The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 13, 1891, Image 1

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    lood River Glacier.
noon iuvku. orkoon, satukday. .h'nio :. lain.
NO. 2.
3ood Ivjvcr Glacier.
rriu.imixn iviiit stihiat morhiro it
The Glacier Publisblng Company.
m list mi i lux i'hick.
Oim ,-r . . , . .
S' maul tit . ,
Thrre nt-nllil.
Iitfc'ltf o'ir
U'a t'til.f ('! I (I H liul Offl.-w.
TjMihI :: :: SpiMMulmt.
R0..111 Vv , th,1 iim.-i llullillitg,
Real Hstate Broker,
Firr, Llfo urn) Aocldrnt Intunnca.
Money Loaned en Real Estate Security
lfflo. Krriit-h Co 't fliuk lliuMInf,
Barber Shop
Grant Evans, Propr.
leooml St., nrr Onk. Hood Klter, Or.
8living ami Hair cutting rttly dun.
Satufu' hull I iiiftraiitv d.
The Carson River Over
flows Its Banks.
The Southern California Horticultural
Society Indorses Maxwell as
. Chief of Bureau. "
A general strike in the Gallop (N.M.)
coal mines is anticipated.
Tin' I ! Creek mines in I'tah are
proving to ! wonderfully rich.
The Carson river is over itf bunks.
All the streams and rivulet in Nevada
are booming.
'WranientVs citizens have made a pro
vis f"r 11 series of open-air concert
this Hu(i'nT.
'I I, . v.ji Diego Chauila'r of Commerce
indorse; ! lartli Sl.orb for Chief ;f
the J lortiiV lLl" 1,1 I'1"''1111 llt "orld h
Theexperimental tobacco cropuf three
acres that wus planted in m Angeles
county tliM Hereon in said to be doing
very well.
The courts havdcciilcd that San Diego
must nay the Coivnado Hchool teachers
their salaries from OctoU-r -4, 181M, up
to the date of the incorporation of Coro
nado City.
iwi to overproduction and high
Height rates, fortv-eig'i't shingle mills
ls-tween Portland and I'.ritinh Cohimbin
have been shut down, throwing 501) men
out of employment.
A cloudburst near Boise City, Idaho,
.li.uti-Avi.d tlmiie that diverted tins w
ter of Cottonwood creek, which formeiV,'
ran through the city, and the streets
were tlooiled with several feet of water.
The members of the Newspaper Press
Association of Nevada have combined to
make the Republican and Democratic
State Committees pay the advertising
bills they incurred during the last can
vass. Aliom 500 Indians of the Mojave, Mar
icopa, Cocopali, Yuma and Hualapai
tribes are now assembled on the Califor
nia banks of the Colorado river, indulg
ing in their annual cry for the dead, and
up to date more than a dozen horses
have been killed ami eaten by these say
'age brutes, who are keeping up their
linulintr exercises dav arid night.
At a convention of swamp-land owners
at Sacramento the reclamation oi oou.r
01)0 acres of tuie land in the Yolo basin
opposite Sacramento was considered. It
is proposed to cut a drainage canal from
a few miles above Sacramento, on the
west side of the river, to Suisun Bay. It
ia a raviv.'il of the nroiect suggested by
the State Hoard of Engineers under the
act of 178.
The t wo rival Presidents and Hoards of
TiIroMnra of the San I IICITO Kaild and
I turn fininoanv have fallen out to sucli
nBrtnttMt,ii receivership has been
asked for by the opponents of the Kim
ball management. The great Sweetwa
ter dam and irrigation system, tegether
with the National City and Otay railway
and thousands of acres of the finest land
in the country, are owned ly tins com
The Carson Appeal says : Ranchers in
Carson Valley say that they find it hard
.oil Viiitter here. Thev accord-
ingly send it to California, where it finds
ready sale or is shipped back here,
..inn Mpvmln. consumers pav extra,
freight, mid smack their lips over "Cali
fornia butter." There are more short
sighted fools to the acre in this State
than in any other State in the American
I'rof. KI'liH I'llrl llciinr.llu IUcKmU
t lil.'li rriliti' IIhIiIii.'hii.
