The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 12, 1891, Image 2

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3focd Jivcr Slacicr.
noon mvr.n, on., w.c. i m.
77: OHIO WXATOltsIlir. i
The contest It-twtrn Shermnn and J
Forakrr In Ohio fur I'nltoil Stato
K?na(or, In exciting fonmiont in all
partaofttiv country. It U Interesting
chiefly from the fact that Slioimnn is
one of the very few leaders In the iv
publicnn party whoso active carter
reaches tack to cover the entire exig
ence of that party. On the question of
finance, Sherman stepped to the front
In the house ns a master, and Mvg
elected to the senate In 1X07 he main
tained his position n a leader in that
iHHly. In IS. lie became Secretary ot
the Treasury under Hayes, and collect
ing f lOU.OOO.WO in gold solved the prob
lem of resuming snoie pavilion t. Of
the great men w ho were his collegia,
. hut few remain; Hlaitie, Hoar, Stewart,
Kit inu nils licing the principal ones.
He is still in the full possession of nil
hla mental powers, .uid Is a giant in
that direction. Foraker is an entirely
ditl'ereut type; a loud mouthed dema
gogue; a blatant politician, w hose can
sir curio.
6!r Ctpul "iios m I be tii-nnl,
ltiTt:n:u'.t I 1 i n' , r
Wll.'it I. hid i.f IV 'l; , ; pivfortv.1
Select in;r f r n l-ivcr.
S.S putt inn on AMlitu
lie livlkitlof i.iitii.,.1 (,!,,,;
And from tho way lu, t.tU.i A, t'uy
M10 wxm uhI to like tho ninrv!
Then, llh n Ki-.tK' te.Uie 'id rrl'u,
llor'.m'C'cd liUktylonnJ tl.u.ou;
In aIuivcI li.u unit gniu m trim
Hi' mivlo liU Isitalinti.
Ho tnlkeit of t'.ik ilis,-our,.a on that.
Of I'itltvitinc llrr.iimij
And from the way lie tvu.-lu-.J. l),-y any
Miomviuci to like- ilitiMr:nonl
TInti chnmroil a,-nln, lio cviic to lior
A roarim:, rutllint miILm-;
lie cried, "iln. tin! I l,iv eti hoi"
And vowed I10M never fail Iut.
lie talked of ar and itiniisis tru.
The fclorio.1 of the ivnn,
Ami from t!it way he ran.;, tuey sjiy.
She w:utit to llk. tlto tuition!
Then Cupid. Hii.-io.! t'i hi mUiA,
Discarded his ili- tU-.
"That yon no preference mii to Hint,
My fancy much mirpri i s."
"Wliy mil" she cried, with rcrnl , tnnita
"Why, pritaeo, w hy w stupidf
1 do nut euro tint irar!) yon wear
So Inn r n yon are Ciipiil!"
Frederic K. Weaiturly I.i Tomplo Ear
ilS:l Till
iiij ii.iijf liSi Aav.
Gen. Grant's Memoirs. ; $7.00 Edition, tor !
Don't buy a whol with tlr
put on any othtirway. Itmakua
tha whaal Inst twlu as lonu.
'Mil out how the way ojr
tlrw Is put onto ttio wliwul and
ortmpoU, bonktua bolnu bolted
on. Wa own ttiaaxuluaiva put-
onta on thla.
01 la; St., SAN FnANCISCO. CAU
Lowest prloacf jtooil
wnuona on nrtli, I or
a tienta.
N.i l h'U
t 'llhcil v:i
l,i .irx ci 1 1 , ,
i'l -;.ii liai
I'll' 111 llllll 1. ,
I. II'
i. ,!!!.. I
lias OMT lin, I mi
i' lis i .rnrull li
I it ( llln'il
, I ... .o
li In1. .111.1 t
I. .1II..I..MV
p.. .
1 n mi
11.11 ,ii..ii ..i,
C II. 1.1.1. I..
. i; I'H.I pl i-
.' :l..i' 1 i. ,'u-
.-. . I ' hi. hi ,
-.I" I .1 l . 1,1 s
' I. 1 I ... .,.i
i'. ; .,iii 1,, 1 in,
nan !. li.i
1 1.
, III.
mi's Mi iiiu:
I I iipri',
11. 1 hi
uun.iiiiT ni aniMiivor, W jisli., 1 ,...(, si!
