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    'food Iftvcr Slacier.
HOOD 1HVKR. OK., JULY, 2 ,1892.
The careful observer of trie political
movements will note the feeling of In
dependence, of restlessness ami of dis
satisfaction with their party, by a large
element of both democrats and republi
cans. It Is not a cluuiglug of politic
mm regarila the old parties, but a desire
for something uw. This same ob
server will find by examining tto the
causes for this unrest and desire for
change a, revival of a portion ut least
of Uia old Know Nothing doctrines.
There it undoubtedly a strong and rap
Jdly growing senUoient in favor of an
American party. This element be
lieves the doors of Castle Uarden should
be closed, and that Immigration should
be stopped. The tliue has come when
this should cease to be the "asy luui for
all the nations of the earth." The asy
lum sentiment has outlived its useful
ness, and it fa argued very properly
that those seeking this asylum should
not be entitled to nor expect to con
duct its affairs. The protection to
American labor" theories have set this
element of independents to reasoning
that if this is the correct theory it should
hi curried to its legitimate conclusions,
and that the first step should be not to
shut out the products of foreign labor,
' but to frbut out the foreigu Labor itself.
This, they say, would protect t hi Amer
ican laborer generally to u much greater
degree than all the turiir bills that
might be enacted. Besides, there is
jtit ever growing sentiment that our
naturalization laws are too liberal, and
that ut least ten years' residence in this
country should precede the right to
vote, to locate government lauds or to
own real estate, and that none of these
Acts could be performed except after
lieing admitted to citizenship. There
is room for an American party, and
there are people enough to fill it.
The Orrgonian expresses its opinion
of Lotan's appointment very forcibly,
as follows:
"Iu the matter of the appointment of
Lotan to the collect orsh in, there has
Ijeen a species of iudireetion and decep
tion that k reprehensible, and ven
despicable. It was koowu here three
"Weeks before the general election that
he was aa applicant for the office,
There were many p'oteets against the
appointment, and the delegation ut
Washington held it off, with a design
of misleading the public into a belief
that it would not be made. Then it
was putolT again till after the city elec
tion, with the same intent. Finally
the nomination was smuggled into the
aeuate, no announcemeut of it was jr
juitted, lest protest might defeat it.and
.the first thing heard here was that Lo
tan was nominated and confirmed.
This is of a piece with the snap judg
ments and general methods of ring pol
itics tlutt have made all the trouble
here. People don't like It; they feel
that they have been deceived or trifled
with, ami they will bide their time to
show their displeasure. It may just us
well be set down for a certainty, here
and now, that the republican jwrty of
Oregon eau't be carried fofther on the
old ring basis. This last -proceeding Is
.going to change wot Jew votes from
Benjamin Harrison to Grover Cleve
land. The resentment is not confined
to Portland by any means. It will be
felt all over the state."
The Orrgonian is waging war on the
Australian ballot system. It strikes us
that the law is a good one, and that the
objection that some people couldn't un
derstand the ballot is of no noeht. a
-citizen that couldn't make
ji i. . . . ... . .
ticket he wants from the printed tad-
Jot as It now w does not deserve to vote,
In fact the idea of toe system k to com-
pel the voter to fix bis own ticket And
f .
to prevent ward strikers from doing it
for him. If the Qregonian'M loud and
persistent dem&iida for a fair election
in the south mean anything other than
political clap-trap, to he consistent it
should be a firm frknd of the Austra
lian system, V
The murderer of little Mamie Walsh
lias not yet been discovered. From the
act that the girl wu killed after being
outraged it seems probable that who
ever committed the deed wa known
by the girl and the murder was com
mitted to prevent his identification.
The next legislature should remember
J3aba's advice to Don Joan, when that
younggentlemaiuvntemptuausly kick
ed the feminine garments away, and
pass a bill providing a penalty for the
crime of rape that would prevent a sec
ond offense. '
The citizens of Portland have scarcely
begun to congratulate themselves ou
having downed their political bosses
and sent them to the rear, when the
news reaches them that Jim Lotan has
been picked out by the Oregon repub
lican delegation for the ofitce of col
lector of customs at Portland, and has
been appointed by the president. The
result will be hsard in November,
The people's party are somewhat at
ft loss for presidential candidate, but
our own good governor seems to have
baen overlooked. The party couldn't
go much further for a candidate, but it
Diigbt law much wurae.
