The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 05, 1891, Image 4

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Ammonia Halving
Bills have been introduced in the New York, Illinois
and Minnesota Legislatures compelling the manufacturer
of such baking powders to brand on the label in bold type,
this powder "Contains ammonia." Physicians and chem
ists condemn the use of ammonia in baking powders as a
crime. Its constant use no matter how small the quantity
deranges the stomach, neutralizing the gastric juice and
destroying the complexion. It is the small quantities taken
every meal that do the mischief.
It is gratifying to know there are pure baking powders
to be had on the market and at no greater cost to the
consumer than some of these so-called "absolutely pure"
ammonia powders.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder, the standard pure
cream of tartar powder for forty years. Free from the taint
of either ammonia or alum. None so pure None so whole
some. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is re
ported by all authorities as free from Ammouia,
Alum, or an)' other adulterant. In fact, the
purity of this ideal powder has never been questioned.
Dr. Williams' Iadlan Pile Ointment will cure
Blind, Bleeding and Itbiug Piles when all other
ointments have failed. It absorbs the tumor,
allavi the itchiiir at once, atrs as a poultice,
giTes instant relief. Dr. Williams' Indian Pile
Ointment is prepared only fur Piles and Itching
of the private pans, and nothing else. Kvery
box is warranted. Sold bv dnureists, or sent by
mail on receipt of trice, 50e and tl per box.
Proprietors, Cleveland, 0.
Deeds, Xot Words "Jenkins, does your wife
threaten yon"' " Mesa you, no! She jHst goes
and doe it."
Use E&amellne Stove Polish; no dtut, no smell
Tat Gibmka for breakfast.
The majority of well-read phys
icians now believe that Consump
tion is a germ disease. In other
words, instead of being in the con
stitution itself it is caused by innu
merable small creatures living in the
lungs having no business there and
eating them away as caterpillars do
the leaves of trees.
A Germ The phlegm that is
coughed up is those
Disease. parts of the lungs
which have been
gnawed off and destroyed. These
little bacilli, as the germs are called,
are too small to be seen with the
naked eye, but they are very much
alive just the same, and enter the
body in our food, in the air we
breathe, and through the pores of
the skin. Thence they get into the
blood and finally arrive at the lungs
where they fasten and increase with
frightful rapidity. Then German
Syrup comes in, loosens them, kills
them, expells them, heals the places
they leave, and so nourish and
, xthe that, in a short time consump
tives become germ-proof and well. 0
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
BOX 802.
llH I it I Lis We want the name and ad
dressof every sufferer in the
&R QTUFJIil U.S. and Canada. Address,
AO I nlfln P. Harold, Buffalo, I.T.
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
Roche Harbor Lime, Portland Cement, Gol
den Gate and Utah Plaster. Hair, Fire Brick
and Fir Clay. LAND PLASTER.
60 North Front Street, Cor. D,
Big 3 Is the acknowledges
leading remedy tor all the
unnatural discharges and
private diseases dt men. A
certain cure for the debili
tating weakness peculiar
to women.
Mrd-nlT Iprescnbeltandfeelsata
irFviSSCHEH"'tO". in recommending: It to
J,e. 1UI".'T
Bold nr unisuH,
V, P. N. V. No. 41 8. F, IS, 0. Jo. 492
Powder Must Go.
Ha Says Be Likes to Shop Better In Bos
ton Thau In Gotham.
I always go and visit the Old South church
when in Boston, because I like to see the old
and pleasant cannon balls with which disagree
able people were killed when they acted im
properly. I also like to attend a church
where I can criticise things without hurting
any one's feelings. After 1 visit the old
church I like to go around over the Bub and
buy things. I hate to contrast any city with
my own town, but a nervous person with a
shrinking nature can do better and enjoy it
better while shopping in Boston than in New
York. The Boston merchant evidently
bobght his goods for the purpose of selling
them to the consumer, while the New York
merchant appears to have purchased them
more for the wild excitement of looking at
them himself.
