The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 10, 1891, Image 3

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    3 food Icr Glacier
HOMI.UIVKIt. ,.(.. ihth H!i.
I.OUI. V.Miu,
Nil, H,
Nit, if,
j,'i,""'- I' HVi". Ill II III A,
Mull , , ,
iHtl'Ml ! HUM IIih. i HlVHt.
t It-IIVI'll III
: in r. m.
Hi A. M.
mi: ni n.s.
11i nmll nrrlM-N rt mi Hlntlihliiirtr nl
mi'lH I'm mime iluv .ii ii. inn.
n n. ,i, vt
lat.ili.Mi in,, I ,1...
,.".r. 'I'''1""'1'! Ii, lf.i'.i- nt n A. M. iiiiIv.hhI
w I ,l , WW 1 1 1 II 1 1 N,
fur Whll.- Nullum, l.iivi- ih,y ul H A M
rrlvr nl .i i I.m It I', M.
Kriiin Wlilli- H. iliiM.n li-iivr fur Fnldu (III
tiifr, l iinil .iilr iili'l (iIi-iiwihhI ,Mi,ii,ih' inl
WIIIF lot w. mvhtks.
Sweet polntoeM at I IiiitImoii'm.
Dr. J. F. Walt, Im In Chicago.
I'leiity of frill t ciii.n nt I Inn Imiiii'h.
llollm-M t.i rent hy K. W. WiniiliM.
I'letiiit H fr.mieil tn ni-iler at the fur-
til III If Atoll ,
DtM'uH. It. Kl-l thl-lf? Wi ll Hholll.l
Hllllle. 8. 11.
White Hewing iiin.-hlnt-M fur mile at
H. K. Martinet'.
'iI!1iim iiml uiiili-rtiikciM Hiipplli-M at
(he fin nltnie Mure.
Call and mc the new Hi-liiiol hiiIIm fur
Itny'H ut UaHlm's.
All kltltU of eiilllitrv produce hough!
Hint hoIiI at llitri'UiinV.
Carpet at the furniture More In cent
In-low Cortland prlitM.
A. II. Jewell Mini A. I,. Dixlirnw Were
lit The I IjiIIch Tuesday.
A title line of celit'M fl I r 1 1 1 h 1 1 i 1 1 KiMiim
JiiM reeelveil al JLiiiiiu'm.
Mr. Wolfiinl',. hoii-M' In WIiiiiiim iul
(lilloii Im iicnily t-i ij ii It t t-i I .
'I lie ll.irlilsi lulht-iM have their
two Iiiiiimi-m nearly eoinplcteil,
J. I.. '.U ler wiim iluwii frmn ArlliiK
toil, IcliiaililiiK over Slllnliiy IiimI.
. L. Straiiahaii, ami K. ('. Muuiiev
went to Trout Luke, Weill iiHila v.
l-'renh oyte-M at the hiikery; hy the
uun, i.) ccnin; oynter htew, i eeniM
nt , , .. , ,
eft ire liill'eliaMini; I'.-illi'und ami mIciiiii-
i, . ( ..
r-l.i. Ill Hi i, I 01I.-.1IH m-UM I llloll I II
cllle HMlelu.
On to II. C. TowneVfor your plioln-:
jL'ritpliN, eorm-r of Flmt and .Moi iImoii :
Htlvel.M 1'ortliiud.
... ,.
Mr. ami Mix. Ilmncr Mcl arlaiiil ar-!
l ived mi Hie iimrulng train liom I'lii t-,
IiiihI I huisil iv.
,, ., , ,' , t, , . , , ,
.M IV I.1M1 hi. 'ir l..rf ei.i.ti.i.liit. l.l.i-
, " , ,
li.t and Montana on .umiicm.m eoiim cl.-d
V Itll Ium otllce. i
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Middl. ton -x -
jm'i-I lo leave tor (.'iillluriiia next wi-ei-, 1
, to remain during the w inter. j
Mr. S. W. Arnold hoii-Iii-Ihw of Mr.
