The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 12, 1891, Image 1

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    The Hood River Glacier.
VOL. .5.
NO. 15.
Sfccd Iiver (Slacier.
The Glacier Publishing Company.
On. tr ,
(ii miinth. ,
Tin... iiiiititti. ,
kiil. coy . . , , , ......
... I Of
Ut. Chi. I ) II N Unt nmr
Iiiuul :: Law :: SpccialiHt..
hiHin No. a, i .ihI (im.' iiiiiMini,
Til K I'AI.I.K.H, OH
Real listate Broker,
f irf, Liro and Accident Iniurancs.
Money Loaned on Real Estate Security
t'fTW, Krii-h k i'n '. Sink lliiilillng,
Grant Evans, Pr opr.
..mud Si., Ouk. IIihhI Hirer, Or.
Shaving km) lluii flitting neatly
Sulikfw'tiiiii oikiunttT.I.
Fruit-Growiner in Ari-
zona Territory.
Two Hundred Minors Arrive In One
Day at the New Mining
Camp in Utah.
Barber Shoo
Strawtierries grow in Alaska, and now
Ih mill season (or thiMii.
Arizona lii)H'H Miion tt) lie n rival to
California in the fruit-growing line.
It in again rcjMirtftl thiit the I tniHiiiiiirti
have sold tin Wellington collieries to a
Tti government steamer Albatross,
which has been in the service of the
Fish Commission Hinci July Hi, in lit As
toria, ami will await orders there. Tlio
Commissioners llllVC gillie I'.HHt.
A party of land swindlers, have liecn
arrested ut Portland. They have been
locating parties on laud on tint payment
o( $5;), and claimed that a syndicate
tliey represented would buy the latul at
an advance.
The sheep industry in Oregon in a
growing one. Orcein in now fn rniHhiiir
sheep for the Black Hills country. The
other day 115 carloads left l'endlettui for
Maudlin, N. 1)., where they will lie put
on the range.
1'ort Townsend according to olllcial re
turns cleared 117 more vessels din ing the
fl rut three months of this year than New
York did. The tonnage of the whips
cleared wiih a third more than that of
those from New York.
The run of salmon has begun in dead
earnest and large catches are reported
all over the Sound. The Myers cannery
at Mukilteo is receiving between 5,000
and (1,11(10 fish per day, and is now can
ning them as fast an received.
Beventeen cases in which the United
States brought suit against the l'uget
Sound Mill Company have been decided
by the act ing Secretary and the rulings
of the Commissioner in the same re
versed. This is a victory for the com
pany. The crew of the bark Pisagua, which
vessel has just reached Victoria, B.C.,
complain of having I wen fed with rotten
meat, which they could not eat, and they
bad subsisted on bread lor weeks. The
captain had the mate and two men in
irons, and charged them with mutiny.
At the new mining camp of La Plata,
near Ogden, U. T., 200 prospectors ar
rived recently. At a meeting held to lo
cate town streets a row arose, and the
meeting adjourned to avoid trouble. The
center of the camp has a sign, "China
men and Dugos, take a sneak," attached
to a pole, from whh it hangs a rope with
a noose at the end.
At San Francisco Colonel C. F.Crocker
was quite seriously hurt the other day
by falling from a street car. lie was sit
(, Jing on the railing of a car, and when it
, ' started suddenly he fell oil', and his head
truck the paving, lie was at once taken
to his home, and a surgeon was called in.
The opening of the terminal road to
Long Beach and San Pedro, which will
take place within six weeks, will be at
tended with considerable improvements
at those places. A new hotel will be
erected either Bt Long Beach or on the
Rat tlesnake Island terminus of the line,
which will be renamed and made a sum
mer resort. The Southern Pacific will
also probably erect a new hotel on the
site of the structure recently burned at
Long Beach.
Ill Aac..l VhIiihIIxii .if Hi I'lt.'llli'
C.iMal Ml 1. 1 anil I lull.
special from Washington says it is
hclictcd that cx-Oovurnor Cheney will
be Secretary Proctor' siicci'mhoc in the
Information Iuih been received that
Charles W. Hint of New York has lccii
appointed CoiiHul-liciicra! of Chili by
President ISnlmaeeihl.
The llepiirtment of State has been of
ficially notified that the city of Trieste.
