The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 14, 1891, Image 3

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    5Cood Iivcr Glacier
liOOl) ItlVKU, Oil.. MAU. II , mm.
I.OC.U, ( A It II.
KAM" IIOI'Ml I'KMM Hoop ft 1 V I : It
Ni. A, Kiimi'mi ruvi' ill ilHiTi A. M.
No. 'J. Mull " I'JMtt A. M.
I'Iiii-i-m li'iivi'D ill fi:'i7 I'. M.
Mull ' . ' ;'H a. M,
IUIii I.Iiik, N'ihi, I mxl 2, "'Inn livirlnnil
Kl.TKr'" I'wiry IIiiiiiihIi I'lilliiimi Hli'i x i'ii, ( ul
otilal MI.'imiki h, V'r'i' I hull' l in n Mini ( ihu'Im',
uelwm-n 1'ittllMiiil mi l Imnvrr, Itmiilm, Knif
M Til) , biulx, HI, 1'n'il or I lili'iiiin.
Main Mm, Nim. :liiiMH,"Thi'l,liiilliMl Mull,"
oiry I'lilliihin IhiiIiii; hiii Wc'iiik t urn
Iwoon I'lirilunit uml Clihuuu.
lBlly 1l,xii.(,l Muu.liiy,
Tit limit arrlvm n.n HlrnlLl.iu-i .1 II
fl.Mk A. M. W.mI:,.Iv. nil. I Hut in. I,,)., ,1,..
lru ' -in imi iIhjh 4 ihmmi.
Pnr ChlnilWl'tll. IiiimhIM A. M. uriU,. ..I
t V. M.H.dinliiv.,
For VtillHulinim l.-nvi n ilully N 8 A. M.
rrtvM m imp uYliH'k r. M.
from Will In Knlinoii livm fur Kiilitn, (III
ir, Trout Ijtkv uml IIIliiwimmI .MoiicIiij , unit
Tli (Hint nflti l nH'ii fur iii-rnl rtrllvnry
from R A. M. mull ') 1'. M. vivni Hnmliit
wlita It will tw o n rruiu V until II A. M.
Oil cloth nt the furnlturt' Mure.
ItulldlnH pajH-r ut furniture uton.
Mr. John Htoddard In In Chicago.
dipt (.'oe went to l'ortlaiid Wedne
ly. C. It. Ilo no vlnlted The Dallen Thum
dity. Cahlinn" nml onloiiN nt llanna &
Mrx. Hut ton
NVeli ikiIi.v.
WIIM (it Till! llllfN
1'letureH t'r.imt d to order at the fur
niture Finn-.
I r Thulium mum ut the CaMcade
Li ckM WediifHilay.
C. I'. I'.uhIi and wife have ijoiie
N'alicuuver to ri'Kidc.
tin the furniture Mon aud hit r Ik-
Mid .Vi ll llt llll.tllll.
'Ihe dcniii fur I hi l", li. ihlmh can
la- mccii at Hie furniture mIuic
Alvln lleiHhey Im huildiiit; a neat
fence al'uund Ii.h IuIm In aiicuiiiii.
J. J. l.ucKt y Ii.ih , i i m ; ,
fence tti i.uiitl Iiim c ui, K. w. m' 1 1 1 .
The Ctni;ieatiiiialiHl are l.ivlli'f
Ihe luuin.alloii ur I heir ,1'iiircii Lii U-iii-'
Ic ;c.
' OlillUt !.'.! ': t
the luiiiuiT .i i,, i i
the Wei .
Tin- weal he;- I !i
Ii. h I ii i i cii ,,, , H;
i I i
I .1
,1 .1.
1 1 at ii.jjl !.
Till' lll'lliaiHl t.. iovl!
;rii nij Mcailii ( n'i." -' ' i...
IihIiiIm eve'y 'li: .
The eiiHlci 11 fnnil due licit' Wi
ilny liioiiiin' iii.I iml ni live
'1 liiii,il,i iiitcriiouii.
in. Ill i
A new invoice of thread just received
lit I laiina V ..egler s. Sl. sputUH fur
I'-aels, or 2-1 spools for f I.
llanna A: ice lei's slock of thread Is ;
eoinplele as to iti,ilil , asMH intent and !
price. 'Jest it nml lie convinced. j
llanna it Zicgler always keep the!
best tul iitccus, clears, bines, ciearel tcs. i
cigarette papers etc. Investigate.
