The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 07, 1891, Image 4

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A 1.1. OCR 8KKIW AUK TKST Kl. If voil
want th very laat giaalii that yon know
ill grow, at cai-h price, rilo ua.
U strtci Portland, Oregon. Front St.
J. C. Davis, Rector of St. James
Episcopal Church, Eufaula, Ala.:
" My sou has been badly afflicted
with a fearful and threatening cough
for several months, and after trying
several prescriptions from physicians
which failed to relieve him, he has
been perfectly restored by the use of
wtvo bottles of Bo
An Episcopal schee's German Syr
up. I can recom
Rector. mend it without
hesitation." Chronic
severe, deep-seated coughs like this
are as severe tests as a remedy can
be subjected to. It is for these long
standing cases that Boschce's Ger
man Syrup is made a specialty.
Many others afflicted as tjiis lad
was, will do well to make a note oi
J. F. Arnold, Montevideo, Minn.,
writes: I always use German Syrup
for a Cold on the Lungs. I have
never found an equal to it far less
a superior.
G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr.Woodbary.NJ.
For sportsmen, tourists and
others who spend their time in
the open air, Mastiff cut plug
smoking tobacco is absolutely
the best. Packed in patent can
vas pouches which retain the
moisture and flavor. More solid
comfort in one package of Mastiff
than you can get out of a dozen
J. B. Pace Tobacco Co, Richmond Virginia.
Want an agent In every town in Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho to sell
On commii'MOii. No stoolt or capital needed.
Music teacher preferred. Special rates on all
goods. Write for particular!!.
Portland, Oregon. A. P. Armstrong, PriD.
Branch School : Capital Birs. College, Salem, Oregon.
Same courses of study, same rates of tuition.
Business. Shorthand,
Typewriting, Penmanship, and English Drparlmints
twin session throughout the vear. Studi-nts admit
ted at any time. Catalogue from either school, free.
have all therirtueg of the larger oiiph a
equally effective; purely vegetable. fuP
Kxact ize shown in thin borlr.
San Francisco Examiner.
If you have a claim of any description whatsoever
against the United States (lovernment and
wish It speedily adjudicated, address
618 F street,. W. Waahington, I. C.
Leading medical authorities
state that new and improperly
cured tobacco when heated in
the pipe produces a rank vege
table poison.
Tobacco like liquor can only be improved by age
This is the reason why "Seal
of North Carolina" is the most
popular brand of smoking to
bacco in the United States. It
is made from tobacco, at least
three years old. Its rich mel
low smoke has never been
Seal of North Carolina is now packed in Patent
v-lota roucnes, as wu a.
1'ltt-biirg'a t'aviirit "Sniokcrs.
"Talking about tlmt ntKlv;y f.r a
pnioko the rittlmv;; Mivru1 roniiiuls wt
of a jHvultar cxjvrioin'o 1 with thitt
articlo pomo yours a,o," saiil nu ol.l time
ciptr drummer t tlu Continental hotel.
"1 waa truvelinir for l,hilti(Ulphi.i
houw that mnilo n tine line of pM
only, and li:d root only with indifferent
rmeoetw. 1 was liHkin:t firw:ird to Pitts
burg as a Ivi.ul of F.l iVrado, and im
alined paloa of great m:i!rtiitulo in t!i
Smoky City.
"I arrived in tlio evening and immodi
tely started out to interview tho tr:ult.
Alnuit tho first il.too I ptruok was i prtw
porous ciar store, but I noticed
that anion jr the KtiK k tho ptivrie seemed
to predominate. I roontod my cnnUo
the proprietor, talked ti my Mock an J
finn to bim in jjroat tdmi. e, but did not
foem to lv making any jjroat headway.
The proprietor iL-wtuvd me that ho was
full up, bufctstid ho wiiuld livk over my
samples the following mornim; if 1 would
atop in. While I was talkint; to him and
endoavorins to proUn the eon vernation,
a gentleman walked in who immediately
impressed mo a.s being one of the solid
men of the town. He had that unmis
takable sleek and well fed air of for
tune's favorite. Walking np to the
counter he selected four stories and
lighted one, laid down a five cent piece
aud walked out.
" 'Do yon know who that is? asked
the proprietor of to. I replied iu the
negative. 'Why, that's Phipps, Andrew
Carnegie's partner,' was the astounding
assertion. I was completely tlablvr
g;t."tod. That was the mutest and yet
the most convincing argument I ever
had to withstand. Without a word 1
closed up my grips and took the next
train out of town. I had come to the
very natural conclusion that if men
worth $20,000,000 took their smokes at
four for five 1 did not stand much show
with the plebeian smokers." Philadel
phia Enquirer.
