The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 21, 1891, Image 4

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    product thc rorpY.
Jleui'ljr .100,t( rn1 ciiiIt fur Oplmn
tu New Yt'i'k.
It was tin' ptirpn-enf giving an ne
euriite and (nit rvsiiii'i iirrvimt ef how
S.OiKH'liiiuimeti sjvnU if lu,s,:;'..T. .mini
ally Just for lln' ii ;i-in' i'l "liittinc the
pipe," that tin- t'!ii!i'"-o reporter nuide ft
tliorouc'i C.'lll':i.- of till' MUMIU lltUllltsef
There tire at preert :iV.ut twenty-five
CllitlCSti tl'. tllS till t llc.'ll III I'I'tlllOil opiuti
both w lu'li s ili' ni.i retnil. I ln iv we
cloven pr.v.ue i'!'!. joint, where
opium Is M'til ;it t -'' vr eimoe. 'Hu m'
Joints do rot inm inimtt wiiiie smokers,
on tu'C.mut of t!n t'i'i'iii ut rniils itiinle
upon them liy the po: oe, but the stotvi
sell to both I'iiiiH-M' niid whites, although
the l itter nup-t tie well known sniokovs.
Otherwise he Ins to MiiTcr for the want of
opium wliii'h. according to nil account,
is cvi'ti worse than to see "snuki'."' litvat
tears would iisl out of his eyes, b!rf
drops of pre pi ration constantly moisten
hi brow, while liis no-U'ils would a.t ns
if hp owned a small sized fountain some
where in ln head, lliu tlio worst of all
the iiilments ;s an I'Xci'Ui'iatiin; pain t
over his but kNme, n if lie had been just
run thn'.ti;h a lino clothes wiincer. Under
mir'.i ciri'Utnstaiu'.'H he would almost I
williiii; to :ive half of hineniire kingdom
to be able to "hit the pipe."
mx pills or piiH, about the ize of a
green p.'a, would restore him to His naural
condition of life, which would last him
for aWmt as tnauy hours. A regular
'fiend'1 will consume about an ounce per
lay, which is $'J C5.
The sensatiou w hile smokin; is indeed
MOthiHC. No mutter how fatigued or op
pressed in mind. a few w hilt's of the pipe
would put a niau in the best of siH'ial
spirits. It lias strance medicinal proper
tics, and is said to cure all kinds of fevers
and airue, consumpt.on and palpitation of
the heart. Mast Chinanu n are driven to
it through lmitiess reverses mid other
troubles, while not a few contracted the
habit through sociability, just ns hu would do on their "take
drink" with a friend.
It takes just about the same length of
time to set the opium habit as to et the
drinking habit. The latter destroys the
mind, and makes a man irresponsible for
his actions, while the former destroys the
body but makes a keau thinker of the
victim. It is estimated that there are
eomethinij over 1,0X Americans in the
city of New York who are now usin.
opium in the same manner and form as
the Chinese Most of these are said to
be well known and fashionable people, as
indeed no oilier but people of means und
of leisure could ever lie able to coutrct
encha habit.
The opium de.illns: firms sell from two
to five cans per day, each can weii.biii's'
about four ounces. . Most of the wholesale
orders come from towus and cities in and
aronu J New York state, ail only now and
then the native American customers from
up towncomo in to buy their supply. Say
they only sell u;i avenue of three cans per
day. At wjjusule rates, which is $$.35
per' can for Cinii: i;npr;ed goods, but
when retailed out by the lift y cents' worth
at a time it would bi'iu.; it np to about
$ll) to $ 11 per can. At 10, which is the
lowest possible price per can, sixty-six
cans amount to per day, or $2-13,000
per year.
There are eleven joints. The minority
of these import their own opium, said to
be direct from China, bet the greater part
of which comes from Victoria, B. C. One
of these places, which is the U'st Chinese
joint in town, sells at retail ou Sundays
alone from tea to twelve cans, white the
second best pi. ice sells from eirht to ten
cans on Sundays. On an average these
joints dispose of live cans a day. These
places calculate to from $"J to $3 ou
each can of Ciiiuese impoited opium, but
they are al ie to make mure when they
mix the Victoria in with the pure. Thus
it can easily be seen how nearly 1,000,OW)
changes hands for opium each year.
According to Cuinese San Francisco
papers they paid over iOO.UOO for custom
house duties fur the Chinese year just
ended on opitiTTi alone. Vv'oc Chin loo
in New YorkWorld.
"Brown's Bronchial Troches" are nf
Kreat strvi, ; in subduing hoarsene Hold
only in boxes.
MeHt mar not atwayi win, but it can stand it
if it doesn't t
We positively cure rupture and all rectal dis
eases without pain or detention from hurinef.
No cure, no pav; and no pav until cured. Ad
dress (orpamp'hlet Tin. Iv.rterSeld 4 LnStj MJ
Mai ket street, Han Francisco.
Beware of imitations of the celebrated Seal of
North Carolina Piute tut Tobacco.
