The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 26, 1891, Image 3

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    3food Iftvcr Slacier.
llOMIMtlVKU, (Ht.,HKI'T. l, 1KIH.
MM' A I. ( ltl.
N, H, I'xnK'M IniviK lit
Nil. !i, Mull
II (II A, M.
kill , M.
7: HI I. M.
A. M.
leave nt
Tli ntnll arrive HtriillnlnirH nl II n'.
rliM'k A. M. WiiIimmImv iiml Huliiidiiy; il
1'iiH" ''ii wiiiiii dny at iiihiii.
For I lii imwrth, Iritvc at M A. M. nrrlvmnl
I. M. MMi unlit v.
Knr WhlliiMiilinoii leiivin iliilly nt H A. M.
uirlvr nl one ii'i-Im k I'. M.
Kniiii Whlln HhImiiiii trnvc fur Kiililn, nil
Inrr, Trout iMkr nml HIi iiwimhI Monday, uml
Hwcct potatoes nt Harrison's.
Oil cloth at the furniture More.
I'leiity (if fruit cans itt Harrison's.
I tit I It I It i niier nt furniture More.
Houses to rent hy I). W. WIiiiiiih.
W. Jl. Perry moved out to hi furiii
J. It. Itunklii went to Tho Dalit-
Mrs. (irny and son mv In rortland
this week.
rieturen fr.uncd to order nt the fur
niture store.
IhienH. II. Ki t there?
Well I should
miille. 8. Jl.
For rent, n lieut little cottage.
ly at tliU nfllec.
White m'wImk machines for sale ill
H. II. Marline'.
I.hmI Hiiinliiy wuh tlie most s'rfcct
lny f the year.
Mm. J. X. McCoy went to The
I.lleH Wednesday.
Collin and undertaker
Hit furniture More.
sUic at
MrM. K. M. Aunkn wan In The Dalles
during t lie week.
Call mid nee tint new school suits for
iHiy'x at Manila's.
All kind of country product' knight
uml Mild at Harrison's.
'urH-tnt the furniture store 10 cent
Ih Iow l'orlland jit lit m.
Mm. Klein I at (.rant's, visiting her
nlntcr, Mix C. It. hone.
Dr. Hwaln wan nhscnt for n tiny or
two iu Portland tin wet k.
The iiiIIIh of the Ineon Liiiulxr Co.,
are tunning on lull lime now.
C. It. Hone mid wlfu ntur-icd to their
liome at (iiiiul Monday evening.
Mnt. X A. Mount returned f'ont mi
extended trip in tin: KiihI Tuctuluy.
Mix 1'. At rami and Mrs. C. 10. Wiley
f Hit: C uncudu Jockx were here Tucs
l.ty. Mr. Xatlmit JIaeUett of rortlund In
lien; and cxiK-ct to remain for several
Mr. A. Hand and family atari next
week lor La CroMH-, Wisconsin, to rc
inaiu. Henry l'rlggc's young son had three
lingers tut oil' iu a lied cutter last
m k.
Have you seen the fll.llO aiiMitic
luaplu IhiI loom set at tho furniture
Sarah lleruhardt took $l.r),(KMI out of
Portland lor her three jhm loi'iiiiini'iH
A neat picket fence li lelng placed
around tut! Valley Congregational
J. T. Delk moved his family Into his
new dwelling house on Jtiver street
Will and A. J. Itnnd were passengers
for The Dalles on Wednesday morn
ing's train.
Dcfore purchasing railroad andsteam-
nlilp tickets, consult agents Union Pa
ci lie system.
Itcv. F. M. Aunks has rented New
ton (.'lark's farm, und will move on to
it next week.
(Ieorge A. Jferhcrt, the gonial host of
(he Mt. Hood hotel, went up to The
Dalles Thumday.
Mrs. H. J. Swim of Linden, Wash
ington, is here visiting her daughter,
.Mrs. Ai. 1'. WutHon.
