The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 19, 1892, Image 3

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    3 food Iliver Slacicr.
1 1 00 1 ) JtlVKH, OK., NOV. II), 1802.
Th id nil rrlVM rrimi Mt. I limit t II o'.
Iniik A. M, Wnliir.wUyt mat Milimliy; div.
iirlH 1 amno 1 1 1 1 v a .', noun.
I'ir ( !h.iii Ii, r nviD lit H A. M. Ill rlVMUt
I. M. Kitiir.tuvH,
t-'nf Wltliw Hiiliititti linven dully Ml H A. M.
Rl-rlvi'N hi into ii'i'liii'lc P, M.
rnnii Vlilln Hiiliiniti Iciivph fcir Kulilu, (III.
hi cr. Tumi Miliv mill (llenwooil Mi. lulu) h,
V'(llrmlll inn) ''l IiIuvk,
ni(ii:i' local m ATn:us.
New lino of lino toilet wHips nt tho
h iik Mton',
I'li liiii'H IV.uni'il to order at tho fur
llltlire More.
True In umuc "JVrfcdlon" dyen nt
till' Ulllg MOIC.
T. .!. Wntson was up from Portland
.Hi'iim llm vlollim for wilo at M. II.
N !.!. Imoii'm.
KiihIi ilgitiM, ul' llin bent biund only,
kpt (it tlio drug Hloro.
Hinlk i I u Hermann 10 cent cigar at
M. 11. i ii l.i I 'hh'm.
Aiidn-w Wright of tho IuIIIm lini ten
J'olw (if i lllt'l! fill' "t.le.
l inrtii' i.l.4, i.iln mill fancy, lit pro-
fit ,lni;, r ! I In ihvg More,
M. I). ItuliliiiM Im moved liU htoi'l;
Ol i;iih;!m lulu hit new bill !i 1 1
I. X. I j. I:ri I'pniy km well im nil
Other inn cileiileH ul Hie drug utoro.
A I n;; ' M!i;.ly ul li'iiiilsiinie wall p;i
pit'Ju i .v. .'ivi ii l.y A, V., Marl iik hi.
New kIi.cU o ( buer chilled and other
j.nvJit it 'viviv. il at (linger A Hohu'm.
I fit vt your ovdci'H for. JH'WHjm ei'H
iuhI iMi'i' iiiii s, witli M. I(. Nickel -on.
I dlu i-.-l,!ef cxlr u l nn:d (t!ft )K-r-1
fumi Mc! ih. liriit t":i.i-i(, tit tho dru,; i
M'MC, j
re ill; IMurliilK' Ui'i'iili'M fur all inn-1
eliincti, ii.l .iMiJ i xt'.iH nt -M. II. Nii'Uej-
Inl.c your n:iw ( to Oo. T. rrather
when yen want I hum tiled 111 good
rirMclaim cedar hi. Ingles $2.i!o jxt
tlioii'.in I at the Moo I Kivcr M. F. (1.
Cil'.l. litol'O.
V. H. church k'ivIcch, nt 11 n. n.,
mid 7 p. in. l'rayer meeting WedniH
ly evening.
f 1 .00 per turret for Huntington Hue,
thttin tbo market t tha Hood
RlTrMrr.,Co, itor.
Mr. and Mm. Jtort (Irahwn arc new
at honm In tliA upper story of the
Karly-Momo building.
If you want to inxuro your properly,
rrtncuilier that wo reprocnt three of
the lent companies In exlHtcneo.
sir. Julia, Howell lion been very
near (IdU Im door for t lie pimt week, but
nt lnnl re M;rtM Im nomewhat better.
Tim Mllile nt Dodsnim' provod to lie
bnd into, taking i new start Thursday
morning and completely blocking tho
A bridge 1 10 fi-et long linn been con
pli'led ucniMS lUill kuIcIi, and we under
Mtmid tbo now road In now oix u for
(indium A Rartwh Iinvo moved
Jl. - I- . . ... I A . . I '
mcir ineai murKei io ino room former
ly occupied by K. K. llartmeii iio a fur
niture Htore.
AreliblHliop lied wood of New Zen
Iund In an uccompliHlied violinist, and
recently purchased u guaranteed (Strad.
Ivariim for fr)(;tH).