We fully belle v that time will show
that Joe Simon's flue Italian hand as
fisted In nominating and electing Port
land's present mayor and police and
tire couinilwloueis. Sum Parrtsh's
head will go Into the basket Just for a
show, and then the show will end.
When a Jew Isms Is succeeded by a He
brew, It Is a safe U-.t thut the living
tribe of Israel are irolnit to remain in
business at the old stand.
Ilcfore the consol'd it Ion of Portland
and Its adjacent towns It was quite pos
sible to get n letter delivered in Alhina
or Kast lVi'tlnnd wlthl-t a reasonable
time. Since the new nrrat'.geincut It
takes a letter two days to reach either
place from here and three to get back.
If Port 1 ind will ald another suburb
the whole business will be shut off, un
less people go to the west side for their
The general sentiment seems to lie
that whether it be Cleveland or llarrl
son, we arc to have a good president
but Dana of the New York S'mm, w ho
four years ago biiterly opjosed Cleve.
land, now says: "IWtter vote for the
devil than respectable Hen Harrison
with a force bill in his ickct."
The prohibition party is holding its
national convention at Cincinnati.
The shade of the lute John P. St. John
was made tcitiMirary chairman.
Mr. Hugh Gourlay has resigned the
editorship of The Dalles Chronicle, Mr.
Ireland taking his place.
Oregon's First Nursery.
E. W. Allen, in nn address before the
State Horticultural Society's meeting
at Grant's Puss, gave the following ac
count of the introduction of the upple
into Oregon:
Among the heroic souls that came to
Oregon in 1S47 was Henderson Luell
ing, who was then a resident of South
western Iowa, anil who conceived the
idea of transporting to Oregon a nur
sery on wheels. This idea he proceeded
to put into execution by making two
boxes twelve inches deep and Just wide
and long enough to rill the wagon bed;
these he tilled with a eoiiiM,ite of
earth and charcoal, in which he plant
ed several hundred trees and si. rutin;
these were protected trom the stock by
a light frame work fastened to the
wagon bed. That load was doubtless,
for many reasons, the most diflicult
one to handle that ever crossed the
plains, and yet it has been truly said,
"That load of trees contained health,
wealth and comfort for the old pioneers
of Oregon," and it is doubtless true
that that load of trees and shrubs
brought more wealth to the state than
any ship that ever entered the Colum
bia river. It was the mother of all our
nurseries, and gave to Oregon a name
and fame she would never have had
without it. These trees were planted
at Milwaukee, six miles south of Port
land, and the sale of fruit and grafts
from them brought wealth to the enter
prising proprietor. The great immigra
tion to California, caused by the dis
covery of gold, created a market for
every eatable, and the "Big lied Ap
ples" from Oregon were sold at enor
mous prices to miners and others.
jMany orchards were set out by the
pioneer emigrants, ana some ot the
trees planted ut that early period are
still in vigorous bearing. Fruit culture,
especially the apple, proved very prof
itable, the limited products of those
times selling ut fancy prices..
Several persons made small fortunes
from fruit raising, but few adopted it as
an exclusive pursuit. The high prices
then obtained gave a great impetus to
the planting or orchards, out when
these came into full bearing, the in
crease of supply brought prices down,
and California being tiie only market
available, the supply very soon exceed'
ed thedemand, the result of which was
that a general feeling of carjlessness
permeated the fruit growers of Oregon,
and but little attention was paid to tak
ing proper care of the orchard, or the
enormous crons that thev nroduced.
The fruit yield In the Willamette valley
.alone has been estimated to average
one million three hundred thousand
jbiwhels per annum since the comple
lion or the three transcontinental lines
,f railroads that now traverse her fer-
tile valleys, bringing as it were the
itfreat fruit markets of the east to our
I . A . A I 1
very door. A new impetus has been
given to fruit growing, and the near
future bids fair to see Oregon stand
again at the head of the list as the
greatest fruit producing state in the
Does 8. B. get there ?
smile. S. B.
Well I should
BEATTY'S organ t
Iiiirgainii. For Diirti-
c .lam, catalogue, Hiidren Daniel r . JJeatty,
Washington, New Jersey.
I have bargains to give, to all those
wanting summer goods. Call and get
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Mrs. Ii. 8. Howei,ls.
Dr. F. C. Brosius, having succeeded
to the medical practice of Dr. E. J.
Thomas, can be found at the drug
store day or night.
Hood Itiver Ore., Dec 18. 1891.
