The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 21, 1892, Image 4

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    The 44 Royal " the Strongest and
Purest Baking Powder.
; Whether any other baking powder is equal to
"Royal," let the official reports decide. When
the different powders were purchased on the open
market and examined by Prof. Chandler, of the
New-York Board of Health, the result showed that
Royal Baking Powder contained twenty-seven
per cent, greater strength than any other brand.
1 When compared in money value, this difference
would be as follows :
If one pound of Royal Baking Powder sells
for 50 cents,
One pound of no other powder is worth over
36 cents.
If another baking powder is forced upon you
by the grocer in place of
are charged the correspondingly lower price.
The proposed plan for the postal tube
between France and England is to sus
pend two tubes, each about three feet in
diameter, by mepns of steel cables
thrown across the channel 120 feet above
the level of the water.
Guard yourself for summer malaria, tired feel
ing, by using now Oregon Blood Purifier.
Tbt Gebmka for breakfast.
Use Enamellne Stove Polish; no dust, no smell.
rrrtf 5)11 thcsr ic rlciimprl fnr itnnw
else could so great a business ana
sale have developed in w short a
time? ;
A pure, mild, weet smoke
no wonder it yfaas become the
standard smojknig tobacco, even in
competitionwith long-established
brands ('recognized merit.
J. B. Pajee Tobacco Co., Richmond, Virginia.
la the only
Water Proof Coat !
irT to Peel, Break or Stick. flftJ
1U 1 to Leak at the Seams. '
Thr ar two wart vou oan tell the tennlni
Mlck-ri the Flab Brand trade mark and a soft Wool
a Collar. Bold everywhere, r tent free for piioa
A. J. TOWER, nanufr. Boston, Mas.
Onr Mhlold Brand ! belter than an v.taf
proof coat auda ezaept the ft. Bauta.
Are what every lady la anxious to pos
set. Now, there Is a secret that has
never been revealed to the world, and.
that Is, the sure way to possess these
hands of beauty. . 'Use MOLLINE. A
proved success. This discovery was
made by a graduate of London Eng
land college and a learned chemist.
The horrors of the kitchen ts no more a
worry to the housewife. No matter
how stained and grimmy the hands may
be, one application of the wonderful
MOLLINE will leave them as soft and
white as If no kitchen work had been
done. For sale by all druggists In large
bottles, 60 cents.
; Give MOLLINE one trial and you will
never be without It.
I have a positive remedy for the above disease; by its
ttea thousands of oases of the worst kind and of long
standing hava been onrad. Indeed so strong is my faith
tnitseffioaoy, that I will send TWO bottles free!, with
a VALUABLE TREATISE on this disease to any suf.
ferar who will send ma thair tfxpreea and P. O address.
W. A. Slocum, III. e 183 Pearl St N. Y.
Beautiful Hanfls!
" The first dose often astonishes the ln-
valid, giving elasticity of mind, buoy
unoy of body, good digestion, regular
jowels and solid flesh. Prioe, 25cts.
the Royal, see that you
I passed today the MttltMtond,
Rhnt In hv woodlands dim
Where oft, of youtbful pastime fond,
we ooys wentio to swim.
The snelterejKcove, the sandy beach.
The rock point below
The shadow water's tranquil reach .
Whore still the lilies grow
i gray old willows yet survive
j ershadowing the pool
And rock from which we uad to diva
Into the waters oool
Each daring youth witi Joyous about
Full breasted clertxne wave
. As lithesome as thesportive trout
That in these waters lave.
And 1 remember how it fared.
One pleassftit summer day,
That bohlbf venturesome we dared
To crow the narrow bay .
Above the waters dark and deep. -
th fear we dared not show,
l strange and dreadful things might
Far in the depths below
Bow childish now those terrors seem I
But are we wiser grown.
Who dread to cross death's silent stream
For tear of ills unknown
Bow bright the rippling wavelets ran,
How fresh tbe breezes blewl
Ere yet the cares that come to man '
O'er us their shadow threw.
Now oft beside the little lake
I sit and ponder lone,
And listen as the wavelets break
In mournful mouotoue.
And call to mind the Joyous train
With whom 1 used to play;
A few fond, faithful hearts remain,
Some wander far away '
And memory's eyes are dim with I
As each loved name is told,
O'er whose fair boyish head for years
The waves of death have rolled.
Who on life's sea, with youthful strength.
Swam forth in ardor brave.
With faint and failing stroke at length
To aink beneath the wave.
