The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 31, 1891, Image 1

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    iver Glacier.
NO. 22.
3fcod Iiver Slacier.
The Glacier Publishing Company.
m tint iiirnoN fitiCK.
On. yiwr' , .....f or
iimiiih. I
1 hrrn liioiith , St'
hiii, lu iKjiiy . . , , , 4 CnU
Ula Clilif Cltili t). H. Urnl Cftlr.
Land :: Ijiiw :: SjccialiHt.
Kihmii Nil, , lnd (Ittiem lluilillni,
Real Hstate Broker,
Tire, Life ind Accident Inturance.
Money Loaned on Real Estate Security
dtlli o, Kr nch ft Po.'i Rank llullillii,
Grant Evans, Propr.
BiM uiiil St., ni'iir Oak. llixn Kler, Or.
.Slaving nl llnii rutting rutly done.
Sutinfu. tiuii (iuiuuiitreil.
Wright Irrigation Law
Favored for Novada.
'"iiie Sacramento Board of Supervisors
Aro Chargod With Bui tig
Boodlors Eto.
Riverside in to have a free postal tie
livery. Tim municipal affairs of Victoria, B.
C, arc to bo investigated.'
The.t-mly female, convict in the Arizona
prison has been pardoned.
The plum crop at Canton !h rottiigjr on
tin-1 ret;. Tim market in overstocked.
Th Halo of wildllower seed at San
Diego Ih becoming a profitable IhihSiwhh.
Tim .Nevada Hliile Board of Equaliza
tion promises to' ra.istf'.the assessments
all roiuul. ' ' '
The jury in the eao fof John Ilagger
ulm Lillitil hi moii last Aiiiil at Sac
ramento, lias been uualile to agree.
John R. Berry,' Collector of the Port
of San Diego, has sued the Union News
imi per Coiujiany for $25,000 for alleged
Since- Jan liar v 1 over l,0!iO vessels
have crossed Hiimliolilt bar, and the
HhipmetitB of luinlier have been over
10,0K(HX) feet. ... '''-
An order for 300 combination ami cat
tle cars in now lieing filled at th ma
chine shops. of the Southern ,1'neilie
Company iil'Saeraiuouto. . .v.
William Kced of Floi in charged three
members of' the Sacramento loard of
Supervisors with being boodler and he
hut) been arrested for criminal libel.
Samuel J. Brun of San ..lone,, late in
structor of French atCornoll University
has been appointed instructor of Frc-ncly
lit the Inland Stanford (Jr.) University.
An effort Is lining maile to rcHume
work in Sacramento on the oil well,
which Iiuh been abandoned at H20 feet in
depth, owing to tho piping becoming
wedged. . " .
The schooner Lizzie Crosby him re
turned to I'ort Towimend from the Ko
diak liHhing grounds with a catch of 00,
000 codfish consigned to Anaeortes own
ers, who intend to establish a, drier at
that place to dispone of the catch of the
Colby and other vessels, which are ex
pected to arrive soon,
Tho Schwatka scientific expedition has
returned from Alaska. A large collec
tion of Iwtanieal specimens was made,
and photographs of everything of inter
est 'were takon. The most successful
feature of the whole trip was the break
ing through the Mount St. Klias Hange,
a mat never before accomplished by man.
The Arrowhead Reservoir- Company,
having in charge the construction of
large storage reservoirs in the mountains
north of San Bernardino on the head
waters of the Mojave rivor and its trib-wiv-ies,
has advertised for the construc
tion of three iarge tunnels one 4,900
feet in length, one 3,(500 feet and one
1,()0O feet, making a total of 11,500 feet
of tunnel.
; They offer a bounty for tho ears of rab
bits in Idaho. The djscoyery recently
of several live "bunnies" minus their
ears has developed the fact that active
Itounty workers aro trapping the jacks,
.clipping their ears and then turning
'. )..;...- lxrtuo f.i a'-ftifjii-A frnn from
till HI IWVJIW .'V.V. ........ V - ---' l---
which Imunties can be obtained "till the
end of time. -
University Extension Makes n Good
Stmt In Kansas City Free
Education In London.
Salvador has a telephone school.
