The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 12, 1891, Image 2

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JioiinuiVKU, on., skit. 12. n.
I 1 v.,';:.Y(')'. , t.,.. w.mimii. i
1 Ti .. T ,'" ... i Two 1'", ;";'ln nu-li are ractiinr v;t ,
; 'u.,mv,wM. II... tvpuhh,,,,, state ... ;1Ml,ii,u Nox, Y,, t 1
OOllVOlltlOIIS COIIVCV Mil illllicilioll of OlIO H Mi. H .1;,,,,. .MoM'll' l!il,
the foolincs ofilio parly's ivpivonta- viioic.i,-,l lu-r liviiav.. i i Hiim-ity on i
lives with regard lo the nnilential Aim-: ii.m i.isun v bv a paper on Alox.ui-
nomination that oannot ho in!-junior-' Haiiiiiioii, read in Mrs. ricvctatid'.-. I
Land Locator.
.I.V 1 MIUiJfT I XV uirn'f
stood. hilo tlioniontionol' 1'ivm.I. nt 1 ull,'- ;!ic c a slender, tl.-iric hauvd
Wlnlo some of our citious object ' Ihrrisou brines lionrtv applau-v. Hi.
boarder HI . charged from ,ii.;,o to
......... i . . . . . . . . 1 1 1,...,..,.,..,-.,, ,.,, .. .... ... . I... I . ...... . : . . ' .
,.,,. ,,, Uio ir- uaiu.yii r.iauio hus immediate- and . ' , . . I" ," I, I root i.i..r.
rlimiim.ii..wl.. .... ii... ...s......i .. . . ... .. . P-au-'im. l"" 't!..r woman U M
- -t m.n ! .... M. i.ius . (ut'ni.i!, ii mo national i .mm w.i'.i.. i:...
tvim.vsaxviviijj impression of ounli- eonvcniion were hold to-morrow l.lai..o nrit.uions of Kiioy's voi'm-h - On. d-. ,,t 10 per cent
1 1 i.i .. . , ii.oiaoi wo..... v.ot i no nomination on tho lint imewon ilio .lol.-l.t of all who hoard ! "iinin. lor ;;( dn ...
u.,i,.,, .i i...!.. i i . ; ; ... . i.. 1 : " "'
.........,,,,,.,,,, -. ...i. . n .icioum in si ....i. ., ii.. .
1 ,, . . ' I1 1 " Olv, m'. ol'.lll.i' o luiHIl Ol'CU-
Hi', Proprietor,
Ml. IIOO.I ol!sO.
liM'ount at
i patent tliat wo must have a water ballot -an. 1 history would ioeat it.-.-li' !'
supply for iii. purposos, or wo in his defeat. Acknowledged to I, tl... "ttr.u-tivo
Ji.usl stan.l still. I ho faot is that our hrainiost ...iiiil ian, aml-t. .io inn
oliniato and soil without artitloial ai.l justiiv-tlu statosman in tho
produoooonoroiisoropsof all standard oouniiy, lio is luwitholoss ono of tin"
on .iai.i nuns, oni iiioiv is luuolt nioiv wt.llK,.( oandi.latos tho
than on hard t:ui(s roHiiY.l U foiv tho party oould iHiuiitato,
AltorSoptomhrr W, lsn, rates at tho
''II. IIIIIMIi IV I ,, tli l.. I'., II .
I I ,.i .... i ' ' ' ' , U II III N III IHI III I H "M I U.aido.s.M p(.r Wlvk. ,., ,, , , Vallov. I Imvo n,..uo voiv
II ol hi r ir"M, "m" 'i' ' ''' "f slralilo traol's of y I land on ,v IIM
All o lu i translonls. porda.v; uo of for hoi....,!..,.! i ..: t ....... i
t'lahns, with luniiuiir water on
Ihein. nil. looale soveral hlooUni.'ii
advanlaLiooiislv, ),i nol f ill n no
meal llood I Ivor hills or ad lies use
at Hood ivor, 'ounly, tiro 'on.
NV. li.iss W i h,
sample room, .-.ii n. nls oMin. 'Summer
Kiv ii.u'il.i is Youthful nu I ; .... .
in aoiK Ua.u-e.,,,,,! .1,-. s . v . . 1 'T '""liU..e.l U'll.,; loeated Hear
i i " i . , ..I i.i, i. ..I I. .
ii,..n I, I ;.. .. r...i,; .... .' .sues i.i
....... i.i .. i.i'i im.ii ,v'. : W ho lllaY
liiloim iiarll.'H
. , .
ilesirous ol on in. siir.
;raoeiui im-os t.i ailv.inta.:e.- 1 vovliur .I...... .i ..... .