TahletH, necordeonH, violins, lioots
nnd hIioom, and many other things nt
TueUer'H, choaner tlmn ever U-foro of
fered In Jlood Iliver. Try 'ein and hoc.
The Oregon Lumber eompnny'H mill
uliutdotvu Wediienday on uecouut of
hijow. Here the yards are !M of (low
era, and tho riuhh 1h growing at n great
The new Tal ker nvid h eompleted
and iIiohc (hat ennu) that way, say ul
tlioiiyh I ho tnu'lv l not, yet puekeil
It In pielVniblc to tho mud of tho other
The contract for keeping tho county
poor has been let to Mrs. K. 15. Fulton,
who liiw rented Ctiptaln (Joe's former
rcHldciiee, and is preparing to receive
Iter ehnrgo Monday next.
M. T. Wntsou la the proud father of u
Mg hoy, iiikI 'I'. ) AVutHon snilled at an
as ho jrjve tin tho above information,
and added that the boy hud u now
cou.iln, a girl over at his liouao.
The Indie: of the M. R church of thiH
jilnco will liold a Pink Tea aociublo at, Nickolson near
tho pout otlbv, next Tuewlay evening
tho 112nd. All ore invited to attend.
Sidney Young, Tho Dalles Jeweler,
desires to say that ho im utill In litisineHs
and can lie found in 1, C. Nickcluen'B
storo on Hoconil wtreot, next door to his
old Miau l. Waleh repairing a upe
cially. A union Thankogivlng service will
bo observed by the United Brethren
and . (.'oncregatioiml churches Thurs
day morning at 11 o'clock, lu tho Riv
erside Congregational church. All are
cordially invited.
Bomo i;ols loft with us Inst week for
publication wero overlooked. As it
was election week and the returns
were of a kind exceedingly raro, to tho
democracy wo hope our correspondent
will forglvo us.
Saturday is grinding day at Harbi
son Jiro's milU until business in that
lino Increases. Near neighbors are al
ways ready to give precedence to thoso
from a distance, to they need not go
homo without their grist.
Captain Coo has purchased another
dozen California quail, which will be
turned loose In tho Ilnldwln neighbor
hood. As this is in the interest of the
people In that section, wo hope they
will see to it that the birds arc not mo
lested for a few years.
We want to soy that wo have a bar
gain in real estate for some one. We
will sell for cash 100 acres, with good
house, barn and outbuildings that cost
over $1,000, ten acres cleared, well
fenced, for less tlmn the improvememts
cost. Call and see us, for it is a snap,
und tho Hist comer gets It.
H. K. JtiirtmcMH and family nro now
domiciled In their new dwelling.
lie on hmid at tho water meeting to.
day to pas Judgment on tho by-JawM.
JlarrlHon will glv yon price that
will iHtoniHii you; can ana hc.
Captain Hhcrmnn Is lu command of
tho hteniner Heuul.ilor; Luplalu Mi?
Nulty taking a vacation.
Fall wheal never loookod better, nnd
the Mtendv and copious rainfall Insures
n splendid crop next year.
M. Moby, who was hurt lit Cheno- last, week Is letting nlong nlci ly,
Ills family arrived from I'tah Monday.
W. K. Nell', will soon commence
work on his photegrnrili gallery, to Im
built on Third st.icet oppimlto llurrl-
eon h wan hot, kc.
' A basket ol fine Winter Nellls pears
presented to us by W. I'. Wiilsun ni
pbaxles (hi' fa H that Hood Iliver
ral'os the b"!'t fruit In the world,
Mi. J( lm Callis, reptesentlng tho
incivfititllo agency of It. (1. Dun A Co.,
vUltcd thi'4 place Wediieiiday, for the
purpose of re-rat Ing our buiilues men.
The application of Mr. C. J. Hunt
fill ii deeii e of divorce, Wil l lieard ill
the dlHtrlet court, at The Dalles this
week, and will no doubt, bo granted.
Superintendent A. J. IVuie of tho
Oregon division I'. I , iceouipanled by
A rent l.y tli. of Tic Dalle, wcni hero
Friday I'lbrht making tho t ri j from
Tho Dalles In a b'U-gy.
