The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 30, 1891, Image 4

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WHAT RK AN DKKTH'ft 111.1. M HO.
In DR.vNDHKrH'g Kills the true life medi
cine has Lwn found, comr0!Hl u they uu
of numerous vrgetuMea so cotnbitu'il that
each multiplies the virtues of the rest.
Tiny never can Jo any harm. Their
notion is always the fame, no matter
how lotiK or in what ikws they are taken.
They purge away the waste paiiieles of the
system. They recruit the animal vitror,
uiul arrest tlie vnMgrvs of decay. They
purify the blood. They stimulate the liver.
They inviitorate diesiiou. They ojhmi alio
pores. They make the bowels do the work
of the kidneys, thus giving those organs an
ofttimes ueeUoti rest. One or two at night
for week will demonstrate their power,
and i generally sufficient to cure ordinary
A hvjr pane la an exeelleul eounter-wetght
to a light heart
Cures Also i
All Aches.
Chsii. YogelertX
Baltimore, HO.
Camo lite has a pecuuar charm ; but. to luuv en-
lor it. too matt be prepared for all kind oi
weather. Did you erer catch four rubber coat on
S eharp twij or rougn root, and pou it tne oral
day ? Ask asy hunter or ipertsman who use s
Fish Brand Slicker," how he likes them. H
will tell too it is tent, blrnket. and coat, all in one.
Light, dry, and warm, and will stand any amount
of hard uut. No need of being concerned about
tn weather.
Why do you wait ti l it rains, when
von can be prorided for all weather u you buy a
Fi.h RniuT Slu-kr" now? Dnn'i nit A Hav'l
oelay may be the cause of a month s sickness : can
yon afford to take the risk ? Beware of worthless
imitations, every garment stamped with the Fish
Brand " Trade Mark. Don't accept any inferior
coat when yon can hare the " Fish Brand Slicker 4
delivered without extra coat. Particulars and illus
trated catalogue free.
A. J. TOWER, - Boston, Mass
Of Pure Cod Liver Oil with
Of Lime and Soda.
There are emulsions and emulsion,
and there is still much skimmed milk
which masquerades as cream. Try as
they avfJI many manufacturers cannot
so disguise their cod liver oil as to make
it palatable to sensitive stomach. Scott's
LIVER OIL. combined with Himnnhnm-
I phites is almost as palatable as milk.
' "or this reason as well as for the fact
of the stimulating qualities of the Hypo
phosphites, Physicians frequently pre
scribe it in cases of 9
AH Druggists sell it, but be sure you get
the genuine, as there are poor imitations.
COB ONE DOLLAR sent us by mail, we will do
1 liver, free of all charges, to any person In the
united Mates, an tne following articles carefully
packed In a neat boh :
)ne two-ounce bottle of Pure Vaseline. ..10 eta.
One two-ounce bottle vaseline Pomaae...l5 "
Obo jar of Vaseline Cold Cream lft "
One eake of Vaseline Camphor Ice 10 "
One cake of Vaseline Soap, unseen ted.. ..10 "
One cake of Vaseline Soap, scented 25 "
One two-ounce bottle of White Vasellne.25 "
... 41
Or for stamp any alagle article at the price named.
If you h&Teocoaeiun to use Vaseline in any form bt
sarertu to accept only
original package. A i
genuine goods pat up by as Id
great many aniggtata are trying tc
ke VASELINE out uu bi them
trayen to
Never yld to auch persuasion, as the article is an iini I .
tatitin without ralne and will not give you the result yo
expect. A bottle of Blue Seal Vaseline ia sold byaT I i
aruggisie at lu cents.
Cbesebrough MTg Co.,24 State St.,Rew York
iu 11 nnmnnu '
The Oldest Country Land
IT. 111. DflflnUUn, Dealer in the State, 420
Montgomery street, ban Francisco, Cal.
40 fn choice fruits, full bearing; cherries, aprf
cots and Bartlett pears; sell in 6-acre lots; on the
Kan Leandro road, near Hay wards, adjoining the
beautiful property of Otis Webh, E. M.
Uowers, Binders & Rakes.
jfJiiiiiiiiiiin1",J r I
Handsome catalogue and prices Waited free.