Tbt Germ&a for brcakftut.
Talking of patent medicines
' you know the ola prejudice.
And the doctors some ' of
them are between you and us.
They would like you to think
that what's cured thousands
won't cure you. You'd be
lieve . in patent medicines if
they didn't profess to cure
everything and so, between
the experiments of doctors,
and the experiments of patent
medicines that are sold only
because there's money in the
"stuff, '"you lose faith in every
thing. And, you can't always tell
the prescription that cures by
what you read in the papers.
So, perhaps, there's no better
way to sell a remedy, than to
tell the truth about it, and
take the risk of its doing just
what it professes to do.
That's what the World's
Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, of Buffalo, N. Y., does
Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery,
Favorite Prescription,
Pleasant,. Pellets, and
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
If they don't do what their
makers say they'll do you
get your money back.
. N. P. 2s U. No. 375 S. F. N. U. No. 432
Ijrltica of th fiitrm Mmitcr.
The Cuban uioiiI.-im's indoleiicy crow
rather out of oerpioil'ic;iou than inher
ent lar.lncss. He do, s not require and
grab and wear lus l.ic to shreds to set
great store by. No eondu.ou lie ever
I knew rc'jiinol that, lie has no love for
' InMiiy Hi ni e be Is in now 'so disiressnl
! or distracted. He has no cnuous louciiiji
j for broad neves, lor one at io will mi (lice.
! If he owns half a doen, hi- uimooss'irv
wealth ri'si beavilv upon litin.
lie needs
i no fuel to warm him, lor a lovim; situ nl
; was diies that. He needs but little
! riot hlit): to proieet bun, for he lives in
endless summer, lie tvijuiivs no bams
and treat storehoii-es, for nil the world
he knows is atictidlcss storehouse with th
; bin end at his very door. He needs no
grand house, for li e whole tlower Hos-
Homed Island is nnolorons bedihambcr
eternally. Ho may herd cattle, or work
on the ;titar platttatiors for a tew months
I of the year; but, if ho din's, a t'.cgro or
: is his slave for the r-st.
I The whole active, prompting element
of need is eliminated flm the montero's
' life. You must know this lieforo you can
know him. ti.'ttiiu a luilo closer to Ins
1 home life mid thought, he may be said to
! exist in perennial serenity. He marries
; Nvatlse h.s fat her did. He rears chiblretl
because they cuu'. They are welcome to
come, to stay, to vto The wife attends to
her few duties happily; she has no "mis
sion" to become f called over; and the
; yams come on the ta'iie at the riitht tune.
Si ill the ;not.tero', there is n tvttor lulit
t than in some of our preiontvus Aiiierican
homes. lidw.ird 1. Wakeniau.
A l!lerlit 1,1 Ctilnik.
' . we pri 'eed down the street my ap
pearance seet is to si r the population up
: ton piichof wild excitement. Merchants
. dart ill and out of their shops, people in
l.'.;s, pe.t'!e in I ind people in tforsreous
apcarel, lm;- ::U i.imtit me and tl'.t hither
and thiu. i r like a nest of stirred tip
wasp If 'Ui-isity has seemed to ho
t ramoant in other cities it passe all the
! limits i'f Oees.iental imactimttitnt II.
Ki foo. I poii M-eitiif me, every
; binly sues ntt :a; ee to a peculiar spou
; tan. mis squeak of surprise, retnitidimi me
very mueii i f the m n key's in tesof nlarm
' in the tree tojg uloti; the li rami Trunk
' rivnl, India.
j liy the tune we are half way along the
: street the v. h.olocily .- 'ins In wild tumult.
I Men rush ahead, peer mro my face, de
liver themselves of the abme mentioned
peculiar sriienk n.d run hastily down
: son.o coverent alley way. retail keepers
hastily gatiier up t;."ir w.v.-.m and shop-keepers
fram ically simtch i heir oik!s im-
side as they i ar the tumi'lt and see the
mob comimr I'.owu the stiee:. The ex
' citement crows a' ace. and the same wan-
, ton cvie-of "t'ankw re! Fan!
! followed me thiuaul' Kan ti
here repeated with v.dd who
;wae!" that,
hoit-foo are
ps and ex
i ulta.nt cries. One vnid son. et imes think
' that nil the devils of IV.tite's inferno had
gotten into the crowd and set them wild
! with the spirit of mischief Thomas
Stevens in Outing.
J A Nir Sianil.ini cif I.ensth.
I fx-ientists lon sou!.t for a
, and invariable standard of length.
measures in common ;;--e are mere
i trary lengths, and. if the original stand-
nrds should be destroyed, could not be ac-
curately replaced. The French meter is
j suppose! to be a ' n-ioiliionth part of the
j quadrnut of the earth; but the ! ecu vary
I of the original nicaureniiTt.s has been
seriously called in me-tton. The k i c:;lhl
I wave lenirths of liht have been nuvrested
i as fnrnishim? nn invariable nun i rical
j magnitude, but their txces-ive miunte
! and the dii'iculty of accurately lueaj-
uring them have heretofore Lteu an in-
superatiie objection to t:ie:r use.
