The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 29, 1892, Image 4

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    Comparative Tests.
Royal Baking Powder
Purest and Strongest.
PETER COLLIER, late Chemist-in-Chicf of
the Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D. C, having analyzed the chief brands of
baking powder,
Reports the Royal Baking Powder
the greatest in leavening strength,
Yielding over 27 per cent, more gas than
, the average of the others tested. Dr. Collier
adds: "I have made many analyses of various
brands of baking powders and
"1 have always found the Royal
composed of pure and wholesome
" Peter Collier, M. D., Ph. D."
'April 2, 1S92."
State or Ohio. City of Toledo, (
Lcois t'oirsm "
Fa KKJ Ck sky make oath that ho ts the
senior partner of the arm of r . J. Chxnkv ifc Co..
doiiii; t'atiinesx in the city of Toledo, county and
State f rosHid, and that said Arm will pay the
auut 01 u.t Ml MKt.n iK'l aks (or each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
me use ot hall s i atarkh t. ire.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in y pret
ence ims Kin aav ot Decern Der. A. i. in
seal. " A. W. ULEASOV.
yotaru Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter tally, and
acta directly ou the blood and mucous surfaces
ot me system. Kurt tor testimonials, tree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
. Sold by DrURgisw; 75 cents.
Tut Giumia for breakfast
not all that is claimed for it, how
else could so great a business aid
sale have developed in so short a
A pure, mild, sweet smoke
no wonder it has become the
standard smoking tobacco, even in
competition with long-established
brands of recognized merit.
J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., Ricnmond, Virginia."
Savage Legem!.
The savage islanders of the south
Pacific bolieve that the world is a cocoa-
nut shell of enormous dimensions, at
the top of which is a single aperture
communicating with the tipper air,
where human beings dwell. At the
very bottom of this imaginary shell is a
stem gradually tajiering to a point which
represents the beginning of all things.
This point is a spirit or demon without
human form, whose name is, "Root of
All Existence." By him the entire
fabric of creation is sustained.
In the interior of the cocoanut shell,
at its very bottom, lives a female demon.
So narrow is the space into which she is
crowded that she is obliged to sit for
ever with knee and chin touching. Her
name is "The Very Beginning," and
from her are sprung numerous spirits.
They inhabit five different floors, into
which the great cocoannt is divided.
From certain of these spirits mankind
is descended. The islanders, regarding
themselves as the only real men and
women, were formerly accustomed to
regard strangers as evil spirits in the
gtiise of humanity, whom they killed
when they could, offering them as sacri
fices. Exchange.
I have been troubled with dyspep
sia, but after a fair trial of August
Flower, am freed from the vexatious
trouble J. B. Young, Daughters
College, Harrodsburg, Ky. I had
headache one year steady. One bottle
of August Flower cured me. It was
positively worth one hundred dollars
to me J. W. Smith, P.M. and Gen.
Merchant, Townsend, Ont. I have
used it myself for constipation and
dyspepsia and it cured me, It is the
best seller I ever handled C. Rugh,
Druggist, Mechanicsburg, Pa. O
Elys catarrh
S at
Cleanses the
Nasal Passages.
Allays Pain and
Heals the Sores.
Restores the
Senses of Taste
and Smell.
. cr V i
Indian Soldiers.
"There is one feature of the United
States army that few people are
aware of, said an ex-army officer.
It isn't generaUy known that there is
a company in the army composed en
tirely of beminole Indians, and that
they are maintained and supported
by the government as a distinct and
separate military organization. By
reterence to the army appropriation
bill you will see that the appropna
tion for the Seminole company is a
separate item, having nothing what
ever to do with the general appro
priation. This company has been in
existence since 1801, did valiant serv
ice in the rebellion, and has been of
incalculable value in frontier service
since the war. I think the Seminole
company is now stationed at Fort
Clark, Texas. In my judgment its
record answers the long mooted ques
tion as to the Indian's value as a sol
dier." St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
The Growth of Seaweed.
Seaweeds vary surprisingly in their
habits of life, borne species grow alto
gether beneath the water, attaching
themselves below the lowest tide level;
others frequent heights where they are
left dry at every retreating tide, while
others yet are found in situations where
they are scarcely ever covered by water.
