The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 15, 1891, Image 4

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J. K. 8illivtin, Secrottiry of t lie Aiiiiitciir
Athlettc I'liion, l'rcsiilent of the PuMime
Athletic t'lnh ami Athletio IMitor ot Mr
Siortiiifi Titiirn, writes:
"For yeiirs 1 liavolieen netixel.v ounuivled
with athletic port.H. 1 n ri i if my active
participation in ticlil uportN I always hmiitl
it to my avhaiitam'toii!!' Ai.i.coi k'n I'mbns
I'i.astk'ks wliile in training, as they iiuicMy
remove soreness ami stillness; aiiiinheii
nttnekeil with anv kind of jiains, the result
of slight cohls. 1 ahvavs iiseil Ai li oi k's
with iH'nelicial results. 1 have noticed thai
most athletes of the iiresent ilav use noth
ing else but Ai.i.cock s Pi.AsrKH.."
Jnfson smvs he 1h found mow eras widows.
In rim er than in weeds.
For throat diseases, coughs, colds, etc.,
ellevuve relief is found in the use of
"linwn't Hnmthinl Twh." Sold only in
boxes; cents.
One nsii why some people are not mi wicked
us others is because they haven't had i oud h
A Tulrltuit stiii.
Tliort lias Kvii diM-ovoivd nhmit liulf
A tnilo west of tlu' l;,:r:; tow ii lotlos K
twirling stonoof nlioiit l!o tons wcijflit.
It Ikw always Ikvii tvirnrdi'd ns a bowl
der, mill from the way it is xisod on
the rock lviit;itli it no one oouM see
why it sttotiM not nn-k. Iltiiidrvds
liuvo tried to rock it in vain, mid the
surprise of the man who llrst felt it
move- under pressure- may ln U'lter
imagine, than desorilie-d. It moves
hard, of course, but it moves, the Under
informs us, round as if it was placed
upon a pivot. It lias Ihvii eatvfully
examined, and wliilo it looks like a
bowlder, several allege that it must be J
A ceremonial stone set there bv sonit
prehistoric nice. Norwich Hulletin.
Hauling a l,oil of AiiiiiiiiiiKIoii I'mlwr
I li frinu lort Sum lei- ami Italtrry
Viir A Critical Moment I h( l.t
Shot -Sufis
TU'jsielU'lIwood, who lived a lonjj time
with Viscount M.-uideville, w!o married
Miss Yznao of New York, is aUnit to sue
hint, now that he has become Puke of
Manchester, claiming that he owes her
To PiMithrrt: Relative to statement from
Chronicle I'lihlishins I'ompanv, we reiterate;
what we have before stated openly that we have j
no tears of honorable and legitimate inni'tt- ;
tion: it heljw rather than hurts business. 1
We simply warn our patrons against heini; de-
reived by misrepresentations in ruttoniiiu! par-
ties who! without the slightest idea of eontitiii- j
ins in the auxiliary publishing business, haviiu;
neither the iitHVssary expertenee. plant or fiieiii- !
ties for so dolus. endeavor to makeeapital of our
warning to our patrons. The intention of cotm: .
into busiuess to la.'" bought oil " is of itself, as '
is also their statement, a uniiiie mcthed of :
blackmail, to which w e Muse lo accede. We have i
had occasion to w arn our patrons several times
before in relation to such concerns, w hose fail-
lire proved our judgment to be correct. i
Is the publisher of a decaying wevkly pnH'r, '
who started with everything, the only pajs-r m a
prosperous community, and who ends with until- ;
lug, not even a paper worthy of the name, a tit
subject to furnish auxiliary prints for other pub
Ushers? TimewiU tell. Watch their career and
judge for yourselves. We have done our duty to
our patrons. N. P. NEWsl'Al'EK I'XION. ;
Ilia Idea of a Senium.
Robert Morris, a man celebrated for
the part lie took In the American
Revolution, was once asked by Pr.
Rush: "Well, Mr. Morris, how did you
like the sermon ? I have heard it
highly extolled." "Why, doctor,"
said he, "I did not like it at ..II. It ia
too smooth and tame for me, "Mr.
Morris," replied the doctor, "what sort
of a sermon do you like" "I like,
sir," replied Mr. Morris, "that preach
ini; which drives a man up into n
corner of his pew and makes him think
the devil is after him." San Francisco
Cross E.xamiuiii Counsel Now, Mr.
