The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 10, 1892, Image 3

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    1 TV ry .
:aooci iivcr Glacier
TIim limit arrive n Ml. Ilmul nl
II !'
rliirk A. M. Vi'ihii ilnvN ami H in 11 in y : h
purl ''u mi inn day ,ii it. ii n,
Kor riii'inmi'tli, Icuvrn nl M A. M, nri Ivim nl
I'. M, HlilllliliiVK,
For liliiiNnl i. imivi'D ilully nl H A. M.
liilMm hi nun o i ll m I ', M.
l''rolit While HiiIiiiiiii Inivi'H fur 1'iililn, (III
limr. Trout l.iiki1 iiii:I Ulthwood,
WihImoihIiiyn iiml IiIiivh,
lciM'iilil mi ii I ii nl Miirvln I (iiimIV.
Ni'W 11 tic nl' fine toilet HnaiM nt tin"
ilniK Mtore,
M Uh A mi Smith lt vIhUIh friends
111 I'oltllllld.
I'li'liiii'M fr.uiii'il to order nt tin fur-
llllllV Mole,
True to name -"IVi foetloii" dye lit i
tlio dl'lltf More.
Jim LanlHe hn boon nt Mt. lluuil'
for 1 1 io piiHt week.
MIn (Irnett (IiiiIiiiiii, was nt Tin '
Dullo NVi'ilni Hiliiy.
l-'rt'Hli rlniiiM, nf tin lii'Ht hrundx only, ;
kept ut (lie diutf Mule.'
All IiIihIm of rniiiitry pi'iiilurii Imtilit
himI wiIiI ut J I un ison's, i
Mower puis, il:iln iiml fancy, In pro-,
fl'xlllll, lit i lie 1 1 t If Stole, i
Tin'ii wm liit ii hII,' lit n. In, the verl
m hii'iiiki' Muii lay nielli. j
M ifh (' i lu illiwult nf I'liKlan.l n
till' i III hi ('I .Ml H, J 1.1. ( '(-.
Tho cimth'iI routed u ati'i iiii'luii Is
Jiiht now Ii' all oilier lilt 1 1
1. X. L. trio spray a well an all
other liiM't'lit nit k at llie ill tin htnre.
Iti-ht (iiullty df IliM'lie llitrlinr lime
ttt 1 Jill m T ImlTl'l. S. II. Il Alt I MIS.
A lari.V' supply of liiinilHoiiie wall pa
1T Jiitl itemed by S, K. li.iituict..
Frank Mcl'ni land ami wife 'lilei
friends In I'liltlatnl during the week.
W. !;. Nelf Iiiih limveil hlii tent iiml
appiii'tiliii t t etiiorvlllo, Win hinuioii.
l)nii( J.tuiKlllf v:t down Ti'imii Mt,
HihiiI or a lew iliiyn hut reliinieil
Iliiiiilkeri ltlt f exliat Is ami toilet por
fuiln H ul' the heril ifatli s, at the th lie;
licit (iridium bus formed a partner
ship l!h (ieul'e l'lullier in the butch-
vr business. 1
l-'lrslelass cedar hIiIuIoh
Ihoiisand at the Hood ltivcr M.
CVk. hlore.
KcIiimiI eoiiimcin'es in listricl
Jlartett ilixtllct Molld;iy, Willi
to. per ,
r. U.
4. the
II. L.
Howe teacher.
I). K. Old way, expects to iiiovo his
fairlly over froiii the little White Sal
luoii this iiionlh.
Monthly w ii I.alsir day and was np-
iroprlntely kept In this sccllon, every
tody ts'lng at work.
$l.:iil ht harrel for 1 1 tint inti n lime,
IheUttim the market ut Hie limui
ItlvvrMfj,'., Co h' htnre.
Conductor liradfiird tin I family, took
In llonil Kiver for a few ilay iciuinii if
to I'm t kind Sunday.
Tli.. Inn. Iii.m.I Sl ums In h ul .. i
rtdaps.-, not having Um vlsihle since ' it lot is a gonemus one. The Dr.
tlio day we eelehraled. j iH l' ! 1 1 .t tl solely hy a desire to cal
atleittion to the uiagniliceiice oi Hood
Kpli Ollngcr took out four Astorians j Kiver fruit, and a full ami line select
nndu Portland geiitlcuuui 'I'ueMilay, i ,ui hlmuld he hont him.
nil hound for ( loud Cap. I , ,
1 1 O io of Morse ami Hand's l lijgy
A lioiisi', ami six ellgihle om for wile temiiH made a short run one day hi s
t ii harpiin for cash, l-'or liiforinalioii j week, hreakiiig thehuggv tongue anil
call on Ktlgar W. Wiiuins. I d ilngsoiiie other hlight duinage.