Austria, lias ceased to lie a free port and
is now on the same fooling with regard
to customs duties as the other ports of
the A ust riii-Hungary Empire.-
The Secretary of the Treasury has de
cided that Song Chong Hop ami Hop, the two Chinese hoys, 17 and 15
vears of age, who allege they were horn
In Texas and MiilM.iiiently visited Can-
ion, t, tuna, are not dciiarn-ii from re
turning to the United Slates if they pro
duct! mitisfitclorv evidence that thev
were horn in this country.
Assistant Secretary Craunse has issued
a circular to customs officers aa follows:
"In all case of seizure of spirituous
liquors unide on account of violations of
eiiNtoiiiN laws in States wherein locsl
laws forbid the public sale of spirituous
lienors Collectors will hereafter hold the
articles sci.ed and reMrt each case to
this department for such action as will
not contravene local statutes."
Secretary Noble has sent the following
telegram to Coventor Steele of Okla
homa in reply to a dispatch inquiring as
to the time and conditions for owning
to settlement the Indian land" in Okla
homa Territory : "There ii nodavset
for opening tin Indian lands. The Pres
ident has not been consulted, and he will
have to determine. I have rciiucHtcd
sufficient force to protect Indian lauds
until opened. I am sure the sople will
understand that thev cannot go noon
these limits until all conditions with the
Indians are complied with and the proc
lamation ihsiiihI. lhe law-aliKling citi
zens will Is protected so far as my au
thority goes, and those lisolcyiiig the
law and committing trespasses shall gain
nothing thereby, but rather incur loss.
Please keep me advised."
The census bureau has Issued a bulle
tin on the assessed valuation of the real
and personal property of the several
Mutes and Territories. The bulletin
shows that the assessed value of all prop
er! v has increased in the hint decade
er.t decrease of
Illinois allows an appar-
$.V.i,2tH,(KK), Is-cause the
State Board of Equalization declares the
asHCKHcd value to be at AO ht cent., ami
in IM'.H) only 25 per cent, of the true
value. Among the States showing in
crease are the following: California,
$IS0,524,mHI; Idaho, $10,140,000; Mon
tana. $H7,87:i,00t; Nevada, $4,628,000;
I'tali, 7!i,li:i:l,(XM; Washington, $100,
IS.".,IHH; Oregon, $1 ;$,504,(HH. The as
sessed valuation mt capita, exclusive of
Oklahoma, in IM'.HI was $3,870.20, an in
crease of about $50 over 18S0.
William II. Williams, who went to
Seal Island three months ago as a spe
cial at nt of the government, has just
returned to Washington. He said that
tlespite the presence of nearly a dozen
American and English men-of war in
and around Bchriug Sea illicit sealing
was being carried on extensively. Pre
vailing fogs in the sea made it easy for
fast-sailing schooners to elude pursuit,
and Williams is of the opinion that the
illegal catch for the present season will
number 20,000 seals. Of the 7,500 skins
allowed privilege holders this year 0,300
caught by natives for food have already
passed into the hands ut t he North Amer
ican Commercial Company. This leaves
only 1,200 seals to lie captured Is-tween
now and May 1 of next year; and, as
that niimls-r will not supply the Aleuts
on the Islands of St. Paul and St. George
with food, the Commercial Company will
have to keep the natives from starving.
Williams is of the opinion that a couple
of years' protection to seals is necessary
in onier to keep them from iKMng exter
I'roremi of rtiotixriapliliiK In Color
I'ltlenleil In l.omloii.
Over 10,000 miners in South Wales
have struck.
Denmark will bo heard from at the
World's Fair.
Russia has authorized a temporary
loan of 25,000,000 credit roubles.
Severe earthquakes are reported in
various portions of Italy.
A Berlin court baa decided that a
butcher can make and sell dog sausages
it lie labels ttiem as such.
A process for photographing in colors
has lieen patented in Jjondon, and a
company is aboot to begin business.
Women in Sweden have now obtained
official permission from the government
to be received as pupilB of apothecaries.
The Kaiser has sent to the Queen a
fine picture of his yacht, the Uohenzol
lern. representing himself standing on
the bridge in full naval uniform.
The inhabitants of Pivoli, incensed at
a Bishop because be tried to prevent
services in Roumania, seized him, pulled
his lieard out and dragged him through
the streets.
