The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 09, 1892, Image 3

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    3(ood Iftvcr Slacicr
noopitivi'it, oit.. .1 i v, ii, m
Tin; mails.
Tim mull iiitIv.'u froiii Ml. Ho.ul t II o'.
Pl'x'k A, M. Wctlitrkiln i' mnl Muhircn,'N! ill"
inrlx ''in miio i hi;, .0 41 it ii .
For Ciioimui'tli, Hi H A, M. iiiTlvt' ut
I1, M, MiUui'liim,
Km' NVhllu HhIiikiii .nvi' dully lit A. M.
rrlvr m nan u elndi I', M,
From Willi "hIim.iii nivis fur Klililn. (Ill
liinr, 'I'iiiiiI lulu mi. I illi'liwiiiiil AIoiiuii.vm.
Wriiiiriulii) iiinl I'VIiI.ivii.
ItltT i:!-' MMAl, MATH! its.
It, U "Ju.ljro" Henry now.
Mulling i.'0 cent ill JlurlimW. eluM ut, the Diiik Hlore.
A lino II ni! of Cii-mIi cigar ut tho Drtitf
Vim cnti it yourm-lr" In n mnoke, uc
cordlritf to your ilk!, ul the Prtitf Store.
l'ny you i' wiitcr rent Utility unci nave
ill cent.
INN H. H, net there? Well I Nhould
mull.'. H. It.
rioture framed to order ut tin fur
ulture tor.
Tin' iU'W rmiiily oMoern were duly
iiiMtiillcd Monday.
Mnt. Aunkn, lrft for tliu cunt Thurn
duy to join her luml.uiid.
Tl'lllltllCll lllltH Ut ('"(; COIItO Ullll MU
them ut MIhk HUIhoii'm.
All kind of country j;roliii bought
and Hold ut JIiutImoii .
The Mlwi'c UoIh-iIm of Tho Dalle
vUltcd friend hero tliu 4th.
leu fur km If, hih( ii r rind house to
rent. Kwjiilii' of J. 11. (ii'ide.
Jti'Ht iiiullly of lloclm Harbor liinr
tit a I AD 'i' buircl. S. K. IIaiitiii.
A lurgo Hiipply of handsome wall pil
lar received liy S, E. H.u tiiii'MH.
M rH, Monroe w ho lias lici'ii viillng
friend In 1 ii 1 1 lot 1 1 lit, IhuhIii luuiiu
'i liuvo lu'l'll lipimlnli'd narnt for
the sul.'ol Jos. pli A. Wilson' piopi'ily.
Mcwcr. J'.. Wurnn mid IVtcr for
do,, went to 1'ui'tlaiid Monday even
lug. Mr. I.yninii Smith ruin." lioini' from
Al"lla iil' the 4ili, M'tni ning Wcdi.t.
' '.i d a! ly ii nd mi' I In- lalrsl t 1 1 1 1 m In
;,..i ; :n...(i.i ! v, ,tt iiM'.M'.i ni .u.'-i.
. ' - fi ' U '.'t ,',
, , . . ii .-i ..ii i.
Illl il
i , ,'iil I. I , 1 1 . 1
in. uii on r uu'
i' 'ii'i
t it.
J. M. Iililililif;t"ll lilt wivid iinliiv
on ( i.iiniy ( a n, i iwi-M'ii, lio twtl
conical li.ts I'll ri mo .
Van Ji'lmii, u I tin'
lul.rlii'- In tue .-nil ii ii.. . .Hire ir.-re
Mil I, chilili,; .In Wil li,
A II ie l"i b ..lie-
i.'i'i I i.t
I .til. I
(ill uil Il .ill-., l.iililllut i'i an. I U.ii' nl
lieeiied a. Ine in.i. ivi
Ml'. i'lilUn r'lVllfll of I'i t W.e
hell' A.iu ila,!, iiinl Wax one n liin.-i'
t ho Jiml llli.-v i I In- lelll.i.iii III die
Wdl l'otlt-r, ul JlCjipui'i' in vlnitlii
hi" ji iienl. .in. ..llu .uu M. J. I'.i.u r
hero, lie weni In 1 1. ail. lalio ikniiilig,
'1 UeMlay.
