The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 03, 1889, Image 3

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    HOOD HIVER, OR., AUG. 3, 18S9.
Express No. 2, leaves 10 40 A. M.
Express No. 4, leave 12:35 A. M.
ExpreM No. 1, loaves 2:05 A. M.
Express No. 8, loaves 3:45 A. M
The mall arrives from Btraltsburi? at 11 o'clock A.M.
Wednesdays and Saturdays; departs the same days
at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at 8 A. M. arrives at 6 P.
M. Saturday.
Kor White Salmon leaves dallv at 8 A'. M., arrives
at 1 T. M.
From White Salmon leaves for Fulda,- Gilmer,
Trout Lake and Ulunwood Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. Arrives on alternate Uavs.
Riverside lodge, No. 68, A. 0. U. W., meets 1st
and Sd Saturdays of each month at 8 P. k. Lyman
Hnilth, Master Workman; 11. L. Howe, Recorder;
J. 11. Middleton, Financier.
Canbv Post, No. , G. A. R., mocts second and
fourth Saturdays of each month
C. R. Bone took a Portland party out
to the glaciers Thursday.
Mr. Smith informs us the fishing in
Little White Salmon is excellent.
Mr. John 0. Divers was in Portland
during he week on a business trip.
The photograph gallery is in full blast
with Mr, Bony furnishing the blast.
C. R. Bone, George Pratfeer and J. J.
Luckey made a trip to The Dalles Tues
day. Mr. C. W. Wilford Is clerking for Mr.
J. II. Middleton during th3 latters ab
sence. Mr. Stewart of the firm of Abrams &
Stewart of The Dalles was in the citv
Mr. Berdan announces his readiness
and ability to inuve buildings quickly
and cheaply.
Mrs J. A. Solesby and wife, of Pendle
ton, came down Thursday to visit Mr.
Solesby's parents.
Mr. Jos. A. Wilson went to Oregon
City Monday to make final proof on his
timber claim and returned Thursday.
Mrs. Will Graham and daughter who
have been camping six miles up the
river for a week or more went home
Work was commenced on the Glacikh
building Thursday and it will be com
pleted as soon as possible. Mr. Cox is
doing the work.
Mr. J. II. Middleton and wife left by
boat Thursday morning for Vancouver,
W. T. They will probably visit llwaco
during ineir absence.
We venture the assertion that there is
not a town of the size of Hood River' in
the state whose merchants carry so large
aim compiew scocks as ours do.
Mathias & Clark are about throuah
repairing and overhauling their building
aim win put in a iuu 6tocic ot pamts,
oils, varnishes, etc. in a few days.
Mr. A. Hamilton has irone to Ellena-
burgh, W. T, after teams and a stage
coach which he will bring here and use
in tue Kami & Hamilton hvery stable.
From the way new buildings are go
ing up, the short cuts across blocks will
soon all be closed up. The Glacier
eiiues into one 01 tnein autt mis it com
pletely. Audubon Winans and William E.
Nell will make final proof on their
claims before the register and receiver
of the land office at The Dalles on the
19th inst.
Mr. J. J. Luckey has commenced
builJing a blacksmith shop on Oak
street between Fourth and Fifth and
will soon be ready to attend to any busi
ness in his line.
Mr. II. C. Cje and family, 0. S.
Stranahau and wife and Mrs. English
and son went out to the glacier Thurs
day. They will remain away for from
two to three weeks.
Nearly every afternoon down .freight
carries from one to three car loads of
rock for the walls of the canal at the
Cascades. The rock, a good granite, is
brought from Spokane Falls.
Mr. Dearborn returned Thursday from
Walla Waha after a week or ten days
visit, and expresses himself delighted
to get back to the cool and
Bhady groves of Hood River.
Mr. G. Boney has done considerable
work in the brief time he has been here.
A couple of views of Middleton's store
are excellent in finish ami the big oaks
loom up as cool looking and natural as
Mr. A. J. Hand has made final proof
on his claim which covers the outlet to
Lost lake, and thinks the .phico is worth
45000. As he located it last .irinr ni
the entire cost was less than $oi)0, it
looks like a very good investment,
Major Edwin -H. Conger, member of
congress from the DusMoines district,
Iowa, came up from Portland on the
morning train Thursday 10 make a brief
visit with his old time friend Hon. E. L.
Btnith. We had the pleasure of meeting
him, and hope Mr. Smith may impress
upon him the necessity of opening the
Columbia river.
