The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 21, 1891, Image 1

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oiui or Tin
iver Glacier.
NO. an.
1 1
2Xood Iftver Slacicr.
' rvuututtt ivmr uTi'itoat oini n
The Glacier relishing Company.
1 n inr rion rnic&
On. ymr ,,
(it tnuiith.
Ti. . II..
. ... hii'hiiii, . ............., WW
ltl. ooy; ICaa
um Chi.f r,, v. a, und om
Iand :: Law :: ypcinliat.
Room ho, It Uini Oflo. BulMIng,
Real Estate Broker,
Firf, Lire end Aocldrnt MmrMCl.
Money Loaned ob Real Estate Security
OITV. Franca 4 Ce 'i Ruk rluildlin, .
Liveftj, Feed and pale
8couJ Stroet, Th. DaUaa, Or.
Im.ft.fpcoi.lly of Lirlnf horn ul mrrtcm
tit hi. torn, ul th. bnl tthlriw m4 4rtfii
linrM. tn th. city, (onil. ai4 nltatl, mltoht. tar
UtTiM fJid ir.aUwu.a. tuft II IL B. HOOD
Barber Shop
Grant Evans, Propr.
Bwuml St., m-ur Ouk. Hixxl Turn, Or.
Sharing and lUir rutting atly done.
Satisfaction Cuaraiitred.
- I UK .
All Points East ail Sootti.
It In Hie I'ININd CAK KOITK. It run
Yih In
w in im.i; or i!4HSi,
CmiiifM'f1 o flln hk chia iniMiiriHs.Ml, I'nll
linei iliHivliiK room Mlii-iirMof liitrst cliiinifut,
trill rlfot hIpi'!II( I'M- Im-nI 1 1 1.1 1 CHII 111' ('on
riM-t..-l mill in n liit-n Hi-fiiiiiiiiiitititiinmNrt' tioltl
f nt' himI fiiniKlinl fur liiihlci'N nt llrnt hii'I hi.-I!
ruts., lli-lo!. hihI flii.inl ilny i-hhi-Io'.
A roiilliMiniiN line nniiirrt lim tvllli n 1 1 line,
HlViir'lliu ilim-l iiml i In riiiii'il nrrvii'e.
rulliiiini hIii-i r n-MrrvHi Idiih run In wcurt'il
in Hihmiri' hiiv hui'IiI ul tin rnml.
'I IiihiikIi tii ki i tu h 1 1 I (ruin nil nl iiIh ii
A merlon. I: i i k I ii i i I iiml Kurnir run Im iilrt'liniil
atnuv tirki'i unlet of thin i'iiniiiny.
Full liifiiiiiiiilinn I'oiiciTiiliiK rH!iH, titnrof
1 1 a i dm. rniiii'N hii'I oilier ili'liill. f imiiKlii'il mi hi
iillmtiiiii iii miy UKi'iit, nr ....
A NRInI till I Ol'llellil l'llN.f 111,'er AlC'Ilt, Nil.
K I if I ul i.-t, corner of h-IiIiikIiiii, I'ortluiKl
Ha .Mixed III. I'roverb..
"A seclusion und n dare," futitl young
MaliipropoHptTfl ho kisMtd hv.r undijr tlie
friiudly wiiliision of u Liif tree.
Hut lie wiy he'll never get that
quotation wrorifj nguin; tta "a doJu
nion and u Ktiure," und ho t'U.u prove it.
Detroit IVei' VrcM.
Wliilo Mr. WilliitniH, cf Montezuma,
Oa., wiiH driving wider an onlc. tree at
duiik tlie other d;iy he was, amazed to
find liin leavo tho ground and re--main
in the air. Investigation proved
tJiat the afl.tir wan not Hiiprrnatnral, as
tlie animal got caught in a Bvying hang
ing from a h'n','li of Iho tree.
Hn l. Il.-roi iitnl.
Two dogs Imve been docomted for
bravery und (idelily by (lie Society for the
Prevention of ( riii liy lo Aniiualu In Piiris.
One suvediis 11: it.t i'i-:, from a burgliir.aud
the ot ln-r iiw mi hi'T s child from drown
ing. Now Vork Sun
(iernmn foot Koluiers mo deriving bene.
Ct from ditieurding t.oi-kinr;s mid Leeping
the feet well oiled.
Wlmt mankind wunt U mercy. .Tnsliru
would ruin moht of them. Uucle lk.
riioCoininon S. hool HillTassis the
New Mexico Lislaturc.