Mm. Unwell has lust oi.ened a new .
- tf - 4 - - -
Htoek i.f goods, ninl solicits am inspect
ion thereof by the ladle.
J. M I.elto, Hoeretary of The Jiiidal
Null J.umiieilng
ring Co. wan here on fcu !
It '1 l.ursday. 1
; j
htinluch vis
A. 11. Tlemaii, Chris Dothiuun and
John lllnncliH were In atteiidaiioe on
County Court Wednesday.
Tlio Dulles fireman, visited Port laud
Monday, taking part in the parade and
having a general good time.
W. J. Jlakorand Miss Clare Doolittlc
visited Portland Tuesday arriving
home Wednesday evening.
Mr. A. It. Uyrkctthas i'OO tonn of
hay for sale ut White Salmon
on or wrilo lilm ut that place
Cii'Lindmu Clark went to Portland
Wedn.inday, to reinein during the
winter with her 8on Newton.
W. J. Caniphell lias hoen quite sick
having hud a severe hemorrhage of the
lung, but la Hlowly recovering.
F. H. Button Vlm a jmssongor on
Tuesday's evening train tor Portland,
lie went down to attend tlio races.
Hon. F. P. Mays, ciuno up from
rortland Thursday, and went out to j
Cloud Cap Inn to join hisf.unily.
a iu,.., r..i r,.,. .. ...!, k
the O. A. K.,m tho 17, the ;ioth mini
V ,
versary ot therbattie ot Aiitletum.
J. K. liand's house is nearly com
pleted, und .1. 1'. Watson's residence Is
rapidly upproching the finishing point.
Professor Gavin, of Illinois, has been
engaged as principal
Iiml of Tho Dulles
, i,' .. Mmi, i, iv i
schools; und begun
' I
IT..., I. .1. ,,1.11,. I,, 'I'l... lt,.ll..L
Thursday took out his llnal .apers, and t
Is now a full-Hedged Ameriaui citizen, j
1 fc
Tho hearing of the Polk petition for I
A liquor license, caused a f' j
jnore Hood lliveiitos to visit I he Dalles
Mr. Hicks, recently editor of the j
Heppnor licvord paid Hood Kiver u
pleusant call
M. V. Harrison is again doing the
Job act, being sadly alllicted with his
third, mid we hope last crop of boils for
the season ut least.
Geo. Coleman and family, have
moved over from White JSahuon, and
.ure iu their new home, the former Mid
dleton residence.
Waucoma lodiro K. of I., Mill
be !
represented in the Urand lodge which :
meets at Eugene, by Captain Coe und !
Wesorlrilberj, - ,
In tin' ll-zlit weight ronton!, between
!m ;
MiIIIIm iiml Myers at New wiieaiiM
Oil lilt.' II 111. MVl'M Wilt KIIOCKOU out
j In the I't til round.
Hy J. M. Mureldi) liasitn on hand u ciir
Inid of hay. All Hiomc wishing In
i jnirehii'M' n iv Invited to liiHieet the
j MIIIIIO III Ills lllll'l) llf htlHlllCHH.
I Tlii'ieiron Llllnlirr I o., will move
tlio holler and engine from (he I'ai ker
llllil to little While Salmon, soon
jiew mill will ho nii'chaMi'il fur It.
'I'lie 'J'eiinoMHoo .Inhllee hinders enti'i
tiilnineiit at the ', It. church Monday
owning, was welt at tendril; and that Is
ahniil all (lint can he haid in lis I'uvor.
Mr. Wlckinim left u mf do.en
huilchcH (!' ii'tijH H with us, thai ale, or
were an Hue u anyone could wish.
The hum Iicm were as'solld as If hut one
piece of fruit.
; Ah u ureal iiuinher of our htthserlhers
j Ih-u'IHI takltt.r the paier Ke)lelilher 1st,
I many mihscilpl Ions I time due with
j the Inst Issue. We will h pleased III-
lieeil to hee nil of them I'l'lteweil,
The travel to ( 'lnnd Cap lias Is'en
hli;htly hotter this t-casou than lust,
hut the iitimlior Kpeiidliti; the humiin r
in the valley has hoeli lit licit Mnaller
than for heveral previous hoasoiiH.