Giving; Canes Shape.
The cultivation of walking sticks for
the market has been taken up as a busi
ness at some places in continental Europe,
and special attention isofteu paid to mak
ing the roota grow into shapely forms for
the handles. A London manufacturing
establishment, the floor space of which
covers nearly an acre, lias extensive
etorehouses filled whh native and foreign
sticks, from which stock is drawn as it
is wanted from the shops.
The sticks as they grow are often very
crooked and have to be straightened. A
heap of sand is provided on the top of a
hot stove, into which the sticks are
plunged until they become pliable.
The workman takes the crooked stick
while it is still hot and inserts it in a
notch cut in a stout board, placed at an
angle inclined from hiui, where he bends
and strains it. When it has become per
fectly straight it is thrown down to
cool, after which it becomes rigid aud
permanent in its lines. Heat is an im
portant element in this matter aud pro
duces different effects on the several
kinds of wood, the degree of heatmeces straighten one kind of stick being
often sufficient to spoil another kind.
The same power which makes a
crooked stick straight is applied to make
a straight one crooked; so we find that
the rigid stems of bamboos, partridge
canes, and all the various kinds of sticks
that are required to be curled or twisted,
are by the application of heat made to
assume almost any shape or form.
Youth's Companion.
An Unexpected Phenomenon.
Corinna (to her little brother, who insists
cn "staying up," to the great annoyance of
both herself and Mr. Wilkins) FreUUy, don't
you think you had better go to bed now)
Freddy No; I want to see Mr. WUkius ex
plode before I go.
Mr. Wilkins Good gracious! what can the
child meant
Freddy I heard Corinna tell mamma that
you were abotft ready to "pop." Time.
Bermuda Bottled.
"You must ko to Bermuda. If
you do not I will not he reioiisi
hie for the consequencex." lint,
doctor, I can afford neither the
time nor the money." ' Well, If
that Is impoMstble, try
I sometime call It Bermuda Mot
tled, and many canes of
Bronchitis, Cough
or Severe Cold
I have CUREIt with It; and the
advantage la that the most seinl
tlve stomach can take It. Another
thtnf? which commends It Is the
stimulating properties of the II y
pophONphite which It contains
You will find It for sale at your
OriiKKist'H but see you eret the
original SCOTT'S EMllIo.."
$20. Cdsll Typewriter. $20.
Equal to any 1 Machfne. -
Speed; clean iinpret-sioii; muni
folding; perfect iiliiimciit; liimi
metal type: simple; durable. Il
lustrated eirculiir free. A Krrnt
Holiday gift.
S. DAVI,!1 .Montgomery Kt ,
SSan Francisco. Agents Wanted.
I BittOlsthescSnowlcugo
leading remedy for all ttit
unnatural discharges and
private diseases of men. A
certain cure for the debllh
1 tating weakness peculiai
to women.
T rtrMU'rihmttmnA fMl safS
1 TheEvN86hEMI'' Co In recommending 11 to
V. m. a. Oiunrn, is u .utunf u, iia
BOId T ItrajCKiaia.
Roche Harbor Lime, Portland Cemant, Gol
den Gata and Utah Plaster, Hair, Fir Brick
and Fire Clay. LAND PLASTER.
60 North Front Street, Cor. D,
fjftV ITEVER CURE0 T0 sm cunED
iifll I L I L Is We want the name and ad
dressof every suflerer in tlie
& ACTUM A U.S. and Canada. Address,
40 I II III ft P.EiroldBjei.ll.D, Baffin.!.
f lToSDAYS.1y
OlUDtMl ot u
IHI (IBM umum
Or the Jtry of n Hnbtvi fiiioii Man Who
Mnilo a t'Nlliir.
A nmn who luid not Ihh'n tondut'tinit tilnt
aolf vwy well, nd wlio wits otnliMtvoriiiK to
limke liluitt'lf sriwiMc to Ills wife, rvinni kiHl
lifter h. Iouk ailiiu':
"SHvkhits of O)olonts"
"We lutve not l'ti siHyikiiig of cjccKum,'
site reproachfully broke in.
"Weren't so spiwkliirf of cyolonea tlili
umi'iiIiik'" he nuvkly ni-ketl.
