The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 31, 1892, Image 4

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All other baking powders leave traces of alkali
or acid in the food. Royal is indispensable
where finest, most wholesome food is required.
Senor Sai?aU has formed a new Span
ish Cabinet. th personnel of which ia
m follow : Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Mirquisde Armitfo; Minirerof FiDanre,
Penor Montero Rios ; Minister of Public
Works. Snor Moret; Minister of War,
Senor Potninqnei ; Minister of I he In
terior, Senor Uonaalea ; Minister of the
Colonies, 8nor Maura, The V nistry
of Marine has not yet been fillei.
Cm Knamellue Store Polish: no dust, no small.
Tit Gum a, for breakfast.
X, Albany St.,
Ithaca, N. Y.,
Pec. 19, 1SS1.
For over 40 years
I have been a
victim of rheu
matism. I was
persuaded to try St. Jacobs Oil. I
have used two bottles, and a man
more free from rheumatism never
walked our streets. My limbs that
were once stitTand lame are now as
light and limber as in my youth..
Ithaca, N Y., July 5, 1SS7.
Suffered many years injury to
hip resulting in rheumatism, muscu
lar weakness and contracted cords.
Two bottles of St. Jacobs Oil re
lieved me so that I now walk abou'
r.nd attend to daily duties at 62.
i heartily endorse it.
103. EDSELL.
My acquaintance with Boschee's
German Syrup was made about four
teen years ago. I contracted a cold
which resulted in a hoarseness and
cough which disabled me from fill
ing my pulpit for a number of Sab
baths. After trying a physician,
without obtaining relief I saw the
advertisement of your remedy and
obtained a bottle. I received quick
and permanent help. I never hesi
tate to tell my experience. Rev. W.
H. Haggerty, Martinsville, N.J. D
Health has its weight. We
cannot go far above or below
cur healthy weight without
disturbing health. We can
xs not keep health and lose our
lSi weight.
It is fat that comes and
goes. Too much is burden
some ; too little is dangerous.
Health requires enough
fat for daily use and a little
more for reserve and com
fort. That keeps us plump.
The result is beauty the
beauty of health.
A little book on careful
living shows the importance
of , keeping your healthy
weight. We send it free.
Scrrr ft Bownk, Chemists, 1 3 South 5th A venue,
New Yorlc .
sddress, we will mail trill V U II L II BOTTLS L'DBi?
TUB Best
in the
The FISH IiKAXD SLICKER Is warranted water
proof, and will keep you dry la tlio hardest storm. Thcj
new I'UMMtL h.tit is a pertet riding coat, ana
cavern iheeiitire saddle. Bewnreuf imitations. Don't
Hxiy a coat 11 Inu "tun Brand" Is not on It. lllnrtra-
tea 1 araiorne in. A. i'jvyr.1., uoaion, jwaas.
r piso's Remedy tor Catarrh Is the fl
I 1 Beat, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest I 1
I Sold by druggists or sent by mail. I
yfCA n o
X ) f 1 vf I A
LI y
he Took Off Hr Boot In the Car.
A woman, iu a Sixth avenue eleratstl
preached an awful w itming to other women
hot to wear Unlit shoe out in the coUl
World; or, it they do, not to seek to
their Buffering by taking their boots off
Slyly in a public pl!we. This woman waa
In several agonies all at once, ami wheu
nobody was looking she had slyly unbut
toned her boot and atlpjied it olT. Nobody
was the wiser for that, and the woman km
much more comfortable; but by and by a
blundering man came alontf and kicked
the boot out froru under the folds of her
kkiru clear into the ceuter uf the aisle,
t here it lay, a dear little innocent looking
thing; but it hurt the owuer much worse
when it lay in the aisle that it did when it
Has on her foot. All the women, and
there were a great mauy of them, tittered,
and no one of them looked as sympathetic
as her understanding of the emergency
should have made her.
The men looked pleased but grave. The
question in the mind of everybody was.
