The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 27, 1892, Image 4

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    Kitchen Economy
Actual tests show the Royal Baking
Powder to be 27 per cent, stronger than
any other brand on the market. If an
other baking powder Is forced upon you
by the grocer, see that you are charged
the correspondingly lower price.
Bread, biscuit, cakes and muffins are
not known in most delicate and perfect
quality where Royal Baking Powder is
not used.
There was ii mnv i'.v..x i:t the farm house,
and baby, rc.a.l 4. bad been told that he
m'.ist not pf.ty with it. On his way to the
farm ho was reminded of hi mamma's in
junction uot to play with the tranp dog,
and heexrl.iimed in a tono which showed
him proudly conscious of his virtue:
"Of course I would u't for tho world do
what mamma tells me not to!" Then, de
scending suddenly from this unusual
height of motaiity, he added confidentially:
"And 'sides, he sua;ped at one of tho men
yesterday." Wide Awake.
The Enterprising O.llce Boy.
Irate Citizen (to oCice boy) I want to see
the editor.
OiTiee Boy What do you want with him?
Irate Citizen 1 want to thump the
clothes o:T of him.
Ouiee Hoy Oh, do you? All right; give
me your name, aire, etc., and fifty cents.
Irate Citizen What's that for?
Office Boy That's the price of death no
tices; half the regular rates, you know.
Boston Traveller.
" Aided In His Own Robbery.
Scene a lonely road. Tramp Excuse
me, sir; do you happen to have seen a po
liceman anywhere about?
Gent Policeman? No,
Tramp Or anybody else?
Gnt I have not met a single individual
during the bust half hour.
Trampr-Inueed! Then perhaps you will
have the goodness to hand me your purse
and your watch. Exchange.
I'nfalthful to Him.
Museum Skeleton My wife, the fat lady,
doesn't seem to care as much for me as she
used to. I've noticed it since that other
skeleton came to town.
"She likes him better, perhaps."
"Very likely. He weighs four pounds
less than I do. I suppose that's the reason."
Yankee Blade.
A Charitable Family.
First Tramp I could have told you that
you wouldn't get anything at that house.
Second Tramp Well, I was just up there
and found a plate waiting for me at the
"What kind of a plate?"
"Why, a door plate:" Yonker's States
man. With Ely's Cream Balm a child can be
treated without pain and with perfect safe
ty. Try the remedy; it cures catarrh.
My son has been afflicted with nasal ca
tarrh s'nee quite young. I was induced to
try Ely's Cream Balm, and before he had
Urel one bottle that disagreeable catarrhal
smell had a 1 left him. He appears as well
as any one. It is the best catanh remedy
in 'he market. J. C. Olmstead, Areola, 111.
One of my children had a very bad dis
charge from her noBe. Two physicians
prescribed, but without benefit. We tried
Ely's Cream Balm, and, much to our sur
prise. thre was a marked improvement.
We continued using the Balm, and in a
short time the discharge was cured. O. A.
Uary, uorning, x. x.
Apply Balm into each nostril. It is
qnickly absorbed. Givs relief at once.
Price, 50 cents at druggists' or by mail.
Ely Brothers,
56 Warren Street, New York.
la that nn1
Absolutely W&jakPX
Water Proof Coat 1
trT to Peel, Break or Stick.
i to Leak at the Seams.
TfM-rt are pro win Ton on tu tne are
ItekiTitbs Pith Brand trad, mirk and aloft Wool-
tn uonsr. twin every"!, or Mnt tree tor price.
A. J. TOWER, flsnufr. Boston, Mass.
Onr shield Rrand In hrttrr than any watas
anef coat audi sices! Uia Vim Uiasd.
I simply state that I am Druggist
and Postmaster here and am there
fore in a position to judge. I have
tried many Cough Syrups hut for
ten years past have found nothing
equal to Boscbee's German Syrup.
I have given it to my baby for Croup
with the most satisfactory results
Every motlier should have it. J. H.