.No fewer than 20,0,10 t-h i l 1 1 t-ti li-iirn
Dutch an well a English at the Cape of
I it m ii i lope in liiHils.
'1'lie I ii 1 1 1 it 1 1 it j k I i h .hint nut has a motto:
"The public hiIiooIn iuiihI not he
plunged into politics."
The Intent estimates from Harvard
University are that the (rt-Nhmuii clann
Mill number nlniut AW).
The 1'ricklayerM' l.'nion of BohIhii in
the lii'Ht trwdeit iininn in th country to
i-oiiiitt'iiiiuce till' It' mi'IiooIh, It hilt
agreed that apprentice hIiiiII be In
Nlriictctl In trade mcIiooIn in that city.
England in very gradually approach
iug a HVHteiii of public elementary
mcIhIoIh, The educational bill, wlilrfi
has i ii ft piiHKcd the I IoUpc of Coiiiiiioiih,
i a long "ti p in the direction of such a
Mrs. Anna I'., (iraves, recently electi-d
a member of thu Battle Creek; Mich.,
ScIiimiI Board, is (he wife of a former
Chief JiiHlice of that State She hint
been l'rt-Hideiit for thirty years of the
l.mlicM' l.iterarv AMHoeiiition of Battle
Vale University will put Jl.Vi.iinO nr
ifL'OO.lOtl of its big be.iit'Ht from the
Fayerneather estate into a new build
ing for the Shcllicld Mcientilic hcIkkiI. A
feature will bu the mechanical tit-par!-liu-iit
supplied with a 100-horse-jHiwt-r
l'rof. Pudley Allen Sargent, the Har
vard ex crl in atlilelici-, is said to lie
better known in the far West than miv
other instructor at ('Hinbiidge. To his
summer school in gymnastics there
fume, t-tii'lcutii from Texas, l'akota,
Ciilifnrnia ami also Kngland.
The one hundred and thirty-sixth
schsion at the University of I'etnisvl
vania oHueil October 1, with an in
creased attendance in all departments,
the total U-iiig I.h.'.o Htudents, a gain tif
L'70 over last year, and the largest num
ber ever in attendance a the institu
tion. At Yale, we are told, the proprietors
of biui-ding-houses and the owners of
lioiiseH containing rooms to let have en
tered into an internal conspiracy to tax
all students to such an extent that they
can by no means obtain lmrd and lodg
ing at less than (10 a week.
Of the ten college graduates who have
been I'resiilentH of the United States,
live weru alumni of William and Mary
College, two of Harvard, two of Prince
ton, and one was an alumnus of Union.
Of ii it-in I H-rn of Congress 1S: wttre gradu
ates o i Vale and 1H of 1 larvard.
Miss Florence Bascom wi.ll enter
Johns Hopkins University -at the begin
ning of the current year.. She wid en
.ter the department of geology and will
five special attention to petrography.
Miss Bascom is a daughter of BeV. John
-Bascom, late President of Wisconsin
The honors of entrance into the Uni
versity of Ignition were recently carried
oil', over 1,150.) male students, by a young
Scotch girl Charlotte Higgins. Her
father died when she was but eight
yearn old, and it is through the efforts
of her mother that she has lieen able at
twenty to be. in possession of her line
The establishment of free education
in ltmlon has given acoiiBiderablestiin
ulus to private schools. A numlx-r of
parents la-longing to the lower middle
classes have withdrawn ' their children
from the lxiard schools, either on the
ground that they object to take educa
tion free or that they think that free ed
ucation will bring an inferior class of
children into the schools. They have
sent their children to those " gc,hools for
young gentlemen " and for young ladies
which alxjund in all imrts of London,
and the private schoolmaster, who has
recently had a hard time of it, is now
reaping a considerable harvest.
University extension has made a good
start in Kansas City. A society has been
organized there in behalf of the move
ment, composed largely of college gradu
ates and of members who are heartily in
sympathy with tho work and who will
give it their active support. The Mis
souri ,'and Kansas universities, not to
'speak of other established institutions
of learning in the two States, will fur
nish an able corps of lecturers, and
everything appears to favor a higher ed
ucation in Kansas City. The system has
been tested elsewhere with t he most sat
isfactory results, anil that is a sufficient
warrant that it will not fail.