To whom did that boot belong? There
was nothing in the expression of any wom
an's face to indicate the owuership of the
article, but heaven only knows what waa
going on iu the owner's mind. And how
do you think the rest of the sist' -'lood
showed their Christian churity to t. . un
fortunate member of the sex? Kvery
blessed woman on both sides of the aisle
reached both toes properly booted out
from under her skirts. And the one wom
an who sat with her feet hidden, seeing
that she was discovered, finally hobbled
op on one foot, and with one swoop capt
ured the boot and put it where it prop
erly belonged. Thut woman will never
take off her boot iu public again, if her
foot has to be amputated as a consequence.
New York Evening Sun.
The rnibretla Is Very Valuable.
"An umbrella is one of the most useful
articles that a man can carry with him."
said Lamar J. Saunders, from Jackson,
Miss. "One can be used in a dozen differ
ent ways. When the sun is shining hot,
or when it is raining, a man without an
umbrella must either remain indoors or
suffer. As a weapon of defense there is
nothing better. You can keep a man at
his distance with one better than you
could with a stick. Next to a shotgun or
a pistol, there is no more dangerous
"I remember one time I was in a hotel that
caught afire, early in the morning. The
guests were awakened by the stifling smoke
and noise. My room was on the second floor,
and by the time I bad slipped on my punts
the lire had gained such headway that all
avenues of escape were closed. But there
was my umbrella and a window, and the
rest was easy.
"Another time I was walking through a
pasture when a bull, with his eyes ablaze
with fire, made for me. I kept my senses,
and when he got within about fifty yards
of me 1 ran toward him, opening and clos
ing the umbrella as fast as I could. The
bull wheeled around and ran from me
faster than he ever ran before in his life.
"And for frightening dogs, I had rather
have an umbrella than an arsenal." St.
Louis Republic,
The Why of It.
The Hindoo fatalist extends to the in
tellectual side of life. In grammar with
them, as in destiny, a thing is so because
it is so; fatalism kills out reason as it kills
out spiritual effort and aspiration. I shall
never forget trying to get an explanation
from a Hindoo teacher of finding, in some
of their writings, a plural substantive
mated to a singular verb.
"Why does not this plural noun take
a plural verb?"
"Because it takes a singular verb."
"Because it is right that it should do
"Why wouldn't it be right that it should
take a plural verb?"
"Because it would be wrong."
"But I thought plural substantives al
ways took plural verbs?"
"They do."
"Yet this one does not?"
"No; this one does not."
"What rule governs it then?"
"There is no rule. It does so because 't
is right that it should do so. Boston
Weak Eyes from Keys.
According to Dr. L. Webster Fox, a new
cause of eye trouble has been found in
typewriting machines. A patient called
upon him who complained of sore eyes and
a sensation as of sand under the eyelids.
He examined the eyes carefully and found
no organic weakness, and on questioning
the patient further found that he had
been using a typewriter with round keys,
and that the most trouble was experienced
while at work. He advised the use of a
machine with a black keyboard and rec
tangular keys, and after a few months'
trial of such a machine the pat'.ent had no
more trouble. Analyst.
Self Defense,
you a book called
Poems?' "
"Yes, sir."
"Gimme all you b tve."
"Certainly, sir. 1 'ou must have a great
admiration for the I 00k."
"No, I haven't, t was written by my
son, and I'm protect ng the family name."
Harper's Bazar.
In the human bl Jbd there is an aver-
aye of 300 red celbto every white one
Tha red cells havenn average diameter
of 1-3,200 of an finch, the white one
Fir Kngluea That Ara of Vary Llttla
Service Iu lighting I lames I'lueWy
Hook and Ladder Men Who Show No
Judgment In Their Work.
Suddenly our practiced ear caught the
distant Kami of the lire Ih'11. Kvorybody
t le heard it ami the effect was electrical.
While one of the men ran up the ladder
and hcgHii to hammer away at our station
bell, the officers hurried on their uniforms
and sprang on to their horses, kept ready
caparisoned, the captain arming himself
with a huge wisp of horsehair, the lieu
tenant seining his staudard-a spear, from
theend of which hung a horse tail. Mean
while, with much shouting ami no doubt
bad language, the "brigade" hud harnessed
Itself to the three squirts, and the proces
sion was formed olncers leading, engines
next, hook and ladder men with us three
visitom bringing up the rear. Out we
went luto the snowlioiind si reel, up which
fierce northeaster was sweeping. All
Shinagawa seemed to have sprung into
active life during the few minutes which
had elapsed since the first notes of the tire
Men, women and children swarmed out
of every doorway, clustered about the first
floor balconies, and even crowded the roofs,
all chattering, gesticulating and tittering
exclamations of terror and wonder as they
gazed at the broad lurid glare in the sky.