The King of ( ircece in the most eco
nomical of Kuropcitn i n 1 1 ii ir 1 1 h.
No few er than seven portraits of the
(ieriiuin Kmperor arc now being painted
bv I luce artist in Itet liu.
The Prince of Walt's has not bothered
bin royal mother great ly about money.
lb1 simply waited, mid liis creditors did
it for him.
I'rof. Kirt.icnwt'ller of (IcixNcn claiins
to hae discovered tlie liacteriii which
producei hiildiii'MK bvileNtroying tin' rooti
of t In' hair.
Mu-itapha (oMiiuiiwr of liamar, Ara
bia, is saul to have arranged to make a
Kuropcau tour that will cost not Icmh
than tl.ui.iti'O. Mustupha snap.
To inaki' it easy for lr. l.oriuii'r the
I'leuiotit UilptlstS of HoMtoll will give
him an n.s-iliuit and not cull on the Doc
tor lor any woik before SepteniU'r.
('hurli'M I'Vchter left tin' jewelry worn
by him as llamli-t to l.i-sti r Wiillack.
Wallack li ft it to Mute. I'milci. and she
in turn left It to Frederick I'liuKling.
In Fngliind ArteiiiiiH Ward has scarce
ly lot an iotn of his popularity as a hu
morist. Knglish poiniUr opinion ban
placed him on A level with Murk Twain.
Hieihtadt will paint for the World's
I 'hi r a pictup' nf Wat ling's Island, which
many geographers bidii've to Ih the one
on whii'li Columbus Ii rut lauded after
crossing the Atlantic.
Wilbur W. Smith, a Connecticut vet
eran, now postmaster of Seymour in
that Stale, has iiiMt reeoxcri'd the sw rd
that he lost at Cluinci'llorsville in lHtU,
where he was captured.
David H. Hill will have to t ike a hack
seat literally, if not figuratively, next
winter if he goes to the 1'uited States
Semite. The only desk obtainable by
liim is in tin lust row in the cIiiuiiIht.
.lohn liuUougli, the Scottish million
aire, who died recently, was the bus
hand of Sheila, the heroine of Wiliiaiu
Pluck's noii'l, "A Princes of Thule."
Shewn the daughter of a Stornaway
(iiovanni Philipso is said to l the real
name of tin' leader of the Marine baud,
but when he entered the government
service he added V . S. A. to hi cogno
men, ami now he is called John Philip
Souii for short.
Anielie Kivc-Chan!er ha returned
from the Ninth of Furope to Pari in
better health. She say the title of her
new novel as given bv the paper i in
accurate. Her husband is delighted
with the reception that artist ami the
press have given to his art scholarship
pn iject,
Ikuii Pedro would doubtless like to
end his days as the returned Fmpcror of
P.razil; tint, like the rug'jeil old patriot
that be i, he declares that the experi
ment of Prailian self government will
prove a success. "Thev will hold their
place among nations," is the terse com
ment upon his countrymen.
Queen Victoria' recent visit to (irasse
proved more ls'iielicial to her suite,
many of whom were nlllicte I with colds
in throat and lungs during their entire
stay. The expenses of the (Jueeii's out
ing" were very large, the rent of the
(iranii hotel and grounds alone amount
ing to K) a day.
Kdward Mcpherson has filed his final
account hs the executor of Thuddeus
Stevens, showing the present market
value of the securities Isdongiug to the
estate to be $.)4,1J. One unsettled claim
is that of Mrs. Stevens, w ho alleges that
she is the wife of a relative ami entitled
to a part of the property,
II. II. Johnston, the African explorer,
w ho has just gone out from London as
Consul-tieneral for Pol tuguese Fast Af
rica and Imperial Commissioner for the
Traus.iimbesi, is a spick and span, deli
oiiuir little man, who, it is asserted, will
exercise his autocratic powers with the
airy grace of a diplomatic, attache,
Mrs. Lease, the Kansas Alliance wom
an, recently received a letter from Hen
Hutterworth notifying her that she had
recently lieen elected to membership in
the " College of Thinkers " of the world.