Notlivis tii-nliy tKvti that l. r,.!l' i.
iaim.,l.s;.i.rli1iti;.,l ni.!l,,.,.f hi, llt(.m m
1 ".V ","t sai.'1 ill li,. mail,'
1 . . . - . . . . - 1 1 1 1 im 1 1' in I'll 1 a
outucy excites 111 ti;e mimis or every j "iii.v m Vnnemver, v,asii.,.n tiiiniaiv
true republican simply a feeling ofi ' vi: ,
. .... . , . . V. Itolvrl fur'.
contempt. I-oraker is a lt latulaig! ir..niMt.t(.nirvr...,,ti,.r.v
politician; Sherman an able s!.!esniau; ! l,,,,,l,"".T.s,atiiin v i-i,. Hofv.;ii p.
Knrukup .m.iiillinn.l ...... I "" n
in rd 11 1 1
, II , M! Ill
i" .11 t..i l a. 1
1 ...i. i 11, 1; 1 1 , ,,1 1 ,.. ,.
i Hi.' Ion liiiu- 111, i' u!:,.
, il ill M'li.l f.,11 i "I
p. !!.;:-, k'i 1,1 ;,,ia,i. imi
I -111', I IIO'l U'.'IU il.ll.llll
) m .r-nuii 111 ? .i,, ,
j Mi;.i,vtiW AI!.si).f Tr,V UM.Y,l ,tii!,!
I anil 11'is. Iiiti-: a piiiH,Miiu.ii Mil.!! in Iiiin iiov, r '
I I1.1 II lllliill' III III, IHMoly ,, I i, I UlHlN.ulH. !
, I III' III. I ,.l'il,lil Million s ,. I l,- ml .l,,'i,,i',. !
. 111 Moil .Hi.miMpolini,. uln a.! ivon Mini- t
j not a oUi'iin'uiilii., I. ui in, o.'s( (in- ,,1 0,111,; ;
j I'lil I. I l,'. I I SOU N, 0, )ll. MOlM'I'.pll.lll 1,1 (III'
I ii. iriKii mr yoai', 1111.I niv, 11 miihoi'Uhi.iii i
in s..mior llio t ii.Maoi,iiii Miii,iiio, mo!
liriiiiiloM an. I eliMHwt 1.1 in,- mi ni iiis.41l(,. !
mom lilii'., liM'il'i'ipial o luo U l ft.iHI laiitu- 1
Ullll" r
1 lio CiiMiiiisliiim Is oiialilo 1 to 11111U0 llils'
oil. , lnvtiUM' ul 1110 pmo.ia.,. ot iui.iui o.
iiiiio.Mil 11 pi io.. w moii o, :i pnli,!ii .ft nnn,i ;
il,'iii ii.iH.silio, n, 1 Ui,, ,,, ,,,,, ,,, ,..:
linu up ils rlroiiliiuon to linn ,, iiullioiioopii'i. ;
l..v loiiiini't Willi t:i,. roMii,Miliiao, tin- i.i. a.
i iKii iM iaililod looilor to its r. a. ii i-s 11 mhiio i
III luo lo- pi ns' oimiiiioil tiunii.:!! (lio laiu'i si I
pin 1 ui'..' m i).M.ksi oru,ii,.i' 111 1 1 it- 1.U101 . ,.i
vi 1 y
AX MkJ'jxi A
vritc for
no t it 1; boii i'l' iti.itw 110N,
IjiiiiI ollloo nt N'miootnor wash, t 00 I, i.
i;v,. t litt tiio liilli.U in.
I lio oral.
Jaiiuai' ;tli
voice, Sherman
intelligence and action. No man
whatever his political crtd, can have
t-ontemrt for Sherman.
Harry Miller, 22, son of Joaquin
Miller, was arretted nt San Francisco
Tuesday charjTd with robbing a stage
liearUkiah. He confessed his guilt.
It seerus but a few years sine wo saw
Marry 4 happy little lad bis mothtr's
He minim the following M ltnos.os to ,mn-
liiscomniuoiiK rosi.i,. upo, , ultlv .t;,,,,
of. saUl lanil vlr: An.liviv.J. .. ,;,.,,".
...,.., .. ,,,,.,, iiiiriin innio. I'linnv
son.nllorw In, I Itivo- vas,
u.-vi.-;aiuu John 1). t!::oiviri!.x, l
I', houovor. you imvo
isiiiopoliii.n on, r
h nun j ,m 1,1
IjiiiiI Oitloe nt VimiNittver w
M101 ant-
N I.
T,i Ti.i., 11 sil.i.. ..... . . . .
coiuVrii. ii-.."u a. 1 Miami 11 may
Notlivls honl.y Civ,"i i!,al t). foll.m-ln".
namiHl si-ulor has il,! ,:;iv ,
i , , oii.u ,miiiii :n ;i Miri if ii,r
I'lahn iinil Ih tit sal.l proof M ill l.o nm.lo Iv.