U. ... , , .,., io.ii i .o s a i.rae eat
n-T..rkl,-. JsunoYor of many years expeiieiiee
... .. nu iiini hi unit win in
nTul'liean The C.iiiihiir .hh.. , perloi mod w ii I. dlsi.aieh i.n.l ....s...i.
;J, E HliJilffH, kM,
nil': i i .i.i hiii:iiin,
II. iyo the only u 11 1, tit of land
III les In I lie I '.unity, and
nr.' t he only i.'hhm w Iui
eau furnish rcli .hlo ln
foi mal Ion eou.Tiiinr
land tllles on
........ -rt .a,., nuns n,lUnv.UHto,v the party oould nominate, lie has Iven Th(. rhi ,.,,, ........ N : lie lakes ploasuro in reterii nV' to
.oni try ,s as pr..spero..s as it should Ik. defeated onoe, and this would militate yy ,tei n i u , ! I. , V S i ho lor Years was
Woiuiuht as well faee this proposition against him, while the jealousies and i.i .. . r .. '''on.n.- oouuty eonnuissioner in Miunesoh.,)
r: 1 i""";""."' "- - - ' hnmJ. ..f i ,;::! t&. at
.e,,s. Wo need water tor raising Rar- party immeasurably his inferiors, inau' sl.vpiinr eats, oleant I'aiiies wriiinij nie at Hood will re-
. 'or. ...ii.'. it . i , 7 ..iiT., . i.';,'iii ........ tii.uiii; III." a
.!. . small truits, and, inoiv than all, would hrin- him to disasiiMus defeat. ,,,,n.nJ '"l'nist slveis., irt liitin ''ivo prompt attention
.orraisMifr grass, llmut river valley is 11-ra.v tiroely deliveivd a loef.nv on '," lu:..
wofully detieient in i;rass lands unloss " I'h.. l'r...i.l... ,.!.,! m . .. i .. ...iittoi, snow ii u in n lur,, ,,f p., . ii,,,, i
water fan o t.rovi.o.1. ii In...,., r .!,.., i , ... .... m,n,.n ''"'"'"I
' " " nn oeieaie.i ean.liilate t. i.artiui v.' tiiriiituri
eioxer, ini.omy ami, ivttor than all. al- tor the pivsidonev died shortlv aflor the
l.dta, will yield ahundaiit eivps. TheeVetion, and (J reel v illustrated the
.kk sHoii is, "Will the fanners, the land truthfulness of the statement, lllaino
0. vr.ers, take hold of tho matter and and Cleveland survived defeat, yet the
1. mill for themselves, or will they await mascot is workiiisr in eaeh of Uiem
u. in.leth.ite H'Hod until eapitalists Mlaine had U'tler Ivwaiv another ra.r
i u.i.l tor themV If tho former plan is hut Cleveland is of .liiUaent mould and
udopud it w ill requi!v energy and do- ean safely venture another battle
termination. IVbts w iilbo i-ontraeted Tiiere are but nine month- ... ..i
I..1 .....ft.r.,.v..., ......I.. ..... . . ' .
.j...i..s .unduly nave u oo U'ioiv tlie irat he
pi'i.'es at S,
Call and .-ee Marvin Kami's new
stock of stationary and supplies.
it.siuso him nrciwila tluesloekof
inu mat tor, novels, n.auaines, ote..
p. en. lid assortment of lUhinir'
ami a
C I II . vi s
lale.l Uiver April tit It, bvH.
Why eou-h, w hen S. I.. w ill stop it.
l.v for sale; also a line buirirv horse.
Ki'u u W . W i'
noiici:. j
I have appointed .1. T, elk, my i
Agent to sell my I rat llood lllver.i
at wholesale. Arm sr Mi t in i u. I
Tho Dalles, .Mareh hi, hl'l, j
I'ri.ell.T. In nil tl.,, U ( i n.x.Mi mi l
WitsliliiKtmi, S.i. I,. I i.lli i.lli... uiM'.i ,i run.
r, ,wii:uoi ru i:,
iut)i) iivi:i: )ii:tit)N.
taeklo, line eau.lies and all the fruits n"1'''' "' v'""""' .-, ii,i, n'.. i. M'l. :
oi srason iiuistaiitlv on hand.
NoliirU li.-r.-liv i;l.-n tin, I II,,, i.,'...
I.III...-.I M-lll.T lll.s ill.a n,,M,v .. , tut.-nt !
to 1. 1. .1..- ll.n.l em. I in Mu i ... I,,. ......... i
ii'. -I Uml sun I ... s. win l- i, h i, ,:
... -,.s,, , ,ii, i.nnviT . . .an,, oil i
. ... v ....
As I I.-..-.. 1. , . .... .. eollM-l". W lll.ll. oil . h-t..l.r "I Is. I ....
iTiinrofthoelansi.ini u'"",'V'' '"' .."" "lo , -
. ... .. ., ... oiniioii. oiisiia-ss. u . n M . .. " i, mi.