Friends of my youth 1 may we once more
Beyond death's veil of mist
Meet once again on some bright shore
By beaveuly waters kissed '
Eugene Barry
A Somnambulisms Performance.
Residing on the south side is a man
whose physician has strongly advised
him to indulge in a regular exercise.
This young man has Deen troubled
with insomnia and is occasionally
afflicted with somnambulism. He be
lies, however, that he has the making
of an athlete in him, and when he re
ceived his physician's instructions he
resolved to bring it out. So lie had a
horizontal bar erected in the back
yard of the house, and upon this he
practiced daily. His principal feat was
to grab the smooth bar with both
hands and swing around with great
rapidity. One night last week the
young man a mother was awakened by
the noise of a door closing. She
arose and tiptoed toward the back
part of the house. Looking out of the
window she saw her son, clad" in his
nightgown, revolving on the horizon'
tal bar with lightning rapidity.
Amazed at the spectacle of the gyrat
ing son and his flapping night garment
she aroused his lather and told him
about it The old gentleman arose,
donned his pants and went to the res
cue. When he succeeded in stopping
the revolutions of the flying boy he
learned that he was asleep ana that he
bad posed as a somnambulist athlete.
He awoke him with some difficulty
and led him back to his bed. Now the
young man has his parents lock his
doors and windows when he goes to
bed. He is anxious to regain his
health, but he will not go so far as to
do a horizontal act in his nightgown.
Chicago Herald
The old saying that " con
sumption can be cured if
taken in time " was poor com
fort.' It seemed to invite a
trial, but to anticipate failure.
The other one, not so old,
" consumption can be cured."
is considered by many false.
Both are true and not
true ; the first is prudent
one cannot begin' too early:
The means is careful liv
ing. Scott's Emulsion of
cod-liver oil is sometimes an
important part of that.
Letussend you a book on
careful living free.
Scott & Bownb, Chemists, 13a South jth Avenue,
New York.
Your druggitt keep Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver
oil ail druggists everywhere do. ft.
1 wltV
stars I
rhere Is a Capital Reason Why the
Actor Never Has Been Married.
There are few among the admirers of
Richard Mansfield who have not won
dered at the persistence with wh :ch he
holds to bachelorhood. . , ,
Mr. Mansfield is the victim of an ex
traordinary and unfortunate will ex
traordinary because he is left as sole
heir to a considerable estate, and un
fortunate because he cannot touch a
penny of all his inheritance until he
has found a wife to share his fortune.
Some six years ago, before the pres
ent "Beau Brummel" was as well
known as he is now, and when the au
thor of that successful . play was &
freshman at Amherst, the motherof
Richard Mansfield died.; She hadteen
a famous opera singer in her day, and
not being careless of the ufoney hej
voice had earned for her, fad amassed
a small fortune. Richard Mansmeld
was her only child, ana to him 611 the
whole of her property, which oronsisted
principally ef vamable real estate. But
the will whicbannouneed Juris disposi
tion of thebroDerty was a curious doc
ument the late Attorney General
Trainywas one of its efxecutors. It gave
allypersonal anc real," to the son
plainly enough, bAit the conditions and
restrictions whpch it exacted were hard
ly what one would expect to find in
the will of jan opera singer.
The conditions were that the heir
should not marry within five years
from, the date of the filing of the will,
and! that after that period the property
1 11 x . J 1 ' I 1
IOUIU UUt CUUIO UiWJ U1B utuius uutu
e was married.
Here was a state or affairs for an
actor neither property nor wife for
five years, and then no property with
out a wife.
In the summer of 1889 Richard Mans
field went abroad. It was rumored
among his friends and even hinted at
in the papers that he was to marry an
English lady of some distinction, but
the winter came and brought Richard
Mansfield back to New York still at
tended only by his valet, and those
who were authority for the report won
dered how they could have been so
mistaken. Such stories were no nov
elty to Mr. Mansfield. He never men
tioned his mother's wilL
In one of the acts of "Beau Brum
mel" Mansfield is asked, in regard to
his intended marriage, what surety he
will have against the failure of his suit,
to which he replies, with an air of su
preme self satisfaction, "And am I not
surety enough?" It Is a line well suited
to the Beau, but few who marked it
have understood how aptly it suits the
actor. New York World.
Trees 650 Feet Tall.
Professor Fred Q. Plumruer, the civil
engineer of Tacoma, says: "I have
been all over this country and have the
best collection of the flora to be found
anywhere.. What do you think of these
trees 650 feet high 1 They are to be
found that high in the nnsurveyed
townships near the foot of Mount
Tacoma, and what is more I have seen
them and made an instrumental meas
urement of a numberjyith,JJiatresult.