Mr. A. S. Jaeobson receives his mail
ut Lit Uranile, Oregon, huving gone
there several weeks ago.
Mrs. K. J. LuFrunee and daughter
Fay went to Portland Tuesday night
to attend tho Exposition.
T. L. Clark went to Tho Dulles Mon
day, taking with hint eighteen varie
ties of apples for the fair.
The Mosler post oflloo has been
moved into tho depot, with Mr. Pow
ers us assistant postmaster.
Miss Kosa Mend, of Manchester,
Iowu, arrived here Tuesday to visit her
Bister, Mrs. Keenc, iu the valley.
Mm. Charlotte Hull leaves next
Tuesday, L'iHli inst., for the homo of
her parents in Syracuse, Nebraska.
C. H. Elsworth moved with his fam
ily Wednesday from Mill A to Little
White Salmon, oa Mr. Ordwuy's place.
Mrs. Locke's mother who has been
visiting her daughter here for some
time returned to tho east Wednesday.
Mr. ond Mrs. Van Ulnrcum, who
lutve been tho guests of Mrs. 1 lav lies
Sill summer, left for Portlund Monday
Messrs. C M. Wolford and M. II.
.Bishop went to Tho Dalles Wednesday
Ut make proof on their purchase claims.
The sound of tho wood-saw Is again
heard in the lund, and the erstwhile
numerous tramp is becoming, oh! so
Miss Nannie Mercer of Wasco, who
has been hero for several days visiting
relatives and friends, returned home
1'cr imy iiiik iuii'liiiHliiir ten dollars
Worth of fiii iillui'imf me, 1 will deliver
III!' HfllllC lit llllllill fl'CC III' I'hlll'UI'.
H. J'J. HaiHmdnm.
'it )( III II ('H' lltlll 1 1 If editor nf this
; iiic In Hit' it 1 1 i ti t ii 1 1 1 h (IiIh week
mi a niiMici tliiir trlji. '1 1 M'.y in'" ex
pected Inline lu-iliiy,
M I'm. I-'. M. K'lnif went. Id Tint Kallcs
Tuesday Mini Is cxii'('lci home to-'lu.V.
Hlio cxjicrls In live llieri' this winter If
she ciiii K''t H house,
Mix M. C. Miller him liecn viHitlng
her hoiim on (lie Morton place fur tint
piiht week, and reiurned to her home
j at HIioIIh I'Vrry, Friday.
Iioii't IImIcii to what the in U'lilmrH
nay, hut cnniit and nee for vouiHclf. A
Im-iiiiIImiI autlipie lunple ImmIiooiii hcI
for f-.'l at the furniture Hlore.
The iniirrlatr' f Mix1 Ceorgln Hnilth
mid Fliner 10. Kami taken place to
morrow ISuiiilay) in the Congrega
tional church at thin place.
Frank C, Hherrlch went to The )allcn
WcdncHilny to tiiakit Ilnul proof on Mm
liouiextead. II. I.. Crapjier iiccoinpa
liled lillil an one of hi witlieuneM.
Mm., the poMliiiiMircKM at
Allilna, ami her hitter, Mm. Owciim, left
for home Thumday morning after a
pleiiHant May here of two weekn.
MInh Mary Drake left for her home In
Itlclilam! ( cut re, W !- .i imI i i , Thumday
night, alter a jileaHiint vlalt of Hcveial
moutliH with IiIcii.Ih in the valley,
J. A. Wll-oii and A.J. Wondruir of
(ileuwood, WhnIi., were KeglMleivd at
j the Mt. Hood hotel thin week, having
conn.' over to do their winter' trading.
C. (J. Adarof Tacouia uml V. IIohcii
helm of rortlund, repriHcnliug the
XeW York Life IliHiminro Co., were
hent thin week and Hccured hcveral imiI
IcIcm. Might v acrcM of land iHdonglng to the
estate of the late Mike Little of Hood
Itlver wen- Mold Wednedav hy the
Mherltrto Wm. I'funderof I'ofluml for
Capt. Harry Haekett nnd wife came
up from I'ortlaml Wcdnewlav morn-
lug. Mr. Haekett pUiehaHi il, l'tiday of
hint week, Mr. C. M. Wolford h faint in
the valley.