Brown, you say this Louis C. 15row is
A distant relative of yours
Mr. llrown Yes.
Cross Examining Counsel What re
lation is he?
Mr. Brown My brother.
Cross Examining Counsel But you
just told me he was a distant relative.
Mr. Brown So he is at present ho
Is iu China. London Tit Bits.
This is the query per
What Is petually on your little
boy's lips. And he is
It For ? no worse than the big-
ger, older, balder-headed
boys. Life is an interrogation
point. "What is it for?" we con
tinually cry from the cradle to the
grave. So with this little introduc
tory sermon we turn and ask: "What
is August Flower for ?" As easily
answered as asked : It is for Dys
pepsia. It is a special remedy for
the Stomach and Liver. Nothing
more than this ; but this brimful, j
We believe August Flower cures j
Dyspepsia. We know it will. We j
have reasons for knowing it. Twenty
years ago it started in a small country !
town. To-dav it has an hnnnreH '
place in every city and country store,
possesses one of the largest manu
facturing plants in the country and
sells every where. Why is this? The
reason is as simple as a child's
thought. It is honest, does one
thing, and does it right along it
cures Dyspepsia.
G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr,Woodbury,N.J.
He Understood.
Freddie Pa, what is natural
losophy 1
Pa Natural philosophy, my boy, Is
the science of cause and reason. For
Instance, you can see there is a crack
behind that door, but you cannot tell
why it is there until'
Freddy (interrupting) Oh, yes I can,
pa. It's there 'cause ma needs it to
peep through when you go into the
kitchen. West Shore.
Pete' Mother Asks a Question.
A woman walked into a public school
in a neighboring town the other day
witnout ceremony, and alter gazing
about until her eyes rested upon the
object of her search she said in a loud
voice, "Pete, where is the key to the
shed?" Newbury port Standard.
Handsomest Wheel in the market. Strictly HiRh
Grade in every particular. Cushion Tires, Tan
gent Spokes, from S35 to 8115. Send for Illus
trated Catalogue, free.
Pacific Coast Agts., 15 Flint St., San Fraiiviacn, Cal.
foh mwrnmi
Weakseteof Body and Kind, Effect
of Errorior Excesaes in Oldor Yoirar.
RobMt, kobl. OA.MIOOD folly Hetorf-J. How to nlargfl Isl
Blr.(Clbf.KiM,tNUtTKUIPKBOI!(.ANSPiHTSOF 801)1. aafalllag HOSIB THEif KENT-BnulM la day.
Km iMtlfy from 40 8Utci and Frlg Coaittrlti. Writ thtu
PMCiiptlf Book, ttplanitloa and, proofs milled (tttltd) fre
Economy Ia Wealth.
Amy I confess that I love you, Jack;
but tell me, how could you support a
wife? You have no money, I am told.
Jack Puffer Oh, that's all riyht. Fin
going to give up smoking. Epoch.
Congratulation! Anyhow.
Book Ageut Goin from books to babies,
madam, that's a tine youngster. Allow uitt
to congratulate you.
Young Woman Sir, thut baby is not
Book Agent I repeat, madam, allow me
to congraiu'late you. Boston Gazette.
Lower than any house EaBt or West. Write for
dlsnouuta. All latest styles of Tyjie aud Printers'
Novelties iu stoek.
Cor. Alder and Front Sta., Portland, Or.
STEIN WAY, Gabler and Pease Pianos
Meaning the Beht Piano Madk, and the favoritt
cheaper Pianea; all Musical IuatrumeDta; Band Sup
piled; larve stock of Sheet Music. Bteinwav Hall
206 and 308 Post Street; Maituias Gray Oo. Cal
and aee our new rooms and new stock
We want the name and ad-
dressof everv sufferer in the
& ACTUM A U.S. and Canada. Address,
HO I illlin F.EaroldEay,ll.S.,Bairalo,N.T.
Near Sulem. Jlore nud laror pri'iiiiums uff'uretf
this year for exhibits of stock, agricultural prod
ucts, fruits, flowers, minerals, mcchiinics, works
of art and fancy work. Splendid racing ea- h
day. The Pavilion, lighted by electricity, will
be open four nitjhtB and a bund concert each
night. Reduced rotes on all transportation lines.