Beatty's Organs
Are the
Write for analogue. Addles Dualel V. Ileutty,
Washington, iew Jersey
Land Office at Vancouver wash. June 23, 1802.
To Dougald Camcroa and all whom it may
No Wee Is hereby given that the followlngr
nairned settler him tiled notice of bin Inten
tion to make final proof in wupport of hln
ekiira. and that wild proof will be made before
W. li. Dunbar, (JominiHuloner United Htat
Cireult Court for District ol WonhinKton ot
Goldendale wh. ou August 31st Dm, viz;
Donald V. Cameron,
Admlnlxtratorof the estate of Colin Cam
eron, deceased.
Pre D. a Nn. 1857 for the lot 1 and 2 a w Yt
Be and e a w fC.4Tpa a r lOe w m.
Ho names tlie following wltnensefi to prove
bin continuous residence opon and cultiva
tion of, mild land, viz: Janiee Brown. Kranlc
I, tine, (jerden rainier, of White Salmon,
Washjt'harles Pearson, of Trout Ijxke, Wash,
Ji'2-ugti Joil- D. Gkoghf.uan. ltcglster.
Why cough, when fi, J), will stop It.
Tho undersigned being located near
Hood Hlver, w Ishes to Inform parties
who may bo desirous of having sur
veying done, that he Is a practictd
surveyor of many years exerlenee,
and that work entrusted to htm will he
performed with disputed ami correct
ness. He takes pleasure In referring to
Mr. A. S. Mower, who for years was
county commissioner In Minnesota,)'
and for whom he did county work us
county surveyor, us to Ins anility.
Parties wrltlmr me at Hood will re
ceive prompt attention.
C. J. IUyks,
Dated Hood lllver April Uth, hsul.
exkcVtous Notice.
Notice U liervl.y lvrn tlinl J. ll.MUMMnn,
hiin Ihti! duly mittiorlrivl n mvutor of the
limt Mill una tOMinnuMU or Kllrt MWtilMuii lr
it'HMHtl, In curry nut I lip trovlltin oI'hhIiI will,
.ml In tiitumir. tlic MltUtr of mild entitle. All
IK'rsun IimvIiik rlulum iiirnlnl uttltl ehtto
itre hereby iioIiiIih! to H'i'm'iHtli mono to Milil
executor, Ht IIihhI UtverOitnoii, neil.v M
tented w lllilii nix monlliH from llieilitli hereof.
J. It. MttUl,KTtlN.
Kteeulnror the limt will unit tfitU'iiiuul of
KIIh Mlilrlli'tun iIiI'iimhI.
INiUhI nt IliMi.l Ktvcr,Ori!e, June II lAtt.
A DM msflUTburoTirtr
Notice Ik hereliy Klven thai the umlersliMii'il
litis Ihvii it illy pHliitiil lv (Ik itumty court
xftlii'MtiitiMiflUvKiiii lor Wiiihm Cotuily, In
ort:ito, mliiitiiUiriiUir of the OMtiite of 1'j.llior
lUu'ktio ileitMimtl. All crsoli IiuvIiik t'lulms
HKii'ast milil vMtntc nrK lii'i'ly rotilrvU Ui
rVM'i''t tlirm lo lue, with 'roT voiu-lirn ut
my reniilenew lit'iir IIimmI Itlver, Wiimm
limiitv ur'iiii,,ivllhln nix iiioiiUm fivia lliv
dnti-of thl. notiic, Kkkp UowK,-
AiliiilnlNtrstivf of I ho eiut f Kthr
Burkiu, decniMSl.
lnti(t thin 2lt ilay of May IS'i.
Timber Uiul, Art JuneS, I8TS.1
fulled Stnle t4Hid OlTtee.
Vancocvkii Wash., Juno II, isui
Notice U herebv clven Unit hi entnitllane
with tho urovUloiw of the act of Comiiviu of
June H, 1S7S, vnlitli-J "An Hi t for tho of
timber Imitls in the stiiii-t of Cnllfornta, Ore
gon, Neviulii, unit Wnshliititon Territory,"
Miire:int A.t'mueron.of Whtlolmiiciiily
ofKlii'kltHtMiitvof Wiu.h.,liiiitliU tiny tlleJ In
till offio lu-rHWorn matvuieiil no. I..H, Ar tin'
fuin-liiweof theiilh runt qiwrlerof w. no. II
n towiiklilp no..") nortn, runm no. lOetisl, nml
will ollrr iironf to Hhow tluit tliu html notiuht
in more vnliiulilt' lor Im IiiiiIht or mono than
for Hitrleultnml itur)Mvio, mid tocitulilUli her
I'lilim to until huiil iH'foru the KikIhIit Uiut Ke
celviTof thin oiIIid ut Vancouver wiwlilnxlon
on Thurwluy, tho 1st ilu' ol'SopteintKT isirj.