Demy VmU, w.n ut tho mllN WimI-iiit-i'iiy
and rvmrii w vi-n inches of
;.tiuw tlierc. ijuiie a number id' liell's
U il JlllVe iiilt, I he hiui'V being from a
frmt to eighteen incliiH deep, In the
Mr. and Mm. llowells' little pill has
been ijuite sick with pneumonia, but
m now out of danger, .ir. llowells In
tended to n toin to l'Viii.lalc bint wiek,
but for leasoiis given tilmvo nulHined
III ll'IOIl'.
The only bills fdlowed by tin; county
fieri, In wbidi I fond itiver pruih-H are
oheetly inn r I il , were tho"e :i the
del. lit v '.i"Hi': ni , dect'on. ud J' hll
llloMtln for work on tbo bridge at
I'. M. Jackson, win one of thema"v
ileino." ut' who refifiid to vote for
Weaver, and when ho found we bad
on', our in fi r Weaver doctors,
lie H"iit us a nick if onions "to
strengthen our"
The westbound passenger Tuesday
morning run into a slide near DodHms',
'i'be engine left the truck rolling clear
oil the right-of-way. Tho mail and
cxpicMH car was wrecked, but fortun
atiiy no one was injured. The track
was not cleared until 10 o'clock that
When you go to The Dalles to pur
chase goods, remember that the busi
ness men who advertise in the (Si.a
ciku want your trado and will give yon
the very lowest price on their goods.
Jupt mention the fact that you read
their advertiseii'itnt in tho ii,A ik.u
and you will get tho very best of treat
ment. f
The Sunday school of the Riverside
Congregation! church will have a
". Missionary Daily" next Hunday even
ing at 7 o'clock. The service will con
sist of appropriate music and shaking
by lnembers of the school; and tbo
llov. Chan. II. Curtis, fctate Hupt of
the Congregational Hunday school so
ciety, Is also expected to give a short
The Ladles Aid Society will repent
tho Medloy Social with a unrulier of
new interesting features on Tuesday
evening Nov. UUth at Middleton's hall.
Owing to tho inclement weather tho
find night n good many who desired
to bo present wero kept away and the
society by requests 111 rceat it. Come
and see ii greater variety ot climate
than even Jlood 1 liver ever witnessed
Tho "Medley" Inst Friday evening
was a decided success, everybody be
ing pleased. Tho hull was tastefully
dic.inited with evergreens and chrys
nnthemuma, nnd tin; stands wero audi
cienlly Is'ainii'ul, made so by tho pres
ence of Hood Diver's pretty girls. An
excellent supper was served, the pro
ceeds of tho evening amounting to
&1I.7". Wo understand another enter
tainment of the same kind will bo giv
en soon.
Wednesday night the Slranahan
house was burglarized. Mrs. English
pocket book and that of Mrs. Lindsay
wero taken, the former containing
about live, tho latter from three to four
dollars. Mrs. English pocket book
wan found tn tho wood shed with a
nickel in it next morning. As the
thief or thieves took nothing else,
easily found tho purses, and got in
without causing the dog to give the
alarm, It seems quite probablo the bur
glar wa.y not an entire t-tiuugcr to the
Mr. Win, It, Stevenson, Manager of
the Manhattan Life Insurance Com
pany, for Oregon and Idaho, is in
town for a few days. Tho Manhattan
has wrUten some largo policies in
Portland recently. It is a notably
clean and strong company, and for
years has borne tho enviable title
of "The Old Reliable"'. It is eminent
ly a policy holders company, and its
contracts have no equal in their sim
plicity and fairness. Anyone contem
plating life insurance will lind It worth
while to inquire about it, at least while
he is In town.
At tlio court house Wednesday morn
ing during the session of circuit court
the people In attendance wero startled
by seeing a man in tho audience sud
denly throw himself backward in his
seat with a groan and then collapse in
a senseless heap on the floor. Help
quickly reached him, and he was lifted
up and carried into tho corridor, where
it was found that he was past all
earthly help. It is supposed that heart
disease or appoplexy was the cause of
his sudden death, but nothing can be
determined definitely as to this before
the inquest, which will be held this
evening. His name as we learn from
Mr. Hans Hansen, is U. S. llecknall,
and he is a member of the local car
penter's union, 20 years of ago, single,
and a nativo of Ohio. Mr. Bceknall
has been in the employ of Mr. Louis
Ostland, the contractor, for somo time,
was a steady workman and hold In
high esteem by his associates. His
sudden and tragic death so far away
from relatives und 4oved ones will boa
sad blow to I hem. Wasco Sun.
