The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 17, 1892, Image 1

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VOL. 4.
3food Iiver Slacier.
ri'il.UdlU ITIRT iTUbT MOHNIKd ar
Tlie Glacier Publishing Company.
1 imi mnioN mica.
Oitt yt
i miintha.,,
Hirtu ihonllK,
tiiU flop .. ..,
.. 1
Barber Shop
Grant Evan, Propr.
ootid Ml., i.Mr Oak. . . Jld Uer, Or,
SUvl.m and Hulrcuitlin neatly done
iialiifaUiuit (iuaiaiitsed,
A IK'imty United Stitcs OJlcctoi
Arrested in Mexico.
Tac G jvi-rnrnt'iit Contract Indian Sihoo'
at 0:d Mis-Ion Keopens Ex
citimt'nt at I'uinlx.
The Portland cable road hag been sold
under a mortgage.
I IbIio I rli i li t ion in t a will place
complete ticket in the Held.
Tho Common Council of Kan Joxe ha
fixed the lax levy at $1.25 on tlio $101.
M tirhlial Parsons has withdrawn lib
lihi-l Kintu ngiiinit the SaJt Lake Tribune
The Halt, Hiver Valley of Arizona hat
dreams of becoming a groat hop-produc
iltg hecllon.
Hin Jose retimed to vote $150,000 to be
expended for a new central school ami
for sewer facilities.
The Iridks at tin United States Con
sul's oil! cu at Victoria, H. (J., "how an
itn r.'n in exwirtn to Fan FratieiHCu
dtiriun the past li vo month.
It U state I that th Cliino sugar-beet
factory id not retlnmg sugar this season,
but in ali'pimi raw sugar t) t lie Npreck
els relinery In Han Francisco.
In a sham night attack at tho camp oi
the Nevada mtiitU near Carson throe
men in liaatdy itetting np stepped on
bayonets, and severely lacerated their
Tim baseball bat and an ax were
wielded in a tight at Virginia (Jity over
the title to a house by I'airii k Ward and
Tom O'Rjurke. Both were seriously
won ml od.
The Ue publicans are holding two Stale
Convention!) in Nevada. There la a d s
augment over tho propoaltion to accept
the silver electors or to select a straight
Republican ticket.
The fru t crop in the Willamette Val
ley will fall short of the average, it in
a nd, owinit to the cold rains and heavy
winds which prevailed last spring. The
ehoitage is especially noticeable in the
prune croj.
Dr. A. M. Newman proposes to locate
a colony 01 Norwegians ol 000 families in
Lane county, Or., and will purchase
from II. 0 Offen the latter'a 2,!M0-acre
farm, located eight miles southwest 0'
Eugene. The price to be paid is f 44,-000.
Tli A It,. ..... I I ll 1 . .,
v Muiinn y- iciiriiii rirtommrnus 10 Uir
President the Kcsiguiitioii of tlie
Marhl of UIjIi.
The Treasury Department so far this
par nas nipjH-i 1 tt L $ i,m o,(K;0 for mov
ing crop, as uguiUHt tl 1,80,1,1100 for the
KHiiin licnoi lul vt.Hr. 1 1, xr.m i ..
cr ae is exp'ained not by a diminution
t! 1 in crops, but by the fact that the
banks were U'tter suiplied with small
Kecretary I'oiter says there lias been
as yet no place or time fixed upon loi
the Hireling of the international mone
tary conference. Hhould the cholera
coiilinueits menacing course, the opin
ion U exp ecs id at the Treasury Duparl
inent that it la altogether probtflile the
meeting of th coherence will m de-
lorel unlil some later date, when the
danger from the scourge will not be ao
4reat us now.