Hobus, Druggist and Postmaster,
Moffat, Texas. We present facts,
living facts, of to-day Boscbee's
German Syrup gives strength to the
body. Take no substitute.
'When I say care I do not mean merely tostop them
lor a time and then have them return again. 1 me m a
radical oare. I have made the disease of FITS, EPI
I.EPSY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. 1
warrant my remedy to core the worst cases. Because
others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a
owe. Send at once for a treaties and a Free Bottle of
my Infallible remedy. Give Express and Post Office.
H. G. ROOT. M. C. 183 Pearl St.. N. T.
ri 55
Kiln in t oil.'-t.
From Josi'pli JolTi'i-son's nutotiogra
in Tlu Century we itote tin fol
owinj,: Edwin l-nvt. with till his
faults, h;id wnrm and i iu-rous imimlsos.
I know of ouo uist;meo where- u jnxir,
old actress wont to liim in distress. In
former years lie had l.nown her father
and resinx-teil him. Touehed by Iter ap
peal fur assistance, ho lent her a large
Bum of money, with tho almost certain
knowledge that ho would never got it
back again. It was never tnado jiublie;
Iio one knew of it but tho receiver and
tnvself. Tho Forrest home has done much
good, and is likelv to do more; mid those
etors who either by ago or by infirmi
ties have been debarn-d t lie privilege of
following their profession will naturally
be grateful for this rk'h legaey.
Even in the davsof his theatrical fame
and prosperity Forrest was nn austere
man, and as ho grow elder ho became
morbidly misanthropical, holding him
self aloof from all but liia most intimate
friends. The latter part ct his life was
embittered, too, by illness and tho loss
of public favor. Until the closing years
of his career he had loen blessed with
perfect health; this became suddenly
shattered, and the unexpected attack
wrecked his dramatic power. He might
have borne the stroke of illness, but to
one whose imperious nature could not
brook the faintest slight the loss of pub
lic admiration was a heavy blow; one.
too, that would have shocked a wiser
and more even tempered man than Ed
win Forrest. Still he toiled on, and was
unjustly censured for acting past his
powers. Dut what was he to do? His
physicians told him that he must act if
he would live; the wheel must be kept
in motion or it would fall. His perform
ances in the larger cities were given to
empty houses, while bright and youth
ful aspirants were drawing from him all
his old adherents.
His former friends forsook him, and
naturally, too; they could not bear the
pain of witnessing their favorite of other
days declining night by night. No actor
can hope to hold an interest in his audi
ence merely by what he has done in
years gone by; in acting it is the present
that the public have to deal with, not
the past. To witness age and decrepi
tude struggling to conceal their weak
ness iu the mimic scene is too painful.
The greater our affection for the artist
the less can we bear to see him suffer
and go down.
In the vaiu hope of struggling on, the
old tragedbm sought "the provinces."
Here the people flocked in crowds to see
the great actor that they had heard of
from their childhood; not with the faint
est hope that they would find the grand
eur of the past, but from the curious de
sire to see a ruined tower just before it
The Oregou Hoot.
A decided novelty in footwear is the
"Oregon boot," so called, with one of
which a train robber who arrived in St.
Louis was manacled. The boot weighed
18 pounds, and a detective spent fif
teen minutes in opening the combination
by which it was secured to the prisoner's
foot. Thus hobbled there would seem
to be a small chance for a malefactor to
effect his flight from custody unless he
should somehow learn the combination.
Practically he might as well be an
chored to a fireproof safe. Philadelphia
Smuggling a Painting Out of Italy.
If a usually well informed correspond
ent is correct, this is how the famous
picture of Caesar Borgia, sold for 600,000
francs to the Rothschild family by
Prince Borghese, was sent out of Rome.
A coating of wax was laid over the fa
mous Caesar, and an artist painted the
portrait of Pope Leo XIII on the wax
It was then dispatched to its Parisian
destination, the coating of wax carefully
peeled off, and the famous Caesar now
ornaments the Rothschild's great gal
lery of masterpieces. Pall Mall Ga
zette. Babies Afraid of lilack Clothes.