She also received an oiler of $!!)() and all
xpensea to make three speeches before
the ChautauiiuA meeting at Atlanta.
i.'.u. I'l.,;.. i liL.J.i ,. i,.
Fx-Senator Hlair la likely to have a
poor Fourth of July. He has too much
patriotic tire in tniu to puroi(tz naiy ny
buying Roman candles, iind he has been
too deeply insulted toenvvChinese fire
crackers. And sputtering rockets that
go up with a bang and eorue down with
ii stick are too painfully reminiscent of
his own diplomatic experience.
Edmund Y ales has incurred the dis
pleasure of the Prince of AVales for hav
ing stated in bis newspaper that the
Queen was going to pay tlie 1 rince's
debts. Mr Yates has accordingly apol
ogized -for his eohduct, and retracts his
assertion. iNevertlielesa ' the original
statement is understood to' be substan
tially correct. f; )
Two Snitramnnto Haliionmon' tlliarjruil
With Attempt to MurtltT una Itnli.
tmrglars opened the safe of C. S. Tay
lor at Tucson, and got away with $2,500.
. Two Sacramento salooniiien are under
arrest, charged with1 attempting to kill
and robbing Robert Allen.
Peter Greenwood, Treasurer of Wood
River, township at Alton, Pa., has dis
appeared. He is short in his accounts
Meunier, cx-oflicer of customs, arrested
May 14 at Landren, France, charged with
a number of primes, has been sentenced
to death. ,
The iKidv of Mary (irundleran heir
ess, was f6und in the river bejow Spo
kane, and theories of murder and suicide
are ooin tuvanccu.
At SOs Falls, S. D.. Plenty Horses
has beeir admitted of the .murder of
I Lieutenant Casey, the Judge charging
IIIC jury t'O run.i,
Corruption in Municipal
A irairs at Don v or.
TIh Ui(f Now York and New Jersey
bridge and Terminals to be
Begun Next Fall.
A proposed Niagara bridge is to cunt
A New York law llxcs the price of gu
at Tl.l.'.i per 1,000.
A Huston Italian society advocates loy-'
ally to t'ni-le Sam.
Colonel liilisoii of tin' Third Artillery
has been placed on the retired list.
The (ialena cannot l repaired within
tin-statutory limit, ami therefore is to
Ix' sold.
Chinch bug have made their appear
ance in the central agricultural section
of Nebraska.
New York i congratulating itself umiii
tin' prospect of having an abundance of
fruit this season.
The American Haptist Publication So
ciety has deciileil tu discontinue appro
priations for work in Armenia.
It is estimated that HlO.iHH) Italiaiisare
coming to the I niteil State this year 1,1'
spite of the New Orleans allair.
Furope a'w.ivs, a now , come to the
1'nited State (or gold when in a pinch,
ami, a now , ha it want mipplied,
Frank llurd is thought to have some
chance of Is'iug uoiiiiiiati-d for t inventor
of ( Hiio this year in place of Campbell.
The saloon element at St. Fnui
threaten the otlicial if they continue to
secure indictment against the suloon
men. The Standard Oil Company ha pur
chased 1,500 acre of land from the
Mountain State Oil Company of West
Negotiation Is'tweeii the State De
partment and the government of San
Uiliiiugo lisiking to reciprocity are well
The appointment of Circuit Judges
authorized by the last Congress will not
be announced until Congress meets in
American doctor will not attend the
International Medical Congress at Koine
in Sti:l unless cordial relations are re
stored w ith Italy.
Philadelphia will lose at out t'.W.utXi
by the defalcation of it Treasurer, Join."
Hardtdcv. lb' is sick in l'd, liut is
guaru-d by the police.
It 1 1' now very certain that the tax rate
at P! iliulelphia will have to be raised
thiif'fall from I.H5 to per I0() toi'over
stealings of its Treasurer.
One hundred ami twelve repiesenta-
tave business men ol riiiiaileipnia nave
organized a bourse for general exchanges,
with a capital of $l,lKHi,ooo.