Iteiihurg. win. Inat niVMi'iit rt-MldiiiL' in
Kel.t. Windiimrtuli alii veil lieiit vi-sler-l
Mr. l'"r-i HnwehaMii large wind mill
ami a feed mill attached, and I.m pre
pni'cil to grind all kiinls of grain for die
Mix. Klein, who Iimm been visiting her
biHtcr, Mix. C. II. Itmie, at Arlington
for two weekM, urrived la-re Tuixl.iy
Mr. ami Mix. 11. McIioIh, of Tin
Ilnlli-iiri-ivi-il li.-tn 'I'lniiu.l.iv i.i.ii-iiliiir I
., a vlit to Mrs. Nicholx parents Mr. j
J is
ami .11 rs. .oesne.
Mr. Hen Wiiilcis arrived yesterday
from Arlington hy team. He will re -
turn after IiIm family and expects to lo -
fate ami build here.
A daiigeroiiM bridge, coiulcniiied hy
the carH'iilerM, delayed the Monday
morning passenger train, near Viento,
for full an hour Monday.
to 11. C. Tmi ne's, comer of First
and Morrison street I-ortlanil,
vour photograi.h.M. You will get (list -
1-las.s work at tW- very lowest rates.
For any one purchasing ten dollars
worth of furniture of me, I will deliver
the same at landing free of charge.
County Judge Thornbiiry, ami sev
eral other Dalles people were on a bear
Jiu M t over ul Miimp's place, on the
White Salmon the lore, part of this
(.'iiinplalntlsina. eiiiiaciuu; injure
the freight fit by tin- Regulator, espc-,
cially tlour. mill-Iced etc A small
wlm'i-fboat or dock would do good scr-!
1. (I. Hill lost a valuable horn; last
week. It got the leaders of one leg cut
'iit Ircly oil ny coming in eoiiiat i. mhii
H CllllI V aioi , aim tt-T uijuiuit r-v. i-.uviij
that it had to be shot. j
Marvin Kami's little store is one of
1 he neatest and cleanest wo ever waw.
ile kecjis the very choicest candies, ami
jin excellent stock of cigars. His place
is n credit to the town.
Will Langille, I'latlier, Joodl'eilow,
AVilson, Straiglit and a carloatl of oth
ers went to The Dalles Monday. As
there was no circus we fail to under
stand the rcasjn for all the hilarity.
Services at the Riverside' Congrega
tional church will liegin nt 7 o'clock
ii. in. Inst cail of 7:.J0, as heretofore.
Kev. C. F. Clapp will, J expect, preach
the i
the sermon. t .M. Aunks, i-asio.
The sale, under mortgage, of the
rrather corner, takes place at The
Dalles this afternoon,. As it is one of
the most vuliiable business locations in
the town, it should briug a good price.
v Notices are posted calling a special
meeting of the voters of school district
No. 3, on the 17th i instant, for the pur
pose of electing a director to lill the un
expired tenii of Hon. E. L. Smith, re
signed. Union Pacific System oilers un
equalled facilities to tourists en route to
all points east. Vestibuled Sleepers,
. Diners, Free Chair Curs through to
," Missouri river and Chicago without
ll lull 'IUMI'' I't MCI' Him IiiIIK tllllllH
loaded wild wliciil I'nlny l V. Illid In re
al le thai our liinil working Kniiiycr
fl l.'IMlH of Kit'dcril ( irK"M, III!' for nil.'t'
I'l'lilnc to limiilli' Honiit of tin' yellow
i'iiIii i'i ill!' ri'iiliii
.1. 'I'. Im'IU wt'iil i'iih! Kiitunluy !! tij
i Milnliiniiril In Imwii, nil Mi'i'olllil of I lit'
eiill.v totinndllio trip Mr. JclU will j -i.r im they iteciire tlninc of their
I'lin'i; lilin liuitii' wllli lilin. I children for IIiciiiwIvcm, Ami while
'I'lit-iiii'inoilnl Hi-rvl.'i M of Itt-v. I II. 'IoIhK HiIh, cunt hhoiild Imi taken to hi
I Irti will In- pn-iii-lii'il nt (In- I'IimI 1 i nn-Hie vt ry Unt tlmt, art cult provlili'.
t'onrn j-Mlloiiiil church, Kiimlny iimm- j MMy f ,' ,..,.N will vIhII Tort
li.KO.Iolnr ll,,.l II ..,.).k l.y lv ; ,,, t ,M , t
( I' lIlllM ( Illllll, L'l'lH'I'lll HII ll-t'llltl-lllll-llt , ' , .... . . H
of ll'.ini' MlHhli.iiM lurOii ifoii.