1 always have my feelings hurt when I shop
In New York. In the first place, 1 am en
raged before 1 get to the store by 987,236 peo
ple who knock me over and get on the ele
vated trains before the passeugers can get
off. Then 1 go to a store and wait near a
tack of wet umbrellas until several tota
strangers, with a haughty air, jostle me
against the walL
1 next speak to a floor walker, who plays
that he owns the store, and is allowed to
draw that instead of a salary. He looks at
me askance, as if be feared that 1 might be
Nellie Bly. He goes over to confer with a
heavy set saleslady, to inquire of her, evi
dently, whether 1 am there with sinister mo
tives, and while 1 tremble at the thought
that I am about to be searched for said mo
tives, another man, who plays that he owns
the store afternoons, comes along and asks
me what 1 want there.
1 tell him that 1 am a simple minded man,
more or less picked on both at home and
abroad; that 1 would spend an enormous
amount of money in New York if 1 bad a
chance; that today 1 had contemplated buy
ing or trading for a full set of two heavy No,
10 English bose with double soles and a strik
ing resemblance to each other. Nobody could
be any more explicit than that without being
offensiva 1 just tell a man what I want
right at the start, and then if there should be
any delay it bis fault
He look at me sorrowfully and begins to
feel in his pocket for something. 1 say, "Put
up your gold. Get out with your dross. 1
am not poor or crazed by suffering. I am
only waiting to present a letter of introduc
tion to the sock lady if 1 can obtain an audi
ence with her. I would be satisfied with even
a very small audience with her." He tells
me where the office is, and I go there. She
waits a long time before 1 seem to catch her
eye. She looks through me, and so on across
the store to a given point. She then says:
"Well" "Socks I"
"YesP "Yes!"
"What kind, pleaser "English hose, dou
ble sole, unbleached, No. 10, two of a kind."
"Fer yourself J" "Yes, exclusively for my
self." "Weil, the men's hose is on second floor
facing the other street"
I then go to a hotel, register, get a room,
ring for a messenger and send him for the
hose. Bill Nye in New York World.
Of Pure Cod
Liver Oil and
of Lime and
Is endorsed and prescribed by leading
physicians because both the Cod Liver OU
and Hypophonphitet are the recognized
agents in the cure of Consumption, It Is
as palatable as milk.
Scoff's Emulsion !lwe?S
is a wonderful t'leuli Producer. It it the
Bat lietnedj, for CONSUMPTION,
Scrofula, Broncbitis, Wasting: Dis
eases, Chronic Coughs and Colds.
' Ask for Scott's Emulsion and take no other.
or commission, to bundle tbe New Patent Chemical
Ink Ktiuting Pencil. Agents making A0 pr wrr.k.
Monro JCnucr MT Co., LaOrosM, Wis. Ml.
1 LI U
A Trrrlhla frlm Which Has fMtorkM
Ilia Tropin of New rlualamt.
Another grand IwiMue for a murderer!
Another beautiful and intellliront girl mur
dered by a dinippolntcd anitor, this tm
in northern New Hampshire. Frank C.
VltASK C. Al.MY.
Almy aclsrd Christie Warden a she was
walking with her mother, sister and a
friend, dragKl her Into the liuslio and
hot her to death. Then the hunt la-gun.
Andrew H. Warden in a prosperous
farmer living near Hanover, N. 11., t he lo
cation of ltart mouth college. His family
Is well known for Its Intelligence. Three
of his daughters rank high as scholar and
teachers, the other one still being quite
young. Christie, a girl alnmt twenty six,
was especially noted, and was a beautiful
pecimeu of the blond type. Frank C.
Almy Is, or was, a mystery, lie appeared
suddenly In the neighborhood and worked
for Mr. Warden during the winter. He
was a man of refinement and good educa
tion, yet hud a violent temper, and the fam
ily became convinced that Almy was not
his true name.
Early this season he was discharged
after he had in vain implored Christie to
marry him, and threatened her with death
If she refused. His threat was six-edily
fulfilled. Her sister Fannie fought val
iantly for Christie, but was forced away.
The mother and the other woman ran for
help, and help came not half a minute
after Christie's death. One turn was al
most on the murderer as he fired the sec
ond shot, yet he escaped. The whole coun
try was aroused. Every thicket and ravine
was beaten as if for the smallest game and
very barn ami old bouse searched; but it
appeared that the murderer had some help
in getting on his firxt step toward Mon
treal. His conrse was traced to that city and
then the trail was lost. It was surmised
that he hail become a "stowaway" ou one
of four steamers which had started for
Europe, and dispatches were sent to the
last lauding place iu Newfoundland aud to
England. Hut the hunt went on, for many
believed that Almy was still near Hano
ver, aud, strangest of all, Information
came from other places of crimes of vio
lence committed by such a man. He seems
to be a natural murderer, a mini of unre
strained temper.