A Rumor Afloat the Siti;tttt'rs u the
Nicr Trail Near lanmi.t Arc
to he h'vlrti'd.
The I'ppcr and Lower IIimihcm of the
Idiihii Let. iriliiture have puxHcd a hi'h
lieeliHe hill.
Taei'liia him voted to inHiie ImiiiN t
the iiiiiiiiint of H.rit,lXK t. cover tho pro
Moot iliih bti'illiiHH and lllild( the i ilv
hall. The moiinuro onrried by a vole n(
:i,(khi to :;,
Sun I'edtii, N M., a iniuiiiir emup thul
hud ipiito a ImhiIii two veins ilv.", i h " k -ill
(ul' Mlii l tier I'UhIi, oooiit iliMi'uVel'ii-H
of very rii h rin k huvo ii4iiin ullnii ted
iitleutioti to the oanip.
The 1'iiulin iiimiiih'Ii win ml bill hut
Ihlltllv pilH"od Imlh limine nt the Ni'tt
Mexico Territorial l oui-dutinc, mill in
now in the hundinf the lioveninr, who
luiH proiuiHed to uilix his hiuniituro ii.
J. T. Hamilton Spi.kuue I-'uIIh, who
recent Iv lo-t H VllllHe onliluiniln,' ISii.OOl)
on II feriV-lKiut lietweeli Sew Yolk ami
New Jet-Key, bus received u leli-yrum
slulinj; that his pruiietlv bus been ncov
ere. I.
SlUllleV l". I'liHim, bile lUllll'ihlte for
Stiitc Surveyor-' ieiieral in Ni vinlu, ap
plied for admission lo pruclice before the
Siiiicrior I 'nlllt of l.lllekll counlv, iind
the couiiiiitlee UMioiiitrd to examine
him reported adversely mi bis ujiplieu
li.m. '
A timely oxiimimtl ion of the Sucru
meiilo tail has revealed thai many pri
soners bud pocket knives und razors, n
bole in the Willi WHs used to smilille
opium, und a liinm l in the buck brick
wall had so fur proirresscl (but u jail de
I1 .y would have Ix-m pnssiblo wiihin
II lew days.
At Seattle, It Unit black , W us M-iteiicd
to one year in the peiiitt-ntiarv for us
saullim; l.eoiiaiil M. I '.nice with a liut.-li-et
on January 15. Pinec rims u bain
sandw ich und peunut -land on .lack -mi
street, und so enraged Hccket by cullini.'
him vile iiuiues that the littler tried to
tomahawk him.
JiiiL'c. Mi'llutloii of Silver How county
has iippeared before the Supreme t'oiirt
of .Mouluua, nt Helena, to show cuuc
whvhe sboiiltl liot bo prohibited frmu
trviiikf the Puvis ease on the grounds
that the jury was not fairly drawn and
was prejudiced. This is the millionaire
puvis eslute eiiHe.
A ilesperado w ho joes by the name of
Ward N irk i n is under arrest at t'olfax,
Wash., and is supposed to be one of the
old Jeijse James crowd of outlaws. He
shot at tho ('hie. of I'oliceal ndistuiiceof
six feet iiml missed him. This is one
Hiint against the prisoner U'im; one of
the James gntiji. as they were all k"m"I
Tiiooiuu'h busebull team of lHill is
eouipletvtl, except the second baseman.
I'. J. liiitelille whs the last man signed.
Ho is from Oswego, N. Y., and is said to
be one of tho best left-lielders in the
country, a sure batter ami cood runlet tor.
Hilly Karl, of lust year's tenia, whs not
ro-ennuned, his terms Ind ng too hih
fl50 a month.
The uiissim; rej;istereil miiil buif from
Vietoria, 15. ('., for Port To nseml w hich
was lost January 5th, has been found in
the harbor at Victoria, out open und
rilled of its contents, Kverytliinjr of
value was taken and the letters returned
to the butf. A piece of iron was plueed
therein anil the lmi: whs thrown into tho
water. The thief secured about $50, ami
is supposed tn have been an employe of
the steamer Olympian, who had access
to tho mail-roolii. .