The corruption iu municipal all'airs at
Denver is now Ixdng unearthi'il. It is
thought at least $.r00,000 has Is-en stolen
from the city in one direction alone.
Thw different blood-horse associations
of the country are to confer with the
view of securing a harmonious system
for advancing the interests of the turf.
In the libel suit of John Culveraguinst
the Chicago Herald for fc-'.'i.OOO damages
for the publication of an article reflect
ing on his integrity as a grand juror in
the Cronoii case the jury returned a ver
dict in favor of the lleraltl.
To James K. Keene is accredited a
boom in particular stocks on the New
York Stock Kxchange. It is recalled
that Keene once made two millions by
hulling St. Paul, anil gossips say that he
is trying to re.iea. the profitable opera-
John Hiirdsley, ('ity Treasurer of Phil
adelphia, whose method of depositing
the city's funds in the Keystone and
other national banks is the subject of in
vestigation by a committee, has tendered
his resignation, but gave no explanation
It is whispered that the Hritish capi-
Ualistswhoa year ago were buying up
American breweries, and other nianufact
ing plants are a great deal less enthusi
astic than they were.
An action has begun in the Supreme
Court of New York in which Henry Al
len, a nephew of ( ommodore V antler-1
bilt, seeks a half-million slice of the
estate left by the latter.
Half of the subsidy of 10,000 has
been raised for the new theater which
Joseph MacDonough will bunild at Oak
land, Cal. The theater will b the same
size as the Haldw in of San Francisco.
The Women's Missionary Association
of the United Brethren Church has de
cided to raise $3,000 by voluntary sub
scription for a church building at Port
land, Or., and the association has pledged
itself to support the minister there for
flve years.
Secretary Foster has appointed coin
mission, composed of ex-Congressman
GroBvenor of Ohio, Dr. Waller Keinp
ster, a noted expert on insanity, and R.
Powderly, brother of T. V. Powdorly, to
proceed to Kurope anil investigate the
immigration problem.
The Denver Transmississippi Congress
voted for the coinage of American silvsr,
and adjourned to meet at, Omaha next
October. The extreme Western dele
gates carried the convention bv storm,
and tlie agricultural States bad only a
fseblu hearing; hence the result,
tin Ti'i'Hsiii'r lii-iiHi'liMi'iil HI muni lug I"
I'l rirlil Hie Nnlf uf l.ul li'i r ili'kl'l.
It has Is't'ii practically decided to ex
tend the per cent, loan at per cent,
and give the holders of these bunds the
necessary ninety days' notice,
Postmiistwr lieiieral Wiiuaiiiaker has
hinl a conference with the Secretary of
the TreiH'.i V ill regard to the selection
of a site for the public building at San
I raiicisco. I If 1 pilHhiug Iki and other
similar matters,
The Tieitiry Department has re
scinded the circular o', May 7, InuI, dis
continuing the allowance of a draw
back on sugars used in the mauiifacliire
of coudi'iiHcd milk, ft iifcct ionci v ami
other article made windy or in part
from sugar on hand prior to .March I.
The I nierior Department tin approved
three list of illdi'inliit V Si'IhsII Selections
in Otvgun. In The Dalles district, ,'n
acre, the Oregon district, 17, 4IN acres,;
and Hie Koseburg district , 1 1:7 4 acres.
These nit' for land lost in sections H
ii I iti'i, granted a sclusd lands to all
Altoliicylieneral Miller Las decided
that the gain or seigniorage i. rising Iroiii
the coinage of bullion under tlie Treas
ury act , w lieu paid into the 'Treasury,
becomes part of the general cash, and
may U used like any other, 'The scign
oriige fund now amounts to,
and lit.. ter this decision the issue of sil
ver certificates may I' increased to that
The ri'sirl uf the civil-service exami
nation at the New York navy yard ha
been received in Washington, ami the
resnlt Is gratifying to Secretary Tracy,
w ho is ressinsible for the introduct imi
of this reform. II xuminutiou will
k'Hin be made at the Mure Island navy
yanl.andil iiially g I results are o!-
lilined, the Secretary will feel much
gra'i.'icd and the administration ) en
titled to the praise of those who Is'lieie
in civil-service reform.