A Chinese Girl Who Is Wanted by Gov
ertiuient Officers.
Government detectives at San Francises
re having trouble
In their search for
Chin Lan Hoi, a
Chinese girl who
is said to be held
in slavery by her
fellow country
men for immoral
gne reacueu
Golden Gute some
months ago per
mission to laud
was refused her,
but on appeal to
the United .States
court she was re
cms LAX HOI.
leased, pending further inquiry, on a fl,500
bond. The bail piece is not satisfied and
Chin Lan Hoi cannot be found.
Her failure to appear, however, Is not
due to any lack of "pointers," or of official
activity. The mails every little while
have brought to the marshal anonymous
statements regarding the girl's where
abouts, and he has made numerous futile
raids in Chinatown, after each endeavor
being notified by post that he neglected to
"look on the roof" or "in the cellar." aud
so on.
Chin Lan Hoi Is said to have a commer
cial value of $2,400 hence the efforts to re
tain control of htr person. On the other
hand, several of Uncle Sam's representa
tives think the letter writer is conducting
a neat scheme of blackmail. They assert
that it is a time honored custom for high
binders to demaud tnoney from Chinese
merchants and keepers of low resorts, and
if their wants are not satisfied to send to
the authorities information that causes
them to visit the house of the obstinate
person and put him to great annoyance,
breaking down doors that are not prompt
ly opened and tearing down walls that ap
pear as though a secret closet might be
built into them'.
Railway Accidents in New Jersey.
All railroad companies doing business in
New Jersey are required to file annually a
detailed account of accidents on their lines.
The results for the past year arena follows:
On the 2,000 lines of railway within the
state. 1.G04 accidents were reported, of
I which 817 were fatal. The car coupler
! renriprt a harvest of thumbs, finffers. arms
and feet. These numbered 375 in all. Most
of these mish ips were slight, but once in a
while the railroad surgeons had to saw off
an arm or u leg.
Two hundred and ninety-two persons
were struck while walking the tracks. Of
these, 129 were killed or died after the ac
lident. One hundred and thirteen persons
were struck by passing trains wlii1" fool
ishly stepping in front of them. Of these,
49 were killed and 64 survived their inju
ries. Forty-six persons were killed in at
tempting to get ou or off of moving trains,
while 139 were seriously injured.
A Boa Constrictor in a Sewer.
It Is truly a novel spectacle to see the
people of a town in the temperate zone
bunting for a snake from the tropics. Yet
that is the case at Burlington, la. When
Forepaugh's circus was there recently five
large boa constrictors got out of their cage,
which fell from a car. Four were recap
tured, but the fifth could not be found. It
has now been discovered lurking in the
big Main street sewer, whence It comes
out at nightfall for food. The reptile is ten
feet long and nearly six inches thick, and
is causing considerable alarm in that vicin
ity. A reward of $100 has been offered for
its capture, and a gang of men aud boys
nre searching for it.
ft M
Iliinc.t t'ollfl lnll.
I. -' AIMUUiloN,
Slip's sweet, she's young, she's nay, she's pretty,
She's fund, she's line, hi'ijild, kIik's witty;
There's no other iiirl In tint whole Wk city
So wholly illviiio us (.lie.
Rite's vU-li, she fair, she's shy, she's wlnnhif,
Her soul Is so pure lluil a llionnlil of sinning
Would llll her with uriet. and I'm l-i;liiiiliig
To fear she's too Rood for in.
Put still around her I dally hover,
She knows no kihIIi-j I place above her,
Aud when I have xliow n her how mueli I lovs her
I'll in her Just wait and aoal
What's this In the tier? Am I alive, or
Have 1 roiio mad? How can I survlvx lierl
Pus's ouo and eloied Willi a Iioiko car drlverl
Wliat a fool a limn can tt
- Noma lllo Journal
Willi every advance of emliirnllon Into the far
West a new demand Is erouted for lloxtotter a
rtoiii'h Hitters. New ly HVied ivkIoiih are fre
uueully lem snluhrlous llinti older M illed loi ull
lies oii Heeouut of the miasma w hleh lines from
recently cleared land, particularly iiIoiik the
Iwtilis ill rivets that are subject to freshets. The
titcrtcuttural or mlnltiK emigrant soon learns,
when ho dm not already know, that the Hitters
sllord the only sun protection aaalust malaria
and Wot disorders of the stomach, liver and
bowels, to which climatic eliaiik'es,tinsure and
miacfiiBtiimed or unhealthy walerordlel subject
Mm. l'onseueutly ho place an estimate iiihiii
this Ktvnl household six-dtlc and locveullve
Commensurate w ith Its intrinsic merits, and Is
caivlul lo keep on liand a restorative and pro
luoter of health so Implicitly lo ho relied upon
lu time of need.