At a recent meeting of army ollicers
ami several prominent, citizens, Colonel
Meudoll stated that tho Hchome of hur
lior defense for Sun Francisco uuuiped
out by the engineer corps contomplntod
the placing of il battery of six twelve
inch rilled cannon upon the verge of the
bluff north of Sill in Heights, und the
construction of two mortar lotteries of
sixteen mortars each in the swales
buck of and on either Hide of the orolnou
tory. Such mi armament in such a posi
tion, ho added, would give the city eoin
mund over any war vessels w hich might
desire to lie in the oiling und shell San
Francisco. The laud selected by the
colonel is fifty-live acres of the southwest
corner of the city cemetery, which would
have to be condemned, but which is
considered by the engineer corps essen
tial to the proper defense of tho city.
The wpuitterH on the "Nigger" tract
near Taeoma are excited over the rumor
Mint they are about to lie' evicted. ' The
rumor is based upon the fact 'that uii
ordei bus boMi iHsnod by tlu I'nitod
States Circuit Court, by Iloii.'ll.'C. Huii
fortl, appointing United Slates Marshal
Thomas H. Krown receiver to collect
rent from the persons in por-'Hiwjon of
the land. Several meetings haw been
held of late in order to prepare Home lino
of defense, and it is reported that defense
committees have been appointed for the
purpose of resisting eviction. .The Hquat
ters to the number of liOO or 700 have
gone on the tract and taken peaceable
possession in good faith, in hojie of secur
ing title thereto, though, unlike the
squatters, on tho ( 'iirr-Smith eoiiteste.d
property, they have taken no steps- to
protect 'their supposed rights, unilor tlie
t'nited States land laws, ami do not
appear in the eime as parties to the liti
gation. They are there, however, in the
belief that the government will event
ually recognize their chimin and entali
liuh tneir rights,
A Malhtnics' Institute to lie listab
lisheil in Kichmoiiil.
A lilll Intrudum! In Hit' Indiana l.i'nls
latino to Che Wllcdlfatcrs Sonic
ot Their Own Medic Inc.
The Portuguese have recently eplah
Hsbcd cololiicN In Connecticut and Mas
sachusetts. For the tlrst time the United Stale"
lat year produced moio pig iron llian
(iicat I'rituiu.
The Health IVpiirtincnl of Milwaukee
is uhmil to establish a "disinfecting
patrol service."
The Nebraska limine has passed it bill
pi'uhibitini; the operation of bucket
shops in Nebraska,
A new temperance league in Maine Is
proposing to wage an unrelenting wur
1Ihi liilo drillers,
The Missouri Senate bus passed a bill
allow ing chics, towns ami villages to
work prisoners who do not pay their
The impression is growing at Wash
ington that tho present session of Con-gp-rs
w ill end w ithiiul any silver legis
lation. A protruded tight is expected over
Iho amendment to tho till ill act, which
is intended to prcscn e the treaty with
A machine has been invented, and is
now in opi-rMtii'ii in Chicagn, by widt h
binding mine can bo made lit one -fourth
the pit sent cost.
Senator Stanford has introduced a bill
ill I be Somite pro iding ft it- Hale of a tor
tin n of the I, hue Point reservation, ad
joining Suiisulilo, ( 'al.
Negot iut ions are sunl to be ponding for
Iho purchase bv Iho Vuiidei bills of the
Northern Michigan iron mines now con
trolled by the Schlc.-inger M'lidieale.
Twenty-nine States have parsed laws
restricting tho sale of cigarettes. I'.ut
Ibe cigarette business increases' every
i year in volume and proiit.
J The sbipnit nls of ore frnln the I .eke
I Superior mines in js:ti reached theenor
I on ins sum of !M,0.'S,u:l'.l tons, an increase
i of T,!ll ,-ls5 gross tons over Iksii. .
1 Texus bus no luw rcgulul im; railroads,
jlillt it el i ti ll hist full II l'gislutllli-
w huso members are instructed to euuel
such laws, and that Legislature is now
' in seHsi.iti,
The New York ( 'urn mrrr ill I .lifififonT
; says that the three-inonth notes given by
i the Union Pacific for part of the limiting
j debt are beginning to trouble the com
I puny as they mature.
lr, IgiiHcio Marline,, at one time a
(ieneral in tho Mexican army, but a
political exile, was waylaid and ussiissi
tutted at Laredo, Texas, while making
tho rounds among his patients.
A mechanics' institute is to bo estab
lished at Richmond by a number of
wealthy citizens of that cilv. They will
devolo'f.'fi.iHM for a, silo, 50,0IK) ' for a
building and $i5,(KHl for a library.
