or.
Shaving and Hail ' rutting linitly itiiuo.
SullHflll tlllll tillUlttlltllKll,
Catholic 1'ik'st Overpnveml ami
Knblnl by a Mexican.
The Strait ol Fm.i K put u l iu hi; Storked
With D ili .iks An Fdi'.or
Aiiulttctl of l.lliH.
I'liii-nix, A. T., 1 1 mi a (ton delivery
pOSUl system.
Thi National Bank of Pocatcllo, Idaho,
llll U'Oll Nlltliorir.l'll t) tic) bllsillCHS.
Iih A tmlH" Council has vulc I toper
mil the building of a smelter inside thr
city limit.
Tim iliainotiil fields In Idaho are creat
ing intense excitement at Nampa atlil
lieighbol hi od.
The four-mast cl harkentine Jane I,
Stanford, tlu largest wooden nailing vn
el ever Imiit in California, was Micccrs
fully launched ill lluinlioldt Bav recent-
Turnkey French wni attacked in tln
MhIio enitentiury at Boise ly Sammd
Hatton, a desperate convict, anil in self
defense French stablied and killed Hat
ton. The Chamber of Commerce at Los An
geles hy a resolution had rcqucsed the
Governor to recommend that a brunch
of the State Treasury he established in
that city.
CiticiiH of Florence, Or., desire that
that town shall he incorporate!, ami a
charter In now being prepared for ttu'
mission to the people Is-fore the l.egifl
lutnre ineetH.
The Wo! colt reports that in the recol
lection of aea-fsring men on tiie Coast
there has never been ho many drift logs
In the Strait of Fnca an at the present
tinii). Tke high freshets have swept
dow n the (alien logs of ages and sent
them adrift to the sea. lgs tliat have
been burieit in the Hand for years aloiiK
the beach ImiIow I'urt Crescent have been
washed up, and in some placeB great d.ims
of logs are formed, rendering it danger
ous for navigation.
The mounter whale that came ashore
at Elk Creek ah ut a tnon h ri 1m rap
idly melting nwny over hot fires nt Mr.
lean's ranch. A large force of men
are rendering the blubber, which is in
an excellent state of preservation, and
the result will lie nearly Hit) tmrielnof ex
cellent unrefined oil. The whalebone,
which averaged three feet in length, was
taken out Koine time ago, and foots up n
total weight of aliout 30d pounds. The
skeleton, as soon as denned, will b set
up in front of the Logan bonne at F.Ik
Articles of incorporation of the North
ern American Navigation Company were
filed the other day at San Francisco by
a number of tins prominent residents of
that city. The corporation is formed
with a capital stock of $3,000 OOi) and
for the purpose of purchasing or build
ing vessels to carry on business as com
mon carriers between San Francitcoand
Panama, and then to make connection
witii the Panama Railroad Coin puny 'u
lines or other agencies that alloid com
munication with New York and another
Atiantic ports. The term of the corpo
ration is given as live years.
On a charge of criminal libel at Port
land George H. Moffett, editor of the
Telegram, has been acquitted. The al
leged libel consisted in an article pub
lished prior to the city election last June,
charging a numb r of persons with levy
ing assessments on gambling homes and
the inmates of the houses of ill repute
to be used in carrying the election lor
the Republican ticket. Judge Shatturk
instructed the jury that the levying of
of assessments to be used in a political
campaign was not a crime, and that,
therefore, no libel had been committed.
The other night an individual called
at the residence of F'ather O'Rielly, a
Catholic priest of Ojlton, San Bernar
dino county, Cal., and asked him to
hurry with him to tho bedside of a dy
'.ng man beyond Colton. The priest hur
riedly made arrangements, and got into
the buggy of the stranger. After they
had passed Colton the stranger, who was
a Mexican, overpowered the pMeet.
robbed him of his watch and money and
then put him out in the middle of the
road, leaving him to find hie way back
to Colton. The robber was afterward
Barber Shoo
The A I'lil Region nl the Jnip,l State-v
;iiupM nil I. amp RiiulniiNly
Cheap In Sweden.
