The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 12, 1891, Image 4

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of diseases that follow a tor
pid liver and impure blood,
nothing can take the place
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. Nothing will,
after you have seen what it
does. It prevents and cures
by removing the cause. It
invigorates "the liver, purities
and enriches the blood, sharp
ens the appetite, improves di
gestion, and builds up both
strength and tlesh, when re
duced below the standard
of health. For Dyspepsia,
" Liver Complaint," Scrofula,
or any blood-taint it's a posi
tive remedy. It acts as no
other medicine does. For that
reason, it's sold as no other
medicine is. It's guaranteed
to benefit or cure, or the
money is refunded.
All Dl'K J-KKI'S AKK TKMKD. If you
want the very bost uihkIs that you kiinv
will Krmv, nt canh priivs, write us.
"Sift- F. L. POSSON & SON, Wl77h5u,e
2d Street Portland, Oregon. Front st
The Hon. J. W. Fennimore is the
Sheriff of Kent Co., Del., and lives
at Dover, the Countv Seat and Cap
ital of the State, the sheriff is a
gentleman fifty-nine years of age,
and this is what he says : "I have
" used your August Flower for sev
" eral years in my family and for my
"own use, and found it does me
" more good than any other remedy.
" I have been troubled with what I
" call Sick Headache. A pain comes
" in the back part of my head first,
" and then soon a general headache
"until I become sick and vomit.
" At times, too, I have a fullness
" after eating, a pressure after eating
"at the pit of the stomach, and
" sourness, when food seemed to rise
" up in my throat and mouth. When
"I feel this coming on if I take a
"little August Flower it relieves
" rue, and is the best remedy I have
" ever taken for it. For this reason
"I take it and recommend it to
" others as a great remedy for Dys
"pepsia, &c."
G. G. GREEN, Sole Manufacturer,
Woodbury, New Jersey, U. S. Jl
Fishing Tackle. Et Great Variety. Low Prices.
Old Quia taken in trade. Send for Catalogue. ;KO.
W. SHIMS VE, S25 Kearny Si. , Baa Francisco.
mmm mbhsmJ mm mSbm I
We have the real Ceylon, new, direct import,
in original cam. Proiuiuiieed by tea drinkers
superior to any in this market, l'rice 90 Cents
per tt). Any quantity not over 1 it) by mail pout
paid at $1 per tt. Cheaper than cheap tea. Try it.
416-418 Front Street,
Portland, Oregon. A. P. Armstrong, Prin.
Branch School: Capita l Bus. Coij,k;r, Halem. Oregon.
Same courses of study, same rates ofk tuition.
Business. Shorthand,
Typewriting, Penmanship, ami English Department
H-In session throughout the year. Students admit
ted at any time. Catalogue from either school, free
Old Gold and Silver Bought; send your old Got
and Silver by mail to the old and reliable house of A
Coleman. 41 Third street, San Francisco; I will send bj
return maU the cash, according to assay; if the araoun
is nh satisfactory will return gold.
Plumbers' and Engineers' Supplies. Hand
and Steam Pumps. Iron Pipe. Rams, Pipe
Covering. Lubricators, Water Motors, Fans
and Ventilators, Cash Registers, Etc.
Write for prices.
Contractors on heating and ventilating
buildings. Estimates furnished.
914 F STREET, ff A'H'MiTO , 1).
IN "
If 1 IVM,
Tin Mu!i l .!:
I would be nu the Into ii V, of It.T I Iwu,
And let my lilc gn out tiiiitti' inipiintj
CI ln'1 luittlh.
If I weiv a
Tin would 1 iK:
I would lvli ilivp do ii in her o r,
lu tlie cw 1 loe, and loam t licit'
How to Milne,
If I -iv a t nit Ii tiNiit; die i'lei ual Ona,
This would t do:
I would 1im in lier licuit, In the heart
I know o ncll, and
lie at lioina.
If 1 weiv a sin.
This would I do:
1 would lly far away. ud l!ioiu:!i her soft hand
lu piiy wi-ro MivliTiiil out, 1 would uot ulAJT,
but Af
And leave lier pure.
Constant Iiiir.cie in liostou lilol.
A lire ml sv hulling I'tan.