. .. ue manor uirougn. t ,oaI eonvention, llt tliat is , .o llood Kiuth lull lino of iniilinerv n ..:';. N--11""'" - ' . : T... . u
U hen It is wmnete.. liowovor t ... ..........I, ... I...:.. . t ... ........... I . : a 1.. III.. .M.
a- a lull Iii
enough to bring lorlh a new ; nd more '-""'y foils next week. M-
.....i- ...iii .... . .
v..t will U-long to the farmers, and available eandidate. iu,.-, 1,11,1 eomplete an.l'w ill s-l as '"-'o..ii.i.i..s ivsi,!..,,.-....!,,,,'', mTAiiluHi'ioi'i
t .e.litehes maintained at fritting eost. lias eomo Un, earlv. and ,!.. r-t. "' 'W. Call ami s,v mo. ft V"; 'ri';'-llVl';11 -JrT
...11. ..I.:. .. ... . ' .MIS ; S II,.,,,,.. ., , ' . "N. iv
j ..sun s uiis, iiien" yvi tie a srea. v in. . I ... . .. t. ..-.,... .. u . .. ... , ,. -...,. .,. hii,-i,ii;iii
a s, in- liable to nrovo bur ... l.! .. J...... .I .ti..i.
- me from water sold, and the returns by next June.
i'i the shaiK of oropswi.I s.hui lift every '
iiioiti;age. (.I.i the other hand, every Proceedings against the Iiata hae
larm in !ie valley w ill pay tribute an- Uvn stopped and that vessel lias Urn
l iiahy to some- foreign iHirKiration, a ordeifd sent back to Chili. It is stated V-"rl I1"'11!111"1
i-ute mat will out a large hole in the that this has Ikvii done to sh.nv the
j..-oIits of every fanner. If anything is goo.l will of this government tow ar.:-
t . 1. . . 1 : t . i
v'ivi"iif,iiMiniiiiiin' noiio at onoe; tne ( ongn-ssioiial partv. It
I. V. Kenna gives noli,,, that he is
hole to slay, and is inviiarcd to .1..
I.' M-I i;
l..ll l;.s,l.
.limn i. i ,1 ....nt ... u, i;.'k.itvi
sfl VIHsult To It. III'I K.
HIA.MON 1S, , ;v Kl.ltV
Optical Goods.
Fino Watch RopalriiiK a Spocl-
We are also prepared In lual.o out
all iieeesary papeis for tiling on (ho
; forfeited
L.V N H.
Country Property.
coitiiKspoN ii:nci; solicitkh.
No TKol l'.l.i: Id .VNSVVKIt
.painting in all i!s braneh.'s. mrorat. 111 1UU 11 ''L1C.VTION.
:ng, gildiuu, pulishing, trainiii" and ",,lV "' V:"''"l'' ' wsli. s.-in, :, isnt.
staining. Iseatuielil ,, intorior w oo, , y'"u'' ' t..i. (,r !,.- Unit il..- f,,
Socond St.
Tho Dalles. Or,
J.IV1. Huntington & Co.
( if ii i ll miii I
I'll IhitliM Dr.
I ' K!v nun ...- ... 111.-.
l,,.,,i...l ...t.l.,.. I ... ,o . I .. .. ....
car. : : ' " . '"." " i
n:.w painting done. Oni.-e at" M,,.,t ' i-o-.f ,.ui ..,.,. !";.,. i
is ex-
l or Sale.
and the Hrst stop is to get a survey and tretnelv easv to show ..mid will t, .,. ,.!., . A fl'l,i! "f bin aeres. f,,ur
r5u,at0. of th0 rmil ,Iiis i!i ",0 wi,min- Ult iZnn
ti.-ne. agitation of the .juestion is use- same good w iil exhibited when the v,.- !-aa4N. tVii.t trees, m.,st f w hi.-li an-
les-. The ( has advoeated this pie of Chili needed it would have been j" u',"'i".-. -IM! Kntpe vim s in hearing,
Measure ever si nee it started, but so far ' nmre Urotniiig in a nation th-.t .,.,'v .. h:,i' :,,'rtV,'l' 'liekberri.-s in full hearing
those most interested in the ,., ll,v,l ,,,' :. . 1,1 V n'M" berries I hi
- ,v s..,.- ,,.s iiiiuif s miii, r ve
""-i.i ...I -, hu.-oiimi- ttusii.oii,
i , i,.i r jt, x :
Sillllll.-I I in lips. j
-i :i l'..r il. vs s,,-nT, ,, i,
, tl..- r,.n..u ii... i. ii,,...-... !