As usual, there ill Is- n pipe-lino bill
considered during tin1 present Legisla
ture at Huryshurg. The bill will ho in
the interest of oil producers, as against
the interest of the Standard Oil Com
pany. ,
Twelve or fifteen of tho students lit
Cornell ( 'ollego, in Mount Vernon, Mich.,
have boon before the (irund Jury, ami
gave testimony concerning the gambling
engaged in nt the college tinting the lust
Tho Pacific Mail Ktcumship Colon 'had
a biistcroU voyage to Panama on the
last trip from New York. She wiih bad
ly battered by the heavy seas, ami the
pasmmgors were kept helow for forty
eight hours.
(iovernor Jones of Alabama has ar
ranged with the State CoinuiisHioner of
Agriculture to procure for him trees from
till the most noted batlle-liehls of Vir
ginia, to bo transplanted to the capitol
grounds at Montgomery.
An effort is being made bv the Mis
souri Legislature to enact a law requir
ing foreign corporations tiding business
in the State to establish ollices in its
jurisdiction, and to comply with the
laws as do the homo companies.
A Columbian memorial, designed by;
J. Allen Whyte of Chicago, for the Im
position, Would have a star-shaped build
ing surmounted by a dome 400 foot high,
and that in turn' surmounted bv a tower
whose top should be l,4i2 feet from the
'A bill bus been introduced into the
Legislature of Indiana, , providing that
any man who shall ho proven guilty of
'wliipiiing his wife shall himself receive
fifty lashes, und thiit .the public shall he
admitted to the jail-yard to see him
.The ahnouiicoinont is made that the
Soda Lukes of Natrona county, at Cas
per, AA'vo., hit-vo been sold to an English
syndicate; for (hev sum of $2,000,000.
These lakes form circular- basins where
sulphate of soda has filled iii toil depth
of twenty foot of s.lid soda. ' ,
i f " ' ' ' ' ' '
, Tho State Hoard of Arbitration and
and Mediation of New York has made a
special report on the strike which took
place on tho New York .Central railroad
in August last. The report recommends
that the relations of the rail row I toward
their employes be regulated by a general
law and in a quasi-military fashion.
Relations Between I'oitiiil ami
(.teat Britain Strained.
Prut. Ilcnsch ul tin: llcilln dilvciiity Re
ports I'lilavurubly Tlcalineiit
With Lymph.
('buries Chiipiu, the French painter,
id deed.
- .
The American saddle Is biting used by
tho I '.nt ndi mounted iufaniny,
Italy's governmenlul expenses for 1 Ml 1 1
Will be uIniiiI flL'itKKI.IMXI greater t till II
her I'CW'litlcs,
Tho ierioau celihUS shows nil Increase
of m arly :i,H0ii,i'l)il in the popululioii of
tho empire since IH5.I,
The nullmrilies of Cologne huvo re
solved lo furnish employment to l.'l.'KHi
idle men in. that city al IS pence pn day.
The American claims I., dig at liclhlii
are n fued, and Franco will probably
gel I he coiices-ioii on I he Island of Milv
leno. I'lesidelit Clltliol Is-liev.-s ill the powtn
of peace. He contemplates the entire
th uiolil ion of all the foiti Iicat imis around
I'm is.
The In in h on tbc stork mat hi t
are liow attacking the credit of very
llll vc holt s supposed lo IlllVe LlMbecs
rotations w i!b Chili. '
Il is reported (he Chilian insurgents
have I M-i -1 1 obliged to abandon l a Serena
in ' 'Hmmba, and the hurlmr of bU"Mii
Ini" been It opened.
shares in bit wcries arc In Id by I went v
six member" of Ibe Lngln-h House of
l ords and bv f. .rty--tM ii mciiiccrsnf tbc
I !o'io of t 'miniums.
The coal fields of Tompiin Hie turning
toil siiwell that il is thought (but M,
I errv may In icMond lo isipulur favor
upon that l.-Mlr alone.
leposi(sof mica have been discovered
in Ibe northern pifrt of South Australia,
and a shipment ol aUml one tmi has
Im i ii made to Port Adelaide.
It is uid that in Paris twice as many
crimes are committed bv persons be-
t W ecu Ibe llgt S of fifteen ami Iwellly 11 H
by those between twenty and fori v.