! I,ft Mount mli'lit lie 1 1 1 i h 1 1 1 K -1 1 eon-
cerilllllt the I. ol Ice ol lllf ll.t-M.olilll wr-
moll to he pi'i-iii hcil loniorrow in lin-lii-
'orv of Mil- Inlet'. I'. Ilnli-ll, we wlnli lo
;..ll.. II. ..I II... I.-I..l I' I I
n'.il' iiiiii iiiit nni . .11 ii.iiiii
church, h llii' vnlley church.
I'. II, I'.llllllll llllM J, I). Mai k'M llOI'MI'M
liere for Die winter, r'roin the wny lie
Im htiilillni; n truck, iiihI the iiiimlicr of
l'imhI Iiuixi-m In Iiiim. we Incline tn the
liein-rtluil .Air. Ilnlli, n Mill imve a r.-u-1 ,., jj. ''mVni' Im iiii oi time
ulnrll.,e.Hto,-kf,.r,.i l" loiei.m..yycrH.;r(,Hj(i,(i, i ,.,.,, w, 1H l.nllt up
I .1. It. K.uikln Im prcpnrlnK al-out llfd,,,, ,.xt(.iHlvc tnnle hy genuine merit.
! iicii-M of crouinl fur hIiiiw U-rrli-M, iiiomI;,,, . ,. ,. . . . . .. ,,
r .. i i i i .in ..ii f ii . i i 1 1 IH hi m iii-mm lie m-iiiIm ol the exec He ice
of lileh he will net IIiIm fall, lie Iiiim 1 altoiil an acre M.-t to planlM. ' " work, Mini m deM'iiillnn Ih Htcail-
Yet a lew veaiM ami HtrnwIierrlcH will : ily iucreiiMln. Hcetire thcHhiitlow ere
he nhlppeil hy the cni'loinl from IIiIm 1 1 lt. Huhntnm-e fn.le, ami Kla.eii the
1 lii'iirtM of relatlvcH ami friemlH hy pre
WeilneMilny C. J. HnycM, ininleH Hiir-1 K t1(.ni with an artlMtle eounter
vev of I he finel Ion of ami lv ntr In'-1 ... , . . . , , , .,
Iween llieolilCl n kiimU'tM. iliimil ion I I""' ,,f J"" '- tnm Iowi.c'h Htmllo.
laml elalniH, the lilletii tint laiul Ih lni"""'t fori-t the plmv, comer of Firnt
illMpule, or I'nther it Im a (UeMtou iim to
which of two -1 it i 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 m hIiiiII t,'ct title
Iluiii the ('it in ll it'll t .
Work wiim eiiiuineiiccit on the m-w
I hoiiM' Mninlay, nml it will Ih crowd-
fd to eotiipli'tinll iim I'll tit M y IIM pONMihle.
'IIiIm will i.-lve th niiunv HtoriiKe
room for at IciimI ln,iNH) touH of ice, ami
will put it :i hhape to talk IiIm1iiimh to
llii- li t- ciiiiipaiiii'M of Purl laiul.
Will I .iiiikrH It- nrrivc'l in from Cloii l-
cap, Mnliihiy. lie rcpoltM tell IllchfM
i'I'mIiuW oil the level In the WoihIm
nr.. iiml the Inn, ami ilril'tM of from
four to nl feet. 'I'he MlloW fell mm low
nou n at I Im I Ik Ih-iIm, hut did not re
iiiniu Ion-;. Ilu- Inn Im now cIomc.I for
t he ecie-oii.