J. L. Iiiiigille infurins us his restau
rant will le open for business in seven
weeks, urabuut the fust uf May.
Those Interested in the forfeited
lands will do well to read J- M. Hun
tington & (Vs. new ud lu this issue
If you want to purchase some line
pictures or
or elegant rocking chairs, see i
llicni ut
S. I.. Jiartincss' lurnituie store.
If you need iinything in the linn of
tubs, wash boards, pails, clothes lines,
clothes pins or wringers call on Ilunna
& Zicgler.
AVe understand Mr. L. Henry will
have a neat cottage erected on his prop
erly us soon us the lumber can be pii
curcd. T. C. Dallas hns fixed up a tin shop
in Harrison's warehouse and is pre
pared to do ull kinds ot repairing on
C. O. Itulicrts and his son came
down from The Dulles Wednesday and
went out to Mr. Huberts' place ut the
forks of the river
Miss Florence Fenley who has spent
the winter with her sister Mrs. Cra
dlebungb, left for heihoine near Bedro,
Washington, Wednesday.
W. Wells drew the set of Dic
kens works on the baking powder
prize draw at llanna & Ziegler's, 13
being the luekoy number.
Dr. Ad iuis is making considerable
improvement on the buildings ut
J'aiaillse farm. The I runt on the ad
dition being very handsome.
George Mathlas who was called to
Victoria B. C. n few weeks ago, on
account of the death of his cousin Mrs.
Dr. Newcombe, returned home lust
The latest novelty out Is the "Match
IcssItepeutiugAirUun." Shoots B. B.
flhotot any Kind. Onco loading pre-
J tares you for (ili shots. For sale ut the
''urnlture store.
When you call ut Ilunna & Ziegler's
to regulate your watch, buy u bottle of
C. and W. KursupuriJIu to regulate your
blood, or a bottle of Syrup of ' figs
to renovate your system.
Cush Lnckey who wus called to
l'ortlaiid about three weeks ago on
Account of the serious illness of his
sister Mrs. Hudson, returned Wednes
day, she being much better.
Notwithstanding the cold weather
which we have hud for the past month
wild flowers have bloomed right along.
At present t here is a profusion of pur
ple Iris on the hills across the river.
The Ladies Aid Society will give a
dime social Thursday eve March litth,
at the residence of Mrs. Zicgler. Fun
and social games the order of the even
ing. Committee.
Diilc lliii'iiNiiii w hile plnvlnx ht t lit'
m-li"ii romiil Mfimliiy fell, hi fun
In in! Hi: ildr)' im oiik live. 'J im result
wim u hnl cut over liii' lift eye which
required Hi'Vt'iiil Hliti'hi'N ti cliiw.
Parents uml school children lake
li'ft lie that Minimi tV .icglcr keep it
K'Hi'l'tll HllirU of HI lllllll Hllppllt'M mill
u III miike ymi tlm lit nt ii Ici-m kiImi; mi
ClipV hooks, tlllll t't, pells, penholders,
Jiciii'IIh, inU c.
Now llmt wii hiivc h Millllu ('(im-
ininy wt hIhhiIiI ulri'i have a hand, i
'' IlllVt' till' llllltt'l'llll llllil HlllTKt'Ht tllj
our old lii in I thut ihi'.v u't together i
uml tiHit llu lr horns iik ocrimluii rc-.
ijiiiri n for Ihi! hoys lit Mm-. j
Moiiduy the TowiihIic Company Mold 1
lot II In hloi'k C to .1. I,, ami V. A. j
I.uiikIIIo. They will put tip a two
sinry iiiiimiiij; on Hie loi at, mice.
We iiikIi ihIiiiiiI a n-Htnuraiit. will oc
cupy the lower Hour. Tim foundation
In U'liitf laid,
Conun-Katlomtl services lor March !.".
Morning 10 o'clock Hiililutth Hchool II
.'.'.' ' " . ' " - ." m ' """'
..'..I....1, ..1 1. ....!.. I.. ....II I 1.
; ';v,,,n1,,!j? 7:;H'- I KlKli I In ollllll- ,,, w jt, ,. tu. ,t.h).no4,l then
Iilallall. Jext L'nil, Cor., 4th, ehajiter. .. .
,'ltlll. VIT'. Itllllflilir I'.ml.. I U Illil ' " ine la W .
It Im hid to tlieni thut lire lout.