Address WALTER A. WOOD, President,
70 Front Street, Portland, Or.
for UEi mm
Waakneaa of Body and Kind, Eifeota
of Errora or Ezoesaes in Old or Touse,
a ii a. I. kohl MANHOOD ne'ir KMlnnd. nowioBiirt
IkMlaitlr uraillaa HOVH ikkitwj'ii-bmmii, ,n 0.7.
TlMiifr (Hua 0 Vila ! t?"irl,. Wri ibtrn.
A Itmirti kalita I r In Imlianav.
II. II. Sturm, of IndinnaiMilia, nrnl
Kiohard IVnckert, of Spt'itrcr. have di
covered a eave near .sin-nivr. Itst
niht they oxplored it. The entrains is
ft hole 20 feet deep and aUul 3 feet in
diameter. At the Imitoni U'gin a nar
row nnd sttvp ttass,-io, running northeast
bout tt'i feet. At the end of this mi.s.tue
yas a stop olT of nUiiit 5 feet, and Inmie
iliatelv to the left wan t chamber aUmt
8 foot in diameter, the walls rising gtad
uallv in the form of a cone, meeting at
point overhead SO foot from the floor.
Tho wall woiu hung with numerous.
tono iH'ndants, water at the time drip
ping down. A passugewnr, Is inch
wido nnd 10 feet long, hnl from this open
ing toward tho northwest to another
chamber similar to the first, but about 00
feet hijjli.
A passageway then brought tho wty
into (still another room, it being a little
smaller than the first. From this a nar
row isle, 60 feet long and 7 feet high, let!
rionnwesi 10 a very small opening or
manhole, through which tho reporter
craw led with a lamp, and found that the
passage was blocked bv a largo quantity
of Mud and debris brought by the raiiu
that pour at times down tho whole cave.
At the end of this last passage there
led off two openings, about as large as a
stovepipe. Stamping on tho ground
brought out tho fact that a chamber w as
at some place uudor this hist pa-sage.
This week a hole will bo drilled to tind
if such a cavity exists, and alsojljo en
trance w ill be enlarged, making it easier
of access. The fact that the w ater di
appears downward, tho upper curredtt of
air, and the hollow sound above men
tioned, go to prove that there is another
cavity, probably larger than any of tho
rest. The estimated depth of tho cave
from tho general surface is 130 feet. The
party t-pont an hour and fifteen minutes
under ground. Martinsville (Ind.) Cor
St, Louis Globe-Democrat.
f.loped on a LovoiuoiIto.
Alpheus did not have more trouble in
reaching Arethuso than Conductor Bell,
of tho Louisville and Wadley road, had
m getting to his bride. The groom hud
long loved a young lady of Louisville
Her pareuts objected very strenuously to
their marriage, nd used all tho means
possible to thwart their desires. Like
lovers tho world over, opposition but
strengthened their affection and deter
uimation to marry any way. Tuesday
night was set as the time for an elope
ment In some way the old folks got an
inkling of what was contemplated.
hen the expectant groom arrived he
found the house well guarded. The
parents had the trump card for the time
Wednesday came, nnd the turn of the
w heel threw good fortune into the lap of
the young folks. Disappointment sharp
ened their wits. A new plan was con
ceived. I hat afternoon, as his train
passed her home, the conductor caught
a glimpse of lus atliunced. That was
sufficient. Running the train to a sid
ing, a mile or so awav, the coaches were
dropped, and while the few passengers
wondered what was delaying them, tho
engine, with the exultant lover, sped
down the track to the spot where she
w as waiting, heart in mouth, and, as the
old expression goes, "twixt love and
duty swayed." Love was victorious.
When the engine reached the train
again, alter a very few minutes delay,
it had a new and fair passenger to place
aboard, teaching Wadley, a ministei
was summoned, the ceremony performed
and the trip then continued to Savan
nah. Savannah Cor. Atlanta Constitu
A man'ia'freauently known
by the company
he keeps out of.