Mix. 'l ielliail 1h Mopping w ith I'alid
lli ( lal K, w lii) lu.i I' i .hi'.m lu make
lier ll nut! Willi her noil Newton, lu
CiihIi litiikey, Will IIuynen mid
John Nieki'lHi'li, ut tended a ilaiiee ut
Air. Itloweii' place, ul While tSitluion
the evening nl the -nil.
If youw.ui!,ymirli'u.i liinunul, re
tnemuer thai me Herman American;
for which we uro nuent, In onu of the
lari;et und uiol reilable in thu world.
Tliu went hound freight passing hero
hImiiiI I) o'eliicl; In lliu evening, wu u
hhau of red light the evening of tliu
4th, und Wit loudly cheered uu It ral
tlfil by.
MIh Lulu, ulster of C. It. Itono arri
ved hero I ruin i-tpriuglield Illinois,
Wedni'Hilny of hint week, und will ic
inulii during the Hiiminer visiting her
bi-olher una IiIh family .
Mr. Wlllluni Mercer prosentod us a
nice lot ot ripe penelicH raised in his
yard, the former A. IS. IUowith pluee.
'J'liis uiiHWcrs thu latter gentleuiuii'H
imeulwiii I'll ii 1 1 While Halniiili.
Mr. und Mrs. Ituiuwy urn! family of
Mt. 'I'ulxu', MiHi4 Kminii iSuinnieriteld
(if l'oi'tluud, und MIhh Adnu Helm of
Thu Dullea, vihlted Mr. und Mrs. H. C.
Coo during thu week.
Mr. C. (J. Itolwrtu wan hero Hnturduy.
lie exjie'eted to have limduughter Luey
lirought here ut once, hut tliu doetois
inforined him thut It would he Impossi
ble to move her for u month.
Judge Wuterninn, of Hkumunia
county, WiihIi., ufter spending the 4th
with the Underwood brothcrx, ueross
tliu Columhiu culled on his old friends
here on hi way home, Tuesday.
We are perfectly willing to tuke wood
on 8tibnermtiou, hut wo wunt it dis
tinctly undefBtood it must hi; pine or
fir, no hard wood, for from present In
dlcutions we w ill have to cut, it our-
The flint jmrty to Cloud Cap, went
out Tuesday; Mrs. AunUs, being one of
the nuniU'r. Wednesday, llev. Arthur
Urown of Portland, ucenmpuuied hy
his w ife und three children made the
necond party. '
TIiohu having grain' to tlm'sli will
tako notice thut mi extra charge will
lie niude for threxhing Iimiso grain, mid
long utraw. This tieeonies neeesHiiry
lu justice, to those who put thuir grain
up in good shape.
Henry York und Grant Evnria wont,
to thu Locks Monday e vening to play
for a dance. A-Ji. Jones and wife, W.
1$. Perry und wife and Mi- Huttie
JX-lk.were among those visiting the
Jjoeks that evening from hero.
Waueoma Iiodge, K. of P., will In
stall Its new officers to-niaht. They
lire.: Oeorgo T. Prat her, C. C; J. Ii.
Hunt, V. 0.;J. Jt.Itunkln, Prelute; J.ll.
Nickelsen, M. of A.Q District Deputy
Deptuty II. C oc Id Installing uinecr.
i I'li'iu'lilni: IliU Huliinliiy rvcnliiK ul
J tin I!, Ii. cluin li hy lt:v. l. Hicku-
I'oohc, hi rvii i'K Imiioi'i'iiw ut 1 1 a, in,,
! and h::U . in. 'I'lic V I'. '. II., iimm-I -'
1 1 1 ; fit 7.1'i In tliu rvi'iiliiif. MllllllV
hi'Iidi i ut Ilia. in. Ilnv, t,', W.