Aiiiom and I ,il rmlerwood put In
WciIiicmIiiv hear hunting at their plm-c
I 1. ..I' M l.i,.. W..1 1111
.. in mi' i.ii.iii.l I'l l.lllti .llllli'll. nill-'
in-f live, fr helmr to the credit f '
Aiiiom, Im-chumc, iim he hiiVm: Fd Walched
tin' wrong wallow. We M.-unplcd a
piece ol' utie of the cuIim ami found it IIM
good iim hear liieat can he.
i l. H ill, i; ii. Ami. .n, ni i lie jiaiicM,
' ,ll-l-it ...I I VI I ... C.H I I I'
iiiii.i.i mil .iifiii.i. in, in.- I Mil I M rrT .F
,i.. .. i
fin. iii. -i inn- riii.iii 11 nil llllliniilllll
the walei in 1'at ion creek. Thin work
IM heing ilone fur the pui'lMme of M-r-l
fi-ctlinr e idenee to In' UN'il ill the Mllit
of Warren and o! hern ugitinnt the Ore-!
on 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 k r 1 1 1 ur o., concerning the
I l.'lil lo I he VMilel'Mol I lint ft ream.
1 ' tllln-rt Im excrcMng hiinw-lf to
Mom,- .iiiiio-i- icceiitlv; walking eight
ImUi'M Mr.!iivto allind to hin kcIhh.I i
i...' . i , .
iiiiiii s, leacning our insure pit-MUt-inn
, ,,ingivmeii for m vcii li'mrx; ami
win-king on hiM new iv-idence until
?' itln o'clock at niirht. He Im
,IIIV'' 11 coinfortahle
'"tin- - ami he ilcxerv cm It.
'"'gc 'omlon, of The Dulles pawed
l''-ft lnittl ctlncMilay evening.
1'"'. illdge Wmm one of Hood KlvelH
early Hi-llleix, and tclln iim he planted
, the ori-tiaid near (he river on Mr. But-
i Ioii'm place.
' pri-M-nt, we
That gcullciinin not living
lid the IninorM of the oe-
! caslon lv iihIuii-; him to come down nt
any time mid la lp hiiiiMclf to tin- fruit.
U.S. I 'ague coiu Inn. 'M to fiirnih iim
1 HtatiMtit-M hhowinir w iln unerring accu
racy the state of the weather last week.
It is interesting matter for those who
like mil iiiiiaiiuM re-ten relics and does
wellcliougll to llll il.'ail simcc. hilt we i
,. . ., r .. i.
' - ' - ' ' " , '
I," , ,, '
I going to be next - well sa v Jniumrv,
j I,,. will assist, us materially 'in figuring
; on tin; size of our proposed wood pile,
1 , , ,,,,,,, ...
! . J ' ' .liJisi', near the ice-
house, was luirglaried recent lv, nml a
; shotgun valued at iU.", an oil coat, ami
I noun, sheets, tablecloths, etc., were
! taken. Mr. I'.iiskirk had been nwny for
, some t line, consciiicntly does-not know
$" vvl"'1- Imiisc was broken into,
1 nt. a n.-e was by -ut ting a hole
1 !'' ' tlo"r " -w!kii-K
t,,; k7' M ;". lw "- 1 '' iilu.i li.tlli...! Ikitiiolr t.i .i
It l.V .-1 1. H....... ,1... ,1.IIW-
ous Iced of canned strawberries.
Far it Mill.
Mr. (ieorge C. Jones, of Appleton,
Wisconsin, has been hero for some
time examining into the resources of
this section, priiteipally with an eye to
iiiirchasinir timber lands but inciden-
, ,s 1(l(lkin,, ill(o otu.r ))f our lv.
, T , , , ., . ,
vcs. It is to be hoped that ho may
Hud encouragement in his laudable in-
tcntions, and we hope to be able to
state that a mill will be built here
through his ellbrts. There is not a
(Juer location in the Northwest, and
we incline to the opinion that Mv.
Jones agrees with (his idea.
Addition! It ('oinnniiy.
All members of I) Company, Third
regiment, O. N. (!,, are hereby ordered
to meet at the company armory fully
uniformed and equipped for drill, at 3
o'clock p. in., Saturday, Oct. 17, LSltl.