'Stmnne, hut true," mused the victim of un
toward events, " that crisikcd management too
often produces straightened i in'unislaticcs."
I.cniis inni" from superstition and blind
idolatry ol' isms and it s - allopathic in
cluded. It leans foimnl universal, all-deter-milling
law; towards lacla, not ttiucica, It
leans towards immutable principles and in
vulnerable truth, and away from Miperan
nuiilcd authority, organized ik'iioratii'.c and
dyed-in-the-wool prejudice. lUind. empir
icism in medicine has, with other lossilthd
bivalves, hud its day. Yes, there arc plenty
of " belated (Tabs, "'but being born of dark
ness and fear-twin sinters ol intellectual
itiliim y -tlicy cannot much longer willi
stainl the civilizing iiitluonce ol advancing
science. Tbcv arc slow ly but surely "dy
in g F.gypl, dying," 1 adore the "search
light" ol' investigation. The advancing
thinker wonders how it was possible lor
that monstrosity- l''e medical science ( T)
evtunt now toliave survived to this late
day I Hut w here was the reform to cuius
from f It is nut only pause to attempt re
form, it is outright ilaiigerotiH. It requires
u boldness akin to recklessness. Legion Is
the mime who have tried; they have left
their blenching bones us a warning. An at
tempt at rel'iirmiiiit theology hrnmlH von a
' heretic ;'' in politics you are charged w itli
every infamy under the sun, and in lncdi
cinc every duck intellect " ijuacks " at you
and you are accused of having no diploma
w hen your diploma is on tile in the court
house under the very eyes of the slander
ers. All this is caused by besotted ignor
ance, and since books tire sent free of charge
to every applicant and we pay the postage,
there is no excuse for ignorance w hen it
costs nothing Id la-informed. Teoplc who
iH-rute the Mitogenetic system of medicine
are cither iiitellectiuil pariahs incapable of
counting live iu succession or understand
ing any'.'':! problem, or they arc mental
sluggards and cannot screw themselves up
to the point of information by rending up
it in I forming a conclusion. In either case
their opinions are us valuable us that of
I'ugct Sound oysters.
Dr. Jordan's ollice is at the residence of
ex-Xlayor Vesler. Third and James streets,
Seattle, Wush.
Consultations and prescriptions absolute
ly ;.
bend for free hook explaining the II i to
genetic system.
Caution. The Histogcnetio Medicines
are sold in but one agency in each town.
The label around the lxittle Iwars the fol
lowing inscription; "Dr. J. Kugetie Jor
dan, Histogenctic Medicine." livery other
device is a fraud.
A red light anil a red nose arc both signals to
il.iw up.
A continuation of a cough for any length
of time causes irritation of the lungs, or
some chronic throat disease. "Uruwn'i
Hronehinl Tntrhei" are un effective cough
remedy. Trice, 2.r cents. .SiiW imy in hurt.
The man w ho wants the earth I" satisfied If he
secures the dust.
If you arc willing to pay a few
cents more for a strictly Pure
Tobacco, try Mastiff Cut Plug.
It is worth all the difference.
Packed in patent canvas pouches.
J. B. I'aco - Tobacco Co., Richmond, Virginia.
San Francisco Examiner.
If you have a claim of any description w hatsoever
against the United States (lovrnmnt and
wish it sjaiedlly adjudicated, address
618 F street, N. W. Washington, I). C.
DO ooooo o ooo
OliaveallthBvlrtuesof the larger ones a
equally -ftective porely vegetable. g
t.xiul size siiown'1" """'
10 cents tier double roll. Pend 2-ccnt stamp foi
samples. KCHOKIKUl A MORtiAN,
I'M Third strati, I'ortluud, Or.
iiu i.v a iioi'Ni noi.n itininv.