Tho grand Jury Investigated charges
against J. T. Delk. for selling liquor
without a license, but failed to find h
true bill.
Tho partnership heretofore existing
Iffttwwii H.O.Coo andfleorge Mathla,
In this day dissolved by mutual con
win. H.C.Cok.
A'l rn;.':y ,r t,, m
1 1 if I VI M M, A N I ,Vi, 'KW VOIIT l:t,Oi'K, M
Till', lAM,M, URKIiOV. I fj
in KI'H A .MKNiirnn, '
AWornoys-at-Law, tj
Chapman Block, over Postofflco
'I II IS J.U,l-K H lilii (,li,V.
ion nam:.
Ten n"i" (net., M. acres under euit.
Vltlioll, 'i Itrl'l III (,reil,llll, 'J rood W' Mi
Wit!; m-vr :i,'i, Mipply (if Hater,!
).'Ood tvvo 'ilnlv boune. 'iVji-e . -M ''"
i'Mnll, i '.V 1 1 1 l-eii with iliree ,1 ',h f.j
a, O I I o!' ai-r, a ei,!;, ,'o.v, ii ff.iiu'i ,.' hfi-!
W U.I 03I6 i l'l,:"" "li s' ''' v fli.i'- for ai fl
i part M r -. 1 . y. lb. vi t.i.n. i "J
y i v nn v (infim,
1 UI.N'I. l-M(VI,-lliN(i
I H'jIjI'W i l.c'l lit r,
! i: ,'yr-i, sroiK -i, ats,
; i i.' i i ro.f. -, IIAI'l.WAItE,
:.-'V.i-..t, i.l..-
"'..-I.N, I, I :r''.
I i J . 4.. l.) . 1.. . . il. . i ,i. . - . . t
i win !! t,t pi.i.ii,. i,..,. !o:i !,, ii,,.! wa oiu huk'c laai "a nimnjo f.).xrenco
S!b'or!;:r-:' UtrVTy H bettor than a slow ohiiliing- Our
eoiU r, ' . i j. I ork man -, 1 three M
. , ... ... I ... ... . ' , t ..... ; . , I, .
..-... OV)7.-H mil.-, l If..-,, f. . ....
rt!!j ana vinter otocj-:
i ., ,. , . ... , I..,; i. .. . . i ...... -i: i.. :r .
w .... i i.i i , i .'1llllHi ll':ni'l i . j
ho; ie,;o H I,; no, t'.Vo t.Jed two-
Everything sold at what It will bring. U'!'')h; ''? !'T'VV' ,'M', ' '
W. M. CAK I., Mortgagee. ,itiil-:e :i'd :.! . .
!:!, . 11 i. no H;;;. ;,;
il'i'l '";,i'M .'.( ,!i.uri'
311!;!.. Uii'!.:l f''l '!'
r .0" rnvcp
..i i
' , ; i
I ill
..... ...
i ; ' r "i"if.
( .i :i.r !'.
t vifit ,r 1
! not,.!
Js no'J7 daily arriving. " I
1 1
i; ;:;: ass.
! H
Do:!. '. '' i'. -i!v. t;n: ! I Or.
, ' . ... .
"" ' ' ' 1. . ..ii.i'i j ;..i,. T. 1. t- . .
1, nauitduiu L'i ,'i.3 1::. fi'.-f! ,rr r.rr.zriv
und t-1 i i j pin in., re Oi'L'.-ii.s him
Wo havo added nanny new attractions
wo rjp-ht in
l'i. hum Im. 11 e.ei. In IS 70 Mr. lieiuly! '''fl-ifA fxicftvyti mar'r. nt o Viiwcn " o-nl Tr.0 : 't
left hoi.,.. :i j . ;.,!.- plow boy, and l,V ; ) tXXj Ul 8, KxV.Ul UXl'l VQ 1TL-;
wavuo . ;:,( i ,:,;! ,.. .u-nwiilylo,!,,)! -1J "5 OL.