'I-I... t .
inn rin-rciary Ol llio illlflriOf lias ap
,j ,ri.ioiied the survevlng appropriations,
Oregon receives J.r),(ii;o, Wsshington
fll.i 00, and Idaho fiO.lKM. OreKonhao
an increase of lo,U0,l over last year, and
Idaho an Increase of ()K, while Wash
uigton is the same as last year. Of the
amounts apportioned the tollowlng are
'o I hi used on public lands within the
railroal hind grants: Oregon (t.ri,uiKI,
A'aihmgton l!,00tl. and Idaho 1 0,001).
Attorney-tieneral Miller recommended
iiie 1 res u -nt tint the resignation ol
united Mates Marshal 1'anons of Utah
!e aikii for immediately. The Presi
dent approval the recommendation, an 1
1 he Marshal lis Immhi asked to rHuign.
it I stated at tlie Department of Justice
mat this action was taken because the
Marshal and his deputies on some occa
lions bad allowed Iris oner (Jroestieck to
cave the pr son and visit bis third wife,
lor livinif with whom lie had been con
victed on the charge of adultery.
It lias been le.irned on good authority
at the Navy Depirtment that the Secre
tary will not detach the Monterey from
ihe Hin rrancisco station when she goes
into commission. It is his intention to
have tho vchsoI remain as the principal
defense ol the city. Hue will tske coaHt-
wire trips northward as far as Portland
and southward to Han Diego, and will
re nain constantly in those waters. The
Monterey will tie put in commission .be
fore her annorplate lor the vertical tur
ret is finished, and its absence will lie
supplied by thick oak planking. It i
understood that Lieutenant IVndlxton
of the Washington navy yard will be or
dered to take charge as her executive
Captain Shepird, in charge of the
revenue murine bureau of the treasury
department, bin not yet received con
firmation from any of the revenue cut
tern in H.-hriius-aof the remitted arrests
oi nriumi an American sellers by a
UiisHian man-of-war for illegal sealing
in the ne:g!ib-irho ul of the Seal islands,
still owned bv Russia in the Retiring
sea, and leaded to the AlakaConimoreiai
Company. That the arrests were made
more than three milej from shore is not
doubted. The occurrence will have a
pointed hearing upon two of the ques
tions to be arbitrated upon, vix: What
exclusive jurisdiction in the sea now
known as the Behring sea, and what
-xcUisive rights in the seal fisheries
therein did Russia assert ami exercise,
prior and up to tlie time of the cession
of Alaska 10 the United States, and
second, how far were the terms of juris
diction as to the spal fisheries recognized
and conceded by Ureat Britain T
D..i: -.. I .t " .re. i .
1 una- din ui hit conns 01 sr. lou s
Notoriously Corrupt.
Homestead Strikers Continue to be Ar
rested at the Instance of the
Plnkcrton Titles.
lias saved Virginia's tobacco
a grain blockade at Kansas
There is
The paper mills of New England are
uniting a trust,.
Tittshurg will build a f403,000 home
ior 11s paupers.
The continued drought has injured
corn in Illinois.
Chicago's school census showa the city
I..., i iii.i . I I If li 1 lion
I ranslati-in of the N(w Testament From
Original Gre-k Into the Creek
Language Completed.
Insufficient clothing keeps 8,000 chil
dren from school in Chicago.
Harvard urnverattv vnnii 7 iwi ,.,
" vi loom hi, uie norm s rair.
Miss Irene Wood of Cochesett, Mas.,
has taiiLthtseventv-t
of echrjol in the same schoolroom.
Marie R ize has decided to winter in
Paris and to teach a;nvimt t such Amer.
ican and J'ar.sian btudents as can pay
her price. '
lans University is the lareat in tha
world. It has ,.'I5 students. Vienna
University with t 220 Student. ! mm- .n,l
and iferlin th.rd.
Washintn Academy, wldch U Ka
pride of the quiet, sta d little town of
East Machias. Me., lias ii
its 10'Jth anniversary.
The University of Padua will ee!irota
on December 7 the tercentenary anni
yernr of Galileo's installment as pro
fessor of mathematics.