Mr. A. J. Rand informs us that ho
has plenty of feed for horses and men up
at Lest lake but parties going there will
have to take their bedding. The fishing
is good and he has put one boat on the
lake and is building more. The trail is
in good condition.
Friday of last week the flume from
Stoddard's mill to the railroad caught
lire and about a mile and a quarter of it
was burned. The fire had been burning
in the woods for some time and Friday
a big tree burned off and rolled down
into the canyon setting fire to the flume.
Rand has opened bis
hardware Btore and is stocking up in
good shape. When he gets through ar
ranging his goods he will have as neat a
little store as there is in the country,
and will be ready to furnish anything in
his line from a locomotive to a shingle
Mr StmldArd linn matin
to move the planer from the mill to the
railroad, and has purchased another
and larger one to be run in connection
with it. They will be placed near the
railroad track bo that the planed lumoer
can be put on the cars as it comes from
the machines.
There will bo at least $1500 distributed
in prizes for agricultural products at the
fair here this fall, and the exhibit ought
to be a good one despite the short crops
and off year. Let every farmer bring in
the best, he has anyhow, that strangers
visiting us may get an idea ol the nature
of our products. Wasco Sun.
It Is Not Likely To Be Opened This &
on A Vino Water Supply.
The hotel on Mount Hood, near Eliot
glacier, is about completed, but it is un
decided whether it will be opened this
season or not. The building of tne
stage road from Hood River to the hotel
was an expensive job and the work on
the hotel took longer than was expected
owing to the difficulty of getting mater
ial up to so great an elevation. After
the road was completed a largo band of
sheep was driven up into the mountains
over it and in their scrambling along the
steep hillsides above the road to feed
they rolled a great lot of limbs, stones
and treetops down into the road, render
ing it impassible for vehicles, and put
ting the company to considerable ex
pense in getting it cleared out. The
sheep men have been arrested and an
effort will be made to recover damages
from them; It has been concluded that
the hotel is too small and an addition is
talked of. The water supply of the
hotel comes from the melting ice of the
glacier, and is brought in through pipes.
A bottle of it has been sent to this city.
It is as clear as crystal. The bottle was
labeled: "Water supply of Cloud Cap
Inn, 7500 feet above sea level. Gravity
system twenty feet higher than roof ol
inn. No bonds: no veto; cold as ice."
It will probably be decided in a day or
two whether the inn will be opened this
season or not. Next summer when the
big hotel is running here it is expected
that a great many of the guests will
visit Cloud Cap Inn, and if an addition
is not built this season it will surely
have to be built then. Oregonian.
Rats Cats.
One of our neighbors below town a
couple of miles, has been bothered for
some time by predatory wild cats,
which, urged on by vicious and ma
licious dispositions, and omnivorous and
gregarious appetites, made frequent and
disastrous raids Upon his hen coop, and
carried off some of his young broilers
and egg producers. He got tired, awful
tired of rt, and vowing vengeance on the
whole feline tribe, he procured a shot
gun and laid for the robbers. His pa
tient waiting was rewarded and the red
faced moon glimmering throush tiie
dense smoke, threw the dark silhouette
of an immense cat before his vision.
The cat was a monster, and taking de
liberate aim the vengeful man pulled the
trigger. There was a loud report, a wild
howl of anguish, and then out triend
proceeded to examine the remains,
which he finally picked up, carried
across the field,, and threw over the
fence. The chickens now roost in quiet
content, our friend sleeps the innocent
sleep of the just, while Mrs. Hull seeks
diligently but finds not her pet cat,
which strangely enough disappeared the
same night the wild cat was shot.
"The Turn of the Tide" will be played
at Mosier by the Mosier Home Dramatic
Company for the oenefit of the Mosier
district school tonight, with the follow
ing cast of characters :
Jonas Ald'ieh, a Fisherman of the
pom,!;,, Samuel Wallace
Capt. lluuh Kt. Morris, commander ot
the '-Tidal Wave." Hnshand
Col. Ellsworth, a wealthy ship owner. . .C. J. I'hslhps
Herman Chda, cupta-in of the pirate-
F. C. Mulcney
Bowie Knife Jack,' I w- ,Ul?',
Slinjr Shot Rube. )" ' iraCe ( !M"iol Wallace
Pepper, a colored individual J. J. Lynch
Aunt Rebecca, the tttheruian's wiJi-
uuictbodv ;;-M,R A: ,'ot
Susie Aldrich, the ocean waif .Miss R. Mosier
Lillian Lacy, Clyde's wife. . .Kiss D. Mosier
Frisky," with no one to love Mis B. I'lullips
StK Manager, 0. J. Phillips.