The Treasury Department is still strug
gling to prevent the sale uf lottery tick
ets in the Tinted States, The law passed
bv Congress prevented the use of the
t'liitetl States mails in distributing t hem,
and then the lottery people went to
Mexico and sought under the custom
law to import them into this eoiui'rv as
reading matter at a light duly. Assist
ant Secretary Spaulding put a stop to
this by assessing duty on the face value
of the tickets, the duty Is'iug placed at
f'-'fiOoii a ten-dollar' ticket. 'This was
thought to Is- a liual stoppage on their
imiHirtatioii. The lottery jM-ople, fertile
in resource, have had the tickets printed
in the I'mted States, exported into Mex
ico and rcimportfd into the I'liilcd
Slate, and now claim that they an1 ex
empt fi'uM duty as American manufact
ure returned w ithout Isung advanced in
value or improved in condition. Assist
ant Scciehirv Spaulding, however, ha
instructed Collector of Custom along
he Mexican Isirder to assume that all
itterv tickets entered arc ot foreign
manufacture and to assess duty accord
CABLEGRAMS.'i-s I rum thill Hay the I'ioIHou
t Ii Iimill'icrlll Is i I'llll'lll.
Fifteen thousand carpenters of London
are ill lt, owing to a lockout.
The yellow fever is ravaging Santos
and many other places iu P.razil.
A panic prevails at Curunna, Spain,
owing to the conflicts between the hj
lice and strikers,
The Omnibus strike at Paris has ended
iu a victory for the strikers. 'They tie
manded shorter hours.
The Prince of Wales has again been
sull'ering from inflammation of the veins
of his legs or varicose veins.
The Manipur murderers of ( iriinwood,
the I'ritish commander, and his tlirci
companions have been bunged.
The Kruppadcny the story that they
have sold guns or samples of their mini
ufactnres to the French government.
It has been ofliciallv announced at
Madrid that a commercial convention
has ltccn arranged with the United
Tho Hritish House of Commons has
refused to pass a bill legalizing the elec
tion of women as metiipers of the Coun
ty Councils.
It is rumored at Cape Town that her
Majesty's war ship tho Miigicienuu has
landed a force anil occupied Heira on be
half of the Hritish government.
It is reported that Prince Ferdinand
ruler of Bulgaria, is betrothed to the
Archduchess. Marie, eldest daughter of
the Archduke Joseph of Austria.
The Brazilian Ministry has been mod
ified as follows: Justice, Carvalo; Fi
nance, Brazil: Interior, Araripe; Ports
and Telegraph, Senior Cavalcante.
Advices received at Paris from Chili
sav the position of the insurgents is crit
ical, recent government victories Having
had a thoroughly demoralizing ellect
Of the 200 Anarchistsarrestedat Rome
for actual atteninted disturbances on
Mayday lftO have been sent on theirown
request and at the expense oi tne gov
eminent to ISrazil.
In the recent conflict between the Brit
ish and Portuguese on tho Pungue river
in Africa the Portuguese were repulsed
and seven of them were killed and
large number wounded.
A Venezuelan decree has ordered the
purchase at the nation's expense of the
house in which Bolivar was born and the
establishment in it of a museum of an
tiquities and of the relics of great men
of V enezuela.
President Balnmceda in a messffge to
the Chilian Congress says that during
the period of three months since the be
ginning of the revolution there is not an
instance of a single popular outbreak in
favor of the movement, whose power is
actually oonlinad to the ocean.
Tho Popo Roftisos tho
Italian Subsidy.
Qu iien Victoria's Visit to Grassu Proves
More Beneficial to HerTlian to
Moniburs of Her Suite.
Hhuiighai's cotton mills are ligbteil by
'The census of Paris gives a population
of L'.'l-'
(irrut Itritain'a coal output in Imuo
was !M ,111 l.-'HS tuns.
The Mam hester ship canal is nearly
completed, costing fOfi,000,0(H).
Stanley has exceedingly small audi
ences to listen to him in Scotland.