Wnereas most of them attach them
selves to rocks or solid bottom, keeping
to the shallows, there are exceptions to
the rule, among which the most remark
able is the "sergasso," or "gulf weed,''
which floats on the surface of the ocean.
Immense fields of it are seen by the
navigator, extending as far as the eye
can reach. It is sometimes so abundant
as seriously to interfere with the prog
ress of ships, and it was this which so
alarmed the crew of Columbus on his
first voyage of discovery. Interview in
Washington Star.
A particle is applied Into each nostril an Is agree
able. Price. cents at druggists' or by mall.
ELY BROTHEKS, 58 Warren Street, New York.
This Trade Mark is on the best
SiSSSm1 ln the Wor,d '
N. P, N. V, No. 463-8. F. N. U. No. 540
It is better to take Scott's
Emulsion of cod-liver oil
when that decline in health
begins the decline which
precedes consumption
rather than wait for the germ
to begin to grow in our lungs.
"Prevention is better than
cure ; " and surer. The say
ing never was truer than
What is it to prevent con
sumption ?
Let us send you a book on
careful living ; free.
Scott& Bownr, Chemists, 13a South 5th Avenue,
New Vork.
Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil all druggists everywhere do. ft.
Work Hint Kevin II ami for Iruilnlim
Hands, but U til. It U I.IUpiI by Hi
tilrls, Who Aro Vol) Skillful They Ai
Nrt Mini liilt'lllgrnt-their I'M)'.
There are probably n thousuml women
In Pittsburg who work in iron mills
making bolls, nuts, hinges iitul barbeil
ire. It coiiim almost ineivdiblo that
girls should bo employed in an occupa
tion which is associated only with brawn
and niusi'lo, but such is the case. At
the first sight of the Klt works one can
not believe that anything bright or in
teresting could live inside. At the call
of the 0:110 a. in. whistle girls are seen
coming from all directions toward the
factory. They aro generally dressed
tidy and well, and with their lunch bas
kets on their arms are not unlike any
working girl one may see.
The first thing they do after entering
the building is to change their street
dress for one to work in, tie up their
hair, roll up their sleeves, and, putting
on n coft'eesack apron, aro ready to be
gin tho day's lalvr. At 7 oYl'iK'k the
last whistle blows, the wheels groan and
screech as If they were wearv to resume
another day's work, but in a little while
they begin to move with more rapidity
ami the noise amounts to something ter
rific. A sulphur smoke arises, and as it
embraces everything in a dim color, it
needs but the dull red burning of tho
oil, tho horrible noises and the occiv
eional sound of a human voice halloing
a command to stamp the sceno on one's
memory as a study from sheol.
The bolts and nuts, as thev are called
aro fashioned bv the brawnv men 011 tho
first floor. In a crude state thev aro
sent to other departments, when tho fin
ishing touches are applied bv feminine
fingers, ofttimes verv delicate ones,
Tho bolts aro dumped into different
bins, according to size and length, am
each girl has one special kind to work
on. Alio hrst work ou tho bolt is to
"poiut" it that is, to mako a rouud
end so that it will enter tho machine
which cuts tho thread on it. Tho point
ing maehino has an immovable socket
at one sido and steam revolving knives
tacmg it.
The operator, who is known as
"pointer," places the head of tho bolt
m the socket, presses her foot on
-.1.1 ,.1 , .
peuui, aim tuo snarp steel knives aro
forced against the iron. Little bits of
the iron By, and in an instant she re
moves her foot and tho pointed bolt
falls down a slide into an iron deposit
bos on the Uoor.
While the one hand and foot has been
accomplishing this, the other ftxit sup
ports the girl, gooso stylo, and tho other
hand has got a bolt ready to bo placed
into tne socket tea moment it u empty
Ihus for days, weeks and years the
"pointer" handles one bolt after an
other for a living, being paid by the
thousand. Expert workers have pointed
lO.UUU bolts m a ilay.