H.J. I. tiKruncc arrived home from a
IhihIiichm trip thru'.;Kn the ciiMtern unt
ofthoMtate ThurMday. Il Im travel
Ini; eoiittnuotiMly Hint iimiKU thut theru
Im moro IiiuIiIIiikm und ImnniveinentM
tx'ln made here pruiMirtlonally than
In nny town In thcMtate. And yet the
KiMd work Iihm hardly commenced.
Work on the 1,'nlted Jtrethren church
I hulldliiK wiim commenced Monday, and
ine oiiunatiou Im raphlly ukIiik Mlmpe.
A car load of lumU-r wum reei lved dur
ing the week fnun ihe Ore(nn Lumhcr
Company which Im now on the ground.
Tin iilan of the building Im jfoud and If
It Im followed It will ho a very band
Nome little church.
McCormiick one of the men ahot at
the Lin ki rti-ontly In in a rrecarloiiM
euiidition with the cIihikvi larfrcly In
favor of IiIm dying. From all account
he wa a iM-tieahle fellow ciiouiili w hen
Mi.U r, hut wIiImUcv Mlirrcd up the f Iiiiii-
M ring nevii in mm l'arr. in inuu
wIiohIioi him, Im In jail ut The Dalle
MWuiling the iymuU.
The Steniticr lUkcr wiim taken from
CratcM point to The lalle Mondav.
iiml will prolinlily U put on the route
h'hi;i. As a matter uf fact Nhe Hlintild
-, 1 liiit have
all, l;H there
el' lee in Ihe
li taken oil' the rout ut
Ii;ih not U'cu a parilcle
river ilu: hit! Ihe winter,
" ' or a day on hiell nhe cullld
not have
I iiiiule her nyiilar tnpM. "
Captain JIIuwcih had iiIhiuI. twentv
incinlM-ts of J) Cuiiipniiy out fur drill
'I .!-.i:t;.. lii n had tun .it't.
l 1 1 1 1 if. ' '. !l .'.I li ' I'llt I I'm i, ! lie M';' ! iiCV
Weill ihrotiLli the eiulutioiiH, we are
K.iti-lied that liny ale ill terinilit d lo la
the crack company of I he Third, und
w . t tl'.n I will yet In-the be-st
':'! : ':!.!.;, y, ami ill,! fun. 'fit I lie
I ' -t I .a li . in .li Il.e ll.ittd
u,i . i lis ..l in r luiiil i eoiiipany, ;
a:id cvpcclx lo n'Hid lepnrlMll.ini
il wlicu I! Ii.'ih liail a eiiaiiee
I J..;l
(' n!t,'ar Lis.
w I. w .., ...,s
; one , it urday the
Motidiiv, all near
kiiieil l.itli' CDIlats
others Sunday and
"land I'niitt." lie
; nr.iiiv,ht the skm ul the larvesl one Into
'town Tliursday and will have it I
I mounted. It meastned eight feel in,
lengiii, ainl Us i laws were over an
inch ileeji across the bast, and nearly!
t'i Inches ill lelij;lli along tile outer;
curve. Wc imagine he looked much!
m)llv haiulsoine w ith his running geais 1
taken nut than he did before, at"
i..,,u i.i. n 1 1, ,,,i ,.i.,.vU .,, ,m f
im iression. Mr. K. V. Winaiis who
is a skillful taxidermist will mount the
Sii. h and D.Kir Factory.
The St ra Italia ti Bros, are ut work
getting their sush and dour factory
ready to begin work. The boiler is in
)ll((.t, aml (). iu stn
Stranahan will go to
Portland after the machinery curly
next week. It is expected that the
machinery will bo in place by the 21st,
and that th factory will lie iu opera
tion before the end of the mouth.
This is the beginning of our manu
facturing industries, but who shall say
to what proportions they will grow
within the next ten years.
Mount Hooi, March, 11, 1891
Editoh (Jlacikk:
As Mr. II. C. McK, has not shown
up for some time permit me to add a
few lines to your sheet.
The snow was 21 inches deep this
winter the deepest at any one time,
and the thermometer run down to 12
degrees below zero.
The settlers have decided to have a
bridge across the east fork of Hood
River a few rods below Mr. S. M.
Baldwin's mill, and it la now under
The recent eh i nook has cleared the
snow to some extent.
Frank Iieis is able to lie around again
after being con 11 nod indoors for about
six weeks.
Mr. Fditor you may hear from this
section as often as matters of Interest
transpire. Subscriber.
In Hood River
to Mr. and Mrs.