V. H. church McrvlccM: Morning and
evening. Meet lug of the V. 1 C. I', at
7 p. in. The cxcrcieM will lie Intro
duced with a gimpcl hoiig-Mi-rvlce. A
welcome to alt.
We learn from The Dallcn ('trwtit tr
that F. W. I.. SkiliU' intend hullding
a two-Htory driek on Ihm lot and oh'u
lligahotel. It wan on thchc lotrt tliat
the late tire Htarted.
(leolge I,. Wall of Itluckfoot, Idaho,
and A. II. Tvncr of lloine City, Idaho,
were here Sunday and paid ll vitdt to
the While Salmon country, going on
to Portland Monday.
The Oregon LuiiiIkt Co. sold thin
week what is known a the Hayner
mill to it company at Jtridal Veil, and
I,. 10. Morw ha the contract of moving
the Mime to the cam.
The Invitation are out for the wed
ding of MIhm Happy Day Potter of thi
place to Mr. Homer .Mi Farland of
lleppncr, Oregon, which take place
Thumday evening, Oct. 1st.
W. H. Perry Hold hi reciitence prop
erty In Wniieoiua thix week to Mm.
Charlotte Hull for fl.'Jini, ami pur
chacd in turn her farm, which lie
ahotit two mile went of town, giving
Ml. Xearcardner ot Ohio, a niece of
Mm. 10 It. Kyrketr, wan the gucnt of
Mm. A. 11. June lat week. Slie went
to Portland Sunday, hut iexM'cted to
n-turn mid remain With Mm. Jonc all
Tnlon Pacille System oll'cm tin
equalled faeililic to touriHt en route to
all jMiintM eiiHt. Vcstihuled Sleem-m,
Diucm, Fn-c Chair Cam through to
Missouri river and Chicago without
Tho County Farmer' Alliance will
meet at. lOxcclsior hall here Friday,
Of tnlicr 2d. We hone the ntten'd-
iUirt' wl" ,.,' 'W and feci sure that our
fiiis.i'iin win iiiukc our visitors ieet inai
It is good to come here.
The supper trivon by (he Ladies' Aid
Society and others lust Saturday even
ing was it success every way. A most
excellent supner was served, and the
'M-oeeeds, which were pent to The
Dalles suirercrs, amounted to $10.
Mr. Lyman Smith camn up from As
toria Wednesday morning. He cut
his hand while engaged at running a
planer, which incapacitated him for
work for n few days. He w ill return to
Astoria uhout the first of the month.
Mr. J. K. Stranahan, accompanied
by his daughter, Mrs. S. Sheets, went
down on the liegulator, Thursday
morning, to attend the Exposition in
Portland. Mm. Sheets will return to
her homo in tho East lit a few weeks.
Mr. (. T. Allen, traveling salesman
for Murphy, Grant & Co., while at
tending to business hero received a
light stroke of imralysis Saturday even
ing, directing his right side and face.
He was sent to Portland on tho morn
ing freight train Sunday.
Mm. S. T. Howe returned to Port
land Tuesday morning und does not
expect to return to Hood River again
until spring. However, us Mrs. Howe
renewed iter subscription to the (Jr. a
cikk before leaving she will get all the
Hood liiver news this winter.
The stockholders of the Eastern Ore
gon Co-operative Association held u
meeting iu this city Tuesday, at which
it was decided to resume business just
as soon ns suitable accommodations can
lie obtained and a stock purchased.
This will Ik? good news to the many1
friends of the enterprise. Ofironiclc.
The millinery and dressmaking firm
of Hunt & Dust have moved their
parlors to the post otllce building, up
stairs, where they extend on invitation
to tho ladies needing anything in that
line to call. A largo invoice of goods
will be added the first, ot the week to
their already well selected stock. Prices
to suit the times.