W hen tho bolts aro pointed they are
taken to tho cutting quarters. Thoso
machines aro largo, with deep sinks
filled with a thick black oil. The bolts
aie placed in slides and pushed by the
worker up into sharp steel dies. In an
instant the thread is cut on them. Tho
work is rather dangerous, and caro
must be exercised to keep the operator's
fingers from going into the open dies and
having their ends cot off instead of tho
iron. The oil in which the girl is com
pelled to work in order to keep tho bolts
from getting hot and thereby breaking
has a very offensive odor and gradually
smears the worker from the root of her
frizzly bangs down to her runover heels.
Girls of any age, from sixteen to fifty,
work in this department. Their pay by
the thousand averages from fifty cents
to one dollar a day.
Little girls from six years up to twelve
put the nuts on the bolts and pack them.
The "nutting on" is also accomplished
by machine power. The worker puts a
nut on a plate; then, after catching the
head of a bolt in the jaws above, she
presses her foot on the pedal, when.
prestol the work is done. At long tables,
built of substantial wood, are rows of
young girls, interspersed with a scatter
ing of women whom life cast forth in
their old age. They pile the bolts, row
-U i , .1
aiier row, aiiernare neaus, then wrap
them in strong paper.
The girls always come to the factory
clad neatly and well. Dressing rooms
are provided for them, and soap and
towels. At noon the girls are given
three-quarters of an hour. They lay
aside their aprons, wash their hands and
devour their wee lunches with energy
worthy of a better cause. Formerly the
girls would hurry their dinners and de
vote the rest of their time to dancing.
The orchestra was not the largest, nor
did it rival the Mexican band in melody,
but it answered the purpose of furnish
ing time for the shabby shoed girls. It
consisted of one girl and a mouth organ.
The men were not permitted to come
into the girl's side of the shop, but they
would stand at a respectful distance, as
though longing to join the merry dan
cers. It seems rather stranire. but the
girls never mingle with the men in tho
same factory. They are good and hon
est, and generally intelligent.
The girls were very happy, and every
thing moved as smoothly as steel on ice,
until a forewoman was introduced to
take the place of a foreman. Imme
diately she put a stop to all singing
during the day and all dancing at noon.
There was a decided stir among the
girls at these new rules, but they were
forced to submit. Since then they spend
the noon hour reading and doing fancy
work. Most of the girls are expert
with the needle and those who read
would surprise a scholar with their quo
tations. There are more handsome girls
in this factory than could be found
among the same number at a reception.
They are beautifully formed, and the
influence of the oil keeps the hands
white and prevents them hardening
from contact with tho iron. New York
What rnsldeiit Conrad Una to Mm About
th Mlir Lottery.
Nkw Oulkans, Attmist X-IVsltlsnt
1 Hal Conrad o( the Louisiana lottery
I oinpany was interviewed to day about
me uisptueii regarding tun wiiipiiny
Hitentpi to puivliiiBO h locution tn tlm
Mtiuiwieli IsliindH. llemitd: "It in
'fako' eensation num mill mIiihiIh . r
malicious concoction, designed perhaps
i liejuuit' too company m the mlmlH
vi uiu poopio ot th United States by
ei-oiuuiit. tho inipresnon that our busi
ness is to Wi removed from tho loirul r.
...!...! 1 ..... . "
pu n uuiih iui Heeountainiitv It is now
under by virtue of tho laws of UiiiHlmm
Wort) tho lAiuisiana Stato lottery Com
pany to become a Hawaiian Instead of n
umimniia concern, of courso it would bo
practically 1111 iinpiissibilitv to imfnm
claims against it; whereas, being duly
chartered corporation of this ftnto, it Is
amenable to tho laws. Obligations fan
lo enforced through the courts against
it tho mhiho as airaiiiHt anv lawful ami
responsible company."
"Hut what aro tho company's plans
for tho future? Might not their negotia
tions be carried on w ithout vmir knowl.
" S-areelvHueh vast minm ma Aro tula ml
of aro not curried in oiio'b vent tun-let
nor expended by one member of a con
cern w ithout consulting his associates.
ine owners 01 me Louisiana lottery are
now scattered over the glulm seeking
peace or pleasure, according to their
condition or taste. Mr. Morris, with
fr onds, have been for weeks cruising
about 011 his yacht, and I doubt 11
one bus eomintluicated w ith him on busi
ness of any description. Certainly he is
not giving himself any concern about
lottery business, and I repeat there is
simply nothing in this alleged Han Fran
Cisco story except Idle gossip, so far as I
know, end I think I know all the facs.