i I'iikIo;,
1 WiiliicHiliiy t j t n ! i IiikIi in ! Id, ii
i tin' hIii rin, 1 1. iiiii'ii, W , i'inic
lu'li mill other, M iooM'il nil li i i i lor
i I lie n;;i Ki l.t'iiili" I'o',., Hum" tt'iiii
j'Jii ljiM en I Ii, iiinl III in piolinlily tliu
i lnil iu'1 of I In- i -i iii , uh rveiylmily
K'l'iiln to lie hi, I il ,'i,
! t'lijiliiln t'ne invued u leller IVoiu
; )i'. I ll HihM laiit wi i'li. Tin1 J Jiii'm'
: Iiiih liei'ii tiiitinv, u piMl ,iiidii.iii.' I'liuiHi'
jut I'hiliiileijili.a, lilid in IhmV lueiited
' ti'inpoiiinly In liidiuliiipoliM, ' Ji iiinl
j Mi'f. 1 hoin.iH iiru 'well, mid expeil to
I reniiilii w here lliey me until the fol
i iiinhiiiii expohllloii In over, When thev
j will again Hii k u luuiiu on tliu l'lieillu
! eoiiHt,
i The hrlduu iii'Iokm Hood liver III
j Tiieki r'H wtiH completed IjihI wiek, the
j work M'tlitf iloiui ipiiekly mid well.
1 liu HlrlneiH UM) l.H, ulil 111) kel
l-'iiKi ivhiiiih on Holid rock iiiiinoiiry on
the fiiHt Hide, und on the bed luek on
the WiHt Hide. 'J hi re lil'i) tim e lieliM
of l.'xl', (lit! fruiiiii U NO feet I mk MxlU
tliniiei'M, und ten I'eel luli; h l. i iti
H, fruaiu -Ml, covered with llnvu Inch
A. H. liinlirow wlillii returning front
( I i'ii in l)iu t lark h luneritl had u lively
runaway. Wiien mar home one nln
leireedropH'd down, und thin let the
tiei'kyoku pull oll'of thi tongue wliielt
dropped, und the end niimin in tin'
ground l ho Wilson hpMet thruwin
JMmIiI'oW W'llO wiih ulotiu in till.) Wilson
I out under I hi- Iioim' lineli. He re
j eel veil M hud hi u Inu on the liipandohi!
Jliolitti kicked him on the l.-ll elieeK.
i'IIiu hoi'MM hroke Iihiho Iroui (he wukoii
und Iroui caeli other und look u run
hy theiiinelveH; one of them runiiliiK
lliioilli u tmriied wire fenee, mnl ilil
1 1 1 iK hliunell hudly.
There are (inile a liliinlier of putierH
! Hrnl IVoin thii olliee to H'ipli; oulnidi)
ol the Hlale. Many ul Iheiu have been
Unpaid Hiiee tin' paper Marled, nml we
lire 1'iiiiipelled to lake hoiiio uetlnn eon
il i i i in 1 1 n-1 1 1 . ThiiKo bent l,y p.iilleM1
here, Mln, m r luiuw are nil nlii, hut i
I there are ii number that we do not;
j know who ordered them, und I'miw
iiieiitly we have but one recourse, ami ,
! (hat 1h (.1 Hlop "ending thelll. We llml j
that the 1 1 1 itn rri'iivbit; thelll will,
, liul p:i' iih lliey nay they 1 1 . 1 nut nrder j
j llii'iil, a. id !! the pi imuii w ho did ot'iler I
them are ll:ilvliini n In II, tin' ieU;l N I
llii (Mine i.h il lie welc (lie vii't.lil mi' nil pi 1 1 V l.iliiliy. We will,
' Hlaiid II In e.n,-,' ue hale to, iilll t'
h.r.e nur ni'i..i!i jn-i! lie' line. j
A i. .. :,i.' .v.- . : !
'I he-! ii b, ,
. i.'Kf ! i one III
a id : ii.,1 i (
v, .I'l'iiiii.tu I' r
' had b. rn 'n ii,.