"Can Hiiylxuly cliainro a f" pM iotf"
As it Tunil uvoimo oouduetor tiiailotliia
Inquiry tho other iin;lit a luawny jinsst'ngiT
stood Uvsido liim waiting the ivply. Jiolxuly
could clianoi tlio juiiv, and the vust'ii-r
said: "All riht; sivo it to mo; I'll i;ot out
ami pot it oliuuisl and take tlio next i-iir."
"I'nu't p't otT," siiid a red iutita-hod vomitf
man in glasses; "lot mo lend you tivo ivnts,"
"Hut you don't know inc. No, I'll got oil;
I haven't t far t. -.o."
"Noiwn-i.'," s-iiil t'to rod r,ni-it:ii-hed young
mn i. "Sit dow n; thorv, I've paid your fare."
"Well, I'm ever s. li ohlil to you."
"lbui't -h'ii of it; I've Uvn in that tlx
"Yes; Imt hktOy ti happen to any otia.
This is luiil weatlier for p-liiii;; off and on,
Then tlio two conversed nmiealily till he
who had lieen utilised rov and left t ho cur
with an adieu ami renewed thanks.
"I'll Ix t that leilow has moil- 111111(4 111111
nickels in his kh ket than 1 have,'1 said tha
reJ miistaehoil j otin man to tlio conductor.
"What f No!" Kiid the hitler.
"Yos. that's an old fal.o. His $. Usv i
counterfeit, ami ho wanted to work it ou you
or some of the SM-t!ors." Sew York
Whrn I'.li l;o;ie Mip,
Few jH-oplo know the danger of stamling
near taut lines or h:iuers. 1 havo seen haw
sers snap with pis; I like report under a tro
inendous strain ami kn k men twenty or
thirty feet, frejtietitly breaking uniLS and
legs. The ln-st hawvi-s aiv made of sea,
grass, ami w ,U U-;;r an cnorinous strain.
They will streti'h until their diameter is
diminished ly more than half. In the recent
gore disaster I ih:iisl a lvmai kaldo illus
tration of tins iiii.t. The sectional Jix'ks
were held to the slii.iv hy an enormous line,
four inches in iliaisu-ier ai:il fully 100 yards
long. 1 alteiwiiiil leiiimil that it was 0
years old and o st tiMd. Well, the flt be
gan to liear down on the dis ks. Tho old
hawser Uhaviil like u Tioj'in and liegan in
stretch und creak. The men ;;ot out of ita
way, hut the old line held to.-eiher, growing
smaller ami snmiler as tlio thousands of
pounds were added to the s: rain, lu a little
while the lino was in.t larger than a girl's
wrist, ami it ivmaim-.l in tluit perilous state
for several hours, when the goro finally
broke and allowed the ire to float down
stream. Afterward the hawser returned to
its normal size, not weakened a bit. Stfh
cables must ulways le made to order, and
they cost lots of money. The line of which I
sjieuk is the lar.-ist on the Mississippi.
Steamboat Captiii.i in ('lolie-DeiiiiK'iat.
A r!eiit "eiHc'iie Miniiimc.
The volume we mnv have l'firo us for
lfsSti etubraci-s thirty -em' distiuet almunaca.
Eleven of thosx- are 1:1 I:n;;lisli, calculated
for various countries where Knglish issiioken:
live in Smnish, for dilTTt-nt countries where
Saiiish is sMi!en; thn-e Portugiicsr. also for
ditferent countries; two Fivm-li, four Ger
man, two Dutch ami one each in Swedish,
Norwegian-Danish, Uoliciuiaii and Welsh.
Each of thesealmanai s contains from twenty
four to thill y-six pages li'iiei-ally thirty-six),
so that the luind voiunie of the series for
makes a book of nearly 1,(100 pages.
Much of the muti rial is, of course, the same
iu all of the editions, but. the recorded events
in the calenders uiv hx al to the countries
where the almanac is to lie circulated, and
the miscellaneous information furnished, for
example in the Indian r.lmunac, diUcrs from
that prepared for the Australian almanac
Philadelphia Lcl,,er.
George Augustus Sala, the well-known
English writer, on his Australian trip w rote
us follows to The London Daily Telegraph:
" I especially have a pleasant remem
brance of the ship's doctor a very experi
enced maritime medico indeed, who tended
me most kindly during a horrible spell of
bronchitis and "spasmodicasthma, provoked
by the sea fog which had swooped down on
us just after we left ban Francisco. l!ut
the doctor's prescriptions and the increas
ing warmth of the temperature as we
neared the tropics, and, in particular, a
couple of Allcock'h Porois Pi.astkrs
clapped on one on the chest and another
between the shoulder blades soon set rue
She Well, how do you feel this morning? He
Thank you, like another man. Klie I congrat
ulate you.