Messrs. Mxheliou and Morley have now
devised a method of measuriu these
wave leiiKths. which they claim is prob
ably accurate to one ten-millionth part.
When it is considered that a wave length
of sodium (yellow) liht is only about one
forty-thousandth of an inch, the delicacy
of this method becomes apparent. What
ever theory may be held as to the nature
of light, the numerical values called for
convenience '"wave lengths" are actual
and invariable magnitudes of something;
and, if the new method of measurement
proves reliable, there will bs no difficulty
in obtaitdus; a fixed str.udard of length
v-hlch can be reproduced at any time or
place. Popular Science News.
The ( lab a Weapon.
From the earliest times, the club was a
lavorite military weapon, its primitive
form being simply of a straight stick,
much heavier tit one end than at the
other, and adapted fur use either by one or
both hands. With improvements in
other styles or weapons, however, came
the mace. The mace is a shafted
weapon, consisting of a wooden handle
fitted into an iron head, the latter
being of mnnv different styles. Some
maces have phalanges on '.ho sides; others
are round like an oran-e, and furnished
with sharp projecting points; while others
Hgain are in the shape of two imperial
crowns placed base to base.
The mace was a ho: sctnan's weapon,
usually fastened to Ids saddle during the
march, and, in an action, suspended by a
cord round his wrist. It was a favorite
c ;
weapou for fight: n
ecclesiastics, of .
whom there were many during the mid
die ages. Priests, by a canon of the
church, being forbidden to use the sword,
the mace, the lance, thelialberd -and .sev
eral other weapons of this description,
were allowed to take the place of that
weapon, which, in all ages, has been typ
ical of war. A modification of the mace
was a plain hammer or nmul, frequently
carried by long bowrm n. It was a simple
mallet of wood or of iron, with a handle
4 or 5 feet long, used as an offensive
weapon at quarters. Globe-Democrat.
The Work of a lianctiman,
A ranchman's work is, of course, free
from much of the sameness attendant
upon that of a mi re cowboy. One day he
will ride out with his men among the
cattle, or after strayed horses; the next
he may hunt, so as to keep the ranch in
meat; then he can make the tour of his
outlying camps; or, again, may join one
of the round ups for a week or two, per
haps keeping with it the entire time it is
working. On occasions he will have a
good deal of spare time on his handi,
which, if he chooses, he can spend in read
ing or writing. If he cares for books,
there will be many a worn volume in the
primitive little sitting room, with its log
walls and huge fire place; but, after a
hard day's work, a man will not read
much, but will rock ,to and fro in the
flickering firelight, talking sleepily over
his success in the day's and ti e
difficulty he has had with the cattle; or
else may simply lie stretched at full
length on the elk hides and wolf skins in
front of the hearthstone, listening in
drowsy silence to the roar and crackle of
the blazing logs and to the moaning of the
wind outaiue. Theodore Roosevelt in The
Ivi'nim kulile Nintcmrnt if I'rrioiml Dan
ger mtl I'ioi liteiillnl Kee.
The following clory hich U attrm t
inn wide attention (nun tlio presa is no
ivniarkaldo that we cannot excuse our
selves if wo do not lay it before our
readers, entire :
'io Ihf i'Jior WnvVr (.V. Y.) iVimxTiil,'
sli.i I 0 Mm flint .hie nf .Iiiiiii. 1SSI 1
j ,av J(j )uv r0H:(j0u.0 n tl,j ,.((V gur.
i rounded by my friends and iutiii)i for
deatli. H'oavon only knows the iivuiy I
j then emluied, fur words can never
; describe it. And yet, if a few vearn
previous any one lind told me that was
! to lv brought so low, and lv so terrible
a disease, 1 tdiould have neolled at the
idea. I had always boon niuHinituonly
jstiMiii: mid healthy, mid weighed over
j '.'.Hi pounds and Imnlly knew, in my ex
' perieiieo, w hat pain ir tucknooM were.
1 Very many people who read this ntate-
iiieiit realie at times that they are tin-
usitnllv tired and cannot iietvni'nt for it.
j Thev feel dull nains in vnrioua partM of
Ithebiidy and do not understlind wliy.
f tr they are exceedingly hniitfry one iliiy
; and entirely without ap(etite the next.