She nivmca nn witneawes: Jumps llrovvn,
Fmnk Ijoio, fiuntcn Tulnier, of white Mil
mon, wiuilmttoii, I'hnrk lnmon, ot Trout
Lnke WushiiiKton.
Any and all persons elalmlnn Advenely the
bImivd uVcrllH.'l IiiiiiN nro rtiiiieHtuii to tile
' thoircluliiM In thlsoinceou or before wild 1st
any of September, lrj.
JniVaur-V John I. Obooiikuao, HcKiiter,
ITimbcr Uind, Act Juno 3, is:.
V. B. I..nn Offick,
Onixjcx City, Ohkuon ,ny. 7, 1S92.
Notice in hereby given tlmt in coiiipllanee
with the provlKloim ot I lie uit of (Xiiigrrns of
J illicit, IS7S, entitled "An act fur the wile of tlin
ber;lnn.tslu tiicstutcHotrullAirniii, nrron Nc
vmluHiiii Wiishliitftim Territory,'1 Mr. Hiir
rlut S. Johi'non, a widow of I'm iliiml, county
of Multnomnli, tHle of Olwo.i, iim thlsiUy
tiled in tlibtolllcu h.'ruworu Htatement X". -Ml
for the pun-hiuie of the w't n e e !-i ne
nnd tie yt o t ofMM'tluii No. H In lown
Kliip so.3 (Hiulli. rango no. S'wuit,
wtllollor pnxil tonliow tlmt Hie liunl wninrtlH
more vnluuble for ll.i timl;er or Htone thut) for
ii'TicuHurul piirpoKca, mid to etl)llli her
ciitim to suiil In nd before the llcKixtcr mid lti
reiver of ttii orTlce nt On-son City, Oregon,
on Mouduy the loth day of August ISJKi.
She narnes iu witnessed: Horace H, Cuni)
boll, Hurnli A. Iteid, bithof Katt I'ortliuid
Multnomah County Oregon, Churlin i'olc,
Sundy, Claekaniim County Or., Thus. J. J'eek,
f l'ortlund Multnomah County Oregon.
Any nnd all person clulmlng adversely tho
abovexlencrilied lnnd are roipioMod to Hie
their claims in thin ollleu ou or before Mtid
l.", dnv of August. li
mya-iy: J. T. Ar pkkson, RegUter.
, k GO.,
Reliable Information concerning land
Choice city and country property for
Conveyancing a Specialty.
113 Second Street - - - - The Dalle Or.
Has been thoroughly
renovated, and a large
ell added doubling its
Everything will be found neat and clean
Table will be supplied with the belt the
' .1 'f j
I ,WeleoiirlMw.cliot. psk-WZlLV
Ytt lor ew f tnW eht ,, . TSl
-Ana otoej l 13-intH ruk. -St-frSZ-
Thc Popular
Desire to call your attention to the fact that
they are stilll running their well known
Are prepared to furnish buggies, or hacks with reliable drivers, to carry
fishing, tourist or other parties to all points in the valley at reason
ttble rates. Good saddle boress always on hand. Horses board
ed by the day, week or month.
Ms oito at i
1'i tiT Ni liiulil.iiml nil whom It miiy concern.
Ijnnl ottlcc ut Yiineonvcr whmIi., Mity 'Jti,ls)i
Notice In hcivhy hIm-ii Unit llio followlnif.
luiinril Mclller Iimh tiled notice of III III
Ictillon to tuiike tlmil proof In mixi-t of hU
clnllil Hint tlinl wild piMof Will lie mmlc l
Tire W. It. Imnluir, ('oiniiilwiloiier. t'nlteil
Ntiite Circuit tiiirt Ar IHNtrlct or WhrIiIiik.
