Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 18, 1946, Page 6, Image 6

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On The Home Front
News From Jackson County for
Men in the Armed Services
The Mail Tribune suggests you "P "d ron th' B,w
roundup to a relative or friend in service.
. Dear..
Veterans' affairs were much
in the news this week. The Vet
erans Consultant plan was adopt
ed for Medford at a meeting of
representatives of business and
professional men, unions, gov
ernmental agencies and veterans
organizations. Under the plan
the Chamber of Commerce will
keep on file the names of 75 lo-
Registered Engineer
Plans and Specification!
Mechanical Structural
Heating and Air Conditioning
Design of
Building! and Residence!
Ph. 407S 48 Quince St.
Complete Factory Approved
Chrysler Faa
torv Enaineer-
ed and Inspect
ed Parts tor
nnJna Trui-lra
112 So. Riverside Phone 2965
Park View
Convalescent Home
153 Granite St.. Ashland. Ore
Registered Nurse In Charge
Equipment lor bed patients.
.cal people who have agreed to
serve as consultants for service
men needing work, advice and
Jack Murray has been named
Jackson county service officer
for veterans.
World War II veterans who
planned organization of a sec
ond American Legion post here
have dropped the plan In favor
of merging with the regular
post. At the last Legion meeting
Wm. II. Fluhrcr and Floyd Hart,
veterans of both wars, were pres
ent for the first time since re
turning home. Incidently, they
are the newly elected president
and vice-president of the Jack
son county Chamber of Com
merce. Veterans of Foreign Wars
Initiated a large class of candi
dates at the last meeting, bring
ing the post membership to near
ly 500. Disabled American vet
erans have purchased the lot at
the corner of Front and Fifth
streets as the site for a new DAV
building. Central Point Ameri
can Legion post Is planning a
veterans' homecoming for Sat
urday night.
John Gribble has suggested
the planting of a tract of forest
trees in connection with the city
park as a living memorial to war
Iieal estate transactions con
tinue lively, with the Allen Ho
tel building being sold this week
to an undisclosed purchaser.
Construction of a $24,000 motel
at 1225 North Riverside avenue
I will bt started soon by Clarence
Partch and a two-story building
I of pumice brick is being erected
in Phoenix by O. G. Skinner. It
will house a fountain and Ice
cream shop, a novelty factory,
restaurant, novelty shop and
i Hubbard-Wray company has
, opened a branch at Grants Pass
1 and in recent weeks representa
tives of the Diamond Match com
pany have made inquiries at
; Central Point and Rogue River
i concerning local property and
representatives of the DuPont
company have also made In
quiries at Central Point.
Jackson county's post war
road and building progiam will
get underway as soon as equip
ment and materials are avail
: able. Judge Coleman states, in
cluding a new bridge at R6gue
River, one across Bear Creek
east of Central Point and a new
county hospital.
A representative from the
United States Geological survey
has been taken to Crater Lake
by sno-cat and is observing con
ditions prior to an attempt to
lower a sound-recording instru
ment into the lake to determine
if there is a recurrence of vol
canic activity In the lake floor.
Among recent visitors to the
valley were Dr. William B.
Lampe, moderator of the Gener
al Assembly of the Presbyterian
church who addressed a gather
ing of 200, and Morton Tomp
kins, state Grange master, who
conferred with Grangers at a
meeting at Central Point. The
Brethren church is holding a
state conference here today.
The March of Dimes campaign
for the National Foundation for
Infantile Paralysis Is now under
way. Weddings and engagements
continue to occupy much of the
social news each week. An
nounced were the engagements
of Phyllis Lehman, Portland, to
Alfred E. Dodson, Jr.; Louise
Finch, Portland, to Lewis Wilson
Church; Marjorie McGrcw, Pros
pect, to Wendell Vaughn, Trail
Eldora Roberts lo Dorsie J. King
of Lcland, N. C; Betty Jane
Pawlowski of Los Angeles to
Sgt. Clifford M. M c G i n t y,
USMC; June Chesncy to Harry
W. Heidenreich, Jr., St. Louis,
W e d d I n gs announced were
those of Wanda Hudson, Vernon
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Tex., to Lt. Donald R. Grigsby;
Elsie Lee- Cooper to George
Peachey, veteran of -the Euro
pean campaign; Jean Leonard to
Capt. Robert E. Rector, Bluff
ton, Ind., formerly with the 96th
Division; Dolly A. Gravelle to
Max Kitchen, both of Jackson
ville; Bernadine Wegmann, New
Orleans, La., to Lt. Raymond
Proctor, veteran of three years
with the 13th airforce; Maxlne
Tyrell, Rogue River, to Lt. Rob
ert W. Stearns of Klamath Falls;
Mary Malcomes to Jack William
Craig of Deer Lodge, Mont., and
Gladys Applegate to Edward
Gardner, both of Ashland.