'The Kaiser bus recognized F.eta as
President of the Republic uf Salvador.
Fmigruiits leaving Sweden must have
a letter of recommendation from the
pastor of the parish.
'The plug hat is said to Is- rapidly re
placing the :ntive headgear among the
mandarin of ( 'hina.
,,,, ,. . . -i i-
I he (icrmiin govern nt is building
large ilvuamitc lactorv
at (Vswig, on
the Flbe, near Dessau.
Two hundred men at the zinc works
of Ipiiie in Hrcslau have Is-en dis
missed for threatening to strike.
Tl.e bunion 7'imfii expresses tlonbt
whether the gold t meet the early call
of Uu iu ciin I' tlrawn froui America.
A lermaii A incrican pctro'euiii com
pany at Hreineii i building a huge res
et voir at Kics, Saxony, The rcscrvo.r
will have a capacity ol '-ti I.IHM) casks.
'The Popi- has refused the Italian suli
sidy for his suppoit, and the Clericals
will, it is undci st. mhI, abstuiu from any
share in the Italian uiiinicipal elcctiotm.
It is rceoitfd from Vii-nua that at
I'stb in Hungary hundreds uf families
f workiugmen are without shelter, liav
nig lii-eii turned into tlie street lor non
payment of rent.
'The great fall maneuver of the Ger
man Hiinv tin year win oc eonctuueo
on Sejitembi r 21, so that the Kmperor
inn v lie on lus hunting grounus in Swt
leli oil SeptemlsT 2:1
Great indignation is felt in various
irclesof ( iermanv over the unjust sen
tent f I b'tr BoMiart, editor uf one uf
thetiotlia journals, for " lualignment "
of the Prince of Bulgaria.
Brigand have made the railroad lines
of Butoiiui so unsafe that militia had to
Is- placed, six men lit every station and
t luce men on cverv guard's and brake-
man's (Mist between the stations.
At a meeting of the Central Branch of
the National League in Dublin the other
lav one of the speakers descrils-d Mr
Gladstone as "grand old tyrant, a grand
old hypocrite and a grand old traud
Fx-King Milan is iu need of more
money, ami will try to acquire a new
supply by marrying it. He is stud to be
ngaged to marry a r reneh lady, whose
fortune is estimated at o.noO.OOO francs.
The French crops are reported in
very critical condition, iiiehoine sur
ply will fall short bv 20,000,000 heetoli
ters, ami if the present rainy weather
continues, the result will lie disastrous
to the farmers.
Kxtensive preparations have been
made by the atican for the coming eel-
liration in honor of Pope Gregoiy the
Great. Leo MIL has ollcred three
prizes for the Is'st essays upon the
phases of Gregory a career.
'The Czar is curtailing the lilicrties of
the Mohammedan subjects. A holy see
has been created for the purpose of
spreading Russian doctrines among the
followers of Islam and gradually coin
pcllingthem to join theorthodox church.
There is very great misery among the
working classes in Rome. Owing to tin
lecline in values and stagnation tit lunld
ing interests, thousands are out of em
nloynient. 'The multitude of beggars
have never been so great or importunate.
Tim Russian government has appro
priated $1,000,000 to the construct ion of
a commercial harbor at Theodosia, w hich
will hereafter be the port of the Crimea
for merchantmen. Sebustopol will be
transformed into a military and naval
The tenant on the Currass ami Meelin
estates, County Cork, have entered into
an agreement with the landlord to pur
chase their fiirniB. Hy tins arrangement
fifty families, who have participated in
the plan of campaign, will be restored to
their liomos.
There is a demand for women physi
cians in Bosnia, most of the women re
fusing to be treated by male doctors.
The Austrian government is endeavoring
to meet the dilliculty by engaging all the
female graduates of the medical school
at Zurich to locate in Bosnia, their in
come being guaranteed by the govern
ment at a certain figure.
Austria still adds to her revenue by
the lottery business. According to the
Consular report from Vienna t he govern
ment realized 8,5Q,'tMo' from lottery
transactions last yearfof which $5,000,-
000 were returned tor prizes, leaving $:
600,000 net profit to the State.