The teachers and KtinerinfAndanfa r
the United States receive 80,')u ,0o0 an
nually. This amount increase 2 fiist .
000 each year, or 3)4 pur cent.
11 lil
Tlie Irritable Kaiser Dismisses One
of His Personal Aides.
Ukase Issued by the Czir Forbidding the
Hissing of Foreign AriLts or
Philadelphia is soon to have, a vtm
i .1 j ..!.
ui eievBieu railways,
Atlanta is said to have a park for
ored people exclusively.
It is proposed tl build a railrnad (mm
vv aldington to Mount Vernon. It will
soon Uij reauy.
It is planned to construct
harbor on the north shore, off Lincoln
rurx, uiiicago.
Russian Jew Immigrants at Boston are
wanneu with a solution of carbolic acid
10 ant cnoiera germs.
Bank Commissioner Johnson of Kan
sas has isMied a report, which shows
great prosperity in that business.
It is reported that Republicans will
Miss Vio'a (iriswold. thfi nn!r
jn a class of forty-eight men at tho Col-1
lege 01 rnarmacv. Northwestern Uni
versity, carried off the CM pnxe.
Tlie averaue yearly salary naid n man
school teachers in Pennsylvania, includ
ing all the distr cU both city and coun-
Iro ia t '.IK ..,( I 1 ... .1... ,
aereat yacht I ' ' ' .'i" V. " Ti tpr
- ------1 nuiflCU ieilf:ilHrn
Cheao tearhnm ma Ira
cheap schools, and cheap schools make
cheap men.
Mrs. A. E. W. Roberts of fn
I. T has completed the translation rf
the New Testament from the original
Greek into the C
vuivers:iy oi on O Mas eon rri nnnn
her the degree of doctor of philosophy
in recognition of her scholarly attainments.
Vintage prospects are good In Spain.
lTOD nrosnects in rmmi r.t r.
1 1 - win, lie
land, are gloomy.
The floa ina Donolation of fho Tt,om.
uuuiuers OW,OuU BOUIS.
The Venf zuelan rebels are reported to
have captured La (iuayra.
Chili and Peru are thought to be pre
paring for another struggle.
The Sultan of Morocco'a forces have
routed the rebellious Angheres.
Uruguay is endeavoring in , . :
OOJ.Ojo loan from French capitalists. '
It is said that fashionable waterinz
places of Germany are sliin;y patron-
A company of Japanese actresses
institute suit to test the constitutionality
01 iiie 1 nuiana apportionment act of 1801. More than 200 women are Mn,tcin nt
Mr. Wanamaker receives mnr nnnuaiu I the Ave ereat imivrcitioa .0 u,..;-n..
frotn cranks and ottier beggars for money land Berne, Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne
nun utiiciai mvor man any ottier man in n"u aie. me greater number of these
public life. students are from Kuesia. and only
. 1 ..1 . . : . .
An auent ol the Red Cross Hoc ety ia r,c:r ' "ro ,rein America, utie hundred
at Brownsville, Tex., investigating the ' n'l"8'v:n are mdying medicine,
condition ot destitute people in the Rio 7 lwu puuosopny ana nve law
uranue alley. The most instructive cnlW voll
:....! ... , I J:... 1 - ... V .7 . . . " ,'"
.jin-oi.uFFijlo uoinir an immense "'"'vereu ib mai ot lite Kir s be on i? nor
amount of damage in Ohio to o its and 10 l"8 annex of the Western Res-rve
other growing crops. Wnole fields of
oats nave been destroyed.
o....., 1... :.ti.t
yanKn iiioinna in Ionian mm scared a
wttiie man nearly to death by tnstitut
inga mora torture of burning at the
stake ana cutting otl his hair.
It is said in Texas that the Railroad
loiuuiission is only restrained by the
rrc-ni decision irotn uiHKinif rates on the
uouid lines and trie Hanta Fe.
Itie LeijiBlature of Louisiana ha
piaceit 111-ell on record as favorimr th
election of Henators of the United States
uy a direct vote ol the people.