There are lots of trees near the base of
Mount Tacoma whose foliage is so far
above the ground that it is impossible
to tell to what family they belong ex
cept by the bark. Very few people
know or dream of the immensity of
our forest growth. I wish that some
of our large trees could be sent to the
World's fair at Chicago. We could
send a flag pole, for instance, 300 or
400 feet long." Olympia Tribune.
Elephants Fine Food.
Dr. Livingstone speaks of elephant's
flesh as excellent. "We had the food
cooked for breakfast and found it de
licious. It is a whitish mass, slightly
gelatinous and sweet, like marrow. A
long march to prevent biliousness is a
wise precaution after a ' feast on ele
phant's food. Elephant's tongue and
trunk are also good, and after long
simmering much resemble the humps
of a buffalo and the tongue of an ox ;
but all the other meat is tough, and
from its peculiar flavor only to be eaten
by a hungry man." The elephants
eaten during the siege of Paris were
said to be a great success, and the liver
was pronounced finer than that of any
goose or duck. Scottish Review.
Advertising; Costs.
No matter how much advertising
pays it certainly costs. A single page
in an Issue of The Century, taken for
advertising purposes, costs $500; in
Harper's, $400 down to $100. A yearly
advertisement of one column in The
New York Herald costs $30,304 for the
lowest and $130,000 for the highest
priced columns. These figures will
doubtless be of interest to men who in
vest $2 or $3 per month and flatter
themselves with the idea that they are
extensive and liberal advertisers, and
that because of their investment they
ought to control the columns and dic
tate the course of the publication.
Chicago Herald.
Chained Books.
As late as the year 1751 notices oc
cur in the librarian's account books of
procuring additional chains for the
library. But the removal of them ap
pears to have commenced as shortly
afterward as 1757, and in 1761 there
was a payment for unchaining 1,448
books at one halfpenny each. In 1769
some long chains were sold at two
pence each, and short ones at three
halfpence, and then en masse nineteen
hundredweight of "old iron" at 14s.
per hundredweight. Several of the
chains are still preserved loose as relics.
Macray's Annals of the Bodleian
The nick of time tc top the course of bladder
and kidney complaint is when tbe organs con
cerned exhibit a tenrieiiyjy to grow inactive. The
neaitniui impulse towavra activity mat uiey re
ceive from HoBtetter's Stomach Bitters rescues
them from impending danger, and averts such
dangerous maladies sb uriAnt s disease ana aia
betes. BlugRlshness of the It ddneys increa' es i
liability to chronic rheutnatistn. trout and drousv
and cilice the b'ood is filteredby these organs in
its passage through them, tlito operation of the
ciiiers serves a aouDiy nanpyj purpose, i ne meo
lcine acts without excititig.Xike the fiery stimu
lants oi commerce, raaiaixai, dyspeptic, consti
pated and nervous MvalXus are thoroughly re
lieved by It. Hincg theidvent of that shocking
maiaay, la ittippe.itnas Deen wiuciy demon
strating its usojulneats aa a curative and prevent
ive oi it.
"Ah, Iam gttnuing ground rapidly." as tbe
man strld whoa the dust storm covered bim with
layefalter lyer
Dhere is no doubt that man is a fine
'echanism, but like every other machine
e wears out by friction. It is said that he
is born again every two or three years. His
body is virtually remade from food. To
retard this making over is radically wrong,
as a man loses so much vitality in the de
layed process that it takes a long time to
recuperate. The process of making anew
is so accelerated by purging with Bran-
drkth s .tills toat a new man, as it were,
may be made in two or three months, and
the change in the mechanism is such that
tne worn-out part is replaced by the new
without the usual runnincr down of the en
tire machine. You don't have to stop for
repairs, trurge away witn iibakdreth's
Pills the old, diseased and worn-out body.
Bbandeeth's Pills are purely vegetable,
absolutely harmless and safe to take at any
time. . .
Sold in every drug and medicine store,
1 1
eiuier uiaiu ur DUgar-cuuteu.