Five cents saved on soap : five dollars lost
on rotted clothes. In tlmt eeonom y t There
is not 5 cents' difference between' the cost
of a bar of the poorest soap made und the
bext, which is, as all know, Dobbins' Klec-
Home is next to the last place a mail ran
If he can't go home, he goes to the dogs.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment will enre
Blind, Bleeding and Itching Files when all other
ointments have failed. It absorbs the tumor.
auays ine irening hi once, acts as a poultice.
elves instant reliel. Ir. Williams' Indian Pile
Ointment is prepared oaly for Piles and Itching
oi tne private parts, ana nothing else. Every
box is warranted. Sold by druggists, or sent by
mail on receipt or price, ouc aua i per dox.
ylL.L,lAJIS JIAM rAl.l UK1MJ W.,
Proprietors, Cleveland, 0.
Let's reason together.
Here's a firm, one of the
largest the country over, the
world over ; it has grown, step
by step, through the years to
o-rMrnpss and ir sells mrpnf
& -" . i
medicines ! ugh !
" That's enough ! "
Wait a little
This firm pays the news-
papers good money (expen
sive work, this advertising ! )
to tell the people that they
have faith in what they sell,
.1 V -v 7 xl. x. 'P ai u
SO mUCfl TCLlltl lllcll II llieV Can L
benefit or cure they don't want
r, j , ,
your money. Their guarantee
is not indefinite and relative,
but definite and absolute if
the medicine doesn't help,
your money is "on call.
Suppose every sick man
and every feeble woman tried
these medicines and found
them worthless, who would be
the loser, you or they ?
The medicines are Doctor
Pierce's "Golden Medical Dis
covery," for blood diseases,
and his " Favorite Prescrip
tion," for woman's peculiar ills.
If they help toward health,
they cost $1.00 a bottle
each ! If they don't, they
cost nothing
foil ii lira Malil to A null lti 1rvelniiiiiiit
of a Ni-tt Ulier t'Unl.
Fifty thousand rupees Is said to lu tho
prize carried off hy tin machino lately
constructed hy a lVioeMor t,F.nj;land)
manufacturing houic for tho nucccsnful
treating of tho pita liUr. This pri.o was
offered hy tho government of India in
(lit hope of OTciconiinj; tho ohMaelo of
tho lack of a machine that would turn
out tho lihor in a tit stato for market.
The machine, while simple in construc
tion, is certainly a aucccss. One ia now
working on a largo Nicaragua, estate,
and tho representative of the F.nglish
inanufactutiTs has recently arrived in
that rcpuhlic, withn view to introducing
Now that tho hitherto liiMtrinountahle
difficulty has been ovcrcoine, it will Ik!
surprising, indiHd, if the exploitation of
this vast natural resource of Central
America ho not logun ami carried on
with r.eal nnd energy, Tho immense for
tunes that have been mado during the
past three or four years in Yucatan from
tho hennequon, a near relative of the
pita, would indicate tho certain results.
Tho hennoquen, or Sisal hemp, is n
much lower priced article, (selling at
from seven to nine cents jht pound,
whilo tho pita, proorly prepared, sliould
bring three times as much. The vast
area of tho north coast land of Hon
duras afford it hpletidid region for the
cultivation of this plant.
The observant traveler cannot fad to
remark ' the immense quantities of if
springing up wikl on every hand, and
tho practical mind deplores tho wasting
of such wealth. In one section in par
ticular, tho vast country stretching from
Yoro toTruxillo, tho pita tho liromalu
Silvestris, to givo it its botanical name
abounds in marvelous luxuriance.
Further inland, in the mountainous
districts, it flourishes e jually well, as in
the valleys along tho route of tho pro
posed Int 'rocoiuiie railwav. It is a most
accommodating growth with respect to
locality. Splendid specimens may l
Boon m rocky, unheard of corners or
springing from tho brinks of dizzying
precipices. From tho stony soil, where
other vegetation were doubtful, it towers
up in astonishing strength and beauty.
Its cultivation is easy. Within eighteen
months of the planting it has attained
its full growth. Its leaves nro then from j
six to nine feet in length and four to sis j
incites wuie. -n aero of land will pro
duce from 1,000 to 1,500 plants, yielding
on an average thirty leaves, hach leaf
will weigh probably six ounces in the
green state. This would give per acre
something between 11,000 and 10,000
The proportion of preimred fiber to
the leaf is estimated at -'0 iht cent. The
approximate yield per acre in marketable
product would lie from 2.200 to 3,200
pounds, worth in New York, at 28 cents
per pound. $010 to $89G. This, in view
of tho little care necessary, is a result
worth considering. After tho first three
or four months the only lalior required
is that of gathering tho crop and pre
paring it. By this time the plant has
become so dense and powerful that
weeds find little chance. This for
country like Honduras, where Jabor is
scarce, is a fortunatecircumstan'ce. And
in this regard tho industry would have
the advantage over that of tho banana,
the coffee, or even the cocoanut culture.
