The Columbia register. (Houlton, Columbia County, Or.) 1904-1906, April 29, 1904, Image 5

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    Who U running the rock cruhherT
Nw Im tliu time tu ..ake kimmI rondt.
Tn k (.'(inwiiiA lU'imTTH imikifl Hi
Ikw, : '
Halnlcr Iiiib a liiiMclmll club and lrn"N
bund. ,'
Ouuntyi'oiiinilmionpr'fl court totivont-ii
next AVediit'dy. '.
' . if yrm wont u fln hat go to Ihuly A
Brinns. They have th;; good. 1
, Attorney Mendetihull of Portland wai
a i'miityM'ut visitor, Monday.
Join Fmlth, of Yankton was a rtillcr
At tin) Ukuihtkh oillie hint week,
, A, 1 1 nil. Ks'piirn of St, 1IIiih rall-
Jvu fiTtt few minutes, Monday cvt tilny.
Kelley (Brothers have added a new
pon li ntit awning to their place of busU
JUHH," "
1 Ion. J. H, iKmnof Uninicr, whilo on
route for the county-seat, Tut-mlay took
lH)k at our den.
Micriff Ilattnn visited Olatskanio
Wcdnccday on ullku! L"j"lneM pertain
ing f circuit court.
10. K, Stinker of ltainier lias Wn
m-rioiiHly ullllctod with rheumatism, for
twoortlircA weeks.
The game of ball between Ht. Helena
1 nnd Sciu jumihc- was won by trVup pooau
tho score being 4 to 5.
l'ruf llciirici of Portland furnished
tlit music fur a very pleasant nodal Imll
At lUinter Satuiday night.
Tliu Houlton Stave factory is runtiin
on full time, ninl la one of (ho Vst in
tliiKiricH in Columbia county.
Win. Shaw utiJ family havo returned
to Kiiinicr, Mr, Shaw having vet-tired
Mm former situation wi'.ii Heed's mill.
The iimriiinjpt are col I and dully, but
there la an occasional suniiiiur day tltut
reminds us that warm weather ia nigh.
At Ihiily A Prion's yon llnd a gnml
ijitnliiy of general merchandise, itt the.
right price. New eoods arriving daily.
Miss. Lnglurt of Suappooso ninl Mr.
Thompl.iim of (Vucgo were the guest
of Mrs. It. 11. Mitchell of Kniniir last
lr. llint'M of the ftnto Historical Ho
cloty c.reHHed lii.iiHelf a mirprisod at
tho prugrow uad duvelui-iuout of t!tc
to a ii of ltainier.
The circuit court will convene Tues
day May 10th., , Tho catto of (ieo. V.
M 'l'ridefn. Norlhwrsl I.iuhIkt Co. ia
el for Mav I2tli.
l.lio'Mt. Yi-rnon Hand of Warr-n will
give m-rrtitd imll nt Houlton thla even
in. A c,oo I program Iiiih been nrrang
o I fr tiio con.-ert.
1'aily A lin u enry a full lino of
Me:)', women's n ml children' kl.oea
in I't liii; u fino KtOwk of Uoyul (Jhi
inK)!i' jubt nrr'ved.
; Mm, Hano Watta of tfjappoVse w:
coiiijilimeiitod very liiiily for her Minj
inj; nt tho CMio liution h. the OoujrefcM
tioiial church in Kainicr.
T.he ItctiihTKit retiima tlmnka for the
mutiny cxprccriiona of good will, and for
a helping hand ly reveral of the ycuag
men in aettin up our proaaeti.
liu 1 netiHiiaw, wlio una ix-cn qu,to
ill for two weeks pa;;t, fins recovered
.idi'ier.tly to afl'alil hn aboit. J lo p.ud
our raii' tum ii visit Weilnea lay.
Tim roiuona grunge nieeta nt Senp
1 jioohi!, Saturday, May 7th. Tliia prom
ises to he ono of the most intorentin
nuetinia ever leM in tliia county.