'When wm it we were sponktug about cy
cloltest" "I loiit know."
"Wasn't it Inst weokr"
"1 toll you I don't know."
"We must linve lieeu spwktng atwit cy
clones some time."
"1 don't remember tlmt we have."
"Well, now, you may not reinemtier it.
Memry, you know, Is a very U'Mtcucrous
"H seems to te," she answttretL "I told
you to send some conl up this uioruiux, hut
you didn't do it."
"1 ordered iu Are you sure it didn't
"lrderHl it," she contempt uously resitted.
"Yes, ordered it. Wasn't my titult thut it
didn't cointt. lid my (ovrU"
"Why, you Udd me not more than an hour
no that you hnd forgotten it, and now you
siiy that you ordered it."
They were sitting iu front of the Ki'itlo.
He pasl his hand over Ids brow in a help
W'.-s n ay, l.H'keit at tlie chK'k, bIkhiW his head
sadly and said:
"1 cannot help what my former doolara
tiou was; 1 mnv have utlered numerous ah
surdities w hile worried with a troublesome
deal that I have hnd on my hands for some
time, but I know 1 ordered that cool early
this morning."
"Yes, I suppose so."
"Louise, you tire cruel,"
"1K you think sof" site exn.-K'i'ntinlv
ask is I.
"Yi, 1 do. You are not only cruel, hut
are actually heartless."
"Did you brius t'1"1 Inmb's windf"
"1 stopjusl in the store and they said that
they wore out of the Uit tpiality."
"Why didn't you ro to another storel"
"Well, 1 wanted to catch a cur mid well,
I wanted to get here iu time for dinner, anil
I thought that another time would do for the
lamb's wool, so when they told me that they
didn't have the best quality I hurried away
so i could wit dinner aith you."
"Hut you didn't (jet here in time. You
were nearly two hours late."
Apiiu ho iissod his hand helplessly over
his brow.
"I started nil rilit," he said, "but the car
stopisil just as we were going into the tun
nel. I nuked the conductor w hat was the
mutter, aud he said the cable, was broken."
"Why, you told mo that you were detained
at the illUoe."
"Oh, tiiat was yesterday evening."
"No, it was this evening."
"That's so. It was yesterday evening that
the cable broke."
"Why, you were at home on time then."
He leaned over aud pro-d up his chin.
He was the picture of ill used sadness, of
cruel neglect. She spoke ugnin and he moved
"Weil, Louise, we won't talk alsiut it. 1
have done my liest, and if I have failed, m by,
I cannot help it."
"Y'ou have done your lest to prove that
you have not failed," she answered.
Silence folio weiL "What were you going
to say about cyclones " she asked, after a
"Oh, yes. I was thinking of something
that Uxk place out on a Kansas prairie. A
terrible cyclone aisiut ten feet wide came
through the country. The narrowest aud
motst forcible cyclone the people had ever
known. When it struck a building it simply
cut a hole through it and went on. Struck a
hill after it crossed the prairie. Bored a hole
through. Railroad is going to use the hole
for a tuunel. Went on anil struck another
prairie. There it encountered two men walk
ing along. They were about teu feet apart.
They didn't hear the cyclone, and one of
them had ju:.t taken out a corkscrew, and
w as about to hand it over to the other one,
when here came the cyclone. It passed be
tween them, but txk the corkscrew away.
Terrific wind. Why, when they found the
corkscrew, about a mile further on, it was
struightened out like a darning noodle."
"Jumes, you actually tiro me. You'd just
as well stop trying to talk. Did you bring
au evening paper f"
"One in my overcoat fioeket, I believe."
She went to his overcoat and took out a
small bundle, unrolled it, and then laughed.
"V.'liat's the matter, Louisef '
"Nothing, only hero is the lamb's wool,"
He arose, put his arms alnuit her, and
tenderly said: "Darling, I have been avilluin.
I tried to defend myself for"
"N'o, James," she answered, putting box
arms around his neck, "you are the most
lovable man in the world w hen when you
don't try to deceive me. But you won't do it
again, will youf"
"Never in the worMf"
"Never bo long as I live."
She was sutisfled, was happy, and James
really meant what he said. Man woll, ah!
Opie P. Ileud iu Arkansaw Traveller.
A Little Hoy's Idea.
"Mamma," said Freddy, whoso duty it waa
to run a great many errands, "1 wish I was
only as big as a dollar."
