The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 06, 1892, Image 2

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    ?(obd Ji vcr Slacicr.
C, 1S1V2.
' -
Tlie .'outcome of the Homestead lock-
outs promises to lie
the courts in the
prosecutions; It Is quite into that
mi e of this rioting tt:d bloodshed was
iiitKHiirv. hut insiiKil . f II... InlHii-iiu.iintwuns. for cutty snnnu now.mig
liiitn being ivspensillc lor it, Carnegie,
1-l'iek and those w ho wnt tla
Pinker -
ton's to Homestead aiv ivspoi-.slhle for
the whole i.ft'air. lYickvas getting a
taste of his own medicine fiwit licrg
man, "and while he was fortunate
Mioiinh to csetqic the assassin, the law
liuld step in and hang tioih Mr.
Friek and Carnegie, tlie same as it
would some poor devils under circuin-
Unlives showiti:: let connection with
ItiurdcivrttisuecessoiKj.. Wilson, w,!
, ... , , . , w ii , i
killed Mamie WhWi, ws mow a
murden-r than l rick, who huvd throe !
hundred inurdeivra to shoot into the
rowd at llonicsteiul. If Mr. Prick, I
the millionaire, w ill fellow the exam-j
jie set by his peer, il
be satisfied.
on, uUstiiv w ill
The filibustering still goes on in eon
press, the world's lair men lighting the
passage of the sundry civil bill,' in
hopes of forc;ng the granting of the ap
propriation of s,-jikio,uOl for tiiat object
It is shown that the money loaned at i t JaUlw in, orot other varieties ol ai-
ihe iUiilude,hiaHndNMvOr!,,ltW'K'SONn,,";H'Vh Y'!' U ,n'im
1 . ,, . ! duood; and whether thw is true of pears
positions whs a tiead kws to L':o govern-1 or otmr ki,is of fruits. Ton considi r
ineut, und it is presumed from Hits that able extent this is true, leit there are
the same thing will happen in east-! always some slight variations. PJ titer are loaned to th Chicago i ,he frU,it l ' hT "i "0t I1"'1
. ' 6 ! as pKid, or in some slight degree it va-
bliovv. Congressman Duiboirow has : rit.Si although not sullie ently so to U
introtiueeil a bill to give the I considered distinct; ooett donally, only,
world's 'fair foUD.itfiO, and as this 1 s,mu Vlry distinct form w ill occur, and
would bo suflicicnt nd at the samojj S? i-"nS
tune save an etiuult.niounttothegov-lliki.iv t() wme true stvd than
'rtiment, it ought to pass. Tlie most other fruits, and, In dee 1, some vurie
hipclul of tlie fair lieople, however, ties, like the Columbia, Snun-k audit
i, v i,Ilt iv,. few others, come so neirly alike tltat
have about given up , )ne ,mve' wtaWWlwl orohants front
IsihhI in that way. As a gem r.d rule,
At G o'clock Vedi.esdav morning, j however, the variations are sutllcient
Just 4.M years after Columbus sailed Ltt ex u'S?
trout Palos, a small caravel built m im- whil,i, he is hnikiug; an ltor this rea
iUtiou of Columbus' vessel, the t-anta son it is considered a goo I ruL' to de
Muria, sailed front that same port in ! l'd w holly on grafting in order to so
honor ofthe discveriesof the great ad- j t roots is
nural. The little vtscl sailed between j work anyone can do with case and
long tines of vessels, whicli gave their comparative certainty. Just cut otf
thunderous salutes as she passed, and the hotly as close down as will leave
. . 'room for the craft, siilit t'.ie stock with
iUC iWui!j a.. ,o.. a Kaj, un
hunting, tne flag of every country iu
the two Atnericu's being visible. An
other bty celebration is to be held at
Madrid on the lUh of Octolier "Dis
covery day."
Gov. McKiuley, in a Bjecli in Ne
braska Wednesday, said: "The repub
licans do not believe in taxing their
own people arf long as they can find
other jieople to tax." He alluded to
liis position ou the tariff question, that
the foreigner paid the tariff. The good
.governor should recollect the doctrine
laid down in 1776, by the thirteen col
onies, that "taxation without repre
sentation was an evil that could not be
submitted to," and le careful lest all
loreigu nations put in their claim to
representation in our congress.