If you wuut a'uit nt theright price call
and ace u. W'c are cIojWik out our en
tire sto;:k of nien'a, yoili'a n.l Imy'a
clotliing, Huily & Urinn, Houlton Ore.
County Sliool SupperintendentOopo
land returned from it trip to the Nohn
lcm where ho viaitod acveral achiiol."",
and f nind thent in a proaperoua condi
tion. A x'Jol live corrcRpviident is dceired
to join the HeoiaTKit stuff. If v:iu. want
to try tho jol for tho coininunity wliero
vou rt!iile, tuko tho matter up with ua
. at once. . ,
!orria Pratt pitched a very nice game
of hall for St. Ileleit, Sundny but un
fortcnntely ho hu-tono of hia k'8 whilo
runni'ig a baao imd liaa been laid up
UW.A, Voung is elected represen
tative the people of Columbia county
nvty look for some needed legislation
for tho benefit of tho farmer us againat
' tho uraflcr.
, The old dilapidatuj picket fence cn
tl )iing a part of Jacob r.rouao'a proper
ty in ltainier baa ?ivi'n place to A live
lwnrd fence, which Improved
Appeiiwueea thorealwuts.
The preliminary hearing of Elizabeth
lirought charged with purjury was hud
before Jufctico Wutkina of St. Helena,
Thursday. Mrs Brought was bound
pver to appear at May term- of court .
: Sheriff Ilattnn has collected on this
voara tax roll about fGS.OOO. and their
f.mains only about $9,510 uncolectcd,
vey little of this amount ia delinqent,
the major part being for last I-bM nf tax.
The lUinier Mill & Lumber Co. re
bu netl,opjrations,'ain last week, Tiio
Koed mill hai been idlo 'for several
inoutha past, anil when the whistle
pounded, (of work tho frst"of "last week
ty)t a, sign d for rejoicing amo'nj busi-
peas men as well in laborers and op
' i'ratgra in tlie mill,
Ww tm oirtde no inl effort to rt
cum advertiMing or aiilwcriptkuia na yet
We have only taken. hat baa been
offered. The advertising coluinna nl
wnya an lnd to the biiNinena intercut
of tbeplifo, but nura la not complete.
There are two LlAckamilli ahopa a
burU-r ahop, a buU her ahnp, a Jewelry
ahop, otiw atoro and aevernt aawmilla
aud carpenter ad, that ahouM and
probably wil appear in tho Uuihtch
later on. ,
Pr, J. It. Omatuad, Hupremo Medical
Kxamiiicr for the United Artiiana, will
lecture at Pcrry'a bull thla Friday even
lg la'gininn promptly, at 8 o'clnck.
All Artlaana and tho public are cor
dially Invited to bo present. The
apeaklng will begin promwtly at 8
o'clock and the audience will be out in
ample time ao that those that wish
can attend the concert at. cucua hall
beginiug at 9 -o'clock.
On Monday Attorney 8chnauble
punned through St. Helena, with an urn
containing the aahes of Win. Jiailey'
w ho died at Iloualulu, and Ida reinnina
cremated. Th urn waa deposited in a
grave bcaldo Ida mother's in tho tierma
ny If ill cemetery. Willie Italley was
well and favorably known in this vi
cinity. Two bays and two girla havo been
dropped from the roll of the Portland
High school. Immoral conduct outside
school ia tho charge . One of tho girla
attempted aoicide, and declared she
was being punished for tho offense of
Several mcmbcra of the ladies base
bull team of Houlton, paoctico every
afternoon, and will shortly issuo a
challenge to tho St. Helena young
ladies team to mat them on tho dia
mond. Tho Livealey P.rothr ra have received
another extenaion of time in which to
pay for the Mucklo mill, six months, or
until, the supreme court has decided na
lo Mucklo Brother's title to tho lan 1.