A. S. 1 Sum-Kits, Captain.
Tuesday October tith to Mr. and Mrs.
0. IS. Hartley, u daughter.
Mo-ulay the 5th inst., to tho wife of
Arthur Disbrow, a daughter.
Thursday Oct. 8th to the wife of AV.
Kecks, a daughter.
A breastpin, ovviiwr can have same by
calling ana paying lor this notice.
Sleeve button, owner can have the
sumo by calling at this otllce.
Furniture nt Portland prices at S.
K. Jhirtmcss' furniture store.
Hefiire Sliuilow, I
There Ih no gift ho .iirfiit or ho
; ' lloriillKliiy lipprccililcil IH'l WITH rri.'i.UM
j mm ilmloriiiliH of rni'li othiT. Among
nriir rcliillvi'M I In- cxilmnt'i' of iIkiii.
grnpliM Im no! only n Iciih 11 rt , imt iiiln-
ly. Tin' parent hIioiiIiI provldf their
,1111111 Hint a highly prized prcHcnt to
relative iiml frlelnlM will Ik- one of their
pletiiivH taken III the highest nlyliMif
i the art liy II. !. 'I'owne, comer of Flint
ami MorrlMini HtreelM, rortlaml. We
know whereof wc HM-ak, itml unhi-Hltu-tln'ly
piiiiioiince IiIm work etpial to any
iluiii' on the etiimt. 111m prli-eM arc ino.l
crale, Mini you cull eM-li on K' tt'li n
picture of yourself of which yon will Ut
ami MorrlMon.
Knd uiid (inn. ;
For the Item-lit of our Iim-hI Hjxtrtn-1
men we note the fact that tint hint lee;. 1
ImIhIiii'i' clniiied the piine law, ho
that ll Ih only lawful to nlitHit roiiKe,
phe:mantH quail etc lietwecn the llrt '
day of SeptcinlH-r ami the 1 day of'
NovemlH'r. Ami we further udd that!
the jM'iinlty for putting hIhIih in any;
Htrcam ho Hint UmIi cannot pann, or of
emptying '-awdiiHt Into any Htrcam
coutiiiiiing trout Ih more conHlderahlc '
t linn any one would care to jiay. Wt"
mention thife thingM Im-cmiihc the Ilod
and (inn cluli I ium Imi-ii organized here j
to we that the lawn are enforced. The'
, , , . . .
,lul. him no tl.-Hlre to nee any one pun
IhIh-iI, iN only aim U-iug to hcc that ,
the lawn are oltMcrvcd. Heretofore;
purtii'M from The I fallen and clMcwhcre, '
have U-cn in the of coming here .
for u few wet-kn caiuiing, ami have
alwayn Hlauglitcred the young game
Itirtls without mercy and without
flialui-. Thin Im going to he HtopK'd if '
the cluh can tin it, and it Im ce rtainl.V to j
the inurcHt of all our citizeim to aid I
lln in In the good work. Itchidt-M thin
the cluh inleinlM introducitig the Mon-1
goliau plieiiMMiit, prairie chicken, i-uail
lilH other game MiiIm and ankn that
they he let alone until they U-coine
mimeroiiM. It Ih cxiH-cted and Im-pvtl j
that many from tint isiuntry will lie-j
come incmU'rH of the club ami MHHiHti
in canyiiig out its commendable ob-
K.illrond Oniclali. j
E. McNeil, general HiiperlntciH.ent; j
II. W. liaxtcr, HUH rliitendcnt Oregon ;
(IIvIhIoii; C. A. Cameron, MiiHrinten-
dent hiiildingH nml hridgcH; and D. C.
Wilson, road niastir; pasHcd up on a
tour of lm-itcction Wednesday. Mr.
Baxter is successor to Mr. E. Cooking- -ham
w ho Is m-signcd to other duties, i
and will no doubt give both to the pub-1
n,, n,l i.U conm.inv. that nerfect satis-
I v I
fact ion which made Mr. C(H,kingha.n
so justly popular. AYhatever else may
be said of the Union racifle manage
ment, the local oftlcers with whom we
of Oregon come In contact have uni
versally proven clever and obliging
A Very Slow Car.