The :'lst nfOetoher is to he ceiehratcd
hy all theheliools In America. A pro
erninnie has heeii urraii;od hy Mr.
Hclliiinv, under the direct inn of Hie
YuiitliH 'itinmiiiitii, for the occasion,
(I!ev. T. It. pentl.-ltl, Senior nf rtilon
Tltoolo(.;eii helilillliry, of .New Voik,
w ho Is vlxiiinir his 'sister Mrs. ('. I'.
Ili'iild, tins ciinseiitcil In occupy the
pulpit of (he Congregational church
Ka'urday Is urlmllnir day at Ilarhl
soii lip is' mills until huslncss In that
line Increases, Near itehdiliois are al
ways retnly to irlvo precedence to tho'-e
from a ilUtance, so th'it they nei'd Hot
Ho home without (heir (jrist.
Hood ICI V I- Indue No. 111.". A. F. A.
M. I'oniuiuiilcaMoUM at 7 p.
in., Saturd.'iv on or hel'oro each full
mooiiatOdd 1'i'llnwh hall. Sojourning
hrelhleii cordiallv lltvlled.
II. I.. Smith, W. M.
mi r. i . I'.iinsirs, Mc y.
Mr. John Watsons family after n two
Ilioul lis mil Iiiit here returned to I'nl l
hiitd Tuesday. Mis. Willlains Mis.
Watsiiu'w mother, and Mls Jicmpsy,
w ho were visiting them here accompa
nied them.
JudKO C. Ilae' Us of Spok iiie I'.ills
arrived hero Wednesday on a v sit
to his fit her (J. W. Jlatduis and other
relatives. 1 lis many friend kept him
hiisy shaking hands until his depart
ure' I'ridav itiKht
Mr. S. I', lilythe, helii).' an old typo
knows hist w hat will make a nrfiitcr
happy, ami lllusirateil that tact liy
leaving a hig w alermelnii at I his olllce
l'rlday. A uoodly portion of It went
to the devil, hut that's nil right.
IieV. .1. Waldrop, of Portland, will
! iidilrc the ell l.ens of II I Kiver and
vicinity, at Armory hail Tuesday evon
iliC nel nl 7:;;il upon the political is
' sues of the day. Mr. Waldrop speaks
' 111 the intercsi of the people's parly.
! Tuesday morulni; A. A. Jay'nes, a
1 promiiteut eilieii of Arliuutoii, while
'hliooliiig kmv.o hens along .the hank of
the Coluinliia In ii hoat, in kouio man
ner tllsclotri d his shotgun, tlio charge
striking his left arm near the w list and
tearing oil" the ham!.
The oll'i r of Dr.
lMlklnglon to take
Ollal-'O Ol all 1IUU Ht'lll 111 1110 I OIIIIIII I
"" " !l oteasi-sirap gni tg away,
while going down hill, letting
bugiiy run against the hoio-i.
There w ill ho a meeting of the fruit
't i-aturtlay iilternoon tor
1 l'rHM' - arranging lor ii Unit ox-
hihu lor the rortland exhibition. It is
growers next Saturday iilternoon, for
(ho umlerstamling that all Irtuts in
proper eondil ion uithc close of the ex
position will ho forwarded to Chicago,
for the world fair.
Julius Baldwin, who lias hoen em
ployed on the Vlironicli' at The Dalles
for a year or more, and w ho worked
w ith us in prying up the Wasco Canity
S'tm, has gone to Tekoa, to spend the
winter with his unolo J. C. Baldwin,
formerly of The Dalles, lie pleased us
'gri'ally hy making
us a visit before
JaineH Langille's barn and ten tonwl
of hay and l.i(H) feet of feasoned oak
luiiitier were detro.yed by lire lust'
week. The lire 1h Hiinposed to have'
caught from cinders luown from a lor-
est lire, liiingille Mantis the loss ol t lie
barn ami hay all right but that season-
etl oali lumber, that was, but is not,
causes manv vain regrets.