Tho Republicans nominated thoir
candidate for commissioner in tho lower
cud of the county within ten miles of
tho home of the holdover commissioner.
The South end of tho county lias no
representation on their ticket.
Deputy Slmaiff Wood and Walter
lllakealey were aeen u'Hterday with
pat ka on their hacka, fishing rods ami
ta klo in their Imml going up tow ards
Kcappooae. Fish stories next week,
A vote for Wm. IYint'lo for connty
commissioner iaa voto for eexniomy in
county affairs and tho lowest tax levy
consistent with tho needs of tho county.
lWHord, tit foreman of tho Western
CooiH-rage (.,hns commenced the
erection of a cominodioua residence
on tho tract near the depot.
Thursday whilo pulling at a lino on
raft of lo', tho ropo 'alippctl and gave
way and Menara Harney Kelly and Cabs.
Dean got a ducking.
J-uiica Bacon Una njain taken charge
of tho Waren pont olfiee. Glad to bear
of the change. Jim always, waa a good
Itirt McKibbcn win has been ottend
ing school at Cotage Grove took a abort
vacation, and visited his friends in St.
Uther Clark of Houlton waa choaon
as member of the State Democratic
Central Committee from Columbia
John Liimbetnon Jr. ha9 returned to
Houlton. Ho has been residing at
Palm's mill n.-ur Clatr.kanie for some
timo. ' I
Tho Western Cooperage Co., shipped
two enra of their product to San Fran
cisco vtsUrday.
Dan.Gileon ia preparing to duild a
barn for the accomodation of teams
coming to tow n.
Tho Oregon Wood Co. it .prcpaing to
lo ul a schooner with'400 cords of wood
for California, ' s
All matter for publication should be
on our table not later than Tuesday of
c.icb week.
Mrs. Ilowarth of Portland ia thegueBt
of her Bister Mrs. Iloohkirk of Uainfer.
Mrs. Ayrca of Yankion, wa9 agtiestof
Mrs. IIhendric.8 of Houlton, yesterday,
The P.eoiktku will club w ith tho Ore-
gonian weekly at 2 per year.
Tho Heuihtku and the Portland Semi
weekly Joururl ono year $1.75.
Jcaao HcndricB transacted business
in Portland this week.
Tho roads nro getting dusty in tho
high nnd dry places.
Tho Rkchstf.r ia prepared to do all
Hinds-of job work. .
Subajri'oo for the Hegihteii fl per
year in advance. -
Joseph Copeland was viaiting in Houl
ton Wednesday, -
The Bfwmills are kept quite buisy
with local orders,
Morgus qf the Now York Btoro has an
ad. read it, '
A very flno April shower yesterday
afternoon. fc
Agoodfru't crop is looked for this
season, - ,
' Rend H'rry 0. Oliver's new add
Book and job w o;k a specially,
Houlton has a base ball tentn,
Advertise your business, : : ,
Send u3 thp new?,
.Subscribe now,
What alout our telephone lino ?
All quiet just before the election.
Kverylnxly ia buay farming.when
the weather wilt admit.
Mm. Dow who ban been quite ill
for some time is getting bettor.
Miss fizzle Mover of Scappooae
is viaiting friends lo-tha vicinity of
the old 1'earis post ofllce.
On day last week while at din
ner, Dupont's ahlrigld mill was dis
covered to be on Are. Tin fire was
toon quenched, and no great dam
uge was done.
Miss Maud Rice is carying the
mail nu tho west end t( the Houlton-
Vernonii route, while John a
siats on tho farm. She reports th
rouds in bad condition. What is
tho matter with the rock crusher?
Lnst w?ek Geo. V. Itice of Ver
non ia took a load of wool out to
market. The Nehaieiti valley in
gaining quite a reputation as a wo.d
growing district. Large consign
mentd'Wiil be , shipped from tho
valley, this spring.
A town ball is talked of at Sea Side.
La Grande is to have A new city hall.