,. r-.w
lu i
I ie, ei
Ml, -
K.v :',
'. lie
, ,,!
ii '!l i'.e
ii ; (. l ilil p ,V'lef curly III
ill e.uupaiiy wllh nii.ithvr
Mi'. I, iev, but lh 'V .t
t ill' lU'li'llil
, V. :ib-!iin:i:i
i t in it .".lid ijuil .
!enevr, 1'ier
Vo.iitt a U.irier to 1J
ul a enini'e of
iii.d li.vd one i ' l hem in lii"
' o e i . I'..! I el bet w . en ii'.,.:er V H.Mr-s
Ki ible a ul !V r.'-i pi. 1.1'. .M:'. L.ieey
; and w.di'hiii :n K
'pile.. M C liul I II';
I I!) H-lW li.l.i p.e
i i'e mid I ;;ii! the
fine. Ailel' ! viiti n; it he heg.iu In
Inn's around on the r:rainl cm ilioU;:li
he had iir...pi'il Mi.netldiivr, and itppai'
i enlly f irgedn,:; thai he had lit the
! J'tW. Lacey slioUtcd at hilll to throw
' it, and ran toward liiiu, but almos;, in
iMautly (lie cirtiide exploded In his
; hand, l.f'.lug him four or live feet
l from tin- ground mnl dropping him in
j the cloud of dust the explosion had
' raised. Likh'v ran to him and assisted
lu carrying him Into the bluule by
Ol!hgcr& lione's bniii. Dr. Morgan
was at once Hummoned und did every
thing possible for the injured man.
Pierce never lost consciousness, in spite
I of the terrible shock and his terrible iti
j juries Hi left hand was blown en
tirely oil', an inch below (ho wrist, the
two liiNt lingers of the light hand were
ulso blown off, Ids breast und throat
were bruised and lacerated, iih was ulso
his leas; und there were two deep cuts
over his eyes. 1 Ie bore his misfortunes
bravely, und w hen he asked for a drink
of water reached out his arm to grasp
the cup and simply said on seeing the
bleeding stump, "Oh I forgot." Dr.
J,ogan, the company Burgeon came
idown from The; Dalles on the evening
train und took him to thu hospital lu
Portland, w here the left arm was iim
I putated, and his wounds dressed. Wo
saw the Dr. as he was returning Tues
day, and he told us Pierce would prob
ably recover, but that he would lose
one eye, and possibly both. Pierce
was about '!- years old, 'unmarried, und
has been employed at railroad work for
a number of years.
C. Stanley Stowcll has been appoint
ed agent in Wasco county for the
monthly magazines und elegant im
ported photograph alhuma of Messrs.
True & Co. Ho will visit the citizens
of Hood river valley during the ensu
ing week for the purpose of Introducing
these desirable publications, und at the
same time will distributem; of coat a
splendid collection of art treasures to
leach subscriber. Also agent for the
world renowned "Story of Man."
j At his homo near Hood Itiver, Sun
! day July i llrd, Thomas L. Clark, aged
j 77 years and months.
The funeral took place Monday, Ilev.
C. W. Wells performing the last sad
rites. A large number of his old
fi lends followed his remains to their
last resting place in Idlewilde cemetery.
Mr. Claris came here in 1870 from Colo
rado, and remained until his death.
He was a, man of sterling character,
commanding; the respect, and winning
t he esteem of all with whom he came
in contact. He leaves besides his life
companion, one son, Newton, residing
in Portland, and an a.l.iptatl daughter,
Mrs. TIcnuM.
Our (Vli'linitl'iii.
I ndepcndeiiee day was appropriately
11 ebriilei here IMld dot-pile t he UIIIMJllI
w.i'd and coiiM'ijiif ul dint Ihe crowd and peisisicnt. The parade
formed on Third and Oak, with K, H.