From Hamburg conies a report that
the Empress Frederick refuses to take
any notice of the Princess Bismarck, and
even declines to recognize her when they
happen to meet in the course of their
Liverpool intends spending $30,000
more in attempting to do away with that
nuisance, the Liverpool bar. They have
already spent $50,000 buying two power
ful dredgers and carrying away 420,000
tons of Band.
The British surveying ship Rambler
has returned home alter triangulating
the whole coast between Shanghai and
Hongkong. Many points, including
lighthouses, were found to be out of po
sition on the chart, the Breakwater Point
lighthouse fully a mile.
Cannol Coal Struck
Bath, Maine.
Ontario Confiscates Short-Weight
Bread and Gives It to Chari
table Institutions.
Opliiin-Hinokinif is increasim; in Phial
Only one Indian left In Illinois
the census.
A vein of caiinel coal has Is en struck
at Bath, Me.
The People's party in Kansas
penny coiiirinuiious.
Mr. Blame thinks of improving his
proerty at Bar Harltor.
The Mayor of Philadelphia cannot lie
elected to a second term.
i lie ow ners oi apartment houses in
Boston projMiMe to organize.
rvparaie cars lor tnacKs ami whites in
Texas have proven a failure.
I lie assesHeil valuation of real estate
in Pennsylvania is 7.'2,.'i(N),H72,
1 he Wyoming legislature has passed
a law taxing ttacheiors f2 a year.
tienerai i.nuer is Having some grim
enjoyment in reading his obituaries.
the AlliamiA siKakers who are to
stump Ohio will " live on the farmers."
In Ontario short-weight lreai is con
tlscatcd ami given U) charitable institu
Boodle charges are now made in con
nection with the harlsir works at To
Mr. W'at.amaker is thinking of intro
ducing a pneumatic ostal service in St.
The Upper Mississippi is rapidly get
ting into an unsatisfactory low-water
Guatemala will probably reproduce at
the Chicago Fair one of the old palaces
in antique.
The Francklyn eott ige, w here Presi
dent Garfield (lied, has ls-en bought bv
inn i rustees.
The farmers near Terrp U nite. Ind..
want the $105,000 stallion Axtell assessed
at that figure instead of $5,00,1.
Connecticut is overrun with skunks;
they even peregrinate into the cities and
cause many unpleasant incidents.
A cotton trust is forming in the South,
the object Iteing to save the present large
crop from being sacrificed to low prices.
Canadian authorities have prohibited
the circulation through the mails of that
country of sixteen papers printed in
this country.
A leading hotel at Asbury Park, N. J.,
has been lined $100 for serving oleomar
garine to its guest?, w ho did not detect
the imposition.
Following the suggestion of General
Booth in Eiiiland, the Salvation Army
in this country is proposing to go about
the streets on bicycles.
The Prohibitionists of Nebraska have
placed Mrs. Ida M. Bittenbender. a fe
male lawyer of Lincoln, in the field for
Supreme Judge of the State.
A new dry dock is proposed for the
Brooklyn navy yard, to lie 000 feel long
and 14G feet wide, to lie of wood and
concrete and to cost $000,000.
The New York Press announces that
the old John Roach ship yard has re
ceived the contract for an 8, 000-ton mail
steamer from the Pacific Mail Company.
Premier Abliott says the scandals un
earthal by the investigations at Ottawa
are very serious, but he adds the govern
ment proposes to punish the guilty par
ties. The citizens of Stevens county, Kan,,
in which the county-seat question has
canned some bloodshed, want an investi
gation of the finances by State author
ities. Boston has good evidence of the large
ness of the peach crop. The Transcript
says that already the Hub has received
more of the fruit than it sometimes gets
in an entire season.
A glut in the New York lemon market
has been brought on by immense impor
tations. A week ago there were in port
three steamers with 50.000 boxes on
board, with no sale for any of them.
It is said Claus Spreckela is to be pros
ecuted for engaging Austrians to come to
this country under contract to work in
his refineries. Two of the men reached
New York last week, and are to be re
turned to their country.
A New Orleans dispatch says: The
Texas Farmers' Alliance is responsible
for the injury to the trade of Galveston..
The Texas Railroad Commission, which
has fixed cotton rates, and the Texas
alien land are both the work of the Alli
ance, and both are showing their hurtful
Indian lands in the Indian Territory
nurchased during the uast vear bv the
government will he opened to settlement
by proclamation by the President Sep
tember 10. The knowledge of this fact
has attracted many boomers already.