Send to J. T. (iKEWJ, Secretary, Portland, for a
premium list.
An imitation of Nature
thats the result you want
to reach. With Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets, you have it.
They cleanse and renovate the
whole system naturally. That
. .1 n . .a
means that they do it thor
oughly, but mildly. They're
the smallest in size, but the
most effective sugar- coated,
easiest to take. Sick Head'
ache, Bilious Headache, Con
stipation, Indigestion. Bilious
Attacks, and all derangements
of the Liver, Stomach and
Bowels are prevented, relieved,
and cured. Purely vegetable,
perfectly harmless, and gently
laxative, or an active cathar
tic, according to size of dose.
As a Liver Pill, they've been
imitated, but never equaled.
"Williains &. Groat,
Nos. 6 and 8 North Front Street, Portland,
Woodworking, Saw Kill, Flour ill Machinery and Supplies.
P ISO'S REMEDY t'OH CA'l'AKKil. Kest. Easi
est to use. Cheapest. Relief is immediate. A
cure is certain. For Cold in the Head it has no equal.
It is an Ointment, of which a small particle is applied
to the nostrils. Price 50c. Sold by druggists or sent by
mail. Address: . T. Hazfltine, Warren, Pa.
Soinelimtw the iiuilo U ciiIUhI iinm fur
nviul wi'vuv, ivnuinnn nuiilituw for wlih li
ho diva not Konorully nviivi civdit. Tim
limw wc-iv tiKliiouiiitc iilxiut I'luii Uwtoti when
Admiral PnlilK'ivu's lUvt U'in tvrntions iu
the Ii.'ii-Ihu-, uiul ivndiMil it pim'tit'iibln for
ho tnton on kIioiv to mlviiiuit 1 1 It xouia
hox of In'iiii; nblo to hold Mints uvviousy
tintcnnlilo. 1 luring I lie night a aVtni'huia,nt
of tho Ton,li oorH dlmljitl it picket nt ui
tlll CllsttTII 011(1 cf MtITI! islilllil, mid when
diivlight oiiiiio hint tin-own uMulto u fonnul
blpUvinuiiii; forH Held work. Hut tho'la(V
iut within ensy rungo of Kort Sumter mill
Buttory WBgncr, mid every I'oufleriito gun
that tvuld U brought to Unr Ivgim to ditp
hell into tho liltletvirthwoi k. It wits thought
Unit mi attempt wits nlmut to ho lim.lo to
carry tho j luco hy iixviult, nud, whilo thei-o
ero men onougli to hold it, they woivahttlo
short of nuimuuitioii. Tho only prncticnlilo
roiid w-om n mile nud a half of iuird, snuHitU
tnnd Ucuch, coiummidcd fixun oud toond by
tho Confederuto luitteries.
But thei-o was a eomliinntion in tho Federal
camp that was muml to tho emergency ;
uiuueiy, a U(Vt tuiilo nud a plucky driver.
Iho mulo ts incntioiirtl iirt, only UvniiM) he
has long si noo kicked hU Inst kick, hut the
driver, it ho still survives, w ill acknowledge
that without tho mule he could nut luivodoiio
what he did. It may 1m n.-sumcd that tho
mulo had a good fed of onto U-fort" ho was
calliHl to run tho gauntlet, nud iHwsihlv
tho driver, too, may then havo felt justillini
iu fortifying tho inner man. lte that wt it
may, just U-foro noon n few UX( of uiniiui'
uition wero thrown intotho lightest avuiluMo
wagon, and, after hMiking the harnisa over
carefully, tho driver took his seat in tho
shelter of tho Mind hills. Tho mulo stood
with his extensive earn raking aft and a
wicked gleam iu his eye, as if the ouU weru
beguiuitig to rise into Ins brain.