W. W. Story has mushed the monu
ment and medallion which are to lie
placed on Theodore Parker's grave at
Florence. The ceremony will take place
August 24. F. D. Sanliorn of Concord,
Mass., ami Moncure D. Conway promise
1 to contribute the literary ceremonial.
i i i i 1 1 of
i'l MHHHrt.'il
hii .trernu Ainiiitiit
f un Vrri II lull.
A fair amount of business w us trans
acted. Trade opened up rather ipiietly,
hut picked up considerably. There was
nothing of a special interest except that
eggs were very high, Outs are very weak.
Vegetables me in fair ilemuud, anil the
supply is gisid. Oiegon si raw berries
me weak. Cherries are scarce and not
ill great demand. Kalian. ts ami lemons
! arc more plentiful Hum I hi y have Is-en
! for several weeks. There i a fair supply
i of nrungcN on hum!, and the demand for
them is good. I'.u-ini's in the line of
i staple groceries whs gistl. 'The wool clip
I is oil tlie move.
I The market pn si nts no new features,
i OU'erings are light, the demand is slow
and trailing of a desultory character.
Troilm-i', Friili, IMc.
Wilt: r-Walla Walla, l..r0; Valley,
$1 .lit) per bushel.
Ki,ot a l'iot" : Standard, ,5.1!5; Walla
Walla, 5.ou pur barrnl.
Oats tjiiote: t)ui ii'2 per bushel.
11 y (JikiIh : till" 17 per ton.
M n.ii rirrs Ijuote: Hrau, H'.r.OO;
Shorts, f':i.(Ht; Oroiintl P.arley, T:i:;.00,f
,'II.1K); Chop I'l-eil, tL'.rxif I'd per ton; Par
ley, t,'Sm I. lid percental.
Hr rrKii ti'iote : On-gou fancy cream
ery, -h-; lani-y tlairy, L''."vc; fair to
g"Hd, Ii'a't'l'Oc; common, He; Cali
fornia, ?lvw'2c per pound.
Ciikksk tjuote: Oregon, i:S'f Ifx-; Cal
ifornia, llnlL'c per pound.
Lous tuotii : Oregon, 'Stt: per dozen.
I'oi'i.rav iiote: (Id Chickens, $.".0t);
young chickens, fLOO't' J.fiO ; Ducks,
- . . i .... I t I ......
; tn. .loci ,7.tsi : . ii-i-n-, iioiioioo, ii.
nu Tlir,heyBi Hc per pound.
tJalihage, !..
per cental : Caulirlowcr. tl 2r) per dozen ;
j Onions, I V I ',! per Mund ; new Cali
! fornia. 2c; Beets, l.rl per sack; 'Tur
lilp, $2.00 per sack; Potatoes, I0(ii70e
I per cental; New Potatoes, IV l"'r
'pound; Tomatoes, f:t.H per Isix ;
I Asparagus, 4m 5c per pound; Ori-i: .,i,
0nt.'ic per pound; Lettuce, I2c per
' ilozi-n ; ireen Peas, 5c per pound ; String
Beans, He per pound; Rhui.irb, 4c per
pound; Artichokes, 40c per dozen ; Kad
! ishi s, 10c per dozen bunches; young
'Onions, 1 0c pi r dozen bunches; Cucuni-
Is-rs, $1 -r dozen.
Fin n tjuote : lis Angeles Orange,
1 f2.2.W2.50; Riverside, f i.OOiX25; Na
vels, f l.5!li 5.50 perlsix; Sicily Lemons,
' j;,,, 7,-,u; California, $4.50nf5 per Isix;
Apples, I.00ur2..i0 per Isix ; liananas,
$2.50(ii ;!..'id -r bunch; Pineapples, $.".00
itih.oO er dozen; Strawlic-rric, Califor
nia, loc ii-i pijiiud; Oregon, 20c 'r
pound; Clierries, 12'. ( BV per pound;
Gooscls'rrics, ."uidic per pound.
i t.1 Quote: California Walnuts,
(WI2V; Hickory, HV; Brazils, KM lie;
Almonds, KJirfJSc; Fills-rls, l." I4c;
Pine Nuts, ITctISc; Pecans. I7Wlc;
Cts-oanuts, 8c; Hazel, Kc; Peanuts, 8c
per siund.