Valley March, 6th,
R. E. Harbison, a
President Harrison will start on his
western trip about the 1st, of April,
accompanied by members of his
family, and Secretaries Tracy and
Proctor. He expects to be a month
on the trip unless the day of his de
parture gets in its work on his plans.
The dctvF lock in the Illinois senate
was broken Wednesday by two of the
Fanners Mutual Benefit Association
members voting with the democrats
electing General Palmer by a vote of
103, C. J. Lindley 100, and A. J.
Stricter, 1.
I' id 11 Hi" ilril, of Aii-;iid.
The liltcst dispatches fiolil (ho (,'om
liilsMiwr of the laud olllce lo tin; Reg
ister of The Dalle land alYw In thut
tim time from which the law giving
act mil Mitt lent nix montliH In
they have the priority rlicht to II lo on
lands, I c(.;iiii to run I'ehruary .'In I, and
will therefore expire August :trd.
The olllcliiiit of the laud olllce ut The
Dulles receive! the rollowliiti letter
front the general land olllce fml l ii
ilaj': Wakiiimjton, 1). ('., l ib. 1 lH-d.
Itcgixtcr and Itecelver, The I ul Im Or.:
Hii:h - Your li Iter of (hi! 1 Mi, Instant
Iuim heel I received. Ill reply
advl.-M'd that the entrlcH allow
of tlit! Iiimlrt forfeited hy- V.
HeptenilaT were en
ullowed; hut having I"'')' I'lad
will lt) ullowed to Htand, Huhjer
( I 1.1... .1.. . I
n"J ",""! llu"" ""v "
The m l of SeptemlM-r 2S, 1SD0,
tion 2) aforcMaid, provided that hoi
Mtcuil clalminitM Hhould ireseiit tin
clnltiiM within nix montliM from tin
piiMMii(;e thereof, but tit ltd (ii' Felirtiary
1H, Wil, extended the time lo atx
montliM from the tlate of the proiiiul-
lire huijj
fv villi
I I t Of ,,
gatlon or tlte liiMlructloiiN by thiM tdllee. Mtarted uo go out of the Muloon, but Mc
1'urchaMCM under the third aectltm of Cormick called him buck. l'arr looked
the uct or lsim, may Im) made within ut him und told him there wuh not
two year from hucIi promulgation, room to talk over the ullair or clue be
Kuid act docM not reijuire the filing of a did not have time, und turned to go
declaration of intention to purchaae out. lie wulked out of the auloon and
und (Iihm not uuihorle the collection oil' the HtepM. McCormiek followed
of a fee from upplicunl to iun ha.He. ,iIU) u,i UH huMtepiR-d oil" the sidewalk
The blank form of application und he pulled bia pihtol und Kiid, "here we
ullidavlt forwanled iMMtilllcient for the have it,'' and commenced shooting.
cluMM of jmthoiih provided for in the lurr oa being followed, turned with
third section who nettled on the lund his Hide towardM McCormiek and pre
with the bund jUlr. InteiiUuii of pur- pured for defeiiHe. They were about
chaMlng front the Northern IVilie rail- hi'tim feet upart, and fired until the
road company, when it should secure, pintols snapped. Mr. Thompson and a
title, but when money Im paid a receipt crowd of others were standing on the
then-fur must Ikj Issued, and a certitl- sidewalk while the shooting took place,
cate must also le issued um u huHis for a At this Juncture McCormuck turned us
patent. The ordinary canh certificate though to go into the saloon, but ouly
may be used, but u reference thereon de one step backward, when he ap
miiHt be made lo the fact thut reared to raise his pistol again, or to re
Iho purchase wum made under the ;,d it, Thompson could not tell which,
act of September 'j.i, Kit). l'arr ut the same time went towards
The form of application and mlldavit leavens' store, and said, "Boys come
for honicHiead claimants enclosed by on; I'm shot ull to piece.." At this
you ws!i lie satisfactory.
Kopcciiiilly,'ii .V. Cm'.oi f,
Court Prwt'etiiii:?.
e I lie
pi .icct'd.ugs of the
i on veiled lU.u'ch
,.uUll ,.
laiUU Vt inc. i
1 he dates of meeting of vie were to he
iixed by t he surveyor, during Uiis term
ul emu (.
Petition for county mud Mo. lion by
W. A. Allen and others, granted and
K F Sharp appointed surveyor,, und 1'
V Wiilu no, A Anderson, and J B
Dow, viewers.