"Prince Hal," in San Francisco, yet it ! siu,.," in'n,; ""lh ,r 'i'";";:;".!;!:!!:::1
in n. Sooiiiian'M Momoirs, -.' vo!s
! sii!'m 1 lp:i..ii i,,i- ;..(!.
in n. .-siio. liiiin s Moinoli-s, 1 vols,,
sioM 'I' luo fi;.il.
io n. ...t lolliiii , M..noiis, MiKl
!iIim'i n.i urn i. a- ;.;.,.'i.
i 11. t;. II. i.ii' !. .Momoirs, solil liv
Ion tor 6
All oi li.o.o a ro Ixiiin, In
,'oiil. In 11101,11 m wiiu
l';.l- rosiiiniml.iHii in,, ,,
si nt s s;,ivi' pio;.nl,i, Imi
I'.Ht.vs, t luo raio ot for.
roiii, 11. a n ull i.,
u fifteen years or more ago. It seems
that trouble and misfortune joined
h;iiid3 to pursue this boy '9 mother from
the time she married Joaquin Miller.
IVath kindly took her liefore the sins
of her children could add fresh sorrow
to ber troubled life.
It is highly probable that the Gla
cier may have a few remarks to make
upon a subject which for the past
week, has furnished abundant mental
food for the conglomerate aggregation
of legal talent on the busy corner.
We don't like to do that kind of busi
ness, but when forbearance ceases to lie
n virtue, which in the case in point has
about done, we won't shirk the respon
sibility. Some folks don't know when
they are well oir, a fact that in this
case may be speedily demonstrated.
, Va!iiio,'!oii,)n lMunan
.Molllo s,
M 'llloii.s,
; .Mooioii'..,
; Mo mini s.
lo s Mono. Irs
sol, I t,,v
sold ly
llV Mill.
olotli, ron 1111, 1
liianl's ,oinoiis.
1..I1 iii.i,ii: mo
'iam' oa ,,o
'o- 1,(111. o, niui
or. 101: I ton. 10 urn s
I "'-- IS l-,'!ls; 1 .Mlolt.lllll'H
'r- 11.-1 1 10111s; Hon, Snornuin',
M oil -U ivnrs; lion. .M,-i 1, ,a,, s
s in - .1 01 111s: 1,011. i;,,i 11 I-
..I'll.. l I.I.N ill' I., .. ,L' ..... . .
I.0S..111 I..-... ....... ... .r. L : loii.iii.r
-.,-it in 11. o iwpv'iiso 01 i:u sin
1 .oiioo is n.'iony tlv,.,i
, IIIMUO.I SOUS,-'- I, ,,1 It ,- ,, ,,(
II Ml 1 l,0 I ia , r,, ,,, M,, r, ,,,' ,.
, V, !""' """ ' " inni'i'i ofuio
;w . li., roiuiiiivK , ,! r -,,i,,.,i
t Ir nil t'i nil lor hiNir i i ,11 iii ,, .,0
."i 11 iio.i.i' a-iniiiMoii. on
j In l', U:
i John KKort,
! Hoinovt t i',, v , M.., r,,r ,(, w , (, , (
orM'o UmiuI u ';nf 1-4 . .t Mi'llon III tomiship
ti imi:!, oi isiitr 11 ,, ni mor.
Ill- II1IIII04 H. o fllllon im; u .MV.,,,, l,r,iv,
Ills 0.m,M!S0.,'l'll00ll,MIP.l,l0l11,o
ot. sanl lam! : .S, n-ni v
Kolol, ll.T.'. I'ltlils A. lly.Koil, fsi'Min r. ,
nil 01 I roiil ljiko P. li. Hash.
1I01 l.'.Jalllli .lolls 1 1, (iKol,lli:il.MI, lioKlslof.
NoTici: rou rriii.ii'.vTKiN.
I.niul iMIloo at Viiiioiiiivor, wnsU. Nov , sit
.o!!oi' i l or. hy olvon that tho follow h,,..
naiiion soul, r i,i,. i ll ,1 in, u,v 01 l,N Inn a
lion to laaUo Muni pi.H.f In sii,,.,,i! ,, his I
olalm ji-i.I Hint k.iI.1 pr,H,, , ho imoio I
I'oloro W. h. I'liht'ur I oiiiiiiNmoiioi- T I 1
.suilovClii'iui i,u it lor ln-in, ( 01 w'11-.Miiotiiii i
i., uusalllKlnil lillJ.llllllll V
v iv:
f 11 in
Having purelitwed the Liisiuom ,,f l'KIJUV
ll the very ehoiiest quality of
v. JONKS. I am irtvjmred to
At tho Very Lowest Rates.