.f 'ii1 '' .'- :,. i !! ii Me.-i ; ' 1 nese T;:.:rc asc g , i
W' lie! il l" , . '.'. ', ,iy O'-i.'i. ;:i
j 'I . ' '.','' ', , '' '; ' ' . ' ' ' ;' ' :
'Pt. i H t I ) .11 . i -
Th.f to.ate.1 MMr ! "a'-mii. u.m.iii:. .....Mimv, ::r,r.o::
H.l'.Cvt,-. U :cf..,-m in.rties i J ;;'ars, and an .-e.-.-i t sioeii , ;
wLomuv be .i.,ir.;uH of h.: .t-V''T ''" 1
vey.-.K 'done, t'iutt'hc a piiT.-tiVI ; 'U., !"''. j '''"'
SlliAeyor of limy years cvji'liein-i;, 'J'y 1'' '
"O 2 In n
w '.'.V .' ii:iW5 K'ry-
U yards for fl 00
II " 100
We Sell
UVol "W"
Cabot "A"
Chapman "X" Bleach Muslin
13 yards for 1 00
Fruit of the Loom Bleach Mus
lin 10 yards for 1 00
Amasklng Ginghams, 11 " " 100
AmaskingHhlrtlngs, 0 " " 100
Indigo liluo Prints, 14 " " 1 00
Standard Trlnts, 16 " " 1 00
All Wool Ladles' Cloth, per yd. 30c
Table Oil Cloth, " " 2.5
Ladies' Fast Black Hobo " pair 12
Clark's O, N. T. Thread, " doz 50
Men's riveted Overalls, " pair J0
Men's Ilivcted Jumpers, 00
Men's Cotton Socks, " doz 100
Men's Scarlet Wool Socks " -pair 2rc
Men'a Underwear, 50c
We carry a stock of
Groceries, Hard
ware and Barb-Wire.
and that, work ontiti: ;cd to him will be '
performed with dis-uteh a:id co r-et-ntss.
He tiik s pleasure iii ufeiriug to
Mr. A. ti. iJloivers, (who lor years w.m
county commissioner in Minnesota,)
and for whom he did couuty work as
county surveyor, as to liis ability.
Parties writing me at Hood will re
ceive prompt attention.
C. J. Hayes.
Dated Hood Diver April (ith, 11.
Land Locator.
Evirv body wants land in Hood
Diver Valley. I have sonic very k
i.iiuble tracts of good land on my list
for homesteads and timbered
claims, with running water on
them. I can locate several stockmen
advantageously. Do not fail to Kee
me at Hood Iliver Falls or address me
at Hood ltivcr, Wascot'ouuty, Oregon.
W. K'J3 Wisaxs,
Ti.nbrr Land, A-t J'.nsn I,
i;ii!ti! iitari'9 l,;ti'l Orlir-',
zMmmwnawi !!n.!Z!2rf.ZLr."r'-'!I!T"JL lU!i!JL" '' "' " 11 in.
The Prather, Buildin&Second a Oak Sts.
Oiler for sale 5ti.M"n) sta ndafd trees grov.m on hull r laml without !i'i iTa-
vioa or manutv. isuea trees arc mcoaip.-ira!.!;, Mijicrr to those grewn on
Mi-otivar, . n.i. 1ST.'. awjdcs or watered soil Irrigated trees when pliinted ou higlj and dry e.,U r.
Ko'.U-a U liiwlivciv.'-.i tint, in i":!ia!i.iiie liable to stllllt in crowlh mid if thtV live, it is ll'ii.le to ho TorH v,-,rs .f,
ivitn tho .iov unions nfi i:o iw.i. u ',,Mii-;,-i-i oi . tl.'.ev Ix'tir to amount to sutvthhtg. Our tre-.K mo r:V'ii;eiit;v iii W'ms-
imuls''".;"! io u"s"fV!;..lL';;,t(,;:.! I 2ml year from setting out. Will m Greece w subsmntiate
pmi.Nevinla.nml Nvcoiiti,:. oi 'J it .f.iii ;. , ' I i.r j A:)'ic, I'mn, 1'atlti.ii, I'i'a (;;.;, 1'lumfi, V'u'i'Hcs, Qhillf't'rt a id .-1 ttrt
jirusiioni;, ul wiiUoSnouon .;uei v fKi!s- Small fruits in variety, 'Wiiamenlal trees and shrubs, and -10 varitries to
m 11
nnn d
uuu mill
Terms Strictly Cash,
Prices never before heard of in Hood
lint, of tti'.ai,. I;;i-, rh is ilny in
this (i:i'l''tf hK .sv.'D! n ..l'ilemi:;U no, i '.'!.!. tor t:ie
iiuroliiiMivrthew'jiiw arid v'..;.-'v'(ifsi'C no
i in township Noil iiosio. r:ir..,'r no. ncist, r.n
will nH'ci' pi'i.oi tn show I i :c lumi stueiit is
liinro vali'alito for ii tii.iin r or sto-ic tinoi for
njirirn'.'unil iue;i..i"s ;nel t.j t v i ; t : 1 ; 1 1 his
cliihu to hie. i lainl iirlorc mo li.'uitor f.'ut Ki'
eeivcr ot I i i .s oiluv ul . Viiiieouver,, on
.S;il ci i iiuy, tiie .inhiiiy of iiecciiilici-, ).;.