Cot.'OHfl. " Brown' Bronchial Troches" are
not new and untried; but, having been
tested by long and constant use, they have
attained well-merited rank among the few
staple cough remedies. 2." cents a box.
Bright Hoy. Teacher asks a bright boy: "How
many ounces are there to a pound?" liright Boy
That depends upon the grocer.
Of Pure Cod
Liver Oil and
of Lime aird
Is endorsed and pnvwaibed by loading
physicians because both the Cod Lifer Oil
and HyiiophonphiteM are the recognized
agents la the cure of Consumption. It Is
as palatable as milk.
Scoffs Pulsion
to a umiuiertui r lean rromieer. it it Vie
Best Hetnedy for CONSUMPTION, I
Scrofula, Bronchitis, waiting' Dis
eases, Chronic Coughs and Colds.
Ask for Scott's Emulsion and take no other.,'
N. P. N. U. No. 404-S. F. N. U. No. 481
piiof. sriTZkw ox li.viurs.
A ynftlloii Our Which Hoiton Have
long IH.nuircd A t Mlliiciiiu Mvtliml
of Itciiiuiialrntlnu lUldri Itt'lftll vf mi
KiTlni"nl Tli Umtilln.
In the Kprlntc of issil Mivt MoiMsiul, a
daughter of Jay llould'. hvmh'ihIo, was bitten
by a t do(j, which was promptly killed. All
aulopsv w ax made by lr. A. K. Liaulard, a
veterinary imr;eou of this city, who found
"one larm bird feather" in the toiuaeh, '1'hu
presence of inelille MiU-lamtw iu the do'a
tomaeh wni formally Hi'ptisl as almost
indisputable pi-oof that the animal wan mad,
but ProlWsor SpiUka n.vs he hio. cvannneil
of ilox, and he jjiven th followuiK as
the result of such examination:
"Not one of tlu aiiimaU showed any si'iis
of rabiin. Theivwas scarcely one, and ivr
tainly not one youth- do, in wIiom stomtieh
1 did not tli id more or less foreign material.
1 rvuionitier that kite strings and top pnn
were frequent ; that evil, ashm, straw-, feath
ers and cotton sjkioIs were occasional Und
ines. ShiH' leather, pnv's of cloth and, if I
romemlior rightly, a H-ket knife, but itr
tainly some unusual article of metal, iu a
x-t dofi."
Yet this dog was piMiioiiiiiiyl mad, and the
cas was doeim-d by her family physician
utlk'iently grave to warrant the sending of
the young lady to Paris for treatment by
Pasteur. Meanwhile the brum of the butch
ered dog was pr served and a healthy dog
was iuivaluted on the brain with a particle
of it. At the end of sixteen .days tins dog
was pi-oiiouiuvd mad, it having "showed the
first symptoms of dumb rabies -that is, pa
ralysis of tho lower jaw. Tie mouth was
was slightly open, the jaw hung dow u, and
abundant saliva flowed from tho mouth.
Mill the dog was very affectionate. This is
uot a ipiotatiou from Professor Spit.ka, but
from the chronicler of tho ease. This was,
of course, aooe;ted as contiruiatory evidence,
that the dog which bit Miss .Morosinl was
mad. Fortunately, however, for that young
lady, she had sutlleient strength of mind, or
enough coutldeuce iu Pasteur's treatment, to
render her pits if against ail attack of hy
drophobia. Couceriiiug this case Professor
Spitka says:
"The method of demonstrating rabies by
direct inoculatiou of the brain is fallacious.
The conclusion drawn by LiauUird, from an
experiment thus crformcd, that the Kiver
dale dog was mad was obtained by mislead
ing methods. With regard to the dumb
rabies w hich Dr. Liautard thought he had
produced in the second dog, every physician
familiar with the researches of tk-hiir,
Floureus, lliuig, Kritsch and tioltz will rec
ognize iu it the ordinary results of experi
mental and intlammatory disturbance of the
brain functions iu the dog. According as
the irritating injection effects one certical
field or the other the Mira lysis will vary, but
paraplegia is quite characteristic of menin
gitis and encephalitis in the dog."