I have constantly 011 hatnl a Hue stoek of
aeon and 2Lard.T
ton, at (ioiilonilali
K'tli ws, viz:
Hm-lit'l K. Shlppoy. -
or 1, ..1, ..f.L.-.i - ' 1.. 11,.. - V" " -"' "ruin,
.... -', i" 11- ""-v-.iii li.u 111111 .mo, 'in. or 11
.. ,,, 111. I'l .uoiiioiis .. i in 111 11 .1,1,
2'. Iflfl. for tho
ship 4 north of rnuL'
She names the follow-In;;
heron,,! In . I. . . V T I'n.vo
. , , iu i'ii'iv.-h"
1,11111, z; .lOKollll
11 fit
Kilv,. 1.. 1.
(IceU-jnU Joii.n T. (.'k hjiikuax, Itogislor.
Joseph Simon, the Portland political
toss' has been recommended by Sena-
ijutciien and Dolph, and Congress-
H ' ' marieraiana for the position of
I Un4 States Cirtuit iJue made
L t vnr. t't-iv th ,, T.t-i.m t!.......-
, -IIq V wi tfut.u Uillljl'l,
lifrTako indorsed by Judge Deady,
l Governor Pennoyer, Jamer Lotan and
others. The Oregonlun erstwhile his
j bitterest enemy even finds room to say !
All persons having money on de
posit with the late firm of Hlowers
Crow-ell are hereby notified to call im-l
mediately and withdraw s:mio or trans-1
fer it to the rcw firm. All parties!
indebted to above firm are also untitled '
to call at once and settle. Thoe whose !
accounts are past due, will save costs!
byattendingtothis matter promptly,!
oa uu Mien uccounis will lie p!;1td in
an officers hands for collection on D,.c
10th 1801. A.S. i:u.wr.ns. '
O. P. ('KOWKM..
The nndersirm,i Ik;h liK-nted ne-ir
Hood Uiver, wislHM to inlbnii paries
who may be iIosthh of liavi'
veyinjr done, that lie is a pr-ucuY,,!
surveyor of many years experience
and that work entrusted to him will be'
performed with dispatch and cnrret t
ness. He takes pleas-i.e in referring to
i-,'.,ii 1, ui, mr vetirs Wits 1
l.lll I H f I . -1 .
"ii 100 pai iiouiai- sol o .Moiiuars M'.ooto.l.
If. von nre not iio'i'ialnto.l with the Maoa
zino. M'jnt a puHial oi.hi (., 1;,,. (isiiioim'1;!.i:i
M:i-.ii.siiii s.piaro. Now ork t it , , mr i o
plO I'M'iV
M no nil order ,,
The GLACIER Hood Rivor Or.
Nelson All, 'lis, ,11,
Applloiitloit No. :isi nihler s
. .-01,1. .-1, v, 1 1,. ,,. no 1 . hi .
1 .11 Ion uslup ,, nonli oi raiu o 1J .:,.l lll
in fact, everything in my line.
Comor Oak and Fourth Gta.. - - - Hood Rlvor, Orogon.
Iiauios Hie f.iiloH hi'j iltiiovos 1,1 prove
Mil, nil, ,11, i lall.l to iiii.i 0111. L ..1 ..... ..1
villi lam!. u: Klraanl Iveil... All. 1 1 lion, ,1,1,
I' raok Mum , II. 11, haioii. i ol Knlan 1- 1 1
tiiiioi John 1. tii:oi,m;i an, l;o..:Uior.
NOTICI' Mill li lll.KVvTjON.
I.iin.l olt'iie nt 'l iie liallos.ur. Nov, l i, sli.
Noiioels hirohy uivni I, nil the IoIIoaui
llallll'ii M'ttler llll. lllr.l llol oo ..I i,u mlnil I..,. I
plooi In slipjKiri 1. 1 I, Is elailii. '
1 11 III . 0 liiaiio 1,,'Ioie lla- '
Vol I . N. l.ii'ul 1 niioo at "fl. I villi
to otuKo linn
moi nun ram r 1
l.e'l.-lor an.i I,. ,
1'iiiu s i),'. on in 11 111001- i, vi,il;
o'ii.;o II. lioivloy.
Jl. I). No. .J.-.-.f.ill,,.,.