St. Louis leads In hhoe distribution.
Oysters cost ID cents a iiart In Dm
I here are over 7,000 saloons In Chi
Apiculture employs 3,000,000 Italian
F.lcctricity Is applied t ) the blacking
Paper siicki are mode and worn In
iio many,
linden has a L'.OOO-horse-power electric
siuno limn ot approved stvle cos
as high in $J 10.
A n enormous rice cron has Inst Is-en
harvested in ImiImIriih.
About 10,'KH) gross of ii'mis are pro
duced from a ton of steel.
Fifty thoutaiiil Missouri mules are
itold in St. Louis every year.
Minneapolis Is imiking .'i.H.OOO barrels
of flour on an average a day.
Great Prltaln bat eno'iich coal stored
in hi r mini's to hint her 1)00 years.
Sixteen women are employed as ticket
ageutnoii the lirooklyn elevated road.
According to statistics 11 ():!, (KM) balm
of cotton were used by the world hiHt
Skates which sold for d and a few
years ago i n now be bought for from U
Bicyelcs are used by some of the Chi
cago policemen in the discharge of olll
cial duty.
More than 1,IH!0,(XK) Canadians have
migrated to the Tinted States since the
year lHiiO.
The iirxluct of American distilleries
of all kinds hut year amounted to 117,-
I ho, n i gallons.
The old-time quill pen Is still used in
the British patent olliee, where the steel
pen is unknown.
It is estimated that alxmt loO.ODO in-
candescent lamps are burned in New
Yoi k every night.
The linen manufactured yearly in
Kngland couul Ihj wraiiiied around the
earth seven times.
A sinule fow of pearls as larno as peas
and perfectly round wero sold recently
in Paris for f l'.'i).(KK).
An apparatus that economically de
livers grunts of corn to Hultry oiily as
fast as uhihI is a late invention.
Furope consumes upward of ILM.O.K).-
0M) worth of gold ami silver annually
ior piate, jewelry ami ornaments.
The arid region of the United States
comprises 1, .100,0 Hi mjuare miles, or
uearly one-third of the entire country.
Incandescent lamps are ridiculously
cheap in Sweden, the price of those
with all voltages up to 125 being about
20 cents.
Ten thousand iiounils worth of pearls
were in three years' time during the last
century taken from mussels in the Tay
near I'ertti.
A single mahogany tree in Honduras
w as recently cut into boards, which w hen
sold in the F.uropean markets realized
nearly f I I.OtHi.
During the last six years l.tiOO novels
have been published which have suc
ceeded so far that they were asked tor
at the libraries.
The historical egg which Columbus
made stand on its little eud has been
made the model of a pipe which has just
lieen put on the market.
The platinum beds of the Ural Mount
ains are the only ones in the world in
which this metal is found in (.trains.
Platinum is found in Brazil and in the
Cordilleras in the hard seipentine rock,
but never in the form of grains.
New York is the richest municipal
government with one exception in the
world. Paris alone surpasses it in the
amount of its revenues and in their pur
chasing power. London has a divided
authority and a double system of gov
Value of the Signature of Three Great
American Generals in the Auto
graph Market EJison.
Oliver Wendell Holmes will be in
vited to write the ode for the opening of
the World's Fair.
General R. E. Leo's signature is wrth
$10 in the autograph market, Generai
McClellan's $3 and General Sherman's
MrB. Emmons Blaine has recently
g ven to the' city of Augusta, Me., $10,
C0 to found a library in honor of her
husband's memory.
A costly pipe is that which the Shah
of Persia smokes on state occasions. It
is stated to he worth $320,000, and is set
with rubies, diamonds and emeralds.
Mrs. Sarah Kiple of Scranton, Pa., is
00 years old, and has smoked since Bhe
was 20. She has spent a thousand times
as much in tobacco as jn doctors' bills.