.Mare was at its nearest point to the
earth on the 3d of ibis month, and all
the big telescopes have been steadily
turned upon our little neighbor for the
past month. Many absurd stories have
been circulated concerning ditcoveries.
made, but all of tbtrn are stories mere
ly. It is reported from the Lick ob
servatory that nothing w hatever has
been discovered except that proof is
made more certaiu that there is water
on t hat planet.
The state election iu Alabama. Mon
day, passed olF quietly, resulting in a
victory for the deniooiats, who elect
iilmoBt the entire legislative ticket and
all the state officers. The majority in
the Btate is about 45,000.
The Oregon Facirie railroad company
has been re-incorporated, and it is
stated that the money, or at least 12,
000,000 of it, is available for its con
struction. If the state expects to convict Birg
feld of poisoning Mrs. Rogers, it will
have to dig up some stronger evidence
than it has produced so far.
Important Circular.
U. S. Land Office, 1
The Dalles, Or., Aug, 3, 1892.
By act of congress, approved Sept.
29, 1890, claimants under the third sec
tion were allowed two years from that
date in which to pay for the land to
which they were legally entitled. By
a subsequent act (February, 1891), this
time was extended to the 3d day of
February, 1813, and by another aud re
cent act, the time was further extend
ed, to actual residents only, to three
jeans from Beptember 29, . 1890. So
that, as the law now stands, parties
entitled to purchase under the third
section, but not actual residents on the
land, must make payment on or before
February 3, 1893. Actual residents on
the land will nave until September 2!),
1893. John W. Lewis,
A lot of youngsters flensed the tracks
f a railroad near Brooklyn, New York.
A midnight train from Coney Island,
when it struck the spot, came to a
standstill, the wheels revolving with
out effect. ' Ten carloads of passengers
were stalled. They turned out and
scraped the grease irom the track with
grass and sticks before the train could
Panlos, like nil other flovivw, are
iniurllv must Hiniirht hcn thev are
mof diflleult to be had out of season.
They tire ivgurdod as wring iUiwctt,
1 tiiul JtiMly , they endure considoru-
)le frost 'without Injury, and do not
a tedious light ln lHTtoj-t thotr Uow. in est v.noiy toi
, 7 . .weather. Wt, it protected from the
hh:UM of criminal I .... xvt,h screen, and l!ie so',1 bo keit
; muNt, a jterfet t tloswrs ean t; had the
' entire season as during the early spring
.i i i ...i.i ,.. ....... :.. v. ....... i
I Mil u Mii'Ui'l IV : u ill . ii; ii.""i ,
land the Hants nrotee.ed b.v a frame
hiring tho winter: for midsummer
Mowers sow the seed as cully In the
spring us the soil ean be worked, lint
OetoU'rand Novenib r are the mouths
for pansles, and the bst we ever
soon wen- in those m inth, f:Mii seed
self sown in July. Tli seeds had rip
cnod tut our snrimr-ll werimr ph'.ids,
land when the capsules inu'-t the svd-
! were throw n in till d reel ions. They
! irivw as wtt ds gro.v, a id tltov caref.ill'v
seeivted Ihcmsclvcsnni tngotiier plants
f'r fear of Uing treated .-.s weeds; and
thetx among lilies, tr oinas, and eula-
;yvfny, JW ,h'u. iUsi(.;,w NUl.vor
nml growing under tit ' Ivst of care,
These plants gave us at abundance of
t!'wctN uu:il the midd e of Noveinlvr,
when nearly all
killed bv fix-cing.
til ne now its ei e
To insure a Inninti-
jiii harvest of pansies u'icr more tender
Cowers have Un it kille I by the frost.
sow the seed in July, pr.ttct t the plants
i ......:,,. ii... ...i.i.i.,..'..,, l i,. ,,i ,,,
ituuisi iiiv lllllill(a r.1111, .iiivi i t,iiiritiiii
into any vacant, rich sp t. Ai.ici'ie.'ii
Fruit Tree from So:iK
A correspondent Iinju'res if the seed?