The Keeley cure for drunkenness made
famous by the publicity given it by Ed
itor Medi'll of Chicago is not an unmixed
blessing. It is claimed that bichloride
of gold, which is the remedy, not only
removes tne taste tor nquor, nut during
the period of active treatment paralyzes
the memory. Patients, they say, forget
the names of their friends and theirown
nam us and the names of places.
I'ruii4l Sole, of ll-KHt. to Urn I'iiu
veiillou. At 7:''M this evening the delegates of
the various camps of I hi ted Confederate
Veterans will asM-inble at Meu.orial Hall
t'i elect p. Maj ir-General Ut command the
Ixmisiana Hivision for the ensuing year.
The rumored candidates are the inciim
be .t (w ho Iiiih served but the third of a
full term;, W.J. Behan
of the Army of Northern Virginia; Gen
eral John Glynn, Jr., Army of TenneH
see; Colonel J. P. Richardson, Wach
ingtoii Artillery, and Colonel George
Moorman of the civulry. There may la,
however, come " dark horses " from' the
Below will Isi found such personal
note's concerning delegates as The Item
reporters have U-en ab.e to pick up, a
iiuiulx-r who promised memoranda not
having sent it in and others not being
Colonel It. F. Fshleman, the present
chief of the veteran corps, Washington
Artillery l amp, went out with the fa
mous battalion in lstil as Captain of the
fourth company. He was the first ollicer
wounded at the battle of Bull Run.
After serving gallantly in several en
gagements he was promoted to Major
ship of the battalion, and was in com
mand at the surrender at Appumattox.
Paul Conrad. A true representative
of" lieiu lemps" is found in Paul
Conrad, a delegate from Camp Heary,
St. Paul. He in a purely typical liouisi
anian. With an ancestry as old as the
country, he combines in himself every
essential feature of the old-time Creole,
with the progressive characteristics of
the present age.
Born in this city on December 31,1840,
of native parentage, be, with many
whose names will ever live in the his
tory of the State, attended the public
school of this city.
At an early age the death of his father
left him to bullet the world with but lit
tle help, save the encouraging and wise
counsel n of a brave mother, and deter
mined his early embarkation in the va
rying and stern actualities of life.
lie began a commercial career when
barely 15 years of age in the wholesale
grocery business, and aftewards engaged
in the cotton business
i ne war nreaKing out when he was
about 20 years of age, he joined the
Chasseurs a Pied, one of the lirst com
mands to leave this city for the then seat
of war, Pensacola, in April, lWd.
His career as a soldier was conspicuous
for his personal daring and bravery, not
unmixed with a fair share of romance,
and paying trie pi nalty of his venture
some spirit, he was three times badly
wounded, once in front of Richmond, at
the battle of Crazier rami, June ;t0,
j bo i, where ne was appointed color-
bearer of his battalion on the field by
the i olonei commanding. J he Mag tluu
entrusted to him, which he carried to
the end of the war, is the same battle
flag which was presented to St. Paul's
Battalion by General Longstreet to com
memorate their desperate charge at
Seven Pines, and which was after the
surrender at Apimmattox taken to a
place of safety in Richmond.
Alxmt l.HiOa meeting of the veterans
of the old command delegated Mr. Con
rad to go to Richmond and secure the
battered war emblem, which he did. and
after reporting to his old comrades in
arms he delivered the nag into the cus
tody of the Association of the Army of
northern irgtma. whicti lias unfurled
it in Memorial Hall, where it now hangs.
a silent and eloquent reminder of those
troublous times which brought it intoex-
At Sharpsburg (or Antietam) Septem
ber 10, 1801, he was a second time
wounded, and fell into the hands of the
Federals. After being exchanged and
before thoroughly recuperated from his
disabling wounds, we find him again in
the field of active duty with his com
mand in and about the historical Black
water, Southampton county, Va., and at
the battle of Belletield be was again
Surrendering with the last forlorn
hope, after four years and several months
of actual active service, he resumed his
duties of citizenship to his native State,
relapsing into those peaceful pursuits in
winch he could serve his people most
beneficially. In 1807 he was elected As
sistant Secretary of the Finance Com
mittee of the City Council, where his
intelligent administration of the office
soon promoted him tothe Secretaryship.