M. Legonva, the oldest member of the
French Academy, is 85 years old. Pierre
Loti. the youngest, is 43. With the ex
ception of ten all the academicians are
GO or over.
Edison, the electrician, is satisfied
with cracked wheat and cream for lunch,
and dines as plainly as if he was still a
poor operator who had to count every
quarter he expended.
Miss Celeste Staufler, to whom Samuel
J. Tilden was onee engaged, anil to whom
he left 400.0J0, is a resident of Chicago.
She is still beautiful and is reported to
have refused many offers.
t .......
I An Advanrc in Stocks Increases the
Value of Gould Property.
Ajijillcatlon l ir an Injunction Restraining
the Commisslcmers From Closing
the Fair on Sundays.
The tobacco trust has cptured the
The Supreme Court of Mississippi ban
decided that alcohol is not a beverage.
New York health ollicers are preparing
U receive the cholera again next sum
mer, Aliout 4,00!) men are without employ
ment and on the verge ol starvation in
Secretary Foster estimates a deficiency
of $.r0,0M) in the quarantine estimates
for lMUJ-J.
Justices of the United States Supreme
Court bar cigarette-smoking from their
The Iowa corn cron is reported to lie
far short of the usual average, caused by
the wet weather.
The City Council of Dubuque, la., has
lecided to buy the plant of the Dubuuue
Water Company.
General Bovnton asks the House Ap
propria! ions Committee lor f ltiO.COO for
the Chickamauga National Park work.
For the fun of chasing Gar.a, the Mex
ican lionler Imii'lit, the United States
government has thus far paid $200,000.
A New York syndicate is trying to buy
for $7,0iK),(M!0 all the rolling-mill and
heat ftirnarcB in and about Youngetown,
The Hulson river is to Us dreiUad to
a uniform depth of twelve fort from
Troy southward at an estimated expense
of $2,tiO0,O0;).
The recent advance in stocks hai made
tttV Gould protK'rty worth aliout $15,
(XH) (XM) more than it was on the day of
Gould's death.
The packing in Chicago cince the
opening of the winter season is tj.'!2,lKW
hogs, or 50 per cent, less than the eanie
time last year.
Among the Missouri exhibits at Chi
cago w ill he twenty-four varieties of to
bacco from the experimental furm of the
State University.
Another appropriation for the govern
ment exhibit at the World's Fair of
$.0i,()iH) is akedv making the entire ap
propriation $l,(X.i0,0ik).
A supposed ghost at Flatbush Hos
pital, New York, turned out to lie a live
man who had been hustled off to the
morgue as dead, but returned.
Tiiere is trouble with the Welsh tin
workers at Flwood, Ind. They relue to-
permit the company to operate patent
machines with unskilled labor.
Boomers are already assembling on
the southern Iwrder of Kansas in antici
pation of the opening to settlement of
0 (HM.OOO .icres of land in Cherokee Strip.
Telephones have been introduced at
the government rille ranges at Foit Sher
idan, III., as a means of communication
between the tiring pointp ami the targets
Elmer Perrin of Long Branc h, N. J.,
is reported to have vomited eight green
peppers, each an inch asd a half long,
that had grown from seed in his stom
ach. J. F. lAe, the American astronomer,
who has been studying at Berlin for four
years with Prof. Foret-ter, has been ap
pointed to the chair of astronomy at the
Chicago University.
Premier Gladstone will be invited by
the World's Fair authorities, they say,
to cross the ocean in order that he may
deliver the address at the formal open
ing of the exposition on May 1.
The Eastern railroads are getting
ready for the Chicago Fair. Car builders
are overrun with orders. One Eastern
firm is turning out seventy-five cars per
day, and has orders ahead for 5,000 cars.