The Progress Made on the Niagara
Falls Tunnel Colorado's Fruit
rittsbm'g hopes for a new city hall on
her old postollice site. ,
The'rcport of a formation of a tobacco
trust is denied by New York men.
The Niagara Falls tunnel has now
1,175'feet of its 3,5:i0 feet excavated.
K. T. Jeffrey, of Chicago, has re
signed from the World's Fair directory.
The cost at the' Novada State prison in
Carson is !)7 cents per day, the highest
in this country'.
The Georgia Legislature baB passed a
bill to prevent combinations among in
surance companies.
A perfectly organized band of thieves
and counterfeiters has been broken up
iu l'ulaski county, Ky.
The protracted drought is drying up
numerous brooks in New Hampshire
and killing many fish.
. Coloradoans believe that that State
will Imfore long rival California even in
its fruit-growing resources.
Kiowa Wants Its Fomalo
Mayor to Rosign.
- t
Emigrating to Oklahoma The Case
Against Detective O'Malloy
at New Oi learn.
Co-operative Alliance stores arc to Ixt
established in every county in Kansiii.
The New York Central railroad will
help to enforce the illicit-contract lalxir
The Buffalo Board of Health has de
clared the Barber asphalt works a nui
sance. At JaveiiMirt, la., the water in the
Mississippi river in lostcr than it has
been since lwil.
Saratnin, N. Y., mid Hartford, Dan
bury ami Norwalk, Conn., are in groat
danger of a water famine.
Southern citiesare running themselves
into debt head over heels to get improve
ment in the way of water, gas ami elec
tric lights.
King Bird, a negro convict in the
Frankfort penitentiary. d'-lil'ratelv am
putated hii arm in order that he might
escape hard work.
The Boston Bark Commissioners are
being urged tn take steps to preserve
what is left of the -earth-work loitifiea
tion on Bunker Hill.
A l.OM.tHKi.biiilding is to le erected
in Chicago on the coutheast corner of
Washington and Mate streets to the
memory of Coin mini.
An F.nglish syndicate, which paid
(ijoo.noo tor a Baltimore lieer brewery
(-(Ht.lMK) in cash i has offered to sell it
back for IJ5,0Ot) ,-nsh.
A l'ulhnan sleeping-car conductor has
lieen arrested at ShrevejMirt, Ia., for vi
olating the law by permitting a colored
passenger to ride on his car. '
Several hundred Pittsburg people stood
in line for hours, jostling and pushing,
for the singular honor of buying the ii rat
stamp sold in the new postollice.
Negroes are leaving Arkansas by the
carload tor. the newly-opened lands in
Oklahoma, ami farmers xeet trouble
getting help to handle their crops.
The cotton worm is creating great de
vastation in many counties' in. Missis
sippi. 'One field of twenty-two acres,
has been entirely stripped of its leaves.
Another claimant to the estate of A.
T. Stewart, the -dry goods millionaire of
New York, India up in Australia.' His
name is Hunter, and .he claims to bo a
first cousin.
Dallas, Tex., is organizing a scheme
for a supply plant which will furnish the
5,00 1 meini'ers of the association with
all the beef, live and dressed, that they
may require.
Prof. Lee of the Bowdoin College ex
pedition to Labrador says that the du
plicates of the valuable relics secured by
the explorers will 1h sent to the World's
Fair at Chicago.
The Mexican government has just
granted a concession for a standard
gange railway alnnit . JfiO miles from the
City of Mexico to a town on the Pacific
('oast at Palizada Bay.
The Canadian government has notified
the steamship compHnies that it will
hold them responsible for the mainte
nance of any destitute Russian Jews
w ho may land in Canada.
The examination of President Dill of
the defunct Clearfield and lloutzdale
(Pa.) Savings Banks is now in progress,
and facts showing he is guilty of embez
zling large sums are coming to light.
Members of the Boston Fruit and Pro
duce Exchange will leave Boston in Feb
ruary for a trip to the Pacific Coast. The
party will be gone a month, and will be
taken charge of by Raymond '& Whit
During the past week about forty men
have been discharged front the employ
of the Wagner Palace Car Company at
Kiiat Buffalo, N. Y. because they were
members of an organization of An
archists. At New Orleans the case against De
tective O'Malley has been nolle prossed.