Iu plain language, the inflammation of the
brain set up by the placing of a foreign sub
stance under the skull and iu contact with
the brain matter is sutlleient to account for
all the symptoms displayed by dogs exiri
n.rfited ou and commonly pronounced those
of genuine rabies. This was eventually
proved quite satisfactorily by Professor
SpiUka and his associates. They obtained a
number of healthy dogs and inoculated their
brains with various substances, such as a
particle of the spinal curd of a healthy calf,
an emulsion of calf's cord, an emulsion from
the brain of a man who was upxsed to
have died of hydrophobia, a pieee jf common
yellow soap and stale uremic liiuid. The
effects of the inoculations with these various
substances were substantially the same aa
that of the virus from the supKied mad dog
which bit Miss Morosini. lu fact Professor
Spitzka says there were no symptoms of
hydropuobia related of Dr. Liautard's ani
mal which were not present in these dogs.
He was inclined to pronounce the mental dis
turbances resembling dumb rabies, so called,
much greater than the animals he experi
mented on.
These dogs were confined in the veterinary
intirtimry of Ateheson & Hamill, on Four
teenth street, near Avenue A, and gome of
them may still be seen there. A mongrel
bulldog, inoculated with healthy calf's cord,
manifested on the third day a slight droop of
the left upper eye lid, the eyes apieared dull,
there was manifest paralysis of the hind legs,
the tail sometimes fell between them, the dis
position was exceedingly friendly, he wagged
his tail feebly, craw led forward ami fawned
as soon as the door was oened. On the
seventh day he manifested a desire to devour
foreign substances. On the eighth day, al
though his disposition toward the experi
mentalists was unchanged, he quarreled with
another dog over food. On the eleventh day
the paraplegic gait was very marked. The
dog seemed to lie acting impulsively at
times; attempted to swallow a dry drum
stick of a fow l, and would have eaten other
foreign substances if not prevented. A mon
grel Spitz, which had been noted as rather
an aggressive animal before the ojieration,
became, in three days, entirely changed
fawned, wagged its tail, and clung to any
one who would give it a friendly word. On
the eleventh day the paraplegia was more
marked, the animal was unable to jump
down a distance of two feet, but let itself
down on its fore feet and then slid down the
rest of its body. At the same time it had be
come shy, avoided visitors, crouched and
concealed itself.
Here is the seventh day's record of a large
cur inoculated with twenty drojis of an emul
sion of calfs cord:
"The animal is very stupid, runs against
objects, does not avoid obstacles and exhibits
decided manege movements, running in cir
cles to the right. On being roused, when
lying down, which is the animal's usual
position, it rolls over and frequently slips
with its hind legs, which tremble a great
deal. At night this dog howls a great deal
and growls at people entering the court at
all times. There is a question as to whether
it is able to see well; but owing to its stupid
ity, it is difficult to settle this point satisfac
torily." A large dog inoculated with a piece of
common yellow soap showed on the seventh
day the drooping jaw, and its tongue often
protruded between the teeth. It ran around
aimlessl -, and arriving at a running hydrant
stood still as if pensive, but did not drink.
The animal inoculated with uremic liquid
died on the seventh day of blood poisoning.
Parts of the brain and spinal eord were found
reduced to pus. The rest of the dogs recov
ered, and some were subsequently exhibited
by Professor Hpit.ka before the Society of
Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine.
A Ifap Vear l'rohlcni.
"Suppose that during leap -year a young
woman proposes to a young man and mar
ries him. After a year or two he finds that
wedlock, so far as he is concerned, is a delu
sion ami a snare. He applies for a divorce
and gets it."
"Yes; what of that?'
"This is what I want to know. Ts he en
titled to alimony or uot if Merchant Traveler.
rtntti, m iMtrmitiAi. k-
I very indication points to a licnien
dons success n( the I 'oil land lndusttiul
I'A position, which opens this year Sep
leiiils'r IT. Tlio miiHic by ilu great
itpiuloiva Hand of Mexico, tlio paiiu
ings front abroad, the livinif chess tour
nament, the wonderful electrical dis
plays, the u n precede n todly largo iitiui
Iht o( exhibits in agriculture and luntl
ciiltiirc, in industry and science, shows
that ,tbt Imposition, in Ktlract
ivciicsH, will exceed anv ever hold upon
tho I'acillc fount.