Boston is to get gas for cooking, heat
ing and power purposes for $1 per 1,000
feet, while that for illuminating pur
poses is to have a candle power of at
least twenty-five, instead of sixteen as
Zinc miners at Webb City, Wis., have
noticed lately that a shaft they were dig
ging has been growing hotter. At a
depth of 1(13 feet the other day they had
to stop work, as names burst through into
tho shaft.
A new serpent mound, the largest now
known, has been discovered by Prof.
Putnam near Fort Ancient, O. It is 1,000
feet long and about ten thick, and is con
sidered one of the most remarkable of
prehistoric works.
An application for an injunction to re
strain the World's Fair Commissioners
from closing the fair on Sundays is to be
made before the courts at Chicago. The
application is based on the assumption
that the.Tackson Park is public property
halil llV Ilia Pa.lf Pjmmiaa!nna.a I.
Li J . .rj vuv i ui . uuuiUllDDluilOia 1U U UOL
for the people, and that they have no
authority to debar the public from en
trance to it any day in the year.
For some time John Voorhis has been
a teacher in the primary department of
the public school at Williamsburg, Col.
He was also an amateur dentist. When
children were unruly he extracted their
teeth as a punishment, threatening them
with greater punishment if they should
tell their parents. He extracted ten
teeth from one Italian boy, who told his
parents. This was the direct cause of
the mob organizing to lynch the man.
Voorhis got wind of their coming, and
made his escape on horseback.
The New Nicaragua Canal Bill lin.rcases
the Obligations of the Canal
Company lite.
There is to m an organized eflort In
tho HoiiMi alter the h'didayi to bring
about some IIiihucuI legislation, prot
ably taking the rhape of an nt. empt to
repeal the Sherman law. The expo
nents of free coinage believe this daily
menacing of the fecurities o! the gov
ernment is inevitably leading to gigan
tic! losic'Hs On the o her hand, the
friends of silver are not lesi active, and
expect to see a free-coinage bill forging
to tint front before niiiny daysof the new
year have passed. Stewart'b amen Irnent
to the bill of Hill provid -s lor a r"p al
of the Sherman a t, and makes that
measure practically a free coinage bill.
Stewart thinks that wh';n it comes to a
vote it will pas.
Representatives Hermann of Oregon
and Wilson of Washington wero greatly
disappointed at the failure of the bill in
Congress lor the increase of trie l;gh
home service in the United States, in
which l!h Washington and Oregon were
largely inten-McI. In the bill was
prov sion lor twenty-five beacon lights
and buoys on the Willamette river bs
tween Portland and Salem ; also lor a
light and fog signal at the, mouth of the
V illamette, as weil as lights for othr
places on the Oregon and Washington
coasts. There were other bills reported
irom wie same committee which were
sidetracked by the failure of this bill
among them being a bill allowing the
Great Northern Railway Company to
build a bridge acrons the Columbia river,
Mr.Fo-ter said rec ently that he thought
it a grave mistake to asu:ne that the
Monetary Conference will prove to be I
failure. The taking of a recess was ex
peeled by the administration w hen the
American delegates left Washington
Oily. Rothchild's proposition and his
declaration that unless Homc-t'iing is done
to insure the better ne of silver among
the nations serious consequences would
follow is in itself a hopeiul indication
that the prominent bankers of the world
feel the necessity of reaching an agree
ment of mich a nature as will secure ap
proximate nniiormity the world over m
dealing with the question. The Secre
tary paid that so far as be was personally
concerned all he expected of the preliminary-conference
had been accomplished.
The general feeling of the conference
whs even more favorable than he antic
ipated. One of thoe peculiar biils whio'a oc
casionally finds its way into Congress
was introduced the other day by Sen
tor Mitchell in the Senate, he elaborate
title provides for the prohibition of electro-magnetism,
mesmerism and hypno
tizing of human lieings, etc . an i pre
scribing a punishment. Nainerous pe
titions and documents accompanying the
Dill anil others equally voluminous are
referred to. The bill in brief provides
that any person who anyweere within
the jurisdiction of the United States
3hall apply a current of electricity upon
a person lor the purpose of affecting an
other, or which does so affect, bIihII be
guilty of a crime punishable by death,
and that any person having the' knowl
edge of such current having been applied
wno mils to noiny the proper authorities
shall he deemed an accessory and pun
ished by a fine of not less than $o,00J
nor more than f zu.uot), or bv punishment
ranging from two years to the period of
one a natural me.