At sight of a strange person, object or
animal a baby will cry. Anything black
will produce more disturbance in the
mind of a baby than anything white.
A child refusing to go to a relative in
dark clothes would not hesitate if the
suit were changed to a light color, with
a white, red or blue necktie. Baby.
Accustomed to Irish Uogs.
One Irish snipe shooter, Mr. Foster, of
Dublin, was used to Irish bogs. He was
so cool that he had been known, when
bogged and going down, to kill a bird
with his right barrel, another with his
left, and then throw his gun for a friend
to catch. "Forty-five Years of Sport."
The demand for willow wood for arti
ficial legs has grown immensely in re
cent years. The funny men on the stage
talk glibly of cork legs, but light willow
limbs are more popular.
A New York woman photographs odd
people in odd situations. She picks up
subjects on the streets or anywhere and
pays them to sit for her. She sells the
photographs to artists.
An Indian Woman Vt ho llcouglvt Her
It rot Iter's Mayer tit .loMlee.
One evening iu August, IStM, necorxllmt
to I ho Indianapolis correspondent of tint
Chicago llorald, rt mini called nt the polio
station mm reported Unit lie iiml loon held
up near the city limits mid robbed of fso
and a gold wateh. The M runner gave his
imnio a William Wesley Wise, A ho
told a elrvtunstitntiiil story a number of
ollleer aooompnnlod him to tho alleged
aeene of the mWiery. When thev reached
tho bridge over White river tho Hig Four
train was leaving for Chicago, and 0110 of
tho tillleers auggexttM that tho (rain bo
stopped, as it wan probable that tho roll
bora had boarditl it, Tho train wan
flagged, and a man was seen to leave tho
tender and run,
Tho oflleers started In pursuit and sev
eral shots wore fired. Wise was with tho
party, and as (ho shots were fired tho flee
ing man fell to tho ground and a moment
later was puked up dead, A ball from
one of tho pistols having iwissed entirely
through his body. Tho deceased proved
to bo Thomas Quinlati.a fireman of the
Midland railroad, who was on his wav to
takeout his train from l.eUanon. Quia
Ian had had some trouble la-fore coming
home, and when ho saw tho olllcors about
tho train ho supposed they intended to ar
rest him, and for that reason ho tried to
avoid them and juttiiieil from tho train.
Suspicion fell upon Captain Cumpliell im
tho one who 11 red the fatal shot, but the
autopsy demonstrated that tho ball was
much larger than that carried by his pis
tol, ami ouo of tho policemen was qtiito
sure that iso himself had done tho shoot
After this fatal termination of tho hunt.
iso made so many contradictory state-
meats that it was soon suspected that he
had imposed upon tho olnccrs and an in
nocent man had been killed for a crime
that had never occurred. A watch was
kept upon Wise, and every days tho evi
dence became more positive that he had
not only killed ljuinlaii, but that ho had
uot been robbed. At any rate It was cer
tain that Qttinlitii had not robbed him.
As none of the pistols carried by tho police
were of the eulilier indicated by tho ball
taken from Quintan's lasly, the conclusiou
was forced upou tho police that Wiso had
fired tho fatal shut. Ho was about to I
arrested on n charge of murder, whin h
suddenly disappeared.
After several monthsof ineffectual search
tho crime was suffered to pass into oli-
livion. A factor was at work in tho case,
however, that tho police knew nothing of.
Quintan's sister, an attractive young lady
from whom ho had parted but a few mo
ments before ho was brought home
corpse, took up tho search. Finally she
learned that a sister of Wise hud moved to
Indianapolis. In order to gain the desired
information she was compelled to move
very cautiously, and with womanly tact
she soon fell upon a plan. She adopted the
name of May Morgan, and sought ac
quaintances among tho people who lived In
the immediate neighborhood of Wise's
sister, and with these sho visited socially
for some four or five months. Mie sixm dis
covered that Wise's sister wits in corre
spondence with friends or relatives in
different parts of Indiana.