His .Ol Millions IV. I, I, I,, ,. , ,,, .(ill t V lit I. I '
!. si, 1. 1 Inn. I, r .1. M,f , .1 1, . in ,'
i ion-,- lolin, Viiniv Hani, nil ,. .,n.. .... I
in. in. K Hut I ... ,isi.
-;-II.'-.h,- J.,, in ..(,i,.n,,;VNi n. i;lst, r. j
II. I". No
. M.
II,- iiiiin.
i.. ...... . ,
l.avp ..I v.... it m.i ... .. . ............. M.IIHTOV vines, ;, a.res
.. ....... ui nu .iiiviii.ou, nun ei.eui.isuiuees, s.'i-Klllr t ii ,'ooi ..f oi eoril. " ol e ovi-r lu-tv. ...... s l ..
i. is ...g.i uuie inai iney give some ex- t ranee. We are evidentlv um
.-IV..-.1..U f tl...:-....:..: . ... , . . ..
. i.ivii .'juiiH'iis, 7ur coiuiu us ; ou r neigiHiors ot rt pu'jl.ean piotli
n.i- ..jn-u mi i:ie ius-usioll ol tln ques- ltie.s
ti.iii, and in- lHie that it w ill R'etive !
that attention Yvhieh its importance1 Hlaine is unfortunate in that every ; ( K. 1. Absieti at the ranch or
demands. Hood river valley will pro-: "Hiterative dampiiool w ho in conveii- a,l llVHS ilt Hood Uiver. Or.
gress sknvly w ithout any etl'ort, but ! tlon ''vsires (, stir uj a whmj springs
with it will bloom and blossom like a 1 'nt'of his "scare head'' sentences over
garden of roses. him. Rum, l.onianisiu and Rebellion
notici: rou n r.Lic.vTioN.
Now is the time to buy your groceries,
The next thirty days ! will sell
Mist to !,'.''r," ''"''nation, halane.' timher;
lino irrigating facilities; I.i'ihi feet ,,f
iocii. tight-eovere.l Hume; two n-serens
j ami over 4iki teet ol water pipe, earr.v-
...t "inc. nun uouse. 1 flee s" "ihi
I ... .1 . .
, ... iv.ueti me unioriutnite man once,
! and since all tlie letters in the aljihabet
.... ... . , . nave lieen used alhteiatixelv c. iicern-
Ihe M,e man protit, by the expe-1 ,ng him. The latest was in'the v . -
-NOTICK I-OK IM BLICATION. I 'llirv lit Y'i.n.-o.m-i- V;lsli.,N,.,"l.
.m.i. it is li.-ri l.y jl . ii tlnit thr I
iii.i:i.-ll -. 1 . 1 1 1 1 : 1 T i i - ;;ue n, ,
.- ,i....ii ,., in; ... 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ,MI in ... ., itmt m.i.I .io! will n.ii.iv
Ioit ,!...--r niel l.ivvfv.-i- I', s. .i,i,M'.
.... ... . ...,t-,n ,-. ,
In, I-!, vi,-.:
i.i.n.l . iiii.-i- nt iii.i-oiiwr'i. s,.,. t, si
I ! ,;1M-Ii Hint II,.- IoIIo'h Ii,..;
'''-ulvr litis fl l.-.l noli -iiis- lni,.ii,m
to iniikv llii , I .i- sn,,,ii ,,r t,u vlnlm
uml Hint . !..(' ... ill . , (,,. ht.
i :.'.' l.--,-.-u. - I . s. i,,ii, ,.'
uaroiiv.-r M ush, on i -1 . . r il, s., I;
l 'n . use .ti.Jtn,
II. II. No. for i! v s ' .. i
..... i i ......... . . '
......... .... , II v llll.l ii u . MV J
I I' I II K II V W l-l. '
II,-imini-s tin-followliii: wltn.-ss-vs to prow
Ilis.-, alllillolls --si, , ,1),,,;, M, .-t.lllN l.tloll
ol. -ni, I Ian. I. I: .In. -., I, H. in i I. ..... vi.....
nt tin- lolloulin;. II.-, Anal.- II, ml .I,,-, ,,;, mIiI, ,,r,.
iioli.-. oi U.,,f in. sii'iiio-i KiU-l.iint i-.iiiin v. Hush.
I'll.-OlU, .loMII P. 1,1 Ml, HI ... Ul, I!.,;
sect r
With a discount of 10 pa.- ct);H on all bills of Of.. an;l OVOr.