Olinger marshal of the duy, and
marched to the grounds. Oolite a
largo number of carriuj were in the
procession principally from t he valley,
'J he pin;; null" were it special fe ituri!
in. d It l Kifi! to say u inoic imloii
blilu( oulllt than (hat of Will II i.vih h,
liei'l Hirnnahau and the mule, was not,
hci.'u lu the uuivei -ie m that day. The
l,iiigua'o N not rich ouoiijdi lu adject
ives and adverbs to do (lie "toot le-wm-ble,"
There was Mouie'iinnccessiiry de
lay lu carrying out the programme and
this applies to the whole day, hut W illi
one or two cxeepilons, notably the foot
bull gallic, und the chase ufter the un
ctuous porker, It was curried out us
published In l he columns of the Oi.a
( li;H. We did not reaeli the grounds
until after Mr. Isenherg had delivered
the oration, hut have heard It spoken
of as a masterly cllort. Mr. W. P.
Watson pleased his old friends here by
a short addles, and Jtev. Uighy gave
a response to a "the public schools
of America," ufter which the lunch
baskets vyeru brought out und inter
viewed to some purpose. After lunch
the base ball ganic between local teams,
followed by tin tug of war, races, etc.,
tilled up t lie afternoon. There were
four races run by the girls being won
by Clara ISIythe, a daughter of Mr. W.
Smith, of Portland, Pauline M.illey,
and Mrs. Tutu's slsler, u young lady
from I ho valley hut w e were unable to
learn her name. Tliu lsy's races were
won by James Klbson, Hoy Wutsoa
and Dehiert K ind. The lire works in
the evening were in charge of Janus
Laugille, and were set olfou the river
b.un; below the depot ; they were cred
itable for so small u town and were
thoroughly enjoyed by ull. The baud
furnished excellent music, und lots of
ii, til ing on hand Irom tarly morning
mini the last rocket was sent tip at
infill. Taken ail in ull, the celebrat
ion w as a miccis.
'Lio M .n il Peier!
Mi.-. Pepper, who is hidl'eriug from
fine u:iip;ion came here a few weeks
.:g i :ll hopes el' pelting at least tempol'
i.iy ii'ia i, but her condition was such
as to demand her leluiii to her home
in Portland, llir husband Was sent
fur and a! rived loaded with pepper or
snine.hing cipially walliiiiig. llistei.d
ol si.iy ii.g at his w ife's bed sole he pro
uviioilu li,l' et fuller of the
i up t.ial H,elil' -, cheels aiul Knocks
oit'. As he did i. ol siiow up a H'aivli
n.isinaiie lor him to ijuict the anxiety'
i l in Who, but lie count not be found.
I.i,iiy the next morning ho was diri
cuM red in the cellar uin;, r .Mis. C ham
piiii's wuivhoUn', w he.e in; had iun
lUled liurihg the night to sleep oifhis
potations among the potatoc.-. lie was
(lie ill uiikeuesi, Mnpidisl and least
pungent Pepper that eier got ill slleh
a box. s.iiuiahy enough Pejipi'r's
brains weie in Pepper's pod, and it was
a sadly pickled pepper that was picked
up in the early dawn, and just-bodily
bred. The unfoitunale wife returned
to Portland in the evening, taking her
lord and muster, "His Condiments"
A I'aiulaiii;o.
Wednesday evening to the soul in
spiring thump of a primitive drum, the
noble sons and dusky daughters of the
bosky forest, inarched down to the
Luiigille building for the purpose of
having a native dance. The room was
found too small to admit the crowd of
spectators, so an adjournment was hud
to the armory building. The Fourth
of July committee paid into the hands
of the leader of the orchestra ten dol
lars, which was taken in lieu of an ad
mission fee, and everybody was admit
ted free. A large portion of the
audience occupied the big stage, and
the dancers togged out in all their
finery, took possession of the Uoor.
Andtheu there was dancing such as
Herod's daughter never dreamed of.