She learned one day in a chance conver
sation with a neighbor of Wise's sisti-t
that tho latter had a friend at l'erkius-
ville, Ind., with whom sho was in cor
respondence. After thinking over the
matter she determined to make one more
effort to find the murderer, and she went
to I'erkiusville. She was a stranger in
the place, but a happy expedient was sug
gested to her. She went to the postmastet
and told him that she was looking for a
geutleman who had a relative in Indian
npolis, but that sho could not recall his
name; that the man was in correspondence
with his sister there, and sho wanted to
know the name of the man to whom the
Indianapolis letters were delivered. The
village postmaster immediately gave her
the name of William Wesley as a man who
frequently posted letters to some one iu
The problem was solved inan instant.and
the young detective saw that Wise had
dropped his surname ami was known only
by bis Christian name in the community.
She managed to see him and make sure
that he was the person wanted. Having
located her man she returned to Indianap
olis, and appearing before Jude Cox, ol
the criminal court, where an indictment
had been returned ugainst Wise soon after
he fled from the city, she acquainted him
with the facts regarding Wise's location.
An oflieer was immediately sent to Per
kinsville, where he was arrested and
brought back to answer for his crime.
The Lottery to End.
It would appear by the following item
from a recent issue of the New Orleans
Timet-Democrat that the suggestion in
several newspapers of late, that the
Louisiana State Lottery Company in
tends Betting up business elsewhere, is
erroneous that it will close up shop on
the expiration of its present charter.
Jn view ot the contradictory rumors
circulated regarding the intentions ol
the Louisiana Mate Lottery Company
and in oider to accurately answer nu
merous inquiries, a representative of the
Inner Democrat yesterday interviewed
Mr. Paul Conrad, the President of the
company, with the result expressed be
low. Reporter Mr. Conrad, it was asserted
some weeks ago in the Northern news
papers, and the statement lias Bince
been revived recently, that the com
pany is about to remove to Nicaragua,
and there, under a government franchise
ot en up the business on a grander scale
than ever.
President Conrad I have heard tome-
!hine of this, but there is no foundation
for it. The company has officially stated
that it bows to the decision of the Sti
preme Court and will respect the laws.
Reporter then have you no plans ol
future action?
President Conrad I cannot state the
ease more strongly than was done at the
time the company decided not to at
tempt to obtain a renewal of its charter.
I can only repeat that the company will
continue in business until theexpiration
of its prefent charter and then cease to
exist. I cannot understand, after ali
that has been eaid, why there should be
any confusion in the public mind about
the matter.
Reporter Have you any objection to
mv stating this as a finaltv for the satis
faction of the public?
President Conrad None whatever.
Reporter Fome of the Eastern papers.
Mr. Conrad, persistently assert that the
lotteiy compsny continues to use the
United States mails in the prosecution
of its businees ; will you kindly tell me
it that is true !
President Conrad It is utterly untrue.
We are obeying the law in its letter and
spirit, and our agents everywhere are
instructed to obey it. We are using the
express companies only in our business,
and in all our circulars are printed in
structions to all persons dealing with ua
to avoid the mails.
tho Credit Is Dns to Milieu of ttta
I'litteri NtHtei, but the lUnvllls ar
Mharail l.jths Km Irs World.
Iaivdo.v, May 20. Considerable excite
ment oxista among idiyslcUiiMin F.iuropo
lis to the nature ot the most dangerous ol
modern diseases, and whether It can be
fit rod. Ten years ago Hi inht'sdiseaso ol
the kidneys' waa pronounced ineiirablo
by almost tho cntliti uiedicul faculty.
To-day many of them are in doubt, ami
neatly all the most advanced doclaro
tiiut it not only can bo regulated, but
that it can bo absolutely cured.