With varying successes to himself
financially he thereafter engaged in va
rious commercial enterprises, until ot
lute years he acquired a home in the
town of Waveland, adjoining Bay St.
Louis, Miss., where his progressive spirit
and enlightened enterprise were soon
recognized, and he was elected and is
still serving as a Councilman of that cor
poration. His suggestions of progress
were soon adopted bv his new constitu-
ents.and some time ago he was called up
on to serve as President of the Gulf Coast
Ice and Manufacturing Company, which
is now affording such material comforts
to the denizens of that lively little town.
Many years ago he accepted a a ibal
tem poeition with the Louisiana Stat
Company, where his worth was
Boon recognized," and his promotion to
the internal direction of his office affairs
gradually followed, and which upon the
death of their late President, Dr. M. A.
Dauphin, culminated in his being chosen
President of that vast institution which
office he now holds with credit to himself
and advantage to the company.
He is also a Director in the Cherokee
Iron Manufacturing Company of Rusk,
Tex., which has sought the benefit of his
advice and experience, and altogether he
finds his time well taken up with the
administration of the affairs of others.
Yet with his multifarious duties he re
mains what he ever was, a true and loyal
friend and safe adviser, one upon whom
none who know him ever hesitate to en
truiit their most secret confidences.
His peculiar attributes are his un
swerving devotion to duty, his undeviat
ing punctuality and his lovalty to any
cause he may espouse. Xew Orhan
(La.) Cily Item, May 30,
Gold and Silver Scarce
in Portugal.
Mr. Gladstone Denies That He Knew
of Mr. Parnell's Secret
Prince George of Wales is to be made
a commander in the royal navy.
Nordica will make a concert tour of
the United States on her ow n account.
Gold and silver have almost entirely
disappeared from circulation in Portu
gal. Russia has not prohibited the expor
tation of rye liefore since the Crimean
Austria expects to reap a golden har
vest out of the Russian rye prohibition
with her abundant harvests.
The Princess of Wales fund for the
benefit of Mrs. Grimwood, the heroine
of Manipur, amounts to $7,500.
The famous Sevres porcelain manufac
tory is likely to be closed, the demand
for its wares having fallen off.
The Portuguese are shamefully abus
ing the natives in Southeastern Africa,
especially in Mozambique, and seize the
women as slaves.
The English colonial office has just
consented to the appointment of a Chi
nese Consul at Hongkong for one year
as an experiment.
An Odessa Jew named Kaplan has ee
cured the punishment of a police agent
for assault, having paid the Chief of Po
lice for protitction.
Everything is quiet at Nankin, where
the Viceroy is settling claims. His an
swer to the foreign Ministers' demands
is eminently evasive.
The Manipur Regent in power at the
time of the recent massacre in India and
Prince Angao Sena have leen exiled for
life, the death sentence having been
A mine of mercury, said to be exceed
ingly rich, has been recently discovered
in liiazil. Tin's is the only Brazilian
mine of that kind of which we have any
The Catholic papers at Treves urge the
pilgrims not to buy relics from the Prot
estants, as they ridicule the holv coat
now on exhibition there, although glad
to profit by the exhibition.
Despite official denial it is still as
serted that a government order has
been dispatched to all Russian and
Polish railways forbidding them to ex
port any more wheat, rye or flour.
Loud complaints continue to be made
of the management of the Bayreuth mu
sical festival. It is alleged that the Di
rectors reduced everything to a commer
cial basis, and a very sordid one at that.
The English government will call the
attention of the United States govern
ment to the improper packing of cotton
cargoes for Fmgland, which endangers
the loss of the vessel while the cargo is
in transit.
Snain has given Great Britain formal
notice of its intention to terminate July
1 iievt Ilia truatv Kv U-1.I..K tha nwn.l.mfa
of Canada are admitted into the Spanish
West Indies under the "favored-nation"
No prima donna of English birth, it is
said, has appeared this season at Covent
Garden in London. Albani was born in
Canada, Melba in Melbourne, Nordica,
luimia Raines ana Sybil Sanderson in
the United States.
Tn Brenlfln dintrinta in llarmanir
cotton-weavera are in a condition bor
dering on starvation. Eight of the
largest mills have been closed, and some
of the former employes have lieen glad
to accept work breaking stone at 10
pence a uay.