Far away as they were from Hie scene of
conflagration, there was no retiring after
their first curiosity had )eeu aatislietl. A
mau iu Victoria street, Westminster, who
sees the reflection of a fire, say, in the city,
may go to ls.1l with a certain sense of se
curity, but because two or three miles
separate the Japanese spectator from the
burning houses he can tw by no means sure
that iu the course of an hour or so he may
not have to rush out of his house with as
many of his Lares ami Penates as he can
gather together.
When we reached the locality of the fire
a striking scene was presented to our eyes.
From half a dozen houses the flames were
bursting forh with almost demoniacal
uoise and fury. Half a dozen more had
already been gutted and were mere shape
less shells of smoldering timber. Hun
dreds of men and women were staggering
out of the houses in the line of tire beneath
the weight of their humble household
goods, while piles of bedding, domestic
utensils, stocks iu trade and all sorts of
lumber lay about in the snow. More than
ouce a quartet of men swiftly passed us,
bearing on their shoulders a shapeless
something wrapped in dark cloth, and we
knew that the fire hud claimed other vic
tims than mere shanties of paper and
wood. Our squirts got to work with com
mendable Biuartiiess, and, as there hap
pened to be an abundance of water, were
soon pouring their feeble dribbles on the
Thud! thttdl thud! went the squirt han
dles, but the flames seemed to roar with
laughter and dance as if in mockery of the
poor little thin streams of water whit.h
were turned 011 them, and drove the lieu
tenant from house to house with such ra
pidity that more than once it seemed as if
nothing but a miracle could save him.
Meanwhile the book ami ludder corps was
hard at work, and if we sniiled with con
tempt at the puny efforts of the "engines"
we could not withhold our hearty applause
at the indomitable pluck, the energy and
the activity of the pour little fellows who
manipulated the hooks ami ladders. Sal
' amander-like, they seemed to revel in work
I where the flames were fiercest and thedau
! ger greatest.
. But cui bono all this heroic dash and
self sacrifice unbacked by common sense?
We three representatives of the west
I watched it all with almost a feeling of
' anger that, for the sake of a little pride
1 pocketing, such a wanton destruction of
' hearths nnd homes, such a risking of valu
1 able lives should be tolerated by a people
I in so many other respects advanced think
' ers and practical reformers. One engine
1 from Watling street or a single American
I fire company could have nipped the tire in
the bud an hour la-fore, but we were in
j vited guests, and besides, being quite
, aware of the delicate grounds upon which
'the relationship leteen usai.d our Japa
j nese hosts stood, were diffident iu proffer
ing advice.
But at last we could stand it no longer,
for the fire, ably seconded in its ravages
by a brisk northeast wind, threatened to
consume the entire quarter as far as the
city boundaries. So we pushed our way
forward to where the captain was thumler-
' ing anathemas and exhortations iu a iniiii
' ner which plainly betrayed that he had
' lost self control, and with due humility
I suggested that if the hook and ladder corn-
pany was to turn its attention to a group
of yet unburned houses standing in the
direct line of the fire instead of wasting
energy worthy of a better cause upon houses
which nothing could save a gap would be
created over which the flames, furious as
tbey were, would hardly leap.
The old gentleman did not welcome our
suggestion with enthusiasm, nor did we
expect that he would. Indeed he affected
to treat it cavalierly, and under the plea
that we were standing in a dangerous posi
tion motioned us back into the crowd. But
we had the satisfaction of observing that
the extreme urgency of the situation had
prompted him to act on our advice, and we
presently saw the hook and ladder com
pany limber up and dash off at the double
toward the group of houses indicated by
ns. The inhabitants of these shanties,
squatting outside with their heaps of
goods and chattels, evidently clinging with
true Old World tenacity to the hope that
the gods or the firemen or something
would stave calamity off their homes, re
monstrated warmly when the hook and
ladder men told them they were about
to take the unheard of step of pulling
down untouched houses, but the captain
riding up soon silenced their objections In
a harangue which from its sound was evi
dently very much more forcible than ele:
gant, and the work of destruction, or rather
of salvation, commenced, and in a very
few minutes the hooks and battering poles
had made an open space which was an ef
fectual bar to the progress of the flames.