Musical Jiirectur. Miss B. Husband.
Property Maiiaicur, F. C. Maloucy.
Admission 25 cents. Children 15 cents.
KetrestiuientB will he served at the hall.
Beet fresh candies at G. T. Trailer's.
Eye glasses at leather's.
For perfection fruit jars call on J. H.
Green Mountain salve, the best in the
world, for sale at Prather'a.
Go to Geo. T. Trather for cigars and
tobacco. Best stock in town.
Try one of those Cyclone mouse traps
at Middleton's. Ten cents each.
Fine line of wall paper being closed
out at cost at G. T. leather's. Call and
G. T. Prather agent for D. M. Osborn
& Co.'s binders, mowers and sulkey
When you want a sewing machine
buy the White, for sale by Geo. T.
Get your house insured in the Pacific
Insurance Co. ot Portland, u. l.
Prather, agent.
Just received 1000 grain bags which
will be sold at 10 cents apiece.
Geo. T. Prather.
A fresh stock of Men, women and
children's shoes just ,in at Middleton's
Trimmed canvas button shoea for misses
and ladies.
All that want horse shoeing done will
please come Mondays and Tuesdays as
there is no certainty of my being in the
shop except on those days.
W. E. Neff.
We have just completed arrangements
with a first-class harness maker to run a
repair shop up stairs over our store and
will carry full line of harness, saddles,
whips, etc., at bottom prices.
Blowers & Son.
We will soon have a full line of dry
goods, notions, etc., bought direct from
manufacturers in New York city. When
they arrive we will defy any dealer in
the state to get below us on prices,
money talks, and we propose to make it
an object for every person in this part
of the country to Duy of us. We have no
inducements to offer but bottom prices
and lirst class goods.
Blowers & Sox
It appears from the testimony of ex'
perts that death by electricity may not
be after all the "rock-me-to-sleep
mother" process that humanitarians are
look in it for in the interests ot murderers
A referee has been appointed by a New
York court to collect data upon this sub'
iect and several electricians have testi
tied that it is the reverse of what has
been claimed for it. Testimony of ex
Eerts was introduced showing that death
y this means is uncertain, citing cases
where unconsciousness of many hours
had been followed by resuscitation and
recovery. Others described the suffer
ings of animals experimented upon to be
lingering and most intense, all of which
proves that in the euort to be merciful
mistaken and over-zealous men have
been exceedingly cruel.
Hood River Market.
Peaches 5 cts per pound
Apples $1 per box
Black berries . . . .- 8 cts per pound
Peach plums 3 ' "
Eggs 18 " " dozen
Butter.' 20 ' " pound
Cabbage 2 " "
Spring Chickens $2.50 per dozen
Ducks 4.00 " '
McFARLAND. At Hoppner, July 19, 188P, to the
wife cf Mr. Fran Mci ariana, a son,
LUCKEY RAND. At the residence of the bride's
parents, Wednesday afternoon at fi o'clock, Mr.
J. J. Luckey to Miss Lillie Hand, Justice Wells
oerforming the ceremony.
LAflE Near Hood River, Saturday evening, July
27, 1889, Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Lage,
ajfed eight years, 3 months and 4 days.
House Painting,
Paper Hanging.
George jMathias,
Real Estate Dealer
And Conveyancer,
HOOD lilVEll.
Has for salo Improved and Unimproved Farms.
Fresh Milk Cows with Calves,
- Voung Stok. Horses, broke and unbroke.
The Hood River Hotel,
R. RAJSTD, Proprietor.
Close to the R. R. Depot. - - - - Hood River, Oregon.
Neat, Clean and Cool!
Special Rates by the Week or Month.
--7.- - : . f --
eneral .:. Merchandise,
Books and Notions. Cigars and Tobacco.
1 Confectionery and Fruit-
Orders for fruit
Oak Street, near Postoffiec,
We have First-Class Stock and Outfits, Double Buggies, Hacks,
and Saddle Horses.
A Fine Four-Horse Coach, suitable for fishing or excursion
parties, carries nine passengers. Parties . taken to any accessi
ble point. Keliable drivers.
Our Dray delivers baggage or treight anywhere in the Valley
Charges Reasonable.
filled promptly.
& Bone,
j 3 D I OS
- J