Mldillchrook, UIO llcill'iinl iivi'iiuc,
llioiiklyii, N, Y., wiilcsi
"I Iiiivk used Ai. m ock's I'nltol'H l'i,smts
for the Inst twenty ycuis, They urn truly a
household remedy, If one of my children
has a cold mid w heccs, I imt an Ai.i.cim k'h
I'o ho i a I'rvHTni on Ihcclicst and one bo
Iwccn he shoulder blades. If any of tlm
children lui crowpy coughs, or uhiikIin ol
any kind, I place mo pniMcr i'ioa up
around tint throat ; I ho southing effect Is
lippiit'cul almost iilwiivs in two Iioiiim. If
they have a disordered Mnmiich, u plaslcr
placed Just below the chest bones makes
digestion perfect In half a day, If Hid" Is
any looseness of the bowels, accompanied
by" coldness of the skin, two A i.i.i n K'a
r'oiiot'H I'i.asi kks iiiiiilicd over (he stomach
euro In from two io live hours. I notice
particularly t hut I hese plaster never nlnaile
the skin or causn the slightest irritation.
Krom inv own experience I know they
never liifl for I lieuiiuillim, pains in I ho
back or lumbago."
The Imli'l waiter can always point onl the tip
plea! Kucsl.
The iimiitil'actiiiers of Slur l'lng cliew lug
tobacco have built up the largest tobacco
business the world has ever seen by giving
the consumer I ho best tobacco iiml full
weight sixteen ounce pound plug", proving
conclusicly that giaid tobacco and pound
pliiKsare wanted by most luhuccochcwets.
A group of tncchnlili's was seated
in tlieiMiniiio-riHMii when one said:
"How wirt it Tom?" "I wai
i.lticht up. sl.ipisil 'niiili"! Hi"
ceiling afi'i whirled down to tint
Moor. I lav thent liLo omt dead,
and evcrv muscle was sprained I
wa cured ill olio day." What
cured hiniT
with fcptal facility mid certainly
lias cured promptly and ernia
lieutly worm cases. Hero is olio
uficr hiitl'criug hull' a lifetime,
II Stun tier PI .rlcvetand.O., A nit 11,'sa,
lii l-d sprained my arm i IuI'I'Iuk
clii-itnuli.; niuld ml lilt my arm;
roiixtaiit pain until 1", M.
Jacobs (Ml cured inc.
The Miccris of this (Ircat Caiigh Cure i
without a parallel in the history of medicine.
All dniRgit are authorized to sell it on a pos.
live oiiamntee, stel that no ol Iter cure can sue
resslully stand. That il may become known,
the I'ropnctors, ttl nn enornioin cxK'iise, ate
placing ft Sample Hollle Tree into every home
in Hie United Slates and Canada. II you have
a Coinjh, Sore Throat, or l'.roncliins, use U, ha
lt will cure yon. If your child has the Croup,
or Whooping; Couch, uc it promptly, and rebel
is sure. If you dread thnl iiiMdiou ili-asc
Consumption, uk it. A.k your Urugoist (oi
SHILOH'S LTRF, Price lucK, Jo it, and
$l.oo. If your I.uncs are sore or Il.itk lame,
use Shiloh's l'orom l'lastcr, Price 2$ cK
Of all kinds and In any quantity-whole-sale
and nHall-at bed rock prices.
68 Front Street, Portland, Or.
IV- Hend for catalogue. -fSl
t.oka free.
l'aclllc M'-dlclne Co., Bl) Clay HI.. Han Kranclsco,
Portliiml, Ort-Kiui. A. P. ArmslrmiK, I'rln.
Driincli Ii.miI : 'en ai, Ilus. Coi.i.h.k, Hulcm. (irrKon
Hums courses uf study, same rates af lulllon,
business. Shorthand,
Tyfrtvriting;f Penmanship, and English eparientt
0 fin wiwloii throughout the ynr. HtU"!tntn mlintt
ttl at any time. Cutalogue from either fcliwl, frve.
Want mi airent In every town In Oregon, Wash
liiKtou and Idaho to sell
On commission. No stock or caiilul needed.
Mimic teachers preferred, Hk-c1ii( rates ou all
Write for particular.
Plumbers' and Engineers' Supplies, Hand
nd Steam Pumps. Iron Pipe, Rams, Pipe
Covering, Lubricators, Water Motors, Fans
and Ventilators, Cash Registers, Etc.