But even they seemed to be imbued with
a spirit of patriotism, for they made fierce
efforts to leap the gulf and bo nullify the
counsel of the "foreign devils."
But feebler and feebler grew their leaps,
and gradually they subsided into a grum
bling and snorting and hissing which
seemed to express almost in language
baffled rage. So at 4 o'clock in the morn
ing the great Shinasawa fire was staid,
and we returned to the fire station with
oir hosts aud their bruised and singed
subordinates. Temple Bar.
Bow Dudley Felt About It.
"Can you stand on your head?" asked a
visitor of little Dudley. "No," he replied;
, "it Is too hijiU up." Youth's Companion.
FUhlng fur Mpoiina,
The British conul in his report on tha
trude of Tripoli leinui ku that the sponge
fishery ou that coast is entirely in the
hands of O reeks, ami is carried ou by
menus of mimoroim small craft, I'lnploy
iug about 700 men among them. The
fishing takes place iu t ho summer months
only and is effected by machine lioata
rovidod with projHT diving apparatus,
or by trawlers and harpoon Inmts. The
diving machines, as Ihe divers have lime
to select and cut them, naturally secure
the best sponges, but the trawl nets and
harpoon boat, which can only fish iu
comparatively shallow waters, to a great
er or less extent damage the spotigt'H by
tearing them from the bottom.
The Is'st spougea are found to the
westward of TriKili, the quality lieeoin
Injf inferior toward the eiu. The div
ing is dangerous, owing to Ihe presence
nf sharks, and other accidents to lx met
with, such as remaining too long under
the water or diving beyond the proper
limits, which often exhausts the divers
and proves fatal to them. F.nglish
Malls III llnily !s.
Huston's liiv t newspaper, The News
Letter, contains the following" advertise,
iiieut, which is an exact copy of the origi
nal spelling, capitalization, etc.;
II) order of the l'it Muster (ii hiTiil of North
These are to k:lve Notice, Tlint 011 Monday
nliiht, the Slxili of this Instant, lci emU-r, the
Western I'ost, Kt'tKi t'ii Itoslon and New York,
msoiit at once a K01 iniu-lit I lie Three Winter
Months of llecemlier. January nnd rVlirusry,
mid logo Alleinntel) from Hoston toSuyhnsik
and Hartford to Kxrhaiiire tlip Ma)lc of let.
Irra with the New York Uyder on Saturday
Dlwlit the lllh Currant. And the second turn
He sets out at lloslon on Monday Mghl tha
Joth trruut to meet llin New York Uyder al
lUrlfurd ou Saiuiilay uik'lit Iho -.(li Currant
to KxcliHUiie Miivlen. And all persons that
send I etters from llostoti to Coniieelit-ut from
and after the l:lili Instant are llerehy Notified
to tlrst pay the I'osiratcs ou the name.
Hardly an lineorr.
A qmirtet was giving a conceit lie
fore the patients of the insane hospital
and was singing a number into a rather
mournful cadence and a suImIiusI re
frain. The audience, with the Wst of
good humor, such as invariably charac
terizes the audiences at the hospital,
heard it to the '.utt.T end. ami wheu its
last note had died away an old lady
with n virtuous and dignified air of rec
onciliation on her face (sipped suddenly
np out of the audience, and turning to
ward the stage said reverently, "O
Lord! forgive them, for they know Dot
what they do." Lewiston Journal.
An F.srtioa That Was Too Weak.
As two Portland sIU-e were taking to
the station a man who had Ueu having a
great old ccichrnl 1011 in his house, lie asked
w hy he was arrest til.
"Because you were making too much
noise," rep'ied the officer.
"1 was 01 ly talking."
"You tall. ed too loud."
"My wife has been deaf two years and I
have too."
But this did not satisfy the police, aud
the nnxioin inquirer s nt the night Iu
the station Bangor (Me.) Commercial.
Didn't Want Water.
Mamma-Wi '.t is your kitten meowiug
Little Daughter-I is try 111 to find out,
but I can't.
Mam nia- Perhaps she wants,-water.