"Why, do you wish that, my son?"
"Because then I could put myself In my
pocket and ride myself around." Druke'a
Awfully Disobliging.
Mre. Stayathonie No, I don't got along at
all well with John. He is so slovenly I
Mrs. Ooabroad Indeed?
"Yes; why I can't even pull his hair with
out getting my nails full of dandruff." Law
ence American.
The Thief of Time,
Visitor (to prisoner) I noticed the wardet
called you "Procrastination." Isu't that A
queer name?
Prisoner Y'see. sir, I was sent up fur
liftiu' a lot of watches. Munsey'a Weekly.
Threatens every mntt, wonisn or child llvlnR In
s region ol country nhcre lever noil nmie Is piev
stent, since the verms ol mslnrlnl disease re III
hslcd Irom the iilr mid are swallowed Irom the
n stcr of such a rcKlon. Meilli'lnwl snlcuUHrd Is
slwelnlcly neiH'ssary to nullify this daiiKCr. As
a menus of (ortll Iiik nd ncc'IninllnH the sys
tent so s to Imi able to roslsl Ihe iiihIhiIsI imlsun,
Hosteller's Stomach Mulcts Is lucoiiiMislih Ihe
Ih'sI and tho most impnUr, Irri'Kilbirlllcs id Hie
stomach, ilver and bowels cmMttraKC mnls
rU; bnl these arc sssillly lectllled by the II It
tcrs. the funcllmis ol dlticstlmi and secrclion
are assisted by Us use, nul a lnorous as w e l as
reiitilar coudlthtii of the sslciu promnled bv It,
t'onsiitntloii and physliiie aie thus dcfeiulcit
SHiiinst the liironiln of maliirla bv this mnlchlfss
pneittlc, w li li li Is also a certain and thoroiiKh In the worst cases ol Intermittent ami
remittent fevers.
The man w ho wants Ihe earth need not cxhh I
to Ket It niile.s he advertises.
A 1.1. ItKFOH M KliS
In Art, Kclliibin or Nclrnea Mince the
orld lleaau
Have nt sonic time Imhi culled lilots, fa
natics, rvticgndc. And a people have
stoned a prophet to whose memory the
next generation has raised a monument lor
the (treat ness of his deed.
Snoiiominii, Wu'di., Aug, lit, ld.
lh:J. A.'ni;cii7.n.iiiil .Voff'c, H'n.a. - I'stH
Doctoh: Will have lo write you that I am
surprised to Hnd myself sogrenlly improved
in mi little time, mid am pleased In say tlmt
I could not give votir medicine loo ureal
praise. My lieallli was gone. I lelt that
medicines could do me no good. I was
hopeless of ever recovering. I thought too
late to try your medicine, hut wilh death
staring iiie'in the lace I delerniiiied to do
so. I am pleased that I did it, for at this
dale I have received tenfold the price of the
medicines. H I slumid say one hundred
told, it would not be overvaluing the dif
ference in my health. I feel like another
man. Yours respectfully,
Jmks It. IIvsom.
KT SoI'M', Wash., A Hit. 11. Is'.'l.
Dr. J. Puiiriir Juninn, Srnltlr, H'.iWi - IikvHSik:
It bus Isvn some time since I have wrtltcn to
yon, but I have livn Kelllutt illmii! so well tlmt I
illd nut llilnk It ucccKMirv. I hnveslopiHsl bikliiK
Hie treatment now , slid I hellcv e I am enltrely
ell. Your medicines have done w lint yon told
us they w on Id do they lime inn.le a new woman
ol mo.' t now fivl like uiyscli hkhIii, alter snt
lerlni; fnr cb;hl ears Willi catarrh of the head
Hint bronchi, and Unit verv mliilnl llilnu neu
nil;ln of the stomach. I l.sik thr.- munllis'
iiiislieiue. Hi 'Hi my IiusIiniuI and myself led ;i
IhoiiKh we cnutiot la' tlmiiklnl enuiIKh to )nil dr
w hal von have done for me. I Iioih- that every
one wliu Is sulleriiiK as I was will hear ol In.
Jordan mill his most valuable medicine. Yours
most res etful!y, Mi. I'. Asnisosu.
Dr. Jordan's otlb'.e is at the residence of
ex-Mayor YiHiler, Thirtl ami Janira streels,
Seattle, W ash.
Consultations and prcaoriplkiiis absolutely'"-
Send for frw book explaining tlie Histo
genetii: system.