Dr. Barrett received a small hive f
bees from the east Tuesd.iv. The ex-!
press charges were about seven dollars, I
or about a dollar a, pound. It would !
seem irom tins, ami similar cnarges
... "... . . te 1 1 titl'ut i k niiltl ini'jin ijiti i 1lJ
iiiii.i' ink; Kill innnv VMiuuivm v'iiinio-
Sinn niigiit nmi a sunjeet tor ns Con
sltleration; that is if express companies
are not above t he reach of the law.
Mrs. 8, C. Smith, presented us a box
of delicious strawberries picked from
her garden in town. Tho berries were
huve and the natch from which thev
. .... .ii,' i '..iVi L ' if .1 i, ,.V. i
. . ' ,""""" ' ,
ueiu tug ior ne pasi, nioiiiii, is sun reti
lt '1(,i,1 of uw:Iiih fruit It
f 08"?1t,,,,t n,l,,ttl0. morc. ',Vtl,,,on
to the fall crop of berries might prove
Wednesday was Hood Kiver day at
imr iii session, and a irame of ball
tween Hood Kiver and Dalles nines
that did not come oil". A short lime
ilKIF II1CM.' i'lUUM VM'li: 1W II.11U VIUPl-VI
bats, but Hood Kiver failed to get
there; this time It got there all right
but The Dulles club was scattered,
Hence no game.
Hon. E. L, Smith went to Trout
lake Tuesday, and will have a road cut
out to the snow line on Mt. Adams be
fore ho returns. Tho country around
Mt. Adams is covered with pine tim-
I tier, and Mr. Smith tells us that a party
went last week with a team and wagon
to within three miles of the snow line,
without meeting any obstructions in
the shape of (! timber or brush.
lllllnlrcilt of 1 liiMimtuiU of A . of
lie viliiril 'I urrllftry.
Jt it perliinm iieeillcKM t reiniii'l thn
reniler Hint tlierii uru homo 4 17.0 uv.tim
of wtisto IiiihIh in Htill'olU comity, Lonir i
island. They an, now . uvered uil.U
Munteil plue-i.MTul.oak and underhruMh.
If tlllahlo tlii MH hitrren u:n:n uro lidvan-
A I laKfounly hitiuited for tint experiment of
I colonizaiiiiii. Tim intention iih to their
poxMlilo Ji rlility has heeij miswereil lxith
vaVH, and it i t rapidly nuneurliur. if not
illlVHflV llillllllliwl I'll), ill llltll tlil.uft tlllw.
.i..i,:,., i',.,t,.,'fK. ,u
nillivitlioii have
... . ' .
heen in error. Yearn
aico (Jovcrnor ,)
ilm A. Di.x called tltu
utteittlou of the New York Hlato Agri-
cull iiml htsiety to tht'sii land.'
Sinco (Jovcrnor Dix wroto many nuc-
hf ul experiment, in cultivation of
j thesi) land, have confirmed his judg-
luelit. Noll't of llirso can havo moro in
(tcri st thu Mociolttgist than that of
i tint liolo'iniau colony, situated midway
: helwi
i. ,..,....,., ! ., rmyujn. ill
is now a tertil.i garden sisit that
I. , , .. 11,
litirst uiiexpecteilly on tint view all
oasis in u dense audtlreary wiMi riu.'hs of
i dwarfed oak "and prolific uudcrhrnsli.
1 This cominiiiiity was formed a scoro of
yours ago under cireuiiiKtancoH tho moht
iinpi'iitiisin;;. Noar thu piotureHquu lit
llt) l'oitntl laku called Itoiikonkoiua, ko
1 deep that local legend pronounce it un
fallioniahlo aiel v.ltow) outlet ha never
been discovered, lie Lakeland, a hither
to wild tract of Kcrult mid furze, on
which it was proposed to establish a
colony. Among those who wcrw in-
, dueed to purclai'to land thertj in tho diiy
1 when romantically wordod advertise
iiienu descrihed it a an Kden, were
three Bohemian families who had ar
rived in tin. country but a short timo
I Tho heads of these families wero John
: Kertochvil, Joshua Wavra und Josejih
Iloithi. They wero honest, crodulojs
folk, unfamiliar with tho wiles of tho
"boomer." and they purchiised their
'. lainl unseen on hi representations. Uut
I when i:i tho waning autumn they and
! their wives and litllo own beheld Lake
land, iu only harvest frost tinted, tmn
dried. rriu!:!ing leavei, their hope. niok
ened and they wotdd have returned to
; New York if they could. I Jut they wero
' without mean to nuppnrt thcmselvon in
the city. Hence, iiitiiiTerent where it
: iui;;ht be found, they sought more prom
i isiug territory toward tho Koiith. and
; after wandering a distance of three miles
' they knelt in tho woods to implore di
! vine direction. By common impulse
they wero moved t'l choose tho spot
' where they thus km It a tho center of
; their settlement.