1 ! 1 I ivt?u iiiu
Arrcmo re iwing maue at Homestead, Wellesley and Smith
.1 'i ..7 "V'1'"". wer tni?aged in irom the Vassar ecale.
ma wiiii inn 1 innertons, tlie lat-
ler uaving sworn out warrants,
The government has unearthed exten
o.vr nuiiu iiauoa uy wyBieillHlIC Unuer-
weighing of impor ations. Eight im
porters at flew York are said to be in
Anderpon & Co. of Port Huron, Mich.,
manu'acturers of carriages and agricult
ural implements, have riled chattel mort
gages aggregating $230,000 to secure
University in Cleveland : " Wui milt
fresh air; keep your leet off the rema-
taire." This yell is a constant reminder
of tlie sanitary rules of the school, strict
nln,4 A . 1 t 1 1
uiT.-uicni;o vt wincn nas apparently
tiroveu 01 great advantage to the students.
tne President of tha Association of
loilegiate Alutnr.a. Miss Klutahrl
Howe, has been investigating the cost of
a co.ieutate education for women. She
nnds that the cheapest of all the worn
ll i r 1
cu n i;oiit-gca id usear, wriere IfiUU C iV-
ers an the expenses of a year's training,
save those the student makes for herself.
dilter but bttle
At Cornell. Rrvn
Mawr and the Harvard Annex the
cliarires are sltirht v higher. 4nO tn t.Mni
being a fair estimate. It ia a fact wnrthr
of attention that in the coeducational
college the price of a year's Jiving is
hightr than it ie in any of the colleges
exclusively ior women.
The Programme of the Dedicatory Cer
emonies of ihe Columbian Fair
Completed Etc.
The Transcontinental Railway Asso
ciation has instructed the Chairman to
give the required three months notice
to the Pacific Mail Steamship Company
canceling the existing agreements.
The Highbinder Society of New York
sent a meseager to Emporia, Kan., to
notify Wuong Lee that he muft leave
tnere or die. w uonir is naturalized, and
Wealthy Danish Banker's Resemblance
to the Russian Czar Causes Him
to Become Insane.
A factory at Lynn lias asked for space
at the World's pair to show pneumatic
dynamite guns and projectiles.
Colonel Eliott F. Sheuherd of New
York has purchased 10,000of the World's the officers have promised protection to
cnirnouventr coins, paying f 10,000 for "'.
i ir , . .... An attachment has been filed at New
New York will exhibit at the World's York for f450,000 against Bullick A Wll
Hair sections of all the trees which are der, railroad contractors, who built the iu iho omui, wi mee mere Monterev and Mexican n m mat
While an Indian woman was sewing
in flia faliu.1t. r I ii Ipim a. 1 . 1 . C. ..
Diego county, a wild cat pprang upon 6 .-rty three peie and etghty-five The claim is for money advanced to carry
her, biting and tearing her flesh. A dog ..a numner which is not ex- on that work.
came to her rescue, and diverted trie at
ten'iou of the ca-, which chased the dot
to the stable, and tho noise there aroused
the husband, who shot the animal. The died from her wounds.
There are about 175 Indian boys and
girls at the Chemewa Indian school now,
but it is expected the number will reach
300 before long. Uncle Ham has not
sent the quarterly installment of between
M.OJO and $10,00 ), which is required to
run tho school, but it is looked for in a
Bhorttime. The payroll of the pupils
alone is in the vicinity of $215.
In the Court of Private Claims at
Santa Fe opinions were iianded down
There are counterfeit $10 gold pieces got nnany into ai
of date 1852 in circulation It Chicago Mi , ?ie 5? me 13 lra?lne,
They are hgher in color and a reatX i1 t!," of
celled, it is claimed, by any State in the
t has been decided to make a Tacoma
exhibition at the World's Fair to con
sist principally of drawing and the con
ventionalizing of forms and clay model
ing. The High school will contribute
most ot the drawings and lower grades
models in clay. Complete plana for the
exhibition will be arranged.