War between I loniluras ami iuutc mala
is iiit.ii it-ntiii 1 1 v ex M-ctci act ording to a
message from Honduras from a high olli
t ial to a business firm in New York.
l'ol bid. it'll to biild public meetiiurs in
' ieriniiny, the liii'siengers of the Salva
tion Army in that country are visiting
the public houses ami singing ami pray
ing in them.
The physicians of Iterlin assert that
their practice has fallen oil' 15 per cent,
siilce Koch's operations began, ami con
sequently ihey demand from Iho govern
ment free lymph.
The municipal authorities j.f Cuhors
buying expressed a ilesiii to have the re
mains of (iamhclta conveyed to that
town, it is thought likely that President
Carnol will accede to the request.
(Jocon Vietoria is taking great interest
in the promotion of a large whisky dis
tillery in Wales. She has bad Ibe plans
and photographs sent to her ami agreed
lo take a cask of the creature itself.
The eommitlee appointed by the Ital
ioii government to-invesligateimd report
a plan to connect the city of Koine by a
ship canal with the sea has reported that
tho project would cost 80,000,000 lire.
A London firm of engineers bus re
eeived a concession for the building of an
electric railway, live miles in length, be
tween Naples iiml Capo di Monte. The
work must he linishct! within nine
The new magazine rillo and the man
ner by wnich it was introduced into the
liritish army huvo become subjects of
investigation by Parliament. One offi
cial is said to hold ten out of thirteen
patents on the gun.
A recent survey has established the
number of glaciers in tho Alps at 1,155,
of which 210 huvo a length ol more than
four and three-fourths miles. The French
Alps contain HI glaciers; those of Italy,
7H; Switzerland, 471 ; Austria, 402.
Some one has summed up the Stanley
expedition as follows: The distance
traveled by him in the interior is esti
mated at "5,400 miles, of whieh nil but
1,000 were on foot. The expedition oc
cupied three years, ami rescued HOD per
sons at a cost of less than 1)0,000.
At an open-air meeting of thouiiem
nlovetl in the Fast Kntl a speaker, who
hud worked in (ieneral Month's work
shops, denounced tho General us a
"sweater," pure ami simple. He hud
discharged men earning (.i pence an
hour to make room for, those who would
work for il pence tin hour.
Russian merchants in Central Asia are
demanding that the Jews he expelled
from that region. The stile pretext for
the demand is that the Jews outwit the
Unssians in trade and are monopolizing
tho trallic of Asiatic markets. It is be
lieved that the desired order for he ex
pulsion of Jews will he issued, if indeed
it has not, already bee ft sent quietly to
the Czar's representatives in Central
Professor llenseh of the medical fac
ulty of the University of Iterlin, a dis
tinguished authority on diseases of chil
dren, reports unfavorably the treatment
w ith lymph in his department, lie ad
ministered lymph to twenty-two chil
dren, only one of whom seemed to im
prove, and the improvement in that case
was only temporarily, while many of the
children became worse under the treat
ment, lie therefore stopned exneri-
nients with the lymph,
Win' at The Market Is quiet, but
hleinly. Shipper are generally well sup
I lied for present und near 'future re
qiiiicmculH, mill the inmiiil Is not of tin
uigeiil character. (Junta: Valley, $1.26
i"l.2il'V ; Walla Walla, $1.15.
Fi.ooii Tim market Is Mli'iuly. The
demand hero Is fair, w hile the supply is
very good, (Junto,; Standard, fXHO;
Walla Walla, ;( 70 per barrel.
Oaih Th" tear ct is steady nt present
piifCH, ami s in Hymjiiithy with Iho de
cline in Han Fiauclsen. The demand
iiml supply a iv very Kood. djuoto; liOi:
per bushel.
Mii-wivm The market Is nleiuly ; do
muni! mi. I supply are very gutsl. (Junte:
!han, 121; Shorts, $22.50; ilrouud liar
.y. ;W.Ml Chop Food, $2M per ton;
Hurley, $l.25w I.IM per cental.
Hav The inai ket is steady ond the
supply loops up with the demand.
(Junto; $ I ikk 17 per ton.
VKuitruii.KH I he market is weak nnd
'lull. Pi. tuloeH und Cnhlhige lire very
plentiful, more than the demuud culls
I r. Onions and other vegetables lire ill
lair supply, but keep up with the tlc
muinl (Junto; Cabbage, 11.251.50
per ceiitul ; Ciiulillow.-r, $1 per dozen;
Celery, 5oc per dozen ; Onions, 2.c 2'.,c
per otlt. ; 1'unots, $ per sack; Hoots,
$1.50 per sack; Turnips, $1 per ruck;
Pol iloos, 75m sou per cental; Squash,
$2 per cental.