Uih authorities have taken steps to
ascertain tho exact views of tho leading
physicians ol F.uropo on tho subject,
and their condensed opinions are given
herewith :
Sir Morrell Maokomie, the leading
physician of Fngland, said : "I would
say generally that liright's disease is
curable, but the man or woman who Is
troubled with it must bo careful of every
action, almost of every thought."
lr. Mad-iipm, phys'ician to tho Prin
cess Christian and other members of
tho Royal Family, uaysi: "The name.
Height's disease, covers a multitude ot
complaints connected with tho kidneys,
particularly those complaints which aro
duo to inllamuutiou. How to arrest its
progress is to answer the question us to
what the latest euro niav be."
Dr. William IMward Robson, phvsi-
Cianof the Koval Navy, declare I : M.ike
the majority ol my professional breth
ron, 1 have long regarded Height's dis
ease us incurable. 1 think so no longer.
Hundreds' of my patients have lason
cured by tho use of Warner's Safe Cure,
and I am willing to acknowledge and
recommend, thus frankly, tho value of
this great remedy."
lr. Samuel Mills, of Charing Cross,
said: "Itright'sdisoiiHo is not necessarily
incurable. The duration of life will not
bo seriously impaired if projxr precau
tions are taken."
lr. Atxh'v Wilson, of tho Royal So
ciety of F.iiiiiburgh, asserts: "Warner's
Safe Cure is of a safe character aud
perfectly reliable,"
Prof, licrhardt, of lierlin, says:
"Hright's disease is curable except' in
cases of a shrinkage of tho kidneys, and
even then the patient may live from
six months to twenty-tlvo years, during
which period improvements in health
may be secured bv tho use of remedies
insuring the normal action of tho
Dr. Hocsh, of Rerlin, says: "I have
used Warner's Safe Cure 'myself, an I
have Iwen tho victim, on taking tho
least cold, ot rheumatism and palpita
tion of the heart. This sensibility has
disappeared, also the action of the heart
is quieter."
Prof. Winternitz, of Vienna, says of
tsrigni s rnoumatismal disease: "It is
curable, and in its other forms life may
oe prolonged.
Dr. tlustav Weber, of Pcssati. Ger
many, affirms: "Hvtho use of 15 tattles
of W amor's Safe Cure my general health
has been restored, an4 I liuve completely
cured myself of Rright's disease of the
Dr. Dugsirdin Rcatimetz, of tho
Academy of Medicine, Paris. said: "The
danger in Hright's disease results from
the crippled condition of the kidneys,
which no-longer take out of the system
poisons resilting from organic sub
stances. The treatment consists in
helping the iucllicient action of the
Dr. h. H. hirsel-IIucrlimann. of
Whippcngen, Switzerland, makes the
following reinarkalu assertion : "I am a
living example that Rright's disease is
curable. I suffered with that complaint
for years, and know that the improve
ment, appetite and strength have been
caused through the use of Warner's Sufo
The above facts prove what has lieen
asserted by Mr. H. II. Warner, both in
America and abroad, for years, that
Bright's disease of the kidneys can be
cured. When this claim was llrst made
it was scouted by physicians, but to-day
the leading doctors and scientists in
both hemispheres agree that Bright's
disease not only may bo regulated, but
can actually be cured. This is both
cause for gratitude to the thousands of
helpless suli,"rers who have been restored
to and also for all patriotic
people that this discovery for the worRt
anown of a I diseases emanated from
America and was put forth by an Ameri
can. Instead of feeling that the hand
of death is laid upon the sufferer when
tho presence of this terrible disease is
first discovered, there is ample assurance
from the statements of the above-named
physicians as to the cause and cure that
no Buflerer need despond.
Vncp HumRted Have you Komi rielirtiliorn In the
city? j-runk Townur we nave no iiuiKiioors ul
all; we live in u lint.