O'Malley was indicted. on a charge of
bribing the jury which acquitted the
Italians accused' of assassinating Chief
of Tolice llennessy.
As a matter of general convenience
the Secretary, of the Treasury has de
cided that employes of the Treasury De
partment may receive their salaries in
weekly installments, instead of only
semi-monthly as at present.
C. A. Spreckels, Rudolph Spreckels,
J. Uhler.. Charles Watson. William O.
Hempstead and Louis Spreckels will
make application at Philadelphia next
month for a charter for a corporation to
be known aa the Spreckels Steamship
The total school t nroHment ' for the
.United States on Juiy 1, this year, was
about 14,i!L'0,000. The total public-school
enrollment, including about . W),00U in
universities, etc., was 12,Ji),ooo: in prl-
private and parochial schools not far
from 750,000 each.
Dr. Dorchester, the Superintendent of
Indian Schools, in giving his estimate ot
the progress in christianizing the In
dians in the Dakotas saya from the
church authorities he learns that the
Roman Catholic Church Indian popula
tion in those States is 4,740, while
from 10,000 to 11,000 are ot other denominations.
Italian Citizen and Resident of Thi
Country Take Matters Into
Their Own Hands.
Tim President has denied a pardon to
William Ueinheimer of Indiana, sen
tenced to two and one-half years in the
peniientiary for counterfeiting.
The Treasury Department officials arc
now looking around for a first-class man
to comoett a commission to m sent to
Portland on the public-building sit.
Before it starts West, it is announced, J,
B Montgomery will be given a hearing
in advocacy of his property on the east
side of the river.
There i a general rumor in Washing
ton that Secretary Blaine has decided
not to resume his duties as Secretary of
State, anil that John W. Foster, now
Secretary of the Treasury, will be ap
pointed to that position immediately
after the November elections. State De
partment ollicials declined to discuss the
The Board, of Supervising Inspectors
of Steam Vessels, specially convened for
the purpose of determining the best sys
tem of a line for carrying projectiles for
list; in case of marine disasters, made a
report to the Secretary of the Treasury,
recommending the question lie referred
to the ordinance bureau of the War De
partment as possessing the best facilities
for conducting the experiments. The
loard also recoil) mentis the repeai of an
amendment to Sections 4488 and 448!) of
the Revised Statutes until a safe and
feasible means can be invented to ac
complish the object contemplated by
such amendment iu the use of appa
ratus. The recall of Baron Fava, the Italian
Minister to this country, on account of
the New Orleans affair has left the in
terests of Italy in the United States in
a pectiliarcondition. The present Charge
d'AH'aires in Washington, not being in
vested with the powers of a Minister,
the Italian citizens and residents of this
country, feeling the necessity for repre-
aenuuion oi xneir interests, nave laaen
matter into their own hands. The
President of the Italian Chamber of
Commerce in New York called on Secre
tary Rusk, and it is expected that his
visit was in connection with negotiations
looking to the raising of the Italian em
bargo on American ports. It is under
stood that these negotiations have been
in progress for some time, and that they
are in such a state that the promulga
tion of the raising of the embargo will
lie announced shortly.
Lord Randolph Churchill Makes Some
Sharp Remarks About His Old
llprliert Snencer in a man nf medium
stature, with pink and white cheeks and
kind gray eyes.
Lord Lvtton's health is said to be se
riously compromised, and he thinks of
resigning his post of Ambassador to
r ranee.
Baron de Rothschild's hobby is pho
tography. He commences his pleasure
each day at ( a. m., and transfixes many
a family scene and view.
Don Carlos, pretender to the throne of
Spain, who is living at the present time
in Venice, is said to be badly in need of
money. He was obliged according to re
ports "to pawn his jewels a short time
ago. .
When he visited America in 1881 BOu-
langer showed nothing of the fop in his
dress or the snob in his manner. He
wore but one of his medals, and that
pinned inconspicuously on his vest,
where it was practically concealed by his
Judge Allen H. Morril' of Alabama is
mentioned as likely to fill the vacancy
on the Interstate Commerce Commission
caused by the death of General Bragg.