This was hist the way 1 felt when the
relentless malady which had fastened
itself upon me' fust U'gun. Still 1
thoiiirlit notliiuc of it; that prolwbly I
had taken a cold which would Moon pass
Hay. Shortly, after this I noticed a
heavy, and at times neuralnie, pain in
one side (if my head, but as it would
come one day and lv tfono the luyxt, I
paid little iitientiou to it. Then my
stomach would et out of order am! my
food m'ten fa'lisl to digest, enusin at
times ktrent inconvetiienee. Yet, even
as a physician, I did not think that
these things meant iiuythiiiK serious, I
fancied I was siilterini; (roui malaria and
doctored myself accordingly. Hut I ot
no better. ' 1 next noticed a peculiar
color and odor iiKutt the thuds 1 was
passim: also that there were large
quantities one day and very little the
nest and that a' persistent froth ami
scum appeared on the surface, and a
sediment settled. And yet I did not
realize my danger, for, indeed, seeing
these muptoniM continually, 1 finally
became' accustomed to them, and my
suspicion w as w holly disarmed bv the
fact that I nad no pain in the affected
organs or in their vicinity. Why I
should have W'on so blind I cannot un
derstand. I consulted the best medical skill in
the land 1 visited all the famed min
eral springs in America and traveled
from Maine to California. Still I grew
worse. No two physicians agreed as to
my malady. One said 1 was troubled
with spinal irritation; another, dyspep
sia; another, heart disease; another,
general debility ; another, congestion of
the base of the brain ; and so on through
a long list of common diseases, the sym
to:us of many of which I really had. In
this way several years passed, during
which time I was steadily growing worse.
Mv condition had real!v become pitiable.
The flight symptoms I had at first ex
perienced were developed into terrible
and constant disorders. Mv weight had
been reduced from 207 to I U0 pounds.
My life was a burden to myself and
friends. I could retain no food on my
stomach, and lived wholly by injections.
I was a living mass n pain. Jlv pulse
was uncontrollable. In my agonv I fre
quent !y fell to the fhior anil clutched the
eariiet.'nnd prayed for death. Morphine
had little or no' effect in deadening the
pain. For ix days and nights I had the
death-premonitory hiccoughs constantly.
Mv water was tilled with tube-casts and
alimmen. I was struggling with
r.right'j Disease of the kidneys in its
last stages !
Whi e suffering thus I received a call
from my pastor, t lie Rev. Dr. Foote, at
that time rector of St. Paul's Episcopal
(,'hurch, of this city. I felt that it was
our last interview, but in the course of
conversation Dr. Foote detailed to me
the many remarkable cures of cases like
my ow n which had come under his ob
servation. As a practicing physician
and a graduate of the schools I derided
the idea of any medicine outside the
regular channels being in the least lien
elicial. So solicitous, however, was Dr.
Foote, that T finally promised I would
waive my prejudice. I licgan its use on
the first day of June, 1881, and took it
according to directions. At first it siek-
ened me; but this 1 thought was a goes!
sign for one in mv debilitated condition
I continued to take it; the sickening
sensation departed and I was finally
able to retain food on my stomach. In
a few days I noticed a decided change
for the better, as also did my wife and
friends. My hiccoughs ceased and I ex
perienced less pain than formerly. I
was so rejoiced at this improved condi
tion that, upon what I had tielieved but
.. f..." ,i.,.,'a ).f,,n. uos mv dvintr lioil I
vWP,l .i.p t.resanee of mv family and
mends, shoui'i i recover, j would iiotti
publicly ami privately make known this
i remedy for the good of humanity, wher
I ever and whenever I had an opportun
ity, and this letter is in fulfillment of
I that vow. My improvement whs eon-
cl.inl fi..,t.i ttwit tltiitt aiwl in ttiori
., ,,,, u , ,,,i ' :,i nril,,a ;
j flesh, became entirely free from pain
i end I lielieve I owe my life and present
j condition wholly to amei's Safe Cure,
j the remedy which I used.
' Since mv recovery I have thoroughly
re-investigated the subject of kidnev dif
ficulties and Blight's disease, and the
truths developed are astounding. 1
therefore state, deliberately, and as a
physician, that I believe more than one
h'if the, ihailm which occur in America
are cmixi'tl In) lit iijht'n Wmiim of lite kid
ney. This may sound like a rash state
ment, but I nm prepared to fully verify
it. Blight's disease has no distinctive
features of its own, (indeed, it often
develops witbout any pain whatever in
the kidneys or their vicinity) but has
the symptoms of nearly every other com
mon" complaint. Hundreds of people
die daily, whose burials are authorized
bv a physician's certificate as occurring
from ""Heart Disease," "Apoplexy,"
"Paralysis," "Spinal Complaint,"
"Rheumatism," "Pneumonia," and
otlier common complaints, when in real
ity it is from Blight's disease of the kid
neys. Few physicians, and fewer peo
ple realize the extent of this disease or
its dangerous and insidious nature. It
steals into the system like a thief, mani
fests its pn sence if at all by the com
monest symptoms and fastens itself in
the constitution before the victim is
aware of it. It is nearly as hereditary
as consumption, quite as common anu
full yas fatal. Entire families.inheriting
it from their Ancestors, have died, and
yet none knew or realized the mysteri
ous power which was removing them.
Instead of common symptoms it often
shows none whatever, but brings death
suddenly, from convulsions, apoplexy,
or heart disease. As one who Las suf
fered, and knows by bitter experience
w hat he nvyi, 1 luiploio evwryone who
rendu these words not to neglect the
slightest symptsoiiiH of kidney difficulty.