., i. Mtmi-- , ,
ham, t lii ti-
blatleil knife; insert tlie c on cut into a
smooth wedge and the ba"k edge fitted
exactly to the bark of th ' stock; have
the bud on the cion at t'le base of the
wedge, then pull fine dirt over the
w hole, and you can expe t a good tree
to result. It Ls only noce isjtry to have
a mechanical eye and n steady hand to
graft with oertaiuty. Fruits and
At Hood Kiver, Sunday, July 31st, to
Mr. aud Mrs. F. II. Button, a son.
Heatlqnartera Third Itsyinient In
fantry 0. X. U.
The, Ok., Aug. 4 1892.
Special Okdeks No. 10.
1st: The members of J) Company this
regiment will assemble at their ar
mory at llood River, Saturday August
13, 1892 at 8:30 p. ni., and elect a cap
tain to fill a vacancy ciiised by the
resignation of Captain J. H. Dukes.
2nd: Second Lieutenant J. If. Fer
guson, will preside over the election,
and report the results to regimental
headquarters as soon as possible.
3rd: Second Lieutenant J. II. Fergu
son", will assume command of D com
pany until further orders, and take
charge over all state property from
Capt. J. II. Dukes, giving his receipt
therefor. By order of
Geo. T. Thompsox,
Lieut. Col., 3rd Regt.
Revival Meetings.
Revival meetings are being held at
the U. B. church each evening A
growing interest is m-.tiiifest. Rev.
Mr. Parker, the evangeli-it is a gifted
speaker at home on the platform. For
eloquence and power in oratory, and
for pure logic in the statements of the
facts with which he de lis his equal
would ue hard to lindji It is safe to say
that this may be the opportunity of a
lifetime to listen to one so richly en
dowed. Meetings will be continued
through the coming week. yi.
Foxes threaten to become as serious a
pest as rabbits in Australia. An Aus
tralian journal says that the foxes in
troduced here aiready spread over a
wide area, and are mo-it destructive
Itoth to lambs and poultry. They at
tain greater size and strength in Aus
tralia than in England, and the mild
climate is highly favorable to the in
crease of their numbers. If some en
ergetic steps are not soon taken, noth
ing can prevent the spread of foxes
over the whole continent.
Now is the time to got good work
done at reasonable rate. I will be
here but a short time. All work guar
anteed. Call and see my samples of
photos. Wm. E. Neff.
Dr. F. C. Brosius, having succeeded
to the medical practice of Dr. K J.
Thomas, can be found at tlie drug
store day or night.
Hood River Ore., Dec 18, 1891.
Practices in all tho courts of Oregon and
Washington, Special attention elveu to con
veyancing. GLACIER OFFICE,
The undersigned being loeah d near
Hood Klver, wishes to inform parties
who may be doslivus of having sur
veylng dmc, that he in a practical
nurvevor of many yearn exin'rlenee,
and that work enmisled to him will be
performed wltli disimtch and correct
ness. 1 ie takes pleasure in referring to
Mr. A. S. Blowers, who for years was
county commissioner in Minnesota,)
and for whom he did eounty work us
county survevor. an to hi ability
Patties writing me at HikhI will re -
ccive prompt attention.
t". .1. ll.W TA
Hated Hood Uiver April (itlt. 1MI.
niririoN im i.itjrou i.ui.xsi:
I linen UlVKit I'ttm iMT, W'iis.m t'niiiily, (
i Mline hi iMvumi,
, To Hie Monoi'ulili. tlio txninty t'.mi l of Wiisim
i iiiuiity:
We, tin' iinili'iNUfitiM livid vel a's of Itoml
' Illver iiviiiol, Wiis.Hi isiiiiity, tii";.m, lis
Nji.vll'iilly ihmiiIoii y.mi' hnmnnlili. emul lo
I Kl ltlll 11 lill'tlM" III .1. t', lll'llt III M'll lll'lllliUH,
I inmis unit liinlt Illinois, ill the imvti of 1 1 m I
I lliirr In salil I'O'.-niri, m Irss qiiuiililli s limn
' olio lailloti, lor tin' 'i'i toil of olio yi ui':
, s W t'u rran,
! Win Kami,
. 11 Mays,
W J t',nuilell.