I- iii'irs The market Is rleiidy, nnd is
well slot ketr with Oruiigos, which are a
drug in tho market, lemons are lirmer,
and pr -hahly an advance w ill Is. made in
a fniv days. Apples, Pears ami Hummus
are scarce. There Hro no (Juinces in the
market. (Junto; Uiverside ' Irilliges, $.1.00
in :t 2; Navels, $l.75i5.O0 per box; Sic
ily l.eiiioiin, $.'i.50i'M).(io per eae; Pours,
I 'jo per H)iiii'l ; Apples, iF0.((s,5e per Ikjx ;
I'iuiihiihs, $! 4 per bunch.
Hen enThe market is sternly, w ith a
gisid demand. Choice is scarce, w hile
common im id f-tir supply. (Junto; Ore
gon fancy creamery, 40ii42li.e; funcy
dairy, :;7'o ; fair to gtHsl'ainiJiie; com
mon, 20i25ej choice California, y7jjC
per pound.
Ciikksk The market issteaily. (Juote:
Oregon, Llnfllc; ('HlLoruia, U'u'tdoc;
Young America, 1Im15c per ismud.
Ncis The market is (Juote;
Oilif. irniii Walnuts, 17,'bC; other vari
eties, Lie; Peanuts, 12o; Almonds, 17c;
Hi Herts, HftM5e; new Hraz.ils, 20e per
pound; CiH-oamits, $1 per dozen.
Funs The maiktt in linn, with a
stoutly dcmuinl. (Juote; Oregon, 2.V
per dozen.
Pool ittv Tho market is firm, w ith a
good demand. (Juote: Chickens. $5.00
'-'5.5); thicks, ) it 10; (iecse, $ilut 10 per
low ii ; Turkeys, 14. 15c per smnd.
Hoes The market is dull, with nom
inal prices. (Junto; !!V :(.' per pound.
Wool. The nun ket is tiuiot. (Juote
Willuimtte Valley, l(i(i20c; Walla
Walla, 10. a Ilk' per Miiiid.
Ilinrs The market is weak. (Juote:
lry Hides, solectod prime, SciK'.jc,
ie less for culls; green, selected, ovur
55 pouiitls, 4c; uiiiler 55 pounds, lit".
Sheep Pelts, short wisil, SOfioMie; in -ilium,
(tt'dfSlic ; long, UOcia $1,25; sheai
lings, Il)(tt2tk'; Tallo, good to choice,
UlSt IP ije per iKiiiml.
lli Mnrliitiiill.f Miirkot.
The markets are nl1 steiidv; busines
is active ; demuud and supply are very
Coai, On. (Juote: $2.20 fiercsso.
Kick (Juote: ir5)per cental.
ITiki.ks (Juote: Jd.3J.1-t; $1.50.'8.
Cka MiKititiKH (Juote : Cape Cod, $11
K'r barrel.
SAi.rtJuote: Liverpool, $17, $18,$1Q;
stts k, $ll(tf 12 per ton in onrloml lots.
Cokkkic (Jimte; Costa Kiea, 22'.Jc;
Kin, Slfi.'n'c; Arbucklo'H, roasted, Uo.'c
Hkans The market Is firm. Quota:
Small Whites, 3l,e; Pink, 3c; Hnyos.
4'.,e; llutter, 3Jac; Linias, 4 1 Jt? per
Si'hahs The market is firm. Quote;
Golden 0, 47gf ; exu a 0, B.'e ; drv gran
ulated, ti'iic; ciiIki crushed and pow
dered, (P,je per pound.
Diiikij Fiii its The market is firm.
Quote: Italian Pnius, 12'uc; Pe
tite and (iorman Pruirns, 10c per pound;
Raisins, $2.50 per Ikix: Phinuuer-dried
Pears, KKitllc; sun-dried antl factory
Pliinis, ll(u l2n; evP,; oratel Peaches. 1ST
20c; Smyrna Figa, 20c; California Figs,
Be nor pound.