No one can afford to hii.iird such
I make the foregoing statements based
upon facts w hich I run substantiate to
the letter. The welfare of those who
may possibly 1h Hutlerers such as I was,
is hu ample inducement for me to take
the step I have, and if I can successfully
warn others from the dangerous path in
which I once walked, 1 am willing to
endure all professional and personal con
leiiuenees. J. 11. 1IKMON, M. P.
ltiH'lusmi, N. Y., Dee. HO.
Vinegar improves by keeping; there
fore, it is best to lay in n large supply,
Thrvf Miirn t'romlueiil ril of Ttila
City and Stutn Trillry tu th Htle.
of th Ktrrtrto Curv- limriiv CiiiimI In
Ten Mlmitn.
The minie marked sina-ess that linn fol
lowed Dr. Ditrrin the pnst four years suf
fers no diminution. Ills imrni at No.
"04 Washington nt., Portland are crowded
nUht and day, ami many have 10 go awny
without seeing the Doctor, or make ap
pointments fur the future. It U not often
that any known remedy will reach such a
hirtte number of ehrculc, acute and pri
vate ili sense km does electricity. Thorn
seems to U no bound i to Its utility In
treating disease well as Its application
to machinery. The three follow lug cards
st teak volume for the lhw-tor and nU new
theory in curhiK the ills of which we are
all unhappily afflicted:
Editor ()rfioniun: Jan. 17. I mine to
Dr. Darrin for treatment for deafness ami
ringing noises in my earn. I w as cured iu
ten minuted, as well as ever in mv life.
The treatment was by electricity ami 01 tier
methods. Refer to nn at Oak st., Port
land. Anihu:v IMrtu.AVs,
l.rr .!; rr' U11111I I. tick.
Editor Orfoonian: I have liceii under
Dr. Diirrln'a I'.lectrle treatment for three
months for nervousness, kidney troubles
ami other ailments. I am cured and re
commend him and his treatment by elec
tricity. My place of business Is 11.1 ti
street, Portland. I have gained 1 pounds
In the time. I.i k Mii'tiiKw,
Another Soul Mmle II it l ly
Editor lrY(oMi'iu - Dear Sir: It
me pleasure to letify to the excellence of
thn electric treatment given bv Dr. Dar
rin. For several yrs I have been
troubled with kidney troubles and hit! mi
illation of the neck f the bladder, for a
while unab'e t get out. A few months'
home treatment has put me on my feet
again, for which I aai truly ttianLful to
Dr. Damn's great ski'l.
D. K. Hoi i.iiwav,
New licrg Or,
Better than hai'liiK m"! opportunity In tint
ability to ii p a pool iiiinrtiiiiltv well.
Til K I
Are among the nuiNt (ormidslils known. Pla
tH'teii, KrlKlit'k iliM-ase, Krsvel sml other com
lilaliitaol the urliinry uram sre not ordlmirlly
eiireil In i 'vere esen, hut tlie limy Ik' m enu!
liy timely ineilii Htloii. A iixetul ntliiniUiit o
the urinary xlniiil liim ever It'eii found In Uo
tetter'" Stoinaeli llitlera, a 1111 Mi-1 no uhleh not
only alfiinU Hie rei uUl U- mlianliiH nheii they
IvccoiiH' Inactive, hut InereioieH their vlnr anil
nei retlve jiower. Hy Im-rea Ins the activity of
the Idilnoyn and lilsdcler thl iiuilie'iie has thn
adilitlotial ellVet o( pxpi-llltiK Imin the hlnoil
tinpiiritli-H wtiii-h It In the (KH'iiliar oiliee of those
iirtHii to eiiiidnnte and n oil. 1 he Hitters l
Imi a iiurlller ami mreiik'thein-r of the bowel,
an luvlk'oraiit of the atomaeh and a iiikIi IiIcm.
reimily for lillliiii-nens ami T ver ami aioio. It
coiinterai'ta a tendency 10 ri'tiiHl urt- itii ay, and
MinUlnii ami eomfortK the aiO"l ami lnflriu.
('Oliteiiipt. Conteiiiit In what we feel for Ihe
men who commit the nlh we have 110 liirliiyt
t Ion for.
A mercury will unruly ilexlroy the sprixn of
iimell ami completely ih-rHUKo the whole nyntem
when enterlUK it through the mueoini aiirfaeea.
Such artlclea ahonlil never lie lined exeeit on
(ireiicrlptiona from reimtHhle ntiyalelaiia. n the
ilamaKu they will do In tenfold to the kikhI you
can iioxalhly derive from them llall'a t'aturrli
Cure, maniifai'lureil hy F.J Chi-ney A Co., ro
ledo, ()., coiitiilim no inereury, mid la tnkeu lie
ternally, Kiul acta olreeily iiion thu IiIimkI and
mucoiiii mirfm-ea of th.e"ytem. In huvlnp; IIhII'h
Catarrh Cure he Hiire yoii grl the iteioilim. It l
tukeu Internally and uiadu In Toledo, ()., by K.