The CRth. congress adjourned yester
day. Moro hops than ever this year, prob
ably. It is A great season for the pla. nr
Morrow county expecU the lanrcsl
crop in its history.
The Woodburn post ofHco was bur
glarised Tuesday night.
A new feray boat, 58x13 feet, has been
put on the Snake river at Ontario.
The Browns have lost 25 games and
won 6, and it looks as though Portland
baseball is dead easy.
AllofOrcon'sJLiilla in congress havo
been passed but two, and they will go
over to the short session.
A 22,000 edition of a pamplet.dea-
acriptive at Benton county has been ua:
cd for general distribution.
A Hepnor man's two terrier dos
were lost in the Blue -mountains for a
week, but tlnally found their' way
A number of new buildings aro going
up in Silverton, which will improv
this year more than in any former
A Seattle man bid hia savings -under
tho carpet." Some ono got away with
the dough, and now tho man s floored
McMianville's new water works will
bo ready in about 60 days. They will
help to make McMinnville qno of tho
finest little- cities in the land.- .
During tho recent flood in Burnt rivir
the water waa two feet higher than in
1891, Tho O. R. & N. has a force of 200
men at work building a new bridge.
The New berg creamery now occupies
its new building. This creamery start
ed a few years ago on a small scale, but
has grown into un extensive industry.
Several carloads of potatoes were
shipped from La Grande last week to
Missouri. What's the matter with Mis
souri? Nothing, anyway, with Ore
gon. Dayton ia progressing aurclv, if
slow ly.- It now has a sawmill, a (lour
mill a creamery and Jour evaporators,
and will soon have a water works sys
tem, i
Tho farms of nearly 100 South Dakota
men having been sold to tho govern
ment, most of them havo como to Ore
gon. Several of them have lately leen
at Corvalli8,
The Jepaneee are repulsed in an at
tack on a Russion port ou the Yalu
river and it is reported that a Japanese
transport with 6C0 men on board was '
sunk by a submarine boat.
Thrco great Qualities of the Irish
language, said a delegate to the Irish
Teachers' Congress lately, were that it
waa tho language in which they could
pray the most fervently,, curse the
most bitterly, and court tho - most
sweetly. .
Tho Spring campaign has opened
caaly on the John Day range. As a re
sult of tho first volley fired into a band
of Bhcep by , those who grudges these
creatures tho grass that 'they eat,
ninety sheep lay dead and and about an
equal number were bo cruelly wounded
that it was necessary to dispatch them
for mercy's sake. . A war of this kind
isadisgaace to humanity. It proves
nothing and settles mothing. .
Tho Forest Grnvo milk condenser
snipped a ca 'load of cream this week
to New'Orleans, tho first shipment to
eroKSthe Mississippi, though Texas ha3
been a libcrav . natrok fur months. A
test has shown that tho cream is per
fectly adapted to either a hot or a cold
climate. It is Bent south, ami across
the Pacific, to tropical countries, and to
Alaska. Milk is cqming in very lib
erally now, and thore has been a greati
lying increnpe in supply over this, time
last year. . Nearly every farmer .is in
creasing his number of cows from 25 to
100 per cent over w hat he started w ith
a year ago.
Praise it. '
Talk about it.
Writo about it.
Take a home pride in it.
Kemem ber i t'a yonr home.
Tell of it business resources.
When atruingera come to town use
them well.
Look ahead of self when your town ia
Don't rail your best citizens frauds
and imposter.
Support ) our Institutions that benefit
tho town.
Don't forget that yon live of! tlie
people here and you ahoujd help others
as they help you.
Respect every good citizen in your
town, and if therj are others try to
make them rood.
The recent State convention selected
the following delegates to the Democrat
ic National Convention.
Governor George K. Chamberlain,
W. F. Butcher, Baker.
C. Red field, Morrow.
F. V. Holman, Multnomah.
Jamca Gleason, Multnomah.
J.T. Matlo.-k, Lane.
T. R. Sheridan, Douglas.
Samuel Garland, Linn.