Uootl oy, boysi o up, mulo!" and tho
equiixige started dowu through tho dry sand
to me Lara level of tho tx'iich. JIulo shmik
his beua ami executed a dcini-voU when ho
felt the damp (Wind under his feet, but driver
soothed him w ith endearing words. It had not
not yet dawned upon the Confederates that ths
eiptslition was intended for the relief uf the
garrison. But presently tho gleam of into!
iigenco was indicated with a rush iu the
shai) of a shell from tho southeast angle
of Sumter. It struck tho water fairly
m line, neooueted, and burst over iu
tho marsh : but it, was the signal for action
Up went tho w hip, und tho mulo gathered
his mighty hind legs under him. For a mo
ment it was uncertain whether he was goinir
to kick or run, but a few remarks from the
driver convinced him thut there wils do-
maud for forward movement, so ho "lit out
for all he w as worth." At least thirty guns
C-Mumanded mat stretch of lieuch, and they
pouuaeu away us rust as thev could lo llred.
Now and then a shell would hurst rather too
near the mule's ears for comfort, and he
would sheer violently and try to mako for
uome. Utit the gallant driver plied the lash,
aim ueid mm to ins work.
At lengtn a ten inch shell tore up the
beach and exploded so near thut the mule
was entirely demoralized; but not so hit
driver. Leaping down from his seat he
caught the mulo by tho head, burked him
rapidly round onco or twice, und was oft
again on the keen jump U'fore the gunuera
coum get nis range as a li.xed object On he
went, and at last dashed into tho redoubt;
nut mere was no shelter in it for the mulo.
Ilis ears waved conspicuously above the Uiw
lying parapet.
The ammunition boxes were tumbled out
unceremoniously, and the mule's nose pointed
iornomoi mi me lightened load und tho
prospects of unlimited fodder, he beat the pre
vious record. But tho Confederate artillerists
were on thoir metal now. They had failed to
stop me supplies, hut their hearts burned for
revenge. Their shots now came more from
the rear, and bets were freely offered with no
takers, on what the result would bo should
the mule have a fair chance to kick a ten
men sneil, as it were, "ou the fly." The
crescendo scream of shell chasing ),im up the
beach, lent wings to bis heels, und ho fairly
flew toward the sheltering sand hills. There
were only a few rods more to bo covered
when some careful gunner mado a close cal
culation as to the lengthening range, and
punea uis wnyara almost in the nirk of time,
ine nuge mass or iron struck the beach, as it
seemed to the unxious spectators, exactly be
hind the wagon, and the next instant noth
ing was to be seen there but a cloud of white
smoke ana brown sand. In an instant, how.
ever, this floated away, and the mulo was
seen vigorously reducing to kindling wood
wnat was leit or me quartermaster's wagon.
Ana me anver, where is he? Well ho was
apparently knocked over by tho explosion,
but he got on his feet in a moment, and,
having cut the traces, was on the mule's
hack in another, waving bis hat in resjK.nse
to the cheers that rolled across tho water
from Yankee blue jackets, from Confederate
garrisons, ana from the dark blue masses
that crowned the distant sand dunes.
It is a pity that the driver's name has not
been preserved, for his darinir act certiinir
deserves recognition and reward, Perhaps
he received both, but tho writer has been un
able to find mention of the fact Adrian
Rexford in American Mugazine.
T.iiiu vncit mom i:t
.liul lll.l.nv. Seldom Hill Itn.
('Old Ml' Hut UUP,
Oil the one side you have the old schools
ol medicine, born in obscurity mid retired
in ignorance, willi whom meiriocnly tanks
as nonius and I'ossilied consei vatisin is the
iicineol' wisdom. They lire the product ol
a parched imagiimliiiti'iind a slunied iniel
led. They are the result of the dark ages
and the thumbscrew ol lit lb mid mystery,
(d asirology and alchemy. Their' grciil
boast is anli(iiit i but . Ihe'lille is disputed
by Hahiam's ass.
On the other sideslands the llislogetielic
system of medicine. It is t he ollspi ing ol
modern thought, of modern investigation,
of modem experience. It is the result of
research, the triumph of reason. Like Mi-
ncua, ii sprang irom the brum ol modern
Jupiter science. Its challenge is investi
gation ; its passport is truth. Which side
will w in 1 j
Skmti.k, Wash,, June!!, ISiH.
Our baby was ery sick, and we tried
several physicians iii'lurn. None id Ibein
seemed lo know what the mailer was. She
couldn't stand; couldn't play, it wasdilll
ciilt for her to get her breath; she bad
choking spells from the time she was I
mouth old ; would choke every the min
utes during the nighl, and was'subjccl lo
convulsions and iitusetiluroontrartioii. We
bad about given iiii hope of her getting
well, when we took her to lr. .Ionian, and
in a very short time she commenced to im
prove, until nil these symptoms have dis
appeared entirely, und she bus not bad a
sign of them for some time.