I'ai'TIon. The Histogenetiu Medicines
are sold in but one agency in each town.
The label around the botllu Is-ars the fol
lowing inscription: "Dr. J. Kugene Jor
dan, Histogenetiu Medicine." Kvrry other
device is a fraud.
I'rom fallforula, 1'tah. Montana, Idaho,
M asbhiKtoil and riroit lo I'ortlainl.
We w ill furnish free round trip triiiisartalloii
10 any K-rs..n rcsidbiK iu any of the alxne
mil I Mates w ho desires to purchase I'orlland
renl c;nte. This iilh r will Indd iohs fr.r sisly
ibivs, ciuiiiieuelnu NoveiiilsT 1, I yd.
. Write us ill oimv and ! ideiitllicntloli psis'rs.
Kemember lsirj w III lie Ihe Imsmii year for I'ort
lainl. Huy now w Idle cheap, and m'II at a hi if
prolit w hi'u the boom comes. For piirlli uliin ad
1 1 res t'oNs.i:AliVR It Kit FIA I K .V 1 Klfl to.,
No. II .stark stns-t, 1'ortlniid, ur.
It is said that tho scales used by the
mantil'ucturcrs of Star Plug for weighing
the tobacco tor it plug of Slur tiro so con
structed that, if anything less than sixtirn
ounces is put into the scales, an electric
bell rings automatically. Mnst tobacco
uliewers throughout the Vnited State. use
Star Plug, it being the Ust.
In order to mtriMliie the FAMILY (1A.KTTK,
Hie hrlu'litest -r!ixliral III A merlra, we oiler the
liillowlni! prles many ruu semlliiK n '!" cents
i silver i fur ti'ne iiiiinths' siiliHeriittou : ft in" to
llie is-rson inul.intf Hie closest Kuess to Hie imnilier
of ii,lkls III ii pon-iiiiue: to s.-eonil elo-wst. nml
f In the Hunt Address F A M 1 1. Y II A.K T I K
HI' It. CO., Sun Frum lsei), t al.
Use EnamelinoBtovet'ollsh; no dust; noimoll.
Try Gkrmka for breakfast.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powdar.
Superior . to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky
Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable
and Wholesome.
No other baking powder does such work.
Books fns',
Pacific M"dlclne Co.. 520 flay St.. Hun Francisco.
Plumbers' and Engineers' Supplies. Hand
and Steam Pumps, Iron Pipe. Rams, Pipe
Covering. Lubricators, Water Motors, Fans
and Ventilators, Cash Registers, Etc.
Write for prices.
Contractors on beating and ventilating
buildings. Estimates furnished. .
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or
car kiik 802.
1 pruTinalf7l In rnurdaysnn myKlwtncCorsclk
ft" 'aud IHi-ialtiHi. IKliH-rrenl profit anileasli
jiiiiM. iu.l Iriw. Ur.Uliduaii.BroaUwa.N. V.
Poivdec A I'll ll'H I'Alt Al VNIS.
Jl'ollow Injt Is nu liileicslliir Idler from
V, (s. I'lissoll, oiii' o Ihe milliliters of (lie
Western I'liioii Tclc(tiiiili Co,:
" III OOMINo ION, Ind,, .Inn, 'J, ISNI,
" I tut 0 licon III Ihe lclc)tiiidl lillslliesN
for nioro tliiiu Ittciity years, mid for Hie
I'ust live Veins liue hi'cii trolililed Willi
lull Is culled Wrllcr's t'iiinii, or Tclcuni
dicr's I'liriilysis, A I limes niv in in licciiiiie
so vciik Hint I could not use ll iu seihlliiK
dlsl'iilclics, and Inid to use my left. Iliive
s)"eiit liiiiny restless iiIkIiIs, tlie miiii rencli'
Iih; from uiv liiiud up iuln my shoulder.
Tried I'vcrylliliiir I uoiild licnr ol', lull llli
sciircely any relief. Having sliiiiucd my
lelt side a lew weeks ngo, I i;o one of A I T
ioi k's I'i sirits, us I usually do in sucli
discs, and aciililciilnlly lm'i'cni'd lo see
licrc soiiie one lunl cured a weak wrist ly
using oui of llicsn I'liislers. I K'd imotlicr
at once, and out ii in two mid imt one luill
around my wrist. In less tluin two diivs
after tin niin had entirely lelt my wrlsl,
ami arm, and in two weeks 1 could scud
nearly us well as ever. I write this lio'iing
it w ill reach the eves of others who imiy hi
nllliclcd as 1 was, as I know there are scores
of them."