I'Mwtirit riuu'li'S,
t 'llllS ItlTltl'l,
W It A Ilea.
t' II sininuhiUi,
S It Oitisou.
t II t'lOtliill,
Vim Johnson,
.1 It I'ii.v Ion,
.Ioii'.i swivny,
i II t'ei'l i f,
II I'lliiiii',
.him,'.- l'ooMT,
tilHHVO IVlllVI',
Jerome Writs,
ti II Wnisoii.
Moil Allen,
W W ells,
1- iv.l ll. it.
M W In, hell,
J V. 1 1 1 u 1 1 M,
,1 IHiiImhi,
.lolin A Mohr,
Win I in vis,
llotl I'lUTIIII,
.1 1' Snvilrl",
11 S KrtlttS
l.s MalllilK.
1' l flimielis, Srlllner,
t ioorjie Win ner,
John Mel anluei4,
W t OOH'l-,
John Melnlyre,
J It .Vlekehen,
tiiHi l'niiher,
w V lwlou,
w sinlili,
)' K t onle,.
.1 v Krvnolils,
V Nohle,
John II niillrbauli,
w K Jnrtvson,
A I, MiiKllitv,
f t 'm l"' hi,
J M fusteitiliin,
t'mteii KiH'iie.v,
V. i t nrtei',
M 1 Morttin,
A Krleliiini,
v I, Aitiims,
1. Sillinimi,
Hun .sinitli,
w Ii I ielliinil,
V I .' ll:ie;l,
l.uMonle K.'IIol;,
l.'i lllllllsey,
.1 S i in run,
J Armstrong,
J w Kelinn,
.1 li.hnkM'll,
'I'll us rolluek,
J A Arinstnini;,
Asa KsinilKlit,
IT Liivrllr
Chris I K'thtoittl.
, S A Foster,
i f II Ullswortli,
.1 t' MarUley,
W !: rate,
! M linn, I.
I' S Slow I'll,
.1 W Wallace.
.' Allen l.uokey,
; II J W rijiht,
James W'isliart.
James llerry,
if A ll-'ll,
I Wm Wooils,
! J r Itiaekell,
I J A Uaekus,
j T M Wolinnl,
Win t'olle,
I John K mover,
I W S fiaiK'i',
i !' Taylor,
i C A lliwilllls-,
.1 It Kami.
IVter kopko,
M w It ili.'rtsoit,
I J A I.C1U,
! lit' KoitrliVutl-K,
1 s frapi'r,
: John l.en.,
j WtltlOll Slllltll,
i f l'eterson.
It K. Mel. ean,
,li A look,
J II Hunt.
I W HaVlleS,
; V II t'rathar,
: J T wishin t,
ii it Hush,
'l h os Unvy,
Joseph I'urser,
i J A siraiialinii,
j tioo Herhol t,
! win tioolhoy,
; .las lHiUKiin,
r ,M Knapp,
i J Uankin,
i .lark Nealetiili,
I, 1 .Milium',
A Inualls,
Jos Moliulre,
II I.iuco.
I' M units.
I' I Knapp,
K w BUI.
J J l.uokey,
tirtiive t n ril tier,
.1 ti Kastmaii.
V 11 Miller,
II !' J.H'lilnsen,
11 Iistrainht,
I roil lliitl.
K M .laekson,
K I' linger,
N Hilloii.