The louisiana iAittery Company w ill live
out its at ottetl timeas fixed bvits vested
rights, say a couple of years longer, do
mg us nusmess nere as it always has
ami abiding by the popular decision in
the recent contest. "New York Time?,
Carrie-How 1 pity poor Mrs. Joiieo
w hut n thoUKlitli'M IiumI'iuhI nIio Inn.
Minnie-1 that of 1 always thought
nun tne I'liiK 01 pi'i'leetloii, '
I arrle Away from lioiun he Is. but he
never lightens his wile's cares any mid
seems to think she never tires; why. all
IiinI spring, when It whs so muddy, he
wouldn't buy one of the I lioliiiail 'Wire
.Mills (lint had sueh a run at Clark's hard
ware store, and whenever 1 enlleil on Mia
Jones it seemed as though she hud a broom
or 11 mop 111 ner liaiul cleaning up alter her
children or her hliNlmml,
iMiiiiuo 11 noes make a lilgillllerence, no
mistake, ahout the housework; since Char
lie noimiit a 1 1 art mini Mat lor our liont
door. I haven't had In sweep half its loiiiih
as lu'loie, ami that Imrlul smell we iimM to
emiiire when we had a eoooa mut Is done
away with,
Carrie-tine tlilmr sure. Mm lhirlimni
I'Mexihle Steel Wire Mats are alieud of any
thing I toer saw ; they wear loiever, w III
not hold vermin or breed disease, and are
really 11 sanitary necessity.
Moral: It. "sure when you purchase
your mat lias brass tag altai lud slumped
" llarlmaii."
Tho (ri'HlfsMiliimpli of iiiliut Is h hen n 11111
known k h In mlihl lilnimu IhihIiu-.h.
n vi ni l. ir; iiik moon.
Uhankhktii's I'ii.i.s are the great blood
puritler. They are n purgative and blood
lonio; they act j tml ly on the bowels, the
kidneys mid the skin, thus demising the
system by the natural outlet of the body
they may be culled the purgative, sudoiillo
mut iliuri'tut iiieilleliie. They stimulate
the blood so as to enable nature to throw
oil' all morbid humors, tun! cure disease 110
matter lv what name it muv he eullml.
One or two of them taken every night will
prove mi iufallihle remedy.
Sold in every drug unit medicine stow,
either plain or sugar-coaled,
The mini lilt plenty n! fit nmiUNgea llvennu
the Ilea of the Ui:il.
"John, ymi it 1 not y whether yn't like
pie or not." It bu t iie-eMMirv, Msml.
g xl or bmt, ia mill yitva) (le, mid jw."
OX TIIK WAY TO 1' A It A Ills K.
Let us hoH t st the usiple who hultltiislly
llsreril tlielr heiiHIi will reneli Hint ileMrnlile
I'lni e, ami uvolil lliu lornUty whirlt l les ile
MraliUi hh 1111 elerntl resilient e nit 11 ennui ot the
heat 1111. 1 siiroiiinltitm genenillv. Hut hlle We
iHtrf 111 iiii vale ot teiirs, why shoulil . e volu
tnuit eieitire ine inniirt ot (yni tiln heii
systemiitle tine of llitetler'n S.oiniieli Hit to
will n.l iniiil the ittrueloiis tiutlmly whleh - tin-
icn miys e 11ns are verv miieli -t inn t tern t
sltorteu tne term of our existence. Hi unburn,
litUoiiMicsji, coiittitioii nliinmt Hlttuts itecoin-
fit y llil.i riiiitui, iitul re svinploinstle of It.
1 hi e Hie nil extliKiiWkfl hy the Hitlers, hlch
hUo einiilers conihlctWy umlnrln. rheitimitlimi.
nervousness on-1 debility, .since u.e iiiUM'srsnce
1 lit ifnpnc 11 iihh ftuown ft n mini ur niHHterv
over this ormtilnlile eomplitlnt lluit h carried
oil o mitny of our hritflitest uud bet.
m AM m.
u)hicrfruly cui
oflbe inorSt cases
Tuft's Heir One
lrny Intlr or nliUkers cloinucil Inn tiloy
ll, o k liy Mohiule itiillcit inn "I lid" !. H
loiiitrtn mil 11 in I riilor, iicli liitfiiilititi'iiuo
I v hih! cool 11 itt uotli log lnnrtoii lo I lie liutr.