!, .-is'. i l p i 11 r in 01, si
lie naiiu s too l a Ion in
11 w 1, anil e v
Id) neres, three miles 1V0111 town v....
iioios in eiiitlvnlioii. tuiri y ,,,, oloa.oil n ,l
hiiy oliMiol pn-taue.-o with llvlm; waiorn';
well teiieeil. t 'i.iuii,, n.tilo ilHolliiat house of
.,, ... -. r " "' oiui iieos, ' " it, o'ih'ii ii. wuiioKsoM 10 prove
iV;1 '""" "kl "m-iiiit, lilseoiinuiioii, ioom ii,oii.M ,11 iiI.Imuihii
1 11111,. 1 a ii 111 spriuu' 1 '-""i i.'i i'l. i 'it.
11.. 0 inn lai uisii wnier tin- M'voral ni ros ,,1 1 " mi.l-ui
. ins, anil oau 110 mai o a in ui.
IVlxa Malice lsr-u.rcoriGC
Have on hand a full supply of Fruit, Shade nml Ornamental tree;
small fruits, It is,.mn S'i:-i"!hm v.
He sure to .-vt nur jiriees iM'fure pnrehasi ng (.s,. here,
lli'iiii iiilii'f diir trees tire (.Town -.trletly without Iri lgulion.
W. A. M.I Ni.i:i;;..Mi, I id Atfciit.
, .,. . ' ' ' "I1IO lOI ,,a OH.s.,;,. ,
onus. he west )n w ill he sl, seiiralolv
,,,-.ii.',i. pi li-,. jsu. i-or 11:0 .' ,.11
ut tills oiliee.
Ijinil ( ilMoe nt iii-'oii t':t-,(ir. (h i. jl, IS!..
Noiioels horohy (flvesi tha! the fi.lloivln"
nanieil si'iiloriuis til,-1 :ml ioeof ),is Inteti'lor
to make llnal pinsif In siiip;,ri of h clalin,
nml tin!) saii! proof n :!l ho 1 1 t-t ! h-iiae lo-'l-
tor nii'l ihs-i-i'.i r 1". s. I. fin, i (iploo at 1 ireifnii
t'ity, tlnn'iii, 0:1 D00011, l-r I:, lsiii,iZ:
William l. .Mai!i!i ! ii.
rre- . s. No. 71 :t;fur (lie 11 e 1 of
2 s r 7 e w 111.
vC"18goa woro lor mm. We can find " ,"lJf "",umHS,",u'r in -Minnesota,) i ', ,,f i-m, ,,
S gut one exen for nv nf10M ...,i. I a"(1 whom he did cot.ntv work i I .Vol?,, 1 . ! 'nt ;,f 4,,.!V., t1., !L'
1ar:ii . ni.iuirv county slirvevor. lis to l.ill.. 1 Omrl. K. SW-heSitt'er. of ri.,li.i.Hi:,ill",.f'-'i,.,.;.:
3 UIPHTH nnfl tliQt ill t .nt nr. -It,,!..,,!!-... ' " '-' "HIM, ,.. , c. v....
. ' juuttf,.i-uriies writing me at Hood will 1. 1 H-ri
- Simon W ill Ipsvp tlio atnfo iff VP nniiin,! ,l" "l',,l'""J
Simon w ill leave the state,
The president's message was made
public Wednesday. It is quite a
lengthy document and while we Lave
not had time to peruse it carefully, such
.matters as we have read indicate that,
'if is fully up to, if not above the aver
age of such documents. The presi
dent's stand on the Chili matter is
ceive prompt attention.
is. , , V J- "AYES.
Dated Hood River April (Jth, IS'jI.
Land Locator.
in Hood
very ((
J. T. AffiMi-viv, Uoj,'ster.
oiaies js not disposed to bully its
emauer neighbors. The message is a
disappointment to his enemies.
Russia has established a protoetor
- ate over Corea. As this is a direct in
fringement of China's claims, and a
menace to England's interests in India,
Its probable Russia will either have to
4? or-irivolve herself in war with
U and perhaps England.
About the best proof possible that
good work has been done on the Cas
cade Locks this season is the fact that
Lieut. Eurr who lias been in charge of
the work has been removed.
Timber I.niul, Aet June 3, 187.
I.'. S. J.aii'i Office,
Ot'.KfiCN ("l l-V, Oli(-;';oN, Dot, 2). lfsftl.
Xotieol herehy jjivoii tliat 111 eimillanc,
"no .110 provisions or 1110 m i 01 I oii'-ross
ninea, is,s. eii!itli"l".n.e-t lorthes.iloor tlm.
'zon No
un '1'.