t'has i Imilt
v iilentinr .M'tirnmior, John Uezerse,
John w tilni'lelis, ii I' Joehinson,
Ii llmwn, A wlsr,
A ruitw'lt, II Selvrrknip),
Ci" Horden, Krr.t N lioriilnrkrr,
S f Smith, fti ltolierls,
w 1 Kouers, AIIVvil Tueker,
lake l,oii., w it wilson,
H K wlioy, win It' 'eS'
Chits Hooves Hurry
Notloo Is lionby itlvon that I will iipply to
the eounty court for the state of lire on for
wiiMfsi ri. iiiitv. ut th. Kei.t.mitu.r t..rn. tht.r.s.1
In ISM, to wit: On tho SUi ilny of Si'tlrinl)ei-,
ISSI2, for n lioonso to sell spirituous, vinous ami
malt Illinois in less nuantitlos t linn ono nut- 1 J "-'-uu:--lon,
nt my plaee of business In the town of I
Hood River, tn sal'J onunty anil state, for a
period of one your. J. T. PKI,I
V. S. Land Otlioo, Vaneouvor Wash July S, W2.
f'nmplaint hnviiiir boon entered lit Hits ofjleo j
by llenry ('.(.'arinaek, against t'harles Kobi rl-1
sim, for abandoning his homestead nlry No.
KHli, dated September ,ith S!il,tion the ioiitli !
east quarter of sis-ti. n 2, township :! noi-lli j
re. nee W oast, in Skamania eounty Wash.,;
with u view to t lie oami lliitiono tsrid entry i
tho said partiesjire hereby summoned to a-
lietir nt tlie I'. S. Land ottlop at Vanoouver!
wnsli., on theUHh iay of August l.'lrj. at 10
o'oIim-I a, m. to rosind and furnlsli tosti-
ntony oonoernini; said allived nbanuonuiont.
It Hpis'itrimr to my satisl'aetion that personal
service eannot be tiuulenn the eiiiiyman, It ts
hereby ordered that tho servioc be made by
rules IM and 11 of pruetlee in tlio I'. H. Laud
Otliee b.v publication, postlnir and nmiliri.
JyliHuifCJ) John p. (jKootiKiiAX, Heiiistor
Limd Offlee nt Tlio Pnlles, Or., July 12, 1S.
Notice is hereby itiven that the followlmr
namod wttler lias (Hod notice of his Intention
to make linal proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Kesister and Kit-elver I'. S. L. (). ut The Dalles
Or., on St-pt., B lSi2, viz::
Kplirium T. Wlnans.
D. S. 71o2 for the s w sec. 2STp 2 n r 9 c v
lie names the followlne witnesses to prove
his continuous resldonoe uim anil cultivation
of, said land, viz: J.F. Huskirk, l'eter Nesson.
A- K. filler, William Huskirk, nil of Hood
lilver Oretron. j
Jyl-VaitSlii Jons W. Lewis, Kestlstor. :
We love
YY? Iwe.
"An.4 obej l(i
j- Ii ,-fj C. M. HEN9&R5UN
The Popular Liverymen,
Desire to call your attention to the fact that
they are stilll running their well known
Are prepared to furnish buggies, or hacks wit h reliable drivers, to carry
fishing, tourist or other parties to all points in the valley at reason
able rates. Good saddle horess always on hand. Horses board
ed by the day, week or month.
I I'IikIm-i- t.Hti, Act Juno a, srs. j
I'ntto.t nuW Until nitliv,
Yhiii'uiivoi', umIi., Juiiois, NH.
Nullro I linvliy irlvi-n that la iimiilliturt
with tlm un ihIuhhiI' thn iit't of rimurrwi of
,lum;i, is.s omitii'it "An . t fur Uh'wiIo r
llliilii'l- luiiiU In tlio Miilo tu'l'iillHiriihi, tins
Kmi.Noviiilii, mill wiixiiiiiuinti IVrilliiiy,' riiui.
I'isM. I.iinr,ti litli'SiilniiiiU'iiiitity nl'Kllrk.
Hut, stnli ut wiiMi., Iiiin Hilt tiny tl In
IhU t'llWv his nwiii ii Ntiiirmi-iit no, ,;W, tin- ilio
IMIIVIIIISI' HI till' Hul l ll I'Mt III Ul'l'llllll Nl 'Jl,
1 m town-ain n... i n.niii, muun no. ini'iisi.niiii
will oiler proot to show that I ho html solium In
more iihinlile far lis llmher nr ulnae Hum for
nui leiilllual iiiii'iiom'S, ami to cnIiiIiII.mIi I i In
eiiilin tosniil latiil Iviore Hie Heitlsler uml l!is
el ixi r ot HiW oilliv al Vtinooiiver, wash., mi
Weili'iiln, , the lull lny of siepteiiihei',,lMi'.',
lie name as witnesses; James llrnwii,
1'etev I'aiueroii, tluiileii ralinertol While Hal
man, w ash,, t 'hai'les I'earvni, nl 'I'mul I .a he,
Any ami all persons elalnilni! iulvorely the
nlnio iloserlheil lamls are ii'ipn sloil lo tile
Ihi'lr elaluis In Ihh. oihee on or IioIoivmiIiI I llll
ilav of Seineinher. !..''