Senator Sherman has introduced
bill, which was referred to the Foreign
Relations Commit'ee, providing that
whenever the government of the United
States shall conclude effective interna
tional arrangements lor the protection
of fur seals in the North aeitic Ocean
by agreement with anv power, or as a
result of the convention concluded last
tebruary between the United States and
Great Britain (the Behring Sea Conven
tion), and as long as such arrangements
Bhall continue, the provisions of the
laws, so far as they bIhII be applicable.
relative to the protection of lur seals
within the limits of Alaska or its waters
shall tie extended to and over that, por
tion of tho ocean included in such agree
ment. The bill further provides that
whenever an effective arrangement is
concluded the President shall declare
the fact by proclamation and designate
the portion oi tne facine Ocean to which
it is to be applicable. During the exist
ence of the laws all violations of them
in the designated portions of the Pacific
are to be held to be the same as if com
mitted within Alaska limits, and they
may be prosecuted either in Alaska or
in the courts of Oregon, California or
The new Nicaragua canal bill reported
by Sonator Sherman is drawn on sub
stantially the same lines as the bill re
ported from the committee to the last
Congress, including as it doe9 the prop
osition to guarantee the bonds of the
company to the extent of $100,000,000 to
aid in the construction of the canal.
The new bill, however, contains some
additions, which increase the obligations
of the company as well as the security
of the government. For instance, the
real and personal propeity and the fran
chises of the company are included in
the liabilities. It is provided that all
stock heretofore eub?cribed for or issued
shall be called in and canceled ; all bonds
issued redeemed and canceled, and all
outstanding obligations satisfied before
the art takes effect. The date is changed
to make the bonds issue in January, 1893,
and mature in liiu3; but they are aiso
made redeemal 1 at the pleasure of the
United States after 1913. The section
requiring the company to execute a mort
gage to the United States as security for
the guarantee is amended by the addi
tion of a clause requiring the mortgage
to contain a provision for a sinking fund
for the payment of the bonds at matu
rity. If the company defaults in the
pavnient of interest or other respects
before the canal is put in operation, the
right of foreclosure shall at once attach
! f t il. T T : A . Cl. . '
ill lavur oi urn uuiuu Diaieu.
Member of Parliament Unseated
on a Charge of loiikry.
The Free Iibor Association of England
Issues an Address on "Tyranny
of 0 gmlzcd Labor."
The Sultan of Turkey has just issued
a revised edition of the Koran, adapted
to his own views.
Among the coachmen of Berlin are
seven retired army officers, three ex
pastors and sixteen nobles.
Reports from South Africa show a re
markable development of auriferous re
sources in the past few months.
A firm of machinists in Scandinavia
employs a y -ong woman Agent whose
territory ceners the whole of Europe.
A member of the British Parliament
has been unseated on the charge of brib
ery, which consisted in treating electore.
A large bo!y of musicians in Vienna
have entered a public protest against the
playing of military binda in public
TheSpsakerof the House of Commons
has a salary of $25,000. When he retires
it ia to a peerage and a pension of $20,
(XX) a year.
The third son of the President of
France is a private in the French army,
waiting for his admission to the Ecole
The hordes of idle men in the cities
of England and Germany are greater
than the combined standing armies of
both countries.
The Czar's personal expenses are $9,
000,000 a yeir, which is 02' 0.0 H) more
than Russia's annual appropriation for
common schools.
The demand for the late Lord Tenny
son's poems has been bo great in Eng
land of late that the printers at one time
had twenty-six presses working on them.