Passed 8th Grade Examination.
Tho following ia the result of April
Kighth Grade final exuminat.ons for
Columbia county :
Cass Fowler and Olive Blackford, of
Clatskanie; . .
Willie Burns and Gilbert Thayer, of
Grace Dianey and Iva Grcwell of War
Chafl. F. Brown of Yankton.
Seven others tan pass. in May by rais
ing their grades in one or iwo branches.
Three failed completely.
Democratic County
Contral Committee.
J. W. D.iy Ch'init., 8.. Helen. Or.
J. A Schunt-er, Sc , Kiiinicr, Ore.
To b lilit (I
Wm. 1'iiiigln ,f 1'it cbnrjr, Ore.
To be filled. '
(Jeo, TichiiOr of ChtFkjnbv
A. Molt, Deer, Island, Ore.
J. C Monroe, (to()b, Ori'.
S. M. GrtihiiTi, M;irhhlund, Ore.
John Bunzer, Mist, Oie. '
F. W. Fl'ihrer, Mayjer, Ore.
R. N. I.tvelac, Rainier. Ore.
P. LuUrigiiitf Scappoone, Ore.
E. A. Emm r on, Hultnn. Ore.
W. J. Fullerton, Warren, Oro.
Next door to post office.
1'ractice in any court, Stato or Federal.
Nest door to eourt house.
The Steamer Iralda.
Makes round trips between
Leaving Rainier at 6 ;00 a. m. and Portland
t 3:30 p. m. daily except Hunclay. We nolicit
a ahare of the public parrouage, and In return
will give quick service and a clean boat. We
aro hero to itny and want your business. Land-
lug at loot of Tayltir Street.
Steamer Sarah Dixon.
Leaves Portland Tuesday and Thursdav at 5
S.m., for Clatskanie and way landings. Bnn
iy. for Oak Toin t. Returning, leaves Clats-
aanie neaucsaay and r rtaay at 4 p. m., tide
pcrmlting. Leaves Oak Point Monday at 8. p.
m. Shaver Transportation Co.
Str. Joseph Kellogg.
Leaves Pnrtlaurt Tuesday. Thursdav and Rut-
nrday at 7 a. m. for St. Helens, Kalama, t'arrols
Point, Kalmer and Kelso. Arriving at Port
land. Mondav. Wednesdov and Frldav at 2 n.m.
The Steamer Northwest leaves Portland, Mon-
aoy ana Thursday lor Toledo, Castle Hock, and
way points at 6a.m., Te'iirnln? Wednesday aud
Saturday at 1 p. m. Best and cheapest route
to the St. Helens mining- district. Subject to
change without notice. Wharf foot of Salmon
street. II. Holman, Agent.
Good hrn for accomodation i
f tho public. j;. 4-
6 O
Cm4vc44 by
J. rr. daixow. duo, n r.
JYcas CorraiMimUnt Kco Tor BtaU
Plnaa Already Itolaar Mad For th
Eatvrtalnmeat of Xatloaal Grass.
Oregon and Washington are Already
.huBtlliig to give the national jrrange a
grand reception in November, 1004. In
the first place, a cumpalKA for In
creased membership ia now being con
ducted by State Lecturer J. II. T.
Smith of Washington, and likewise In
Oregon there will be a atrong effort
made to show a large percentage of In
crease wbeu the national body con
venes. Kvenlng Star grange, fa 27, of Tort
Innd. Ore., la alive to the situation. A
resolution waa adopted at a recent
meeting congratulating State Master
Leedy In securing the next meeting for
Portland, And a
movement was
started by the
grange to give
the eastern
grangers an ex
hibit of green
vegetable And
fruits that will
f A.
In November.
Grapes on the
vines and et raw
berries, raspber
riefl. otc muli!