llu'.t-- hi (vit'i'.'S-es: Kivtik II. lint
ton. All.'crt Ii. .Ior.'!,"f ItiverOp..
H. H iinsnkcr, ImIw.ioI J. Jom-s, of Wliitu S:il
inon, v:ili.
Any nnd j.ors.n.:t c'eiiniliw ailvcrsyty flic
iibovo iK-v".'ili!.ii i.i.i'U me r.'.o.rst-.'l t.) tile'. lU . o'l'.. .. on irln-fi:tj rn'A SrJ
ilny ot i I. .1' ; r, i
Kii'.JI-tiiiviii .lu.-Uv 1. (:.-..'.;;lif:AN, Ki'ii'toi'.
J, ill, riUiUUUTiUil, U UU.,
Reliable information concerning land
titles. .
Choice c'ly and country properly for
Conveyancing a Specialty.
139 Snevntl .V.'vc f - - - - T.-a LkiiL-a Or.
of ')() tests) of roses. ,SxrrtW-, l','im-. evvrai varieties of New 2achtx
ami !. f ',' ji.t'o. J.itd' ;leelt,.i indnivmotits to thophuitisiir ia iota
of iOii to KM). Corresiviudciiee invited. Address,
FiLi:i:a;TON .f co.
No. 2 Dekuni Building, X. W. Comer lt and Wc-iiir.'.-ton Fu rurii.iotl Of
JUY PILKlNt.TO:,'. )!ood Uhvr,' Or!
Il IBi ft UJim
ft In t fl 1 i i $ t4 h hi
cvictx rrwm tcva jSXhi w.w sryrsaar von
OJicdcGsi Meats, Esa,
1 ?a fi 1 "tr fn
s.l;.'; ON SALE.
. . i..,ro J. tr S;ii5 T'l
' i Vi
isood I!
hast Bouic rw)t hood aivira
IT. I. Sxprait lMTet 11 :M A. M.
MO. 1, Hull . " 10:38 P. M.
B'No. 7, Express loftvcfl at 6:S0 P. M.
No. 1, Mail " - 4:15 A. Mi
RtoamerH from Portland to Ktui Frauclsco,
every i dnys,
Tii lo ai Fm Eniose.
For rates and general information rail on
W. H. IIURLUCKT, Asst. Oen. Pass. A(:t.
2j Washidjctou St., Portland Oregon I
vnoviur-rxons -
Have on L;i.i:d u full supply of Fruii, Bhade nd Or'nujucnfal lrei.s:- grap
vinei, wuall fruha, Iioses and i-'hrubbery.
IV sore to get our prices before purehasingelscvhcro.
Remember our trees are grown strictly without irrigation.
W. A. tfLlxoKULAKu, Looal Agent.
"TTj -fV
Eiehtv-acre tract. ix miW from
town, good house nnd barn, 40 acres ,
under plow, urcnara or oou trees in j
Deanng. i nree snares or biock or nooa
River Water Supply Company goes
with tho plnco. ell of good witter.
For price and terms, call on or address
II. L. Cropper.
$500,000 issrreii
culiirs. cHitdoeuo, kddrew Uauil K. bmliy,
Wnnhlngton, New Jersvy.
A 7-room house in the finest location
in town. Has bath, with tank, and
piped for hot and cold water; also, frost
proof milk house. For further Infor
mation inquire at Mt. Hood hotel.
The Crockett place, 1 miles west, of
town. Forty acres; gooci improve
ments. If not sold, the house nnd barn
and part of the land only for rent. Ap
ply to i. Warren f-Hood IUver.
Beatty's Organs
Write for caluToKti. A -.lures Daniel F. lieatiy,
Washington, New Jeroey