When anything stands a test of fifty
years among a discriminating people like
the Americans, it is pretty good evidence
that there is merit somewhere. The value
of a medicine is best proved by its contin
ued use from rear to year by the same per
sons and famines, as wen as by a steady
increasing sale. Few, if any, medicines
have met with such continued success and
popularity as has marked the Introduction
and progress of Branobkth's Pills, which,
afte- a tnsl of over fifty yars, are conced
ed to be the f afest and most effective pur
gative and blood purifier introduced to the
That this is the result of merit, and that
Bkanduktu's Pills actually- perform all
that is claimed for them, is conclusively
proved by the fant that those who reKaru
them with the greatest favor are those who
huve used them the longest.
HiiANiiKicTii's Pills are sold in every drug
and medicine store, either plain or sugar-
To Hp In a hummock
Ih blissfully swis-t,
If you're quick as a cat
And can light ou your feet.
Pi-bb vntt Pnrmtr nn Pm.n As soon as
tfipra in tho ntiu-hlnnf linAfininpHH of flip
clipsT. with rlilllp.nltv nf hrenthincr. or Indi
cation of cough, take during the day a few
" Brown' t Bronchial Troches," 25 cts. a box.
The fi-llow who marries the "relcnlng belle" often
hus a stormy 11 Iu.
We txiBltlvclv cure mnture. piles and all rec
tal diseases without naln or detention from busi
ness, No cure, no pay. Also all Private dis
eases. Address for pamphlet Drs. Porterflold Si
Losey, 838 Market street, Han Francisco.
After the tilcknocknt has succeeded in getting his
hand in he taken things easily.
Use Enameline Stove Polish; no dust, no smell.
Tbt G ibm i a for breakfast.
N. P. N. U. No. 454-S. F. N. U. No. 631
To (t out ol doers In roniih weslt vr is not
slrohii, but wi hiv, insiijr ul us, i'onislliil to Inos
round w outlier Irv-iuent )r. IMsi'snea w lilt h mini
from a chill ro si ullsr to no scsiou of llm
your. Tills Is true; therefore, llioro should tie
hi the closet ot every koiUH'tiolil-wliHt ? Kotss
litnntMllcsted NllniiilHiit, Hlwolmely devoid id
miyllihiK hut Hti exrtllvn si lion, hut a Ionic
eoiuhlnliiK, In the ellecllvn form of an Invlxor
sat sail su n I it-ritil vo, the ipmllly wf iIcIiuinu
SKHtimt clmiiH1'' ol Wi'Hlher. Uosd-tlci's Slum
Ni'h Hitlers Iihs throe or tour roociiics thai no
other hi 'tele of Its elans kioki'. Nut only
does It relieve the eoinilHliits whleh It even it
ally cures, It (orttlles llm system hkhIiinI the had
c Meets of chaiiKusof t(mvinhuo, filially ami loo
ollen shown In the deadly form of " la ntli'l"-."
It nroiliit os a radical change In the weakened
eiiiullilon of a sys em iectiliaily Halite to Im at
tacked ly It, and It lellilstn rovlil mhhIio.1 Hie
daiiKiT ii'sultluil filial su lnimvcithid eoiull
tloti of the IiIimhi and a disordered stulo nf the
liver or Luwels.
"Well, If thai ain't liii-nu," iiti-latiniM Hi nils
omit; "iivoi v ilin to d out' o' tin- nlorlna In thin hi-ru
piiiwr thti.v'vti KMiimu lo ri-iul Is conlluuiil. All' un
to Im finny ui't week,"
We nrt'iT One II hollars' rewsrd for any
eseof catarrh that eaiinot lx cured by taking
Hall's I'slarrh 1'ioe.