Judge Morrill was formerly a law partner
of Senator Pugh, who will urge his ap
John D. Rocke'eller, who has been
cmlined to his home at Forest Hill for
some weeks past, is a very sick man.
Several physicians examined him, and
declared him to be free from organic dis
ease, but decided that his nervous sys
tem needed absolute rest.
A train fria rom-naiVifiil notro nmiiaa
"from abroad that Louis Kossuth, the
it ; . . ' a 11- i i ii
Hungarian patriot, now uuuu unu oiu,
is living in wretchedness and poverty in
Turin. Forty years ago, when he vis
ited America, the simple mention of
tne met mat ne neeueo iunas wouia
have brought forth a hundred offers of
Sigeerd, son of Hendrick Ibsen, has
become engaged to Bergliott Bjorson,
daughter, of the Norwegian litterateur.
Young Ibsen is a physician quite wen
known in Munich, where his father has
until lately been residing for many years ;
and the bride-elect contemplated a pro
fessional musical career. The wedding
is not expected to occur in the near fu
ture. The late Archbishop of York was sit
ting next to Queen Victoria at dinner on
one occasion, when her Majesty asked
him how he liked his picture, which had
lately come out in 1 anUy Fair. vVU,
your Majesty," said Ur. Magee, "my
children, think it isn't half ugly enough
for me!" This reply so amused the
Queen that she burst into uncontrollable
Michael Munkacsy, the artist, spent
the greater part of the summer at his
castle in Luxembourg. A part of his time
was also passed at JNeuuiy, near Paris,
in superintending the construction of his
new studio. Munkacsy intends to paint
his great picture, "The Conquest of
Hungary by the Magyars " m the new
studio. He has already finished the
sketches for the painting.
Influenza Again Rages
in London.
Capt. Blunt Declares That Smokeless
Powders Are Absolutely Use
less for Small Arms.
The influenza is again epidemic in
The Knglish railway! have begun a
revision of rates.
More than one-thin! of Germany's
freight traffic is by canal.
Belgrade is building tanks for the stor
age of Russian petroleum.
The excavations at Delpi under the
auspices of the French government will
be begun this fall;
The shortage of wheat and rye in Eu
rope is estimated at 200,000,000 bushels.
The Liverpol elevated railroad, mn
ning along the line of docks, is rapidly
nearing completion.
The operatives of every bottle factory
in France, with the exception of those
at Blanzy, have struck.
' The collection of works of Russian
art recently on exhibition at Berlin will
be sent to the Chicago Fair.
New Brunswick is to be officially ex
amined as a possible source of supply of
horses for the British army.
President Fonseca of Brazil is very ill,
and there are intrigues afoot regarding
the succession to the Presidency.
SirMicael Hicks-Beach is prominently
mentioned as the leader of the Conserv
atives in the British House of Commons.
The entire railway mileage of Great
Britain is now 20,073 miles, or less than
one-eighth of that of the United States.
As the cold weathni spproaches, there
is a marked i nereis, in the want and
misery among tr working classes in
Berlin. .
In a certain rtion of the Ural dis
trict camels are only working cattle
use, some large farms possessing 100
The new remedy for consumptive pa-i
tients called chlophenol Is said to have
shown remarkably good results in Italian
Mr. Spureeon seems lively, and ex
presses himself as confident of his ulti
mate recovery. He still needs much
care, however.
It is reported from St. Petersburg that
25,000,000 persons are unable to pay their
taxes, and that this will cause a budget
deficit of 12,000,000.
The Argentine government as a meas
ure of economy has abolished its lega
tion at Vienna, Berlin, Lisbon and
Mexico, thus saving f 100,000 a year.
London advices sav that the strikes of
dock laborers and other employes about
the Caron and Hermitage wharves Wap-
ping, is snowing signs ot collapsing.
The greatest trades union, the Amal
gamated Engineers, having an executive
department in Great Britain, America
and Australia, is about to reorganize.
The Argentine Republic has sold to
Baron Hirsch 1,000 square miles in the
province of Chaco for a Hebrew colony.
the price paid was 1,000 gold pesos per
The chief rabbis have ordered prayers
in behalf of Russian Jews to be deliv
ered in all English synagogues at the
beginning of the season of fasting and
The Chinese coolies imported by the
land barons of Eastern Prussia to re
place the emigrated peasants have re
fused to do the hard work imposed on
them, and have gone on a strike.