There has been mi entire rearrange
ment of tlio KxHisition, and a largo
iiuuiIh-i' of novelties from every part of
tho world havo lnon secured.
Tlio railroads lutvo granted a rxmntl
trip rato of one faro and a fifth; half
rates on all exhibits, except fruits and
vegetables, which lutvo boon placed U on
tho froo list. Thin oortillos to tho oxoel
lout management of tho Kxsition of
IN'.U, and tlio sumo energy displayed in
tho oihor departments loaves nodou hi us
to its groat success.
Tho Hoard of SuK'rvisors of Sun Fran
cisco havo piirchastHl 10,'HHI foot of tho
" F.urckii " Cotton Knldior l.inod Kiro
lloso. Last month thoy also purchased
o.tltKI fool, it nl thoy will prohahly liiitko
another purchase of 5,1)00 foot in a short
time. This hoso is of tho same con
struction and manufacture as tho well
known " Paragon " Cotton Fire lloso,
but is heavier and calculated for tire
service in tho business and manufactur
ing districts of large cities. V. T. Y.
Schonck of San Francisco is the agent
for tho I'acillc Coast.
Aimrr it v a ritosr iti I'
ll K T AllOO.
1 am not iiluilnc to cum luce incutiil buhlo, n
in.livd that Mould he (ruilU without I lie nee
CHMirv cultured Intellect that uiakeii loule tlppll
cable. Force, brilliancy sad orlcluallty een
are li" weapons to altack a slave with, for mail)'
centimes Hie medical art mis Indued slsmt by a
proseriptix e tatsm hicti It, as et, has Uot iur
vived. The brand lor iniinlerlni! truth is the
IH'iialty of liuU'etliu ttaiii'd upon the mental
culllierof theiiNcraite iudhldiial In relation to
medicine and medicine men. The sail ( the
nineteenth century has not yet dawned upon Ids
intellectual llorlon He, together n itll Ills ideal
medicine mall, still IiIIhtiiiiIi s hi the i;ood old
days of the dark axes, u hen II uiis had form to
he iinpilsltlve He still " Is lleies " III Id Him,
lilisteriui;, voinllim;, pur'InK and nucatlnu. He
loes copious of horse medicine. He de
lluhls lu Hssafo llds and calomel and carliollc
iieul. Thev an nxldcrisl iudlsis'imalile: no
well-nxiiluted lauiiU . " Itll plum) Intellects and
alidoniidal ilcxclopmc ul, considers itself safe
without those family lures, these I do not wish
to coiimti: they are the Kip Van Winkles that
ill continue to'sliiinla r through this and prole
ahly throned the next centiirv. I hey pla) no
role In I he world's hlstorv. They live; they die.
No monument marks ttielr forgotten sepuictier.
iiiimaiiily was not enriched hy their entrance;
It has lost uothiin; by their exit. They are drift
wood on the shores of time, and lloatwlth the
el. I. and tide of opinions they hae inherited
from their aiithroHimorphlc ancestry. In
not to these 1 w Ish to address msell. but to the
thinkiiik' ones, w Iioiii a thought iIih s not throw
lulo an epileptic paroXNsm ; w ho love know ledue
for lis own sake; w ho an-w lllluit to Investlsule
the trulli or falslt of any proHsltlon, mot, once
com lin ed, w 111 stand In It through all the urine
aces of a cluitlerlint and delayed cl IHalloii.
To these- not Hie chatterer, hut the think rs I
commend the lllstoyonctie System for lincstlijii
tlon, and will elucidate llh pleiKure any epics
lion not siillieieiilly clear In hook, w lllell w 111 lie
sent free to any address.
Dr. Jordan's otllee is at the residence of
ex- Mayor Veslur, Third and James.
Consultations and prescriptions absolute
ly free.
Semi for free book explaining the Hiato
genetic system.
('action. The Histogi actio Medicines
are sold m but one agency in each town.
The laliel around the IhiUIc Is-ars tiie fol
lowing inscription; " Dr. J. Ktigrne Jor
dan, llistogenetic Medicine." Kvery other
device is a fraud.
Don't despise little tlilllk'S.