Mr. E. W. Hopkins of San Fran
cisco, who is interested in the ice plant
here, was here Sunday with Mr. Lom
bard, looking after their property.
They are thinking seriously of erecting
another ice house on the property pur
chased from the Townsito Co. last
spring, and may do so yet this fall,
though it is not probable. They yis-
ltet Celilo, ret jrning Sunday night.
Theodore Smith moved luto'l'hoinim
McKay'M Iioiihii last TueHilay.
I''rcsli oystem nt the hakcry; hy the
quart, "." cciiIm; oyster nlcw, 2- centH
The Union I'licllle Is again receiving
tie of the Oregon J.umher Co., at tho
Pert liimgllle left Wcdncwliiy for
California, to attend 4 ho Stanford Uni
versity. UadicH are Invited to call at Hunt &,
I last's mlllnery iiarlom to see tint latest
styles from Sail Francisco,
C. M. Wolford Im iiiinrovlnir lilxiiron.
city hy pulling on mi addition to tliu
house and fencing his grounds,
A gold ring with Hi t was found last
week and led at this otllce. Owner
can have the same hy paying for this
Hot Ire. i
Mr. Prlggo iweently added to his'
farm Implements hy purchasing a cul
tivator and seeder comliliied and a feed
Mis Maggie Fra.lcr has Isi'ii visit
ing her parents the past week and will
return to 'I he Dallcn to-day to attend
A. Kctchum was In town during tho
week with his hand in a sling. Uhii
inquiry we learned that he In sulli ring
from a carhuiicle.
Mis Jennie Thomas of Millvllle,
Shasta county, California, arrived here
Tuesday to remain w ith her sister, Mm.
Jt. S. Howell.
Will JOvann win up from Portland
during the week. His mother, Mm.
It. O. lOvaus, acenmpunied him home
Tuesday evening.
(ieorge Strauahan and David Gll
I sins, who have Urn working on Mel
Iiuiii'h thresher at Wasco, will return
home In it few days.
Dr. P. (i. Ilarrelt uml II. F. Slnn
makcr am constructing reservoirs for
irrigation purjsiscs next year. J. H.
Shoemaker Is also digging one on Ins
It I exHctcd that it party of fifteen
Salt Lake stock holder of the Oregon
LumU-r '.. will be here thin morning
aceompaiiied hy David lOcclcn und Mr.
Miss Flora Hartly of Terra Haute,
Indiana, arrived here Sunday evening
ami leu wciiiicsiiay lor the .Stanford'
I.. 1. uit. ..I.... ft ..I ft . . I ..... .
i - ii i i r-i i , hi i-, i iiii-niini i ipii tuner
brother, S. It. Hartly, and family here.
Mr. William Michel I of The Dallcn
ha let (he contract for it building on
his lots near the corner ot Fourth and
Washington streets, The Dalles, and in
prepared to till all orders In the umlcr-
H '
lr. !. J. i nomas, Deputy tiranrt
the Inlliatiou of iiiciiiUt of Pvthog-
ora lodge, making one page and two
squires. L 1 inn Iteni fallc. ti material-
i.e on
account ot the train Iring four
hours late.
!,. l.w.L-,.,. u ..... (1...I .. I
I..W immi,r ;ub::, i aim: Vmw du.
The patter w as jilaced fiere SentemUT
1, Iks'.i, and consequently the larger
portion of our subscript ions fall due on
ii... it hu . ti.;.. i. ...
I in- ini n ininiiiiFiiiii. all 1 I'm- imi
linr us. who deshvs to do so. can l.rintr
us wood for the amount, as it In asirood
as cash.