J. Cheney & Co.
fW Hold by drtiKKlut. price, "5 ceiita per
Job wan tirohubl v the most tirecocloua child on
record. He curm-d the ilay that he waa born.
TT. I.a firantre wlsben to mako known his Sne
Treatment for the cure of all dUcHe of the Kye
Otlnrtiet, Ihrjretivt Vinlim, InfiammiilUm. etc ,
without Operation or Pain The remedy can lie
applied by the patient, ami la simple, cafe and
lire In ita effects, MrciiKtheuiliK the inuxclca
and nervea of the eye, n.-movlnu puln almoxt In
Htanuuieoiuly. It in a marvelous illaeovery and
a blenxinit to the miU'crer.
For further partlenlara address with tamied
envelope K. J. I.a Gkanuk, M. I) , 2 't Powell St.,
third door from deary, Shu Frauclaco, Cal.
Olllce hours 11 till!).
iKiiorance of the law excuses no one-except
the lawyer.
Miss Wickert of Peru, Lu Salle county,
had Isien suH'ering for the last five years
from a large swelling in her left groin.
Six different physicians in Pent and I.a
Salle told her it was a rupture, und used
trusses on it. The pain caused by it
finally became so great that she could
scarcely walk. . She then consulted Dr.
Tool of Peoria, who immediately discov
ered that it was a tumor of the ovary.
As it was partly cvstie, the doctor (irt
performed electrolysis by means of his
galvanic battery on the cyst, and ufter
it had shrunken and the growth become
more movable he finished the operation
by removing the w hole tumor. The tu
mor measured 7- by 5 inches. The wound
is entirely healed," and Miss Wickert left
for Peru last week. J'eru Herald.
Dr. Toel is now located in Portland.
The tumor, with hundreds: of other min
cers and tumors successfully removed by
him by electricity without loss of blood,
can be seen in his office.
Makes a specialty of Diseases of the
Nose, Throat and Neck, Skin, Urinary
Organs, Female Diseases and all Surgical
Operations, as for Fistula, Piles, Strict
ure, Cancer, Polypus and all other Tu
mors and Ulcers. Operations performed
by means of electricity without loss of
blood. Office No. 701-6 Washington
streetj corner Fourth, rooms ii, 4 and 6
Washington building, Portland Or.
Tit Oldett Medicine in the World it firobably
This article In a carefully prepared phyHlcluii'ii.prfl
acrlutton, and haa been In oonstunt use for nearly a
century. There are few dlseusea to which mankind
are aabject wore dWreaiilug than gore eyes, and
none, perhaps, for which more 'remeillel have been
tried wlthoutBuccesa. Forallexternul Inflammation
of the oyea It Is an Infallible remedy. If the direc
tions are followed It will never fail. Ve particularly
Invite the attention of nhvalclans to lt merits. For
ale by all (IrmftdBta. JOlIN f,. THOMl'SON. SONS
t CO. Troy. N. Y. Established I7H7.
BltOOKI.VN IIOTICI., liiiKh Ht bet. Mont
gomery & Htwitome, B. F.; conducted on both thc
KuroKiftii and American plan. ThU Hotel la under
the management of t'barlen MoutKnmi'y, and li thn
bent Family and ItuninrKfl Men's ilot.el in San Fran
ciHco. Home comforts, cuitdne unexcelled, firat-clafts
service, highest standard of respectability guaranteed.
Hoard and room per day 91.25 to V2.IHJ; single room, 50
cents to yl.OU per night, Free coach to and from the
THINK I OII tot HHkl r,
lu Nol Ak Vuur NiOglilior In Think for
Vim He I'aimlly linowt l i nn I hmi
Vim Ho.
Poim.ANii, Or., .lanuary 1!H, ISM.
My wife was n great nuffiirer for ovi r
ten yeiiiM.w Ith a complication of dl (orders,
from which It socnicd aim was doomed, as
try what wo might In the line of doctors
appeared a failure. They were good doc
tors, too. Dr. Agnew of New York, w ho
Is world fumed, told her that without an
operation that would cost Iter $I,IHKI the
ease was Incurable, aad that even with so
operation I he cluiiueH were even only.
This was practically the statement nf nil
prominent physicians of the continent.
The principal trouble was an abscess
and distress In the region of I lie
kidneys. There was a constant hemor
rhage; we thought shi' would bleed Io
death; her i lie-.t was as sore as a boll, and
she was purl hilly piirnlyxrd, besides Imv
tog cAiarrh of the bladder, Wo prepared
for the Inevitable, when Dr. Price of Seal
He told us that he knew of some remark
able cures by Dr J. Kugeno Jordan with
his new system of medicine. We, there
fore, gave him a trial, and the result Is
that my wife has completely recovered, It
la evident that Dr. Jordan's nymcui sur
passes In theory and practice the vast and
the future. I nn. ('. Waiihwhhi h,
i!U! Twelfth St., Portland, dr.
Ph. Joiihan's office is al the residence
of ex Maynr Yesler, Third and James.
Consultation am! prescriptions absolute
ly r'ltKK.