It gives me great pleasure lo make Ibis
statement, so that others who have chil
dren that arc ill may know where to take
them lor treatment. '
Mas. i'iiahiks l;. Hkykmik,
Third street, bet ween liell mid Ulaiicbard.
Or. Jordan's olllce is at the residence of
ex- .Mayor N esler. Third and James.
Consultations and prescriptioiiMabsolute
ly frtt.
Send for free book explaining the Histo-
geiieiic svsiem.
Cai tio.n.--The Histog( netio Medicines
are sold in but one agency in each tow n,
i'he label around the bottle hears the fol
lowing inscription- " Or. J. Iliiirrne Jor
dan, Itistogcnelio Medicine." Every other
I...:.... . p . . i
device is u iraun.
IU lociil li ipl It'll I Ii i II , us I tii' i 1,'nel) the
iIIm'hm'iI poitluuel the ein I here Is niilv niic
him In cine ili'iilin'cn, iiihI Mini n bv eouslll u
IIiiiiiiI lo Id ii'nliii in einiM'd l' mi III
lliiini'il mn. nil. mi ut (lie iimeiiiiH IIiiIiim ul the
I' llsliielllali I iil.e W In n th lx liilie iiels Inllililicil
fell IliiM' ii ill til ll I ttM Mimul or llillii'iti'it I nil l
llllt, llllil "hill II ts etllhelv i-,,m,, III hiii'i.i Ik
I nc lesull, Hint unless Hie billmniiiMtieii emi
litki'ii out unit tins tube resinieil in Its niiiiinil
I'lillillllnll, lii'inliiit Hill be ili'stnoeil inei'l
nine (uses mn ,, ion Miv emise'l b eiiburli
n inch Is thillilnu bin mi liilliniii'd eiiihlliliin ul
lite niiieuiis KiiritH es.
c w in un e (ine ii ii ii, i re, l lull mis In, iiik ni
nl liciillii ss (eiiiiM', ,v i'hIiii i ti) I lull e iiililiul
cure ti bikiiK Mull's ( iiimih ( S'lul tin
cireiilms, live. v, , i lll-M-.V .V I II,
l olcibi, II.
Sold h) driiKtilsIs; .( cciilM.
l:cr iniiii hits Ids price, but
tin n .
Hides mi' u 1 1 i-ii
Mil. I. IONS OK )l(IM V,
There Is million ol m i tl lh nroitiiil Sen
Yoik I ll sci'kum Iiim stiiieni. i vou une n
(nun, niiieh, liilue, ue emi,l' sell It lot
uii ll you luiveii iiieti iiiillle business for side,
or II von limit ii pmlnei Hllli eiiplbil tor mn
leulllnuite business, He i nn hi hi von Adilics's
J. V ri VKU. l li., .'l'.i IIiiiiuIhi'iv, New mk.
M KHcil N r 1 1 1 T K I. , Th i rd and 1 streets,
I'm tlaiul, Or. First class accomiiiodaliolis,
Kates, l to$t..'0pcrduy. Jacob Mass, prop.
Tae KiiHinelliio Htovo I'ullsli ; no ,tnst, no amell,
Thy Ukkmhv for breaklast.
In hUviiIuk earn there Is neuerallv riMim ul the
' We poltlveljr eur rupture and all rectal dl
(mhi wlthunt pain or Jetcutlou troiu bualiuwa.
So ollni. no tiav! an,! mi iv mtrll nl A.i.
Jreaa for pauiplilet lira, fort cr Hold Jt IxMiey, KM
aaravi auvec. nan rraaciaco.
I inn n You'll
eome after you.
go to the devil. Hull He'll
hi kk ci iit: nut rn.Ks.
Hare rare for blind, hlcyd.un and lu hlnn Fllea.
One box hu cured tha worst ( as, of leu jraara'
.tHiidliiK. Ni) one nerd iitrtV'i ecu mlnutca aluf
nshnj Klrk'a tiermaii I'lle OliitmctiL It abaorba
tumors, allavi the Itchlim. acta as a iHUillieti.