The programme of the dedicatory cer
emonies of the World's Fair has been
completed as follows: October 19, re
ception to the President of the United
States, Cabinet and other attests at the
Auditorium : 20th. erand "P
Centuries " at tha vrcnnitu Vniin.irin shape of a laive illuminatoi) r1nlu .ifi.
recently confirming the title to two large this will be speeches, military maneu- tne different continents, oceans, etc
I ghter in weight than the ffood pai n
f .. 1 1 1 1 "
va an oi inem appears the letter 'n '
indicative of tho New Orleans mintage
it H reported Jn New York that the
tamns-vviuoner-ierkes syndicate has
nouDiea up the Jay Gould holdings in
the Manhattan E evated Railway Com
pany, and that the triumvirate of street-
ran way men wm demand three seats in
tne company's directory,
St. Louis, Mo., will have an attraef ivo
Candidates Harrison. Raid. AWn vpr
and uidwell were all born in Ohio.
Bismarck used to spell his name with
out the "c. German naaire, in wnrda
having a similar endins aanpi-.inniw
t ii. " "b
ciiner lorm oi spelling,
Lord Herschell. Great Britain's now
Lord uhancellor, is not a direct descend
ant ot the great astronomical Hersch-
ens, but ta of the same family.
M. Lareen, a wealthy Danish banker.
so strikingly resembles the Czar of Rus
sia that he has got finally into an insane
that he
nation unsettled hm mind.
llenry de Rothschild, one of the
young swells of the famous family of
Rothschild, is at Saratoua. He is one of
the Paris Kothscht ds. and is said tn ha
heir to more than $50,000,000. He is an
atnietic youth of 19 years.
Mr tredenc Le'trhton. PiWrfanf nf
tne Koyai Academy, is mentioned as
likely to be recommended to a Peerage.
As literature and science have both a.
ready received this compliment, it ia
feature during the fall festivities in tbS oniight th i Ta r ZhoM "be "c gnized
Shane Of A lai'CA 1 lllminnta4 irUU.HI, I. ' " "WjUliCU
tracts of land in Taos county. N. M
known as Las Ranchor del Rio Grande.
The grant was confirmed for 109,000
acres. The other was the Cubero grant
in Valencia county, calling for Borne 16,
0.0 acres.
in a similar manner.
The Prussian armv is sa;d tn nnntafn
but one officer raised from the ranks
Colonel Landemann, who was promoted
for acts of exceptional bravery in the
t-cnieswig-Holntein campaign in 1861,
vers, etc. paintea on its eurt ice. It will be 100
A Madrid disnatch savs ; The oaravnU :eeV . n circumference, and will contain
Nina and Pinta. which have been hnild- uuu incandescent lamps.
ing some time at Barcelona for th On Canadian Pacific railway official
lumbus celebration, have been launched, charged with being engaged in asistimr H )aa t ,.,(' i j. ;
ov,,t M,iil lo 1 '..i i..ti " r .m,,..lo.. i,;.,:.-.i..-- . " uuuiiuauuer
m mm imicu BllurilV. HB OniV 1 vv. uaaa umiltioo lulu lUlHCOlin- OI Tnfl NITf.lAt.h n
Olnln P.mU. Hl ! I i . I tho maata 0.1I a f,,, nt 1 1 '. tru ami th T.oo....,, 1 1
....... v. - , . v- li .a n f 1 v jDnniiiu 1 ..... - 1 u. . 1 . j iiubiiiica m t- .' 1 ......... . wu... .iiicu, , t r . : .. e , .
the 5 J.000 edition of the "Resources of nw lacking. The Nina is 57 feet long officially notified the Deputy Collector Ln.h T VV ?u j? U0Un-tl
now against the man who
nhonla nJ tl : ..