Write for prices.
Contractors on heating ami ventilating
bulluiiiim. Kstlniates furulslisil.
1 CCITmale7l In fuurdayson my Klortrlc Coracle
ABt" "anilHpeclaltli's. 100 per cent profit, and cash
prizes, Hainple free. Hr.UrKiKmttn.linimlwiiy.N. V.
n Chichester English,
b tma m a m
t j. J I. - i? ?....
J;.. . . .ZT-T.. f , HI
All .lll In pu-bord horn, pli.k wr.i.p.r.. we danavroHs -onnlrrMlL At DrunhaTw -mil
4c. In nuiop. fr i.rlloulr., f.ilruool.l., nd H,lTt-r fur l.mMe. 5 "!1 iJii, hi iJIi -Lii S2ia.
l,0OT..tlmonlal.. Sam, Pnpw. GmCHtTt tttl&mLeiVfc?dEHmZ
Best Couch Medicine. Kecommendcd bv Phvsiciana.
Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeahle to the
taste. Children take it without objection. B7 druggists.
A Tiire Cream of Tartar l'owtlcr.
Superior to every oilier known.
Used in Million of Homed
40 Years the Standard,
llclli'loui Cako and I'aslry, Light l lak
lliKuit, I, rid. lie Cakrs, Palutable
nd Wholesome.
No other baking powdrr does such woik.
flshlnf Tai-klo. M'. Ilwl I'.'Mr. I.i.w I'ri, .
OMllioislakell In I M MliI fif nlal"'l. I.r.l.
W, HHKKK. 3 KeanivW. ' Kiaticiwi
If you want ptYll-:U lor MitiiiiK,
Hailroiid Work, Stump UliiHlinu or Trew
I'liiutintr, Hciid (or Price l.Mt.
r 1 1 ir.
. )t i". vr i:h t
Pirn A t hickrn l it Hlllrr.
Aik your ileal, r f"r II. or s ml luf t- i" 'irvnUr to
iWiliima Inruliatnr Co., IVtal in, CaL
The Spoclflo A No. I.
Cnrr. wltlioM' fttit.all rwi ct 4iaA ir niitl 4Jlrra. ln ni'illcr nt li ii (
t.uilii,if l'i-v,-i I. Mrli'ltir,', It Im in , In
Icreiii r,'ltie,lv. Cnr. s lien ,-vt-r) tnlti.
llll. l.illi'il M,, lit lit III, lIIIKKl.'t
MttltUfuf tllO'l: I llf A H,-I,i,licll M. I 'III
II vim want lo "In nil
Attention !
Mil ccumlciv. don'l fait
sIkIiI your em with the ci'lelnslnd
Madt! lo III any rillc. I'cei mkIH. : Ivoi bead
front Wuhl, II; Ivory llnnllint I '(out hljlit, :n
I'cnls. Si-til In- mall on receipt of i,ri-,..
H.T. HUDSON, S3 First Street, Portland, Or.
Send for new lllustraled rataloKue.
We have a bin stock of Ittibla-r lioods IsniKht
of a leailliiK house retiring from lnilnc, on
this coast.
t'hlld's rubia'r shoes, fl to 10 '."i
Mlsaea' fiMitholils, IU to .',c
Misses' overshia-s .'., :
Misses' an lies aud 1 1 i K I cut l ill, il..',)
1 n I I 1 a ' 1 II P
f """"
wiilirn ovt-rioH', an ptiyicH.. ,(.c, ,im , ..ic, I v
Ijnlles' arctics ami snow excluders. . . II no, il.J j
iJtuicn iiik'1 cih KaiitMS. ar.rii, ai t
Ijnlles' lioota, sa'clul harxaliis, f I II
Child's lamls i no,
Misses' Issits il. a,, II..'.)
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Men's arctics aud snow excluder. Il '-
Killiher Clolhlm; of all kinds at a iIim iiiiii t
(from rcKUlar prices. Ask for our full lln of
Kilhbcr (ioods. Address
4 1 (1-4 1 8 Front Street. Nail Francisco, Cal.
The most popular brand of
smoking tobacco in the United
States. It is made from to
bacco at least three years old.
Its rich mellow smoke has
never been equaled.
Neal ol North Carolina Is now packed
In Patent Cloth Pouches, as woll as In foil.
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