A npn&nHnn ha.a hpAn ranawt K.r fKa
disnniiparnnce of the Rporisitrar-Iunorol
of Berlin, Germany, Herr Kanneyses
sera. He had been gambling heavily of
inic, oiiu in uun inauiuce won z-i,uuu
marks in a lottery. It is believed that
his losses on the turf eirppp.t hia n-in.
nings elsewhere, and that, finding him-
seu unaoie io pay nis aeota, ne nas com
mitted suicide.
An old woman died in the smith nt
France, aged 83, and in "grateful recog
nition of the intelligent n nit dnvntH cava
of Dr. X., which had enabled her to
reach a ripe old age," she left him every
thing in her cabinet. After her death
the executor unlocked t.h
found in it, unopened, unsealed and un
corked, all the pills and potions pre
scribed for the deceased by Dr. X. dur
ing the past ten yeara. Is the will a
forgery ?
The ukase nrnhihitinw the Drnnrlolinn
of rye from Russia has gone into effect.
The government is tkimr n nnmlw nf
other measures intended to protect the
peop'e irom distress on account of bad
harvests. Inland t.rnnsnnrtati
----- v. fV vuwvu lilting
on grain have been reduced, and free
suDDlies of fuel will lw
of necessity. To carry out this intention
ine ueiurai government nas ordered a
necessary number of trees to be felled in
cient for the destitute during the entire
mi. m . i
wimer. vjovernors oi tne twenty
nmvinnpa litralv ,a anf mnct Kana
instructed to set to work at the construc
tion of new roads and the inmrovpmont
of old ones in order to furnish employ
ment ior ine peasantry. A sum of 15,
000,000 roubles baa been appropriated
ior me purpose.
A ut lli Condition of It Dif
ferent lrartinnt.
Biifliness has been very active this
wek, especially in the vegetable and
fruit line. The amount of trading waa
in excess of any previous week this year,
in other lines trade has been very good.
The local demand for flour ia steady. and
the export demand for China and San
Francisco is larger than the supply. Re
ceipts from the Valley and Eastern Ore
on were very light. Prices have ad
vanced, and dealers look for higher quo
tations. Oats are more steady, owing
to light receipts and a large demand.
Millstuffs are scarce. The demand for
IMitatoes is fair and the supply very large.
Vegetables and fruits are in large sup
ply. The butter and cheese markets are
'inn. Eggs are steady and in fair de
uHiid, receipts being light. Chickens
ire very plentiful, but find a fair sale.
Verv little is doing in dried fruits. The
local demand for wool is fair, holders are
linn, and buvers are not very willing to
purchase. Tdie hide market is weak.
Telegraphic advices report all marketa
lull and easier. English cargo market
i neglei ted and tsl per quarter cheaper.
MaiK IJine spot market lsdull and tend
:n lower; Liverpool spot is weaker, and
futures at the close showed a decline oi
I 4 fC l?4i percental.
Produce, Prnlt, Et.
WiiEvr Valley, 1.52'1.5i; Walla
Walla, $I.47'..Vrt 1 50 per cental.
Flock Standard, 5.00; Walla Walla, ier barrel.
Oats Old, 4550c; new, 4042c
per bushel.
II w $1214 per ton.
Miu-sri ffs Bran, $22(323; short,
nominal, $25(526; ground barley, $ 0$
32; chop feed, $22'26 per ton; barley,
$1.2 Ho 1 25 per cental.
Bi ti kr Oregon fancy creamery, 30
32 ,c; fancy dairy, 27!sc; fair to good,
25c; common, LVt20c; California, 22
(a 24c per jiound.
Cheksk Oregon, 1212Kc; Califor
nia, Ijc per pound.
Fogs Oregon, i;0c per dozen.
Poiltky Old chickens, $5.50;
young chickens, $2.50(34.00; ducks, $4(g
0 ; geese, nominal, $8 per dozen ; turkeys,
1 10c per pouna.