The wheel manufacturers west af tha vmtt it iooiiQ.,o a i
. . . . - i . wu uiikcu. n At : rv imi.riiiriHin
Alleghany Mountains haveorganized the Rirnrv nawananar in P,.;a V, . ...
H oaiicui if uwi ADt3ui:iuiiuii nil xnuian-
Orej;on," a neat little pamphlet of 20u ver deck; the Pinta is 72 feet long over t,f Customs at Montreal of the fact with France ii'mt
pagns, lull of general information about (loek nnd 25 feet wide. a view to putting an end to such work. wrnt r
une oi me Dest snffgestionB yet made
this tate. About half of the edition
has been struck off, and it is calculated
that it will take six weeks to complete
the work. A'ter that he will start on
the "Resources of Extern Oregon."
The Monumental mining and milling
property at Granite, the property of C.
H. Mther, has been consolidated with the
Morris mines nt Greenhorn, and a stock
company formed with a capitalisation ol
$1,20.1,000, divided into 25J,H00 shares
for designs for the World's Fair souvenir
coina is that of Ferd Peek of Milwaukee,
Wis., that one side of the coin should
represent North and South America
with a ship between them heading to
ward the shore. This would mean some
thing, and it is of verv little mattei
whether it is beautiful or not, althouab
certain designers seem to consider the
aiter qualification a tine qua non. A
Mil.- 1-1 I , ., ! .. .... - .1 ' t I , ,
iuo company in incorporated under the UUIU 10 "over ming oi Deatliy, although
name of the Granite and Greenhorn 't may be a joy forever, and in the case ot
Uonaouaa'.ea Mining and Muling Com- ,ine souvenir coins the designs should at
. a ra intanrloi ts , . J. -
. y 'lift . . r , I "vMumi.wug vIlV DUUUt Ji 11 it I Ljr.
apohe. Dwight Smith of Jackson, Mich., and meanwhile an edition nf iiinnnn
was elected President and Jay 11. Smith copies of "La Debacle " has been 6'old
secretary. The organization controls 95 out.
per cent, of the factories west of the rp rmq, t. ! i v. v n u
-VHeghanies. J lerH " i to be be, ly ben
. . , , . . .1 io laud uaa llio IOOK OI
An aerolite weighing fortv-four Donnda hnalth hnitii, m...; v.
.I, ... , i " I I .o mi.,- ji u 1 1 n lilt? nag mJ-
tell on tt e farm of Lawrence Freeman (nmoinnnniiiitakaKiohnrj j.
near Bath county, S. D., late Monday move unsteadily, while hia eves appear
afternoon. The advent of the stnnn wa aw.-.lion ami t.;.i... .u.
. . , . , .u,vi3u uiuuru uy bile blllCK
liCn I, I. iil Hi. .aim. 1. ... .. I in ... . J
iiumiui vi coidioi anni u CAUiuHiaim. i inina nr nnah ah hiD .h..u u i u:.
preparing to start on a rirnfoaair.n.t
in Europe.
The freedom enjoyed by the press in
Germany is to-day greater than it was a
few years ago.
It is said that the Queen is about to
convert Sir Arthur budivan's knight
hood into a baronetcy.
A large number of Hebrew immigrants
are returning to Europe from thellirsch
colony in the Argentine.
Portugal will have to sell a portion of
her colonies to meet the interest on the
exterior debt of the country.
The romin silver wedding of the
"u W leen oi itaiy is to be made
the occasion of great festivity.
In Germany, France, Austria and Paly
there are constantly in harr..fra
der arms not less than 3,00J,(W0 men.
The government of Portugal has sanc-
uoneu ine importation ot 12,000,000
Kilos of wheat monthly for ten months.
Liverpool hotel and trades
not t ke kindly to the proposed change
to Southampton by the Inman Company.
The irritable Kaiser baa diem ssed one
of his personal aides who presumed to
criticise how he arranged his breast dec
orations. TheCzir has issued a okase forbidding
the his.-ing of foreign arttt-ts or actors
on the operatic or theatrical stage in St.