Dancing that Taglionl, wouldn't have
simulated if he could. In fact it was
un Indian dance, which is like nothing
else under the sun. Most of it is done
with the arms und body, the music
never seeming tostir the muscles below
the knees. It was not a scene of bar
baric splendor, but it served to amuse
Hood Kiver's citizens for more than an
hour, and to gather them all together
Itr peace and well there was no har
mony. A Sky picture
Tr. Barrett's weather report from
this section for June, shows there was
a line solar halo on the 3rd at 0:30 p. at.
four coroimo at cardinal points, the up.
per coronae was indented, as if a small
dis-e had been cut out. The coronae
wci:e very bright, and a second ring a
duplicate of the first, only notso bright,
surrounded it. In the eveping there
was a fine lunar halo. At 7:45 the
stiuie day a brilliant meteor fell, its
course being from past to west, and ba
ing near enough to pass in front of the
hills on the Washington side of the
Columbia, which made a line back
ground for it. It was a sea foam green
ia color, and left a train of brilliant
sparks. " ,
Why cough, when B. 1?, will stop it.
TJio Mi'i'llng Tiimlny,
ThoKlnte Horticultural Society will
meet hue Tuei'day and Wednesday,
and urraiigi inetits are ah.iut completed
for the reception of our vii-itors. A
committee ban been appointed to ar
range for earing for such of our guests
us cannot bo iiccomuiodaled at the
hofel and no doubt ere thin, has inter
viewed inosf of our citizens, w ho can
provide for them. It has been sug-i-ted
I bat, our fruit growers arrange
for giving Mii'se attending, a ride
through the valley and to this cud,
that all having light wagons or biig
eieH(Jiiin in this cn'ort. Itismi honor
indeed lo have this meeting and we
should show our appreciation of It.
The meetings will be held in the II.
IJ. chiii'eh tin- Hist ut I :'!!) Tuesday
mi mm,
m$m) 0f,SALE i
Kiirrpjjy to .i-xj
r.vsr not
, l!"!ill-S Il.llVI'-l ut
'A M:ill
ll:.M A. M.
1011 I'. M.
No. 7. I'.riirrhH Inivi'N ut .Vl"i I'. M
Ni,. 1. M.til " 4:IH A. .M. : lll iiiwimiiiii
TttHi.Hsu.nNtNu n.,nt II()1,sty u tl, I;rst poli,r. ; I
.,:nf,Ti r.-om lN rtluail tu rnmcln-o. ! Thin in u patent niedicine advertise
evi ryi.hi.vM. j inetit, but your attention one moment
Si lo si From Erne.;
I'nr'-s ii:ii ir '!i'r:il tiifirmi.tloli full on
w, it.ii t tti.r.i i:t, A-i-t.' I'lisn. .Kt. i
ill Vt'iishiiljjKni M., rui'tliiml orison, j
That Marvin Il.ind h:n liieliuest brands
ol'ciirs, and an excellent clock of;
1 1 iiiiee CM i ii 1 ii . lie will have i'"e cream :
ev -i'V f'.iiiilaV, anil leuioineie, soua
vi tc r ele, evi-rv d:iv. lie 'ii
a l.n)
b.i .'e a .-toi-k of li;v urn ks fur the 4th.
5i;:A'nYs hasvj.s a: 'j oikjans.
lion. Daniel I'. Ileaitv, the 'Teat Or-
can and I'ii'.no mauiifacttirer, i build
ing and hliippiiij,' more Oi'uutiH and
'I'lanos than ever, lu !i-70 Mr. licit ty
l.'tf III, ll 'ii'ltli it.'wvi ,t!i,V IwiV Mill! l,v
Id-, indoini'.ai.le will In- h:m worked his
way up mi as to fell .so far nearly Ion, ooo
of lii:tl,v'r (lifiaus, and Pianos Mint?
IS "(. rS'iiliiiiLf ni in.-i to dishearten
him; olistaelrs laid in his May, that
would have wrecked any ordinate man j
forever, he turns to an advertisement!
and comes out of it brinliier than ever.
His instruments, as is well known,
;itV I
very iioiiular und are to be found in ull
parts of the world. We are informed j
that during the next ten years he in- j
tends to Jil ::oo,(.oo more of his make;
that means a business of o.oun.nno, if I
we avenme them at flOd each. It is!
n tread v the larjrest business of the kind i
in existence. ,S'iid to Daniel l'MSeatty, t
Washington, Is'ew Jersey, for cata-j
notice rem rur.LicATiox. j
I .mitt (Wire ut Vimiiiaver wa'-li. June 25, 112. j
Tu Imi'4;nUl I'maeroa and
all w'aom It limy
I'Ollrlin. !