Ion, nt OotilcnilHlc, WiiMhtngloii, on Tliiiriduy
AuKimt 4tli isii-j, vl:
;AhUnh II, Ilyrkett.
rtin'hune Application No. SIT muter nee. Sol
the net npprovcil Hcpt W Imkj tor the north
half I'tiuvtlon 1,1 tow nnhlp tl north of ruiiuo ID
cast will mcr.
lie im men the Pillowing wltnnuHn to provo
hln continuoiu clnlm to mid ctiltlvtitlon of,
wild hind, vl: t'hiirlcii IVitrKou. W II Hum
finite. I- iiink t'onlc, John r'.ckcrt, nil of Tinut
l.iiliol'. O, wiinIi,, Ocoigu Ullmor, of (Illmer
I'.O. wsiOi.
J utt-Jj 1 1 John U. OKooiiKOAN.Ucgliilcr.
V ill nuik e the spili'ir si-iisoii of lMtt at F. II.
Ilulliin turm a! llmi.l Ulvor.
ltscrlittMi ami Pedigree.
"M IiIiiIkIiI" In a eonl-Mni'k HnnitileloiiUn, 5
Vi'tun olti; wrluht mhuhIs; sln'il liy Mluiw'n
lliiiiililclonliiii; iliini, a t'otivr-lMittiii) mare,
"MUtiiluhl" Is it uiHid dlsiNsltloiHd horsi-, a
loppy driver and nolle u lixdler fcir u home of
Ills sue.
"iMIdnlKhl's" aervlee fie will be SI0 Bir slnitlr
service, duo id time of rTliv, or $1" Bir lha
st'itson. lVrsons brocillnit by shiKle si rvli
and mure fntlliiK lo caloh, eml lin inl by the
siusou by the atlditloiiiit myiuetil of V Hca
hoii to clone July .V iwij.
V. if. Ul'rniS, HoikI Itlver.Or,
OTiCk fo rT v u IicatTo n 7 "
ITlinluT Uiud, Act June S, 1K7H.
t'nllcd Htatcs Uuid Onice,
Oregon t'iiy tinmni, May, 7, IkM.
Notliv Is lii'n liv ulvcu thut In eoiniillani
with the provisions of tho net of IHuigrcss of
JuneH, ls;H.ciitilli-d "An act for I he sale of
tlinhcr huiils In the Htalcs of ('allfornla, Ore
gon, Nevada mid ashliiKtou Icrrltory, Mrs.
Siiruh A.Ki til, widow ot rorllund Co., of Mull,
iioiiuih. Male of tuviion. has lids dnv ttltnl III
this olllit' her sworn stHii iiu ul, No. 't lor the
iiunliuscol 'IheH' jM.,aiid s,ylwli"'"',lil
ownslilp No. !l, south range No.S,K. w. M.and
wllloUi r pnsil to show that the land souglit Is
more vnluulile for lis lliuls r orsloue tliuit for
imriciiltiind iHirinwi-s. and to estlillsh her
t liiliii to said laml IH'foru the Itcglsler and lie
ectver il Ihls olt'i v at Oregon I'lty Oregon,
ou Monday the l illi day ot August MU.
Hhe names as wllnesjH's; Horace H, Camix
hell, of Knst IVtrtland, Mulluomah I'liiiuty dr.,
l mines t ole. of hiindy lui-kumiis t ouuty
liregou, Thos. J. IVs-k, aitdllurriet S. Johnson,
tsith of i'oiilaiul .Multnoiiuihi ounty urcgou.
Any and all s'rsons clulmlng adversely the
alsvi deserilH'd lands aru riiin sled to tile
Iheir clulmsln thisoiltivou or u milil loin
day of August, isirj.
iiij2s-JyoO J. T. Ari'guaox, Keglslcr,
Notice Is licril'V given that the undersigned
luis h, i n duly Kiiisiluted, liy the llouoratili'
county iiini l,of W a.ieo county OreKoiiserulor
ot the estate and will of James A. ilauklns late
ot said County and now deceased. All per.
suns having claims against said estate arc
licrvbyitatilh'd present tlM'ir claims, duly
verified, as required by law, to ino at IIishI
Hlver, Hiegoji; and within six months from
the (lute ot this notice.
Wv ATT Coormi.
Kxeciitor of the estate of James A. Hank ins
Jlyil HishI Ulver, Oregon, June 13th Mi
Und Olllce at The Dalles Or. J line 4, 1KIU.
Notice Is hereby given t'mt the following'
named settler has tiled not lev of bis intention
to make ll mil uroof In siiniMirt of his claim.
and tnnl said proof wl'l be mada before the
Kegisteraiid Ki-eeivur I . f. U O. at 1 he Dalles
Or. on July Id, IXC, iz:
1'eter Nesson, ,
P. H. No. TJiS for the lots2S and 4 and i c M
n w y4 sec .w ip. i norm range mew in.