A jury at Paris has acquitted De
Mores, principal, and his seconds, who
were indicted fur the killing of Captain
Mayer in a duel. v
A pension of 2.000 vearlv haa
conferred on Lord George Hamilton, who
was First Lord of the Admiralty in Lard
Salisbury's Cabinet.
A Geneva watchmnVor huo ;t,.,,i .
talking clock that can Via an nillnDia
.L-i !. -li . .. . "uJui"CTl
uiai it, win invite the courting young
man to stay to breakfast.
The number of dead in tha ParVc)t
pit in Wales is placed at 107
one of the 148 entombed have been res
cued, and two of those have eince died.
Madame Moes. a bear t.n mar at
while in the cage holding t.n onimoi
in check, slipped and fell, when she was
immediately torn to pieces by the bears.
At Vienna 4S0 doctors h
.1. J.L . .. w -1 -
nueuu cnoiera patients on the condition
that, if they die while in the dieeharge
of their duty, their families be provided
Dreckor, (he drawbridge kerpir. opened wide
The dangerous gate, to let UiovchwI througlu
HI llttlo win wa Rtuoding by bin Ride
AUive I'aawilc river, deep and blue.
Wbilo In Hm dlttanto. like a moan of pain.
Wan heard tbe wtiktle of tbe coming train.
At once brave Drecker worked to awtni It
The g.-it'.-llke bridge that teem a gate of
Nearer and nearer, on tbe slender trax-k.
Came tbe ewlft engine, pufilng lu white
breath. :
Then, with a ibriek. the loving father saw
um waning twy rail headlong from tbe draw.
Either at once down In tbe stream to eprlng
And save his son. and let tbe living freight
Rush on to death, or lo bin work to fling
And leave bis boy unhelpd to meet bis r&t
bleb should he do? Were you, aa be woe,
Would not your love outweigh all else beside?
And yet the child to him was full as dear
As yours may be to ron-the linht nt
A presence like a brighter atmosphere.
me uouBenoiu siar mat shone In love's mild
Vet side by side with duty, stern and grim,
hven his child became aa naught to him.
For Drecker. being great of soul and true.
Held to his work, and did not aid bis boy.
Who In tbe deep, dark waters sank from view.
lueoirom nis rattiere lire went forth art
But as be fell back. Dallld w ith hi. nln
Acrtwa the bridge in safety passed the train.
And yet the man was poor, and In his breast
Flowed no ancestral blnml nr kin n.
True greatness needs no title and no ( rent
To win from men Just honor and reward:
Nobility Is not of rank, but mind;
And U inborn and common In our kind
He Is most noble whose humanity
Is leant corrunted. To ba Iiiki !
The birthright of the lowest born may be:
Say what we ran. we are one brotlirhwiH
And rich or poor, or famous or unknown.
ii i uearu) are nouie, true nearts alone.
-Henry Abby.
Men with Several Offices.
A good many business men of this
city have two. three and Home four
different offices. Sometime these
are four or five milea apart. There
are well known lawyers here who
have two offices and handle a wholly
different class of busines tu each.
Interested in big cor;ii ations, a live
business man often necessarilv ha
office hours at the corporation offices
of the respective concerns. This not
only enables him to discharge hia
mind of all other branches of hia
business while attending to one, but
it enables those who have business"
with him to transact it without in
terfering with those who are bent on
something else.
The mental strain thus put upon
an active business man soon sends!
him to Florida or some more perma
nent resting place, so that it is doubt
ful if anything is gained by doubling
up in this way. The matter is inter
esting, however, as illustrating the
peculiar qualities of brain power and
training. New York Herald.
Technical schools have been estab
lished at Kingsend, Ireland, for fisher
men by Lord Pembroke, who is one of
the large property ownera in the Emer
ald Isle.