ji.M.sptlO John l. (Ihhuhkhan, UeuKtor.
Nolle,. Is horohy itlven thai tho mnlorslneil
I I.. K, MoIm', has Ih'i ii npH.iileil liy tho eoiinly
ooiiil, of W aseo eoiiuly, siime of iHei;on, inl-
inliilsiinloi' ol ilio esialeol t'. W. I'lnii, ihs
;'iI, All H'i'oiis havlin; olalms uuiiltist
nalil osliile, mi' iia t ili'sl ill to piesi'iil 1 1 lo i ll
pioH rly voi'lnoil, In me, at llisul lilvei', tne
I Kim, within M luiililliH 1 1 lii dale lionsif,
' I., I'.. Muitst:,
Ailiiiliilsti'iilnr of tlio ostalo off, W . I''lnn,
! ilii'i'asi'il.
Hatoil July, 7, 1S).'.
i Notice Is lievohy when Hint tho iinilersluneil
j has In on Only njipoliiieil, hv Iho Hoiioi alilo
I oi Hill I y court, of W nM'inniiul.i t ii ejion.exeeiilor
! ol tlie est ale anil w III nl .lames A. i lank I us lalo
: ol salil eounty ami now tlivcascil. All pi r
sons lia ini ctaiins analnst sntil ostaie aci
I hoicliy iiotiileil to pieM'iil their olalms, iluly
! wi tllo.l, as iviiilreil hy law, to me al llooil
; lter, drovon. ami w It 111 it sl. Innlll lis lioui
I the italo ot tills notice.
' W'VATT fool'l'lt.
l )eeii!or of the o.slaio of Jaiuos A. Ilaukliis
I Uiveuseil.
j Jl.i-J:l llisul lilvor, llreon, Jiiiiii l llh IMi'J.
f NOI It'F. FOll lTiU.U'ATlON.
I.aml Ultlooat Tlie lalles tir. July Is, IsiiJ.
Niiiiee Is lieietiv uivrn that the tallow tin;.
! naiileii settlor lias tlleil notlee of his Intention
' In make limit primf In suppnrt of his ohilni,
1 unit 1 1 lit t saiil piiKif will ho minle hefoi-r tlio
! Hixlsier uml Keeelver l". M. 1., u, at Tho I 'alios
! Or, on Sept., 7, I.VJJ, viz:
: : Willis (I. ftellaml.
' It. 1. No. 2ii 0 for Hie liils.'lmiil I ami o w
not- 7 T J n r II o w in.
lie names the follow Im; w itnesses to prove
i liolint. salil laml, r. 1..M. .laekson, war-1
, n Turner, Levi Monroe, Virgil W Incholl, all j
' of Hooil l;lcr tiiooni. I
John W. I.kwis. KcKlster.
, iTimlK-r Until, Ai l Juno II, IsTs.J
' rutted Slales Land Oiiiiv.
VaM iU X Kit W'.Vsll., Jtlllli II, ISJIi.