Notice is li.-ii liy clven thut the fiillowinc-!
luum-ii settler Im's liietl notice ol' his inten-!
lion to liiiike linn! rnl' in support of his j
I'hion, nml thin Kiid proul'wiil lie anule hof.ire j
W l lln.O,.,,. I '.,,. l.i iocljttw.i- Knit... .
( l 'rait l oiii i i'nr ljharU-t ot Washington at
liotitcndiile wti.sli. im August :11st lrtViS, viz:
Konald r. Ci.n.onm,
tV.mlnlstrutoror the estate of Colin Cum
cit'U, (ieeciiseit.
l'ro l.i. S. No. 1S,V for the lots 1 nml 2 s w J4
n o 1 i und s e n w A see. 2 1 1 3 il r 10 e W in.
'lie names the following witnesses to prove
his eonl innmis ri'siilence uima und cultivu
linii i f, s;iid lund, vir.: Junies 1'ioivn. Krunk
I.nne, (ieri'.en i'lilmer, of White Sslinon,
WukIi, Charles lVnrson, of Tnmt l.nko, Wusli.
jyi-UKo John 1). iJkooiikuan. llcgistei'.
; Lund otlicc ut Vuncouver wash, J uly, .'.1892.
i Notice Is hereby (liven thut the followh'.E'
i nunieil settler 1ms tiled notlei- ot his in-1
i tention to inuke ri mil proof in support of his I
claim und llml said proof will he made before j
W. It. luinbur, Coniniissioncr Coiled States !
I Circuit "Court for District of Washington ut !
(ioldeiuhiie ustungton, on WvuneMuay
! August :11st lS!i2, viz:
j James P.rown.
j Pre-emption I). S., No. iVl for tbo e of n e
section :!! lowiwiiip 4 norlli range 10 e w. in.
j' He names the following witnesses to prove
I his continuous residence upon und culllva
i tion of, said land, vix: Krunk Lane, K.inatd
! J). Cameron, Douglass C. Clirlstie. of white.
Siilmoa, wash.. C. 11. l'earson, of Trout Luke,
S wusli.
j J.vliagi;! Joim P. Gi'.ooiiKOAjr, Register.
Tim bei I.Rnd, Act June 3, S7S.
t'nitel States Land Ofilce,
Vancouver, Wash., June iS, IS02.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance
witu the provisions of the act of Congress of
Juno;!, 1S7S, entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in l!u slates of California, Ore
gon, Nevuda, and Washington Territory, "Kruu
eis M. Lane, of while. Salmon enmity of Kliek
Itut, slulo of wash., lias iliis day filed in
this ottk'O bis sworn statement no. t,;18, for the
purchase of the northwest ,'4 of section No. Jil,
m townsliip No. 4 north, rnnge no. 10 east, and
will oiler proof to show thut the land nought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, und to establish his 1
claim to said lanil before the lteister and Re-
reiver 01 1111s ci,.ee ai ancniivcr, wash., on
Wednesday, the lltti day of Seitembir,HSit2.
He names as witnesses: James Urown,
Peter Cue lernn. Harden l'almor.ol White Sal
mon, wusli., Charles l'eaion, of Trout Lake,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to filo
their claims in this o'tiee on or before said 14th
day of September, l''i'2.
jytisptll) John D. Okogheuax, Register.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
L. E, Morse, has been appointed by the county
court, of Wuseo county, .State of Oregon, int
luinistru'or of the estate 01 C W. Finn, de
ceased. All i rso!is having claims against
said estate, are lvnuesled to present, tiiem I
property vcrineu, 10 me, ai jukhi niver, ure
gon, within ulx months from date hereof.
L. K. Molts::,
Adininir.trat ir of tho estate ofC. V, Finn,
deiva.ica, - .