Petuioii concerning road !14, papers
not be i ng properly made out, wus laid
Vie were' report ill favor of public ease
ment levelled, and petition granted
ami load ordered opened on payment
of cos ts.
Petition for county road 201, E F
Cdiarp .surveyor, j N McCoy, F C Slier-
neo and J F Arnntage viewers.
Petition for county road in.'; same
surveyor aud viewers-
DC Hay nor appointed stipevisorof
district Mo 1, vice J W allace re-
signed. j
Uoud 1!)!), J A Hamilton, E Scbamio, .
and Charles Schmidt appointed viewers
and K F Sharp surveyor.
Roiid20a, biurp surveyor, und Osmer
Cook, lUiam -tidier, and U S Morgan
Report of supervisor A J Hull Hied
and approved.
Liquor license grunted to Patrick
Mc,i llaiiy ul Cascaite Locks.
Report of C J Cranduli supervising
arctiuecl of court house rcpaire read
and approved, und Uie thatias ot the
court extended to him for the ecouoni-
icalund eliicieut manner in which he
hasperioruiedliis duty Ordered that
Hjll.OO due C J trandall be paid outot
the insurance iiiuu.
County road 204 Sharp surveyor, and
II W Steele, Heury Williams and P T
Sharp viewers. i N
Road 108 ordered that Geerge A Liebo
E Schanuo aud Chai les Schmidt bo ap
pointed viewers to assess duiuugcSjelc.
Liquor license granted to Thomas W
Baddcn &, Coiupuny ut Cascade Locks,
for six months.
Ordered that in future all bills not
presented und properly certified before
t he firsb day of each term of tnis court
will be laid over until the next regular
A correction was made in the annual
levy of taxes to conform with the state
Bills aggregating $1003.40, not count
ing those of the clerk and sheriff, were
A Shooting: AttVay at the Locks.
Mr. J. V. Thompson, who is under
arrest as an accomplice in the shooting
all'ray at the Cascade Locks, and who
was arrested and brought to the city
Saturday night, gives the following
version of the affray: There appears to
haYO been an agreement between
Henry Purr and Patrick McCormack
to meet in the prize ring, and consider
able excitement was created over the
affair. Parr was formerly a resident of
Washington; but for the past two
weeks l.:.s been keeping a barber shop
ut th( IK kn, McCormack In a lare
Iiiiiii and weighs fully forty pounds
i more thari Purr. They met at the
' Locks Saturday ulxiut noon. There
were Mix In thecrowd. The liht seems
! ',ttVU '" (M'tt'"' ',v th0 helliif'Tciits
I and r. 1 lioiniHon came up to 1'arr s
! harher shop, and walked into the
i MaliMin
-the harlier m1ioj Im IntheMatnc
hulldlriir. Mr. I
iiMked hi in to come
tl, Ull( t,,,.
and In; took a
elijar .Mr. 'J'
tood there and
talked aw hile
en aside
! hy nnotli
Kiz to
in. ill
fug in Riinther
ut the bar vth
d "wo are gotti
jHlitltillg to till
1 if I BPtkillei'
the door; und
kin "if he don i
.the coi Vi'i
i Jin.
Hie tiiV lio im vaTTfiiTciteil.'und one of
them treutcd, they tok tigarM together.
Amhooii um the treut was over l'arr
time Thompson went towards him,
and they started up the track, Some
one inquired from the crowd what is
the mutter?. Thompson told him there
was a shooting scrape, und us they kept
up the track several shots were lired ut
; hem. l'arr received a shot in the
breast and the ball was taken out near
the lift linn, and is not necessarily
fatal. McCormuck was struck in the
ride and is seriously wounded. Tiuu
There will be a social hop nt the
Armory of Co '!)" Tuesday eve March
17th. All are cordially invited. Mu
sic by York's Orchestra.
iy order of Committee.
The V. H. Church services and Sun
nttv school will tie hereafter held in
'The Blowers' Hall." Every bodv
Land Filing.;.
On and after the 10th, of this month
I will be prepared to make all papers
for filing on government lands,
J. H. Chaw.KHAi'gji.
, Mr,
A. S. Disbrow has postponed his
r sixty days from February 25th.
sale for
George P. Morgan and E. W. Nevius
have opened an office in the store for
merly occupied by Mr. Garretson as a
jewelry store, on Second street, next
door to Georire Hitch's grocery store,
and are prepared to make all papers for
filings or entries either upon the for
feited lauds or government lands of
ZCZa nd
cases of every description. Both these
gentlemen are ex-clerks of the U. S.
land olllce at The Dalies, and certainly
Vou no to The Dalles on land business.