.iiil;Io:i, on ii,-ii.;.-
rience of others, and there U no reason
w hy communities should not do the
- i . .
iorh. convention c.nies.i;iy, when
the fool killer's meat alluded to him as
' j' . n 's'teu the. "Matehless .Mat. from .Maine"
iv h ? r lt ?rl rrycd ,,car" ne troubi is nuw - i""t'j"-. "'
La ' T 8 W0,thI0f,'r0,,t'rty,!Wiila',',lirell,ud' 'i't than lie
he los, being omoned, in part at j can raise to see hi yvjiv throu'-h
least, ny inadequate .vater supplies audi - ' , , "
uelicieiit means of righting fire. We
I.uii.1 ouiiv nl 'iiiii-..iivi r. wnsli. Aim. il. s'i
'. I i imrrliiis.. iiinlvrs.-.. , ' -V". ' is nvrvi.y jtlv.-n lln.t tl, f,.wfW.
. - iii.i.i.-,. s,.,i,-r i,,.u .
.,..-1 o s.,.,,1 ... i..-, .
i , .. .'. - - ' -. : ' I" innkv llnal i.r.H
i-i :m,l t:,!.i .,,,.i
Al .M..l,w,-it.
A pnl. rati, in N
I ti;.' i i.-rn -i-iil l-'oi l.'iiun
r l a-.-. '., s.v.i ,,.-.,..1 s.w.' .uml n. H-.
' in. If. :i n.. r. II,-.
iiv iiii.-i:.-s n. i.,iio,-in.- itn.--
1.....1 ..I... ti. . ; i'
........ . o. . ,,.. ;,..,, rl, ,.,-,,, -is '.. .,,.
, u-i : ."", Na.liiili M. W.n.1, ,,
-, .-.union, ivii.-.cin: i-oihih v
in;;i-:i. ,i..i
K.Vlsl.T llll.l
nolii-v of liU iui. ml, , i,
i In support of hU vliiiin.
o,i iii in- ni:ri- l.i lorv tin
It.v. l.vr I . S. I. ,n, I oiti.-v i,i
Iiis i...nt.tii.,e vl.iii.i. i, iT, i , i,i,i, ...i . , , x iin.-oiivvr miisIi. on i I'uli Isni. .
vo.lnn ,
should prolit by that example. With I eral smaller ones
rt... . i... i i .... . .
- "o ' i ne sev- ii n s lit i..r tin. u- i u ii ., .
.MniMiir. t Ann I'min-ru
ll-ll lll.pM.-.-llloll V,, i;. ,,,,,1. .. !,..!
is;.. Avt .,r v iii.,-i,..s iippi-o.,.,! s.-i.i..,ii r in. is-in
.'. '"" 'xol I anil lie ' h w l-l.s.v pri,,
I II I! II K W M. 1
sin- iiiini.-s i:
i.ic.-i.rro.l A l..r 1-1 anil l,,;.s I u.ul-2. j... !:,,.. , , , ,,.:'. '" . ". .. V.'"" " "": l-mw
abundant water in our mains, we have i tlon of the stable, at the Fair , i . i MU VLV.V: ' 7. ri; :7;-. ; f , ;-V ' ' ' ' ' i ' i s ," ' i n' 'J
not a lire plug, not a foot of hose, not ! and three horses wee l,.,m.l i.-,-i,i.... '":.?:'i'J-.l:',",1A ....". " '-".'.s m. r I f itiv W 7,rUT Zl.;
1 . - - 1 1 I'lll I t..tll...l,i:il),lll i, i.JHIllMll i ..... .1 . i i , ...i.i. . '
even a uucKet or a ladder. There is n hf. ..ft..r t.... . . v.n.,.11 ..r u i. s..n... V . V .. ,.. - ' .V. ' ' "-- '
ven a bucket or a ladder. There is night, and afterwards Joe JVte.s' plan-. t T&Jt WZSt lt,.u.
nly a little garden hose, and these ing mill and stable :;nd ..eve., hors.s ly , , ; " -
-oul.l furnish but a quarter inch were burned, an 1 i everal nt her M.iall a.,,,...,,,..,, ,.,"i;'m.'!;;,:'";.1..i. ;l f NOTICK I'OIl ITI'.LI ACTION
tream it they culd be used at all. We fires were starte 1. The police force has : 1' -Z"1 1 '" Tin- r. a,., i; iv,;
ecu all organization mmnom, ..i.i, I.,..,., i. i .. . i; '. -.... .... I. 1. i', ' .... . . . .
s-X , - - r ,mM
need an organizatiou, a company with
some one in charge of it w hose Yvord
would be law in case of lire, and we
need at least four fire plugs and from
300 to 400 feet of hose, a hose cart and
a couple of good ladders. These would
cost probably and we believe this
sum could be raised Yvithout much dif
liculty. With them our property is
reasonably safe; without them we are
continually in danger. The question
resolves itself into this: ".Shall we pur
chase these things before some of us
have l.t our property, or wait for a
fire to convince us of the necessity."