I Notion is lierohy clven that In oompllaiioo
j wllh tlio provisions ol' iho act of Congress r
June :i, IS.-s, ...e.uleil "An act I'm' tlie sale ol
timber lands In tlio slates ol t alllonila, I ire
i i nn, Nevada, and Washington TerTiiory,"
Mili tan t A.i inneroii.ol' While allium county
I nl Klickitat stale of Wash., has ios ilav ll led In
this otlli-u liei sUi.i a stalomoiil lei. l.-il, lor the
,'lin teisooi lliesoutli cast iiiai lei'of si e. no, II
I ill township no. 5 north, raiiKe no. Ill oast, and
j w ill oiler proof lo show Unit tlio land sought
ts moi'e aliaihle tor Its timber or stone than
tor ic'i-leult'irnl purposes, und to establish lu r
! tin Im to said laud before Iho llei'lsier r.ud lie
; reiver of this ollleo at Vaueoiiver wa .lilliutoii
! on 'i hui sil.iy, the 1st day of Sepieiiiber He
! She names in witnesses: James Itrowu,
i Frank l.ano. Harden I'aliner, of white sal-
moil, wiisiimtoii, Unities I'nir.on, ot Trout
. Ijiko Washington.
' Any und all persons clulmlnjj adversely the
: nbovi! iUrHi rili. il lauds are roe,in sted lo lllo
j lliflr eliilois In Ililsullieu on or In tore autl.l 1st
i day nt (September, sni
i . ..-
Jnli. l. (il-niuiKUAil, KOKlsli-r
J. I. HIIGTI, k GO,,
Reliable information concerning land
Choice city and country property for
Conveyancing a Specialty.
lf.3 Siwrmil Strrvt - - - - Thu JdNtnOr.
Has been thoroughly
renovated, and a largo
ell added doubling its
KverythltiK will be found neat and clonn
AM) Til k
Tables will be supplied with tho best the
Out Ztntle tcachSr iVjvi:'!
l2-iHeJ rule. A'-iiw:V'':;'A5 I
House Builder's Goods, Sash
and Doors, Mouldings,'
Brackets aii wool Turnings.
Limo. Plaster and Lath Coil
ing, Rustic and Flooring.
Coffinc Caclrotc-
t. I.. STUAN Alt AN,
Mercer fi Dote
Will xuiily the nibllt! with lint very olioleext
At the Very Lowest Rates.
Wo luive loiistiiiitly on IhiihI u 11 lie ntoek of
SIcunncLS, Bacon arid Laid,
In fuet, everytltluir III our line.
Our wnjrnii will run thmiiKh the' vulley uml to the inllln Moiulayit Wed
neniliiyH ttnil Fililiiys. All tinlera lllletl pnunjitly.
Corner Oak and Fourth Sta.,
Ha. IDallcc HT-u.rsexies,
Have on hand a full supply of Fruit, Shade ninl OniaiiionUl tree; grip
vines, kiiitill fruits, Hoses and Shrubliery.
Be sure to get our prices befon purelnmltigclsowhrm
lteineuiber our t ives are grow n Htrietlv w ithout li rlgallon.
W. A. Slisukhi.anu, Local Agent.
That thirty tlnys Ik us long as we enn credit gontlH, nml would renjtoctfully
request mir p:tlroim to govern ilietiiselves ittrordltigly.
Prescriptions and
Private Formula
And a Complete Lino of
Oiler for sale 5iKl,lMi() standard trees grown on high lir lands without Irriga
tion or manure. Such trees are incoinpitrably superior to those grown on
swales or watered ho) I Irrigated trees when planted ou high mid tlry soils are
liable to stunt in growth and if they live, it Is liable to be 7 or 8 years lieforu
they bear to amount to nnvi iilng. Our trees are frequently in bearing tho
2nd' year from setting out. Will send references to substantiate this assertion.
AppffH, J'rai'H, I'trirtcn, J'i'tiitcx, J'lttniH, Cficrricn, jniiircn and Apricot.
Small fruits iu variety, ornumental trees and shrubs, ami 40 varieties (out
of 100 tests) of roses. Spfridticn, J'rmuH. Several varieties of AYk J'eat'him
and Enr!i Texan lllackhrrru n Special inducements to those planting in lota
of 100 to 10K). Correspondence Invited. Address,
No. 2 Dektirn Building, N. W. Corner 1st and Washington Kts. Portland. Or.
Ptim mm
Crandall & Burget,
A Full Line of
Furniture, Carpets,
Window Shades, Ete.
IMsriafiM Goods. g '
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to
1 66 Second St. The Dalies, Or.
Hot) rotary.
- - - Hood River, Oregon
and Builders.