Hi'lil lr ilrngulxls, or ill lie Kent 011 n cell's
1. .
tif iirlce, wl.titi, (mice, ;u 1 m il l l.uo, fi
J II riCV Anariit slid Aimls Hi al riiciiilut,
II. llult, ' WikIiIukUII Ht I'ortlHUd, llr
till receipt of lil.ltl I .Ml. U, nv ipldlel III
good nr. let h coliuil III trnod cnP'IIU.e'. liK'ler
'III. pr 'lit 111 Hie hii-lnr l( po.pi r V tin ilU d,
II, II. II.Vl.l.lNi.l U, I'nrl lu 11., iel, Uiihh.
o ncu 11 mm cnu 1 nmi run shirt button ot
Sunday morning his wile Is p. tj have trouble
w ou ui unuiur.
those eomn mining of Sore Throut or i
Hoarseness should use "Rtvum'n Bronchial
I rochet." the etlect is extruordimtrv. itar-
iiuuntny wnen usen uy singers ami siicak-
rr.i lor clearing 1 10 Voice. .m oh u in
hen 11 man ii tint dolnur well he Inmulni's
tluit he t'ou'il do better it liu could move nd
pay more rent.
We txinltlvclv cure rutiturn. nil uml nil rn.
tal dleNcs without pslu or detention from busi
ness. M cure, no pay. Also all Yfrafe dis
ease. Address for pamphlet Drs. Portcrfleld Si
uosoy, s.18 Jiarxei struvi, sau rrauvlsco.
Caiiitul and latsir cou'd uet on well rnoiifh to
gether If there were not so manv men tr Iiil' 1 1
-i. eupiiai won mi lanor.
tOKvaiwit no
Can be counted on
to euro Catarrh Dr. Sago's Catarrh
Kemody. It's nothing new. For
25 years it lias born tloint? that very
tiling. It gives jirotnpt ami com
jdcto relief but you want moro
than that. Ami you get it, with
this Kcinetly them's a euro that
is perfect ami jieniKUiitit. Tho
worst chronio cases, no matter of
how long Btariding, yield to itn
mild, soothing, cleansing and heal
ing nroperties. Cold in tho 1 lead "
needs but i few aii!ieatioiis. Ca
tarrhal Headache, and all tho
troubles that cotno from Catarrh,
aro at onco relieved ami cured.
You can count on sotuethiiijr else.
too $300 in cash.
You can count on it, but it's
moro than doubtful whether you
earn it.
Tho proprietors 0f Dr. Sacro's
Remedy, in good faith, tiller that
amount for an incurable caso of
Catarrh. Don't think that you
bavo one, thoujrh.
incyll pay you, if thoy can't
euro you. Lliats certain.
But they can euro you. That's
just about as certain, too.
Can you auk more r
prune trees;
llnllsn, I'cMIe mid Hllver; huh mile or relnll;
'J to HI le, t hlisll 1'lli e ncfi.MtiiK ,i ue,
Agent eommliiit given i nn It r te for
prices to I lit 1.4, J. li.WIS, Maunder I' .rtlniiil.lir,
Nur ery, Mouth .Ml. 'labor, t'r No ageiiia out.
fl-;ir--". 's j-.vgji.i.) t ly-'olit'll.a
" if" X'liiy- t l.l!"Ci.i ir. ).
if.. c H.Mtwmn'S
-iy ji
382 W.tiuiaVttjJlj
M-i-m tvwyF- vm xih.
Season for Trout Opens April 1st.
If You Are In NmI of Trout Fllea, lt
tb Kwist.
Use Euameltne Stove Polish; no dut, no moll.