He names the following wltnessca to prove
ins continuous resilience uimiii ami cultivation
of said land vlx: Marktmm Wlnehcll. h. T.
Wlnans, John Divers, M. O. W heeler, all of
iiimmj itiverun-gon.
Jnli-Jylil Joiim W I.KW1A, Itcglsler,
Land OtllceHt Vancouver wash. June 2, IWI2.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
mimed settler has filed notice of his Intention
to make final prisd In suiitsirt
of his claim, and that said proof will be made
oet'ire tne ucgisicr anil iiervivcr lT. w. Uiiiil
Olllce at Vancouver wash. on August ,
David K. Ordway.
Cash application No 17 under the 3rd sec
tion of the act approved .Sept. 'Jit 1W0, tor the
nwne ( n u w and s w1 n w see.
II Tp i u r 0 c w in.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence uimiii and cultiva
tion or. said laliu, VI.: Aimw I nilerwisxi,
Kdward t'ndcrwiMid. of wlittc Kaluion wash
William Drano, William Kennedy, of Chuuo.
wiin wasn.
Jnli-Jylil John D. Okoohaoa. Ilegistcr,
LandOfllceat The Dal lea Or., June M, '.892.
Notlee Is hereby given that the following
named settler has fifed notice of his Intention
to make final proof in supisirt of his claim.
and that said proof will lie made before the
Register and Ueeelver V, 8. L. O. at Tho Dalles
ur, on August a w, viz:
Charles Kaundera.
D. H. No- 73W for the nw) aec. 12 Tp 1 n r 0
e w m.
He nnmes the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon nnd cultivation
of, said land, viz: lvl Neulelgh, Joe Tumor,
morse, ua Morse, all of lloofl Ittver or.
JniJy:iO John w. lwls, Itcglster,
Good number 8 second hand cook
stove for sa.o at Harrison's.
nt H Mel
House Builder's Goocta, Sash
and Doors, Mouldings,
Brackets and Wood Turnings.
Limo. Plaster and Lath Coil
ing, Rustic and Flooring
Coffixxc CaclsiotcL
Mercer & Dul
Will supply the publlo with tho very choicest
At tho Very Lowest Rates.
Wo havo constantly ou hand a line stock of
lETaxxxc, Bacon and Ijaxd
Iu fact, everything In our jlne. j
Our wagon will run through the' valley and to the nillls Mondays Wed
nesdays and Fridays. All orders tilled promptly.
Corner Oak and Fourth Sts.,
Tli. Dalles aiTujrseries,
Have on hand a full supply of Fruit, Hhado and Ornamental trees; grap
vines, small fruits, Hoses and Hhrubbery.
lie sure to get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
lU'iiieuiU-r our trees are grown strictly without Irrigation.
W. A. 8MSttKKI.ANI, Loitil Agent.
That thirty days Is as long as we can credit goods, and would rcupcctfully
request our putroim ut govern rhumsetves accordingly.
Hood-EiTrcx Pliaimacy's
1 Accurately ConiDOiffiflsfl.
And a Complete Line of
OfTer for sale 500,000 standiird tret-s grown on high fir lands without irriga
tion or manure. Huch trees are Incoitipandily suiH-ilor to those grown on
swales or watered sil Irrigated trees when planted on high and dry soils are
liable to stunt in growth and if they live, it Is liable to be 7 or 8 years before
they bear to amount to anything. Our trees are frequently In (tearing tho
2nd year from setting out. will send references to substantiate this assertion .
Apple, I'm, I'vwhcB, PruucM, J'tunu, VherrivM. Quince nnd Apricot.
Hmall fruits in variety, ornamental trees and shrubs, and 40 varieties (out
of 100 tests) of roses. Sjuj-lattk, Prune. Kevcral varieties of A't Prrtche
and Enrbj Tvjcoa llkimberrie. Hpeclal Inducements to those planting In lots
of 100 to 1000. Correspondence invited. Address,
No. 2 Dekuin Building, N. W. Corner 1st and Washington Hts. Portland, Or.
OUY 1'ILKINUTON, Hood Hlver, Or.
Crandall & Burget,
Furniture, Carpets,
A Full Line of
MeiMiHg Goods.
Mail Orders Pronptly Attended to
166 Second St. The Dalles, Or.
Hood River, Oregon
and Builders.