Themtii plodded hack to Lakeland.
: and thence laboriously brought their
personal effect., tlio more important of
j which were a canvas tent and a cooking
stove. When shelier was thus secured
; and uu attempt made to kiuillo a (ire it
I was iioiTowftilly discovered that thero
: was not a match iu the colony; und all
j Bohemia laughs to this day when
i story i i told of John Kertoehvil seizing
hi musket ami firing the charge int( !
i tho grate, thus providentially kindling:
j the lire while running tho risk of blow- j
' iug tho precious stove to pieces.
: The men found work on tho Great '
South bay near by. or on tlio farms of
i tho southsidii geitiry; unit licfore long
each family dwelt iu it primitive hut, 1
I and men ami women unitedly labored to !
; clear tho laud and prepare it for a crop, i
; The narrative of their struggle would bo
j monotonous: Enough that it was nuc- j
cessful. (jiradually their numbers wero ;
j re-enforced by other families of their :
; count ryinen, until thero are now fifty-
tw o houses and y.'iU settlers in the colony...
I Pretty little dwellings they are. too. sur- i
; rounded by trim gardens and patches of '
' land yielding crops of corn, potatoes and
j oilier vegetables as bountiful as can bo
I found anywhere. j
The area of Doheiniaville is 1,300 acres,
;JW of which aro under cultivation. A i
commodious school building and a public '
hall evidence the progressive spirit of the )
villagers, some of whoi'n are old Cut ho- '
lies anil others Hussites. Both sects havo j
neat chapels, tho Hussito element es-!
ponsing tho forms of episcopacy under
I tho superintendence of tho Rev. John 11.
j I'rescott, rector of St. Ami's Episcopal J
! church. Suyville. Although English is ,
r.lono taught in their school, they cling
! to their mother tongue and to tho cus
i tnms of fatherland, while all ardently
j cherish tho memory of John IIuss.
I Harper's Weekly. . .
A OtifiT Way of Choosing n Wli.
It lias remained for a younir clergy-
man, u missionary, to take the palm for
a phlegmatic choice of a wife. Having
decided that it would bo advisable to bo
accouipaiiied to tho mission field by a
wife. ho. undertook to select her with
lus heml. not thinking it ness;iry that
Ids-heart need bo considered in tho mat-
tor. He first made a list of attributes
desirablo m tho wito ot a missionary; t
then, as ho went about with the differ-j Notice is hereby given that the following
niii vnmi n-rannii hij wnii.iiiit.m.T. ! named settlor has tiled notice of his inteic
eut joung women ot lus .aquamtance, , ,(m ,milU,Mlnili proot isUpiMirt of hise n'ivs
ho watched for the development of any : and that said proof will be made before the
characterises corresponding with hi, Xnl&X
rwonl. w . j , August J. Waftnltx.
When ho discovered any ho marked a ji. k. No. att s tor the e n e s w' n e
point opposito the young woman's name, j "ll " w ?i e -i aw - Tl':i 11 r 10 e w
Wl,.,,, tl... f,n t. (l.a li.n'..n lll HIHIICS tilt! follOWiniT WitllCSSeS to pTOVe
, T ,7 , A 7 " v
o ollered himself to that young woman
who had iitihioved tho hiirhest Dercentaco !
"'""--' umiuoii!-".!-.. j
in this unique table, and, alas! was ac-
ineoiiiy reueeiiiuig leaiiuo oi
the transaction is his admission inado
somo years after his wedding to a friend.
"My wife," he says, "was never courted
hel'oro her marriage, but she has been
! assiduously since." New York Times.
Tho Camel's Itmlurunce.
In a paper on tho camel Ilerr Leh-
mann refers to its relations to tempera
ture and moisture. Neither tho most
broiling heat nor the most jutenso cold
nor extreme daily or yearly variations
hinder the distribution of the camel. It
seems, indeed, that tho dromedary of
t he Sahara has better hea It Ii there than
in moro equably warm lvgions, though
after a dav of tropics! heat tho ther-
mometer sometimon goes d.iwn several
degrees below ireesmg, point and daily I
Vlll'iations of IW.? de" centiunida DC- I
Hii.iittiis ui ,.).i u,B. iiiu0j.jii vv- !
i'lir, Mature. i
if !:.