Little Daughter No, 'lisn't water. 1
jus' held her over a tub an asked her aud
she meowed "No." Gissl News.
Wheu line's Thoughts Fly Homeward.
It is when a man i.'i-ls his bill at a sea
side hotel where he and his family are
staying, and Umlsthat lie is charged more
p-r day than he cuu earn per week, that be
begins to appreciate a longing desire to he
back in his 1 11 little dining room looking
up to that dingy old motto that says, "God
bless our home.'' Texas Sifting.
Cats Dratroy Field Mire.
Cats destroy great numbers of field
mice, though the sight of a tabby in bis
woods arouses the virtuous wrath of the
orthodox kei per quite as much as the hint
of a two legged poacher lying iu one of his
pheasant coverts . Kdinbiirgh Scotsman.
ELY'S CREAM BALM -Cleanses .
I'aaatticea, Allays rain
Ihe Mures, Krxtore Taste
(ilves Relief at once
Amtlv into th .Vrr(.-
.Vtc Unit-Kioto or by mail. ELY
a- - -U -
Coats no more than an ordinary clumay wood picket
apan in a snoir lime, ine "liartinan rnnce is
ceallnft them and I practically kvkul
Hartman Mlg. Co., Bssver Falls. Pa. T. 0. Game,
uavia m. damson, jr., rornana, ur,
Holly, Mason, Marks fc Co., Spokane Falls, Wash.
"p: .Mils
Simonds Crescent Ground Cross Cuts,
And Ail Kinds of MILL SAWS. Also Saw Repairing.
7 he Increased circulation of
x m,-w 11 isai
Leading: Features for 1693.
Ileveil Serial Stories. $4,500 Prize Stories.
Over TOO tare Paeen. - XOO Stories of Adventure.
ITearly 1,000 Illustrations. Monthly Doable Numbers.
The Best Short Stories. Charming Children's Pace.
rFree to
7 - 80
.Souvenir of the Kev Building in colon,
CU tha last thirty yar or more row thw
century, aud tti esmeutwlll U'prtsenl thvUrw
ol lh untHimided poc-alarlty ol llcwti'tler's
8tomach llllleis. Tha niaiiiiiu of tha year 1HWI
will be si glial Wed ty tha sppesrsnea l s liesli
ATinsuao tit I lis Hitters, In which tha Usi, d Ti
tration and action ot this world (anions medicine
Will he lucidly set lot h. Kver)hod should read
It. The eale Oar and aatniiioinleal calculation
to ha found III this brochnrv are always sstoii
UhhigTy socurate, anil the statistics, IIIikIih
lions, humor a il other rea , Ing mailer rich 11
Interest and lull ol limlU. Tliu Hosteller t'om
pany i t I'UMiiirg, fv, puMUh It Ihenisi Ives.
They employ 1111111 Ihan sixty hands In the me
chanical work, a ml more than eleven mouths In
the yevr ant consumed Iu its preparation It
can he obtained without cost ot all diugiTxIa
sad country dealers, slid Is primed III Kimllh,
Herman, Krell, h, Welsh, NoiMeglall, Mwedlsh,
Holland, tlohenilaii and Hpaulsli,
A l.sbor of hove. -Tha Vlear Ami were you
st the hall last night, Mrs. Ksin bolhaiiiY Mis
K. h, yes; I was shampooing right young la
dies there.
HiUNiiaicTH's 11 1.1 m purify the blood,
stimulate the liver, strengthen the kidneys,
rogulate the bowels. They were introduced
In the C ulted States In IKX, Since that
time over sixty millions of boxes of IIhin
drktii's I' have been lined.
This, together with thousands of con
vincing testimonials from all parts of Ihe
world, la positive evidence of I heir value,
IIhaniikkth's I'ii.i.h are purely vtigelahle,
absolutely harmless and sale to take at any
A Tinas laif tltMcrllied h allien as ' I Us what
don't tight over religlou."
For coughs, sore lliroa , asthma, catarrh
and other diseases of the bronchial tubes
no more useful article can he found than
".'b'OM'ri'i ifrtmoaiaf 'IVocSe "
A tlerinsntow n man advertises for
boy to cut w od.'