' " Dutid July, 7, t?!.'.'.
rpaa rpsr
Vall Paper, Paints, Oils etc.
A largo supply of, and Kj-i-lnmrc Hight to soli
Celebrated liquid colors and tinted loads.
Undertaking a Specialty
Prepared lo furnish at once, a line class of coffins, uls.j a cheap grade
but neat, and substantial.
ivory am1
Oak Street, near Post office,
Wo have First-Class Stock find
and fcadule Horses.
Fine Four-Horse Conch,
P'Ttic, carries nine puff-engere. Parties taken to any accessi
ble point. Keliubh drivers.
Our Dray delivers baggage or
i mav wive you niuen huueiing us as ,
We cure that couudi.
We cure that tickling.
V cure tliut hacking.
We cure that throat clearing.
We cure croup.
We cure bronchitis.
We cure that la urippe cough.
e help you to .sins; and fpeak.
We are not tin' S. Ii. lozeiipc.
We area ideasint cotlirli Hvrup.
Wi'Hii' nut tin in .lOaiid T-jcvnt bottle:
f are tlie S. Ii. cou',di syrup,
(iuar.sntecd hv your drujrj;isl.
In me '
i"1 f"r.r,?.T7 K Jl.-ia31.OS Kvor.v
I. ii.'lv. I'
u! v' rlll.lii'..l; iHl'tll'-.i j'liun-i
HtJlttJ', WilnhiU
i'W Ji-rscj-.
P h y s i c i a n and Surgeon
f Cii.ipmaii Llra-k
' TIIF. XAI.IJi:s .-- OftEnoN.
i "
ih-fi k & jienf.fek,
AHnrnouu-at-l aw
Chapman Elock, over Postoffice
T 1 1 l: iam..ks ohicuon.
A new stock of Ladies' and Gents'
SPECIAL attention given toj clean -
; ing and repairing watches.
j T TT T-T7lT " TTC!XT
i J. 11. 1 JliXtlJ U DUIV ,
'iHood River,
- - Oregon.
Line Of
Cloth inQ
j 3oSTorJ.AAS5
We Manufacture,
Real Merit
Does tne Advertising.
fell I
PiHs? HO!!
If you take pills it ia because you have
never tried the
S.B.Head ache and Liver
It works so nicely, cleansing the
Liver and Kidneys; acts us u mild
physic without causing pain or siek
) ess, und does not stop you from eat-
g una working.
To try it is to become a friend to it.
For sale bv M. V. Harrison, Hood
1 n- ..... i
I Dut'ur, M. 'Ff G. Co., Du fur, Ore
& Bone,
Outfits, Double Buggies, flacki
suitable for fishing or excursion
freight anywhere ic the Valle;
mi ml
. Beatty's Organs kx!9
Write fur eala'oeue. Ad(i Dunle! F. Beotty,
Wubhiugton, Ntiv Jersey
Successors to A KettuiRenJ
Hardware, Tinware, WooiiKnwABE,
A complete line of Heating and Cook Stoves,
Pumps, Pipe numbers and Steam 1'ltter'n
Suiiplie.sjulso'n coninleto sh.t'k of
Carpenter's, El::cksmit!is' and
Farmer' Tools.
mm mm
All tinnlns, riumbinf: and pipe work m lit be
j done on short notice.
Hats Trimmed, ' ,
And pri.H's reasonable. Call and ex
amine goods at Harrison's stoic.
1 Painter and Paper Hang-er, and
all kinds of work neatly and
Cheaply Done.
noon biver,
3 L.
Optical Goods.
Fine Watch Repairing a Speci
alty. Second St. Tho Dalles. Or.
Every Iwdy 9 land hi Hood
River Valley. I have some very de
sirable tracts of good land on niy list
for homesteads and tmioeied
claims, with wi.tcr on
them. I can locate several utocknieu
advantageously. Do not fir 1 to see
me at Hood River Falls or address nio
at Hood River, Wasco Count v, Oregon,
W. Ross W tSANS,,