I , - r. . ....... . --- - ...,,i...-t ,,, - . ,., , 11 i,-,i iut ,1 i.suitioo
Can locate i losswornstati'iiioiit No. 2i,h:i. fur tho.iiir,.l,,,v,.
advantageously. Do nut fail to . i 'h''o!V,'fn'v;y''l''1;v'''',l''','':'f'fs',''tl,,,l,'','-''!l1
me at Hood River F.dla r li?
uf Tt I ' if ...-. mi; f- - i.-",i 1. i,t iiiiii iiioiiuKl Si'llll is
ai liood liiver, jisct ( otltlty, Orecoil ! '""re valuable for its timber or utiuie tlnui for
. Rosa W 1. vans.
Every body wants land
River Valley. I have wniie
sirable tracts of good land on niv list 1 1"'r li",lis 'bosiatosofCiiiiornia, oroiru
for home-teails 'nui f ' ...... 1 , 'va'i'i""'! W'ahin,'ioirronitorv,-' winin
,.1..! L. - J ,s Jlll t. inhered (.riswoi-'i-f i-:asii-oiii:iiL,Lo,.,n,.voi vm.
manlv.firm. anil vof. mii,i in .,,. ;"'' t '""""g . water on ; or-.;o.l.i,,Mi1is.i.v nie.l iii'thumsuv
" 1 I " J jii OUV.U I I. i 111.
terms as to show that the United
.InilX V. I.KWis, ;,i;lstor
I.nli.l I lihoo at Vnaeouior Hash. Nov. , s;ii.
Notice Is horohy uiven t!,ut the follow In-.',
llaliioil M-lt let's tii.M'iili'ii li,,;iooiil Iheir mi, ,.
tion 10 anal pro,. 1 m siipHri of i .r
olulins.i.nij tuat . snlu pro.11 ivia l.o 111. elo holm-.
. ll., t o, ui, I,.. .j, ,u,. r lHni',1 .-siaio.
1 lor l'l.-illol i.i V,,jl! ;
iioiiioii,i.o uii.sii.mi .laaiiiir It, Li:,.', ,..;
W'iiliolm i'. j,.),,..
Iloiiiostom! lailry No.i,!..'. for thew ..
w ',11.11 w '..ol s 1, s,.-iioii 11 low i,.,ii .,
ion in 01 raiio I.' east 11II1 uior,
r'.h- mimos in., loll,, iiiiii witnesses to prove
his, lo.slilo.'.oo up., u, ami oinnvii.
on 01 s.111! hunt r. riaulos W. .Moore,
li. nry I .'i ioh, Alhort iloi lsoui, ivter I ..uljov,
a.l o i' iiliiu 1'. 1 1. iiasuiiiKlon.
'I-') W llh. lm V. ,I,...
I'tiretinse nppH alloa No. 7H inn!
Koriellnie Act ,iopt. J ',ls-11, tor the o;
-'oiioa i., i,.,,!,.,.,!,,,, inn ui of ran,-.' U ,1..
w ill mor.
lie iiiuiies tao fiiiliui pi,; w't lo-sos to prove
111:, ooiiiiiiuiois claim 10 salu aint. vl.: t aai lt s
W. .ilouiv, itonry I'. Troa, Aihorl iiort.-iii,
I eter t inn,.,.,-, ail 1,1 Km, in 1'. ti. wusiuiiion
iiov;!l-,,i, ,1,111;; i. (.Kooiii.ii..v. H,(ji..:oi .
NuTlCK l-t)ll I'l'iSI.ICATIUN.
r.aiul olio o at Vaiiconvor wasii. Nov, 17, lsill.
Nolloe Is hen hy irlven that the foliou-tu...
Iiiiini'il sol Hois huvolile.) nutlet; of Uivir i.i-
f X ....
, "SC
n n
333D MILL,
or So.
, of 11 1
provisions or me in -1 01 I (iii-rosH of I iciiiioii to mane anal pioul In stiniiiirt ol' their
1 1, I'oou.ooainiis ami mat sahl proof will hi
Arro:tNKy at law.
Practices in all the courts of Oregon nml
Washington. Special attention given to con
veyancing. GUTTER OFFICE,
'-nil 1 1 11 ra I l.iiriiosrs. nml to l,,
claim to Kith) Ian. I betbru Die Itejf ist.:r an I llts
eeiverof this oil'ioe at Oregon t 'it v. Orc"oii
on Krhlay riie ;.".tit day oManuarv, is'i2. " '
lie mimes as -.viliio-isos: Anthony .Moore, of
llalsev or., Albert Moore nml Knink AtUiim,
of Jirionl Veil, Or., W. C. Gri.swoM of Kas:
I'orth.ntl, Or.