Wa positively can) rupture, piles ami all me
tal diseases without pain or detention (nun bush
nea, No euro, no pay. Also all JsrleuO dis
aaaea. Address lor pamphlet Prs. INirUirdeld A
Loaey, IMS Market street, Hall Franetaoo.
No mean niau sa s right to wUh he had never
hceu boru. Let other ptople do that for It 1 lit.
Dr. Parker's Sure Cough Cure. (Me
dose will atop a cough. It never falls.
Try it. Trice, 25 centa a bottle. For
ale by all druggists. Pacific Coast
Agent, Uea. Dahlbender A Co., Drug
gists, 214 Kearny street, Ban Francisco,
The proper thing for a Jury Is to be firm, hut
not d xcd.
Both the method and resulla wbei
3rup of Figs ia taken; it ia plcaan
ind refreshing to the taste, and icti
jently yet promptly on the Kidneya
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the ty
tern effectually, dispel colds, head
iches and fevers ami cures habitue!
constipation permanently. For sale
in 60c and $1 bottles by all druggists
I ".V irreat Invention has Ix-en made by lr.
Tutt. Thut eminent chemist has produced
Tiitfs Hair
which Imitate nature to perfection! ft acta
liottiintiiiieoiiHly and la perfectly harm leu.'
1'rltsi, ml. Ollltw, 3I Si 4 1 1'ark l'l.iee, N. V
and I lillainniiitl
and Nme.ll, i
for ll In Head.
( it Ouirklu Abtnrbtd,
BltOH., U Warren HU. K, Y.
affair that obstructs the view and will rot or fall
artistic in flesiitn, nrotseui tha around without eon
j -
(Always mention this nannr In writing. I
Gen. Western Sales Agt., 608 Slatt St., Chicago.
I ffflit
Front 8 treat. Portland. Or.
Coma Every ir.efc Viuelu Mutt rated
550,000 copies weekly enables TlIK Companion to
To New Hubacrlbera who will cut out anil send as
this slip with name, address nod 91.73 we will
end The Companion Free to Jan. 1, '9,1. and for
a full year from that dale. Including the Double
Holiday Numbers at C'lirlatinaa and New Year.
The Youth's Companion, Boston, Mass.
42 paget, tent on receipt of fix cent; or FRF.K to any
Mr. Herman Illi ktt
"Thren years a to, sail resutof T 'V. It II II,
I entirely lost my hearluK iiud tvim
Dortf For Moro Than n Yonr.
ToiuyanrsirU! is ml areisl liy when I hail
taken three hollies ol lloor Nuramisw
rlllit I loumt in v liciirlng return.
lug. I kept on until I hail taken thrco Morn
ami I rt'i lienr erleclly cll. I am
IniulilMl hut leiy llliln w llll Ihe e ilnrih. 1 eon
shier litis s renin r Wit, bin iiae,' 1 1 ana a
llll S1,;ilM BlierMreet, tl.n'hester, N. V.
HOOD'S PILLS wro purely venel.ihl
rMiti '- f
Cures Colisoinpt Inn, oui;li, t roop, Nora
Throiti. S"M hy fill I 'rn-uhi, on a t!ii ojiu,
Kra Isms St, Ik, lla, t; erChe-i Chlloh's Porous
Plsttcr villi ci l 'u'ij:i."H cents.
Mrs. I". rl. lluwUliift,l'hii!l.'t'oi.;a,'rcnn.,aiijrSl
.svnii Ji' iiMii-er' :o :' i.itK t nmn.'ji rdif lilUr.lrtltmltm
I r vtr until " 1 or 1im.m i, hi. 1 Ivi ror Khlncy
lroublottex-1'U 1'i u'i'
'hMep'' REMEDY.
Ilnvoyoul atari nf jrvtiua iiomiHiy. n win
riillnvoandCiirsi ymt. IVliii till da, '1'hls In
jx'tor forlaanei'isfiil tn'ntnioiu iafuriilshe.1
trrm. Phlloh's Iteimillea nm sold by US ou a
truarautoo to vivo autlafactlutu
Will cut I'ry or liM'ti
Hones, Meat, l,i ll! and all
llreeu Cut In IS I--I will
iVoiihle ilm tmnilH r of eetrt
will niaku them mori' (er
tlli alii carry the hees
safely through tliu melius
arhKt ami put them It;
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