On a recent Sunday there was a 26
mile foot race in Brittany under a
scorching sun. Ihe winner on crossing
the line drank a glass of lemonade, and
fell dead.
Henry Labouchere says that Mr.
Chamberlain will end his career in a
lunatic asylum. Mr. Chamberlain re
torts that Mr. Labourite nturimt
from oue.
Ia the Boulevard St. Germain inPmio
you can drop a small sou into a slot in a
circular co umn publ ciy situated, press
a button and catch eight quarts ot hot
water in a pail.
The latest idea in Paris is an official
nspection of all. the shade trepa in tb
city, with the view of removing those
that are not healthvand
others that are. 6
Tn view of t.ha imnonmr.
plague, says the New York Sun, Dr. Da
rem berg says to the Parisians "rii
your ice!" Freezing does not nil the
germs oi coniagiotl.
The Empress Frederick- will vat ii fn tit
Berlin early in October tn All rmrinfon
the preparations for the marriage of the
Princess Margaret.
already well in hand.
The Governor of New Rnmh wi00
states that since the passage of tte pro
tection tariff in March laBt the area of
land under cultivation in the colony had
increased 25 per cunt.
Several Welsh tin-nlat.n m ft n n f a t n vara
closed their works
works are now clo-ed, and 10,000 hands
are line. Many sailed on Saturday to
find employment in America.
The latest news from Rolivia ia tn tbo
enect that the
The Origin or Humbug.
Edward Nathaniel Lewer, who was
all his life connected with the Lon
don Stock exchange, and died on
May 7, 187(5, aged eighty, once said
in all seriousness that during the
Napoleonic wars so much false news
or pontics and army movements
came through Hamburg that any
thing that smacked of the incredi
ble was received with the derisive
phrase, "That's Hamburg." whence
is derived by corruption the word
"humbug." If the woid does not
date back beyond the period referred
to, it seems a more reasonable deri'
vation than the very labored one we
get in Webster's Dictionary. Notefl
and Queries.
Jerked Beef.
A remarkable instance of the ten
dency to change and even mutilate a
word in order to give it a familiar
and suggestive appearance is found in
the expression "jerked beef." which
is a ready English substitute for
"charqui," the Peruvian word for
meat cooked in smoke, or "jerked."
Such a liberty taken with a foreign
word may readily be pardoned when
so happy in result, but the necessity
for changing "lustrine," a French
word for silk, into "lutestring" may
be questioned, seeing we have many
words, such as "luster" and "lus-
trous," from the same root But
there is no accounting for fancies,
Chambers' Journal ;
When Nails Came High. !
An ancient Eastport account book
6hovvs that tobacco was sold by the
. j . ii. i . . ... .
vara in mat ancient settlement in
1797. A somewhat extreme illustra
tion of the limited purchasing power
of a day's wages at that time is shown
in the price of nails which were theu
made by hand (cut nails not having
been invented), and sold at Is. 2id.
(twenty cents) per pound; an ordi
nary days wages would pay for four
or five pounds. Lewiston Journal. :
Liberal DenilHpa ahan.
rJ!!nAr 1M the d? P8 ,BhoId h' were heard a distance of fifteen head ia clear aa a be 1. d.t 74 r - u 1 "rlL""e"d the meetings, of
' "'" ' me man ana tne aeea they ml es or more, and in some instances nr. shrAww iam u;', t I ri , . UUW1 .luo Kovernmeni explains
are intended to commemorate, ' J created considaVahla .f. n"ance8 1 no shrewder lawyer or politician in New its high-handed action in deposing some
AJJLitC taiiu. ,c a I i -
A Place for a Rigger Man.
Rev. Dr. Boyd tells a delightful
story against himself in his reminis
cences. It is of the senior wrangler,
who, when the parson told him of
his intention to leave Edinburs-h for
the highly desirable incumbency of
St. Andrew's, naively said: "Bless
me! are you going there? Why,
that's a place for one of the first men
in the church!"
- M uieir mem Der a.