The Lord Mayor of London's badge of
office contains diamonds to the value oi
120,000, and the temporary owner has
to give a bond for it before lie is sworn
The medical officer of health of the
city of London has resolved to compel
evety church to remove the dead lying
beneath its Boors and reburv them at II-
A Railway Passengers' Protective As
sociation, with an Earl at its head, has
recently been formed in England to look
after I he protection of thoee who traffel
by rail.
M. Brisson, who was recently invited
to form a Cabinet for President Carnot
and is Chairman of the committee in
vestigating the Panama canal scandal, is
The latest political alliance in Ger
many is composed of Conservatives.
Anarchists and anti-Semites. In Fiance
there are evidences of a coalition of like
hostile elements.
The .'i-clesiastical authorities in Encr
land :;e now beginning to inquire what
part the church can play in eoiving the
pro'.lem of providing pensions for the
aged ana worthy poor.
His Holiness the Pope declares that
the late tfardinsl Lavigerie was one of
the most valuable members of the Sa
cred College. He intimates that it will
be difficult to nil his place.
Archbishop Walsh savs the Question
under deliberation bv the Monetary Con
ference at Brussels is at the very root of
j:rt:....ii.: i a t . , .
mio uiuic-uiuea oi me iriBn iana ques
tion. He advocates bimetallism.
The rivers of Russia grow shallower
year alter year, and the V orskia. once
an abundant tributary to Dnieper and as
wide as the Hudson or Delaware, 50
miles in length, has completely and per
manently dried up.
The good people of Luxembourg are
greariy exerci ed over the possibility of
the establishment of a second "Monte
Carlo" at Mondorf, a eummer and win
ter resort in the little Grand Duchv.
Dr. Alexander Werkele, the new Min
ister President of Hungary, is a perfect
giant m breadth and stature. He ia
more than a head taller than the aver
age man, and is as erect as an Indian.
Ihe ollicers of the German armv are
to have anewckoak.thenoveityof which
lies in the fact that by an ingenious de
vice the cloak may be made thick or
thin. It is adapted for winter or sum
mer use.
It is reported in the Journal du Jardm
d'AccUmalalhn that eight or ten days
v - i' , , ... ..... .. vj . .iiuicia in
Hamburg last summer all the sparrows
and other birds left the town and sub
nrbs and did not return until the plague
nau completely uisappearea.
The Turkrsh Sultan has granted con
cessions for the construction of long rail
ways, wnicn win open up his territory
to the eaet, th$ north and the south, ail
having their terminal at Constantinople
One road is to run to Damascus and an
other, the Tigris and Euphrates railway,
to the Persian Gulf. The concessions
have been granted to German and Bel
gian firms, English firms being entirely
lew out. '
The Free Labor Association of Entrls-nd
has issued an address on the " Tyranny
of Organized Labor." The condition of
the people, owing to strikes, ia the sub
ject of the manifesto, which goes on to
eay that " unions which impose restric
tions upon trade without b. ing able to
prove that the area of employment is
thereby increased are a curse to
country and an eneinv to all claeses.and
buouiu not, ue roterateo. py womngmen,"
A .Mammoth Trra from California to B
California is to be honored by having a
lection ot one) of her famous big trees uiada
a prominent feature In the Government
building at the Columbian exhibition at
Chicago. The project, the accomplishment
lit which Is fully assured, is a unique one.
Tin: section of the tree will be twenty-three
feet in diameter and thirty feet long. This
will be divided into three parts, and these
will be placed in their natural position,
Hie above the other, and so arranged as to
form something like a two story honse.
The criiitruet for the tree was made by H.
A. Taylor, of the department of the in
terior, with the King's River Lumber com
pany in the sprint of this year, and the
company j now ltJ worf getting it out in
their forest of sequoia KHjantea in the
Converse basin on King's river in Fresno
The contract called for a tree 20 feet fl
Inches in diameter, but the tree actually
found will be three feet greater in diameter.