Cann mi Uoons Market stoutly. (Juote:
Table fruits, $2.00, 2'. is; Peaches, $,
Hartlett Pears, $2.25; Plums. $1.05;
Strawberries, $2.50; Cherries, $2(2.50;
Hlaek berries, $2; Unspberries, 2.55;
Pineapples, $2.75; Apricots, $2 00. Pie
fruit: Assorted, $1.50 per dozen ; Peaches,
$1.50: Plums, $1.25; Hlacklierriea, $1.(15
per dozen. Vegetables: Corn, . $1.25
'if 1.50. according to quality; Toniatoes.
$1.15(t?3.50; Sugar Pens, $1. 10(a l.OO;
Sir iigHeaus, $1.10 pertlozen. Fish: Sal
mo i, $1.25(,tl.50; snnlins, 80c(i$l.(i0
lobMers, $2(3; oysters, $1.50ii3.25 pei
dozen. Condensed milk : F'.ngle brand
$rt.25; Crown, $7; Highland, $0.75.
Champion, $11 per case.
Naii.s Ihise qnotationa: Iron, $3.20.
Steel, $3.30; Wire, $3.00 per kes?.
Shot Quote: $1.75 per sack.,
The Mont Market.
The market is firm ; business is very
ood; demand and supply are also good.
- jnoitt:
Beef I.ive, SJjjfJiMe; drepsed, 7.'.
Mutton Live, 4.14' (tH4!jjc; dressed, 8
Hogs Live, 4li (tii-tc ; dressed, Oo. .
Veal 5(i)8e per pound.
The market is firm. Quotations : East
ern llama, 12'v(tf:13c; Breakfast Ba
con, 10aCllc; Bides, 010c; Lard, 8i(ti
lie per pound.
It is reported that Villard bad sold all
his holdings of Edison electric stock and
the stock had been bought by the Van
derbilts. The report is denied by Vil
lard, who states he is the largest indi
vidual stockholder. Part ies long identi
fied with the Edison interests, however,
confirmed the report that Vantlerbilt hiui
acquired a verv largo block of the stock,
and said II. JfcK. Twombley will enter
the directorship as their representative.
A K.w rUniisrlt. AIm. u Hli lllnnnr wllb
llll. .Ii lm y l.lly.
It wa my blitwil 1 .1-1 v 1 ! g,n in. I .iiiiiiii'T at
Ixmii llrmicli, In eniiipiiiiy mi ll mivond ntlii-r
sipl priiiuliii'iit In art iiu.l litoniturn, to
Iuii.'Ii Willi Mr., binary, at Inimirii n
ciiiivcnui with lior 111 low, piiutlimuto inwnu
hniit I11T fill 111.' an. I to -f p int. I Iiml nut In-l"i..-.
In iii.ikn I Im i..ig,liUul chat public ct
flrst, for ni-itli.-r nt us earn to Im bruulit
prtmiliiKiill)' bef.ini Hn. puhllo, klirlnkliiK u
tin frniii put. In it v nt nil Mini nnd only
caring to tin ri;;lit wldlu pln in tlm back
ground 11s inui'li iih puvih',... Hut tlm gtii(iral
Inti'i'iMt Tilt In ir. binary loivla 1110 to
burnt IIh-h.) reairiiiiit.
Mr, .iiugtry, on Hun! ty 1 s.nk of, wor
now tin MH.if In v.-ii.. r I. -r.i;;o Iriininsd with
tblTi-ri'iit. color nr. .11.1 1 ilm Lollnin. Him wor
nt 1 if a hiinrn i . ,nr im h ni, nnd hnr hair
win. il. ai. 1 up in a Ii 1 1 J 1. in. 1 nt tin. buck of hur
lifiiil. Iter h.'iir In u brown in color and
qillUi llli'O tn look lit. Kin- hat it cllllll, litiliott
rytn, ami lu liiivi il hint 11 i rfect linly nil tha
Ui'ir. 1 Hut mi h.'i rir;il at Inlilo, nlwi 011 tha
etlgo of lu-r ilre". by imtiiko. Wlimi woro3
from llitt tnt.l.. kIh-ium. U foio I did, fur 1 hud
lout my plain im llio nil-nil, gently ilriftinK
buck to i im of la mh u iili mint dolagi onto
It, a dixh of "Im nl urn very fmnl nml on
which wt, rarely p t 11' huiini. 1 wan outing
011111 tiinro of llic 'on-1 :tn- r.-.l. had ri'iwlio.1
th iloxnlny, iiml I 1 1. 1 no I not n-o Unit Mra.
lunglry w.ii Iryin,; inri-n. Hut .lis kopt
her touiier lik-11 ft ! l -' t lady, waiting choer
fully until I hud Hi,: -ii .1 my meal und put a
few raisins in my p ... t In rat 011 my woy
boiua. Tin'ii Kim In ; .el my panfui, and
would 1 pleiiH. take my cliairnir her drwot.