It is rumored that Jay Gould, who
has wrecked more railroads than any
dozen men living, is himself about
wrecked, and that he will retire from
active business. The public need not
be hasty with its rejoicings, for the dis
patch adds: "his business will be con
ducted by his sons." It will be seen
from this that the case is similar to that
of the man who traded his hound val
ued at -5100 for two hound pups of the
value of $.30 each.
been increased until it ..nmU.. . 1
Intnl.'. ti:,- lol!,
H iln. ss,.s in ,,io.i,! Notlvcjls hvrvliy clwii llmt t. r.illmvliiit. I
. . 1 1. 'II Hi K r nu ..I ....It!...... . . . Ii'iliioi ...I .... il . .1 ...ii . o i . . . . i
an.1 the utmost vi,.-il-m,.. !...:.... f. . " " "V " " '." " .'V' " " ".ivniion
. ...... UL,U" 111,1111- . , , ,..',,,.,. .-. II I, sll. )t , ,j (. ,,.V.I :"".",.- HIIHI proill HI il I II). 't OI II S
tained. A ma.-s
As I grind and make my ow n feed, I m prepared lo s. II at ,
VYrile for quotations.
W. H. LOCHHEAD. - - - -
i-,:,, -i i i , : v . r'""1
inct-till" Was (-.il1!-.!1 U- i- i- - ' ' " V 1,11 "' ' " 1 l'r''i win ni- h.-ior.. r hi- '
,,,,. , , . ., , . ! , t , . I Is O- 1. 1 1., 1 1 I ' III II I V , ,1 Sj j J i' ( 1 11, ! '''-' -1 I 11 1 1 1 1 I ( -( - V IT . , s.. (. I J j,. 1 1; vH ,
ivi.s ..oven in nil lue city of tramiis i'-'"" .o.n.x j., Kvi,ivr. "". n i'vioiaii issu, viz: ,
and vagrants. It is thought all danger NOTICK KOIt lM'lildCATION. i v l'??'1' Mr N,'iI- Prnnrlnll Rr Rurrrnf
boin this source is now past. ,,,,,,1,,,,, , t.iv ,.,,,., u,,s.,. ,sn, ! ntit 'i 'li'TV. W tidllUclii IX DlirffGU
The District Fair meets at The Dalle, 'g ' rV' "
one week from next Tuesday. Ho ' pMXMl Zl ! A !"' "' n
west prices.
Tho D.i!lo3 Oro:,on
. -wx
t.. II . . miii uas laKt-n tlie premiums on
nearly all fruit shown. She can d.. so
A. Siurcv
II. I). No. Lll, fur tin- S, ' ; n, w. '.' nnI w. '
1 1 .-. IS 1 W I) l! V. it: ll"i.- "' I
this year, and we horn, will .. ! .u .. .. "'J"i T"!."''" iv"v- I-"'"iiii.-v at Tl,.. imii,-., )r. a..b. I'i. mh.
"(Mid It 1 .. . , i i i , ' lot, -f,i,l lanil, viz;' K. I-i-'i.-i- l:.l,-ri,-l- 'l'-' 1 N,,,l!v ls I'cn-I.y ulvvn Unit II... r. .1 !. .vl nir-
"T exlJ"Jlt- jt a sp.endid adver-i n, ,. m.,,,,,,', h. ;.ki .r his itv,,ti,,
ti.-ement, and has the additional merit ' Hi 11,1 -M-ia-. i '" l,l'."k'' ,r""r 1,1 Mi'poit "f lil,
of pajing the pel sons who advert sedi- i - 1 -,sl,r'- ; it-Kist.-r hikI l!-i-iv.-r r. h. I., o. ucri.e littli
' Vlll'lf!.' I.'.I. Ill'l.t lo . ,..... on Mlllllivr S. IS II. V
...... iv j. j .i. i i. iii, iv.. i Il.N. . ..... . .
rcctly, as wvli as giving thein the
If )f I
benelit of the ad.
Land Oflive at Viiacnnvvr, M ash. Sept. 1, WU
The burning of the armory at The
Dalles has caused it to be stated that
Col. Houghton would resign, and that
the Third regiment would be disband
ed. We do not believe this latter will
happen. I t is possible, perhaps prob
able, that Col. Houghton will resign
and that The Dalles may lose the head
quarters, but this need not kill the reg
iment, and there is plenty of material
for filling any office in it.
'.I 'I'., :' V I, "w l.-,.u. :.
place. His cervices on the bcnc'i of the ; . "" " ""-' "ll" '"-' witnesses to prow
Flisti-if-t ,.,,.. . , ,"'''iiniiH.iisr('sl(li.iii.eiiKiM,)iii-iiitivti,M
JJlhtllCt Celli't lor iiUllibci ess vears i-n.i of. :ii,l n,i. viz. .-,. '. . '"
j title him to promotion, and we hope he j tri'ilr 'iv IJwasli'i.nJ;:1 ' Va"
....... no u. . WIf.MAM If. SI'KM.T.Jt.