The famous " Oregon on Wheels, "
car, concerning which items have, ap
peared in the newspapers of the sate
for the past eleven months, is said to
be Hearing connlction. It is to be j
hoped that this is true, and that it will i
pass along this way in time to got :
a full supply of Ice before the winter
expires. That reminds us that several j
letters were received here giving dates
on which some representative of the
scheme would le hero to arrange for j
! contributions to tho exhibit. Tho rep-
rcsentative never showed up, and we
believe ho found a better job by being!
Imported from Mexico, with the Zap-j
idores, as a horn-blower. j
A Young Financier. j
When the congregational church
was dedicated some time ago, the min- j
ist,ers returning to Portland took up n j
collection on the cars to be applied in
purchasing a oell for the church. Tho
collection amounted to $5, and was sent
here with instructions to lend it to the
Sunday school children for investment
the proceeds to be used in buying the
bell "foresaid. Most of the amounts
loaned were front live to ten cents, but
lloy Slocum, who bids fair to some day
be a Napoleon of finance, got onto a
scheme recently, and borrowed a dol
lar of the funds. With this he pur
chased of Mrs McCoy three Maltese
kittens, and returning to town sold
two of them for 75 cents each, clearing
fifty cents and still having one kitten
as velvet to speculate on. Mrs McCoy,
learning the use the money was to be
put to, generously donated the dollar
to the fund so that the transaction now
shows a net gain of $1,50. There is an
old saying about "belling the eat, " but
this is a case of the cat belling the
Goods nt 10 per cent,
ll.iiiiiu's for 'M days.
discount at
COUflTINQ DISEASE AND DEATH. lUmilta of a I'miiir Fililinmllti
Way tf liroitlii-r Clillilrnri.
"How cunning tlif-sn children look,
With their burn littlu lcgnl" exclaimc! a.
pretty girl on Connecticut iiveiini n diiy
or two ago, culling attention to tlin-u
yoiingHtcrH who, tlioucli tint air wiih bit
ter cold, worn playing in the street.
One of Uiem was a Kmall girl of alxnit
seven yearn, with KkirlHxo nlii.rt that li'T
fairy IiuibH wero vicibln in thoir nudity
from mid-thigh to tun Inchon above, tlw
Hhtje, wlu rt) the sock Itcgiin.
"Ugh!" growled tin) physician, who
wan tho young ludy'n companion in tier
"Yen," Hho mild, "it lwkM rather cold,
but it's tint swell thing now, you know,
mid awfully KngliHh!"
"Ugh! ColUnn am Htylisli, Ux, I unp
Mmf," "Why, what can yon mean?"
"Hiinply thin," responded tho mini of
medicine. "Of nil tliu idiotic notion
I am acquainted with, tint one you cull
my attention to is tin) untst gibU-riiig
ami driveling. The ground on which it
Ih defended in that it uwlten children
hardy to go barelegged in winter. As a
matter of fact it ih an outrage, on the
lawn of nature. (Jo up to tlw regions of
the arctic circle and you will find the
children playing about in the snow witli
their bodifH very nearly unclad, but
their arum ami leg arc ul ways warmly
wrapjH'd. Now, why U thinV"
"1 can't imagine."
"Then let hid tell you it is U-cunw tin;
trunk of the Ifxly, Iteing the of the
vital organs, is naturally warmer, and
lias a inortt vigoroun circulation than the
Inn Im. Why is it that your feet and
hands on a frosty day get cold firnt? Ob
viously for the reason that tle-y are
inoft remote from the In-art. Therefor
they need protection. Lilcr-wiM- the
arum and legs require covering most.
Keep the limbs warm, and the body will
Ih- warm: that is theeMpiiman principle,
and it is a true one, so far as it goes, but
already we have, largely for fashion's
sake, chililn-u rtmnitr.; about in an ut
inoephere that in Im-Iow freezing, with
their binlies warmly clad and their pior
littlc legs exMised!"
"lint tl.ey look very healthy."