K. J. t il KNKY A CO., I'roi'S , T,ilm.i, O,
We, ttiiMindcrslKtied, h ve known f J t'lnmcy
for llm last tl tm-u yt-ar,ahd helleve I. tin r
fis't y hoimridile to all huslui'sstia suctions and
tluauclsllY able to csiry nut any oh IkhiIoiis
nude by the'r firm. WIC T A, THt AX,
hoUwa'e l'nntull, Toledo, O,
W huh sale ttrtiKKhos, Tuhwlu, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taten Internally, ac.luu
directly upon the blood sud mucous surini-es of
the syntum, lYsltmoutala sunt free. I'lli-O. 7ii
ei-tiis a bottle. Hold by all iIiiikkIsIs.
Ought to be ftnalltr
tho proat, griping, olil-fushioned
jill. There's too much umilonsunt
ness for tho money. Oulit to ho
better, too. Tlicy'ro lij; enough,
and ninko troublo enough, to do
moro good.
That's just what Dr. l'iort'e'H
ric.isant lVHots do, moro good.
Instead of weakening tho syhtcm,
they renovate it ; instead of up
setting, they clennso and regulate
it mildly, gently, and naturally.
They're tho original Little Liver Tills
tho smallest but most effective,
purely vegetable, perfectly harmlccs,
and easiest to take. Only ouo
little Pellet for a gentlo laxative
three for a cathartic. Sick Head
ache, llilious Headache, Constipa
tion, Indigestion, llilioim AttaeKo,
and all derangements of tho Liver,
Stomach and Uowcla nro promptly
relieved and permanently cured.
They're the cheapest pills you can
buy, for they'ro guaranteed to givo
aatisfaction, or your money is re
turned. You pay only for tho good
vou get. Iti a plan peculiar to Dr.
Pierce' medicines.
This GREAT COUG 1 1 CURE, this success
lul CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by dm
cists on a positive Ruarantee, a test that no othei
Cure can stand successfully. If you have
will cure you promptly. If your child has the
quickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON
SUMPTION, don't wait until your case is hope,
less, but take this Cure at once aud receive im
mediate help. Large bottles, 50c. and f l.oo.
Travelers convenient pocket sire 25c. Ask
your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If yout
lungs are sore or back lame, use Shiloh's Por
ous Plasters. Price, 25c.
Good advice to pine smokers
is to try a pipe full of Mastiff
Plug Cut. It's the favorite
with all who deliVht in the sub
tle charms and fragrant aroma
of a pure, mild-llavored, slow
burning tobacco.
J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., Richmond, Virginia.
If you have nn appntlle, Indlui-Mt ioii,
Q l-'luruleiinc, Niek-lii-aditi-lio, "nil run
v down" or losing flesh, take
putt's Tiny Pills'
y Tli-y tone up the weak stomach and (
build up the Hii;i;Iiik oni-i iflos. JJic.
The Sneclflc A Nn. I.
Cares, without full, all ensps of Uonnrr.
heeu and Ulomt, no nmtlcr of how long
stiuiilhiK. l'r i vents stricture, It hi-loKao In
twniil n-meiljr. C'urps wlion everything else
lias fulled. Hold by all DniKglits. '
Manufacturers: The A. Helioenhel. Medicine
Price. tO.00. t0- "an Jose, C'uL
I II ETI0 If Assayer and Analytical Chemist
1 wit) ej wasniugtondt.,1
, Portland, Or.
Both tho niftlioil ami XHtilLi wort)
tyriiji of Figs in takm; it in jiliMniiiit
mil refrPrihiujj to tlio t-x lo, iuul .!?
iMilly yit jiruinptly nn tli JCiilm yi,
(jivcr ntiil Howe!-, cIiuiih.h tho riji
elU llli't'tllfilly, tllHjielj tch!', lii'inl-
t'llfB (Hill luVtMH llllil Cllli'H ll tli'lltl.'l
otiHl'nrttioii jiennaiH'iil!)'. V r r:i'
u 60oanl $1 hotilia ly nil tlrmji iU
LOOIHILU, Kt. All!' C'.n f.
Uur Wonderful Remedy !
Kidney and Liver Cure.