Why of coin I ivnnl.l. I'm-, u a umllt-r of
fio't, it wiih in v f nut.
1 wiii ilretv I pin .niy in n unlet yellow and
black hhtZ"!', uuh a Il ium I ilnrtof aotno in
flaiuoil tint, cniij'hi n,;;. iin i- at lhathront
with n liirgit knot of b!;i.i iolkii tint .ilk. 1
wore 110 mi pemieiM. hut In-M my kiiickir-Ixckt-r.
In pl.n-u by ini-iiiH of 11 lini'ii and
while silk stomit -ci-r "reiiieii, u hicliuttrucUsl
much uttcnliuti r-ca i..u uml nil.
That In 0110 thing, 1 hi.n nisnit inn. I can
dres. guy bii.I (YiviiI.hi.,, m- I cm ho grava
ml taciturn iih 1 ii 1 e alio prof or it Hill
IS'ya In Nuw York Win Id.
Tho litm. uml tlm Janitor.
Wronger (to shabby individual) Are you
the J ilulnrof thin budding!
"Nn, vir; that well 1 tressed gontlemau with
tho plug hut is t!u janitor."
"Who are you'"
"I am t ho proprietor hero." Nebraska
State Journal.
Cruelty to l altier.
Ono of Jom,' iN'culiuritica is never to ad
mit thut ho is finding well. No mutter what
Sieoioi of Buffering you aro undergoing, the
for 111 his sympathy invariably tukes is this:
"I've f. It just so." . .
Tlie other day ho cimio homo sick too ick
to go dow n to his supper. So it was sent up
to his room by Mrs. Jones, who hud prepared,
it herself. Among oilier delicacies wore six
now tiiid eggs, boilotl to suit him. One of tha
children stayed with him and watched the
egg eating with interest. As Jones took up
tiio sixth nnd last egg, the lutlo follow
reached out his hand.
, "Let 1110 have it, papa."
Joiiiis glared at tho child, then ho said
"Take it, eat it, unnatural child, and let
your uxr sick father stnrvol"
Tommy ato tho egg. Detroit Free Press.
An t'nklnil Cut.
IIo looked sadly at tho pie 011 the boarding
houso table nnd seemed to bo much affected,
Tho landlady at first thought ho was mnd
ami was prepared for some remonstrance.
But ho Kit id nothing, only looked sad.
"What is the mutter, Air. Jones"
"Minium, this touches 1110."
"This pio. It looks so liko one of tho pies
my mother made for 1110 thirty years nso."
"Well, Mr. Jones, I'm sure 1 appreciate the
"Yes, madam, I believe this is one of tho
pies my mother nindo thialy years ugo."
Sho raised his rent tho next month. San
Francisco Chronicle.
Rules for r.nioliiiitlon. '
In a Boston newspaper olilee not long ago
tho chief proof reader had been greatly an
noyed by nn extraordinary uso of commas
that cropped out in occasional "lakes" on his
proofs, anil finding that they occurred regu
larly under a certain "slug" he went to "slug
fifteen's" frame to expostulate with him. lie
found that the man was a new "sub," who
saitl he canto lately from Nova, Scotia,
ami had learned his trade in a first class office
In Halifax. "For pity sake," exclaimed the
proo f reader, "what sort of a system of punc
tuation do thoy employ in Halifax?" "The
rulo in our office," replied tho compositor, -with
a patronizing air, "was to put about
three commas to a line."
Lottery Mall Matter Seized.
Camden, K. J., Jim. 21. Postmaster
Browning made his third seizure to-dav
of lottery mail matter addressed to resi
dents of' this city. The matter consisted
of about- seventy-five circulars of tho
Louisiana Lottery Company, stating that
a drawing of the lottery would be held
on the 17th day of February, and that all
tickets drawing less than $1,000 would
be cashed at nn address in Boston, dnd
those drawing over that amount would
be cashed nt New Orleans.
In accordance with the instructions he
has received from Washington, Post
master Browning bus forwarded the en
tire lot to Postmaster General Wana
maker. ir. Y. Sun, January 22,
1 m
" I. ' 7
1 1
f ,
i 1 t ' jm