I Vegetables Cabbage, $1.50 per
'cental; cauliflower, $11 25 per dozen;
.Onions, lc per pound; beets, $1.25 per
' sack ; turnips, $1.00 per sack ; new pota
toes, ooiaooc per cental : tomatoes, 00(3
57c per box; lettuce, 12'c per dozen;
green peas, 3i4c per pound; string
beans. 2(S3c per pound ; rhubarb, 3c per
pound; cucumliers, 10c per dozen; car
rots, $10 1.2 per sack; corn, 10c per
idozen; sweet potatoes, 2(A3c per
Fki its Sicily lemons, $78; Califor
nia, $5C per box ; apples, 75c(a $1.25 per
box ; banana, $3.50(i 4 a bunch ; pineap
ples, $5((i7 per dozen; apricots, 85c$l
per box ; peaches, 60(a85c per box ; black
berries, iS 7c per pound; plums, 25(J00c
per box; watermelons, $1.502.50 per
dozen ; cantaloupes, $1.50(21.75 per dozen,
$2 per crate; grapes, Tokay, $1.30
per box, $1.00(21 10 per crate; muscat
and black, $1.25 per crate; pears, $1.25;
Bartlett. $1(21.25 per box; nectarines,
$1.25 per .rate; crab apples, 3c per
pound ; $1.50 per dozen.
Ncts Calitomia wainuts.ll Vj(212fj.C
hickory, BLe'c; Brazils, 10(2 lie; al
monds, lti(nISe; fillierts, 13(214c; pina
nuts, 1718c; pecans, 17(218c; cocoa
nuts, 8c; hazel, 8c; peanuts, 8c pe
Staple Groceries.
Coffee Costa Rica. 210; Rio, 23c )
Micha, 30c; Java, 258c; Arbuckle'8,
100-pound cases, 25?4c per pound.
Sugar Golden C,4?gc; extra C, 47jc;
granulated, 5JgC ; cube crushed and pow
dered, tic; confectioners' A, 6c per
Beans Small white, 3tc; pink, Vi
.)'c; bayos, 4?jc; butter, 4gc; limaa,
445c per pound.
Honey 18(2 20c per pound.
Salt Liverpool, $lt,$lt.5017 ; stock,
$11(212 per ton in carload lots.
Canned Goods Table fruits, $1.65,
2kjs; peaches, $2.00; Bartlett pears,
$1.85 ;plums,$l. 374 ; straw berries,$2.25;
cherries, $2.502.60 ; blackberries, $1.90 ;
raspberries, $2.40; pineapples. $2.50(23;
apricots, $1.75. Vegetables : Corn, $1.35
l.i5, according to quality; tomatoes,
$1.10(23.25; sugar peas, $1.25; string
beans, $1.10 per dozen. Pie fruit: As
sorted, $1.50; peaches, $1.65; plums,
$1.25; blackberries, $1.65 per dozen.
Fish: Sardines, 85c(21. 65; lobsters, $2.30
(23.50; oysters, $1.50(23.25 per dozen.
Salmon, standard No. 1, $1.251.50 per
case; No. 2, $2.55. Condensed milk:
Eagle brand, $8.10; Crown, $7; High
land, $6.75; Champion, $6; Monroe,
$6.75 per case.
Syrup Eastern, in barrels, 4755c;
half-barrels, 5058c; in cases, 55880c
per gallon; $2.25(22.50 per keg. Cali
fornia, in barrels, 30c per gallon ; $1.75
per keg.
Rick $5.25 per cental.
Dried Fruits Italian prunes, 10llc ;
Petite and German, 9(2 10c per pound;
raisins, $1.75(22.25 per box; plummer
dried peara, 10llc; sun-dried and fac
tory pluma, ll12c ; evaporated peaches,
1820c; Smyrna figs, 20c; California,
figs, 9c per pound.
Hides, Wool and nop.
Hides Dry hides, selected prime, 8l
(29c; less for culls; green, selected,
over 55 pounds, 4c; under 55 pounds, 3c;
eheep pelts, short wool, 3050c; me
dium, 6080c; long,,. 90c $1.25; shear
lings, 1020c; tallow, good to choice, 3
3Kic per pound.
Wool Willamette Valley, 1719c;
Eastern Oregon, 1016c per pound,
according to conditions and shrinkage.
Hoes Nominal ; 20(225c per pound.
The new city directory of Cleveland
contains 99,825 names, showing a popu
lation of 299,47a, using three as a multi
ple. The city has gained about 20,000
people within the laat year, and it ia
confidently expected that it will pasa
taa 3UO,ouu mart oy isyz.