............. 'PU... ...Ill . ....
In the Justice's Court for Hood River Pre
cinct, iu Vnsco, eounty Oregon.
M. V. Harrison, Plaintiff,)
vs y
Charles linker. Defendant.)
To Charles linker, the above named defen
dant. In the name of the Mate of Oregon.
Yon nre hereby commanded to appear and
answer the complaint tiled ugalns you in the
above entitled cause on or belore Monday the
l:ith, day of April. 1891, at the hour of 1 o'clock
f i. iu. that being; the tirst day of court, follow
iiB six weeks publication of this summons,
and If you fail to tvppeur and answer the com
plaint the plaintiff will take Judgement
against you for ttie sum of $73.(jl and interest
thereon at tlte rate of eight per cent per
annum from tlte 1st, day of September, 1890,
and for his costs and disbursements herein.
You are further notified that this siiinmona
served upon you by publication bv order of
u. weius, justice oi me peace lor Hood Kiver
precinct in siitd county and state made on the
itn, day ol February, ism.
O. Welds.
Justice of the Peace for Hood
River Precinct.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or.,
v February 6, 1891.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has tiled notice of
Ins intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at The Dalles on March
20, 1831, viz:
George Y Loy,
D. R. 6,994, for the N. E. L Sec. 30, T
1. N . of R. 9 E., W. M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz: C. L.
Morris, J. C. Maaklev, C. P. Bush aud
J, T. Nealeigh, all of Hood River.
JOHN W. LEWIS, Register.
I tother
Vi wan
,f lyto
S:" :,,,r'
JVlirrty uack.
RfrM 63, ANT m, NKW VOOT 151K'K,
Icri'a Watkiwm a Mekkfkis,
Vogt'8 new building, Second St.
Praotici'ii In Hi I the WHirlM of (ireicon nml
Wimhltifstun. Miwlal attmitlon glvcu to ciu-
very 4ody wants land In Hood
er Valley. I have some verv de-
Fablc tracts of good lund on mv list
preemptions, homestciids and tim-
red claims, with running water on
them. I can locate several stockmen
advantageously. Do not fail to sec
me at Hood River Falls or address ine i
at Hood River, Wasco Count y, Oregon, j
vt . itoss WINAXS,
Heveral milch cows. Apply to A. R.
Byrkett, White .Salmon, Washington.
Oak Street, near PostoJJice,
Wc have First-Class Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, Ilacfcs
and Saddle Horses.
A Fine Four-Horse Coach, suitable for fishing or excursicr
pprtien, carries nine passengers. Parties taken to any accesr
blc point. Keliabh drivers.
(till IWv lolivoro Vn rrrtn rrt n
Cfandall & Burget,
A Full Line of
InloriatiM Goods.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to
166 Second St. The Dalles, Or.
j. j. wmmi k a,
Have the only ahstract of land
titles in the County, and
are the only persons who
can furnish reliable in
formation concerning
landitles on
We are also prepared to make out
all necessary papers for filing oh the
TCTCI CAT TP. Choice bargains
JJat iSJzLJUlZdi in city anil
Country Property.
Opera House Block - - T.'ic Dal'r.-. Or.
ntopp.iiTon or thi
Hood River Market
Keep y ttniTr hand Infl
ui'l'l t
Choice Meats of all kin
Sausages a Specialty.
Ipiit .' itUiitioo ptid to
Furr.ifhing Miilmen
and Sappljing Meat
in Large Quaaiitie
Don't Furjtt the TIom,
Oak street next door to Oitciii
& Bone,
Feel Stables,
l U
Removal Notice!
Wm. Ifiiicbellp
Wishes to inform his many friend ut the publlff
generally that he has removed bit
undertaking rooma to
Corner Third und VBhlnjtoo,
Where he carries a fiilV Ktock of eTtrjlhlrjj oeodl
in that business.
Ordra by dispatch, exprese, mail of In peiwn.
promptly attended to mid satUf&cttoa turnt.H.
Can ho eou anvhouof thcdayir niht t h :ti
lenoe. comer Fourth aud Wuhiurtoa, oc pia
cers have moved to the
cor. of Third and Union
St. where they carry a
complete line of staple
and fancy
And also do a general eoiuniissioir
business. Thankful for past favors, w
solicit a continuance of the same t?
our new store in the old Post Off":
Building Cor. 3rd, and Union Sta.
Via TfJT"