Send for free Ixmk explaining the II U
logenetlc system.
AtnoN. The lllstogentle Medicines
are sold In but one agency In each town.
The label around the b iltle ls-ars ihe fol
lowing Inscription; " Dr. .). liugrne
dan's llistienetle Medicine
other device Is n fraud.
'. c.
' r '& "is
oxc K:vjoy
Both tlio mellusl ami rcsultn wlirn
Syrup of Fioi is taken; it is i!oiisnnt
nml refresliing to tlio taste, nml lets
gently yet promptly on tlio Kidneys,
Liver nml JJowels, cleanses tho sys
tem cHl-ctnaUy, lispeU colds, liend
tflies and levers nml curta linltitti.t
coiistipution u rinai)cntly. For salu
in oOoaml 1 1 bottles by nil tlniggisU
MADE $30!
A I'lliloliier writes thai lie clearrd ;il) o-i li nn
than after pavlnir fieliiht and other rhnrKes.
Is l. any womlerr I k at the trices.
luO lbs. Ileiivy Snifiir t'nri'tl Haeon
li) 11. tlne't Ka-ti-ni Hams, warrunti'd
IKI I tin. lioldeii C Sintiir
Imi lbs. Ilnesl W bll( Siiitar.
I'sl U.S. fair rooklnif Itaislns
Inn lbs. ItaUlnsof hottor iialitv
lisilbs Oraiik'er Nmp, full weight
PMI Dm. Klee, llnrst iinilllv
1'KI Itis family Flour (Holler)
lot parks Soap Powder
IK) lbs. Nulls, aor'i'd sizes
I J no
4 7 '.
.'i h7
:i 7.'.
4 7.'i
:i '.hi
ft U)
1 (Ml
:i :si
too llm. choice California WalmiOi s uo
Kalslns nf every ur''' at half price of some
years. I ry Krnlt will be out of slht bv Mayor
jiine; order now: we have all kinds Cuh niiiM
coiiie with the order Hinoir prices are llnble to
chain!)'. Mention this iiipit. Ask for full llsl.
Address Smltli'a null Store, I Irl n nd
I1H f ront Sit., Sun I rnuclai o, 4 il.
When You Go to San Francisco
O'KillKKI.I. hlHKKT,
Itctwpen Htockton and I'owell Ktrrln.
The Lurgcat Place of Amusement iu
tho World.
Tbla Plcturo, I'anel elza, mailed for 4 cents.
J. F. SMITH & CO.,
Maker of " Bile Beaim,"
255 & 257 Greenwich St., N. Y. City.
Now Store. Cymnasium and Athletic Cecils. NcwCoods.
Buns, Rifles, Revolvers, Sporting Goads and Fishing Taci,
Ke...l..Kto.., . .t,,,.,.,,.,,,,.
Ulmheater, faA ' "v Vurkfr Krow
IIepeatl..KHme. Jjfll(iiMi
lit AND 174 Tllll(l) ST., Ii5 YAMIIII.f- MT.. roltTI ANI). Oil.
A est to line. Cheapest. Relief is immetliute. A
cure in eertnin. For Cold in the Ileail it lirw no eoiml.
mmm mi am tu nnw.iim iKaaioiifltiMaua.ffiiitl
It is an Ointinotit, of which n Htretl! particle in applied
the nostrilH. I'riee r.Oe. Sold !iy ilniooitiiH or Hi nt by
Address: J!.. J
They will yield for you, OATS ir,n bu., WtlFAT (0 bn.. t
11A IlLBT CD bu., t'OllS 100 hu. i'OTATOKS 61SI hu. per iU B
1 17 .send b cents for sample fnrm needs
I (r-sena 00, ror pku. "Acme Hiulluh" and cletrmit cull
OurL'atnloK Is tlio (lnent over puhlixhud ill Anierli
On Trial: 36 nkirs. Km liest VeiretiihleHi'eih.iioHr. nil I
16 like. ICIeifunt Mower Heeds,
RW I.IIW rrviKUi. to X ut'lliu uoaMK Hiui.'ai
w m w . w 9m v mm mmm mm m
lr. Wallace l"!v baa rt'lili'Vnl hlsoilleea In 'Jill
I'oH'i'll slieel, Hun I laili'lseo I'nl , whom III' eon
1 1 lilies Io give speiliil alinulloii Io K Id lie) a, II lad
der, I'roslale illiunl ami all dlenses ailslioj
Ihcd'lrom. IHhIm le and III Ik Ill's lilsease Irealeii
lleeoldlllll Io the Illicit iipl'lovcd inelhiid. Most
cases can h healed s'ln . ..lully li riiiri'spiilnl
mice I mi. nihil Ions dulli fmui u A. M. to -I I'.
m. Wai.i m v I-1. , M i , '.'Ki ruindl ie t. Ih mil
Ionia 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 deary slieel, Hall I'lanclseo, Cal.
lie thai Is mil open In conviction Is not ijiihII
tied for illseiisslon.