Std ii roi-erli'ii.
Cornell Quote : Costa Rica,
Rio, 2.'lc; Mocha, 30c; Java, 25'vc
i buckle
i pound
KiO-pound cases.
' Si iiaks Quote: Golden C,4vuc; extra
C, 47c; dry granulated, 57uc; cuIh
.crushed and powdered, li'j'c per pound;
; confectioners' A, 5:l.,e per pound.
Sviti l's Lantern, iu barrels, 47(f.Ve ;
jhalf barrels, 50m 5He; in cases, 55i80c
j per gallon ; $2.2."ioi 2.50 per keg ; Califor
nia, in barrels, -Idc per gallon; f-'.-o per
Bkass Quote: Small Whites, 334cj
Pink, 3,4(rt;i,i.c; Kayos, 414c; Butter,
4'vc; bunas, 4'..c per pound.
Damn Fiu its Quote: Italian Prunes,
l0'tfiT2c; Petite and German Prunes,
10c per pound; Raisins, $1.75(f 2.25 per
box; Pluinmer-dried Pears, 10(3 11c;
sun-dried and factory Plums, ll((fl2c:
evaporated Peaches, 18t20e; Smyrna
Figs, 20c; California Figs, fie per pound.
Rick Quote: $5.75 per cental.
Honkv Quote: 18(t2oc.
Salt Quote: Liverpool, $10, $10.50,
$17; stock, $11 per ton in carload lots.
Cannko Goods Quote: Table
fruits. $2.25. 'i's; Peaches. $2.50;
Knrtlett Pears, $2.25; Plums. $l.o5;
Strawlierries, $2.50; Cherries, $2(12.50;
Blackberries, $2.25; Raspberries, ?2.7i;
Pineapples, $2.75; Apricots, $2.40. Pie
fruit: Assorted, $1.50 per dozen ; Peaches,
$1.05: Plums, $1.25; Black lierries, $1.05
per dozen. Negetables: Com, $l.Ja
(1. 05, according to quality; Tomatoes,
$1.15(3.50; Sugar Peas, $1.251.0;
String Beans, f l.lOperdozen. risti : Sal
mon, ; sardines, 85c (($!. 05;
lobsters, $2 25(ri3.25: oysters, $l.50
3.25 pet dozen. Condensed milK : hagie
brand, $8.25; Crown, $7; Highland.
fo.75; Champion, $0.00; Monroe, $(.i&
per case.
Meat Market.
Beef Live, 4(ii4'.jc; dressed, 7S.i.
Mutton Live, sheared, 4c; dressed,
Hogs Live, Oiti'i'c; dressed, 78e.
Veal 6(u7o per pound.
Quote: Eastern. Hams, 12:l4'13c;
Oregon, 10'4(iU2!.ie ; BreaKiast itacon,
r2((C13ci other varieties, swatc; Lard,
9?4'CU?4C per pound.
IM Ihci'IIhucohs.
Hipks Quote: Dry Hides, selected
prime, S'siflOc, sC leas for culls; green,
selected, over 55 pounds, 4c; under 65
pounds, Sc; Sheep Pelts, short wool. 30
(ffi50c; medium, (KK'PoOc; long,iJe(i$1.25;
dhearlings, 10(aj20e; Tallow, gotxl to
choice, 3(30 per pound.
Wool Quote: Willamette Valley, 18
(S20c: Eastern Oregon, i3(il9e per
pound, according to conditions and
Hors Nominal. Quote: 20c per
Naii.s Base quotations: Iron, 2 85;
Steel, $2.85; Wire, $3.40er keg.
Shot Quote: $1.75 per sack..
Coal Oil Quote : $1.95 per caaa.
At Ilalifux, N. S., the application for
a writ of habeas corpus in the case of
Piggott, the 'Texas embezzler, was dis
missed by Judge Ritchie.