There are so many people who think that other
people's eyes need dot toring tiecause they can't
see siraigni inemseives. r
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure aeamess, and tnai is Dy constitu
tional remedies. Deafness Is caused bv an in-
flamed condition of the mucous lining of the
eusiacftian tuoe. nnen tnis tuoe gets innamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed, deafness ' Is
the result, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
csndltion, hearing will be destroyed forever:
u.uv . .jv.u vuv v.... Ulil .... i r-i.v uj .... . (n i ij .
which is nothing but an innamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case
of deafness (caused by catarrh) that we cannot
cure by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, iree. r. j. Uiiciti st vu.,
Toledo. O.
Bold by druggists; 7fto.
It must not he inferred that the uninstructed
delegates we hear so much about nowadays are
ignorant politicians.
"Brown's Bronchial Troches" are an effect
ive cough remedy. Sold only tn boxes,
Price, 25 cents.
A copp r trust is the latest thing out in that
tine, Dtit tne policemen ate not in it.
IT Has no EQUAL.
This GREAT COUGH CURE, this success
ful CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug
pists on a positive guarantee, a test that no othe:
Cure can stand successful' V. If you have s
will cure you promptly. . If your child has the
quickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON
SUMPTION, don't wait until your case is hope
less, but take this Cure at once aud receive im
mediate help. - Large bottlrs, 50c. and $
Travelers convenient pocket size 25c. Ask
your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If your
lungs are sore cr back lame, use Shiloh's Por
ous Plasters. Price, 25c.
I must say a word as to the ef
ficacy of German Syrup. I have
used it in my family for Bronchitis,
the result of Colds, with most ex
cellent success: I have taken it my
self for Throat Troubles, and have
derived good results therefrom. I
therefore recommend it to my neigh
bors as an excellent remedy in such
cases. James T. Durette, Earlys
ville, Va. Beware of dealers who
offer you "something just as good."
Always insist on having Boschee's
German Syrup.
When I say cure I do not mean merely to stop them
for a time and then have them return again, 1 mean a
radical cure. I have made the disease of FITS, EPI
IiEPBY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. I
warrant my remedy to cure the worst oases. Because
others have failed is no reason for not now receiving
cure. Bend at once for a treatise and a Free Bottle of
my infallible remedy. Give Express and Post Office.
H. G. ROOT M. Cm 183 Pearl St.. N. T
V. P. N. U. No. 440 -B. F. N. U. No. 617
H Autumn ' jw nterJ
cotvmurr teat
AH the year round
is the time when Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery orks the best.
It purifies the blood.
It's not like the sarsaparillas,
which claim to do good in March,
April, and May; you can depend
upon it always. That's why it is
guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit or
cure, in every case for which it's
recommended, you have your money
No other medicine of its kind
says as ,much but no other does
as much. It cleanses, renews and
invigorates the entire system. For
all skin, scalp and scrofulous affec
tions, as Eczema, Tetter, Salt-rheum,
White Swellings, Hip-joint Disease,
and kindred ailments, it's a positive
cure. ,
The proprietors of Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy offer $500 for an
incurable case of Catarrh. It isn't
mere talk it's business.
They mean to pay you, if they
can't cure you. But you'll find
that they can.
1 j n i iji
Costs no more than an ordinary clumsy wood picket affair that obstructs the view and will rot or fall
apart tn a short time. Tbe " Hartman " Fence Is artistic in design, protects the grounds without oon-
ceallncr thfttn and is nnutficn-Uv nvRKUHTiNa. T r.T.TT STR A T K n f!ATA 1 "tflTTlf. WITH PRIPPil AND
Hartman Mfg. Co., Beaver Falls, Pa. T. D. Ginse. Gen. Western Sales Agt.. 508 State St., Chicago.
David M. Clarkson, Jr., Portland, Or. Hunt &, Moffet, Tacoma, Wash.
" Holly, Mason, Marks & Co., Spokane Falls, Wash.
don't feel like work. The fl I T trouble is your liver is tor
pid. You are full of bile. J
Inree deses ot Moore 8 Kemiea KemedJ will do it and make
you feel like a new person. For sale by all druggists.
It rouses the Ltver and Kidneys and Stomach,
cures 1-fc-adache, Dyspepsia, creates an Appe
tite, Purifies the Impure Blood, and
Mates The "Weak Strong.
Used everywhere. St s bottle : six fur 5.
San Francisco Examiner.
If yen haye a claim of any description whatsoever
against tne unitea stateB uovernment ana
wish it speedily adjudicated, address
918 F street, N. W. Washlnsrton. I. O.
Tbe Itlebt Place to Trade at.
J LiVtWEU ' . - - '
Economy Cat
7U tb -vr JitSe'
SURE. ou just TRY
dr. Bronx CaliforniaDianiond
f! A T A T5 T? IT remedy, it is
VAtAAtUWlbU TheCrestCure.