A wave of hysterical religion is pass
ing over some parts of France. A num
ber of Protestant peasants are traveling
with tents, preaching the end of the
world, bareheaded and with naked feet.
The eff ect of the strikes on the port of
London alone is shown very clearly this
year by a diminution of 501 vessels en
tering inward, which is a loss of 18 per
cent, and can be attributed to no other
cause at all.
The criticisms of the London Times on
the poor financial condition of Italy
have stirred up the press of that coun
try, the gravamen of the oftense having
apparently been found in the fact that
the charges are true.
The bread baked by the famishing
peasants on the Volga is made up ot
flour of goose feet (chenopodium rubrum)
with the admixture of a small quantity
of rye. The bread is black, light of
weight, and looks like turf.
The estimate made by the Agricultural
Department of the Argentine Republic
of ttie crop for the current year is as fol
lows : Wheat, 800,000 tons ; maize,
1,000,000 tons; alfalfa, 3,000,000 tons;
sugar, 6U,ouu tons ; wool, 130,000 tons.
The result of the tests made at the
reouest of the British government by
Captain Blunt on the smokeless powder
in Fngland, Germany, France, Belgium
and the United States is extremely dis
appointing. Captain Blunt declares it
to be absolutely useless tor small arms.
Prince George of Prussia, it is said,
is on the high road to become as insane,
as his mother, the late Princess Louise.
whose dementia took the form of aver
sion to clothing of any sort, and who
created a terrible scandal by escaping
from her keepers several times in a state
of absolute nuditv.
Produce, Fruit, Ktc.
Wiuat Valley, fl.50; Walla Walla,
A-!i per cental.
Flock Standard, $4.80; Walla Walla,
$4.00 per barrel.
Oats New, A'l)i0t'c per bushel.
Hay tl2' .13 per ton.
MiMJiTt t ks Bran, $18w 19 ; short! , $18
OtVj; ground barley, $22(422.50; chop
feed, $I8W1'J per ton; feed barley, $18
per ton ; brewing barley, $1.15 per cental.
Bi ttek Oregon fancy creamery, 1X1
(335c; fancy dairy, 3 tc ; fair to good, 25
27c; common. 1522,' jc; F;astern,
031 'c per pound.
Ciiekhk Oregon, 12Jc; Eastern, 14rt$
15c per pound.
Eos Oregon,' 27JvV'i'.0c; Eastern,
25c per dozen.
Polltky Old chickens. $4.00w4.50;
young chickens, $2.(XHt 3.00 ; ducks, $3.00
(?8.00; geese, $tt.00ra 10.00 per dozen;
turkeys, LV'tlGc per pound.
Vkoetabi.ks Cabbage, nominal, Vx6t
$1 percental cauliflower, $1.25 per dozen ;
Onione, $1 per cental ; potatoes, 40wt0c
per sack ; tomatoes, 40fft50c per box ;
sweet potatoes, Va'Zn per pound; Cali
fornia celery, Wc per dozen bunches;
fancy Oregon celery, 50c per dozen
bunches. ,
Fkcits Sicily lemons, $8.50; Califor
nia, $0.50(27.00 per box; apples, 60(a 80c
per box; bananas, $3.00w, 3.50 a bunch;
pineapples, $4(tj per dozen; peaches,
(iocft$l per box; grapes, Tokay, $1 per
box; muscat and black, !0c per crate ;
pears, (i583c per pound; quinces, $1
(81.25 per box; cranberries, $10(311 per
barrel ; Oregon cranberries, $9.50 per
barrel; Smyrna figs. 20c per pound;
citrons, 27C per pound.
Nits California walnuts. Il-l2(rtl2!ac;
hickory, 8-aC; Brazils, lOdtllc; al
monds, 16(risc; filberts, 13wl4c; pine
nuts, 1718c; pecans, 1718c; cocoa
nuts, 8c; hazel, 8c; peanuts, 8c per
Staple Grocerlen.
Honey 17218c per pound.
Salt Liverpool, $14.50, $15.50lo.00;
stock, $U12 per ton.
Kick Japan, $o(o.2o; Island, $0.1 a
per cental.