I he hands of the small Isi) w I
lis Inidneer
Kven the pin In
1 turn ami torment
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
fently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
iver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation permanently. For sale
ia 50c and $1 bottles by all druggiats.
umnvmvum inni hi ini
If you are willing to pay a few
cents more for a strictly Pure
Tobacco, try 'Mastiff Cut Plug.
It is worth all the difference.
Packed in patent canvas pouches.
i. Ii. l'we Tobacco Co., Richmond. Virginia.
in I:
STUK !' llllio. t'llV Of Tin mai,
1,1 1 as t ol h i v.
I'MMr .1 ITifcNKY uiaki'a oaih thai he
In thw teiiior psiTiiet ot Hie nun id K J i iiimi
iV t'.i., del nil lMlllies lu I ho cllv of lolt'lo,
coiiuly Hud Hlste afoioald. an I I ho I sld lliai
nlll nsr Hit- sum of (INK Ul'MHiHi Hul l Alts
forcseii audevei ease of I 1 1 lilt it Ihst chiiiioI
hv Clued Ii the line of Hill's i u vlillll I I III
Swoin to Is fore me Slid uli.eilhed In my lucn
vnee I li is dill day of lieevmlur. IHXi
nl ll. , H . tll.l' sillN,
.Velnri; I'tibm:
lis I'm s'ai ill I'lirv U taken Inteiiislly, slid
ft directly on the hlood siel iiiucnus suifaeio
of the stem Hrnd for Irsi liuoillsls, lice.
r . .1 I ' 1 1 1' N K V ,V I'll .Toledo, t.
Sold hy I irllMH I sts ; 7. a'
Hod will furtive your sins, lull he e I Is ou
to pay your dolus
Wu iswltlveljf euro rnptiirti and all rvctal ills
.mummi wllhout pslll or dcleutlon from hiislmwH.
No mm, no pnv: md no pay until eunxl. Ail
dnwi for psmplilet lir. l'orierlleld A IxiMiy, KHM
Mrkt stretit, Han Krsselseo,
The peach uuiikel Is fickle. Kulnies are iineer
lulu, and the spot s"iielies me ulu a had.
l'HK Mill. I UN HOI MK, l lllt I I. AMI.OIt.
I'entrally localed; AmeileaiiiV Kuropean plan;
first class; rcasonahle lales, I', W. Itolo , plop.
M ichi'M A NT 1 1 oi'Kl., Third ami 1 streets,
I'ortland, dr. Kirst class iiiTomuiodatioiis,
luites, f 1 tofl.'itlperday. Jncoh Mass, prop.
Use Kiismellno Stove I'ol Ish ; no ituat, uo mull.
Thy ( 1 k r m k for hreakl'ast.
A Ture Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every oilier known.
Used in Millions of Homes
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cuke and l'.istry, l.iht f laky
Biscuit, Griddle C.ikrs, I'
and Wholesome.
No other baking isiwilrr docs such work
Of Mil kinds and in anv ipmtilllv hole
ale and retail at aslns-k prices.
69 Front Street, Portland, Or.
S-nd (or cataloKiie. "VI
I 'osts no mori than an ordtuarv clumsy wimmI pieket nltulr lliat nhslrucu I lie view ami will roi or full
apart lu a short lime. The " llarttuau " Kenee Is urtlstle In ileslitu, proteels the itotuixls it Ii houl e.ut
eenlluK Iheui and Is iv k v ri an. I I.I.I s, ITt.V IT:iM A I A l.i lull-; Willi I'ltli T.h A mi
HARTMAN MFC. CO., Beaver Fulls, Pa.
( Alwii) h iiii-iitloii IIiIh uiht in w rillutc. J
est to uso. Clit-ltpest.
cure is certain. For Cold in
It is an Ointment, of which a small particle is applied
to the nostrils. Price iOc.
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For many years SAPOLIO has stood as the finest and
best article of this kind in the world. It knows no equal,
and, although It costs a trifle more its durability makes it
outlast two cakes of cheap makes. It is therefore the
cheapest in the end. Any grocer will supply it at z
reasonable price.
Buy Your Own Goods if Your
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tho Mend it has no equal. I
Sold hy dru'isls or sent hy
Ha.u.tink, Warren, Pa.
Diamond Brand A
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Dealer Does Not Carry Them.
Best and Cheapest !n the World.
Carts, 515 Up. Wagons, 550 Up.