Hitherto the prevailing interest of
American capitalists in Honduras has
been in the mining industry. No other
natural resource has thus far been given
any thought, to speak of. iet it is tin
doubtedly true that immense fortunes
await such enterprising men as will take
to Central America, with their other
capital, the requisites of energy and per
The pita culture might well be com
bined with other enterprise. With a
view to easier transportation of the pro
duct, tt would be advisable to select in
Honduras a locality convenient to the
road to either Puerto Cortez, Truxillo,
on the gulf side, or Atuapalu, on the Pa
cific coast.
In Yoro, Olancho, Santa Barbara and
other scarcely peopled departments is a
country of magnificent possibilities. Ex
aggerated stories of it that from time to
time have been related in the press of
the north have doubtless contributed to
retard its progress.
Lnuue stress has boon hud unnn ira
dangerous climate, which in reality is a
perfectly healthy one. If the lowlands
of the coasts be hot, there is nevertheless
a constant and delicious sea breeze blow
ing inland, and the nights are always
cool. The interior is very mountain
ous, with valleys Jong and wide, at
various elevations of from 1,000 to 5,000
feet above sea level. Here, although tho
vertical sun's rays strike hotly upon the
earth throughout the day, the tempera
ture in the shade ranges seldom above
76 degs. Fahrenheit. There is thus no
oppressiveness. Given these conditions,
I cannot imagine any reason why an
enormous success should not he made of
the pita industry.
To obtain a plantation of pita would be
comparatively easv. Suitable land could
be obtained from the government or oth
erwise at a low figure. The young plants
would cost hardly anything. In case of
a larSe enterprise well backed and likely
to prove beneficial to the country it in
quite probable that a large tract of land
would be conceded by tho government of
Honduras. Belize (Honduras) Letter.
Where Fife and Kride Are.
Duff house, where the duke and duch
ess or rite are now staying, has been
closed for many years, except during ita
owner's annual autumn visit, which
never exceeded a month. The house is
an immense quadrangular edifice, which
was built about a century ago. The style
is Roman Corinthian, the principal rooms
are very large, and there is a fine collec
tion of pictures. The grounds, which are
very extensive, are undulating and well
wooded, and are bordered by the Dev
eron, on the banks of which, one mile
farther up the river, is Slountcoffer, the
dower house of the Fife family. Dufl
house stands on the outskirts of the
towns of Banff and Macduff, which are
separated by the Deveron estuary.
London Truth.
IH ST A HI. I Silt: II
t t'.Hi'Hivrinv
l V IN
.ViiHiiroN. I'Utie Co., Wash., May isul.
Ih . .'unfiiii, Nriiff'f, HikA. 1'mn .Sue I
should have I ilteu to you lielnie, hut have
iietilei ted tviilo sn. t win very thankful P
say, however, that your tuedieiues helped
mo very much, I feel like a dilteretd per
sou, I rvinnvctl tin' supporter the lu v t
week after I was to see ynii, and have tell
very little pain since. I iiiniil siv pounds
while I was taking the incilicine. U ill you
please send ine one of vour books, and
oblige, Mks. ,V. I'noiiMoN,
KsrSot mi, Wash., M:iy I, l!l.
Iv. .1. rViiiiruf .coiiii, VuffiV, llfi.i, I 'tut
Sin: Please tind inclosed f", for which
send uie medicines required. The medicine
is iloiiiK its work line. I he third day alter
taking it in v ife got up and went to the
table, ullor Win routined to her bed lor
lour weeks, Kespecllullv,
I'll Mil ks F. tsKtn,
Hi ck l KV, Wash., April 2 lH.
V. .unfurl Ikh Sm: I received your
medicine, and have taken it ever since. I
am feeling ever so much belter. The pain
through my kidneys has all letl, and the
dizziness lias noarl v all none. I lca-c send
ine what medicine 1 need mid obline.