W. II. Heath of London, England,
was here several day this week, a guest
of the Mt. 1 1 c mmI hotel. He made the
trip to Cloud Cap, coining from San
Francisco for that purpose. He is en
thusiastic in his praises of the moun
tain, also of the Columbia river mt'ii
ery, and snys there is nothing in tho
Alp like it. He took a great many
sketches while here, und left for Port-
laud Wednesday en route for England. J Punila..t September 20th, at the resi
On last Friday, iu Justice Weld's ; dence or the bride's parents, by Itev.
court, was tried the suit of S. 11. Hartly j F. M. Aunks, E. C. Miller to Miss
v. Olinger & llone, for damages for the Clara Frazier.
loss of a horse which plaintitl' claimed j
had died from the eflects of hard drlv
iug on the Mt. Hood road. W. 11.
Wilson npiieared as attorney for pluin
titl and C. 1. Heald for defendant. A
jury was impaneled, which consisted
of Jud rerguson, wm. i-oss, j. .
Morton, C. J. Hayes, L. Henry and
J. 11. (ierdes. A verdict was found for
We understand that freight rates
from Portland on the steamer Regit-1 to receive subscriptions for stock,
lator are f 2.20 jkt ton, and hunting the j All who wish to take stock will please
same front the landing costs 1, nntk- 0!ln ,,t lowers & Crowell's store inmie
lug in all $1.20 per ton: the last dollar . , ... , .
remaining ut home, us it goes into tlto d,,ltelv !t is nwsnry to commence
hands of our liverymen. Freight per j operations at once. Committer
ton on tho railroad is (t, besides the j
cost of dravage. Tito Regulator ('out-!
........ I.. ., .........1......... ...
the landing and a nCin there to look J
after goods either received or for ship-:
incut, and no doubt they will bo well i
Last Tuesday evening Mrs. Harriet
L. Adams of Cleveland, Ohio, a lec-!
turer for the Woman's Christian Tent-1
peranee Union, spoke in the Riverside ;
( Jongregational church. J ler remarks
were intended to instruct her audience
as to the origin, purpose and workings
of the organization, with a view to es
tablishing a Union at this place, nnd a
meeting was called at 8 p". nt. next day
to cll'ect tin organization, but so few
were present that nothing was done.
On Wednesday evening she lectured
in tho United Brethren church, subject:
"The Goal und how to Reach it." Af
ter the lecture, which was very Inter-1
esting, n W. C. T. U. was formed with j
eleven active und one honorary mem-;
Tito Xew Steamer.
Wo were compelled to give our
friends of the Regulator a little dig lust
week for their seeming negligence in
failing to muko public their passenger
und lreight rates, but tne paper was j
scarcely otr the press when we received j
a note from S. L. Brooks of The Dalles,
agent for the boat, giving rates as lixed
to date. Connection with tho lower
river was made this week. The pas
senger rates to Portland are fixed at
$1.75; round-trip tickets, unlimited, $3.
The freight "atcs, etc., tiro in the hands
of the printer, and will be printed in
our columns as soon as received. Flour
and like products will be landed here
from The Dalles atfetttsper-htmdred
and in five-ton lots at 6 cents per hun
dred. The bout is making regular trips
to tho Locks and Is carrying every
pound of tho local freight.
The "dllnt-li-r" on the. Itlght Itoad.
Tho (Jl.AHKft sccmn to U K,'ttlng
tired of tho domlnalloit of the lion-
Irrigating laud owner of Went Hood
Itlver. A hopeful sign. Tho most of
the laud owners would ruther m il than
cultivate, and men wanting to huy
land, If thry are told that Irrigation Im
iieceMMiiry to ralso a ginsl crop, may
purchitw; Momewhero clue. Then, can
the ii.A( I kh wonder that tho land
owner diM'M not want tho matter ugl-
I titled?
Hood Itlver valley will raise any crop
that can Isj ruined unywhero else In
Wasco county without Irrigation, und
possesses the udvuntago of U'ing uhle
to Irrigate nearly cveiy foot of land in
tho vulley.
Tho (ii.ACiKit In on the right road at
last. Courage! Ownern of rtol good
land will eventually come to the (Ji,a
t ikk'h coume, and cultivatorn will like
It U Iter und U tter ull the time.