"Undoubtedly. Woretlicy not healthy
children they would have succiiiiiIh-.I to
this' practice in dress long
ago. Hut no health is ho r-thust as to In
able to afford to invite pneutiio-.ii.i and
oilier kindred ills which are always
rea ly to attack the most sturdy person
who risks imprudence. For parents tc
Bend their children ahro.ul so expose 1 in
to extend a cordial invitation to disease
and death. Of cours.) that dues riot mat
ter, however, if it is really English.
What sort of nhoe.-i are tho.-e you are
"Sinn's?" said the pretty girl, some
what taken by surprise. "Why, they
ar quite new and a very nice pair, 1
"Do you?" grunted tlw physician.
"Whitt right have you, pr.iy, to wear
Rhix-H at this season wi'h sol -s a:i eighth
of an inch thick? Mure colds are caught
in that way than in any other. Not fo
much on a day lilrc? this r.g on a warm
day. You said a few moment ago that
you had a cold: probably you caught it
during the last warm spell we had. Yon
went out with suc'i a pair of shoes on.
The temperature of tho air around yon
was alxiut 55 degs. ; the bricks you
walked njKm were ev:ixirating moisture.
Evaporation makes cold. Tiiat is the
reason why cologne, which evaporates
quickly, makes you cool when you nib
it ujion your face.
"So, while your Inidy wr.s wanned by
the sun your feet were being refrigerated
at a temperature below freezing. Ite
Biilt, a cold. You hear jieople say every
day, 'I can't imagine where 1 caught this
cold; I have not leeii imprudent in any
way thai. I know of.' The secret of it is
simply that they have been wearing thin
soled shoes. Suppose that the sole be
comes damp, even though the foot is not
made wet, the water furnishes the best
possible medium forcoudncting the heat
out of the Ixxly. The moral of all this,
my dear young huly, is to wear shws
with good, thick soles throughout the
winter season." Washington 8tar.
Afternoon Dunrluc.
They are giving sunlight cotillons in
Brooklyn. Nobody knows exactly how
the fiishion started, and it is usually ad
mitted that it could not possibly have
gained a foothold ia any other city. But
the cotillons are a success, and the wealth
of good Benso back of the idea is begin
ning to attract the attention of society
matrons in New York. The propensity
of the young girl to dance is recognized,
and if she is stopped in her desire to keep
bobbing up and down to music she feels
that her approach to womanhood is a
dismal and monotonous one. If she
must dance and she must it seems that
Saturday afternoon cotillons, in broad
daylight, are far more healthy and sensi
ble than when dancing begins at mid
night and ends at 4 o'clock in the morn
ing. The dancing begins at 3 o'clock
and ends at 0. The women Wear light
gowns and the men frock coats. There
is music, a profusion of flowers, light
refreshments, and then nearly all of the
dancers go off to attend dinner parties
at half-past ? o'clock. Everybody sleeps
late on Sunday, and there is a maximum
amount of fun to a minimum amount of
discomfort. New York Letter.
A new stock of Ladies' and (tents'
SPECIAL attention given to clean
ing and repairing watches.
Hood River, - - - - Oregon.
On MnmlayN, WcdiiPNilajN nml Frldnyn
Of each week between September 1
ami October 17, the Union I'lieiile will
sell excursion tic kctn Pi Portland and
rciurii at one ami onc-fifih fare for the
round trip.
Visit (hit KxxiHltlon.
t . S. I.aml Ofllcc.
OllMION ('ITV, Oil., Sept. 10, 1801.
Notice Is hereby given that the plat
of Tp. 1 N Jl 0 K Iiiih Iiiih Ih-cii received
at this ofllce, and will be filed and "h-u
to homestead Ht-ttlerHoii and after Oc
tobcr Hub .H!i. J. T. Ai'I'Iokho.v,
IS. V. ISiwr, Jlcgistcr.
Now Ojii'ii.
The stock Itooks of the Hood Hivcr
Arimiry Association arc now open and 1
n aily to receive subscriptions for Htts-k.
All who wish to take htM-k will jileiiHe j
call at iSlnwcrs (t ('rowell's store imme-;
diatclv an It Ih necessary to commence,
0teratioiiHlit once. CoMMITTKIC j
Ion't listen to what the neighbors j
say, but come and see for yourself. A
Uaiitiful niiiiqiie maple Is-droom set
for i'Si ut the furniture store.