We should alttnln foiulve our ciieinles 'k
chill) those we run ! wliii.
"Imiicii's doiiciin VincAcd" are ejcclleiit
for Iho relief of Hoarseness or Sore Throat.
They lire exceedingly clleclivi. Nid iihi
in mucj. I'ritu', ".' cents,
The Hoild U Imlji llei'liiitf slu-o , mid lo imwl
of tin t lit Koslsea.. lime alt lieeu Isketi.
Both tlio iiioUkhI ami ichiiIu wlmn
Srup of Figu taken; it ia jiloiuiant
ami refrculiing to tlio tato, urn! wit
gently yet promjitly on tho Kidney,
Liver a:iJ 15we!n, clennwa tho yi
utn cllectiially, disjiclri colds, head
'dies anil lovers ami cured liabitu.vl
constipation lerinaiiently. Fr ralo
in 60c ami $1 kittles ly nil (IrtiggliU.
10UISIUI, Kf. LW 10HK, n.t.
tlf all tlinlaiid In sit v nuaut 1 1 y uhole
ale and retail at hcil ruck irlees.
65 Front Street, Portland, Or.
gtf Hcud f"r rataloKin.
.m i m'.i.''.ij j m nn, .u; J
Have Been lmilated, But Never Excelled They Are Beyond Comparison!
Wt Make
!JJ per cent,
Ol tin
Win Mutt
Hold in
'ii 1,1
'i ''ti A fy m A
'T iT'"r':'V'''tr' .
' ' '-,,'.- .4 i. "I . W
0(lT 1 tint vmr unit hii (irii triK
U rite tor 11'ir I fnlirmiHtnl Itit-iUict H'ol
1 j.1 "'0""l-a,OOtlUINt., Srr, mn, r,lt.U. rill for lt. V
Indira, uk llrul.l fcf ic..l. mlt.k IHam-n4 Hr4 iu llrd ui,l IM4 nwl.hU V
"" HS l'l rlbi.o. Tkf a. aiker klaa. H-nut .vft.i,.r,.., mn4 lMIMUmt. V
All pill. Id pMUtxwil bi, ,h,t dunanraaa rnnntern lla. Al lirniii.u. or m4
Ar. In .urn,.. rlloult MilmonUla, nil H. llrf lur l..,l,, , t,, ., rrlura M.IL
10,000 Tlmool.l. K.m, I-,,, CHICMiaTKN ChisicII CO , M..II..1. fSa.r
Hold hi all Loral llrasal.u. l'llll.lhl.rillA.
JkntCotiL'lt Mrdicinn.
Cures where all rise fails.
taste. Children take it without objection, liy dnifRiHta
Buy Tour Own Goads if Tour
ChciBleal FIr Infrlnw and ErtlngTilih, Fir
tfaehlnary .Pumps ol ail kinds, Brass Goods, Pip and FttUnn,
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Best in the World!
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
S. P. N. U. No. 412-8. F. N. U. No. 4811
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K. H. ADAMS, IViry.Mti.
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Season Opens for Trout April 1st
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Carts, SIS Up. Wagoss, 553 Dp.
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Bprinr and Erpraa Wagons, th laWmt
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far farthar loionaatlon call on w addraa
Will lie plenty and cheap this year. New ApnicOT,
BUNKias now offering. Wequote-
Aprlcoti, nne .m....'..7, 0, 10, 2'4
Peaches, choice 8, 10, 12
Nectarinei, extra ... 8,10,12
Applet, bright , . 7,8,111
Applet, allien dried .,.. IO, Tv
Grapes, 1890, good 41, 4
Ralalm, 1890, per lb 6, 8, 7Ji
Prunes, 1800, good ., . 7, 8, 0
Bl ickberrl -a, 1891, fine 12. IB
Cherries, pitted, 1891.....; 20, 25
Flg, 1891, black Cala 4, 6
Other fruits In variety. The above are for fine quality;
dark, old, or inferior Ms w. offer lower. Small discount
to Hotels, Boarding 1 1 out-j, Dealers, and oilier latfje
buyers. Canned goods are lower; see next paper. V.
offer a general variety of good for family ma
at close prices, aud want a share of your trade. Ask
for 40-page catalogue free. Address
4te-atej Kront St San F'traooisoo
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