-. I if oincstcad Kntry No. 70 : for tin- v. v s w l-l
I'- Morgan has resigned the i tf&-W """ I'"t ' 2 S,r' T"' 1
editorship of the Wasco ,S',, nfter '". ni,l"!V ""' '"".I" vl.i.r witness,,, ,
i.-.i.i:.... , .. ... ,-,
j month
ir v.. ,hu.- .. . . ... ....
I ,,y t,,,.(.r Umt ,,. fo OHilli;. . sV : I, ,. '.' " ---v. .-. I .-,,-v. ,M p,
.Univ.; iiiiiil I1Im in MiltlHll'i III thcii'l i i r in 'I'm1
vlalrns inid tlmt si.i.l ..i-,.fu ,'. n .... . .... . 11 s ""!( tiiions r.i.slili-nvv iiihiii ,i,,,I i-iiltlvnilnn
W. It. I.iuilmr Coinniissi,,,,,.,. r viC V1'"'' 'i',1"!: )Y'- (i'-".i.'v IVrkins, Id-rt ilrn
.Circuit Court lor l.isii-i,- ., u ,li, , . , ' ! -M- ' "I'twln, of .Ml ll, or.. ,,il .1. i,.
at ..olilctidale, MasliitiL'ton on (i,-lolii-r al isi.i i .V-1-"":."1 """" .mver nr.
,..,,,..-,1,1.; .iiiii.s .i,r...vts, it
The death of Ju.i.c Sawyer leaves a
vactincy in the U. S. Circuit Court, and
juoge jjea.iy is tietng urged for the
puice. Judge D.-ady is able, fearless : viz: ISIAIAII (.. Nl'KNCKlt.
ana in every way ..indili.-d for tl. ' v" "i V r ' ZU P ! :. r.'.v '."' 'A w H
Lund Olllcent Viinvoiiver, Wash July 20, IHOI,
N.illve h hereby (riven that, the f.illowln.
named settler bus filed notice of his intviilion
to innkv II tut 1 proof in support .if his claim
and Unit snld iiroor will . muili- before the
J'.ealsteriilKl hi-eelver I'. H. Land Olllee lit
anvoiiver Wash, on septeiiibvi- 21, lHill, viz:
Hiii;o w. KiiliiibiiuKf-n.
Cash iipiilleiillon to purvliiise no. 12 under
A Full Line of
MilaiiM Gooes.
'r it
t 1
The New York Kepublican state con
vention at its session Wednesday nom
inated J. iSloat Fassett for the ollice of
governor. This may be all right in
New York, but it is a dead gamble that
in the wild and wooly woods of Oregon
no man who parts his name in the
middle could be elected to any office.
..:., ,, , .. . . , . ' l '""': "'Hp'io'is resmemi- iik.ii, and vi.. i 3 !. r..rfell(ir..ii-l iipproved Sept. ailli
ding down the tripod for three i "' liinil vlz: '"''v n. Lvi- 1!'", 'r 'i"- w'A " y. n . -. n w u mni n w i
llths Ifis ,iii l ti . ."''""-.''.-.V yder. Kllis j;. liewi-ll, Mmcus i w sec :tl Tp .1 n r lie - m. ' '
mils. Jus duties in the Clerk's of- '-an I'.ibber, all of I. vie P. (,. wnsl.o,,',!,.,. Ileniiiueslliefolloulm. u-ii,.sU..u
nee ic.juire all Ills tllllC. hence ihis..,. I i'.i,ijii::iei,aii, Keii.ster. ' I 1 ...ii 1 1 n nous resilience upon an 1 en II I vnt Ion
(i ,r 1 nr, said land, viz: .loin. I-:. Conbov VVeazel
uon. -Mr. .Morgan is a graceful v. l iter NOTICK KOJt I'UHLICATION I j'"-d.-, I'eter Conbov, mi of cuda Wlinli. mid
and his retirement a, loss to Ihe profes-! "'''"" Vata-ouwr Wash. A,. V, W,l a;;c!JV,,:i:i;!:V,'on;j;;o:.v' ttcdster
SlOll. Jlis successor is not named Notice is hereby given tlmt, Ihe f.illinviii- i ' " ' '
"Q"- "."Hid. j riaiiii-ds.-tllei-shasllledi.otiee(,ftheirii.ler,,rn ' " " "
' i io iiiiiK.-iinai pront in siippnrt, of (lieirelnin
111. IT. ml,,.. . TT 1 . . i.v I ooi .. in ni; n ul l, before till
m O'Mltt)", .e(!iie.sI:iy,i and Fridays i''-'1""'' '' ivc iver r. s. i.;,d oiii,:., ,,
Of each week l.etvvcen SentcrnlK-r l "'..-ouver wash, on Oct,.i,(,-a-i, l.v.i, viz:
and October 17, the I'i d . Pa e u- ii I Ti.i:o)(mi-: (jakstkns.