B. a. leedy. be shown. It
Master Oregon tats has been sug-j
ATance.J gested that Ore
gon and Washington combine and make
A grjind display of farm produce. From
tho Portland Oregonian we lenrn that'
there arc some up to data grangers In'
that locality. Ewnrtsvlllo grange owns
ten acres of land and has built a flue!
halL In this ball all the socuil func
tions of the neighborhood ore held, as
well as the regular bualness meetings
of the grange. A Thanksgiving din
ner, at which more than 300 were fed.
was served In this bait. This grange
has established an annual three days'!
picnic, with' a fair and live stock show,
where the best stock In Whitman couo-'
ty ia shown and liberal premiums are
awarded. . .
Pine Grove grange, at Albino, Is the
secoiTd oldest In the county and has A
membership of l'40. This grange is out
of tlebt nnd has a substantial fund in
the treasury, which will 'probably be
tivrwl lifaltft a finll TltA fnanrA la 1
keeping clear of politics and devoting
Its energies to bettering the social and
financial condition of -the farmers. Its
work is largely social and cducationaL
Tho first grange was organized in this
county about three .years uo.
A Means of CommuBlcatlo Dcrweem
State and Sobordinat Graasrea.
There is growing need of a means
of communication between state lec
turers 'and lecturers of .subordinate
granges. Ko method is so inexpensive
and efllencious as a monthly bulletin,
in which the state lecturer may com
municate with the subordinate lectur
ers on assigned topics for discussion,
impart Information on matters of pres
ent or future Interest and thus make
It possible for the subordinate grange
to keep constantly In touch with the
state organization. As an example of
what we are speaking of we may re
fer, with high commendation, to the
Michigan state grange lecturers' bul
letin, edited by Mrs. F. D. Saunders of
Rockford, Mich. The advantage of Is
suing such a bulletin regularly Is that
It can be entered In the malls as sec
ond class mail matter and thns be en
titled to the pound rates of postage
Vermont In Line.
O. J. Bell, master of the Vermont
state grange, says that the attendance,
at tho recent session of that body was
tho largest for twenty years and It
was one of the most successful meet
ings ever held. There are 110 subordi
nate granges in the Btate, ulfiety-five
being represented at the state meeting.
There nro twelve Pomouas In the state.
Worthy Master Bell's annual address
laid great stress en the need of legisla
tion In the farmer's behalf. Governor
J. C. McCullough was the principal
speaker at the public meeting. Pro
fessor Morse of South Paris, Me., well
known In grango circles, was' humorist
of the occasion..
The Grange Mast Do Things.
P. A. Dcrthtck. master of the Ohio
Btate grange, Is father of theso weighty
words: "If a subordinate grange wishes
to exert a commanding influence In Its
community it must hare a good finan
cial footing. If it deserves to per
suade men and women to join, it must
have something to join." The next thing
It must have, or the first thing, we
would say, is an interesting and profit
yielding programme. Yon . haven't
much of n grange if It Isn't doiug some
Nearly 0,000 Patrona la One County.
Jefferson county, N. Y., Is probably
the bauner grange county In the United
Stated. It has 5,020 Tatrons In thirty
two subordinate granges. All New Jer
sey has only 0,000. Moreover, the state
grange dues of every subordinate-
grange are paid to date. Jefferson Is
necessarily Influential In the grange of
fairs of the Empire State. ,
Pennsylvania Patrona.
The gain In the Order's membership
in . Pennsylvania last year was over
5,000, thirty new granges having been
organized. As an instance of th6ir pro-
eresslveuess Cambria countv tout be
cited, where there -are twenty -two
granges, sixteen of width own their
own halls, valued at $23,000.
y y
Call and see
Our Premiums,
This ppace reserved
for the
. Vermont House.
' Houlton, - ' Oregon.
KELLY BROS., Proprietors?
- r
Bestof Wines,
Cigars &nd Liquors,
. , , . Kept In Stock.
Opposite the post office.
BESDR1CKS BROS., Proprietors.
Pt'ol Parlor ia connection
with saloon.
New York