I Siituiday iiiuniliiK Kept., .'ird, Olive
I Irene, Infant dauifhlfr of Mr. and .Mrs.
1'. WmIhoik ii(,''.l 11 mouth mid .')
iduvrt. rumrul Sunday In Idlowildu
Hoii..J)anlel lieattv, the great Or-1
' Ulm Um1 I'Ihi,,, iniiimfn'i.tiiier. Is I.iiIIiI. .
; ini ami hhlppln more OraiiH and I
'.I'latun than ever. In 1S7U Mr. Jieatty j
leu iiotne a peiiinlesM plow hoy, ami hv
,,Im Indoml'iihlo will he has worked hi
) ut wt as in hen ho mr neany ioo.ihh; i
" J.euiiy H iirguim aim riauos Kince
lh70. ""Nutliltii M'i'iiis in i
him;, obstacle lal'l lit Id way, thut
Would IlllVe U'reelieil iinv oi'illniirv tmiii
forever, lie (urn to an advertisement
ami come out of It brighter thanever.
Ills Instrument, as I well known, Hre
very puliir ami are to le fouml In all
part of the world. Wo are informed i
that during the next ten year lie in-i
tend to sell axi.OiH) more 'of hi make;!
that meaiis a business of o,iknj,ikni, If'
u-.. t. ir.. fm.i. II...... .. C'tlli ......1. f I., t
" Hl'lllV Ill lib V'''" llll'lli It I.
(lr(,U(Jv ,R. art )UMi,wf the kind I
in existence. Send to Daniel F.lieattv. I
Washington, New Jersey, for cata-j
1 Ite umlersigiieil iH'ing located tiean
Jlood Jtlver, wishes to inform parties.
wito may 00 itesirou 01 having sur
veying d'ne, that he I a practical;
surveyor of inany year experience,
and that work entrusted to him will lie
performed with dispatch und correct-i
1 1.. 1. .!,..... 1... 1.. ...i-....:.... 1.. 1
in -i"! jit; uiii-n j ni-ii.'ii 1 u jii ivieiini in (
Mr. A. S. Blowers, (who for year was,
county eonimissioner iii Minnesota,)!
ami for whom ho ditl county work aj
county surveyor, us to hi ability, j
Puttie writing me at Hood will re-;
eeive prompt attention.
C. .1. Havks.
Dated Hood Kiver April Uth. IS'jL
To be auctioned at the farm of Mrs.
Laeey,sepiemberii.'tii nt 10 oViw a.,
Ui., household lurnllure, consisting of j
c rpetn, stoves, walnut furniture, hand i
some bed lounge; everything good as;
new. Also cow und yeurling heifer. !
IIKATTY'.H oritHtis 1 1
It'iricnlfiK. Kur purtl-
liii's, eiiiulou'iie. iinilresa lmiiiul r. Ilcutty. i
Wiutlilimlnii, Ni'W .li l'vy. 1
()H'IIS Ut
Portland, September 21
Cotilliuii's ono Molltl iiiiinlli. Tlir foro
runuer of llie
Music by the Ftiniom
I If Providence, U. I.
Hurimnslnsr nil fitrnier KxixmlUoiu, und .
vulueit ut e.W,000,
A muitnitlcent doublo
Electrical Exhibit !
Under thu combined Thomson-Houston
und Kdisoa Com putties, ItieludlliK
tlio lutest mlnptutionii of
An Immense
V. 8. models of
From the Navy Yard nt Washington.
Stock Department,
Exceeding all former years, with greatly In
creased premiums.
90,000 square feet devoted to
the finest
Horticultural Exhibit
Ever made on the I'neitie Coast.
Manufactories in
Agriculture to the front.
full operation. The wondertul Hall of Mys"
tery. "The Little World," tho result of mo
chanlcal genius. Larger number of exhibits
than ever before. Tho popular special days
continued. Everything new; nothing dead.