J. V. 1AVH.
F. MT Soi nii, Wash.. April 10, lsl .
Ih. .Anii,i PkkhSik: I have been tak
ing vour medicine two week la-t S.ituiil.iv,
and there is a grand improvement in me in
everv wa . M v stomach Is so much beticr,
and I Have a lieltcr appetite lli.iu I haie
hail before for three mouths. The la grippe
cough is almost entirely gone ; bowcK in in h
more regular than they were, and I am
gaining strength faster every day than I
thought it possible for me lo, 'Ucpeet
fllllj', t'. AltMMIt"M..
hr. Jordan's oltice is at the residence of j
cx-Mayor Ycslor, t hird and James. j
Consultations and pivscnptioiisabsoluto-1
lyrrv. I
Send for free book explaining the IliMo- I
genetic system.
Cm iios, -The Histogeiielio Medicines j
are sold in but one agency in each town.
The label around the buttle bears the lol-j
lowing inscription: " lr. J. Ilugeiie .lor-;
dan, llistogenetic Medicine," Fvory other j
device is a fraud. j
Nevtr let a woman know lu In not pretty. i
Of many a night, made doubly long by ita pro
trai'ted agony, the rhnimatle milIer.T tosM-a to
and fro ou hla ule- pli'M coin-Ii, vainly pra.lng
for that rest which only coinen liy tltn ami slarla.
il U malady is one which ordinary nir,!clni' mo
often fall lo relieve, but there in ample et ldeni r
lo jimve that the t'lliclent hlmsl depnteiit, lion
totler'a Stomach Hlltem, altiirda tlu rlieliniatle a
reliable meatu ol relief. Check the malady 'n
Ita Incipient Mage, w hen the ttrst premonitory
twinge com oil, with thin agreeable in, "Urine,
ami avoid year of torture n hatever lie the ia
Uouale of the active Intf leuee of the Hitters
upon this malady, certain it la that im evbleuce
relating to its crtect ia more direct and Mmltive
than that which relalea to lla action In cases of
rhetimatbm. I.lka all aterllug reined irs, how
ever, it deservea a protracted, nyntemat to trial,
and ahould not tie abandoutd iHs ause not at
onee remedial.- It ia eipiallv etlii acloua in dye
pt pala, ludUeatlou and kindred ,lirar.
However great mine meu'a abillliei
llabllltleaare greater.
are, their
We roalttvelr cure rupture and all rectal
ipttire and alt rectal dia
detention from biniineiui
e without paiu or i
ty; ai
No cm
) cure, no pay
and im pay inilll cured. A,l
lreaa for pamphlet lira. PurterDeld
di i.oaey ttai
Market street, rtau Kranelwo.
Light a cigarette ami see theuiiilertiikeramlle.
Tut Oibmii (or breakfaaC
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and IVtry, I.iirht Flaky
biscuit, (I riddle Cakes, Palatable
and Wholesome.
No (.t',T baU'i.' piefiler d ies such work.
The majority of well-read phys
cians now believe that Consump
tion is a germ disease. In other
words, instead of being in the con
stitution itself it is caused by innu
merable small'creatures living in the
lungs having no business there and
eating them away as caterpillars do
the leaves of trees.
A Germ The phlegm that is
couehed ud is those
Disease. parts of the lungs
which have been
gnawed off and destroyed. These
little bacilli, as the germs are called,
are too small to be seen with the
naked eye, but they are very much
alive just the same, and enter the
body in our food, in the air we
breathe, and through the pores of
the skin. Thence they get into the
blood and finally arrive at the lungs
where they fasten and increase with
frightful rapidity. Then German
Syrup comes in, loosens them, kills
them, expells them, heals the places
they leave, and so nourish and
soothe that, in a short time consump
tives become germ-proof and well. &
Nebraska Farm Lands to Exchange.
Fine farm lands fn NebraNka to exchange for
Oregon or Washington real estate. If. K. NoULK,
C'onconf building, 2d and Hfark Kts., Portland.
STEIN WAY, Gabler and Pease Pianos
Bfeaolnff the Best Piano Made, and tha f&Tnrlte
oheajKjr Pianos; all Miuioal Inatrumenta; Hands Bup-
ilea; urge etoot oi oneet ainuo. hteinway Ual
W and SfiUo Post Htreet: Matthias a sat Ua
and aee nur new roonm an4 new nkonk.