Beans Small white, 3'4; pink, 2?4'c;
bayos, 334c; butter, 3ac; linias, 3?c
per pound.
Coffee Costa Rica, 20,'s(S;21e; Rio,
23c; Mocha, 30c; Java, 25'jC; Ar
buckle's, 100-pound cases, 22 c per
Sioar Golden C,4?bc; extra C, 4,i'c;
white extra C, 4?$c; granulated, 5gC;
cube crushed and powdered, 6c; con
fectioners' A, 5'4c per pound.
Sykip Eastern, in barrels, 4755o;
half-barrels, 5058c; in cases, 55 (3 80c
per gallon; ,$2.25(22.50 per keg. Cali
fornia, in barrels, 30c per gallon ; $1.75
per keg.
Dried Fki'ITs Italian prunes, 8c;
Petite and German. 7c per pound;
raisins, $1.20(21.50 per box; pluramer
dried pears, 89c; sun-dried and fac
tory plums, 9c; evaporated peaches,
9llc; Smyrna figs, 20c; California,
figs, 7c per pound.
Canned Goods Table fruits. $1.65
1.80, 2,8 ; peaches, $1.802.00; Bart
lett pears, $1.801.90; plums, $1.37(3)
1.50; strawberries, $2.25; cherries, $2.25
(22.40; blackberries, $1.851.90; rasp
berries, $2.40; pineapples, $2.252.80 ;
apricots,$1.60(21.70. Pie fruit: Assorted,
$1.10(21.20; peaches, $1.25; plums, $1
1.10; blackberries, $1.25 per dozen. Veg
etables: Corn, $1.251.65; tomatoes,
$1.003.00; sugar peas, $1.00(21.15;
string beans, 90c$1.00 per dozen.
Fish : Sardines, 75c(2 l.tj5 ; lobsters, $2.30
(23.50; oysters, $1.503.25 per dozen.
Salmon, standard No. 1, $1.251.50 per
case; No. 2, $2.55. Condensed milk:
Eagle brand, $8.10 ; Crown, $7 ; High
land, $6.75; Champion, $5.'50; Monroe,
$6.75 per case. Meats: Corned beef,
$2.00; chipped beef, $2.15; lunch
tongue, $3.10 Is, $6.00 2s; deviled ham,
$1.352.75 per dozen.
The Meat Market.
Beef1 Live2c; dressed, 56c.
Mutton Live, sheared, 3lrtC ; dressed,
Hogs Live, 5c; dressed, 7c
Veal 57c per pound.
Smoked Meats Eastern ham, IS
13jc; other varieties, 12)jc; breakfast
bacon, 1315c; smoked bacon, ll'4(2j
llc per pound.
Lard Compound, 10c; pure, 114
13c; Oregon, 10l2ac per pound.
Hide, Wool and Hopa.
Hides Dry hides, selected prime. 8
9e ; c less for culls ; green, selected.
over 55 pounds, 4c ; under 55 pounds, 3c ;
sheep pelts, short wool, 3050c; me
dium, 6080c; long, 90c$1.25; shear
lings, 10(a!20c ; tallow, good to choice, 3
(gdc per pound.
V ool Willamette Valley. 17(219c:
Eastern Oregon, 10 17c per pound,
according to conditions and shrinkage.
Hops .Nominal ; 1012ac per pound.
The successful issue of the efforts to
remove the embargo on pork is most
iikeiy to De followed by an agreement
for the introduction into, the German
Empire of American agricultural prod
ucts, especially wheat, flour and potted
and.canned meat free of duty in return
tor the tree entry of German sugar.
Moorish tribesmen attacked a Spanish
fort at Cablerizas, near Melilla, Africa.
The fort replied with cannon and mus
ketry. Ihe fighting lasted for three
hours, when the Moors fled. The Span
ish government has made a demand
upon the Sultan of Morocco for repara
tion. Commissioner Carter of the general
land office has received by reference
from the Secretary of Agriculture a re
quest from Nicholas Krukoff, the In
spector of Agriculture for the Amour
district in. Russia, to be furnished with
information respecting the survey and
disposal of the public lands of the
United States. This request, the writer
says, is made with a view to the free
distribution of the lands adjacent to the
Amour river.