Official confirmation of the
death of Wesley Wayne Stringer,
25, civilian, on Wake Island Oct.
7, 1943, has been received by
relatives, informed that Springer
was one of 98 men shot by the
Veterans who have arrived
home in recent days after re
lease from service include Bill
Thorndike, who served as a cor
poral with the 29th Infantry Di
vision in Europe; M. E. Shuler,
who recently arrived home from
Japan after three years In the
navy; Duane L. Childs, discharg
ed after two years In the Pacific;
Theodore Taylor, former infan
try captain who spent 34 months
in the Pacific and Arthur Mc
Veigh, veteran of the European
Others discharged are Cliff H.
Stanley, former navy seaman;
Loyd C. Langston, who served
three years in the Seabees and
Jack A. Watson, who served in
Europe with the field artillery.
Fred Cyril Sander, on Pala
wan Island In the Pacific, has
been made a first sergeant while
hi! brother, Capt. Harold San
der, has been assigned to the mil
itary air transport service at Cin
cinnati. O. Lt. Col. William H.
Prentice, who served in the
southwest Pacific with the army
quartermaster corps, has return
ed home and Is now at Ft. Lewis
temporarily and Pvt. Lynn Jen
kins is home before reporting
at Ft. Ord for overseas assign
ment. Major Bruce Moffatt is
home for a month after service
on Guam, Sgt. DeVere Taylor,
who left Medford high school
staff for the army, is now in
Japan and also in Japan is Sgt.
Robert Ford. Robert Colley,
AOM, is said to be en route
home from Okinawa.
William F. Schuller has been
promoted to corporal at Ft.
Douglas, Utah, and Wilmer Rob
ertson has reported at Ft. Ord
for overseas assignment.
Medford high basketball
crew's next home appearance
will be Saturday night when
they clash with the powerful
Oregon State College Rooks on
the local court. It will be the
first appearance of the Rooks In
Southern Oregon since before
the war.
Medford is riding on top of
the Southern Oregon conference
slate after waxing Klamath Falls
1)8 to 22 Wednesday night. Bill
Singler potted 20 points to lead
his mates to the victory.
Ashland Elks, Medford Hotel
and Camp White are leading the
infant Southern Oregon inde
pendent league with one win
and no losses. The Elks loom as
heavy favorites to eop the con
ference crown. They meet the
Klamath Falls Marines here
Jan. 30 In an Infantile paralysis
benefit game.
Personal Happiness
Is Not Sound Basis
For Marriage Bliss
Boston tU.R) Contrary to
Hollywood propaganda, personal
happiness is not a sound basis
for marriage, according to a
Boston university theology pro
fessor. Dr. L. Harold De Wolfe says
that marriage should be based
on "a sound sentimental pur
pose" and should not be con
tracted for personal happiness or
to gain prestige and economic
"Don't try to retain the In
dividuality which you had be
fore marriage." Dr. De Wolfe
counsels. "And keep differences
to yourself never reveal them
to an outsider."
Navy Stops Work
On 37 Warcraft
Washington, Jan. 18 U.R)
Vice Adm. Edward L. Cochrane
10for2S Shrm
nlstriniitrd by Mrnonald Cindy Co.
and sold by all live dealers.
said today that the navy has
stopped work on 37 vessels
which were under construction
on VJ-day.
The new order, Cochrane
said, will save the government
$140,000,000 after payment oil
termination costs.
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Main and Riverside
Phone 2446
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