:. Great lv Reduced KateS
On nil transportation lines,
Lnnd Oltlcent Vancouver, wash, Sept., 5, 1892.
his continuous residence upon and euitiva-
Hon of, said land vix: lvter sunier, of Yan-
'ver wash., char es
Hyrkett, Frank Coate,
lu, Anilii' nil nfTllll t I.Hk( Wllsl.lnfftOI.
' . V ' .. iT. wnenitz.
Application No IS to purchase under section
3 act Sept., '.11, 1890, for thee JJsoJi sec 15 Tp 0
n r 10 c v in.
lie names the following witnesses toprove
Ills continuous claim to and cultivation of,
said land, viz: 1'eter Stollcr, of Vancou
ver, wash., Charles llyrkett, Frank Coate,
Joseph Arnlc, all of Trout Lake Washington.
j septlO-octll Jons 1). Oeoohkoax, Kegistei-
Laud Olllce at Vancouver, Wash., Sept 5, 1S92-
Notice is hereby ijlvpn that the following
immcd settler has tiled not leu of his intention
to make dual commutation proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be inado
before the Heiilster and Heccivcr of the l. H.
Lund Otllce at Vancouver, Wash., on October
19th, Ma, vt.:
Charles V. Patterson.
H. 1;. &I74 tor tho s w i sec 22 Tp 3 n r II c
w m
j," riVSiC
tiotioi, sold lanti, via: Johu L. Mortis, Al-
bonus S. Ford. Ilenvy Juhnsim, John Perry,
H, fxvli(l snimiin Ivlickitat County wash.
ptnHvij4 jii n, (ooixroa n. Keeistw.
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils etc.
A largo supply of, and EMmh uujht to sell
I , .
Colobrated liquid colors and tinted leads.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Prepared to furnish at once, a fine clas of colli us, hls.t u chea.'i 15 ratio
but neat and substantial.
an 4 foot
Oak Strut, near Postojfice,
t , m
Wc have tirst-vJIafis Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, flicks
nmi Ca,11A irnrtpj
anU aaaaie tlOTbea.
A Fine Four-Ilorse Coacb,
pfrtien, carries nine passengers.
ble point. Keliabh drivers.
j .
0" Dray delivers baggage or
Liverv &
I have opened a Livery & Feed Stable in the
Hanna barn on First Street, and am prepared
to furnish hay by the bale ton or
If you want a livery rig call on me.
J. M. MURCHIE. - - Hood River Or.
Physician and Surgeon
Tt 1.
Chapman Block, over Postoff ice
Practices In all tho courts of Oregon and
Washington. Speelul attention given to con
A Indies cold watch chain with pearl
basket .oharm. Finder will confer a
j favor bv leaving the same at this office,
! or with" Mr. Bert Graham.
j. m. wmm k go.
Reliable information concerning land
I titles.
rv,,.!i. itv nn,i ..nnntrv nrnwrlv for
Conveyancing a Specialty.
139 Second Street - - - - The Dalkv Or.
8, Kxpress leaves at 11:51 A. M.
2, Mail " 10:41 1'. M.
No. 7, Express leaves at 5:15 1. M.
No. I, Mail " A. M.
Steamers from Portland to San Francisco,
every 4 days.
For rates and goneral information call on
YV. II. IHTRLBURT, Asst. Oen. Pass. Agt.
2H YVashUlKton St., Portland Oregon.
fil'STi n sale
XlJJlTliiX TO .AXjXj
n,n.,-- iniyri
& Bone,
suitable for fishing or excursion
Parties taken to any accem
. , 1 i ir 11
freight anywhere mthe Valle;
Beatty's Organs r-T
Write tor catalopn '. Addrcs Daniel K.lleatty,
Washington, New Jersey
Painter and Paper Hanger, and
all kinds of work neatly and
Cheaply Done.
HOOD -RIVEll, ....... r ORKOON.
Land Locator.
Every body wants land in Hood
Kiver Valley."' I have some vety de
sirable tract's of good land on my list
for homesteads and timiieivd
claims, with running wa'c" on
them. I can locate several stockmen
advantageously. Do not fail to s"0
me at Hood Kiver Falls or address mo
1 at Hood Kiver, Wasco County, Oivgou.
V. Itossj u i v i v-,
Has been thoroughly
renovated, and a large
ell added doubling its
Everything will be found neat and clean
Tables will he supplied with tho best the
A new stock of Ladies' and Gents'
SPECIAL attention given to 'clean
ing and repairing watches.
Hood River, - - - - Oregon.
Mil) OS,