Kivtw relief. Dr. Klrk'a liernian file Ointment
la prepared only (or PIlM and Itehluif of the
private parts, anj uothiiiK elae. Kvery box Ii
Kol.l by D.-nirKixta ami tent lr mall ou rxeoipt
price, I1.U0 ixt hoi. J. J. Mack A Co.. Wholo-
alc Aiteuta, csau Fraueiaco.
Both tlio method ami lotttilu wlion
Syrup of Fig is taken; it iu ilum.iit
aud refrcehing to tlio tanto, ami xi-ln
gently yet promptly on tlio kidneys,
Liver and JWcIm, cleanw" tho
it .at . . -
teni cneciually, 1ih-U colds, head
ie.he8 and levers and etirea habittul
eotiHtipatton iHTiimiiently. For salo
m COcand $1 bottlea by all drtigginU
sn m,ticisco, cm.
lOUMVILlt, Kt. HEW I0HK. H.t.
( ur bliiu of iluliiu business Is lo sell everv bmlv
ou tlie siiine bnsis, If one s'rsou buys nolo, his
iiihI iitiotht'r slnijle Items, of course, the Imui
buyer saves In I be cost uf luiudllui;, but c iiuiLc
the sHiue iht rent, of nrullt ns on II tti'ii lm
sH'inls ii -ImjIc ilolliir u Ith lis, llutli me unr
Irli'iuls mill eiiiuilly welciiinc.
Why shiiulil snuill Imvers Is' cliiimr.l innri
lliiiu orumiiiillnns, iissneliiiiiiiis. com hi mi lb ois
ami HUKreuAtliiUB of enpltiil except ns In ijuhii
tltv '.'
And those u In look out fur your Interests in
film 1 1 or Kreut mutters, und you u ill profit by It.
Ask for our list of III.INKI nrlleles ut lliile'siile
price- fine) SMITH'S CASH STORE, 416-418
Front Street, San Francisco, Cal.
The ylrtura or
liicrllaid a remedy
lor palu do not
iniiaisl III ll" bcliiM
aa Rood for relief as
oilier rciiieillc"' but
111 Hid Cu t that It l better. In helliK ;'
PMinpl und .nre. and lln relurd the s l lof
iliu .pecllle piirK.n. II la nut an Idle calcli
line that sit Ikes Ihu eye tliua:
It ll the best cure fur all achea and palna,
and It hiiMi
To Dili aperitif fact Arehlillioia, llh
opa, Clerirymeit, 1 awyrra, Itni'liira, !
triuira, (ienvrala, Neuatora, Mfiuhrr. of
CuiiirroaaMiiil l,enlslat(irf, II. H. ('omnia,
Army ami Navy Olllrera Mayor, and
OUU-laU, tealiry Unite In aaylliK!
ullered pain;
and Pt. Jiiciil Oil cured promptly and !
nanrtitly " Kur the tamo n awn
fladi what beaeeks and liecda, la lnl (U'ClTt4
aud will have It at any price.
Fabcrs Goldai? Femalo Tills.
Kur femnln Irrcuular
llles; uulliliigllktithi'in
on Ihu inniki't. ,rft
ild. ,"'ii'eelully ni1
Ii y pioutini-ut la ll'-a
muiillily. (iuaraiiicc't
to ii'lbnd aupprovHl
puii't b liiiiiibiiKii't.
bavn 'lime, Health,
ami intiiiiiy .lake imullf
Heut to anr nitdma,
eci'iira by in" ou far
(.cll'tuf ,rb.',:.0U.
Aoataru tlreuib, ilci .7, 1'Ultl LA.Mt, tiR'
Hold liy Wibihim lianw I'll.. I'liiilaud Or
nitOOHl t IKCI IIii.Ii Ml, tick Mnnk-
1 I
A Pure Cream of Tartar Towder,
Superior to every other known,
Used in Millions of Homes
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and Pastry, Lij;ht Flaky
Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable
and Wholesome.
No other baking powder does such work.
I'ortlllllit. Orftmn. A. P. Arninfrnh. I'rin
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Iiusincss, Shorthand.
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ted at any lime. Catalogue from either achuul, free.
Itooks That Have Helped Me.