Anyninl all persons cliiimliiij mlversely the
-riiH'ii iiiikh ,lr; roipiesurl to tile
: irieirciaims in this olhoe. on or bol'oro said
1 la, day or January, Isl".'.
ocfll-jan.'l, J.'J'. Al'i'KHSOS, Ilegistcr.
Last week the dispatches gave the
startling announcement that John L.
Sullivan had gotten sober; to balance
this up the reassuring news is sent out
over the wires Monday that John L.
was drunk again. This is reully of the
utmost importance.
Crisp, of Georgia was nominated by
the democratic cacus as speaker of the
House Monday, on the 30th ballot.
His opponent, Mills, of Texas, received
10o votes Crisp having 1 !. flattering
Successors to A Iiettlngen
IIarhwaur, Tinware, WooTinnwARK,
A complete line of Heat ing and Ciwlc Ktoves,
1'unips, Pipel'Imubei-sandStMini Kilter's
Kupplies; also a complete stock of
Carpenter's, Rlacksmltiis' and
Farmer's Tools.
A heavy storm prevailed all over the
northwestern coast Buuday night and
Monday, but not much damage to
shipping has been reported. In the in-,
tenor heavy snows prevailed.
Uew Precincts.
At the next regular meeting of the
eouuty court, the new election pre
cincts will be made, and Hood River
r'net will doubtless be divided.
Jhis should be done for the convenience
of our voters. It would be proper per-
j.aps iu muKe mree precincts, one in
the Baldwin neighborhood, one to in
clude the mills, and one here. Those
who would be benefited by the new
districts should give the matter some
thought, and sutrtrest to the county
court the most satisfactory boundaries.
If this is not done, the division may be
made as to discommode some.
Land Office at The Dalles )r. Oct, ), lsdl.
Notice Is hereby p-ivon that the fi.lloiMng
named settler has filed not ice of her intention
to make final .roof in support of h.-r claim
and tnat said proof will be made b -fare the
Register and Receiver i, s. I., o. t The Dalles
Or. on December 12, lsi l, viz:
K. V. V.'endiing.
Slie names the foUowln'r witnesses to prove
his continuous r.isi.'orioe upon ami cultivation
of. said land, viz: H. 1). Straight. J. A. Knox,
of striiightsl,iiP.'iir..;o!inKel(y, Charles Ciiitn
dler ot HoodKiver Or. Jon .v W I.KWI.H, Register.
Ijind Office at. The Dalies. Or. Nov. 4 ikiii.
IT I TiTI ! Not ioe Is horohv irli-nn ll...t ,!.
hi H K H I n!UII,,,i "'tta-i- has filed notice of her Int'entlim
I I f UlLLff ! to ""'K'" liral proof in support, of her claim.
1 am: riiar said proof will he niadoj h. fore the
Alltinntnir . T'lntoMn- . 10 .iisior imii ru'cei ver 0. rs. I.. O. at Til
f. i.ii: 11 oris, win 00 i-ii'Cgon, on Decemhi.r, 22, 1SIU, viz;
s.'iit on siioi l nuiiee.
The Jlulles
C -fn t
Actencv for
1 : .1
i;.i -xr--r-
Mly M. t,oy.
for H 0 HOC.
1H Tp. 1 n
fi'&frW CAVEAT3,
SF5'7SiCr-. hsltE MARKS,
r " kV"?"11 and 1" nandhoot write to
wi VIu.f,orsec,,1'iniI'!'teDts t" America,
the public by a notice given free of charge la tha
largest clretilntlon of any sclentlfln paper In tha
world. Splendidly ilaisiraied. No Intel ipnt
?..a.8eh.i, d,bewlthout Weekly, a 00 a
year; f 1.S0 six months. Address MtNV i CO
f UUUbBEits,361 Broadway. New fork. "
D. 8. No. 7 I1,
r !) u w til.
Sue names the following witnesses to provn
her continuous resilience uuon and cultivation
oft said land, viz: :. D. Morse, lj. K. Morse,
.Tohn MarUley, Charles 1-:. Maunders, all of
flood River Oregon.
nov7-decl2 John W. I.kwim. RcKlster.
Will make the fall seai-on of 1st: I at F. If.
J.tUton's l'ai-m at Hood River, Oregon.
DKSCItllTIO.V and I'kihokkk:
Ro.val Kisbar, treeord 2-AW.) which Is no
limit to his speed.) liny stallion Hi hands hi','h,
vveh-'ht IKK). 0 '
Slretl by Klsbar, (record 2:20) son of Rvs-
ovk s iiami.ieionran: isireof 11 In the 2 :S0 list,
also sire oi l l:f whoare the sires of 711) iu the
2: 'fl list.) J 11,111 hv 'incin's I'l'lhllnder.