No one so bad where life exists but may be helped br
mis great cure, oocts. by drussistsor mail.
- EVCE7 4 CO., Fropj., ICS Qroenwleli t , . ?. Cit7
Iron Cornices,
J. C. BAYER, Portland, Or.
Best in the World!
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
I BlfffDlstheacknowlertee
ieaaing remeay ior nit mq
unnatural discharges an
private diseases of men. A
certain cure for the deb11t
tatlng weakness peculiar
I'nrM In
MUM StfMtmn.
RWdanuKr I preson tie it ana reel bii
THEEvAW8CHEMI0lCn. In recommending It W
w wumen.
(? a a, o i uncn. m v., utum un. it
JU CIO If Assayer and Analytical Chemist,
. n. NOR, &4 Washinitt nHt.. Portland. Or.
Plso's Remedy for Catarrh Is tbe
Best, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest.
Sold by druggists or sent by mall,
toe. JC. T. EuuettuM. Warren. Pa.
FkAZEh axle
Season for TreutOpens April 1st. -
If Too Are in Need of Trout Flies, Get
the Best.
Standard quality, 4 to 8 hooks, per do?.. . .$0.25
Oregon Trout Files, 4 to 8 hooks, per doz ...... . .60
Fine iteversed Wing Files, 4 to 8 books, per doz 1.00
Any of aove qualities seit by mall on receipt of
price. Also af till line of HODS, HHE.LS, LINKS,
etc., at
Hudson's Gun Store,
03T Send for illustrated catalogue.
It" i i tny rmslTiass
not r'liyintr yon drop
it ai d buy an im
proved Petaluma
onn b-j raado iu rais
in:; Chickens thnn in
a:i ct!ier business
for the 0 ipitnl invest
ed. A b-autifully IU
lt'stratcd Cataloiruo
oi Incubators. Brood
ersand all Hud.9 ot
CltiokonFixiuus FREE
Agents lor Eann a
Bono Cutter, Neces
sity Clover Cutter,
and everything re
quired by poultry
Old Gold and SIItot Bought; send your old Gold
and Silver by mail to the old and reliable house ot A
Ooleman, 41 Third street, Ban franolavo; I will send by
return mail the cash, according to assay; if tbe amount
' not satisfactory wtll return Bold.
Roche Harbor Lime, Portland Cement, Gol
den Gate and Utah Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick
and Fire Clay. LAND PLASTER.
60 North Front Street, Cor. D,
mention this paper in writing. J
wKfb hhx H?a& is
Do you feel bad? Do you haye a headache?
Does your back ache? You can't eat and
J ft Get rid of it without delay.
To the cheapest house in Portland, Or., for yoil!
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Fancy Goods, Furnishing Goods, Trunks, '-
moats and Wraps.,
180-182 First Street and 9 Yamhill,
A blend from the formula ot an old English
Tea Merchant. -
Best Tea in the World for the Price.
60 cents per lb. at your dealer's or postpaid ,
from the sole Importers, i
CLOSSET & DEVERS, Portland, Or.
Having leisure time at their disposal will find It
profitable to apply to us st once for full informa
tion Address L. W. M., 819 Market street, Eoom
'27, San Francisco.
Pecos Vail
Offers the greatest opportunities to capitalists,
faimers, homeseekers and business men. Larg
est Irrigation System in the United States just
completed. 12,000,000 expended. Fruit Lands
with Water, $20 to 30 per acre, 7 years' time. New
COUntrv. ranid immip-rnt.inn. wnnitArful rioirolm-
meut. Railroad constructed 1891. Town of Kddv.
couDty seat, terminus. Illustrated pamphlet
free. Address E. F. Bbrnhabd, Trav. Passenger
Agent Pecos Valley Ky. Co., Fresno. Cal.
OBO. ERTBIi & Oo., 6 Ky Bt. QUINOY.
In every town In Oregon
and W.shinerton. Write
187 Washington St., Portland, Ot.
Pianos and Organs.
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
Box son.
Books fm.
Pacific Medicine Co.. 529 Clay St.. San Francisco.
The Specific A No. I.
Ores, without full, all cases of Ctonorr
)iob and Oleet, no matter of how iontr
standing. Prevents stricture, It belnff att in
ternal remedy. Cures when everything else
has failed. Sold by all Druggists.
Manufacturers: The A. Schoenhelt Medicine
Prle. K3.O0. "-" tu.