The writer In not mistaken uhout the
feeling of tlie cultivator, or ho think la
in not. Xo matter. The speculator in
hero only for a short time, uuyhow,and
always leaves Htagnutiou and distress
U hlud him. 'J'lie quicker ho g;s und
the less ho makes vvliilu here the lietter
it will U' for those he leaven U liind.
C. Jl. CoittM.
I (irudfd School of Wasco.
! At tho Teachers' Xormal Institute
I held ut The Dallcn the last week iu Au
gust it wan unanimously voted that
j the schisils of Wasco county hltould he
' graded.
I Mr. P. A. Snyder moved that Kujier
' Inteudeiit Shelley pn-jiare u gruded
coume of study, but at the request of
! the latter the motion wan umeuded to
read u committee of three, with Mr.
Shelley un chairmun. We undemtund
'that he han appointed un his assistants
i l'rof. Smith and Mr. Snyder.
I The committee arc to submit their
reHirt to the teachem of the county at
i,a.t.tiinr held in The
Dalles atxiut
, holiday time for their approval. It wan
' proposed that those pupils who would
complete u' course in the public schooln,
1 und upon passing a creditable exami
nation in the common branches, under
the direction of a Uiurd of examiners
! appointed for the purpose, ahould re-
ceive u diploma
Tbl- would not necessarily bar u,;y
P"pd from further attendance ut school,
but, lietter still, there In likely to be a
,)UJ,t-trraduatioii course urranued for.
. . A , .. , ,..
tU' I 111 'lllini llllll M'l IHHN III
; Hood Itiver, town und vulley, are sec-
j l tl,e Pt l-r
'l'"w IHei i'l e give this time
ly bit of information that pupils may
avail themselven of the opportunity
( j.i. i . .1 ,
um1 8t,,,HP In'provemcnt on the wings
f time."
We know of several advanced pupils
who can complete the course by the
close of the school year, March 1, WJ2.
So, hoping thut this will be a sufll
elent emulaiion for close applictttion to
study this winter, we n-niiiin.sineerely,
Yoi'HS koh 0(M)U Schools.
JSotlt are well and favorably known,
and the (Ji.acikk wishes the young
couple muny happy years.
A fine line of cent's furnishing goods
Just received at llanna s.
Xow Open.
The stock books of the Hood River
Armory Association are now open und
1 lmve "P0"0'1 ft ln,e of Mmery and
fancy goods, in the. Cue, building one
door west of tho Glacier otllce, and
,nvlte tl)e jUuils of n(MMi River and
surrounding country to call and see
, r(K)(lf and pripc9 lKrore purchasing
, b. . , , , ,
'where. My stock of huts, caps,
shapes trimmed, or untrimmed, flowers,
feathers, ribbons, velvets, plushes, or-
nuntental pins, veiling etc., In fact
everything kept in a flrstclass milli
nery store. My prices will speak fur
Mks. K. S. Howells.
U.S. Land Office.
Oregon City, Oh., Sept. 10, 1891.
Notice is hereby given that the plat
of Tp. 1 N It G E has has been received
at this ofllce, and will be filed and open
to homestead settlers on and after Oc
tober 10th 1891. J. T. Aiteksox,
li. F. Bunt, Register.
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Of each week between September 11
and October 17, the Union I'aeilic will
sell excursion tickets to Portland and
return at one and one-fifth fare for the
round trip.
Visit the Exposition.
Better than Ever!
The North Pacific Industrial Exposi
tion at Portland, September 1" to Octo
ber 17, 18il. Iteduued rates via the
Union Pacille.
Kli-Kiint HleiimiT
Will leave tho foot of Court Mrect
every morning at 7. n. in. ex
cept Sundry for
ConneclIorin Will I Made with the
Fast Steamer
IDalles Cit3r,
At the foot of the Caocado Ixx ks.
For Passenger or freight lUtten, Apply
to Agent, or Purser on Hoard.