He narne-i tiie following witnesses to nrovi
lion oi, mi ii lam , vi: Al 11. .lewett, Tlieo, ore Address A H llimi-vm
fsukesiiori. l-inn!.' M. Ijoie, Kred W ilker n . !, .'" '
of white .Salmon Kliki.atV"wa Hoi.d Hi ver, Oregon.
louiid trip.
Visit the Kxjicsition
i to ltiiiketini.l ii.-oof in uii,.,.,.,., I
I uml ll,i,ul,l ,,rr ...iii' i... ..... ... . .. VlklJ VIII.'
............ ....... .,,.,, 1M; ,,,, neiore rile . "i
Two lots with jjnnd lio.ise, burn and hepnerv
plenty of fruit. Price m. Also nix lots
Willi ;iiod bouse mid out, line lawn all
kinds ftffruil, wirden etc. Price 52KX1. Im
proveiiients alone -ost in ii-e asked. 'J'IiIh Is a
He names ti.e following l,. .,. ? "" '""'" , "" speeulalion. Owner
hcrvontiauous ivsi.lem.e , .', :.. """"V. win iniist sen. J line will hi
Mail Orders 'Pronplly AUcndcd lo
100 Second St. The T)alo.s, Or.
Olinger & Bone
ivory ant
We sincerely hope that there is no
truth in the rumor that property own
ers in The Dalles have raised their
rents 'since the tire. Such a course
might put a few dollars in their pock
! ets, but will result in driving popula
tion away and eventually leaving their
; Louses vacant.-
viz: l ltANCIs M. LAXK.
U.K. No. .-.1,81, fortheKMneK am' n " s
Jie iiiinies tlie lollowin!' wilnesveu o. ,,.,.,.
And the Xorlh P.tcillc In-Jitslrial Es-
posit i6n.
To those dcs:riii,r iii . ;:. .1 .. . i ll r continuous resilience iipnn iiiidciiiiiv'ition
tin. r I' " ? 1,0 VXP'W- s'! "."'. vi: Thvodon-hukvsd f A I
' , V :,,tlJ."; WlU tickets :';'';; -V;,""'" Wl.all o. white Salin'm
at one and one-filth fare for the round I ."i"sh- 1 1""i"ru (-'arstmis, of an.
trio on Mnml-ive w i i ,x-l"u,'' I mcr Klickilnt ( o. wiish. '
tup, on Alond!is, Wediiesdavs inn): viz vwinvii ..... r.
II .1). i, 10 for the lots land 2 and e M n wV
nci-7 lp:lii rllu h-iii, l yi
He "allies tiie I'ollowinK w llncsses to prove
bis continuous i.-si.icrice up.,,,, aixl vulliva-
i'"1!- "Ji ..f"',i'1 '""'b vlz: Tli' odore Sukes
dorf Al H. .Jewell, l-'rancis M. I.a,,,., Jae.,1, ;
.laeobson. all oi white Saliicm Klickitat Co
s,lii lU Joiin I). (iKuniiKiiAN, Kcuter
I , u "f. vm'k '"'tween .Septem
ber Hi and October 17, l.S'iJ.
Have you seen the SUOO antioue
m tp!e bed room set at the furniture
Lnnd;ofIlce nt, The Dalles, Or. Aiw, l.'l, JS01.
Notice Is hereby j;ven that the followinc
nained Ki ttler has tiled notice of his Intention
to make final proof in Kiiiporl of his claim,
and that mid pioof will be made before the
Ki-Kisler and liccclver I'. H. L. O. at The DallcM
"rt-ituti, on .September, IS. lHill. viz:
Conrad It
1 1. S. No. f, I IS, for n w y. n w i sec. 4 Tp. 2 a
r M e w m.
He names the follow'n witnesses to prove
his coiitlniiou.s residei.ce ipnn and cultivation
of. said land, viz: in.lloortnan, W. A.
Iloi.i-man, It. A. Pratl, John Wilson, all of
Hood Kivcr Oivjon.
iDiH-scidL' John W. Lkwis, Hcgistt-r.
Oak Street, near Postofue,
Wc have First-Class Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, Hack?
and Saddle Horses. '
A Fine Four-Ilorse Concb, suitable for fishing or excursion
Frties, carries mne paengcrs, Parties taken to any acceL
tie point. Hehublrj drivers J
Our Dray delivers baggage or freight nnyvvhere in the Valley
Charges lieasonable.