Here Is a chance for tho peoole '.i 1 tood River
Valley to improve iheir breed of horses, and
In order to enoourave tho hrecdln;r of bettor
class of horses, I'oval Klsh ir'ssi'i vice foe will
only be the small sum ofKiVOO lee when mare
Is known to be in foal. K. II Hcttoii,
Hood ltiver Oregon.
naiie i.oliiie V . H. Inmhai', 1 oiuml.,sioiio,
. .111,11 ni-iu-s 1 ii-oiui l omi lor Ulsiriot, o
iiashhm'P.n, at. t ;,il,ien,t:uo wasliinuion, on
lanuaiy 12, i.s:2, viz;
John Olson.
I'urohase Application Xo. 2fl under sec tl
I'olioituro Acl ,out. 21, ls'ii) I',,!- j,e sei. see
tlon2i ton nsuip lion,, of raiiKe 12 eioii, will
lie ii imes (he I'oMo.vini,' Witnesses to prove
his ooiiliiuious clai.t to and cultivation of
said land, viz: Joan U. Jlons. l, Austin liilil
am, Maieus ;.iinil,hor,. lames O. Dyle, all of
I-yle 1'. O. Wushiniiton.
! John R. Hen- el.
Purchase Application No. -M2 under see.!:
forfeiture Act .-,01,1. 2:1. im. for il.i,,rn,.i:
11 iv 'J-4 of 11 e '4 and lot : soeilon ;(! toiviiHlnp';!
..... ... .,, i.,,,,; , 111 mor.
lie naines tlio folloivlnif witnesses to prove
ins eoimniious claim to and fill 1 1 vat Ion of
s un iiiuii viz.- .101111 tnsoa, Austin (lllllam,
,V ''""!!' "I--'"'. Marcus Vanbibber, all of l,yle
1'. O. U nshiliKlou.
n-2l-do2.j John D. finodiir.iMN, Roaster.
ITimber Land, Act June 3, 1S7.S.J
t'tllted Htntes Rami Oltlee,
Oregon City Orison, October, I) . lslll.
No, Ice is hereby (,'iveu that ill etmipllaileo
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June:!, IS7H. enliiled "An not, lor the sale or
timber lands In the Slates of California, Ore
Jton, Nevada and Washington Territory,"
I heodor Jensen, of Porilaiid Co., of Mi'tlt
nomaii, Slntuof Oregon, has this tlav filed In
tlnso.llcehis sivorii sialemont, No 2 IMS, for I he
purchase of tin; K. W . 01' n lotion No. -l to
township No. 1, north ran-'cNo. t, K. W. M.aml
will odor prooi to show 1 hat the land souxht is
more valuable lor its timber or stone than lor
iis'i'iciil'.ural purposes, nml to establish his
claim to said land before the. Register and Re
ceiver 01 mis ouiie til Oregon Ci tv Oregon,
.... ...mi,, no; Mm nay 01 .lauuai-y, ih;b.
llenami'H as witnc:i::e:': J,
J. (i. liifm-lei.of
.vmlorsoii, and
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lauds are reouo'ited to tile
i neir claims 111 thlsoihccon or before said lath
uii 01 .iiiiiuaiy, snj.
novT-janlu J. T. Apphksox, Register.
As 1 grind and make my mm tVI, I ,., ,,p,.,Mlrv,l to sell nt lowest j.rlcn.
Write for quotations.
t If -mmt.m..
w. m. LuortriLAD, Tha Dallos Oro;
Crandali & Burget,
i'urmiure, Carpets,
WindowShadcs, Etc.
Dllf olirelle. and
Ri-idal Veil. Oregon. Allied
josojiu i.eiiuaK, oi I'ortlund
Has been thoroughly-
renovated, and a largo
ell added doubling its
Everything will ho found neat and clean nil.:
Tables will be supplied w'th the best the
MAliKKT AFt-'UltllM.
A Full Line of
erialcing Gooils.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to
Oliiiger & -Bone,
wry ana reed
Oak Street, near Postoffice,
Wc have First-Chsa Stock and Outfits, Double Bug-ies flMk.
and Saddle Horses.
A Fine Four-Tlorpe Conch, suitable for KM
rties, carries nine pnwengern, Parties taken to nnJ ZZZa
Ole point. KeliuLh drivers. J
Our Dray delivers barrage or freight anywhere in the Valley
Thames ' '
I f
m "v,.iv4W