Kli-iiint Hteamt-r
Will leave the foot of Court street
every morning at 7. a. m. ex
cept Sumlrys for
I Connections Will lie Made with the
! Fast Steamer !
' i
j At the find of the Cascade Locks. j
For Passenger or freight Uates, Apply j
i '
i to Agent, or 1'u"" on Hoard. j
! H. I.. HK.HlKS, Agent, j
I House, s.'ii nml Carriage Painter.
i Paper hanging and calcimining
I Klne Samples of Wall Piipt-r kept Constantly
I IIiKlll KIVF.H, ......... OKEOOX.
You know that you can buy more
groceries, provisions etc , for less money
at (2 Second street than any other
place in The Dalles? It will pay you
to call and get my prices, and examine
my stock before going elsewhere. All
goods delivered five to wharves or
The Leading Grocer 62 Sec
ond Street, The Dalles Oregon.
Dckvr Watkins & Mknkfee,
Vogt's new building, Second St
For Coughs unit ColnV we bent them nllS.B.C.C.
T.y virtue of iiii execution and order of wile
issued out of the Circuit Court of the Slate of
Oregon lor Wasco county, on the 2Sth day of
August, 1K!U, in the suit wherein I. K. Dawson
Is plaintiir, and Heoige T: rrather and L. H.
1'rnther are defendants, to ine directed, com
mit. .-ling me to make sale of the lands in said
execution and order of sale, described to-wit:
The south half of lots seven (7) und eight (S) in
block D of West Addition to the townsltc of
Hood River, in Wasco county, Oregon, I have
this day levied upon said lands, and on
Saturday, thr 10th day of October, 1S9I,
At the hour of '2 o'clock 1. M., at the court
house door in Wasco county. State of Oregon,
I will sell said land and all the right, title and
interest which said defendants hud therein on
the lath day ol January, IS!) (the date of the
mortgage described in the complaint in said
suit) or have since acquired, nt public miction,
to the highest bidder thereft .', to satisfy the
jud"ment, interest, costs and disbursements
in said suit, tivwit: Jfl.'iVi.SH-lDO and Interest
thereon from June 5, lSid, at the raieof ten per
cent, per annum, and the flirt her sum of Ci.21,
costs disbursements, with accruing cost
Dated August 29, KH.
Shcrift'of Wasco County, Oregon.
I 1 ! 1 1
The Dalles.
Hince the first of June we have added
to our
Furniture & Carpet
IJiiHinesH a complete Undertaking !
tabllMhiiient, ami us we succeeded In
getting our st'H-k from the Foist with
out Is'ing coinpelled to Join the Under
taker's Trust, we assure the public that
in consequence thereof our
Prices Are Very Low.
Remember our place of business on
pKopriFTons or thi
Hood River Market
Kep n fiitai lit- (i band full
U'jly ol
ICtoice Meats of all kinds.
Sausages aSpccialt),
8 Lit attention paid lo
FurnMiing Miilmen
and Supplying Meat
in Large Quantiti-.-
Don't F(irjt.t the PIcux,
Oak street next door to Glacitk
Burned out but Afiiin In Business.
Anil Enibnlmi'r. has nsjnln started with a
new ami t-om tU-le stm-U nf everything needed
in the unilei-.jikiii;.; business. Funicular at
tention paid to eiatinlmlni; una taking ear-)
of the .ii-til. Orders promptly attended to
day or night.
i rices us low as the lowest.
l'atie nf bdsiticss, diagonally across frorrt
O era Blix-k, on tie corner tf Third and
Washington Street The Dalles, Oregi n.
I 1 1 A I DTD
Successors to a Bettingen
A complete line of Heating and Cook Stoves,
Tumps, Pipe Plumbersand Steam Fitter's
Supplies; also n complete stock of
Carpenter's, Blacksmiths' and
Farmer's Tools.
All tinning, Plumbing and pipe work e
done on short notice.
ViVnir V.i iff tiMAii,t-m,tr