A rto'HIve sperlrtr for all Kidney Trmildes orh
SICK HEADACHE, to. To the Krd n I. ,utll, ,.
tally sdaoled. To Uy II oure Is lu trcuuuueud IL
riarur-t) uy
The 0. W. R. Manufacturing Co.,
Portland, Orouon.
ton Mll.i: 111 AM, Mil t.i.ivim.
Will out lry rr in-i-ii
Iiom-s, M. ul, ti:l't'..Miu.l nil.
'iri nii Cut n IM S v. lli
itoMMe Hi o uiuiiln r nt i-i'Ki
W 111 111 11 III- tlu-ui llluti' II I-
tl!o- wi eniry ttm Inns
suli-ly tlirniiKli tliu tm itlm
erml 1111. 1 jnit tlo-ni In
eonilltlini 10 In v win 11 e!'vi
(Olnlin n I ti e liliilmat pi . n
nd wlil diivelo-'ii your
e lili-l fint- r t.uiii any
ottter fond.
I'n-I Cri-eu H-incs sn'l
ne rri-imiiiin in klil
tliu lire, an I mi w 111 tiink
fllty ycrciut wwtv jnu U
Head for CntuloKtiu nint
Lis, PATENTS. pMoils!
If you itfM1 tntor-'Mlti( n tt unv , rnn; If nu
wmtt h I'u'tMit, ni id'Hlrt' r IVftnlitn, w rlU lur Itifur
timltmi to 114 Mitt IN A It A l.lV n, U.,r
nrVN, WnnhliiKton, l. ('. ('null 1 I itn-n, Minliif
I IhIiiih mtil llnllrott'. I iiikIi "'" iHlty . Kttn umhI
(rut. Any ihnlri'U rrrirnrt Kivt-u.
radflo Medloln Oo,, M9 t'uvr Hi. Ran Jtsjk-:,-.
I ItliTOIsthaarkrinlre(tl
leailins- renu-or lor an n
unnatural l!-harces ac
trlvateillnanrsnr invit a
certain rn re for tlie IV
tatln( weascetis i-uilaT
to women.
I lifMpr li.ll.nilfii.;i,fa.
I TMlEvislCMIMieitrtV In reommuOlu ik
t OlMCISNtTI,0 EfTTai suiiersrs.
Pianos and Organs.
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
Buz HOJ.
If Ton Are In Naed of Trout Fllos, t
the Kent,
ntandaril quality, 4 to 8 hooks, per ilos n j
Orenon Trout Files, 4 to 8 hnnka, pi-r iic m
Fine Beversed WliK Files, i toH liooks. i,eV'ilVi.
Any of a'love qnalllles sent hy niiillnn reeeltil irf
prlee. Alsoafull line of KODH, JtKKLM, IANKH
etc., at
Hudson's Gun Store,
W Send for illustrated eiitiilonue.
If you want POWDER for Minino-,
Railroad Work, Stump BlitHtiiiit or Tree
. douvi iui tlietj liim.
year. Nuturiil leinperntiini, IhhiIi Fni,r. .-,iiM.ri,i
steam, ineillratnl anil shower IihIIih with iiiiihm,i(B;
HwlmniliiH pool, iiuuimte nn.t luhnlmlon r us.
Waters most valuable for liver am kidney vm.
plaints, rhenmallnm, Rout, dropsy, skin iille'ct'oim
L',riVM te 'll"",- l'1'.VNli-liui In tillo- dance, sine
ateil In ( iiHi-ade Mountiilim.lid miles earn of Kimono
Banli.M.r?',!7i ""llil"ll'K; mountain trout.
Board and UHe of water, fi pi-r day. For full inl,,r.
matlon wldress BA KU A MUl.FllltlJ
Look for this adv'tln thin paper next week.
Bout toiiKli Syrup. Tastes Good. Use
III I inn H,.M ho .1... vp
f Jtrdl.TI- t,JI y-'
naJT "sin-a lllH ffMi-f,fcA,s
rpumsiiw iiiimi)nii ii im 'in'," 'mf"i