..1V , TS 1.- -
IJoth the nif:tr?0'i and renults wLei
Syrup of Figs is taken; it ia pleaiian'.
tnd refreshing to the taste, and acy
gently yf,t. pronjptly on the Ki.lnoya
Liver and Bowels, cleanses tho syr
rem finect.ualiy, difipt-is colds, heatj
tcbes and fevers and curt habitutt
jonstipation permanently. For Bah
in COcrand SI bottles by all druggistf
SAN fRAW18U0. (,AL.
IGUinVIUE. ?. VtW iQUK. H I.
Hiandrd (imllty, 4 to hivoks, Hr dm t
OreKim 1'riiiit Klle, 4 In n IhhiIis. per li,r . '." mi
Uni. Iteversed Winn Files. 4 los ImniIis, per dir. 1 10
Any of hlxive ijiluliUi'i wilt t.y insll u reivliit of
prlcf. Also full llim of Holm, IiU'.I.M l.l.N'KM
KU!.,t '
Hudson's Gun Store,
tr Hi'tul fur HlustrtitiH! raialiiuui.,
HABIT 1 jee
Pacific Medlctn Co., 839 t'Uy Mt., in rrs'i r,
Confound yoo t Whit do son nni s. M..
M rm that wheelbarrow over bit tors t"
"ttf 'em out of the way then."
' reuow. I am FitKA1ttnnn nni. r.wk.
Mara in the current issue of the treat Worll,
Fur Ma f mint,"
"Well. I am C. riimm r .r .-a v, .
7. 1. " j""'", "rcHU"e 1 ne used Dr.
Grant'! Bvruo of wild r.r.n. ,. .....
C X ' cl'".,cu. "J1"' w- Manulnctur-
.f Por""l, Oregon, ,ml my portrait at
peara dally tn their Medical Adviser, so put your
toea ln your pocket and nurlfv vour hln,,H Ki ..
Inj Syrup of Wild Grape."
JBait PitaAltamont ButterW Tuhha forth. .....
tat drug stora.
SSfSPf?J!rSjlBS AhHPrn til) 1J lp.4.J!llill V jfiMFZftjML
This GREAT COUGH CURE, this success
ful CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug
cists on a positive puarantee, a test that no othe
Cure can stand successfully. If you have t
will cure you promptly, j If your child has the
quickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON
bu MP I ION, don't wait until your case is hope
less, but take this Cure at once aud receive im
mediale help. Large bottles, 50c. and $1.00
Travelers convenient pocket size 25c. Asl
your druggist for SIIILOH'S CURE. If you)
lunps are sore or back lame, use Shiloh's Por
ous Plasters. Price, 25c.
MAGIC CON FH lire sold on iMiariintci'. Tf t h..v
full to hem fit or cure, retu n cones, nut used, in
K "J" inner, unit iiiiniey will oe r, IIMIllnU. A
remedy that CUHKa can bo OUAKANTKKI).
I ndli H can cure tlieniHclvcK fit hnmn without r,u;
of ilme and tho exptm e n trllle. J'lirllcuIarH
(Hcaieuj tree. 'I ll K MAOIG CONK CO , Third Htn-i't, I'o thmd, Or,
The Specific A No. I.
Cures, without full, all caxr-s of (Jnnairis.
hii'ii und 41lrt, 110 mutter of liuw long
Htnii'lliig. I'i events stricture, It hi'hiK mi ln-
lerniu remeny. in res wncn everytlung elite
has fulled. Hold hy all Druggists,'iiienherfMwlIclne
Prion. - Btt" "( Oil
Old Gold and Hllver Bonvht: in,1 vnnr nM rinii
and Hllver hy mall to the old and reliable house of A
OoJeman, 41 Third street, Baa Franoisni; I will soud b
return mall the oash. aoairrtlng to assay; If the aiuoou
la not satlsfaotorr will return sold.
Bones, Meiit.OiWieatid
t.reeit t,'ut IUINKh wilt
nimlilo tho 11 it in i -r of cvit
--will iniiko tnoiil 111. ire fer-tllu-tt-lll
eiury tho hens
mifi'ly thrniigli tho mottiiitf
I'erlod mid put them In
condition to In y w hen vtun
oiiimniiil llieliiKheiili.riiu
und will (loveloi.o your
chleks fioitcr tlmu an
other food.
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