I r. Willliuus' In. linn I'lle ulntinenl will cure
llllinl, ItleedliiH and 1 1 ill I iih I'lli I' hen all olhiir
nl lit lui'iil m Pave falli'il. HaliM'lhs Ilic liniioia,
allays the IIi 'iIhk nl onei', ads as a oiinlllce,
kIvph liiKlaut r. llel In. Wllllauis' I ti1 lit - I'llii
Olnliiicul Ih prepared unlv fur Piles and ItehlliK
nl Ihe piunln jiarls, anil nolhliiK clue Kvery
Inn Is vtiiriiiiitcd Hold bv iIiiivkIi-Is, or sent by
mall on ivcflpf o( pili c ."sic an i II per but,
W1I.I.IA Mx M AM I'.Vcn.'ltlMI CO.,
I'liiprletiirs. Clnvi'lBinl, O,
a id liifiiuci I, iihellier 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 r -
hm, ! ln k ii 1 1 iiu . t li In h. Inn nlnu, aealy, i iosted,
pi in )il y in hliili It v , w llh lns nl hulr, mid vveiy
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 of the till od, hoi 1 1 i'f simple, siTiilil
Ions i t lii Iltim, Is speedily, perinaiieiitl)' and
i cuiiimili ally i un d bv Ihe I I 1 1. I ll lit wkpiks,
i oiillii of Ci in i ii i, ihe i;ri ill kln i nre, Co
r 1 1 h mi ie, no xt ii 1-i u- .kin purllier und beau
liner, and I I i ii I Ii i II s-ni v I r. Ihe lieu I.I.mmI
und .nklu purllier and creiite-l of hiiniur elnl,-
lles.uhco the best phi li'l.llis and nil ollieP
i. iii.mI1, lull I'nictil. saie vniir i hlldri ii y i aia
nl ineiiliil and pbysliiil snlleilim'. Iietiln how.
ielav tire ibiin.'1'rniis. I uies nimle in childhood
an permilllenl
fold eld hell' I'rlee. I I TH I IH, Mc: l"i'l',
IIi-muM, II I repiireil bv 1'oMer I riiK
and I'lieoilnil Corporation. Iloslon, Mnw
.-. nil lor " How Io I int Hlnoil and fklii Ids
i ases."
CfT" lluhi s -I In end si nip pnrlllid and
int l.i .iulilli d b I r i n i ii t if.
a Kldnev p.iiux, l-ni km he and iniiseular
(jU 'heutiia: l-ui ielleied on one inlnute by the
JJl'.'clcl. niicd i i in t iiy Ami i'in I'i.usi sii.'.v.
'.' ' 'V;.:v uf
? i, ,Vs . -.', .
"'' '.
ill p.. "I'm Ii cine ' i t on n I "ss ol Mn
''.I, ln p .'. in v, I ci e lis, k, Iliii'Uiiiausin,
ispep. a O II r -I I - - I It v. e'l-
t'llct . III lid M'T.
', ... Diinjt. IrniHi's, ('nil, lira, t l.'fllc Slurklnat.
luitilili'i lli..riH, tlrilric leieon. I U'
-inie A.-. Ill On ll."o. II os ' llollleopalhlO
mi -I c- ?- n l In " our o'd.'is.
I ho li.-llM IMIIKKlsl.
Tilled Mlid IiiiIit. I'i'i I, Or.
I Meoiliio 'hU psner I
Cheaper tha Wi:dsills
Alums No ll.dhT.
S.i I lie, V. -III. Ve No
SI. .in. So I- l.i . .No Kll
i r. o I'iil.i-i r,
Viijinr Kuclne Co.
:' CC'lc! ;. ST,
Han I'rtiif.-iM o, Cul-.tornia.
Few Mm ikefH fully reiilio tlio
iliitiiriT of riiimkiii" new or iinpro)
crlv cured 'ruliiiccn. Tin medical
ill)' of I lie ( liTiniiii iii iny (liHi nv
crcil tliix was a fruitful nourco of
throat disease.
Tlio Huiisistcnce (Ii'imrtiiient of
the U. S. Army liavc iidoitcil Heal
of North Carolina I'liitf Cut iih tho
Standard Sm'oking Tohacco for tlio
Ik-ware of Jinitnt ions. The gen
uine "Seal of North Carolina"
coKtH you no more than poisonous
'iHi'oiiin. Wioli., anil WnshliiKton,
!.''. ( orrispondeliee Invlled.
viiliiHble liiforiiiMllon to nil MiH'erliuifroni
lisease. Home treatment. Cortland Iili-
peusary, nr. lid and A hler, I'nrllund, Ol
CURE Qiiiousness,
Sick Headache,
1 Malaria.
.i.i i..,. i : i. kJ.-,i
iij tii wiiLLiiitri hi ri' ill uv n
. JlAZl i.tini:, We.rren, ra
and cHUIoifuc,
rl.uf I
Ills. I V
pout PuiU. M ccuta.
'AC. 1L" thu niw 17 day Hndlwb
n ..u J