Nf. Ft N. U. No. 389-8. 1. N. U. No. 466
Willi! lif W llll, IOO.
The n ailers of ln iiitiiII be 0rn-il l.i
Icmu Hint tlo le U l , rea eiic itn rnli'il J "im-e
thai m il in i lux l i en nhle lo coin In nil lt
Mane ainl Ilia U i Ntsnli. II ill'- I Hlililli l ure
l lii no I v tiiiKillve i mi' unit kiiini n In lln' Hint
h at lialeriilli . liiisrin.t ik mcil luliniiiil
iIImSC, tcjint'cn a 1 1 1 1 ll! I . ' 1 1 H I ll'lllllli'l I
HkII ( aim i li i ine Ik i ii v . 1 1 Inieiiiiillv, hi linn
Jiieel l it . mi lie blninl mnl miii oiin mm litreii ol
the n Inn, I lien by del in) I in; I he IiiiiiiiIiiiium n
llie .IIthm. mid ul In Hi,. (iHllelil nliellKlli bv
Inul'llliH lii Hie i iiii-lllirlnii Mini B-illni im
t llle III ilolilK Us in k I lie inii i tin Inn e ko
much IhIiIi lu 1 1 - i ll i h 1 1 v i ' iiiiiM in Unit lliev otter
one Hun, In ,1 liiillum lor any in-,' tlmi it lalla in
I'lne. Seinl (or lll of I I i m, n 1 1 n 1 A i I.I i
I' .1 I III Nl A i u., Toledo, O.
ImT" Nibl by ti iikkUIh, ' tie.
tt l a poor mule Hint Hnii'l wmk Imth wnyn.
to sroitTHVii N.
When yon in-ed v s-i-oi Uiif lloiulu of anv
ilenerlitloii, wille In II T IIchhon, I'iuiIhiiiI
Or , Im (iilci'H ainl flee ealalnnue, anil yoll will
si in, nicy
The Ocolihintnl lliilel, Sun I inn, Im-h, l mil
yetsally iroiiniiiiiei by Hie pul,le llm linb l
lintel of the 1'aelflc I'oiot Kiel) Oiling l 1'i'i lec
lion to Hie mlHUlcM d "tall, and kui'M ate inmle
to lis'l I'titlH'h at liiiimi. J. ,. II 1 1 r , Minnii:rr
I'f under' Oreit oil II nod I'nrlfler -
tliu l't nnnedy lor liiat iln nil iLmane. ih hu p
la, for It reKUlalea the .lyiiijiliallc ayKtem ami
bad secretion'.
tMi Kiikiiii'Hiii' Stove I'olluli; iin.lunl, nonini ll
i-tr rj v 'x
V-', t-. i tA
lioth tlio tnetlio'l ami resulta when
, yriip. of FigH is taken; it is pleasant
ami rcfrculnii to tho taste, nnd itchi
u'cntly yd promptly mi flic Kidneys,
Ijivcr ninl 1uwcIh, ('Icansis flic sy
tent vH'ccttinlly. dispels cohjs, hcml
tclieti iiml lever nnd cures lmliitn.
constiputioii pcriiianciitly. r
in rt)oatiil ?1 littles liy ull flniggisU
louismu. nr.
f re?. r.
Mm in
WANTED Tho wM n-rn nf all milillrmwho
cm niroc '""'i''"'''"''"' n Ii-hm mimiirr nf
aULUItKa m ri'ii tliKii IM ami innilc IIiirI
UflMrOTTInO I'rniil on the HHiiio ''(nrt' June
nUlllLOlLfllJo. is7i. w k. mdsm, r. o
Uox 7ii, liciiviT, Cold. MiMitluii tliln mjiiT,
( a.V i.
This I'lctnro, l'ani'l bL. muilod fi .' 4 cents.
J. F. SMITH & CO.,
Maker of " Win Iliraiw,"
255 & 257 Greenwich St., N. Y. City.
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As a true patriot and citizen you should naturalize yourself
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II, I II nr w. li,, I :lt. ;u...i. w. 47, I. M.
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Smith's Cash Store. 416 4 418 Front St., S. F.
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CURE Biliousness,
Sick Headache,
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