All tho articles which have been writfnn
about "the books thut havo helped mo"
tacitly assume that what helps mo will hr.l'n
you, or that Brown, on learning where Jones
got his mental provender, will order home a
supply of the same, and live on it. Nothing
can well be further from the truth. Wh.
ever these articles do not gratify a hurmless
vanity, they are interesting simply as the
literary experience of one more or less re
spectable human being, and nothing more.
Every man who loves books and ipriIh them'
and makes any good uso of them, rad.s in the
line of his own tastes and teinjieiaraent and
pursuits. lie is not, and for the most part
cannot bo, helped by another man's Ixioka
supposing books to be anything more than
repertories of facts. All must, of course, go
to the same sources of information, or in
other words must consult the sumo books of
reference, but every man who reads for cul
ture, or for encouragement, or inspiration, or
power, mast choose his own books. Books
that have helped Brown may be interesting
to Jones, because be loves Brown and likes to
watch the working of his mind: but thev
will not necessurily help Jones. In fact, the
ttme ho spent on them might bo timo utterly
wasted, unless there existed the closest simi
larity in pursuits and in character between
the readers. New York Post.
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m . iiin-m-, i-iiriuum 1. mviTntiy, I'uriiaiiii, or,
Portland, Oregon.
r anil lajr School for
A Hoard in
founded 18(111; the lilirht Itev
WlNtitr Morris, li. Hector.
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Department. I)lclilhie nut harsh, lint
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coitlbleiice to patroiiH uml pupllH throiiKli
out the N'orthweHt Coant. 21 te.icherK, ZU
caileti, 17 Kruiluatea last year. Fourteenth
year'niiiler lircsi'til iiiiinaKeiiieiit will lie-
Kin rfept. l.i, l!ll. Kur catalimue anil other
'information aililreiw .1. w. II 1 1, 1,, M. I).,
I'rhicliwl, 1'. O. Drawer 17, 1'ortland, Or.
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application. Hold hy DruggMn oraeut
on ree Ipt of prlee by The A. Hi'lioen
lielt Meiitcuie ('u , Han Jose, ( hi.
Abaent Minded Clerk.
Old Lady (in drug store) How is this Per
sian powder to be applied
Clerk (absent mindedly) Give 'em a tea
spoonful after each weal The Epoch.
Vita & Chicken l ive Killer.
Atik your dealer for It, or send for Free- Circular to
Petaluma Incubator Co., Petaluma, CaL
Old Gold and Silver Bought; aend jour old Gold
and Bllver bj mall to tbe old and reliable briun. of A
Coleman, 41 Third itrect, 8aa Francisco; I will send bf
return mail the oaifa. accordinir to aaaay; U tua amoaut
la not latitfaotory, will return gold.
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free tiy rum I If von unler trltil. wnil tile. In lauiia
or par iKintiuin. Iiii If II hiikkv .v ooNn.Ailiinia.iia.
Ifymi onlertrlal return llila uitvertlDcmenl to tin.
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i.u Ut $1 UU pt'f uitftil rnw &mU uitt ttutn Ut
Hot .1
Don't chadt youroolf
out of a good craoke by
taking a poor 1 ml tat Ion
for the genuine Seal of
North Carolina Plug
Cut Tobacco.
Planing Tackle, Kt". Oreat Variety. Low 1'rh-ea.
(Ililll 'rM taken In Iraite. Hiuiit r,.r Culaloi:m'. liKO.
VV. MllllriVK, 5 1.1 Kearny HI.. Hiu Kriiurlitco
Rocha Harbor Lima. Portland Cement, Col
den Gate and Utah Platter. Hair. Fire Brick
snd Fire Clay. LAND PLASTER.
6U North Front Mtrtifit, Cor. I),
Best in the World!
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
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leailliiK rameily (or all the
unnatural rtlai harni't and
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cnrlaln rure for the ili-lillb
tall tig veakoiiia peculiar
to wiiincn.
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iryacake inyournexl-.
Constrain many people to hide the dirt of their kitchens Ther mV-
Buy Your Own Goods if Your Dealer Does Hot Garry Ilia
Beat and Cheapest In the Vyorld.
Carts, $15 Up. Wagons, $50 Up.
N. P. N. U. No. 4U0-S. F.'JS. U. No. 477
- C in PortUni-eVrlTor ToX,"
uui on or addrex
I L WBI8HT, Foot of ESorrison Street, POBTUJiD, Ci