H. I liKOOKK, AgMlt.
Hoiisf, nlgn nnd Carriage Painter.
Paper hanging and calclmining
KlncHnmptcKorwHll pnpr knpt fonsliintly
It'Mll) hivkii, .......
You know that joti can buy more
groceries, provisions etc , for less money
at C2 Second street than any other
place in The Dalles? It will pay you
to call and get my prices, und examine
my stock before going elsewhere. All
ginsls delivered free to wharves or
The Leading Crocer 62 Sec
ond Street, The Dalles Oregon.
Vogt's new building, Second St.
A new stock of Ladies' and dents'
SPECIAL attention given to clean
ing and repairing wntches.
Hood River, - -
Has been
and a large
ell added doubling its
Everything jvlll bo found neut nnd clean
Tables will be supplied with thf best the
For Coughs and Cold wo bent them all S.B.C.C.
Hy virtue of nn pNoctitlon nnit order of suto
Issued out of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oretrim for Wuseo county, on theSSth dav of
Ansrust, 1891, In the suit wherein I. It. Dawson
Is pluintilf, and Heorsje T: l'rather and L. H.
Prwthcr lire defendants, to me directed, con
iniindinR me to make sale of the lands in said
execution and order of sale, described to-wlt:
The south half of lots seven (7) and eight (s) in
block I) of West Addition to the townslte of
Hood Klvcr, in Wivscto county, Orrpon, I have
this day levied upon said lands, and on
Saturday, (fir, 10th day of October, 1S91,
At the hour of 2 o'clock P. M., at the court
house door in Wowo conntv. State of Oresron,
I will sell said land and all the riirht. tltlcand
Interest which said defendants had therein on
the l:!th day of .Innnary, 18H0 (the ditto of the
inortjrntfe described in the complaint. In said
unit) or have since ;uNiuired,at public auction,
to the hltfltest bidder therefor, to satisfy the
Judgment, Interest, costs and disbursements
insaidsnlt, tivwlt: SI.2W.SH-KX) and Interest
thereon from June 5. 1H)U, nt the rate of ten jwr
pent, per annum, nnd the further sum of pt H,
i-os(s and disbursements, with necruing (vmU
Dated August 2n, 1801.
Sherifl'of Wasco County, Oregon.
PoflM anfl Hi Points
The Dalles.
Hlnce the first of June we have added
to our
Furniture & Carpet
Business a complete Undertaking Ks-
talillshnient, und as we succeeded In
getting our stock from the Kurt with
out U'lng compelled to Join the Under
tfitft.p'll 'I runt t.'f. tinullM. f lla vtftt.II Ikul
...... . . i.r.., v.i. Mr-nwi. V 1 1 ruuiiv lUfll
In consequence thereof our
Prices Are Very Low.
Remember our place of business on
ntopiurroM or tbi
hi River Market.
tV tlr n iM ton
uly of
Choice Meats of all kinds.
Sausages a Specialty.
Spa-tat ttentioti paid M
FurnMiing Miilmcn
and Supplying Meat
in Large Quantitit
Don't ForjH tht rtaee,
Oak street
next door to Glacikb
Removal Notice!
Wlshef to Inform hit mny friend and Am MM
Kenerall.v that h. ha rumored bla
uurlertokingr rnnina to
Corner Third uid Wahingtoo,
When ht earrie full tock of rrerythlng imdnit
In fiat bunliie.
Onti-r by rlUnatch, eipreM, nail ot la pmo
tromptl attended to ami utidactloa rMiantcd
Can b seen an r hour of the day or nltrbt at hte r
Irnre, cormit FonrU aad Whiligtoav or ptao 4
cers have moved to tho
cor. of Third and Union
St. where they carry a
complete line of staple
and fancy
And also do a general commlssim
business. Thankful for past favors, w
solicit a continuance of the same ht
our new store in the old Post Ofllw
Building for. 3rd, and Union Sts.
The Dalles, Oregon
hood wm mi