There are of course larger trees in th
forest, but the requirement was that this
fcection should be perfect in all respects,
cylindrical, straiht and without a burn
in the bark, and this was the largest found
to fill alt these conditions. The tree select
ed, says the San Francisco Chronicle, ia
one known as the "General Noble." It
measures thirty-eight feet in diameter near
the ground, but as the object was to have
the section of the same diameter at both
ends, as nearly as possible, a piece is being
taken out of the tree at some distance from
the ground. To do this and to preserve
the section from harm by falling, as well
as to meet other requirements, has proved
to be a work of considerable magnitude;.
The idcta is not to send a solid section, bnt.
rather, the rim of the tree hollowed out
and cut into segments of suitable size, and
all to be numbered so that they can be
erected at Chicago so as to look from the
exterior like the solid section of a sequoia
thirty feet in height. The three parts into
which the section is being cut consist of
two parts of fourteen feet each, to be hol
lowed out, and one two feet thick, which
will serve as a floor between the two stories,
as it were.
The work of cutting, lowering and box
ing the segments is Wing pushed forward
as rapidly as possible, and it is expected
that the tree will all be shipped by the end
of October. To get the tree to a point
where wagons can reach it required the
building of a road two miles long. The en
tire exhibit, including the work, will cost
the government several thousand dollars.
The tree when erected at Chicago will stand
directly under the izreat dome of the Gov
ernment building.
Religious Differences.
In the greater concerns of life there
are wonderful illustrations of the con
flicts of opinions. There are something
over 1,200,000,000 of human beings in
the world. Among these are six va
rieties of religious belief; three of these
are said by one class td be false, and by
others three are said to he the true re
ligion. And yet every religionist, every
sectarian claims that he and she alone
are right. What our Chinese neighbors
say is "true" we say is "false." We call
them "heathens" they class us as "out
side barbarians."
What we English; speaking people
think is the right and the true religion
is in a startling minority in human be
lief or religious creed for there are
only some 330,000,000 Christians in all
the world. There are some 6.003,000
Jews, and they have clung with singular
persistency in all ages to their religious
belief; it is seldom a Jew renounces his
faith; it is more seldom that a Chris
tian embraces Judaism. There are
more than 400,000,000 people who are
pagans and Mohammedans. Detroit
Free Press.
Scarfs That Demand a Pin.
The scarf pin should always he worn
with the flat, madeups scarf. There is
a place for its insertion, and by seeming
to hold it toge'ther it attains a utilita
rian phase, in that it is an aid in gloss
ing over the percentage of inadeup sug
gestiveness that is always more or less
associated with the imitative article.
The niadeup fiat or puff scarf, if worn
without a scarfpin, discloses its arti
ficiality in all the baldness of its me
chanical inferiority. It .j is 'a curious
paradox in the fashions, therefore, that
the scarfing that does not actually need
the scarfpin in reality requires it most
of all.
In the self tied De Joinville, or its
madeup reproduction, the scarfpin must
pierce the cross folds at th& intersec
tion. Clothier and Furnisherj
A Clever Woman.
A lady of fine artistic taste has dis
covered that at church parade her
prayer book, by its incongruous, color.
entirely ruined the effect of a carefully
conceived costume. It struck afdiscord
in an otherwise perfectly harmonious
dress. This has heen remedied by hav
ing a cover to her prayer hook which
shall be perfectly in accord with the,
leading tone of her garments The
prayer book cover will henceforth re
ceive as attentive consideration as thai
bonnet, the gloves and the sunshade.!
and no jarring note of color will be in-:
troduced by means of a volume bound
in blue velvet or in scarlet morocco.
London Graphic.
His Best.
Little boy, you can cipher
iwaarkably well.
Little Boy Humph you oughter see m
lat Fargo Argus.
Baby Anso'i Favorite Aatbor.
"Mr. Anson, who is your favorite authorP
sked a baseballist of the Chicago captain.
"Fielding," was the prompt reply. Now
York Sun. 1